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You Are What You Drink

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles x Scott x Derek x O/C


Word Count: 2828

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           I can hear the music pounding from inside the club and I grin in excitement. Girls are lined up along the side of the wall in their tall heels and short skirts with guys eyeing them up and down waiting to get inside and start making moves on them.

           “We’re going to get you sooo wasted, I take my job as best friend to the birthday boy very seriously.” I giggle, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek and he chuckles.

           “If you guys can just remember that I’m human…” he mutters and Scott laughs.

           “I think the word you’re looking for is lightweight.” Derek adds, “Because Y/N is human too and she can drink just as much as the rest of us.”

           Stiles grumbles something incoherently and I wrap my arms around him, leaning my head against his chest.

           “It’s okay, I’ll teach you my ways.” I whisper in his ear, smirking.

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Birthday Girl (Philip X Reader)

WEDIM Day Twelve



WARNINGS: None, Fluff

SUMMARY: 19. 19 years old and not wed. To my father, this is an absolute disgrace. So naturally, he goes and finds some ‘fitting young men’ to come to my party. However, his plans go awry when the person who hates most makes a surprise visit bearing the best gift of all

A/N: This was requested by the ever lovely @bethanystan . Y’all need to go pester her to start writing again because she’s so good but she doesn’t believe in herself (and she has no ideas) I hope you are all well, and I hope you haven enjoyed the first twelve days of WEDIM!

I had known Philip since I was four years old. My family moved from Georgia to New York and thanks to our mothers getting along so well we ended up growing up together. We were only a month apart in age so up until the age of ten our birthday parties were always put together. My mother died when I was eight and although I still saw the Hamiltons regularly things were never quite the same. 

Much to my father’s disapproval, Phillip and I were best friends. My father could not understand that a man and a woman could be so close, in his mind women only made wives, then babies. There was no way a woman could be of intellectual equality to a man. But none the less we remained best friends throughout school and then when Philip went off to college we would write near every day and would always make time to see each other.

My nineteenth birthday rolled around and my father decided that would be the best time to find a husband because in his words: I was not going to stay ‘young and pure’ for very much longer. I was having my party at my Aunt and Uncle’s house and my father had invited three suitors he thought fit. I already knew I wouldn’t like them but I had no choice in the matter. I only had to talk to them once

My maid helped me get ready. I was wearing a gorgeous pastel blue gown with matching pumps. My hair was down and curled into tight curls which were then pinned back. A little makeup and I was ready to go.

My Aunt and Uncle lived in a big house in the city. Their house was just in front of the park and was absolutely huge on the inside. It was perfect for a party, and they happily obliged to letting me host one there. I’d invited my friends and their husbands/fiancés, Philip and his newest girlfriend were going to be there along with several members of my family.

The carriage ride to my Aunt and Uncles house took an hour so I settled in comfortably reading a book I had brought with me though I couldn’t really concentrate. My mind kept wandering back to Philip.

Recently, he’d been much more distant, ever since he’d got his new girlfriend. It wasn’t a rare thing for Philip to disappear for a day or two with a new girlfriend, as I’d been told multiple times by multiple women, he was very attentive in bed. But this time things were different, he didn’t write me once in the last week. He was barely home and when he was he was talking to his father about some college work then leaving straight after.

Angelica and Mrs Hamilton said that they had met this mystery girl once. Apparently, she was a barmaid in downtown Manhattan. She was beautiful, small curvy frame flawless skin and the most captivatingly bright blue eyes. A spout of jealousy grew within me as I thought about her. She was taking my best friend!

The more I thought about it the more I began to question my affections. Maybe I felt something more than friendship for the eldest Hamilton. No, I couldn’t! Sure, we’d shared a drunken kiss once or twice but there was nothing more than friendship… right? My head was in a spin, I couldn’t keep my mind focused on anything else. Maybe Father was right, men and women cannot just be friends.

I arrived at the house within the hour and everyone was already there, waiting for me to arrive. My father was waiting for the door and helped me out of the carriage. He smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“How is my birthday girl?” He asked kindly,

“I’m well, how was your meeting with Senator Schuyler?”

“Good, everything went to plan. I also had a chance to meet the men I chose for you to meet tonight,”


“Y/n, we’ve had this talk on countless occasions before. I will not stand for my only daughter being nearly twenty and not wed. I would like to meet my grandchildren,” He said, seriously. I sighed, knowing there was no way out of this now. My father nodded in agreement to my silence on the matter and held out his hand for me to take. I did and together we walked into the house and into the big reception room where everyone was waiting.

We descended down the stairs and every clapped politely. Looking around I noticed a few of my friends, Lindsay, Hannah, Mary, Madeline but there was one person missing. Philip. I was disappointed, I really missed he’d come, I missed him so much and I hoped tonight I would at least get to see him. All was not lost, I would still have a great time.

The music began playing and I wove my way through the crowd of people, saying hellos and introducing various people to each other as I went then I got to my friends who quickly handed me a drink of champagne.

“Y/n!” Madeline squealed as she gave me a quick hug. “Happy Birthday,”

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“Happy Birthday!” Lindsay, Hannah and Mary sang together as they returned to the little group.

“So… Have you met any of your suitors yet?” Hannah teased.

“No, and I plan on keeping it that way for as long as possible,”

“Well, you haven’t even met me yet,” A smooth voice said from behind me. I turned around and saw the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen. He was tall and very fit. He had surprisingly long dark hair and matching eyes that I seemed to get lost in, “Hi, I’m Thomas,”

“Y/n,” I said quickly after realising that I had been staring. “I’m Y/n,”

“I know, your father said you’d be here,” Thomas smiled, “I hope you don’t mind me taking your gorgeous friend for a while ladies?”

“Oh no, be our guest,” Mary giggled giving me a little push closer to Thomas.

“Have fun!” My friends called after me, I glanced back at them and grinned. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

We danced for while then Thomas took me upstairs and out to the small baloney which looked over the city park.

“It’s beautiful out tonight,” He commented as he leant against the metal railing.

“Quite,” I agreed. There was silence for a moment before Thomas piped up again.

“It’s quite odd for someone of your status to be un-wed,”

“Well I suppose I’m picky,” I shrugged.

“But can someone like you really afford to do that?”

“Excuse me?” I moved away from him, my hands on my hips in disgust.

“Well, you aren’t going to get any better looking you?”

“Are you calling me ugly, sir?” 


“But I’m not going get any better than you? Excuse me sir but what exactly is so attractive about you?”

“You forget who my family is, Y/n,” Thomas hissed grabbing my arm roughly, taking me by surprise.

“You forget who mine is Thomas,” I growled back.

We stared at each other angrily, Thomas still holding a strong grip on my arm. Eventually, I ripped it away and stepped out his way.

“I suggest you leave before I shout for my father,” I said. Thomas glared at me but walked away.  I turned away from the doorway and angrily ripped the leaves off the climbers growing up to the balcony.

I thought I had a chance with Thomas, he was handsome and literally the definition of my type. Except for the fact he was a massive asshole. Of course, my father would choose someone like that. I could go back to the girls and forget about the whole situation. But there would be others, maybe ones even worse than Thomas so I decided to stay where I was on the balcony, angrily picking leaves off the plants climbing the railings.  

“Miss L/n?” A voice said from behind me, still annoyed with what had just happened I did not even bother to turn around.

“Leave me alone,” I said bitterly.

“But I brought you a beer?”

Only one person would ever bring me a beer. It was Philip. I turned around and gasped happily when I saw it was him. He put his glasses down and gave me a big hug.

“I thought you weren’t coming? Father said-“

“You’re Father forbid me from coming tonight, I know, but I couldn’t miss out on your party could I?”

“He’ll kill you if he finds out you’re here,”

“At least I die a happy man,” Philip smiled, his hands were still on my waist and there was something different about the way he was looking at me. It was almost lovingly.

“Philip, are you alright?”

“I’ve never been better,”

“Where’s Annabeth?”

“Annabeth? Oh, she couldn’t come tonight,” Philip said uncomfortably.

“Why not? I thought you really liked her,”

“I did, she was gorgeous but she has nothing on you,” Philip took my hand and looked me straight in the eye, “Absolutely nothing,”

“Are you okay Philip? You’re acting rather odd,”

“I’m not. I’ve just finally got up the courage to finally say this to you,” He took a deep breath and swallowed down his nerves. I waited anxiously for what he was going to say. “You’re beautiful Y/n. Every single thing about you is perfect and I don’t know why I didn’t realise how in love I was with you.” Philip gave a short laugh and shook his head, “Maybe that’s why I sleep with those women, I’m just trying to get the thought out of my head that I do in fact love you. And I’m not talking like a best friend. I am absolutely completely in love with you. I think that’s what the problem is, my affections for you are way too much for me to fully comprehend. I don’t care anymore whether you see me in the same way or not because I just had to tell you, Y/n,”

“Mr Hamilton,” A voice called from the hallway and Philip let go of me. I frowned and gave him a worried look, “Mr Hamilton I know you’re still here,”

“I’m sorry Y/n, I have to go,” He quickly placed a kiss on my cheek and checked round the corner to see my father and two other men walking down the corridor. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, I promise,”

With that, he jumped over the railing and I hid just beside the door so the men walked past. I watched as Philip successfully landed on the grass below and blew a kiss up to me.

This would definitely be a birthday to remember.


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Activities [Hunk/Lance]

A/N: Voltron (Hunk/Lance) - 16. “Wake up! It’s surfing-time!” Happy happy birthdaaaay to Emma!@the-floofinator

This is the first fic I’m posting of the prompts that were sent in last weekend, also the first fic I’m ever writing for Voltron. I had this for your bday but then work was busy so I got to post it a little bit later, I hope it’s not too baaad^///^ Have a good day sweetie!

Summary: It’s Hunk’s birthday, and excited and loving boyfriend Lance wants to do some… activities

Word Count: 1380

“Hunk Hunk Hunk! Happy birthday! Wake up! It’s surfing-time!” Hunk groaned under his breath when Lance jumped on his bed, and he pulled the blankets to cover himself up.

“Nah.” He fake-snored loudly and rolled onto his side, hugging his pillow close.

“Come on man, hurry! The others are all training, it’s our chance! Let’s go swim and surf at the palace pool yeah? And then we’ll go –” Lance gasped when Hunk suddenly raised and wrapped him in a tight bear-hug, pulling him close and back down with him on the bed as he returned in his comfy sleepy position.

“It’s my birthday so do me a favor, sleep is my best gift. I already told Shiro, hence why Allura didn’t drag me out of bed for training,” Hunk mumbled without opening his eyes.

“Hunk! It’s because it’s your birthday that we need to do activities,” Lance huffed, squirming in his embrace. Hunk shook his head sleepily, instantly nuzzling Lance’s neck as he hugged him even closer.

“Just a few more minutes,” he sighed, dozing off again. 

“Nohoooo,” Lance whined, trying to pull Hunk’s strong arms away from him, but he lay trapped in his grip.

“The pool is waiting for us! And lots of other activities –” Hunk felt Lance squirm against him and he couldn’t suppress a giggle. Alright then. He finally lifted himself and leaned one arm on top of Lance’s shoulder, effectively pinning him down.

“You and your activities! You want activity? Here.” Without warning he used his free hand to claw at Lance’s tummy, who screeched in response and started to flop in his arms.

“NO! Nohoho Hunk! No fahahair!” Lance threw his head back and gasped when Hunk rolled over, swinging one leg around his waist and trapping him firmly.

“What? You wanted to do activities, right?” A yawn broke through Hunk’s grin, but his laziness was fading, and his fingers were moving around freely to tickle his lover’s sensitive tummy despite the way Lance squirmed and tried to protect himself.

“Not like thihihis! Wahahait!” Lance was already starting to get a rosy colored face, and oh, Hunk wasn’t even being serious yet.

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christmas headcannons for yuri, yuuri, and viktor?? thank you!

happy holidays!

「 viktor 」

  • since Russia apparently celebrates Christmas on January 7th (? is that right? ), he’s surprised when you start talking about Christmas being on the same day as his birthday
  • but he’s a good boyfriend / fiance / husband / friend so he listens to what you’re taking about and is definitely willing to celebrate on his birthday with you
  • we all know he’s a sugar daddy and has the moneys he would buy the best presents 
  • let’s say you wanted this expensive tablet or a designer clothing item
  • it’s underneath the christmas tree! you can count on him!
  • he enjoys eggnog but drinks too much of it and ends up getting a lil’ tipsy
  • he plays christmas music way too loud and way too much like s to p you can only hear oh-so-much
  • Viktor loves receiving Christmas cards and insists on sending some out, and they’re very nice looking
  • To:_______
    From: Viktor Nikiforov
    “Dear _____,
    merry Christmas! Happy birthday to me! Celebrating with you has been fun so far, and I’m excited to open our presents and to see you open this! Thank you for spending the holiday with me.
  • he buys christmas collars from makkachin pls this man is precious
  • he puts up mistletoe for you twp tjat dork 

「 yuuri 」

  • Christmas is a romantic holiday in Japan, and he’s quite excited to spend it with you in a close and domestic setting
  • he finds out what you wants by observing as the time comes, and gets you many very nice gifts 
  • Christmas morning is very relaxed and generally lazy, you two wake up late and Yuuri brings you coffee / hot coco / tea and you guys relax and open presents
  • he’s very sweet naturally, but this seems to double on christmas, when he receives gifts he gives you gentle hugs and kisses on your temples, ugh, its wonderful 
  • he gets nervous about you not liking your gits that he gives you, but you reassure him that they are wonderful
  • he makes really nice food for christmas and for the general occasion!! cookies, small cakes, and nice savory foods too!
  • he, of course, at one point sneaks away to wish Viktor a happy birthday 
  • if his family is there too, it’s fun to spend time with them as well, since you all give each other gifts and talk about Christmas memories
  • “To:_____
    From: Yuuri
    Dear ______,
    merry Christmas! I’m happy to have been able to spend this holiday with you, together. I hope you like the gifts and the things I have arranged for this day. It’s been fun getting to spend time with you, and I hope you feel the same about me.
    With love,

「 yuri 」

  • when you first started talking to him about Christmas he was very intrigued and was immediately willing to celebrate with you
  • he does his best with the whole “gift-giving” thing, and tries to ask you about what you want without being too obvious
  • if this does not work, he seeks the advice of Otabek, Yuuri, and Viktor to help pick out nice presents for you
  • just give him a cat or some cheetah print / leopard print stuff and he’ll be pleased
  • basically, he tries his best with presents, and is really hopeful that you’ll like them
  • is really into the whole santa thing, and goes to the mall with you to see santa. he just takes a picture from afar because wow cool 
  • he’s very excited though and enjoys advent calendars and counting down the days until Christmas 
  • he’s very happy about the gifts and would be blushing while he did this, but he would hug you and give you a kiss on the cheek ain’t he cute
  • “To:____
    From: Yuri
    “______, spending Christmas has been fun. Thanks for the presents. I hope you like mine.
  • he loves you very much, even if he’s not the most expressive, he’s young and you can feel it through how hard he works to make sure everything is perfect 

I’ve finally made my second Nick/Jess fanfic rec (after 7 months…)! There are so many great fanfics out there, but out of the few I’ve read these are some of my favorites! This is basically a huge thank you to all writers out there, for allowing us to read your great work! Amazing job, everyone :)

TOP MULTI-CHAPTERS (in no particular order) -

TOP ONE SHOTS (in no particular order) -

BONUS ANGST (in no particular order) -

NOTE: Again, these are just a few of the many, many amazing fanfics following our babies Nick and Jess. There are so many more great ones out there, and if I had the time to just read every single one and put all tof them on here I definitely would! A few are repeated again from my last rec, but only because the fic may have been uncompleted then or still is uncompleted (but in progress!). Overall, thank you all again so so so much for puting your great works out there for us to read! We all really appreciate it! :)

*italicized works were added later 

Birthday dinner

Hello! I’m a dark brown sista in my mid 20s, and I love your blog so I have my first ever story time to tell y'all! IM Shaking from excitement while i write this so excuse my typos! and this just happened so I’m writing it all out while my memory is fresh. I went to my friends pre bash birthday dinner just now (dinner before her party tonight) and let me tell you! I met the sweetest, most handsome Japanese guy I ever laid eyes on! he was there at another table with this handsome and also kind! Black man! Our tables were so close, so when we got there we sat down, ordered our food and then a few minutes later they came in and I thought it was some of my friends friends so I said Hello to them, thinking she knows them and he was so sweet he gave me a smile and said hello! and oh lord! so gorgeous, but I was so embarrassed, because my friend was like" uhhhh you know them ? they fine?“ So I told her I thought they were here for your dinner party and she told me, “No, I wish girl!” (face palm), I was so embarrassed, she kept turning around looking at them and I begged her to stop! but she couldn’t help it , they were handsome. BUT that didn’t stop him from talking to me still.

But before he talked to me again, I was scared to look at him from embarrassment, so we get our food and I’m talking to others around me and I wanted to look at him and kept telling myself, don’t do it, finally looked over at him and he’s staring dead at me ahahaha and how do I know? because he waved at me and smiled and I waved to him and he said, “I like your hair clip”, I had a sparkly butterfly clip and I told him thank you! And my friend (who was sitting in front of me) kept making faces saying “you betta get him girl” and being silly, and I’m just like stop! and he kept looking over at me! I swear, I usually stuff my face while eating, but I was eating so slow and proper trying to be cute. and playing with the curls in my face, so I try to low key look over at him again and pretend that I’m fixing my hair and not only is he looking up at me again but his friend also had his back turned, both looking dead at me. And I looked away so fast, I was shaking a little, because I get shy around guys I like, and I heard the Black guy speaking Japanese to him and I was like, Ok! I see you speaking Japanese, that’s so cool! I had no idea what was being said, but I looked over at them AGAIN and he was staring at me once again and my other friend saw it this time and he asked me “Why is he looking at you, do you have something in your teeth” ahaha! no I didn’t! But I’m so glad I’m not the only one that saw that he kept staring at me!

Before I continue, I have to point out that

I knew he reminded me of someone but I couldn’t point it out until later I went home and looked it up for like an hour trying to figure it out and finallly I go his name, he looks dead on like this Japanese actor named  Sota Fukushi!!!! I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him, I even showed my friends and they thought it was the same guy and asked me how did I find him so fast and she called me a stalker! ahaha! He looks EXACTLY! to the T, Like Sota especially in this picture (I hope you can see it): *now i can’t stop looking up pictures of this Japanese actor, i need help!! ahaha*

So it was about time for us to leave so that we could go buy things for the party! The entire night I was blushing because I could literally feel him staring at me❤️ so I got a carry out plate (could barely eat because of him!) and while I was talking to my guy friend, I got up walking off sadly because I wanted to see him again! And I forgot my carry out so I was walking back to my table and I look up and see my friend talking to them and I was thinking omg! What is she saying?! Will she invite them to her party tonight?! Did she tell him I like him? Is she trying to get with him?! I was like forget my carry out! Let me walk out before she sees me and embarrass me! So I left my plate there! HHaha! But then she called put my name and was pretending like I didn’t hear her and kept walking so she yelled my name!! And I said “sorry I didn’t hear you girl!” (I did hear her!) she told me to come here and I gladly did I can’t lie, I picked up my carry out and said “oh I didn’t see this” ahaha! So here I am face to face …..O M G UP CLOSE!!!! LORD JESUS!!!!!! TALK ABOUT DROP DEAD HANDSOME!!! I was just thinking lord am I dreaming?! Up close he’s deadly and he looks like he should be a celebrity too! And why the fuck did he have to have dimples?!!! My weakness! You can really see them when he looks to the side instead of fave to face because when I walked over he just looked down and smiled shyly!

Ok back to it! So before I even walked over all the way she said to me that “they wanted to know where you went!” 0_o (happy me!) so I told them my name, they told me there’s, I’ll call him ‘Sotal’ lol! shook their hands, we said nice to meet one another and my friend said “He’s coming to my birthday party tonight, I invited him” I was so happy! But then I was like “oh that’s great! But Which one?” Laughing and she pointed to SOTA!!! I was so happy my heart dropped, his friend had to leave town so it’s just him and he said he’d bring his other friend so he doesn’t have to come alone, i told him that’s something I would do honestly! We didn’t talk much but he exchanged numbers with my friend (and later being the great friend that she is she gave me his number too and I was happy! ) they both were so sweet And they hugged us both! (He smell so fucking good!!!) and we said to him see you there! You better show up etc. and as we were walking off I looked back at him trying to be sexy and I did not know he was looking dead at me again!! So I was like “see you later again” ahaha and he laughed and said “I’ll see you there! I promise” I’m crying!!! The party is TONIGHT!!! So if he actually shows up and something happens I’ll tell you again! I’m so nervy! I gotta look good tonight! And also if I have a few drinks and get bold maybe we can take a picture together and I can show you how dreamy he is and how beat my outfit is!! or might make a story time video, I might have so much to say! Love you guys! Wish me luck tonight!

KM & BW: Girl! get ya man!! go GO GO! xD

Darling Little sister Fake Ah crew x Reader (prolouge to another thingy)

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contrary to popular belief, Ryan was actually the perfect child growing up.Always doing as his parents told him, always taking his punishments without sass when he did something wrong, never talking back, never stepping a toe out of line. He was the perfect child, 

His sister on the other hand, was quite the opposite. Y/n was a problem child, she always stole things, got in fights, barely did her homework, and snuck out almost every single night. she was a parents nightmare.

Originally posted by kxxkus

But Ryan wouldn’t wish for a better sister. 

Whenever she would steal, she would always grab something for him. Gifts ranging from snacks to a brand new video game with the game console included. 

She would get in fights with younger kids who bullied Ryan, eventually giving the kid some grade school street cred. 

She didn’t do much of her homework, cause she was always helping ryan with his, and making sure he studied for his tests, and helping him with his projects. she was a very intellectual individual even though her grades said other wise.

And many times, when her parents fall asleep. She’ll sneak out and take ryan with her, taking him to the movies, amusement park,or just to walk around the town eating ice cream together. 

Yup, his life was pretty awesome. 

But as he got older, he realized something. He used to think his amazing sister was invincible, and the world was amazing,but she wasn’t, and the world was anything but.

As he got older he’d see her come home, covered his cuts and bruises,he would patch her up, no matter how much she protested. always telling him that he ‘should’ve seen the other guy’, and ironically telling him not to ever get in a fight. Their parents were more brutal to her, locking her in her room for days on end. which was okay cause she would always sneak out her window for a couple hours and come back.One day, she was screamed at by her mother because Ryan had seen her kissing their next door neighbor Daniel Adams, and thought that it was so wonderful she had found a girlfriend he wanted to tell his mom and dad. 

They didn’t think it was so great either. 

they screamed and shouted for what seemed like hours, ryan worriedly listening from he top of the stairs, and eventually y/n ran up to her room and slammed the door shut, she had a bright red hand print on her cheek.

But of course, the only thing running through the young boys mind was that it was his fault. 




“ i’m so sorry.” he cried as she wrapped her arms around him and smiled, rubbing his back. “ i thought they’d be happy!” he said and she pulled him away so she could look him in the eye.

Originally posted by gugunwo

“ you didn’t do anything wrong Rye-Rye.” she said, using his nickname that always made him smile. “ ma and pop just don’t get that i’m happy, but it’s okay.” you said and he look up at you with wide, tear-filled eyes. 

“ really?” he asked and you nodded, tickling him under the chin as he giggled and hid his face in your side. 

“yup!” you said, popping the ‘p’. “ cause i have you, “ y/n said and he grinned. “ and you know what?” she asked and he tilted his head to the side. 

“what?” he asked and she chuckled, bringing him in for a big hug. 

“ i dont care what they think, cause im happy. and that’s all that matters. so no matter what, always do what makes you happy, you got that rye?” you asked and he smiled and held up his pinkie, while closing his eyes and holding his other hand over his heart. 

“ i, james,ryan,haywood pinkie promise to always do what makes me happy.” he vowed and you giggled, doing the same. 

“ And i y/n, m/n, haywood, pinkie promise to also always do what makes me happy.” you said and you guys wrapped your pinkie fingers together and you smiled, pressing a kiss onto his head. 

“ so ryan, wanna sneak out and grab some pizza?”

“ You Bet!’cause pizza makes me happy!”

“ Good, always be happy little brother, always.”


.” GETTIN’ BEEEEEVED!!!!” Gavin shouted happily as they walked into a bar/restaurant , annoying Michael so much he smacked the brit upside the head. 

“ Shut up you idiot, you wanna get the whole bar’s attention?” the brunette growled and a woman walked in front of them, sporting light brown shorts and a Hawaiian floral shirt. 

“ michael’s right gav,” jack said as they all sat down in a booth.” we just robbed a bank three hours ago, i think we should be trying to not draw attention to ourselves.” she said and gavin pouted, slouching in the booth.

“ meanie.”

“ so what do you guys want to get?” Geoff asked as he skimmed a menu. “ im in the mood for a hamburger, how about you jack?” he asked and the woman shrugged, mostly because her attention was on the figure whom just walked into the bar. they had a hood on, but was clearly upset. they had trudged into the place and sat down at the bar, setting their head against the counter and shooing away the bartender when they asked the person what they wanted to drink.

Of course this shouldn’t have bothered her that much. But she was the mom of her crew, and many times she has mad “mama days” as they liked to call it. where she is always trying to make sure everybody is okay and happy, and when they arent, she does all that she can to make them smile.

And now, she was in mama mode. 

“ Guys i’ll be right back.” she said as she walked over to the bar, taking a seat next to the sulky stranger. 

“ you okay there?” she asked and they merely mumbled a few incoherent syllables and she chuckled.

“ yikes, bad day?” she asked and they groaned, lifting their head up slight to set their chin on their palms. As soon as they did her heart stopped.

 The person was a woman, with s/c skin with multiple scars on it, and peircing e/c eyes, reminding her of ryan in a way.odd…..they had a look of sadness, anger, and just plain fatigue.

“ wanna talk about it?” she asked and they shook their head. 

“ no it’s fine, besides, it’s been more so a bad month than a bad day. this is just the cherry on top of the shitty cake.” She said and held out her hand. “ I’m y/n by the way.” she said and jack smiled.

“ and im jack, nice to meet you. you know….” she mused. “ ive been told im a great listener, and i give great advice. so why dont you just tell me about it?” she asked an dy/n sighed and sat up, letting her hood fall to reveal luscious h/c hair.

“ alrighty, but im sure you have better things to do with your time.”

“ you mean hang out with the drunk bumbling idiots i came here with?” jack asked, “ ha, no thanks.” she said and y/n let out a light laugh,flashing the brunette a smile. A smile that seemed so familiar, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

“ well, i guess it stared four weeks ago, i had gotten fired from the car workshop i worked at in san feirro. and of course my girlfriend thought it was a perfect time for us to move in together, “ she said and then shrugged. “ not that i minded anyways, she was super hot. so we moved in about two weeks ago ,and she bought a house here for us to live in.” she said and jack cringed. 

“ so wait. you have no job, and your girlfriend just bought a HOUSE, in LOS SANTOS?” She asked and y/n chuckled and nodded. 

“ yeah, she’s a bit quick when it comes to relationship stuff.”

“ i’ll say.” jack muttered as the woman continued with her story.

“ so then ive been trying to find a job, i mean im a mechanic so finding a job in los santos shouldn’t be that hard. everywhere i go all the jobs are sketchy as FUCK!” She groaned. “ and on top of that, today i came home to my girlfriend going cowgirl on our couch with the pizza guy.” she said sadly and jack’s eyes softened. 

“ man, im so sorry.” she said and y/n chuckled.

“ meh, it’s fine, i mean i have enough money for a motel and ill probably be moving back to san feirro so i’ll be fine. ive got a close friend i can stay with there. “ she said and let out a bitter laugh. “ i guess this is God’s twisted version of a birthday present. “ she mumbled and jack’s eyes went wide. 

“ wait a minute, “ she said, her heart practically shattering. “ it’s your birth-”

“ yup, turning 25. “ she said and jack rubbed her back.

“ shit man, im so sorry.” she said and y/n shrugged.

“ nah, it;s not so bad, i mean the only reason i was okay with us moving to los santos was because my brother lives here, but i haven’t heard from the guy in like five years, not even a birthday card.“ she said and sighed. “ he probably forgot, it’s understandable.”  she got up and stretched her arms, letting out a loud yawn.She turned to jack and sent the woman a sweet smile.

“ thanks for listening to me cry about my problem, felt kinda good. well, i guess ill see ya ‘round jack.” she said and before she could take one step, jack clamped a hand on her shoulder. 

“ what’s your brother’s name?” she asked and y/n smiled peacefully, as if thinking of a fond memory. 

“ ryan, his name is ryan. well, his actual name is james but he prefers to go by ryan.” she said and looked at jack, who’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates. 

“ you okay buddy?” y/n asked and jack looked at her and shook her head. 

“ oh um uh yeah, yeah im fine.” she said and y/n waved goodbye before putting up her hood and walking out of the bar. 

Even though she left jack still stood there. 

“ his name is ryan. well, his actual name is james but he prefers to go by ryan.”

oh my god, ryan has a sister??that poor girl, she’s gone through so-wait a minute. 

“ i haven’t heard from the guy in like five years, not even a birthday card. “


Jack was enraged, yes Ryan didn’t seem like the touchy feely type of guy. but family stays together! you watch over one another, especially during hardships!and to hear all that the poor girl was going through and to hear that she hasn’t seen Ryan in FIVE YEARS!?

She stomped over to their booth and slapped Ryan upside the head repeatedly.

“what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you!?” she growled as she slapped him in between each word. 

“ ow!what the hell jack?what did i do to deserve that?” he asked and she glared at him.

“ oh i don’t know, maybe abandoning your sister for five years and not even calling her to say happy birthday?!” she shouted, not caring if others were staring.

“ five years?” Michael whistled, “ damn dude, that’s cold.’’

meanwhile Ryan was just all sorts of confused. “ wait a minute, how do you know about y/n?” he asked and she rolled her eyes.  

“ i was just talking to her. and her life seems pretty shitty. “ she said and he looked at her worriedly. 

“ what do you mean?” he asked and jack scoffed. 

“ oh now you wanna be a good brother. well, she has no house , her girlfriend cheated on her, she’s out of a job, and she staying in a motel ALONE IN LOS SANTOS ON HER BIRTHDAY!” She shouted and ryan’s eyes went wide. 

“ oh my god, today is-holy shit it is!” he said and jumped out of the booth. “ and she cant stay alone in a motel here! los santos is extremely dangerous! oh my god, my precious little sister all alone is los santos on her birthday!?!?! what kind of brother am i!?!” he thought aloud as he got up and hurriedly put on his coat.

“ ryan where the ll are you going?” Geoff asked and Ryan gave him a look of ‘are you kidding me??’

“ dude, im going to get my baby sister!i cant leave her all alone!” he said and ran out of the building, the others following right after him.

“ Y/N?” He called out as walked on the side walk, looking all around for you. “y/n!?” he called out, as soon as he did a hooded figure turned around and  familiar voice called out. 

“ R-Ryan? is that you?” you called out, not being able to see him so well since it was pretty dark out side. 

“ Oh thank god Y/N!” He shouted and ran forward and before you could say a thing, he engulfed you in a giant bear hug, one which you gladly returned.

“ ryan oh my god it-ti’s been so long.” you said with a light laugh. “ man, you have some pretty ironic timing.” you said and he pulled away.

“ i know, and im sorry about all that’s going on and i just want you to know that i am here for you..”

“ wait- how do you know about-”

“jack told me?”

“ yup, right here.” jack said and Ryan nodded and you smiled.

“ well thank you but i gotta get going, i wanna go get a motel room before-”

“ no you’re not, “  jack and Ryan all said in unison.

“ i-i’m not?” you asked and look at the lads, whom merely shrugged. 

“ hell no! im not leaving my defenseless baby sister alone in los santos, are you insane?” Ryan said and you raised a brow at him.

“ im older than you!”

“ not important, i have a small apartment that we can both stay in until-”

“ are you kidding me?” Jack scoffed. “nu uh, she’s my new friend,”


“ 100% y/n.” jack said with a wink.” and there’s no way im letting her live along with you Ryan.”

“ I’m her brother!” Ryan shouted angrily, questioning his family skills was a personal offense, and he would not stand for it.

“ but you practically live at the penthouse!” jack shouted back and the man went silent. “ we all do, so why don’t we all help y/n collect her stuff from her bitch of an ex-girlfriend and she can live with us?” jack asked and looked at y/n.” i mean, if that’s okay.” she said and y/n smiled.

“ sounds great!”

And you did, you packed up your things from your ex-girlfriend’s house, who nearly had a heart attack when you showed up on the door with six extremely terrifying strangers with terrifyingly polite smiles that helped you get your things. little did you know they decided to blow up her car while she was working, Ryan said it was his way of making up for not seeing you often. you just thought he wanted to see something blow up.

But, you moved in with the crew, and became close with them all. playing games with the lads, and talking about serious stuff with the gents, and going out with jack at least once a week. that woman is the greatest wingman there ever will be.Of course you knew they were a bunch of extremely famous and dangerous criminals, i mean you weren’t stupid. they just didn’t know you were too. 

you created amazing and complex weapons and sell them to whomever is willing to pay the highest price. they thought you were making it up, until they saw your work.

Machine guns that are completely silent, A sniper rifle that can see through walls, completed with bullets that can fly through 3 foot plaster walls like a knife through butter, and fixing up cars to make them sweet as hell. you were also a little bit of a scientist on the side, that came as a shock to them all.

was Ryan upset?yes.

But was he extremely proud that his big sister was the most kick-ass mechanic los santos had ever seen? hell yeah.

And that’s how it happened. how you became known as the BlackSmith  the greatest mechanic and inventor in all of los santos, who works privately for the fake ah crew.

“ are you kidding me? we can’t let you make cool shit for other people! you’re making cool shit for us young lady!” (actual conversation you had with geoff) Helping them with numerous jobs, and fixing their heist when it gets broken like eVERY FUCKING WEEK JESUS MICHAEL I JUST MADE THIS YESTERDAY HOW THE FUCK IS IT ALREADY IN PIECES DICK HEAD.

But they had become family,  weird, crazy, psychotic, homicidal family, but none the less. you loved these dorks. 

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of course, this was only the beginning. Now, things were going to get even more interesting.

alright so this is like a little prolouge type thing for something else im writing, but also cans tand on it’s own, so yeah. this happened.

A Hard Working Daddy
  • A chat comic dedicated to my dad for his birthday. He does so much yet expects so little in return all these years.
  • -------------------------------
  • -Saitama returns after a long day at work and collapses on the couch and closed his eyes.-
  • Saitama: Man, I'm exhausted...
  • -Nii tugs on his cape-
  • Nii: Sensei~ I can't find my pencil case.
  • Saitama: [-opens one eye and looks at her-] Alright, I'll help you look for it...
  • -After helping her find it, he collapses on the couch again.-
  • Saitama: Finally, I can get some re-!?...[-feels a poke at his head-]
  • Roku: Sensei, can you fix our video game? [-points to the system that's smoking up at the corners while San bangs on the top of it a couple of times-]
  • Saitama: ...Okay...
  • -After helping them fix the game system, he collapses back on the couch.-
  • Saitama: 'Now' I can get some-?!...Hurk?!
  • -Yon sudden tugs hard on his cape, causing him to choke.-
  • Yon: Sensei! The puppies got out and are flying all over town! Can you please help us?
  • Saitama: [-chokes and coughs-]...S...Sure...;;
  • -After helping the kids get the dogs back, later that evening Genos comes home from his mission.-
  • Genos: Sensei, I...?
  • -Sees his master snoring loudly collapsed on the floor, too exhausted to lie back on the couch.-
  • Genos: [-Smiles and walks over to him and kneels before the table, helping him lift his head so that he could rest it on his lap like a pillow.-] Thank you for your hard work...[-whispers as he kisses the side of his head lovingly-]
Love Online - Chapter 1

Thank you to @booklvr4​ for another great prompt:   

Jamie and Claire find each other on an online dating site and finally meet in person.

As I was writing this, I decided that this story will need multiple parts in order to tell it properly.  I hope you like it!

Romancing the Web

Claire was sitting at the local pub with her friend Jillian.  She didn’t really feel like socializing tonight, though.  She’d had a rough shift at the hospital and all she wanted to do was go home, sink into a hot bath, and read a trashy novel before going to bed.   She couldn’t disappoint Jillian, though.  It was her friend’s birthday, after all.

“Claire, you have to go to this party with me tonight!  It will be a blast!”

Claire looked at her dubiously.  “I appreciate the offer but…”

“Come on, Claire, it will do you good to meet some nice young men.  It’s over at the University and I’m sure there will be lots of cute boys that would love to shag you.”

“You know that isn’t my style.  And I don’t want a college boy.  I want a real man.”

“You could at least let one of the lads give you a nice roll in the hay.  What’s it been, a year?”


“Alright, I give up.  But seriously, Claire, you need a man in your life.  I know you say you like being alone, but I know you too well.  You are a passionate woman and I’m afraid you’re letting all that passion go to waste.”

Claire looked at her friend, unsure of how to respond. If she was being honest, she’d have to admit that she *did* want someone special in her life.  She hadn’t found the right man, though, and at this stage, she wasn’t going to settle for anything less than what she really wanted.  She certainly knew what she *didn’t* want.  No horny college guys or one-night-stands.  She didn’t want the doctors at the hospital, either.  They were nearly as bad as the college guys, not to mention boring as hell.  

She didn’t go out to bars or go to parties - it really wasn’t her scene.  The same types of people always congregated in those places, and after a while, they all look the same.

Jillian looked at her friend thoughtfully.  “You know, Claire, I think I might know a great option for you.”

“Jillie, not another blind date, please.  I can’t go through that again.”

“No, nothing like that.  I learned my lesson the last time.  No.  You should go to this online dating website I heard of from one of the girls who works at the shop.  She found her fiance’ there and they are really well suited for each other.”

“Are you serious, Jill?  How on earth would that be any better?”

“Just listen…you set up a profile giving some information about yourself, then you input what you’re looking for in a man.  Since you have such high standards,” she said, quirking her eyebrow, “you can use it to find a man tailor-made for you.”

“I don’t know…”

“Claire, for your sake and for all of our sakes, please give it a try.  Will you do that for me?  You can consider it my birthday present.”

“Oh, so I can take back the cashmere sweater, then?”

Jillian smiled.  “Not a chance.”

Later that night, as Claire sank into her big tub, she thought again of what her friend had said.  Was she wasting her life away?  She was good at her job and loved the work, but was it enough?  Did she really want to live her life alone?  

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, pondering what her life could be like.  In her mind’s eye, she saw a little girl, running through a field full of purple flowers.  She was giggling and looking back at someone running behind her.  The person, a man, caught up with the girl and scooped her up into his arms, twirling her around so that her little feet flew up in the air.  The man was tall and well built, but she couldn’t make out his features.  It was clear that this man was the little girl’s father, holding her with tenderness and laughing with her as they ran through the meadow.  After a moment, the pair turned around, their features still unclear.  They seemed to be looking straight at her and, at that moment, she knew that they somehow belonged to her.  

Shaking herself from the daydream, she finished her bath and padded to her room, wrapped in a towel.  As she pulled on her pajamas, she eyed the laptop on her nightstand.  It seemed to be calling to her.  She could almost hear Jillian’s voice say again, “please give it a try…for your sake.”  She lay in bed with her laptop, turned it on, and typed in the web address for the online dating site.

She took a deep breath and told herself, Well, Beauchamp, you may as well give it a shot.  What do you have to lose?

The next day, Claire awoke to find that she had received several messages from the online dating site.  She perused the profiles of the men that had been matched to her.  They all seemed like nice guys on paper, but she didn’t see how any of them would be right for her.  

She knew she was making excuses.  She always did that when she had to do something she really didn’t want to do.  Buck it up, Beauchamp! she told herself. You have to give it a chance.

She decided that she would start a chat with the man that seemed most suitable.  After 20 minutes of nothing but superficial pleasantries back and forth, she know he was not the one.  

Over the next two weeks, she repeated this procedure, talking to several guys online.  Some were nice, even amusing in their own way, but none seemed to have that spark that she was looking for.  She decided that she’d give it another week and then she would be done with it.  At least she could tell Jillian that she gave it a fair chance, then hopefully she would leave her alone.

Across town, Jamie was hanging out with his friend Ian, watching rugby on the new big screen TV he had bought for his small flat.  

“Crikey!  What is that, an 80-inch screen?” Ian said, “And hi-def to boot!  Jesus, I can see every detail.”

“Aye, it is.  I saved for like six months to get it.  Would’ve been sooner but ye ken I dinna make much at the print shop.”  Jamie looked around his rather sparsely furnished apartment.  It felt rather sterile, with the exception of the new TV.  Softly, he added, “It’s not like I have anything else to spend it on.”

His face was rather pensive, and Ian saw it.  “Ye have to get out there, man.  Ye need a woman.”

“Aye, I ken.  I just havna found anyone I find even remotely interesting.”

“At the very least, just get ye someone to have a little fun with, if ye get my meaning.”

“Ian…ye ken I willna take just any lass to bed.”

“So ye plan to be a virgin yer whole life?”

Jamie’s eyes blazed.  “How do ye know I havena…?”

“Jamie, I’ve known ye since we were bairns.  Believe me, I know.”

Jamie, slightly embarrassed, said, “Weel, I have my reasons, ye ken?  I dinna want to take a woman to bed that I don’t love.  I want to find the right lass - one I want to spend my life with.  Then, and only then, will I give myself to her.  If ye think that makes me unmanly, then so be it.  My Da always told me that it was the greatest thing in a man’s life to lie with the woman he loves.  That’s how I want it to be.”   

Ian, somewhat chastened, said, “Och, Jamie lad, I didna mean to insult ye.  In fact, I’m glad ye have such honorable intentions.  Ye ken that’s the way of it with me and Jenny,” he said, a grin forming on his face, “not that I’d tell ye otherwise about your own sister.”

Jamie playfully punched him in the arm.  Feeling better, he said, “Where am I to find such a woman, Ian?  I’ve been to all the usual places…bars, clubs…hell, I even went with ye to a party at the University, and found nothing but desperate, clingy, empty headed lassies who were all too eager to go to bed with me.  I don’t want a woman like that, Ian.  I want a woman with intelligence as well as beauty.  I want someone who will challenge me…an equal in every way.”

“Weel, it sounds like a tall order, my friend.  Perhaps ye should try…”

“Try what?” Jamie asked, wary.

“Actually yer sister’s friend Mary McNabb met her fella on some kind of dating website.”

“Ian, a dating website?  Really?”  Jamie’s eyebrows raised in derision.

“Have ye tried it?” Ian asked.  Seeing Jamie’s blank expression, he said, “I didn’t think so.  What do you have to lose, Jamie?  I mean, you’ve tried everything else.”

“It just seems so silly.  What if they’re all crazies on there?”

Ian looked at his friend seriously.  “What if the *right* one is there, Jamie, waiting for you?  Are ye willing to miss the opportunity to find love just because ye think it’s silly?  Wouldn’t it be worth trying if there is the possibility that you could get everything ye want?”

Jamie had to admit that what Ian was saying made sense.  Was it worth the risk?  He thought about the type of woman he really wanted.  How would he meet her in the circles he was part of?  He didn’t like any of the women that frequented the pubs during rugby night.  He didn’t want Uni girls who were so insecure about themselves that they’d throw away their virtue just to be liked.  He certainly didn’t meet many women at the printshop either.  Really, what would be the harm in trying?  What’s the worst that could happen?

Jamie patted Ian on the shoulder.  “Ian, I think ye are right.  It’s worth a shot at the very least.  I thank ye for looking out for me, Ian.  Ye are a true friend.”

“Aye, someone’s got to do it.”

“And another thing,” Jamie added, “I hope ye are serious about Jenny.  Don’t mess her about, Ian, or we’ll go round and round, ken?”

“Jamie, I won’t mess her about…I love her.”

Jamie’s eyes were wide.  “I didna ken that ye were that serious about each other.”

“Aye, we are.  And, not that it’s any of your business, but we havna lain together either.  We havna lain with anyone.”

Jamie’s face relaxed, obviously relieved at this confirmation of Ian’s honorable intentions.  “I thank ye, Ian, for telling me.”

After the game, Ian took his leave and Jamie decided he may as well take the first step.  He sat down at his desk and went online to find the website that Ian had mentioned.  Finding it, he set to work creating his profile, all the while hoping that this would be the path to his destiny.

A week later, Claire had just arrived home after another long shift at the hospital.  She dropped her bag on her coffee table and headed straight for her room to change.  Taking off her scrubs, she looked over at her laptop, which seemed to beckon menacingly.  She groaned, knowing that it would be just like every other night.  All of the fruitless conversations were getting old.  She vowed that after tonight, she wouldn’t be doing this anymore.  One last look and that would be it.  She let herself have one small hope that somehow tonight would be the night that everything could change.

She settled herself on the bed, laptop poised on her crossed legs.  She had several messages.  She flipped through them, one by one, and discarded all of them - that is, until she saw the last one.  The man was tall and muscular, but the thing she noticed most of all was his eyes - eyes of the deepest blue she had ever seen.  What struck her even more was the warmth she could see in them. It wasn’t just another empty image with a superficial expression like all the rest.  This man was beautiful.  It was as if she could sense his soul through that photograph.  How was that even possible?

She sat mesmerized for several moments, staring into those eyes, admiring the strong jaw and fiery red curls.  This man was intoxicating.  She didn’t know how, but she sensed very strongly that he was a man of great feeling, honor, and intelligence…and perhaps, passion?”  

Her breath sped up at the sight of him, then when she clicked to his profile page and started reading about him, she was even more intrigued.  Something inside her sparked and she knew at that moment that they were destined to meet.  She sent him a chat request and waited nervously for a response.  What would she say to him?  

Jamie was on his computer, sending out some emails before bed, when he heard a ding on his computer.  He looked at the popup window and saw that it was a message from that dating site.  It hadn’t been too successful for him thus far.  He clicked on the window and gasped.  The face he saw on the screen was beautiful.  Not only beautiful, but there was a certain quality there…something he couldn’t quite place.  He was intrigued.  He saw kindness, strength and intelligence.  He knew at that moment that he needed to talk to this woman.  

Claire:  Hi, my name is Claire.  I saw your profile online.  To be honest, yours is the first profile that has intrigued me so far.

Jamie:  Nice to meet you, Claire.  How many profiles have you seen?

Claire:  Too many to count.  I just felt that I had to talk to you for some reason.  

Jamie:  It’s funny you say that, because it was the same for me.  There’s just something about you…

Claire:  For me, it was your eyes.  

Jamie:  I take it you like blue eyes, then?

Claire:  I do, but it was more than that.  There’s something…almost familiar…

Jamie: I don’t think we’ve ever met, have we?

Claire:  No, I don’t think so.  It’s more like a certain quality…God, I must sound crazy.

Jamie:  Not at all, Claire.  I felt it too.  You seem like a caring, intelligent person, and perhaps a little mischievous?

Claire:  You got all of that from my eyes?

Jamie:  I can’t explain it.

Claire:  Neither can I.  

Jamie:  What did you see in my eyes, then?

Claire:  Warmth, intelligence, honor.

Jamie:  Really?

Claire:  Yes

Jamie:  Is it just me, or is there some kind of connection here?

Claire:  I can feel it too.  It’s unreal.  How can we have a connection when we have only said a few words to each other?  And still…

Jamie:  It’s there…

The two talked late into the night, telling each other about their lives, families, and dreams for the future.  How was it possible that they could be so connected after only a few hours?

Claire:  Well, it’s like 2 a.m. and I have an early shift at the hospital.  I should probably go to bed.

Jamie:  Aye.  Claire…

Claire:  Yes?

Jamie:  Can we talk again tomorrow?

Claire:  Sure!  I’d love that.

Jamie:  Glad to hear it.  Goodnight, Claire.  I’m so happy that we met.

Claire:  Me too, Jamie.  Very happy :)

Jamie sat staring at his computer screen.  Her last message had said she was happy.  He wondered if she was happy in the same way he was.  He was beyond that…he was ecstatic.  He knew he could talk to her forever, and wanted the chance to do just that.  Was it crazy to think that she might be the one?  He hadn’t even seen her in real life!  And yet, they had a connection.  That was certain.  She had felt it too.  God, he wanted to know everything about her.  He knew they’d only just met, but he already craved her company.  How was this possible?

Jamie decided to go to bed.  He tried to sleep, but his thoughts dwelled on her.  He grabbed a pillow and held it tightly against his chest, wishing it was her in his arms.  He knew, already, that she had to be the one.

Claire closed her laptop and lay back on the pillows.  She looked up at the ceiling, mind racing from their conversation.  She had never had such a reaction to someone in such a short time, particularly when she hadn’t even seen him in person.  What did it mean?  Was this normal?  She hadn’t felt anything even remotely like it with the dozens of other men she had talked with online.  For the first time in a long time, she allowed herself to have hope - hope that this man might be the one she had been waiting for all her life.  She smiled at the thought, closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

That night, she dreamed again of the little girl, but this time the girl had red hair and the man who held her was Jamie.


Happy birthday Lohan ♡

Yesterday, my wonderful little boy turned two ! Two years ago we became parents for the first time and I am so emotional to see how he’s growing so fast… He amazes us everyday and we’re so blessed to have an amazing little man like him in our lifes.

Of course, yesterday it was party all day, from the time we woke up until bedtime ! He has been really excited lately about his birthday and you should have seen his smile as soon as he woke up to blow his two candles on the chocolate cake that I had baked early in the morning. It was priceless

We celebrated his birthday party with close family and friends on the afternoon. Once again, my mother and Jackson’s mother had to come earlier to help with the food and the decoration. I am so grateful because it’s not really easy to do some things being 8 months pregnant. I’m really proud of them because everything was just beautiful and delicious, exactly the way I wanted.

Lohan received a huge amount of presents, which is totally crazy knowing that Christmas is like… next month… The party went very well and we were so happy to have Kelly (from the blog @little—adventures​) and her son Grey with us in this special day. Lohan really enjoyed playing with his little friend.

Kelly, thank you so much for coming and for the adorable present you got to Lohan, it’s the most adorable thing  and Jackson has already hung it in Lohan’s room. I hope you both enjoyed and I hope we will see each other very soon

The party was a success and ended up very well a few hours after Lohan blew out the candles around our family and friends singing happy birthday to him. He was really happy and I just want to say thank you to everyone that wished him « Happy Birthday ».

The rest of the evening went well, we had to clean everything. Of course, as expected bedtime after consuming so much sugar was a real disaster… Thankfully it’s only once in a year ! Haha !

Bleach characters! It's Ukitake's birthday! What are you going to get him?

As requested by blamesynapse. :)

Today, December 21, is Ukitake’s birthday! So, everyone, what are you going to get him as a present?

Akon: Thought I’d get him a life-sized statue of himself. See how he likes it.


Akon: I mean, I’m assuming he’ll like it a lot.

Kiyone: I got him a mirrored hairbrush! So he can brush his hair and then admire how sexy he is!

Sentaro: I just got him a jeweled hairbrush! So he can brush his hair and then contemplate what a ‘jewel’ he is!

Hitsugaya: I got him a scarf. To keep his throat warm and prevent coughing. And also because every man should have a cool scarf.

Byakuya: I acquired him some giant koi. In the probably vain hope that this will prevent Yachiru from stealing my koi as a present.

Yachiru: What a coincidence, Byakki! I got him giant koi too!!

Byakuya: Well at least I am used to being disappointed.

Ichigo: I bugged my house for him. So that it’s easier to spy on me!

Chad: You may be taking this 'useful to Soul Society’ thing a little far, Ichigo.

Ichigo: What?

Starrk: I got him one of those “not as much of a jerk as he could have been” awards. You know. Because he wasn’t the one who killed both of my halves.

Ukitake: How, um, dark.

Starrk: I use humor to cope.

Yamamoto: Tea with lemon, heated by my own fire.

Unohana: My present is a hand-crafted mahogany fainting couch.

Unohana: For obvious reasons.

Rukia: I found him something in the human world that is absolutely perfect for sick people!

Rukia: I believe it is called a 'lava lamp.’

Kyoraku: Well…when you get to be Ukitake’s and my age, all of the presents have been given.

Ukitake: [sad eyes]

Kyraoku: And it’s not like we need to prove our love for each other, either!

Ukitake: [sad eyes]

Kyoraku: And, I mean, his birthday is so close to Christmas…

Ukitake: [sad eyes]


Kyoraku: I’m just kidding, man. I got you this St. Bernard puppy.

Kyoraku: His tiny barrel is filled with hot chocolate!


Ukitake: I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!


Kyoraku: Happy birthday, handsome.

Fourteen Minutes in Heaven (Cameron Dallas & Sam Wilkinson threesome)

It’s was the average party, well actually it was Shawn’s sixteenth birthday party. There was music blasting, and drinks all around. Taylor thought it was a good idea to start a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven. Everyone got in a circle, and brought in an empty wine bottle that was found somewhere. When it was my turn, I spun the bottle, but it landed exactly in between Sam and Cameron. They looked at each other then back at me then Cam said “So, which one do you want?”

“Uh,” I bit my lip for a few seconds, “I’ll take both, so I’ll have 14 minutes instead of seven.”

Everyone agreed, then Sam picked me up, and whispered “I’m gonna have fun with you.” I giggled in response.

We reached a closet, and instantly Sam’s warm tongue was down my mouth. His hand gripping my butt so hard, I knew it would leave hand prints. I felt Cam’s lips on my neck. i moaned through Sam’s kisses. I turned around and jumped on Cam kissing him fiercely. I felt two hands roam under my shirt; Sam.

“You thought I was done with you, huh? Cute,” he whispered in my ear.

Cam’s hand traveled to my shorts, sliding them and my panties down. I heard his zipper go down, and I felt his dick against my thigh. I looked at him, smiled, and nodded letting his know that I want him. He didn’t waste no time and entered me harshly.

“Fuck Cam!” I yelled.

As Cam was fucking me, I felt something else.

“Surprise!” Sam was giving it to me from behind. I turned my head, and started kissing Sam again. He was also playing with my nipples under my shirt. I moaned, and came on Cameron.

“Ooo, are we pleasuring you that much, baby girl?” Cam asked. i moaned in response.

Cameron took my lips from Sam’s and placed them on his.

“Mmhh, harder,” I whimpered. They did was they were told and thrusted harder. I felt Sam cum, and pulled out so it was just Cam and I. “You close, babe?” I asked. He nodded. “Put me down,” he did and I started sucking his penis to finish him off. We got our clothes back on until Shawn entered the room.

“Aw man. I thought I was gonna get in some of this,” he said.

“I think we got something for the birthday boy,” I jumped on him starting round 2.


Happy 20th birthday, Liam snazziest! :)

You are such a wonderful and handsome young man and I am so incredibly blessed to have you in my life and to be able to call you a really close friend. I love your infectious smile and the way you treat people with the utmost kindness and respect. I highly appreciate that you are always here for me, and I want you to know that I am always here for you as well. I treasure our friendship tremendously and I am so grateful for the countless number of times you have made me laugh and smile. You are absolutely irreplaceable to me. Thank you for being you; I love you, my lil pineapple buddy!

~Arlene <3

Mars Loves Pluto

“I’m on his arms and it’s like walking on outer space.

I am Pluto and he is Mars.

I am small and unique and he is powerful and beautiful.

I have the biggest heart and I let he fill it in with all his importance.

We are more than just stars. We are our own Planets, with our own secrets and our own love.

Of course a planet like Pluto loves Mars.


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (alternate future)


It’s been one month now and it’s still all sunshine and flowers. We are still the same, Farkle is my best friend but more

I’ve dated some guys before, but never had something like this. Something this official and this special. My heart skips a bit every time I look at him or just think about him. I don’t feel so insecure around him, he wouldn’t let me. Farkle brings up the best of me and makes me see it every time, he gets me and is better than any of the princes I’ve ever dreamed of. 

You know why? It’s because he is real and he’s here, because I know everything about him and I’ve learned to love all the good and bad things trough the years.

____  ____  ____

Sweet dreams… I have wings, I am a shooting star, I am a princess on a unicorn, I am everything at once and I am more than enough… Then suddenly: Ouch. What the…?

Something is suppressing my chest, I feel the need to move fast but I can only find the strength to moan.

- Help, there’s an elephant on my chest….

- What, seriously? I am not that fat, okay? - Augguie moves his butt out of the top of me so I can breath at last. - Come on Riles, wake up.

He keeps on pushing and pocking me to call my attention.

- Let me sleep, it’s Saturday. - I groan.

- You’ve been sleeping all day… Mom is worried..

I don’t answer. Maybe if I pretend I’m sleeping he’ll go away.

- Riles? Come on…. Dad is worried too and so am I. 

- I’m just a little tired, Auggie. That’s all.

- You know, Maya and Farkle stopped by.

- Hmm... - I love him but can he go now?

- She said they were meeting your friends and they were taking the train to go to the circus.

- Interesting, now I really need some rest, Auggie.

- Why didn’t you go with them? You could take me and Ava with you.

Too much. I stand up, trying not to look mad at him, and go to the bathroom without a word.

I take a long shower and try to remember the reasons I have to be awake:

  1.  Stupid Auggie woke me up. No, he’s only 9 I can’t be angry at him. It’s Saturday and Saturday is a good day to get some rest full of possibilities.
  2. I have a really really perfect family, too perfect for me, I could never fit here  wonderful family 
  3. I have amazing friends too cool for me…
  4. I have to practice for the cheerleaders presentation on the next game. Oh, I dropped the team after I ruined it all last Friday. Yesterday.

I started crying at some point and I only realize that when I open my eyes to see the tub is already full and shedding. 

Take a deep breath, Riles. Remember you love life. Remember you love every day just because it’s a day. Sing your happy song, leave this attitude behind.


- I feel bad… 

- You don’t have to, Farkle… - she smiles at me, so sweet it makes my heart aches a little - I told you I was tired from Friday’s game…

- Yeah, but I should’ve stayed with you instead.

- I wouldn’t let you, silly! -  she holds my hand playfully - You wanted to go so bad, I couldn’t hold you back. Besides, I slept all day, you’d be so bored…

- You did what

- I was just a little tired, Farkle. - she laughs as if it’s o big deal - Anyways, how was it?

- It was great, you would’ve liked. They do own their reputation. I can’t believe you didn’t go, you love the Cirque du Soleil.

- They’ll come back… - she roll her eyes, she’s obviously trying to avoid the subject.

- They travel the whole world, Riley. They won’t be back any time soon.

- Farkle, is no big deal.. I’ve seen them before.

- Yeah, when you were Auggie’s age?!

- Farkle. It’s our one month anniversary. Do you really want to be pushing me around for something that stupid?

I sigh. Maybe she’s right. 

- Sorry. I just believe you really would’ve liked it. - she smiles and rest her head on my shoulder - I have a surprise for you.

She looks at me with those cute hopeful eyes of hers. I kiss her and tell her to wait. I run upstairs outside Topanga’s and whistle really loud. I feel her starring me by the table but I ignore it. The Carriage shows up around the corner. I signal the carriage man to wait as I go back to Riley and make she promises to close her eyes and don’t peek.

I lead her upstairs and watch her face change when I tell her to open her eyes. She gives me her biggest/most perfect smile and her eyes are shinning so bright when I help her sit. For a moment I ignore the signs and just watch her smile truthfully as she hasn’t in a long time.

The Carriage takes the long way to our restaurant on Little Italy, the place we went on her birthday. I payed more so it would pass by the most random places -  as the carriage man labeled them when I made our “itinerary “ - but really is just her favorite places. 

I have to admit they are not that simple and connected, some not even are on the way there, but for Riley we go by the fountain of the Central Park, I take pictures of her with the angel statues and with some random street artist that was nice to her (what a surprise), we go the carousel and take cute pictures and of course go on a ride, we also take pictures at the Time Square (Riley makes me join her on a cover of that classic Time Square’s couple kiss when the war was over). I apologize that we don’t have time to stay at the Museum of Modern Art but she’s so happy she obviously don’t mind, she jokes and says I can take her to the Palace Theater later to pay her off. I make a self note to make plans for that.

She keeps on taking pictures of random stuff she likes and pointing out the beautiful things our city hides until we get to the restaurant. I can’t help get amazed by her excitement and amusement… The look on her face… It’s beautiful.

Riley lived in New York all her life as far as I know, but just like Pluto it never stops surprising her and filling her up with love and joy.

I called and asked the lady on the phone to save us our favorite table -  the one we sit on her birthday - and that makes Riley really smiley even more than she already was (honestly, I didn’t think it was possible, but she still has the biggest heart so of course she can always love more and smile bigger).

- This is amazing, Farkle. All of this. - I give her my Riley smile because I don’t really know what to say, I feel so goofy and happy right now - I don’t even know what to order cause I can’t think of anything except how perfect all of this is…

The waitress bring us the food right when she says it. The same things we ordered on her birthday. 1 moth ago.

She looks at me in complete disbelief  so I smile and get closer to her face to say:

- Ha! 

She kisses me so I almost don’t see it, but I do and it breaks my heart that I do. I see the tears on her eyes, I see her holding then back so she can kiss me and for the rest of the night I see her faking her smiles.

____  ____  ____

I see them getting out the window, they aren’t sneaking out, they’re very loud talking and laughing and just being them selves, they just like going out that way.

There was a time I would run to them and force myself into their plans, I would be all over the place, I would take anything I’d get from then. But then that was the time I would say I loved both equal, that I would say I couldn’t choose between the two of them, but even back then I could. 

It was there, I don’t think it was clear even for me, but Maya was always my scary best friend, the girl that was funny and pretty and that I knew my whole life, it was me and her, but it was me and her for Riley, we were our team, we had our jokes, we were our own self and I wouldn’t change a thing in our friendship. And Riley… Wow, Riley was/is/will always be… She’s my sun, my whole universe, she was always the precious thing I thought I needed to protect even though I couldn’t even protect myself, she was the one who would get me and she made it clear I was the one that got her, we loved each other in a way we were too young to understand, in a way that seeing her happy is more important than anything, it’s more important than having her with me…

So that’s why I am here today.

I take the elevator as they are going by the fire escapes so they won’t see me.

When Mrs.Matthews open the door he smiles at me, it’s good to know he still likes me and that he trusts me with his daughter:

- Farkle, Riley just left with Maya.  But if I were you I wouldn’t go meet them. They went shopping. Victoria’s Secret kind of shopping!

He makes one of his “what a terrible idea faces” and I feel like I should smile or laugh but my smile comes out tight and by the change on his looks I can see he notices it.

- I am not here for her, sir. - I explain. - I think it’s Farkle time.

____  ____  ____

Riley’s mom holds his hands over the table with such plainness I can’t help wish that when me and Riley get old we’d be able to do the same.

She cleans her throat so I look up at her and Mr. Matthews smiling at me, they have that warm look they always give Riley, me or any of her friends when we need help. They are good parents. Actually, they are good people in general.

That’s why I don’t even know how to tell them what I am thinking.

- Farkle, what happened? Can we help? - she touches my folded hands on the table. An habit I’ve got from Riley over the years.

- I… I’m sorry, I just don’t know how to start.

- Well, start from the beginning, Farkle. The good stories usually do. -  Mr. Matthews says and I, for some reason, remember all the lessons he would give us that really didn’t have anything to do with History class.

- I don’t know if that’s a good story, sir.

- It can still have a happy end.

- Maybe if you let us help. - Ms. Matthews add.

I take a deep breath. And try to remember why I am here. It’s because I love Riley, yes. But more than that I am here because I care about her, because  I know the world needs her kindness, her hope, her happiness, her goofiness, her. The universe needs Rileytown 24/7. I need Rileytown. I need Pluto.

- I’m scared for Pluto. - I whisper under my breath. I hear her ask me to speak more clearly so I clean my throat and finally say - I am scared for Pluto. I am scared for my Pluto. Didn’t you noticed? Did you know she Riley quit the Cheerleader team? When was the last time you’ve seen her go to a place like Rileytown?I can’t remember it, really. Riley Matthews used to be the girl who would come up with great ideas out of the blue just because she thought it would help someone, she used o dance on her own, she would believe that anything was possible and would have enough hope  for everybody and for a whole planet, she’d always try her best and always try to do something good. Don’t you miss that? I am sorry, Mr. Matthews. But I can’t start from the beginning. I don’t know when this happened. All I know is that I always loved   Riley just the way she’s always been, but something always scared me on her: Riley’s very insecure, she’d always tried so hard to make her best and I don’t think it was only for her, she always cared so much about what other people think of her… Her friends, her family, her family’s friends, people she don’t really know, a stranger from the subway, a girl from school, bullies, a friend’s friend, her coach, a mysterious guy, a random person she don’t even like that much, you two right here, the guy from a pet store, a new guy on school… There’ve so many examples of her carrying more about others than herself… And yet, I didn’t think she would get to this point… - I stop and take a deep breath, I know they probably don’t have a clue what I am talking about - Mr. and Ms. Matthews, Riley’s been through so much all ove the years… I don’t blame her for feeling so… tired.

- Farkle,what are you talking about?

- Ms. Matthews, do you know the signas alert of depression? - her expression changes to something I can’t even describe, I look to Mr Matthews on the corner of my eye, but he is looking down to his hand holding Topanga’s. - Riley’s been really tired. She’s been quitting things, not only the cheerleader team but also some charity projects, plans with her friends, extra curricular classes like the Astronomy class… She don’t come up with her great ideas anymore, she’s more quiet and her smile seems more… More polite. Like she doesn’t really mean it. My point is: it feels like she’s giving up. She doesn’t start new things and doesn’t finish old projects, she’s never living the moment, and not like the way she used fly fr away all the way to Rileytown and comeback all goofy and unique, no… more like… Like she doesn’t want to be here. 

As they don’t say nothing for a long time, just stare at their hands holding to each other with all the strength they have.I stand up and get my jacket next the door.

- I am sorry for bring this up… I just don’t think that even if she lost hope, if she doesn’t believe she still has a future to look up to no matter whoever shadow’s she think she’s under, if she doesn’t see how amazing and unique she is, how big she really is no matter how small she may feel or be seen by anyone… I don’t think we should lose hope on her, we shouldn’t let her give up the amazing future that waits for her… We need to help her see her unique, goofy,big heart-ed self again.


I am a little pissed off when I get home. Everybody ditched me today for some random reason and coming here to see all of them on the dinning table waiting for me with accusing eyes on me doesn’t make it any better.

- Okay… What’s going on? 

- Riles, we need to talk. - Maya looks at me as if I would run away any minute.

I look at each one of them: Maya breathing heavily like she just found the freaking Pandora box and don’t know what to do about it; Lucas looking confused and like he’s ready to fight anyone that crosses his away; Zay rubbing his hair nervously and licking his lips like he’s been wandering in a desert for days; Mommy standing behind dad with a fierce look on her eyes, but she’s clearly holding on to hi like her life depends on him; Daddy hold Auggie with one arm and swallowing every 2 seconds like he just tasted blood on his mouth; Auggie looking to me but as if I’m not really here; Farkle looking more serious than he’s ever been, staring me in the eyes like I’m a huge puzzle he don’t know how to put together.

- This is an intervention, Riley. - Lucas finally says.

- Whaaat? - I feel like laughing but really it’s probably inappropriate.

- We think you need help… - Zay whispers as if it’s a question, but I know it’s not. He’s not really looking at me, and that’s how I know he’s worried like everybody else.

- Honey, we talked. I’m sorry but me and your father agreed on this, so we decided to see how your friends saw all of this…

- All of this? What is all of this, mom? - I am not screaming, I’m not even talking loud, actually it’s hard to know if I said it loud enough for anyone to hear. But they may have figured out what I said by my expression.

- Riley, you’ve been acting different. We’re afraid it’s been happening for a long time. - so that’s what Dad was trying to swallow back so bad.

- Riles, we’ve got you. You don’t have to shut us down….

- Why are you crying, Maya? Oh my God! What’s wrong with you all? I don’t have a problem! Except maybe noise people on my life!

Maya stops crying. Dad stops swallowing. Mom loses her fierce look. Zay finally stands up his head. Lucas reach Maya’s hand as if he doesn’t feel so strong anymore. Auggie sees me standing here at last. All of their eyes turn big in surprise.

Farkle stands up and I know he’s coming to me. He was probably going to hug me or something, but I turn my back and run to the elevator.

____  ____  ____

I sit on the stairs of John Quincy Adams Middle School.

I don’t know why I am here. I guess it reminds me of simpler times. But being here doesn’t bring as much peace as I thought it would… It actually makes me think that’s when it started.

Whatever my family and friends were talking about, it was here on this school that started.

 Here is where I tried to find who I was and accidentally may have lost my self in the process.

Here’s where I first fall in love, here’s where I tried to change who I was so I’d be as cool as Maya, here’s where I found some of the secrets of life, here’s where I felt like I was invisible, like no one liked me enough, like I wasn’t popular and that meant no one liked me, here’s where I found out people could be mean and sneaky and evil and hurt you for no apparent reason, here’s where I felt I couldn’t take any real responsibility because I felt like a useless child while everyone else was growing up, here’s where I felt like I couldn’t figure out my feelings because I thought I wasn’t good enough to know what was best for me, here’s where I realized things aren’t always like I hope they are, here’s where I found out Rileytown wasn’t as amazing and attractive to everyone as it used to be for me, here’s where I found out that what seems right isn’t the best option and what may seem twisted can actually be a good thing, here’s where I found out my brain and my heart may forever be in a war with no real winner, here’s where I found out there’s injustice in this world and for while I tried so hard to battle against them, but here’s where I felt so tired I wanted to just lay down my weird goofy self forever because I here’s where I felt rejection and pain and the reality of how I can never be perfect and normal and cool and talented and smart and funny and athletic and in full control of my body and personality like the people in my life.

- Riley? Riley Matthews? - a familiar voice gets closer to my back. I feel like running away but what’s the point? This place will always hunt me down.

- Why do you have Smackle’s voice, you stupid stupid school?! - I kick the step after the one I am standing on and as I turn back to face the talking school I see Isadora standing on the top of the stairs, staring at me. - Oh, it’s really you then…

- School’s buildings don’t talk, Riley.

- Yeah… I know that.

- So, what are you doing here?

- Hm… Nothing, just picturing old memories… You?

- Oh, I was talking to the principal. You know, I am looking for genius kids like Farkle was. It’s for an essay. 

- Shouldn’t you go to Einstein Academy then?

- I did. But I want someone from a less.. hm… privileged school. I am writing about the contrast on the education these genius may get. You know, like me and Farkle.

- What do you mean?

- Well, I’m in Harvard one year before everybody. Farkle’s IQ is as big as mine.

- Yeah, but Farkle chose to stay here and finish high school with his friends.

- I know. He values friendship and feelings. Not that I don’t. I’ve learned to, you know, hanging out with Farkle and his friends. But it didn’t erase the education I had my whole life. I find it very interesting. So…

- Sure it is. - I sigh. Smackle being here makes me remember how I ran away from Farkle’s arms when he just wanted to help.

- Riley? - her voice takes me by surprise, when I look up at er she looks concerned.

- Yes? 

- Are you okay

- Yes… Why?

- Well, you didn’t answer my question.

- Oh, sorry about that… What did you asked?

- How’s Farkle doing? We haven’t talked much since long distance relationship didn’t work out very well for us.

- He’s… He’s fine.

- This is kind of embarrassing, but… hm…. Is he- is he seeing anybody? - so she doesn’t know. It shouldn’t be me to tell her. - Uh… You know what?It’s okay, you don’t have to answer it… - did she noticed? Is it written on my face? - Really, Riley, you don’t look really okay… 

Smackle reaches for my head  but I step back nervously. I see her hand standing there and I realize she was only going to check my temperature.

I can see she thinks I’m crazy now. Everybody thinks I’m crazy now. I have to come back home and tell them I’m not.

I step back again planning on run, but instead I fall off the stairs.

I hear a girl screaming but I don’t know if it’s me. My throat is raw and dry but I don’t remember opening my mouth to scream.

I hear steps coming to me like gong’s beats sprawling on my head.I fell someone touching my arm and shaking it, but that takes all the air form my lungs and I see darkness all around me and my I try to push her hands away from me but it feels like they grow back in place very time I take them and they are so heavy so heavy. I pull myself away reaching for air for space for something, but I find nothing and I drown on it. My throat is close and my eyes are really wide open but I see nothing, I touch my chest, my neck my face, I try to open my mouth to force air in and out but it doesn’t change a thing. I buzzing felling me in with desperation.

Her hand touches my back and it feels like a punch in the stomach, I know she’s talking to me softly but all I can hear is this annoying buzz and this eternal screams on my head: “everything bad in the world is your fault! BOM-BOM! It’s your fault! BOM-BOM! eat me, Riley! You’ll have to swallow me sooner or latter! BOM-BOM! EVERYTHING BAD IN THE WORLD IS YOUR FAULT! BOM-BOM! BOM-BOM!”

- Make it stop, please… -  I cry -  Please… Please… - air, air, all I want is air - Please, please, make it stop. - I put my hands down on the street, I curve my back begging the air around me  to fill me in to take over me - Please… - but the air is too heavy and I am already filled up by my conscience, by myself. 

____  ____  ____

It took a long time for me to recover, or at least it felt that way. Smackle walks home with me and when I get in I am smashed on a group hug.

Farkle takes my hand when I am released from everybody’s arms and we sit on the couch. Maya sits next to me holding my other hand .Lucas sits on the backing holding her shoulder but I know that as he does it he’s like touching me too, giving me support too, as if Maya is an extension of my body, and in some ways we are. Zay sits next to Farkle and I feel his warm look at me.Mom and Dad sit right n front of me, both looking me in the eyes with concern and love.  All of them find their way of making sure I feel their support right now.

- I think Riley just had a panic attack. - Smackle brakes the silence with a shy tone on her voice. It must be really hard for her to be here after so much. I let go of Farkle’s hand and he looks a little hurt but after Smackle helping me, it just don’t feel right to do this in front of her. - I am not an specialist, so I can’t tell for sure. But I do think that was it. - she stands up and get her jacket, when she’s close to the door she stops and turns to me. - You’re a good person Riley Matthews. Don’t let yourself lose that, cause the person you’ve always been is the only person I would be okay to lose Farkle to.

She looks at Farkles hand, floating next to mine, and smiles.

____  ____  ____

I am looking out he window from my bed, I am really scared to sleep because tomorrow I am going to see a psychiatrists. I talked for a long time with my friends and my parents and they convinced me, but right now I am not so sure.

- Riley?

- Hey, Auggie. - look back at the door and see him standing up there with a shy look on his face - What’s wrong?

He takes a step in and I can see how much he’s grown up. I smile softly at him and make room for him on the bed, he’s hugging me before I even realize. I let he rest on my chest and kiss his forehead, guess he’s still my little brother doesn’t matter how tall he is now or how much I change.


I stand next to Maya after we get in by the window and can’t help smiling. Riley is holding Auggie like she’d hold her Beary the bear bear or the stuffed hippos I gave her. 

She looks so small and yet you can picture her big heart in moments like this. You can see the girl that believe in Pluto when no one else would, the girl that was mad at me when I wanted to talk about Mars on our presentation because she loves Pluto so bad, the girl that made me love Pluto and that loved Mars for me.

It’s funny, Mars is supposedly the place where human kind may go to survive and right now I am here for Riley to come to me if she needs.

I am here, as Mars, for my little Pluto to survive.

Happy Birthday - Maksyl Fanfic

So this is the first Fanfic that I had written. I kept it for a while waiting for a good time to post it. This is what led me to start writing. I got the inspiration one night and started writing. I haven’t been able to stop since. I hope you like it. 

Happy Birthday

“Ugh Charlie! If I have to sit on this plane much longer, I think I’m going to explode or go crazy!”

“Well you are already crazy so it would be the first one” Charlie joked with a big grin on his face.“Ouch!” Charlie exclaimed after Meryl smacked his arm.

“I’m serious Charlie! I can’t take this much longer” Meryl said as she looked out the window next to her. She tried to convince herself that she was just talking about the flight and not anything else. Sure she loved skating and really enjoyed skating in Japan but it was really starting to complicate things. Being in Japan meant that she missed being home to celebrate Maks’ birthday. She felt tears well up in her eyes but she quickly shoed them away. It wouldn’t have been as bad if she would have been able to be with him for Christmas or New Years Eve and her birthday but she those hadn’t happened either. Who was she kidding! Yes it would because these were the first time celebrating these holidays and birthdays in each others lives. The tears started to form again but she hear a ding indicating that seat belts needed to be put back on. Meryl almost screamed out of happiness. But she caught herself. Charlie looked over at Meryl and laughed.

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Just laying next to my beautiful man atomictantrum as he sleeps. Drunk and so in love. Just came back from a birthday dinner in downtown that he surprised me with which included all my closest friends. No one has ever treated me this kindly and has made such an effort to make me feel so special as this man. So excited for our future… To the point where I dream about our life together and the home we’ll eventually share and make.

Wink Up 2014.4 NEWS Interview: Brightness and darkness
“This interview is a conversation full of rambling” (No joke, they’re so random haha this actually took kind of a while to translate XD)

Tegoshi: Hey, look! This is a way of keeping healthy I recently learned! Take your shoes off and while stepping on a golfball roll it against the sole of your foot
(without saying anything Masuda steps firmly on Tegoshi’s foot)
Tegoshi: (while squirming) Oww! Seriouslyyy!
Masuda: Hey, look! This is a health product I obtained recently. It’s made of silicone rubber, and by pulling it with both hands you can stretch your arms and back and do muscle training
Koyama: What’s that, let me try, let me try!
(Masuda silently begins to hit Koyama with the device)
Koyama: Agh, that hurts!
(Koyama takes the item into his hands. This time he attacks Tegoshi who is next to him)
Tegoshi: Ow, that really hurts! I got it, I got it!
(Masuda again steps on Tegoshi’s foot which is rolling over a golfball)
Tegoshi: Ouch~! Hey, Shige! It hurts but! (he lifts up the sole of his foot and brings it 1cm close to Shige’s face)
Kato: …(smiling wryly). Um~ You’ve been having fun from the beginning, what’re you doing. The discussion’s already started but

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