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The 1960s were an awfully turbulent time.


1. First man on the moon.

2. Vietnamese children running from the site of a napalm attack.

3. MLK in the march from Selma to Montgomery.

4. The self immolation of a Buddhist monk in protest of governmental anti-buddhist policies in South Vietnam.

5. Flowers are placed on the bayonets at an anti-war protest, otherwise known as “flower power”.

6. Woodstock music festival, attended by an estimated half million people.

7. The Beatles

8. Marilyn Monroe, who died August 5th, 1962.

9. President John F. Kennedy.

10. Lyndon B. Johnson being sworn in to office after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Day 1 of OC-tober with Fletcher! ouob

i may be in a bit over my head with doing these and also a weekly comic but i am determined to finish off an OC-tober this time around

so here’s my main man, and the protagonist (??) of one of my comics, Fletcher!
AKA Bleedy McBleedyhands
you can read his comic here, though it updates sporadically:

We All Need A Good Gal Pal

*WARNING* This post is most likely going to be a bit soppy/sentimental. Obviously I’m gonna try and make it humorous but grab a bucket just in case…

That means you Moon.

So I’m sure many of you are aware that recently I took my first steps outside as Jess, and just over a year ago I also announced to my friends about my secretive (not so much now) hobby. 

As much as their support has been nothing short of fantastic, before all of that there was the original gal pal: Moon.

Now I could go on for decades about how useful she has been, but it’s probably more useful (and certainly more relevant) to let you know why she has been so important and instrumental in this transformation from ragged cave-man lookalike to the would-be-Queen that is Jessica Blaise.

1. Moon Don’t Lie To No Bitch

Moon has always been a good friend, even before she knew about Jess, but one quality I’ve found invaluable is her ability to tell me the truth, no matter what.

Moon do I look good in this?” Fuck no! That dress ain’t gonna work on you, you don’t have the boobs for it.

I think my makeup looks good today!” Yeah and some people think the world is flat, don’t make them right though does it?

Omg these heels are killer!” Yeah they do a good job at killing your fashion sense.

Call it harsh, call it hilarious… I call it honest feedback.

One of the best benefits of having a friend like Moon, and hopefully any gal pal, is that they’re looking out for your best interests. If I don’t look good in something, Moon will be the first person to let me know. She has my best interests at heart, and she wants me to look good just as much as I do.

2. What The Fuck Is Highlighter???

I know this one is probably quite obvious (and not actually that relevant to highlighting) but I feel it should be stated regardless.

Stop me if you guessed this already, but girls are really good at makeup.

And I don’t mean ‘Girls always use makeup of course they’re good at it.’ Nah.

Most girls, Moon included, don’t actually use anywhere near as much makeup as a crossdresser would (especially Moon with her bloody flawless skin… rude). It’s not about their actual skill will the makeup, it’s the knowledge and theory behind it.

What’s the use of concealer? Ask your gal pal.

How does highlighter work? Ask your gal pal.

Why shouldn’t I use dark colours on my lips? Ask your gal pal.

Regardless of how much or little your gal pal uses in terms of makeup, they will have a wealth of knowledge about it and will easily guide you into improving your makeup in no time. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have someone helping you while you’re applying the stuff you know nothing about…

3. Stand Properly! Have You Never Seen A Woman?

I might sound like this font of female imitation knowledge, but most of the tips I throw up on this blog are simply regurgitated information that I learned long ago from Moon. 

One of the most invaluable lessons she ever taught was simply how to stand like a woman.

I’ve said before that looking at women pose is a good way to learn how to take pictures, but this should only be used if all else fails. If you can (and I can’t recommend this enough), get a gal pal so instruct you how to stand.

It’s not uncommon for Moon to start lifting my arm into the right position or telling me to relax my shoulders. This is all stuff I’m aware of, but it’s better when you’ve got someone who can actually see what you’re doing wrong and correct it.

On top of all that, you also get someone who can help take photos. I mean, I’m a big fan of selfies but sometimes you just wanna feel like the god-damn model you were born to be.

Well, that’s my side of things. However just to make this post extra long (sorry…) I thought I should get Moon to weigh in her opinions of having a crossdresser for a friend.

What’s it like having a crossdresser for a friend?

I’ll be honest. It was a little different to start off with, especially since Jess is the first and only crossdresser I’ve ever met. It didn’t take me too long to get used to it though; eventually she was asking for me to join her on ‘dress up nights’ which was essentially a cheap, student excuse to get drunk and look pretty… always fun though!

What’s different about Jess’ makeup than other girls?

Well… nothing really. I guess that’s the point though. She has to apply a bit more of the base makeup (concealer, foundation etc.) but after that it’s quite similar to my own and other girl’s makeup routines.

Do you see Jess differently when she’s dress up?

Again, a bit at first. Not in a bad way of course, but it was just getting my head around a male friend suddenly looking female(ish). I don’t know if it’s gotten easier over time because she’s better at makeup now than 8 years ago or because I’ve just got used to it.Overall I don’t really see her as a different person, just a much prettier person.

What’s your favourite thing to do with Jess?

Dressing up; without a doubt. As much as certain outfits don’t work on Jess (or myself at times) we’re always pushing each other to try different outfits. It’s always a great accomplishment when we try on an outfit we didn’t think would work but does!

Also Jess always has fancy dress outfits, and they’re nothing short of hilarious to try on, regardless of who’s wearing them.

I just wish she wouldn’t get changed in front of me…

What has been your favourite moment with Jess?

Oh god… we’ve been doing this for 8 years now, there are way too many…

If I had to pick one, even though there are definitely more, I would say the time that Jess wanted me to record a video of her spinning in a dress but I started recording while she was still explaining and sorting herself out.

Yeah, that’s the one.

I think I’m making these longer on purpose now…

I hope this has helped any of you who are thinking about telling your friends or looking for some guidance.

Just remember: any good gal pal will have no problem with you crossdressing over than those heels don’t work with that dress Hun.

Message me if you have any questions!

- Jessica Blaise x x


Star Lord #1 (2017)

Kid Cudi//Man on the Moon: The End of Day

“Soon after falling into a deep but psychedelic state to escape the prison of our reality
a hero becomes trapped in his own peaceful place which immediately becomes his sanctuary,
a place filled with his wildest dreams, this is his new home.”

Kid Cudi, Enter Galactic


Saitama gets kicked to the moon. But how fast?

Its hard to tell based on how the scenes cut but from what is shown it seems Saitama got shot to the moon in roughly 2.97 seconds going 80,437 miles a second, or about 43% of the speed of light! I’m surprised he didn’t go straight through the moon, which is because he does not have enough mass to make the required amount of force to destroy the moon. 

His return trip is a bit harder to calculate

Again because of how the scenes were animated, its hard to tell his flight time, but I narrowed it down to be in between 15.09 seconds and 19 seconds, much slower than the way up. He either went around 15,831 mi/s or 12,573 mi/s, or 8% to 6% of the speed of light. What is really amazing is how fast he decelerates, just crashing into the moon and the space ship. The guy is literally 0 to a 100 in a second.


moody overalls selfie + music that is getting me through february! I have it all on my spotify in a playlist, but i will put all the songs below. if you are in the mood to disassociate/stare at the ceiling, then this one’s for you!!!!

1. Man on the Moon–Zella Day

2. In the Morning I’ll Be Better–Tennis

3. Modern Woman–Tennis

4. K–Cigarettes After Sex

5. Ballad of a Dying Man–Father John Misty

6. Pure Comedy–Father John Misty

7. Clementine–Sarah Jaffe

8. Did David Feel Like This?–Sarah Jaffe

  1. Go Straight (Streets of Rage 2)
  2. Eternal Champions (Eternal Champions)
  3. Neo Tokyo (Pulseman)
  4. Oil Ocean Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
  5. Passing Breeze (OutRun)
  6. Whirlwind (Shinobi 3)
  7. Plateau Area (Insector X)
  8. Caravan (Shining Force 2)
  9. Metal Squad (Thunder Force IV)
  10. Fullmetal Fighter (Musha)
  11. Across the Lake (Rocket Knight Adventures)
  12. Dreamer (Streets of Rage 2)
  13. Ice Cap Zone Act 1 (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)
  14. Mega Water S (Mega Man: The Wily Wars)
  15. Slow Moon (Streets of Rage 2)
  16. Lava Reef Zone Act 1 (Sonic & Knuckles)
  17. Evil Destroyer (Thunder Force IV)
  18. Never Return Alive (Streets of Rage 2)

Playlist #74 (August 21 2017)

Desktop Users: Listen here


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