man on some legs

*in the middle of battle*

Pidge: good thing we’ve got an ACE up our SLEEVE!

Keith: pidge I swear to god if you use that one more time

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Austisic!Peter and MJ. MJ knows Peter's autistic because of all the subtle things he does. Like, she's super observant and stuff so she knows when he's getting overstimulated or when he needs something to stim with. She doesn't mention it, but she has a shit ton of stim toys and super soft pieces of fabric in her bag (under all the books to kinda hide them). I love the idea that she knows he's Spiderman and she always gives Spider-Man something to stim with if she sees him.

the first time mj notices it is during their sophomore year of high school, when she’s watching him during band practice. she watches everyone, sometimes to draw them, sometimes so she can mimic them, sometimes just bc she feels like it. but she likes watching peter the most. he makes her head calm down a bit, like how it does when she listens to music or when she opens a brand new hardcover book.

he’s sitting there holding his triangle (what a nerd, who plays the triangle) looking focused on when exactly he should ring it. he’s tense all the time lately, and he’s always pulling ned aside to talk about “big bird” whoever that is. but then suddenly flash comes up behind him and plays the trumpet directly into peter’s ear. anyone would jump at that, and peter definitely jumps. but what catches mj’s eye is what happens when everyone is laughing, when peter sits down and people kind of stop focusing on him. he drops his triangle down and shakes out his wrist, he quickly hits his hand to the side of his head and closes his eyes really tightly.

it’s a familiar thing to look at. mj doesn’t hit herself, but she gets that urge sometimes when she’s trying to keep her meltdown at bay. when she can feel the sensory overload and the overstimulation trying to take her over and she wants to push it back down, and sometimes she’ll feel herself wanting to physically hit it.

she goes back to reading, but she only really begins paying attention to the plot of the book once peter appeared to calm down. then she felt calm again too. before they go she slips one of her stim toys into peter’s bag when he’s up putting away the triangle, and she doesn’t say anything when she sees him quietly playing with it the next day.

the second time she notices is late into their sophomore year towards the beginning of summer vacation. peter is sitting on the subway after class, probably on his way home. he’s seemed happier lately, it radiates off of him. apparently he got his stark internship back, and he’s even regularly coming to decathlon practice again. mj tells herself that she only cares about his decathlon attendance, she is the captain after all.

mj is sat behind him on the subway and she hears him muttering to himself. again, this is normal for anybody to do. but he’s writing in his notebook, and he’s making funny sounds. she peers over his shoulder and sees a bunch of formulas and spider doodles and science jargon and then leans back into her seat.

peter loves science. LOVES science. everybody knows that. they all go to a science school, but peter’s the only one she really knows who actually gets dreamy eyes when he talks about astrophysics and chemistry, and he can talk about it for hours. literally, hours. and right now it’s clear that his love for science is standing strong, he’s in his own little world right now. mj can hear him making happy squeaks and it feels familiar.

when she finds herself delighted she usually makes noises, happy trills and squeaks. neurotypical people give her funny looks when that happens, it’s annoying and rains on her parade. it isn’t as if she can even help it, and she doesn’t understand why it’s so weird. she tries to keep those noises in, but they still come out when she reads a particularly good passage in a book. and that seems to be what’s happening to peter. his shoulders tense everytime a happy warbled squeak comes out, and he begins scribbling more furiously into his notepad

he looks over his shoulder to see if anyone’s heard him and then startles when he sees mj sitting there. she raises her eyebrow at him and he blushes and turns around, and she can see him begin to bounce slightly in his seat.

mj goes back to reading but in the back of her head she feels things popping up. spider doodles in peter’s notebook. talking about a big bird with ned. dropping out of all his extracurricular besides decathlon. the whole incident in washington DC. she doesn’t know why she’s thinking about it, or why she knows that it’s all related. or even how she knows it’s related. she just chooses to read instead. if she slips another stim toy into peter’s bag, well, that’s out of her control.

the third time mj notices is during the summer. and it isn’t really with peter, at least not the peter he wants her to know about.

she’s at a small shop at around eleven at night, dressed in pajamas with her bag slung over her shoulder and a pack of hot cheetos in her hand. and then suddenly the shop is being robbed, and a gun is being pointed at her face. and her mind disconnects. her head is equal parts chaos and calm, thoughts are rushing around her brain but they’re going so quickly that it almost feels as if there are none. of course this is how she’s gonna die. of course she’s gonna fucking die in a corner shop at 11:07 pm in her flannel pajamas all because she wanted a bag of hot cheetos. of course that’s –

“you and i have to stop meeting like this,” peter chimes in, swinging into the shop and kicking the robber in the face. the gun falls onto the floor. “oh, my bad, you aren’t the criminal i thought you were. you guys really need to stop wearing masks, i can’t tell you apart.”

but oh wait. that isn’t peter. that’s spider-man. but that’s definitely peter’s voice. huh.

mj breaks herself out of her head and runs towards the gun on the ground just as the robber reaches for it, and she stomps onto his hand before he can grab it. the guy screams and mj just shoves her boot harder onto his hand.

“we make a great team!” spider-man cheers, shooting some webbing onto the guy’s legs

a few quips and thwips later and the robber is being seated into the back of a cop car. mj is sitting on the curb of the sidewalk munching away on some hot cheetos. and spider-man is walking up to her.

“you okay?” he asked, voice strained tightly.

“mhm,” mj hums. she’s pretty sure that she’s okay. time will tell. “are you?”

spidey startles. “of course i am, it’s my job, i love this stuff!”

“just because it’s your job, and just because you like it, doesn’t mean you’re okay.”

spidey kind of shrugs at that and sits down next to her on the curb. “i’m okay, just a bit shook up. he had a gun pointed at your head.”

“yeah,” mj sighs. “want a cheeto?”

they sit in a comfortable silence while they share the bag of cheetos, neither really wanting to talk but neither really wanting to leave each other. mj notices that spidey keeps shaking out his wrist, keeps bringing his hand up to his face to tap harshly at the lenses of his mask. she reaches into her bag.

“here,” she says, shoving a stim toy into his hand. “this one can be chewed on and pulled apart, it’s really neat. don’t worry, i haven’t chewed on it at all so you’re good to go.”

spidey gawks at her, mouth falling open. his lips are really red from the snacks. “um…. thanks. do you give these to everyone?”

mj pops another cheeto into her mouth and chews quickly. “nah, just you.”

spidey leans against her side and begins to aggressively pull on the toy. “thanks, mj.”

she decides not to point out that she never gave him her name.

And here’s the second part!!! This one goes to @evartandadam with THIS BEAUTIFUL PICTURE. I’ve been staring at it for so LONG wondering if I’d ever be able to fit it in, and I could T~~T Please read the wonderful analysis under the pic too!!!

Here’s the first part of this guy, and the whole fic on AO3.

EDIT: Here’s the next part!

…There were more feels then intended @___@

And Ignite Your Bones

    Genos looked down at his deep blue robes, making the final adjustments to his obi while his teacher stood behind him doing the same. For a moment Sensei’s hands idled and wandered and slipped, and with a rustle of black silk they snaked around his belly.

    Lips pressed against Genos’ neck and he shivered. “Yes, Sensei?” he laughed, dipping his head forward.

    More kisses answered him first. “Nothin’.”

    “Nothing? All these cuddles are for nothing, then?”

    “…Is it weird?”

    “No…” He tilted his jaw to the side as an eager mouth pushed forward. “But…I’ve been getting many cuddles for nothing, lately.”

    “…I like this yukata on you.”


    Sensei hovered for a second. “I…like your belt, too.”

    “I assumed. You spent a while on it… What were you doing, Sensei?”

    “Eh…” You could hear the flush on his cheeks. “Just getting the knot right.”


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I better see some HANDS!!!
Alec my man touch his leg it’s fine, touch his torso; come on you saw them abs, touch his neck or face bc magnus need some genuine love and care for once.
Magnus!!! My main man Magnus get up in there. Go head put your hand on that torso, bc you saw them abs mutable times already bc Alec can’t keep his shirt on, touch his neck and that beautiful deflect rune. Touch him bc he never got to be touched before.
OR both of you can do it bc that’s your future husband right there waiting for your love.

Well This is Awkward Part 3 (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

A/N: I’ve re-written this part several times because I’ve not been that happy with it… Seems more like a filler chapter if anything… Not my best work but I thought I’d post it to move the plot forward lol Thanks for the patience and I’m sorry for the wait.

Summary: The reader watches the latest breaking news story on television.

Word Count: 1,821.

Warnings: CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR SPOILERS. Violence? Swearing? Le teen angst.

Part One || Part Two || Part Three || Part Four

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Chocolate and Mint

Spot had his first taste of his soulmate when he was twelve years old, and it was bitter and disgusting at four in the morning, followed by a sweet rush of soda.

When he was thirteen, his soulmate spent three hours eating chocolate, so Spot spent three hours brushing his teeth, trying to make the flavor go away. Spot hated chocolate.

At fifteen, there was an incredibly brief taste of cigarette smoke that he never tasted again, and when he was sixteen, there was twenty minutes of chapstick that had never been used before, making Spot think maybe it was a kiss.

At seventeen, Spot spent almost four hours tasting pencil eraser and knew his soulmate was taking the SAT at the same time as him.

At eighteen, he tasted what he knew from experience was blood, and worried about his soulmate.

Throughout those years, he tasted tomato sauce, soap, toothpaste, coffee, tea, shaving cream, minty chapstick, sweat, gatorade, bread, chips, soda, things he couldn’t identify and things he could, reassurances that somewhere out there there was a person just right for him. And even when he felt most alone, there was almost always a little taste of something that told him somebody out there would be there for him eventually.

When Spot was nineteen, he arrived at college, and for the first time ever, he kissed a boy. For those minutes, he didn’t taste anything other than the mouth of the other boy, and he was too distracted by the feeling of the boy’s hands on his sides and in his hair to notice.

When he was nineteen, and he was kissing that boy, tastes blended and became one, and he was too distracted by everything going on around him to notice.

When he was twenty, he was lying on his bed, watching that boy start to get dressed, his head spinning, for the first time he reached out and pulled him back down, curling into that boy’s side and sleeping close. When he was twenty, he stopped thinking “that boy” and started thinking “Race.”

When Spot was twenty, he woke up to the fresh taste of toothpaste, the bed cooling beside him where Race had been, and that mint was a strangely painful reminder that whoever his soulmate was, it wasn’t the boy who was getting dressed next to him, because he wasn’t brushing his teeth.

But when Spot was almost twenty-one, almost twenty-two, he was chewing on a pencil in the common area, trying to figure out his homework, when his mouth was suddenly invaded once again with the strong taste of of chocolate.

“Mother fucker.” He whispered, trying to focus on the page.

“What?” Race looked up from where he was watching Netflix. Not willing to admit he was tasting from his soulmate, Spot just shook his head, indicating his paper.

He and Race had been pointedly avoiding the topic of soulmates since they started dating, and he wasn’t planning and changing that anytime soon.

When Spot looked up again, distracted again by the taste of chocolate, Race was watching his show intently, sucking on something.

“What are you eating?” Spot couldn’t help himself, even as he wanted to quietly believe for a second that maybe his soulmate was the man leaning on his legs ignoring all responsibilities in favor of some stupid show.

“Kisses.” Race responded distractedly, not looking up.

“Haha, very funny, I meant what’s in your mouth right now.”

“Kisses. Hershey’s Kisses, Spot, the candy.” Race paused his show and look up at Spot. “Have you never had a Kiss? I wasn’t making a joke, it really is a candy.” Race reached into his pocket and held up a tiny silver wrapped thing. “Try it, it’s chocolate. It’s good.” Spot froze momentarily. “What?”

“I don’t like chocolate, is all.”

“Oh. Sorry.” Race unwrapped the chocolate himself and popped it in his mouth, leaving Spot trying to convince himself that it was just a coincidence, that this was the only time Race had ever been eating the same thing Spot was tasting, and that nothing was different.

Race wasn’t his soulmate, because Race couldn’t be the one brushing his teeth when he was the one getting dressed, because Race wasn’t the one eating chocolate that Spot could taste, because Race wasn’t. He wasn’t, and letting himself believe otherwise would only mean he’d let himself get more attached.

But somehow the waves of chocolate got more and more distracting the more he noticed Race eating it.

“Spot, seriously, are you okay? You look sick.”

“I’m fine, Race, really.”

“Headache? Upset stomach? Bad taste in your mouth?”

“I really fucking hate chocolate!” Spot finally burst out. “It’s disgusting, it tastes like death, I’ve never liked it and I never will! And apparently, it’s the only thing my stupid fucking soulmate will ever eat!” Race’s mouth was open, and he was staring at Spot.

“Your…soulmate…is eating chocolate right now?”

“Yes! And they have been for the past hour, and the taste won’t go away, and it’s disgusting!”

“Oh.” Race paused. “I’m eating chocolate right now.”

“Do you also manage to be brushing your teeth while getting dressed?” Spot glowered. “I hate this Race, I really do, I don’t want this to be coming from somebody other than you, but the fact of the matter, it is.”

“I use breath strips.” Race said quietly.


“When I sleep over. I eat a breath strip thing because I hate morning breath. It…it tastes like toothpaste.” Race said quietly. “I don’t…I don’t know if that’s what you’re tasting, but I…I do.” Race was hesitant. “I…do you not want me to be your soulmate? Maybe I’m not, but I…I thought.”


“I thought we lined up. I guess…maybe I was imagining it, but…I just thought you didn’t want to say anything.” Race was blushing, looking down. “You…when you chew your pencils, I taste something I thought was eraser. And when that pen exploded in your mouth, I thought for sure you…I dunno, I just…you don’t think we are?”

Spot was still processing what Race had said about breath strips.

“You…you eat breath strips? Every morning?”

“I mean, when I sleep over, yeah. I…I really hate morning breath and I guess…I wouldn’t want to kiss me with morning breath, why would you?” Race swiped a hand across his face, but Spot couldn’t tell if he was embarrassed or trying to hide something more, like tears, maybe. “Look, okay, the first time we kissed…I thought….I thought I didn’t taste anything. Maybe I was wrong, but I…I dunno.”

“Do you have a breath strip right now?”

“Why are you so hung up on the breath strips?” Race sounded more frustrated than anything else, now.

“Just…do you have one?”

“Sure, Spot have a fucking breath strip.” Race flicked a tiny square thing at him, and Spot took out a tiny little piece of whatever made up a breath strip. When he held it up, Race’s face shifted when he figured out what Spot was doing.

“If you taste it, and I taste what I thought was toothpaste…” Spot trailed off, not quite wanting to define what that would mean. Race just nodded, watching as Spot slowly put the breath strip in his mouth.

They made steady eye contact as Spot’s eyes started to water, but he recognized the flavor.

Race’s eyes widened, he licked his lips and just stared up at Spot, somehow hopeful and scared at the same time. He nodded slightly, not wanting to break the tentative, almost fearful silence between them.

“God, these things are strong.” Spot finally said.

“You get used to them if you use them enough.” Race pushed his closed laptop aside and spun completely around, so that instead of leaning back against Spot’s legs looking up he was facing Spot head on. “I’m used to them. This…this isn’t bothering me.” He finished hesitantly.

“You taste it?”

“Yeah.” For a second Spot just kind of looked at him, processing that he was finally allowed to admit how much he cared for Race, that Race was his soulmate, that he didn’t have to try and ignore his feelings and how strong they were any more. And then he grinned cheekily, unable to put any of those feelings into words and instead choosing to make a bad joke.

“We need to have a serious discussion about your eating habits. Namely, how much fucking chocolate you eat.” Race laughed.

“You find out your boyfriend is your soulmate and your response is to criticize his eating habits.”

“I told you, I really fucking hate chocolate. It’s nasty, and you eat it all the time, and I have to taste it. Stop.”

“But I like chocolate.”

“If you mostly stop eating chocolate, I’ll mostly give up something you hate.”

“Red Bull?”

“Fat chance. Something reasonable.”

“Those weird…meat things.”

“Slim Jims?”

“Yeah. I’ll not eat as much chocolate if you don’t eat as many of those nasty things.”

“Fine.” Spot allowed his real smile to break through, finally, pulling Race up towards him, kissing him firmly.

This time, he didn’t get distracted by the feeling of Race’s hands tangling in his hair until after he noticed the tastes in his mouth blending together, until he didn’t feel like he was tasting anything at all. This time, Spot let himself get lost in both the kiss and the knowledge that they felt so right for each other because they were.

Because Race really was his soulmate. Because Race really was meant to be his.

Because Spot didn’t have to pretend he didn’t care any more.

Ways Tintin's Almost Died:

(In chronological order)

In the Land of the Soviets:

  • Bomb (happened in 6 different adventures).
  • Being held at gunpoint and/or shot at (I lost count of how many times this has happened throughout his adventures).
  • Getting hit by a train (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Getting beaten to death (too many to count).
  • Assassination attempt: Getting shot in his sleep.
  • Trapped in a sewer.
  • Car explosion.
  • Being tortured to death.
  • Firing squad (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Freezing to death (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Bear attack.
  • Falling through ice into a frozen lake.
  • Sentenced to death (unspecified how he’ll die).
  • Getting locked in a room full of dynamite.
  • Plane crash (happened in 5 adventures).
  • Death by tiger (happened in 2 adventures).

In the Congo:

  • Shark attack (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Crocodile attack.
  • Lion attack.
  • Shot at with arrows (has happened on 2 adventures).
  • Python attack (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Tied up and left to be eaten by crocodiles.
  • Death by leopard (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Enraged elephant.
  • Falling down a waterfall (has happened on 4 adventures).
  • Falling off a cliff (has happened on 3 adventures).
  • Attacked with spears.
  • Trampled by buffalo.

In America:

  • Car crash (happened on 3 adventures).
  • Falling off a skyscraper building.
  • Assassination attempt: Knocked out and thrown into the sea.
  • Assassination attempt: Machine gun through window.
  • Sentenced to death by throwing axe.
  • Buried alive.
  • Train accident that ends with the train exploding.
  • Hanged.
  • Forest fire.
  • Tied to train tracks with a train approaching.
  • Getting crushed by a giant rolling rock (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Getting pushed into a cow meat-grinder.
  • Stabbed in a sword fight.
  • Tied to a weight and thrown into the sea.

Cigars of the Pharaoh:

  • Stranded at sea (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Grenade.
  • Stranded in the desert (happened in 3 adventures).
  • In a plane, getting shot at (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Attacked with a ceremonial punch dagger.
  • Stranded in the jungle, caught in a rope trap.

The Blue Lotus:

  • Poison dart (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Drive-by shooting (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Getting beaten to death in prison.
  • Drugged/poisoned tea.
  • Having his head chopped off with a sword (happened twice).
  • Poison injection.
  • Assassination attempt: Hidden gun.
  • Sentenced to death by beheading.

The Broken Ear:

  • Getting purposefully run-over (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Hit by lightning ball (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Dynamite next to building.
  • Attacked with a throwing knife.
  • Sentenced to death: Firing squad at dawn.
  • Driving off a cliff (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Jumping off a bridge into a river.
  • Being used as a human sacrifice.
  • Piranha attack.
  • Drowning (happened in 2 adventures).

The Black Island:

  • Bullet wound (chest area).
  • Forcing Tintin to fake his suicide by jumping off a cliff.
  • Attacked by a Great Dane (happened in 2 adventures)
  • Leg cut off in a man trap (in the some publications, it’s made of rubber instead of metal, and therefore, wouldn’t be lethal).
  • Being taken to an asylum where he’d be “accidentally” killed during “special treatment”.
  • Trapped in burning building.
  • Getting hit by a train tunnel (while standing on the roof of a moving train).
  • Killed by plane’s propeller.
  • Death by gorilla.

King Ottokar’s Sceptre:

  • Thrown out of a plane.
  • 2 different assassination attempts.
  • Attacked with swords and knives.
  • Accidentally hit by a car.
  • Plane he’s flying is shot down.

The Crab with the Golden Claws:

  • Death by falling crate of sardine tins.
  • Assassination attempt: Being tied to a lead weight and thrown overboard.
  • Death by drunken Captain Haddock (happened multiple times in this adventure).
  • Shot at by plane (happens in 2 adventures).
  • Raider attack.
  • Falling chandelier.

The Shooting Star:

  • Earthquake.
  • Thrown overboard during a storm.
  • Getting stranded on an island/meteor sinking into the ocean.
  • Falling giant apples.
  • Attacked by giant spider.

The Secret of the Unicorn & Red Rackham’s Treasure:

  • Stabbed by sword.
  • Almost accidentally run over by a car.
  • Getting accidentally shot by monkeys playing with a rifle.
  • Running out of oxygen for his scuba gear.

The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun:

  • Falling out of a tree (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Jumping off a moving train into a river.
  • Attacked by a condor/vulture.
  • In an avalanche (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Alligator attack.
  • Sentenced to death by being burnt at the stake.

Land of Black Gold:

  • In a jeep that crashes through a building.
  • Trapped in a room filled with lit fireworks.

Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon:

  • Death by mother and papa bear.
  • Bullet wound (in head area).
  • Killed by the pressure of leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Pulled into a meteor’s gravitational pull.
  • Hit by a meteorite.
  • Driving a tank off a cliff.
  • Jumping off a cliff whilst shouting, “Into the hands of fate!”
  • Dying in space from lack of oxygen.

The Calculus Affair:

  • Flying a helicopter while being shot at.
  • Multiple vehicle collision.
  • Driving off a steep hill.
  • Shot by an anti-tank gun.
  • Driving over mines.
  • Trapped in a tank with a crate of lit thunderflashes.

The Red Sea Sharks:

  • Burning airline plane belly lands.
  • Attacked by bomber planes and tanks.
  • Trapped in a ship on fire (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Hit by a torpedo.
  • Ship mine.

In Tibet:

  • Getting stranded in a blizzard.
  • Falling into a crevasse.
  • Death by True Friendship. (“Either we’re both saved, or we die together!”)
  • Being pulled off a cliff.
  • Strangled by his scarf.
  • Death by yeti.

Flight 174:

  • In an airline plane that almost hits a ship.
  • Lava.
  • Giant whirlpool.
  • More lava.
  • Lot’s of lava.

The Castafiore Emerald:

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Picaros:

  • Getting shot “by accident” in the middle of faked rebel attack.
  • Attacked by a tank.
  • Death by crocodile and python.


  • Having liquid polyester poured onto him until it’s hardened.

Title: Sacrificial Dean
Authors: dragontara and CroatoanBeast
Artist: Starmouse123
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: Graphic Depictions of Violence, Snarky Dean, Angel Castiel, BAMF Dean/BAMF Castiel, Wolves, Witches, Alpha/Omega, Breeding bench, Knotting, Heat sex
Posting Date: 11/6/2017

Summary:  Dean Winchester was prepared for all sorts of surprises during hunts, but ending tied up and being offered as a gift to an angered god wasn’t one of them.

- - -

He turned his head as much as he could to scan the small clearing he was located in. He couldn’t see any movement around him, so obviously he hadn’t been discovered yet. Dean didn’t know if he should be relieved or alarmed; postponing his death or any other suffering just extended the time he was trapped here, dreading what was to come.

All of a sudden his eyes caught sight of something near the trees right in front of him. He had to crane his neck a bit uncomfortably to better see what it was. There was a man sitting cross legged in the shadows, silently observing him. Hot anger flared through Dean at seeing the man just sitting there, a man who obviously wasn’t going to do anything to help him.

“What the fuck are you staring at?” Dean snarled, irritated.

The man looked around as if checking to see if there was anyone else around, whom Dean could be talking to. Then he tilted his head to the side as if in puzzlement. “You?” he offered slowly.

“Yeah, I can see that. Why don’t you come help me get free of this fucking trap, huh?”

“I’m sorry, I can not do that.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Dean was getting angrier by the second. His discomfort wasn’t helping the situation, he felt feverish and his skin crawled, making him irritated and anxious.

“Are you with the witches who trapped me here?” Dean demanded.


“Are you the god then?”

“I am not a god.”

“So who the hell are you then?”

The man stood up, and moved slowly towards Dean, stopping right in front of him. This close Dean could only see him from the waist down, his neck wouldn’t allow him to look any higher, but his scent - an alpha’s scent - filled Dean’s senses. The man was wearing loose trousers with leg pockets Dean had seen some hunters wear, and sturdy boots. The man crouched to get to eye level with Dean, and Dean found himself staring at stunning blue eyes framed with dark lashes and tousled raven hair.

“I’m Castiel.”

Reader gets hurt and Caius gets mad and protective (Request)

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Staying cooped up in a castle for the majority of the year could get a little old, and then suffering from cabin fever you let out a long and over drastic sigh “Ughhh Caius can I please go to the market? It’s a beautiful day! I need the sun” Caius looked at you from across the throne room, he was waiting for the others to arrive before they started a trail. Demetri and Felix were in the room as well.

“As long as I have Felix following you around” You slowly turned to Felix, He was imitating and had a strong presence. He only stepped down from the top of the stairs and walked next to you. “Really? You know people are going to notice a big bulky guy wearing a black robe” Caius thought for a minute and raised an eyebrow “You want to go outside yes?” you didn’t have a choice.

Moments later~

Caius walked with you to the exit and kissed you on the cheek “Felix I trust you will keep my Luce mia safe from harm?” Felix bowed and responded “With my existence Master Caius” you two set out into the world sun beaming down at you. Gleaming with happiness you joyfully strolled to the first stand in the market, it presented you with small figurines of animals  thinking of buying one you looked up at the vender, who was staring at Felix with wide eyes .

An hour passed and Felix was on your heels you tried to tell him to step back a little but that didn’t seem to do anything. “Felix I need to use the restroom, Could you wait out here? Or do you want to see me use it?” He simply rolled his eyes and made a disgusted face before gesturing you to go.

When you were in there you walked in the stall, you noticed a window hanging above the toilet and thought you could actually escape from Felix and try to roam around without him.  Cautiously you managed to slip through the fairly large window and snuck from behind a corner to check if Felix was still  the restroom door, he was now facing it and knocking asking if you were all right.

This was your queue to book it and run the opposite direction. You found yourself in an alleyway, not dark and fairly populated. Now you just needed to find another way to enter the market and try to avoid Felix.

Before leaving the alley you heard your name being called, you spun around so fast you thought you had whiplash, there he stood, calling out for you. Being the lucky person you are he hadn’t noticed you were in the alley with him. “Running from someone ma'am?” A small greasy looking man stood before you. “No I just.. I’m late for a meeting” With that you ran away into a crowd of people , you were worried about the strongest vampire in the volturi finding you. You just wanted to venture through the city without restraints.

Suddenly you saw two black robes in the crowd, not just any black robes. One wore a plain one, looked like a guards. The other, represent a king. Caius.

You didn’t know what you were going to do, if you ran you would eventually be found and possibly killed, or you could turn in yourself in and not escalade the situation further. You took a deep breath and began to walk toward Caius ready for his wraith. A strong grip settled itself on your shoulder and you feared the worst. The man from before.

“Where are you going babe?” trying to escape his grip he put a hand over your mouth and began to pull you out of the sight of the crowd, more importantly. Caius. You let out a mumbled scream, Caius must’ve heard cause his head snapped in your direction, the story in his eyes told you what was about to unfold.

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okay but I'm in love with the whole fox!hux verse and I just really really want jealous/protective hux?? Maybe one of Kylo's douchey ex's comes around ahh idk


Despite Kylo whispering the curse, Hux’s fox ears jerk at the sound of his mate’s distressed voice, tips pointed for extra alertness. He leaps off the couch and to the front door—where he heard Kylo’s voice—and peers around the doorframe.

“What is it?” Hux asks, head cocked, absently chewing the sleeve of his grey sweater.

Kylo stands with his face pressed against the door, looking through the small peephole at someone outside.

“It’s—fuck, I didn’t think he knew where I lived,” Kylo says, flinching when four harsh knocks batter their front door.

Ren,” Hux insists, worried, spine tingling at the unknown threat. “Who is it?”

“He’s…someone I used to date,” Kylo replies, tone hushed. “He was part of my art group. Got kicked out when he assaulted me and stole money from Snoke. He’s an asshole.”

Hux can’t help but growl at the thought of someone purposefully bringing harm to Kylo.

“So it’s a fight to the death,” Hux says, licking his teeth. “Assert dominance over an old mate—”

No, Hux,” Kylo laughs, covering his mouth. “It’s not like that in the human world. We’re just going to ignore him and hope that he’ll go away.”

Hux scrunches his nose up, ears drooping in confusion, but he supposes Kylo knows more about his world than Hux does.

“I can hear you talking, little Kylo! You’re not going to let an old friend in?” A strong voice booms from the other side of the door alongside another couple of harsh knocks.

“Hux,” Kylo says, sighing, reaching for the door handle, shoulder slumped. “Go in the bedroom and close the door. Don’t come out until he’s gone.”

What?” Hux exclaims, fists clenched. “No. Kylo, you don’t know what he’s going to do—!”

“I’ll be fine,” Kylo says, stepping forward to give Hux a quick kiss on the lips before gently pushing him away. “Go.”

Hux whimpers, ears and tail drooping as he turns, looking back over his shoulder to see Kylo smile sadly at him. It isn’t fair, Hux thinks, closing the door to their bedroom before pressing one of his fox ears against it, trying to hear what’s going on.

Kylo takes a long inhale in before opening the door, puffing his chest out when he sees his ex-boyfriend standing taller and thicker than him on his doorstop.

“Xander,” Kylo says. “Showing up uninvited. Again.”

Xander takes his sunglasses off, pushing them back into his dark hair. His blue eyes burrow into Kylo’s skull, giving his stubbly beard a scratch.

“What can I say?” Xander says, shrugging. “I like giving people presents.”

He pushes past Kylo, knocking him back against the wall as he strides in, leaving mud on the wooden floor from his heavy biker boots. Kylo rolls his eyes and groans, but follows Xander into the living room.

“Presents?” Kylo echoes, frowning.

Uh, me!” Xander exclaims, using two of his fingers to point to himself. “So, cute place you got here. Bit big just for you.”

“It’s not that big,” Kylo says, smirking. “Though, I’m sure I’ve said that to you before.”

Xander visibly seethes at Kylo’s comment.

“I heard you talking to someone before,” Xander says, spinning around slowly on the spot to take in the space around him. “Got yourself a new twink, Kylo?”

“I have a cat,” Kylo spits out, wondering if it’s a plausible response. “I talk to my cat.”

“Hm,” Xander says with a shrug, and Kylo knows that he believes him. “So. You’re single.”

“Yeah. Not that it has anything to do with you.”

Xander smirks, running his palm up his chest, biting his lip.

“It has everything to do with me,” he says, taking an intimidating step towards Kylo, but Kylo doesn’t move. “I’m the executive of my own business now. I want you to join me, Kylo. Leave Snoke and the Knights of Ren. Your art is world-class, it deserves to be recognised.”

“No.” Kylo snarls, quietly wondering whether some of Hux’s animalistic characteristics have rubbed off on him.

Xander growls and reaches up, grabbing Kylo’s chin between his two fingers, turning his head from side to side.

“Still as stunning as I remember,” Xander says. “Those pretty lips—”

Get off me, Xander,” Kylo commands, pushing the man’s hand off of him. “And get out. Before you make me do something I’ll regret.”

“And what would that be, young Kylo?” Xander laughs, rolling his sleeves up. “Cry to Daddy? Oh. Wait, you can’t.”

Kylo’s eyes are filled with tears before he blinks, feeling a well of emotion gather in his chest, threatening to make him implode.

“You bastard,” Kylo shouts, unsure of whether it’s his anger or his grief that makes him swing his fist at Xander’s face.

His voice echoes across his apartment, and Kylo sees an orange blur emerge from the bedroom as quick as a flash, the little thing growling and barking as loud as its lungs will allow it.

Kylo can’t help but feel overwhelmed as he watches Hux—in his animal body—gnaw his way through the material of Xander’s jeans, obviously biting some of his actual leg as the man cries out and tries to kick the fox off of him, but Hux’s jaw is far stronger and won’t be beaten; not when he believes his mate is in danger.

“Fuck!” Xander shouts. “A fucking fox! What the fuck!”

Hux keeps on biting, snapping his teeth at whatever part of Xander he can get at, though it’s mostly his ankles, but the ferocity in every one of Hux’s movements, his body quick and agile to avoid Xander’s kicks as he tries to make his way to the front door, but the fox is there every step, ripping his jeans to shreds, leaving trails of his blood on their floor.

“You freak, Kylo!” Xander yells as he scrambles out the door and hobbles down the corridor and away from the fox that’s bearing his teeth at him.

Hux snarls, shoulders hunched as though ready to pounce, giving a huff before holding his head up high and trotting back into the apartment, even closing the door behind him with a push of his two front paws.

“My hero,” Kylo says with a smile, before feeling more tears on his cheeks and he slides down the wall, knees drawn up to his chest. He sniffles, biting his lip to prevent more tears from falling, to try and stop the memories of the car crash from resurfacing, but the tears keep spilling from his eyes. He buries his face in his folded arms, and cries.

He hears Hux whimper, his cold nose bumping against Kylo’s leg as though asking to be let in.

“Sorry,” Kylo mutters, lowering his knees so the fox can climb into his lap, standing on his two back legs to reach up to rub his head against the underside of Kylo’s chin. “Better?”

Hux yips in response, licking Kylo’s cheek to catch a few of his falling tears.

Kylo can’t help but chuckle at the innocence of his fox. Maybe one day he’ll be able to tell Hux about the life he had before he was Kylo Ren, artist and protégé of the Supreme Leader of First Order Art Academy, when he was still Ben, when he was unhappy.

Maybe. But as Hux shifts forms, becoming human and giving Kylo a passionate kiss, Kylo knows that that day is not today.

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I adore that you can draw Sebastian full size just standing without that it looks akward. Like he has some weird ass long legs and when you draw them they still look so normal and elegant at the same time??? Idk i just love your art, keep going buddy

This is a very nice compliment! thank you. I like to think as Sebastian like an average man, toh he has some long ass legs probably due his clothes. I’m glad you think I manage to make it look right!!

Done- (A)

Genre; Angst

Length;  830+ words

Originally posted by kihyunmonstax

3:30 am 

Tears filled your eyes as those digits flashed across the screen of your phone. Yet again you stayed up late, waiting for him to come home, but you knew what he was doing; you knew waiting for him to change and to finally come home to you was futile. 

You stood from your seat on the couch, your heart felt as if a two hundred pound weight hung from it. “I can’t do this anymore..” You faintly uttered to yourself, walking over to the bedroom you once shared with as you prepared to pack your clothes- or at least pack stuff you needed just so you could go crash at a friend’s place or something. 

Suddenly, the front door of the apartment slammed opened, then was roughly shut. 
“Ba- Babe, I’m home..” He shakily called out to you, but you ignored him as you began stuffing some shirts and things into one of your backpacks. 
“Babe, are you home?” Kihyun called out again, his voice sounding closer than before. 

You gulped anxiously as you blinked back the tears that began gathering in your eyes; the feeling of just wanting to feel him against you, holding you the way he did before gradually grew stronger. 
No, no you can’t. You can’t be with him anymore. This isn’t the man you fell in love with. 

As you stood there, completely static as you tried convincing yourself to continue packing, you felt his arms snake around your waist. His warm breath brushed against the back of your neck, his plush lips pressed against your shoulder as the tears you attempted to keep back broke free; streaming down your face like a wild river. 

“Babe..” He softly said, turning you to face him. “What’s the matter?” 

Peering up at him through your teary eyes, you sniffled as you tried to regain your composure. 
Your eyes scanned his worried face, for a moment you saw the man you had fallen so hard for, but that quickly dissipated the instant you noticed the love bite and smeared red lipstick on his neck that he fail to hide. 

“I can’t do this anymore..” You mousily replied, your sorrowful gaze turning down to the floor. “I can’t be with you anymore Kihyun… I’m so- so tired of this..” 

His breath hitched in his throat as his hands held a bruising grip on your waist. “What? Why?” He frantically asked, his breathing quickening as his heart ached. “What did I do?” 

Hearing him say that, hearing him forge this innocence set you off. Anger replaced the anguish you had felt just a moment ago. 
Immediately you pushed him away from you as you stormed out of the room, you couldn’t bear to be anywhere near him. 

“What did you do?” You scoffed, “What did you fucking do? Hmm, let me fucking think.” You shouted as you pretended to be lost in thought. “Well first of fucking all you’ve been cheating on me with fucking God knows how many women.” 

The moment you said this, he entered the living room, but before he could even defend himself you added, “And don’t even try to act innocent, because if you were then what the fuck is up with that hickey and lipsticked smeared all over your neck? Huh?” You chuckled, running your hands through your hair. “Because I sure as hell didn’t do it, we haven’t fucked in months, Ki.” 

His face went pale as wiped his neck with the back of his hand only to see the remanents of the lipstick stain it. “Look y/n it’s- it’s not what you think I swear..” 

Holding your hand up, you instantly signalled for him to stop. Shaking your head, you sighed, “No, don’t even try to do that cliche ‘it isn’t what it looks like shit’ Ki, I’m not a fucking idiot..” You calmly replied, “I can’t do this. I can’t stand to stay with a man who cheats on me..” 
For some reason, your legs seemed to give in beneath you. Automatically, you fell to the floor; feeling nothing more than heartbreak and exhaustion. “I can’t be with a man who makes me feel like I’m nothing… like I’m not enough.” 

Kihyun’s heart shattered as he watched you begin to sob, your pain-filled words rattled him. 
“I- I’m so sorry, my love..” He whimpered as he rushed over to you, sinking down to the floor in front of you. “Please, please don’t leave me-” He shakily added, tears streamed down his cheeks as he reached out for your hand only to have you pull away. “Please, y/n I’ll change. I can’t lose you. I swear I’ll be better..” 

“I- I…” You stuttered through your sobs, “I don’t trust you… I can’t trust you.” 

“Y/n, please..” He practically whispered, “I love you so much. I’m sorry I’ve been such a fucking stupid asshole. I’m so sorry, please” 

“I’ll be so lost without you, don’t do this.. I swear I’ll be better- I’ll change.” 

“Just please don’t leave me.” 

Spring Man: Is this the part where we start kicking?

Biff: No, Spring Man. That’s LEGS.

Min Min: Kicking!? I wanna do some kicking! [kicks Byte]

Byte: Why, you…!!! [rush attacks her]

Min Min: [knocked straight out of the building]

Min Min: [returns wearing the traffic cone of shame™] Whoever’s the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on.

Mafia AU

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Warnings: Kidnapping, shooting, and mild swearing.

Word Count: 2914

Genre: Angst & Fluff

~Admin D

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