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Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)
Kid Cudi
Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part I)

I once dreamt of peace until I found you, once upon a time baby. I once had a dream so sweet until I had a taste of you, once upon a time baby. Reaching out to outer space dancing to awesome sounds. This all new to you? Reaching out to hold your clothes so I don’t slip away, explore a new approach, a whole new free I say….


Oh man, guys. We found better video of our Sailor Voltron Masquerade performance! I’m so proud of us! We choreographed our routine that morning, spent the entire day slightly screaming into the void about having to perform, and then ended up winning a Presentation award with it! The crowd response was amazing! I love this group so much, it was one of the most fun con days ever! 

Sailor Lance: @arkadycosplay
Sailor Keith: @catamantics
Sailor Shiro: @hustleandbustlecosplay
Sailor Pidge: @bernerstahp
Sailor Hunk: @geeklyfanboying

fly me to the moon

fantasy + magician au 

pairing: taehyung | reader
genres: very cheesy fluff, like really fluffy 
word count: 4.977
warnings: none
author’s note: this was entirely self indulgent and I almost threw up from how sweet it was, but hey, it got me out of my writer’s block :’’’) it was super fun to write, I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

It’s during nights like these that you love and hate magic all at the same time.

Long gone are the ghastly days of running and hiding, when abilities not considered normal were chased instead of celebrated. You are fortunate enough not to have lived through those dark times, but your family did, and their memories are vivid enough for a lifetime. Their past is a heavy reminder of an old battle that your kind won and lost at the same time, a thick scar that is healed but rough to the touch.

It is easy to harbor resentment towards non magic users, but it is also easy to forget a quarrel ever existed when you hold the hands of your customers and read their emotions out loud, receiving gasps of awe and admiration looks from young kids that squeeze your hands back as tightly as they can. All day and night people line up in front of your quaint tent within the Magic Circus, hoping to receive a dose of reality they cannot grasp themselves, because emotions are a tricky thing — they are fleeting and confusing and can transform into something entirely different in less than a second, like playing with the ripples of a fast paced river.

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Star Lord #1 (2017)

Kid Cudi//Man on the Moon: The End of Day

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Tell us about Sleipnir (is that how it's spelled?) the eight legged horse.


One of the most (in)famous of Loki’s shenanigans.

So. Shortly after the construction of Asgard, the gods were going about their business when a stranger arrived at their gates. He offered his services to construct a wall for them around Asgard, one that would never fall. He swore that he would do this in a mere three seasons, which seemed impossible, and as payment for his services he wanted the hand of Freyja, the beautiful, in marriage, as well as the sun and the moon.

The gods went into a huddle at this to discuss things.

“Fuck this guy.” Announced Freyja. “In the metaphorical sense, not the literal. I’m not marrying him.”

“Anyway, yeah, this is a scam.” Odin said. “I know a scam when I see a scam, and this is definitely a scam, and you know what we do to people who try to scam us.”


“What the fuck you two, Loki, shut the hell up, that isn’t what he…”

“Exactly, thank you Loki. We counter scam them. Here’s the plan.”

*Some time later*

“Fine. Fine. I’m in. But know that if he pulls it off, I will kill both of you. Slowly. And use your skulls as food dishes for my cats. And also kill him on the wedding night.”

“Noted, Freyja.”

So the gods returned to the craftsman and agreed, with a condition; he would only have one season to complete the work, and it must be done without any aid save that of his horse.

“Deal.” He agreed immediately. “But you’ve all gotta swear a binding oath that you will keep your word.”

The myth does not specify that he was, specifically, eyeballing Loki and Odin at that part, so I am forced to assume that he was.

The gods all do. The craftsman gets straight to work, and the wall begins going up at an impressive pace. As Freyja’s scowl deepened, it was noticed that the man’s mighty stallion, Svadilfari, was doing most of the work, hauling stones larger than any normal horse could shift and never seeming to tire.

“It’s fine!!!” A sweating Loki assures a glowering Freyja. “Just fine! The horse will tire, he won’t finish it!”

But winter wears on, the wall grows, and it’s soon clear that the horse will not tire, and the man will indeed complete his work. Freyja has taken to making throat-cutting gestures at both Odin and Loki whenever she sees them.

Three days from the end of winter, and only the final layer of stones for the gates need to be laid. I picture here Odin and Loki watching the mason pack up his tools and horse for the evening and ride off, secure in the knowledge that he will soon wed Freyja and take the sun and moon.

“He could do it.” Loki squints up at the wall.

“Yep.” Says Odin, sipping mead.

“He’s a frost giant, isn’t he?”

“Oh, definitely.”

“Got this won, he has.” Loki nods, sipping his own mead.

“Oh, yes.”

“Freyja cornered me today and threatened to feed my balls to her cats.”

“She’s going to use my remaining eye as a necklace too, apparently.”

“She’d make it painful, too.”

“Yep.” Odin refills both their ale horns with mead. “Because, of course, there is no one in Asgard who would, in this situation…how did you put it the other day?”

“Cheat like a motherfucker.”

“Yes, that’s it. No one at all.”

“I’ve got a plan.”

A grin from the Old Bastard, a sort of half smirking wolfish grin. “I knew you would.”

They then clink mean horns and cackle like hyenas for a full minute and a half.

The next day, the mason arrives for his work and begins cutting more stones as his stallion grazes. As he works, a pretty young mare prances out of the woods, tossing her mane and tail and giving Svadilfari come-hither glances.

Svadilfari sniffs, decides in .000000003 seconds that a young mare in season is infinitely more interesting than hauling rocks, and takes off after her. The mare dashes ahead of him, staying juuuuuuust out of reach as the giant swore and cursed back by the sledge.

The mare, of course, is Loki. He leads Svadilfari a merry chase, but is still Loki, and allows herself to be caught eventually. Loki and Svadilfari proceed to have a grand few days in a nice clearing in the woods, far from Asgard and Svadilfari’s master.

Meanwhile, the three days come and go. The giant tries his hardest, but cannot finish the wall without Svadilfari. At last the sun sets on the end of the season, and the wall remains unfinished. He has not completed his task, and Freyja and the sun and moon are lost to him.

“YOU CHEATED!!!” He presumably yelled, swelling to giant size and revealing himself as a frost giant at last.

“I didn’t do a single thing,” Says the Allfather, which to be fair is technically true. "Go from this place. You have lost.“

The enraged giant did not. Therefore, he was paid, instead of his wages, a blow of Thor’s hammer to the head, which shattered his skull and killed him on the spot.

Loki did not return for many months, though there were sightings in the forest of a pretty mare with an eight legged foal on occasion. Finally, Loki reappeared at the gates of Asgard with a weanling foal in tow. The foal had eight legs, and followed Loki as a young horse will its mother. The gods all, presumably, gave each other Significant Looks at this.

Loki took the foal before Odin, who also presumably raised an eyebrow.

“You know, you didn’t have to do it that way, but good job.”

“Hey I didn’t question the whole tie yourself to a tree thing, you don’t question my methods. Also, this is Sleipnir. Sleipnir, this is Uncle Odin. You stick with him and be a good boy, okay? Remember, mommy loves you and will come to visit but you’re a big boy now and I need to get back to my other interests.”

And that is how Odin obtained Sleipnir, the eight legged steed that carries him through the realms.

Tired of Gray

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Jack Frost x Reader

Tired of Gray

Prompt: I saw that you write imagines for Jack Frost. Would it be alright if I requested the soulmate AU where you only see color when you meet your soulmate with him, please?

Your whole life, you knew there was someone out there meant for you. Someone who would turn this dull colorless world into something breathtaking. Something amazing. And yet, as you sat in your boring Algebra II class watching the first snow of the year drift down on the quiet town, you had a feeling that waiting for that special someone was only going to get harder as time went on.

Some people waited pretty much their whole lives to find their soulmate.

Jack Frost went under the ice in a black and white world. When he resurfaced, it seemed that even his eternal afterlife was stuck in a dull shade of gray. Couldn’t the man in the moon have had some mercy on him? He had already lost so much, couldn’t he have been given one thing?

And so Jack, trapped in his dull world, tried to entertain himself as best he could by making mischief and causing snowfalls. Though only briefly, his fun-filled days kept him occupied. But after three hundred years, how much longer could he take this?


After school finally came to an end, you bundled up before venturing out into the cold. The walk home wasn’t very long, and on gorgeous days like this, you almost looked forward to it. The air around you seemed to tingle in anticipation. You didn’t know why, but today felt different. Today felt…important. It felt good.

You walked into your gray house and set your gray backpack on the gray chair. You sat through a gray dinner and watched some gray TV shows. Then, you went up to your gray room and changed into gray pajamas.

It wasn’t even until you were climbing into your gray bed that you heard the noise in the yard. Now, any sane person would write a noise like this off and get into bed. But no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t shake the feeling deep inside that something was about to change. Something big. And you hoped it had to do with your eyesight because you were getting sick and tired of varying shades of gray.

You quietly crept down the stairs and out into the yard. Your boots crunched in the fresh snow. Large white flakes drifted down all around you, some of them settling into your hair while others fell into the sheet beneath you.

“Hello?” Your voice was tentative, quiet, almost immediately swallowed up by the silence all around you. The bright full moon shone in the velvet sky, surrounded by glittering stars. Even in black and white, a night like tonight was still stunning.

You spun around, and when you did, you were met with about the last thing you expected to see. There was a spritz of sparkles in your vision and then an explosion of color. And then…there he was.


Jack couldn’t describe what had brought him to the backyard he was standing in. He couldn’t tell you if you asked why he had ventured there. But deep in his heart, he knew it was finally time. And when you turned around and his eyes met yours, the world around him burst into brilliant blues.

The way you were looking at him told him you were seeing the same thing for the first time in your life: color. And also: himself. That brought about another point. You could see him.

“You can…you can see me?” He whispered excitedly, taking a few steps closer.

In your state of shock, you could only nod as you stared into his icy eyes. They were the most amazing shade of blue you had ever seen, and they sparkled like the freshly fallen snow that was sitting all around you. His white hair was arranged in disarray, a chaotic mess that seemed to defy logic. And good God, his voice made you want to melt like an icicle in the sun.

“I-I think so, yeah. Unless this is an awesome dream, I mean. But uh, yeah. I can.” You replied. He tried to keep his cool, but he couldn’t help the thrilled smile that took over his handsome features.

“You have no idea,” his voice was hoarse and he took heavy steps towards you. You could swear there were tears in his eyes, “how long I have waited to meet you.”

“I’m (Y/N),” you told him.

“Jack. Frost.” He took a few more steps towards you. Your hands tentatively rose to his pale cheeks, warm fingers brushing against his chilly skin. You shivered, instead resting both of your hands on the fabric of his blue sweatshirt. His fingers tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, and moments later, his cold lips pressed a long kiss to your forehead. Then, after a patch of silent eye contact, you gripped the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for a real kiss. It was cold, but pleasantly so.

“Jack Frost as in the Jack Frost?”

“Yeah,” he smirked, looking down at you. His hands had found places on your cheeks, thumbs gently stroking your soft skin. No one had ever looked at you like this. Like you were their entire world. But you wouldn’t complain. You liked it more than you cared to admit. “Is that a problem?”

“Not necessarily.” You let your hands wander down his chest and then sneak around his torso. God, it felt good to let him hold you. He held you closer and tighter than anyone ever had, desperate not to let you slip away somehow. He had waited for you for centuries, and now here you finally were. He sure as hell wasn’t going to take you for granted. Ever. “As long as you can still show up in the summer and spring and fall, that is.”

He chuckled, and you fell in love with the sound of his laugh.

“I think that could be arranged.”

Alpha (Delta Sequel) Chap. 2

Alpha (Delta Sequel) (NSFW) - After the events of Delta, Reader and Bucky’s comfortable life is put to an halt when an unknown threat comes to New York. (If you haven’t read Delta, please read that here first.) 

A/N: This is where the story starts to take off! I wanted y’all to have a nice, fluffy chapter as a treat because y’all are gonna need it before you read this ending. >:) Enjoy! - D.

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Alpha Bucky doing alpha things. Lots of angst. A/B/O Dynamics. (If you’re uncomfy with any of these, keep scrolling.) SFW. 

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NCT Reaction to you dancing to Cherry Bomb

Anonymous requested: hello mom i’ve been thinking about this and ur the only person i trust with doing it if u have time can u do an nct reacting to you covering their dance part in cherry bomb !! thank you oml ily

A/N: This may suck ass, idk, I don’t usually do reactions but somehow I got roped into this. Hopefully this was what you wanted? 

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  • Okay actually a cheerleader? Cmon now. #HeyMickey makes a comeback. I feel like with Taeil, he probably was the one that taught you the dance, like it was a bonding moment because why not. ‘Since we can’t really go out and have dates, teach me the dick popping dance babe pls.’ so after spending hours teaching you the moves over and over, most of the time just ends in you both falling apart in giggles and jokes, seeing you finally have the dance down pat and nailing it gives him a sense of pride and adoration. He’s proud he could teach you. He’s happy he got to spend time with you. And he’s over the moon that his babe can dance the choreo better than him now. Nailed it. 


  • The ultimate hype man holy shiz. Even if you suck butt and trip over yourself, we all know he’s going to be yelling like you are k i l l i n g it. Just imagine him catching you one day, dancing to the song for tf of it, and try to do the splits and fall =and you just hear Johnny’s loud ass behind you, hopping up and down and if you’re happy and you know it clapping his hands like a seal, he’s so hyped you did it even if you flop like, ‘do you know how many pants we ripped?? you did better than any of us and you didn’t even have to practice it! legend! woo!’


  • Taeyong’s one for praising people, that much is known, and the fact that you learned his part for a dance that doesn’t repeat a move has him feeling incredibly proud. The second your back bows and you drop to the ground exactly how he does before the iconic split move, he’s losing his damn mind, hooting and hollering like he’s a cheerleader and you just scored the final touchdown of the winning game. 


  • Let’s be real, Yuta would be so fcking flatter and proud that you wanted to learn his choreo, let alone actually go through with it. And just to fck with him, obviously you had to steal his shirt to do it, because duh? So after pushing eveything against the wall in the livingroom, you come out decked in his hat and that god forsaken sleeveless shirt, popping hips and dicks and just nailing it #ImTheBiggestHitOnTheStage mofos and he’s just stunned into silence watching this go down. ‘okay, that was amazing. but uh….babe, don’t take this bad but ngl that rlly turned me on. we have an issue over here now. pls. help. 


  • Quick question, am I the only one that calls Doyoung the wine mom? Every group has one. If you know what I’m talking about you k n o w. Anyways. I swear with Doyoung, it’d probably been a damn bet or something. ‘Bet I can dance it better, you little cherry seed b i t c h.’ And the war began lmao. He may beat you hard but just seeing how competitive this became and how happy you are while you nail the choreo(though Doyoung still says he pops dick better so :P), he caves and ‘lets’ you win. He’s salty in the end but warmth bubbles in his chest at you just knowing his choreography from supporting him so much. 


  • Honestly Jaehyun got so damn hyped when you threw it out there that you wanted to learn the choreo for the lols. But, turns out Jaehyun is a shit teacher. And in the end, it’s just a mess of limbs and sweat and like three moves have been accomplished, but he’s had so much fun spending more time with you, and loves that with anything in the world to do, you chose to spend it failing to learn the dance with him. He’ll get ice cream later to apologize that he sucks, but hey, it was fun. 


  • Why do I feel like WinWin would be the guy that just teaches you all the choreo for the fck of it? Like ‘babe i’m practicing, come do it with me pls’ because why not. So I think you’ll have a damn good grasp on the dance, and when he catches you just dancing to the song on your own, he’s just tickled pink that you remember every move even without him there talking you through it, and heck, seeing you dance his part just fills him with joy. 


  • Jeez can you imagine excited baby Mark teaching you the dance? Like he’s another that’d teach you the dances, I feel like that’d be a good way to stay focused, ‘alright, i’m learning 15 different choreos rn and im going to teach you them so it helps me remember whats what. okay? okay. leggo.’ You’ll be like his test dummy to match pace and skill, and know what to tweak, and especially when he’s practicing, you can catch him if he messes up, ‘that’s not the move you taught me! what is that!’. So on a final run through together, side by side and looking like each other’s shadow, you both finish the choreo perfectly and he’s so excited that 1.) he taught you choreo 2.) he got to spend so much time with you 3.) he’s got the choreo down pat and 4.) you fcking nailed the choreo. He’s such a proud baby god my heart…


  • When you get to hang out, 8/10, it’s during practice and it’s just you chilling in the room while Haechan is running through dances. Or when you’re at the dorm/home, and he’s squeezing in some last minute/extra practice. It’s expected that you’ll pick some of it up from seeing him do it so much. So, when he’s running late, and comes in to see you just chilling and listening to the album and very sloppily copying the moves you’ve seen him do over and over, he becomes this giddy lil sunshine at the sight. ‘hey, i made it. but that kinda sucked. lemme show you how to do it right, cmon.’ 

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National fluff day? Then let's have some fluff, shall we? Scenarios for the S and M brothers to what would their fluffiest moments with their s/o be like, please?

Laito got a little angsty as well, I’m sorry but I connect with him on some levels man nvn. 


Shu - Shu would have to have been when he once drank too much blood from you during a full moon. You had ended up passing out and woke up to Shu coddling you tightly. Wrapped up in his arms and pain tablets at the ready for the oncoming headache. The whole day you two did nothing but stay in bed and listen to his music… until the moans came on. Everybody wins!

Reiji - He was sitting on his couch in his office once reading and he let you prop your feet on his legs. It’s not exciting but it was sweet in his own way, especially when he ran his finger tips up and down your thigh, you were asleep in minutes. He even tucked you into bed.

Ayato - Your moment with him would have to have been when he had a truly horrific nightmare, he was so scared he went to your room and spent the day there after waking you up to console him. You spent the day curled up in a ball of tangled limbs while he pillow talked and told you all about his fears and what he was feeling at the moment. Just don’t tell anybody that Your’s Truly got scared.

Kanato - It was after an episode, Kanato had just gotten through wreaking havoc on the mansion because he could not find you. You were at the store running errands for Reiji and when you got home Kanato’s grip on your wrist was painful. That was until you give him a box of sweets and deserts you picked up just for him, he was so taken aback that his eyes weld up with tears. You freaked out and took him to go eat and watch a movie, you two were wrapped in blankets, Teddy in the middle, snuggled close together and under the influence of junk food.

Laito - He was acting strange that night for some odd reason, he wasn’t his usual teasing self. Instead of bantering and being the pervert he normally was he was more subdued, almost sad really. When asked he would tell you it’s nothing with that ghost smile until he finally broke and started talking. You two sat against the headboard of his bed, his head on your shoulder, as he told all things he felt, all things he kept buried, and how angry he was with what happened. He felt better after that and even legit hugged you and held you there in a vice.

Subaru - He had just came back from seeing Christa, she wasn’t herself and lashed out, once again reminding him of the disgusting creature he was. When he came back he was angrier than usual and took out on you by biting down harder than needed when he bit you, tearing the skin and creating tears in the holes that would take longer to heal. He let go and felt terrible when you cried out, instead of leaving like he normally would have he stayed and bandaged your wound, hugging you to his chest and apologizing like crazy until he finally told you about his visit.


Ruki - You were in PAIN, hell’s gates had broken loose and now no one was save from the bloody Niagara falls… also known as your menstrual cycle. Ruki had done everything, menstrual pain tablets, regular pain tablets, chocolate, soup, sex, nothing seemed to make your incessant groaning stop. He finally gained a clue and started to rub the small of your back all the way down to your tailbone kneading out the knots that were causing the pain. It was a sweet gesture on his part, especially when he kissed your temple when you lulled off to sleep finally.

Kou - He had woken up from a nightmare, one that made him lash out and whack you in the nose. Your poor nose was not bruised and bloody and Kou did the most uncharacteristic thing and started to apologize, checking if you were okay. Once the blood was cleaned up it looked fine, nothing a little makeup couldn’t fix, but he still felt a little bad as you laid back down and curled to his chest making him tell you about anything but his nightmares trying to get his mind off of it.

Yuma - Let’s face it Yuma’s not a sappy guy, romance is not his thing and if you’re thinking about a five star diner you’re out of luck. But one time you were helping him the garden, feeling really weak from the full moon that had passed which cause you to lose a lot of blood and sleep. You started to fall out when Yuma caught you and brought you to your room to make sure you were alright. You were woke up when you started to throw sugar cubes at you. Not romantic but it was nice of him.

Azusa - Azusa is a ball of fluff already so really it can’t get fluffier. You had crawled into his bed one night when you couldn’t sleep. Azusa naturally gravitated to your warmth and wrapped his cold form around you making you shiver ever so slightly. The action woke him up and he ended up biting you but the good thing is that you got the best cuddle session ever once he started to talk and lull you off to sleep.

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do you think dark!remus still has his remus-y traits? does he also turn children or?? i'd love to read a list of your hcs for dark remus if you're ever bored!

(( OOC: Ooookay… I just came up with Dark!Remus on the fly, mostly because I wanted to do Remus with Tattoos and shit… So I’m completely bullshitting here…. let’s see how this goes. 

Remus is taken at the age of five, and raised in a small pack that is overseen by Fenrir outside of his home. Fenrir isn’t involved a lot with the raising of the kids, he just “takes care” of the pack in general, stops in every once in a while, uses them when he needs them, and makes sure that the caregivers raise the children the way he wants them to be raised. 

Most of the individuals in the pack are either people that were turned and fell out of touch with society at a young age, or people that were easy prey (homeless, runaways, etc.) Because of this the children receive a very limited education. 

On top of that, the pack, being made up of so many random victims thrown together for the sake of survival, suffers from a lot of internal contention. When Fenrir is not around, it’s hard to maintain order or civility. There are kind hearted wolves mixing with selfish, and sometimes dangerous wolves, making Remus’s childhood very unstable. 

Remus learns to survive through depending on his street smarts and basic survival skills. He is raised to believe that witches and wizards are cruel, vicious, and that they want him and his kind dead. He grows up isolated, hidden from the wizarding world, and that causes him to fear it. The only interaction he has with people outside of the pack is through hunting. 

Unlike Fenrir, the children’s main caregiver (who joins the pack when Remus turns eight) never gets the children involved in hunting. He is a kind man that was turned at a later age, and has compassion for humans.  

Remus hears little snippets about the wizarding world from this man, and grows curious. He and the caregiver become close, the caregiver sharing his knowledge with Remus and expanding the young man’s horizons. As Remus grows older, he begins to help with raising the kids, sharing his caregivers pro-wizarding-world ideals with them. His curiosity begins to peak, and soon he finds himself wanting to interact with the wizarding world. 

Unfortunately, Fenrir finds out about the caregiver’s empathetic feelings towards humans (and the fact that he keeps the children from hunting humans) and the man disappears from the pack. 

Fenrir, determined to do damage control, takes over leading Remus’s pack, and the following moon he takes Remus and a few of the older kids on their first hunt. Remus ends up getting too close to the city and attacking a young woman, and when he comes to she is turning, but doesn’t survive the transformation, and ends up dying. Remus is mortified by the experience and refuses to eat for days after, terrified that the meat being served is human. 

Fenrir realizes how much of an impact the caregiver had, and turns to manipulation and fear in order to get his “little ones” back on track.  

Remus, being older, is not as easily swayed, and Fenrir turns his attention to the rebellious wolf. He forces him on hunts, and punishes him when he doesn’t submit… determined to shape him. 

This causes Remus to push back harder, his resentment and fear towards Fenrir causing him to draw closer to the wizarding world. 

Fenrir then decides to switch tactics, making him his “right hand man”… giving him special treatment. Remus becomes more compliant, since the pack is the only life he knows and he fears leaving it, but Fenrir isn’t satisfied with compliance. 

He decides to give his “pup” a reason to fear and hate wizards, and ends up dragging Remus into the wizarding war, showing him the worst of humanity, and the atrocities that they commit on “monsters” like them. Remus starts to find himself slipping back into submission, his fear of wizards growing and overcoming any empathy he had felt for them. 

Fenrir then tests the waters and starts to send Remus out on specialized hunting missions… going into the cities to “collect” victims… instead of feeding off of the “scraps” on the streets. Fenrir wants the wizarding world to fear them… and the way to do that is through targeting the youth… the young soldiers that will be joining the war soon.

Take away the youth and the hope goes with it.  

Remus, having been educated about the wizarding world by the caregiver, is trained and sent in to lure young adults out of bars, to interact and smile and appeal to them, and then take them or turn them…

… You guys can imagine where this is going. ;) ))