looking for a hot pop punk boy that wears crewnecks and will spend the night in eating pizza and listening to neck deep with me because where i live everyone likes dubstep rather than man overboard and the front bottoms and the only people who do like good music are way out of my league and I'm scared to talk to them so any requests?:DDDDDDDDD

okay as i wrote this tfb came on and yeah that was a cool moment


A year ago we put our first single out for Wasting Time, “Realism”. We honestly had no idea how people would react to our music but looking at the view count now and seeing people at shows yelling our words back at us give us a pretty good idea people kinda care about our music. Thank you all for the support thus far, it means the world to us. EP2 is coming! 

We have a show next month and it’s going to be a sick way to kick off the summer! Come hang with ya bois. 

May 22nd: Harvard On The Hill, No Hope Nation, daisychain, McCalister, and Losing Streak. @MONDO. Summit, NJ

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-Blink 182 
-Green day 
-A Day to Remember 
-Pierce the Veil
-All Time Low 
-The Story so Far 
-Tonight Alive 
-Neck Deep 
-Man Overboard 
-The Front Bottoms 
-Tiger’s Jaw
-Ed Sheeran
-Pink Floyd
-Mayday Parade
-Kings of Leon
-The Killers
-Arctic Monkeys
-Front Porch Step
-Real Friends
-American horror story 
-Orange is the New Black 
-80’s Movies
-Orphan Black
-Two Broke Girls
-That 70’s Show