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amygumenick#throwback to some back stage magic with the multitalented @jensenackles @billy.moran @robenedict @loudenswainmusic! I challenge you to watch this and not smile !  ❤️😂 🎸


I just want to make the best music of all time with my best friends.

You are, Chris, believe me. You’re so selfless that even on your own birthday you gift us, your fans, with more amazing music. Thank you. It’s hard to believe the world has been graced with someone as sweet, as humble, as down to earth, as talented and as positive as you (let’s not forget funny), yet here you are proving time and again that good people do exist and that we should no take them for granted. I’m proud to say I’m your fan and I’ll always love you and the music you wake along with the boys. Happy 40th birthday, you man-child Chris! Hope you never lose your spark.


Oh, holy hell!

Liz Phair

every time I see your face I think of things unpure unchaste


“A hoodie (also called a hooded sweatshirt or hoody) is a sweatshirt with a hood. They often include a muff sewn onto the lower front, a hood, and (usually) a drawstring to adjust the hood opening, and may have a vertical zipper down the center similar to a windbreaker style jacket.”

First Kiss Headcanons
  • Jack kisses Davey after their first date. They’re sat on the rooftop of Davey’s building, watching the stars, and Davey is talking on and on about something he’s particularly enthusiastic about. He looks so adorable that Jack can’t help but kiss him. Davey’s torn because he really wants to keep telling Jack about the Reticulated Python but oh this kissing thing is nice too. He decided to compromise by giving Jack small kisses again and again, interspersed with a hurried words to continue his story. Jack’s laughing because Davey is wholeheartedly committed to everything he does and right now he’s got too much going on. So he gently pushes him away and tells him to finish his snake facts, and then they can make out.
  • Spot and Race are fighting. Spot owed Race winnings from a poker game, except Spot was convinced Race had cheated so was refusing to pay. Eventually Race grabs Spot’s shirt and they start physically fighting. When Spot ends up on top of Race on the floor they’re both breathing heavily and there’s this dark look in Race’s eyes that he can’t turn away from. So he kisses him and they fight that way instead, neither giving in. It becomes their usual form of fighting pretty quickly, not than it often settles an argument.
  • Sarah asks if she’s allowed to kiss Katherine. They’re walking through central park, holding hands, and they get to the Imagine memorial. There’s a man on the guitar playing acoustic Beatles songs and it feels like a moment from a film. Katherine holds out her hand to Sarah and they dance slowly to the music, just swaying really. When Sarah looks up Katherine is smiling at her and she can’t help but ask. Katherine answers with a kiss.
Great Chemistry (Part 11)

Summary: After years of auditions and small acting jobs, you finally get picked to play the female lead in a major spy movie: Rogue Agency. Suddenly you find out that the actor playing the male lead and love interest is none other than Sebastian Stan himself. Throughout the story you go through the motions of filming a movie and come to find out that you and Seb have great chemistry. Do you take the leap and let yourself fall in love with your costar?

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 2,827

Warnings: Fluff, cussing

A/N: Once again this is a short one (compared to others I’ve written). But I’m sure you’ll be happy with the content. I had this one all written out because I knew how I wanted it to go.I tried getting this up quickly because I was scared that I wouldn’t have time to post it later. And 11 is my lucky number btw so yeah. Have fun.


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Fuck shit up!
Wingnut Dishwashers Union
Fuck shit up!

i don’t believe in cops, bosses, or politicians
some call that anarchism, i call it having a fucking heart that beats
i do believe in freedom and never giving up
call my methods madness or call them luck
i do what i got to to be able to breathe 
and if you quit your job, well, you can do a little breathing with me 
a punk rock song won’t ever change the world
but i can tell you about a couple that changed me

We Can Feel So Far (From So Close) (1/2)

Waiting until your best friend left for a cross country tour was a fine time to realize you’re in love with him. Captain Swan.

This is the first of a two shot that I finally decided to post after having it sit in my Google Docs since last summer. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this first part!

Rated T | Word count: 8139 | Also on AO3 and

There’s an old quote that says something along the lines of “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” That you don’t realize just how much you love someone until they’re no longer around.

When Emma would come across phrases like that a few years ago, she would typically roll her eyes and mutter some kind of sarcastic remark, all while trying not to dwell on the fact that there probably would never be someone for her to love like that.

But of course, that was before she met Killian. And everything changed.

They meet on a Thursday night, under unusual circumstances. Emma had moved into her new apartment that afternoon, a simple one bedroom in Boston that was more than enough space for her and the small amount of items in her possession. The whole day had been a disaster from the get go. First thing that morning, her previous landlord accused her of not paying the last month’s rent, and threatened to sue if he didn’t get it immediately. (The look on his face when he realize he was in the wrong was priceless. And he wondered why she was moving out of his crappy building.) Then, the movers she could barely afford to hire wound up taking her furniture to the wrong apartment complex on the other side of Boston. By the time the fiasco had been taken care of, it was nearly the end of the day. Saying she was exhausted was an understatement.

Emma stands in the middle of the living room, observing the chaos that was now her new home. She may have brought a small number of things with her, but most of said things were still in boxes, scattered around on the floor and waiting to be put away. She’d unpacked a box of clothes solely to dig out her favorite Batman pajamas, leaving the rest piled up in the corner of her bedroom. Just something else that could wait until tomorrow when she wasn’t both starving and sleep deprived.

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A short story that I didn’t write, but still needs told.

A man is at his barber. He goes their regularly and every time he comes he reads his Bible while he waits for his haircut.

One day, the barber, just finishing up the man’s cut remarks, “Look, I know you’re Christian and you’re a good person, but I just want to say, I don’t believe in God.”

The man nods, having heard this often. He sighs and picks up his Bible, “I’m sorry to hear that. Can I ask why not?”

“Well,” the barber explains, “If God exists, why are there bad people? Why are there murderers and terrorists? Why would a loving God let his people live like that?”

The man stares out the window for a second before responding, “I see your point. Say, do you see that man?” He points to a long haired man playing his guitar across the street.

“Yeah. What about him?” The barber is confused, but he lets the man speak.

“I don’t believe in barbers. If barbers existed, that man wouldn’t have such long, untamed hair.”

The barbers eyes widened, “But I’m a barber!” He exclaims, “I can’t cut that guys hair if he doesn’t want me to! He has to come to me!”

The man nodded, “Excactly.”

You see, God gave us the free will to chose what we do, for he knows that obedience is nothing if it is forced. Bad people must come to him. Just like the long-haired man must come to the barber if he wants a trim.

Hey man, I thought that you were dead

An illustration for one of my fics, Between Life and Death. (So yes, that is Jotaro and not just Star Platinum.) I’m proud of how the colors came out! I’d recommend full view, please, and look at the background just to the left of them.

I suppose this drawing could be considered something of a spoiler for the fic? But most people who follow my main blog probably know what’s going to happen anyway. By the way, this isn’t necessarily a 100% accurate depiction of a real scene that will actually happen in the fic, it’s just art my dudes

Instrument headcanons
  • <p> <b>Jess:</b> is the kind of person who wants to be able to play an instrument so badly, but she lacks the patience and attention span to make it work. You will find in her family's attic a guitar, a ukulele, an old casio keyboard. Yet, the only instrument she's ever managed to learn more than two songs on is the recorder, and that's only because it was required in pre-school. She rocks Three Blind Mice<p/><b>Emily:</b> can full on play the violin. Her parents wanted her to play starting from around age six. They had her choose between Cello, Violin, Clarinet or the flute. Emily thought violin was the least ebarassing. At first she would only learn the classical pieces that her tutor would give her, but she soon learned how good some of her favourite pop songs sounded on strings. Her party trick now is playing a violin version of Roar by Katy Perry<p/><b>Matt:</b> never really had any desire to learn to lay an instrument, like Jess, he only ever managed the recorder because school made him. He's completely forgoteen everything he knew<p/><b>Sam:</b> took up piano in 9th grade, specifically during winter when it got too cold to go outside during recess. She, Hannah and Beth would sit in a quiet music room and she got into the habbit of tinkering away on the keys. One day, she went away and found some simple music online and took it into school to try and play.<p/><b>Ashley:</b> asked to learn piano. Her parents said she could start lessons as a 10th birthday present. she dove right in adn excelled in her classes. during her free time and school holidays, she would compose little pieces of music for her favourite books. after she and Sam became friends, she helped Sam with the theory of music, the reading and the writing. When the gang get together at christmas they play carol duets. at parties, if you get her to drink tequila she'll ba g out such classics as Don't Stop Believin and Piano Man. Incredibly enthusiastically<p/><b>Mike:</b> can play guitar. very well. he can do indie, punk rock, folk, you name it. He's a big fan of acoustic music and whenever he gets drunk he always ends up playing corny country songs. His favourites are Dolly Parton and early Taylor Swift. Once, on a night out with the guys he got so drunk, he insisted they get a cab to his house to get his guitar, then get a second cab to Jess's house so he could stand outside her window and play Love Story. In full support Chris, Matt and Josh provided drunken backing vocals.<p/><b>Chris:</b> (I mentioned this in my music star post) is very good at replicating music on phones. He can use dial tones and buttons sounds to play stuff like the Star Wars theme, Mario Bros., Harry Potter etc. He's also known to mix old Windows software sounds to make original compositions [Edit] I forgot to mention how Chris plays the melodica and the theramin. His starter piece for every new instrument is the Jurassic Park song.<p/><b>Josh:</b> can kind of(?) play guitar. He mostly learned so that at parties he can gather everyone round under the notion that he'll play some beautiful acoustic piece and yet he just goes straight in with Wonderwall. Among others. He's been known to play Rockstar by Nickelback, American Pie and Tenacious D's Tribute<p/></p>
Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

Word Count: 2054

Requested: By Anon

Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Warning: Smut

A/N: I’m sorry if this sucks but I have never done anything like this before. Let me know if you guys like it. I’m also not using all the lyrics. I also got a bit carried away, let me know if there should be a part 2??

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover

So the bar is where I go

You walk into your local bar with your friends ready for a good night. You heard that a semi famous band are playing tonight but you haven’t heard what their name is. Your friends and you set yourself up in a little booth close to the stage. Two of your friends, Taylor and Ruby, head off to the bar to get drinks for all of you. While you wait for your other friends to come back you sit with the other friend, Michone.

“I wonder who is playing tonight.” I say to Michone.

“Yeah I hope they are good.” She said back.

You look over at the stage to see a man setting up the stage for the performer. It was just a local man playing with his guitar. Michone and I sit there listening to the sweet tone.

Taylor and Ruby come back to the table with some shots.

“Shots!” They yell.

You grab one and swallow it straight away.

Me and my friends at the table doing shots

Drinking fast and then we talk slow

The man on the stage finishes his last song and the club start to play their songs when you finish your 4th shot feeling a bit tipsy. Your friends head to the dancefloor and ask if you want to join.

“I’ll be there in a second.” You answer.

You walk up to the bar and sit on the stool. Striking a little conversation with the bar tender. You feel someone sit next to you on the stool.

Come over and start up a conversation with just me

And trust me I’ll give it a chance now


“What’s a lovely lady doing at the bar all alone?” The man asks.

You turn your head around to be met with no other than the famous Joshua Dun. Man he looks good up this close.

“Y-your Josh Dun.” You say, stuttering a little.

“Sure am, are you a fan? What’s your name?” He asks with his squinty smile.

“My name is Y/N and I am a huge fan, you guys helped me through so much so thank you.” You say honestly.

“Well that means a lot. Do you want to dance, Y/N?” He asks you.

“I’d love to, uh I mean sure.”

You both get up and head to the dance floor.

               And then we start to dance, and now I’m singing like.

               Girl, you know I want your love

               Your love was handmade for somebody like me


You start dancing with Josh and he spins you around so your back is against him. You start to move against his body feeling the music. You start to sing along enjoying this moment. You turn back around to face him and you grab the back of his neck and dance with him. A few songs later and your friends come over to you.

Come on now, follow my lead

I may be crazy, don’t mind me

“Hey, Y/N we are heading off. Are you coming?” Ruby asks.

“Um.” You say while looking over at Josh.

“No it’s okay, I got her.” Josh answered.

Michone gives you a look to say ‘holy crap that’s Joshua Dun’. You nod at her and smile widely. After they left Josh turned to you.

“I would love to get to know you more Y/N. Do you want to come back to mine to hang?” He asks.

“Sure. I would love to get to know you too. You aren’t going to kill me are you?”

“No. Definitely not. I promise.” He laughs.

“Okay. Well let’s go.”

He smiles and grabs your hand taking you outside and to his car. The ride to his house was full of laughter and stories.

“And she turned around to me and yelled right in my face and spit went everywhere. It was so gross.” Josh was telling you a story.

“Man that’s so bad.” You say while laughing.

Josh moves his hand over to your thigh and laughs. You look at his hand and blush. You guys make it back to his house and enter.

“Wow, what an amazing place you have here. Do you share it with anyone?” You ask.

“No, it’s just me living here. Gets a bit lonely sometimes. I know that’s weird to say because normally Tyler is over.” He answers.

“You and Tyler have sleepovers? That’s so cute.”

“Shut up.” He said while blushing.

We walk into his room.

“Man this drum kit is amazing, where’d you get it from?” You ask.

“I got it ages ago from a local music store. What, are you into drumming too?” Josh said.

“Oh, a little bit. I’m not that good at it.” You answer.

“Have a go.” He said.

You think about it for a little bit. You don’t see the problem with it. You walk around the drum kit and sit down. You grab his drum sticks and look up at him.

“Have any songs in mind?” You ask Josh.

“Uhh, do you know how to play any of our songs?” He asks.

“Yeah I know all of them except for Fairly Local. I’ve been stuck on that one for a while.” You say.

“Okay why not The Judge.”

You spun one of the drum sticks around your finger and started the beat of The Judge. You knew this was one of Josh’s favourite songs from Blurryface so you knew you couldn’t screw it up in front of him. You continue for a while closing your eyes while hitting the drums.

This was one of the things you did that calmed you down. You were also told that you were good at singing but you didn’t believe them. You thought you’d give it a go though so you started to sing the chorus of the song. After a while you thought you should stop. You opened your eyes to look at Josh. He was staring at you with his mouth wide open.

“Sorry I guess I got a little into it.”

“No, don’t say sorry that was amazing. Do you know how good you are both drums and singing?”

“Oh I guess I’m not that bad.”

He walked around to you and grabbed your shoulders to stand you up. You were really close to your idol.

“You are really talented Y/N. Believe in yourself.” He whispers.

He looks down at your lips and breaths in harshly. You look at his eyes and bite your lip.

“Y/N please don’t do that.” He said while running his thumb over your bottom lip.

“What do you me-“You were cut off by his lovely lips meeting yours.

He takes control of the kiss and it gets heated. He pushes you against the wall

Say, boy, let’s not talk too much

Grab on my waist and put that body on me

Come on now, follow my lead

He grabs your waist and continues to kiss you like tonight’s the last time he’ll be able to see you. He lifts you up and you wrap your legs around his torso. He spins around and walks you to his bed and places you down, not breaking contact at all. He runs his hands along your side really gently. You grab his hand and place it on your boob. He breaks away from the kiss.

“Y/N this was definitely not my intention. I really just wanted to get to know you more.” He softly said.

This is why everyone loved Josh. All his fans knew he was a lovely, calm and gentle man. You loved that he was so gentle but when it came to his drums he went all out with all of his passion for his fans. He loved his fans with all his heart. So did Tyler and you knew that.

“Josh. Please I want this. Trust me, you don’t know what I felt watching videos of you drumming or watching you at concerts doing what you love. It drove me insane.” You say.

He looked down at you. He smiled and leant back down. He lightly kissed your lips and moved to your neck to kiss and nibble at it. You moved your head to the side so he could get better access. He placed his hand back on your boob squeezing it. You arch your back.

He slips both hands down to your hem and slides it up. You lift your upper body up so he could slip the shirt off you. You are in a sitting position and Josh leans over and kisses you hard. He grabs one of your cheeks and holds it. You wrap your hand around to his hair and lightly pull at it. He uses one hand to unclasp your bra. He slides it off your shoulders. He starts to pinch your nipple.

“Josh.” You moan into his mouth.

You grab his shirt and rip it off him.

I’m in love with the shape of you

We push and pull like a magnet do

Although my heart is falling too

I’m in love with your body

He grabs your pants and yanks them down. He sits up a little and looks at your underwear. It was your favourite lingerie and by the look on Josh’s face he liked it too. You saw him look over to where he threw your clothes and saw that your bra matched it.

“Holy fuck.” He whispered but you heard it.

He slid them off your legs and crawled up your body to be face to face with you. You wrap your legs around his torso to pull him closer to you. You lean down to take his pants and boxers off him. You look into his eyes.

“Y/N we really don’t have to do this. We can just go back to talking. I’m really starting to like you. I just want to get to know you.”

You kiss him to let him know you want this.  He grabs your face and kisses you harder. He runs his tongue on your bottom lip asking, begging for permission to play with your own tongue. You allow him to. He slides his finger down your side making you shiver. He grabs your waist with one hand and the other is still on your face.

“You aren’t a virgin, are you? Not that being a virgin is a problem it’s just I don’t want to rush you into anything.”

“No Josh I am not. Are you though?”


“Mm, good.” You say while going back to kissing him.

He quickly leans over to open his bedside table. He gets out a condom and slips it on.

“You ready?”

“Yes, Josh.”

He pushes into you making sure you’re always okay. He moves in and out.

“Josh, please go faster.”

He listens to you and moves at a faster pace. Kissing your neck and leaning on his arm above your head.

“You know you are absolutely gorgeous.” Josh said.

“Josh.” You moan.

“This isn’t just it for us either, I want to see you after this.”

“Can we talk later?” You say.

You grind against his dick and he groans. You roll Josh over so you’re on top of him. You flip your hair to one side and lean down to kiss him, bouncing on top of him.

You hear his little pants and swear words. You move faster while moving your hips back and forth.

“Princess I’m close.” He said.

“Me too.”

You start to feel it build in your stomach. About to bubble over. You looked into his eyes and you could tell he was about to hit his edge. You moved at the same speed and then it hits you. You grab the bedsheets next to Josh’s face and squeeze it while moaning. You slow down but still move to help Josh get to his high and his follows shortly after yours. You roll next to him and lean against his chest.

“Y/N I wasn’t just using you. I really do want to see you and not just in my bed, although I wouldn’t mind doing this again. But only if you want to.”

“Josh, I’d love to see you again. You’re lovely to be around already.” You say while snuggling up to him.


One of a kind.

Words: 1,287 | This one is just a random idea I had that I really liked, I just used my characters and the rest is history. FYI: This is not how Grayson and Shawn met as you guys already know how they actually met but anyway, Enjoy!

“Come on Shawn it’ll be fun” Brian tries to coax me into saying yes.

“We’ll have a couple of beers, listen to some good music…” Ian starts

.“Fine fine I’ll go” I finally cave in.

Couple hours later….

The concert hall was filled to brim with people, probably way over capacity

.“I didn’t know the band was this popular, I thought you meant like a bar type of gig” I breathed out. I was never really into Rock music.

“Hell no, this band is fucking famous. They aren’t some Friday night bar gig” Brian, who was already a little tipsy, told me.

We made our way towards a booth because we didn’t feel like standing in the pit with hundreds of people

.A beer was thrust into my hand and I downed it in three gulps.

The light slowly started to dim as Ian practically yelled that the show was starting. Obviously, I muttered. I grabbed another beer as the intro started playing.

Drums started and a guitar followed shortly after. Turning my head back towards the stage, the lights were on and you could see the band. A tall, burly man was playing the guitar and another man equal in height but a lot Skinner started to sing. Other members of the band joined in one by one.

But what caught my attention was the drummer. A girl. With long blonde hair and dressed in head to toe black.

She played the drums with a passion and she was absolutely brilliant at it.

“Your totally staring” Brian laughed with a smug smirk on his face.

“No, I’m not” quickly defending myself.

“I don’t blame you, she’s fucking hot as hell”

Multiple songs passed and I was completely enticed by her and I didn’t even know who she was.

Before I knew it, she was walking towards the center stage with the lead singer, an acoustic guitar in hand. She plopped down on a stool and adjusted the mic to her height

.“Hiya guys” her voice came out like pure silk, a British accent accompanying it.

“So if you don’t know who I am, I’m Grayson and I’m the drummer” the concert hall erupted into cheers as a bright smile danced across her face.

“But tonight with the help of Jack over here…” she directed her hands towards the singer. “We are going to sing a song we wrote together while on tour the past couple of months, this one is truly close to our hearts and we hope you love it as much as we do. This is 45" Her fingers started to play beautiful notes on the guitar as Jack started to sing.

“And I’m staring down the barrel of a 45” her soft voice joins in jacks.

“I’m swimming through the ashes of another life, diminshThere’s no real reason to accept the way things have changed, Staring down the barrel of a 45” her voice gravitates higher as jacks voice fades out.

Her accent wavers in and out at she continues to sing, her long slender fingers dance across the guitar as she continues to play. A couple of tattoos grace her hands.

She joins in for the last note as a huge a smile graces her face as they are done.The hall erupts into cheers and shouts.

“Thank you guys,” she says as she and Jack walk off. 

The lights diminish as people go and start to leave.

“Come on” Brian yells while dragging me somewhere.

“Where are we going?” I ask

.“We have backstage passes and they always meet fans after the show,” he tells me in a duh tone

.“Maybe you can meet your dream girl” Ian jokes at me.

“Haha very funny” I respond.We slowly but surely made our way to the small line gathering by side stage. Flashing our passes, we were told the basic rules before the band comes out. The crowd erupts into hoots and hollers as Jack appears first from behind the curtain followed by the burly man I still did not know the name of. The bass guitar player came shortly after, Grayson’s blonde hair was the first thing I noticed come out from behind the curtain after him. The crowd gets ten times louder when they noticed her and a huge smile graced her face. She did a cute little wave as she got in line with the rest of the band.

Slowly the line diminishes as it got closer and closer to our turn.

“Are you excited now?” Brian asks as he rocks back and forth on the balls of his feet.

“Yeah I actually am now”

He gives me a small smile.

“Next” someone calls out as we noticed it’s our turn.

I make my way through the first three and move on to Grayson as Brian is deep in conversation with the bass player.

“Hi!” she calls out to me as her arms extend out to give me a hug, She smells like vanilla and mint, my new favorite combination.

“HI!” I practically yelled. A blush rises on my cheeks as I realize how embarrassing it was.

“How are you love?“I could feel my face heat up once again at the common nickname she probably called everyone.

"I’m great, I really enjoyed the show tonight!”

“Aw thanks, that means a lot”

“I really loved your last song you did with Jack” I complimented her.

“You did!? I was so nervous to perform it. I’m actually a big fan of your work as well”

“Wait really? You know who I am?” I ask confused.

“Of course silly, You’re Shawn Mendes. Pretty much Canada’s pride and joy” she let out a small giggle.I always tend to forget how big I actually am and it’s times like this where I realize that.

“Come on keep it moving” The guard next to her called out to me.

“Sorry that we can’t talk longer Shawn but it was great to meet you” she extends her arms out to hug me again. I happily exchange the favor

.“You ready?” Brian comes up knocking me in the shoulders. I nod and turn as Grayson gives me a small wave and I return the favor.

“You totally had the hots for her” Brian exclaims as we get back in the car.

“I did not” turning out of the parking lot. I totally did and he knew it.

“Stop lying, I don’t blame you she’s gorgeous and talented. What else could you want?”

I just shake my head and let out a small laugh.

Brian is quiet for a few moments before hitting me in the arm unexpectedly.

“What the hell man?!”

“She tweeted at you!” he exclaims once again.

“You’re kidding”

“No dead ass she did”

I pull up to a stoplight and grab the phone from him.

@GraysonJabra: The fact that I met @ShawnMendes tonight is unreal, Canada’s pride and joy :) 

A huge smile comes across my face as I read the screen. The light turns green as I hand the phone back to Brian.

“Dude that’s amazing”

Later that night… 

I lay in bed back at my place after dropping Brian off, reading and re-reading Grayson’s tweet from earlier. Contemplating if I should I reply or not, I man up and click on the little bubble to type.

@ShawnMendes: The feeling is mutual! @GraysonJabra , You’re truly one of a kind. 

Quickly hitting post I immediately regretted it feeling like I totally overdid it but it was too late as hundreds and hundreds of replies rolled in. Many of them saying how cute we would be together or how we’re goals.

My phone dings once again showing I had a direct message on Twitter.

From Grayson.

grandpavsprowler: Fearless leader and fire starter

dannymasterson: Shoe game on point.