man on the moon2

crying to radiohead is a-must for every radiohead fan but it s not that easy with some sick beat tunes coming up every now and then (thats a 100% reference to the prev post about sobbing to httt) so i bet every one of you has a special “cry yourself to sleep” playlist and while i know that these playlists are half-of-the-entire-descography long i suggest sharing your own top uh lets say ten

tl;dr reblog this with your own top-10 best radiohead songs to cry to

here s mine:

0 fitter happier / an intro, not the best tune to cry to but the song that will turn you into the most depressed person on earth in just 1:57
1 sail to the moon
2 big boots / man o’ war
3 motion picture soundtrack
4 videotape
5 lift
6 how i made my millions
7 pyramind song
8 last flowers
9 how to disappear completely
10 street spirit (fade out)


Kid CuDi- Mr.Ranger video