man on some legs


I better see some HANDS!!!
Alec my man touch his leg it’s fine, touch his torso; come on you saw them abs, touch his neck or face bc magnus need some genuine love and care for once.
Magnus!!! My main man Magnus get up in there. Go head put your hand on that torso, bc you saw them abs mutable times already bc Alec can’t keep his shirt on, touch his neck and that beautiful deflect rune. Touch him bc he never got to be touched before.
OR both of you can do it bc that’s your future husband right there waiting for your love.

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okay but I'm in love with the whole fox!hux verse and I just really really want jealous/protective hux?? Maybe one of Kylo's douchey ex's comes around ahh idk


Despite Kylo whispering the curse, Hux’s fox ears jerk at the sound of his mate’s distressed voice, tips pointed for extra alertness. He leaps off the couch and to the front door—where he heard Kylo’s voice—and peers around the doorframe.

“What is it?” Hux asks, head cocked, absently chewing the sleeve of his grey sweater.

Kylo stands with his face pressed against the door, looking through the small peephole at someone outside.

“It’s—fuck, I didn’t think he knew where I lived,” Kylo says, flinching when four harsh knocks batter their front door.

Ren,” Hux insists, worried, spine tingling at the unknown threat. “Who is it?”

“He’s…someone I used to date,” Kylo replies, tone hushed. “He was part of my art group. Got kicked out when he assaulted me and stole money from Snoke. He’s an asshole.”

Hux can’t help but growl at the thought of someone purposefully bringing harm to Kylo.

“So it’s a fight to the death,” Hux says, licking his teeth. “Assert dominance over an old mate—”

No, Hux,” Kylo laughs, covering his mouth. “It’s not like that in the human world. We’re just going to ignore him and hope that he’ll go away.”

Hux scrunches his nose up, ears drooping in confusion, but he supposes Kylo knows more about his world than Hux does.

“I can hear you talking, little Kylo! You’re not going to let an old friend in?” A strong voice booms from the other side of the door alongside another couple of harsh knocks.

“Hux,” Kylo says, sighing, reaching for the door handle, shoulder slumped. “Go in the bedroom and close the door. Don’t come out until he’s gone.”

What?” Hux exclaims, fists clenched. “No. Kylo, you don’t know what he’s going to do—!”

“I’ll be fine,” Kylo says, stepping forward to give Hux a quick kiss on the lips before gently pushing him away. “Go.”

Hux whimpers, ears and tail drooping as he turns, looking back over his shoulder to see Kylo smile sadly at him. It isn’t fair, Hux thinks, closing the door to their bedroom before pressing one of his fox ears against it, trying to hear what’s going on.

Kylo takes a long inhale in before opening the door, puffing his chest out when he sees his ex-boyfriend standing taller and thicker than him on his doorstop.

“Xander,” Kylo says. “Showing up uninvited. Again.”

Xander takes his sunglasses off, pushing them back into his dark hair. His blue eyes burrow into Kylo’s skull, giving his stubbly beard a scratch.

“What can I say?” Xander says, shrugging. “I like giving people presents.”

He pushes past Kylo, knocking him back against the wall as he strides in, leaving mud on the wooden floor from his heavy biker boots. Kylo rolls his eyes and groans, but follows Xander into the living room.

“Presents?” Kylo echoes, frowning.

Uh, me!” Xander exclaims, using two of his fingers to point to himself. “So, cute place you got here. Bit big just for you.”

“It’s not that big,” Kylo says, smirking. “Though, I’m sure I’ve said that to you before.”

Xander visibly seethes at Kylo’s comment.

“I heard you talking to someone before,” Xander says, spinning around slowly on the spot to take in the space around him. “Got yourself a new twink, Kylo?”

“I have a cat,” Kylo spits out, wondering if it’s a plausible response. “I talk to my cat.”

“Hm,” Xander says with a shrug, and Kylo knows that he believes him. “So. You’re single.”

“Yeah. Not that it has anything to do with you.”

Xander smirks, running his palm up his chest, biting his lip.

“It has everything to do with me,” he says, taking an intimidating step towards Kylo, but Kylo doesn’t move. “I’m the executive of my own business now. I want you to join me, Kylo. Leave Snoke and the Knights of Ren. Your art is world-class, it deserves to be recognised.”

“No.” Kylo snarls, quietly wondering whether some of Hux’s animalistic characteristics have rubbed off on him.

Xander growls and reaches up, grabbing Kylo’s chin between his two fingers, turning his head from side to side.

“Still as stunning as I remember,” Xander says. “Those pretty lips—”

Get off me, Xander,” Kylo commands, pushing the man’s hand off of him. “And get out. Before you make me do something I’ll regret.”

“And what would that be, young Kylo?” Xander laughs, rolling his sleeves up. “Cry to Daddy? Oh. Wait, you can’t.”

Kylo’s eyes are filled with tears before he blinks, feeling a well of emotion gather in his chest, threatening to make him implode.

“You bastard,” Kylo shouts, unsure of whether it’s his anger or his grief that makes him swing his fist at Xander’s face.

His voice echoes across his apartment, and Kylo sees an orange blur emerge from the bedroom as quick as a flash, the little thing growling and barking as loud as its lungs will allow it.

Kylo can’t help but feel overwhelmed as he watches Hux—in his animal body—gnaw his way through the material of Xander’s jeans, obviously biting some of his actual leg as the man cries out and tries to kick the fox off of him, but Hux’s jaw is far stronger and won’t be beaten; not when he believes his mate is in danger.

“Fuck!” Xander shouts. “A fucking fox! What the fuck!”

Hux keeps on biting, snapping his teeth at whatever part of Xander he can get at, though it’s mostly his ankles, but the ferocity in every one of Hux’s movements, his body quick and agile to avoid Xander’s kicks as he tries to make his way to the front door, but the fox is there every step, ripping his jeans to shreds, leaving trails of his blood on their floor.

“You freak, Kylo!” Xander yells as he scrambles out the door and hobbles down the corridor and away from the fox that’s bearing his teeth at him.

Hux snarls, shoulders hunched as though ready to pounce, giving a huff before holding his head up high and trotting back into the apartment, even closing the door behind him with a push of his two front paws.

“My hero,” Kylo says with a smile, before feeling more tears on his cheeks and he slides down the wall, knees drawn up to his chest. He sniffles, biting his lip to prevent more tears from falling, to try and stop the memories of the car crash from resurfacing, but the tears keep spilling from his eyes. He buries his face in his folded arms, and cries.

He hears Hux whimper, his cold nose bumping against Kylo’s leg as though asking to be let in.

“Sorry,” Kylo mutters, lowering his knees so the fox can climb into his lap, standing on his two back legs to reach up to rub his head against the underside of Kylo’s chin. “Better?”

Hux yips in response, licking Kylo’s cheek to catch a few of his falling tears.

Kylo can’t help but chuckle at the innocence of his fox. Maybe one day he’ll be able to tell Hux about the life he had before he was Kylo Ren, artist and protégé of the Supreme Leader of First Order Art Academy, when he was still Ben, when he was unhappy.

Maybe. But as Hux shifts forms, becoming human and giving Kylo a passionate kiss, Kylo knows that that day is not today.

Ways Tintin's Almost Died:

(In chronological order)

In the Land of the Soviets:

  • Bomb (happened in 6 different adventures).
  • Being held at gunpoint and/or shot at (I lost count of how many times this has happened throughout his adventures).
  • Getting hit by a train (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Getting beaten to death (too many to count).
  • Assassination attempt: Getting shot in his sleep.
  • Trapped in a sewer.
  • Car explosion.
  • Being tortured to death.
  • Firing squad (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Freezing to death (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Bear attack.
  • Falling through ice into a frozen lake.
  • Sentenced to death (unspecified how he’ll die).
  • Getting locked in a room full of dynamite.
  • Plane crash (happened in 5 adventures).
  • Death by tiger (happened in 2 adventures).

In the Congo:

  • Shark attack (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Crocodile attack.
  • Lion attack.
  • Shot at with arrows (has happened on 2 adventures).
  • Python attack (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Tied up and left to be eaten by crocodiles.
  • Death by leopard (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Enraged elephant.
  • Falling down a waterfall (has happened on 4 adventures).
  • Falling off a cliff (has happened on 3 adventures).
  • Attacked with spears.
  • Trampled by buffalo.

In America:

  • Car crash (happened on 3 adventures).
  • Falling off a skyscraper building.
  • Assassination attempt: Knocked out and thrown into the sea.
  • Assassination attempt: Machine gun through window.
  • Sentenced to death by throwing axe.
  • Buried alive.
  • Train accident that ends with the train exploding.
  • Hanged.
  • Forest fire.
  • Tied to train tracks with a train approaching.
  • Getting crushed by a giant rolling rock (happened on 2 adventures).
  • Getting pushed into a cow meat-grinder.
  • Stabbed in a sword fight.
  • Tied to a weight and thrown into the sea.

Cigars of the Pharaoh:

  • Stranded at sea (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Grenade.
  • Stranded in the desert (happened in 3 adventures).
  • In a plane, getting shot at (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Attacked with a ceremonial punch dagger.
  • Stranded in the jungle, caught in a rope trap.

The Blue Lotus:

  • Poison dart (happened in 3 adventures).
  • Drive-by shooting (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Getting beaten to death in prison.
  • Drugged/poisoned tea.
  • Having his head chopped off with a sword (happened twice).
  • Poison injection.
  • Assassination attempt: Hidden gun.
  • Sentenced to death by beheading.

The Broken Ear:

  • Getting purposefully run-over (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Hit by lightning ball (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Dynamite next to building.
  • Attacked with a throwing knife.
  • Sentenced to death: Firing squad at dawn.
  • Driving off a cliff (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Jumping off a bridge into a river.
  • Being used as a human sacrifice.
  • Piranha attack.
  • Drowning (happened in 2 adventures).

The Black Island:

  • Bullet wound (chest area).
  • Forcing Tintin to fake his suicide by jumping off a cliff.
  • Attacked by a Great Dane (happened in 2 adventures)
  • Leg cut off in a man trap (in the some publications, it’s made of rubber instead of metal, and therefore, wouldn’t be lethal).
  • Being taken to an asylum where he’d be “accidentally” killed during “special treatment”.
  • Trapped in burning building.
  • Getting hit by a train tunnel (while standing on the roof of a moving train).
  • Killed by plane’s propeller.
  • Death by gorilla.

King Ottokar’s Sceptre:

  • Thrown out of a plane.
  • 2 different assassination attempts.
  • Attacked with swords and knives.
  • Accidentally hit by a car.
  • Plane he’s flying is shot down.

The Crab with the Golden Claws:

  • Death by falling crate of sardine tins.
  • Assassination attempt: Being tied to a lead weight and thrown overboard.
  • Death by drunken Captain Haddock (happened multiple times in this adventure).
  • Shot at by plane (happens in 2 adventures).
  • Raider attack.
  • Falling chandelier.

The Shooting Star:

  • Earthquake.
  • Thrown overboard during a storm.
  • Getting stranded on an island/meteor sinking into the ocean.
  • Falling giant apples.
  • Attacked by giant spider.

The Secret of the Unicorn & Red Rackham’s Treasure:

  • Stabbed by sword.
  • Almost accidentally run over by a car.
  • Getting accidentally shot by monkeys playing with a rifle.
  • Running out of oxygen for his scuba gear.

The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners of the Sun:

  • Falling out of a tree (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Jumping off a moving train into a river.
  • Attacked by a condor/vulture.
  • In an avalanche (happened in 2 adventures).
  • Alligator attack.
  • Sentenced to death by being burnt at the stake.

Land of Black Gold:

  • In a jeep that crashes through a building.
  • Trapped in a room filled with lit fireworks.

Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon:

  • Death by mother and papa bear.
  • Bullet wound (in head area).
  • Killed by the pressure of leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Pulled into a meteor’s gravitational pull.
  • Hit by a meteorite.
  • Driving a tank off a cliff.
  • Jumping off a cliff whilst shouting, “Into the hands of fate!”
  • Dying in space from lack of oxygen.

The Calculus Affair:

  • Flying a helicopter while being shot at.
  • Multiple vehicle collision.
  • Driving off a steep hill.
  • Shot by an anti-tank gun.
  • Driving over mines.
  • Trapped in a tank with a crate of lit thunderflashes.

The Red Sea Sharks:

  • Burning airline plane belly lands.
  • Attacked by bomber planes and tanks.
  • Trapped in a ship on fire (happened twice in the same adventure).
  • Hit by a torpedo.
  • Ship mine.

In Tibet:

  • Getting stranded in a blizzard.
  • Falling into a crevasse.
  • Death by True Friendship. (“Either we’re both saved, or we die together!”)
  • Being pulled off a cliff.
  • Strangled by his scarf.
  • Death by yeti.

Flight 174:

  • In an airline plane that almost hits a ship.
  • Lava.
  • Giant whirlpool.
  • More lava.
  • Lot’s of lava.

The Castafiore Emerald:

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Picaros:

  • Getting shot “by accident” in the middle of faked rebel attack.
  • Attacked by a tank.
  • Death by crocodile and python.


  • Having liquid polyester poured onto him until it’s hardened.
Reader gets hurt and Caius gets mad and protective (Request)

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Staying cooped up in a castle for the majority of the year could get a little old, and then suffering from cabin fever you let out a long and over drastic sigh “Ughhh Caius can I please go to the market? It’s a beautiful day! I need the sun” Caius looked at you from across the throne room, he was waiting for the others to arrive before they started a trail. Demetri and Felix were in the room as well.

“As long as I have Felix following you around” You slowly turned to Felix, He was imitating and had a strong presence. He only stepped down from the top of the stairs and walked next to you. “Really? You know people are going to notice a big bulky guy wearing a black robe” Caius thought for a minute and raised an eyebrow “You want to go outside yes?” you didn’t have a choice.

Moments later~

Caius walked with you to the exit and kissed you on the cheek “Felix I trust you will keep my Luce mia safe from harm?” Felix bowed and responded “With my existence Master Caius” you two set out into the world sun beaming down at you. Gleaming with happiness you joyfully strolled to the first stand in the market, it presented you with small figurines of animals  thinking of buying one you looked up at the vender, who was staring at Felix with wide eyes .

An hour passed and Felix was on your heels you tried to tell him to step back a little but that didn’t seem to do anything. “Felix I need to use the restroom, Could you wait out here? Or do you want to see me use it?” He simply rolled his eyes and made a disgusted face before gesturing you to go.

When you were in there you walked in the stall, you noticed a window hanging above the toilet and thought you could actually escape from Felix and try to roam around without him.  Cautiously you managed to slip through the fairly large window and snuck from behind a corner to check if Felix was still  the restroom door, he was now facing it and knocking asking if you were all right.

This was your queue to book it and run the opposite direction. You found yourself in an alleyway, not dark and fairly populated. Now you just needed to find another way to enter the market and try to avoid Felix.

Before leaving the alley you heard your name being called, you spun around so fast you thought you had whiplash, there he stood, calling out for you. Being the lucky person you are he hadn’t noticed you were in the alley with him. “Running from someone ma'am?” A small greasy looking man stood before you. “No I just.. I’m late for a meeting” With that you ran away into a crowd of people , you were worried about the strongest vampire in the volturi finding you. You just wanted to venture through the city without restraints.

Suddenly you saw two black robes in the crowd, not just any black robes. One wore a plain one, looked like a guards. The other, represent a king. Caius.

You didn’t know what you were going to do, if you ran you would eventually be found and possibly killed, or you could turn in yourself in and not escalade the situation further. You took a deep breath and began to walk toward Caius ready for his wraith. A strong grip settled itself on your shoulder and you feared the worst. The man from before.

“Where are you going babe?” trying to escape his grip he put a hand over your mouth and began to pull you out of the sight of the crowd, more importantly. Caius. You let out a mumbled scream, Caius must’ve heard cause his head snapped in your direction, the story in his eyes told you what was about to unfold.

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Dirty Imagine #5 - HOLIDAY TO BORA BORA - Part TWO

This is part two. Part three will be the final part and will be released soon. Enjoy, any feedback is welcome. 

As I made my way back to my room I realised I still had juice running down my leg just thinking about what had happened.

This was going to be the best holiday ever.


My family soon arrived back at our room from the community dinner. It was late. I was already in my pj’s ready for bed after a long, exhausting, and overwhelming day.

“I saw you talking to Justin again at the dinner Sophie, he seems really nice. What did you two chat about?” My mum asked.

I grinned to myself, knowing full well he made me cum on the floor. “Yeah, he is really nice. We just chatted about music and stuff. Goodnight”. And with that it was off to bed. 

I woke up early to my phone going off. I looked at the clock and it was right on 6am. Ugh. Who could be texting me at this time? Probably a friend of mine, forgetting the time zone differences now I was halfway across the world. I picked up my phone to see that the text was from a random number not in my contacts. The text read:

“It’s Justin, go directly behind the community hall where we had dinner last night, and walk straight for about two minutes. I’m fucking horny ;)”.

I couldn’t believe what my eyes were reading. Immediately I felt the tingle between my legs again as my body was going crazy for my idol. Two days ago I would never have dreamed of seeing Justin in real life, now he was fingering me under dinner tables and sending me texts? What a crazy holiday. Funnily enough, I didn’t even hesitate. Was I slut? No, this was Justin Bieber. The most perfect man on the planet. I quickly put on some gym leggings and a t-shirt and snuck out of my family’s room, trying not to wake them. I arrived at the back of the community hall, where he said. Now I had to travel 2 minutes directly behind. There was one problem. Directly behind the building was the edge of the rainforest. Did he get the directions wrong? He’s not one to get things wrong though. Did he really want me to go in here? I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I entered the forest. I walked for two minutes, having to duck under branches and push aside leaves on numerous occasions. I made sure I travelled in a straight path – the last thing I wanted was to get lost. I was beginning to think he was just messing with me when all of a sudden the forest opened up to a small clearing. It wasn’t much but there was a large boulder (rock) and an old log from a tree that had fallen down. And there was Justin. Standing there in a singlet and denim jeans.

“Thought you were never coming” he said.

“You didn’t tell me it was in the middle of a forest” I replied with, quickly shutting him down.

“I guess it is. But how else am I going to make you squeal with nobody hearing it?” 

This made my heart race. Just hearing those words come out of his mouth made my pussy wet. Again, I couldn’t say anything. I was too shocked.

Justin didn’t say anything further either. Instead he was just looking at me with those hungry eyes. He approached me and grabbed me by the waist. He walked me backwards until he had me pinned against a tree. He immediately started kissing me. He couldn’t do this last night at dinner, people would have seen. So he was definitely making up for it this morning. He kissed me passionately, his tongue meeting mine in my mouth. Tasting his saliva in my mouth was the best thing. Having his tongue touch mine was the best thing. It was all so good. He moved his tongue out of my mouth and down to my neck, and began sucking.

“Stop, Justin no, I can’t. My parents will see the hickey”

“Fine” was all he could manage to reply with.

His tongue left my neck and explored lower, before he stopped. He pulled my t-shirt off. I wasn’t wearing a bra as I’d just woken up.

“Look at those perfect size tits” he growled.

My nipples were hard as his tongue explored my chest. He knew how to do this so well. First he started just kissing and grabbing my tits, before finally he dragged his tongue over my nipple while staring me in the eyes. His right hand grabbed one of my boobs and he put his whole mouth over my nipple. I gasped as I could feel him moving his tongue around in a circular motion on it, and it was driving me crazy, sending shivers through my whole body.

I decided to fight the urge to let him have me though. I wanted to be in control for awhile. I wanted me to excite him, not the other way around. So I did some talking of my own.

“Justin, you’ve got my pretty pussy all soaking wet again. What are you going to do about it?”

He stopped what he was doing and looked at me. I could tell this turned him on. I looked down a noticed a long lump inside his jeans. I decided to take control. I unbuttoned the tight denim jeans and unzipped them. I then tugged them down to his knees. He was wearing a white pair of Calvin Kleins. I thought his bulge was big at the beach. This was something different. His cock was rock hard and as I pulled his jeans down it sprang up like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

“I’m going to suck that big cock of yours, and you’re going to empty your cum into my mouth” I demanded.

“Fuckk yes Sophie! Fuck!” he replied, he was now visibly aroused. I got on my knees and slid the Calvin’s down to his knees along with his jeans. Out sprung his beautiful dick. And it truly was beautiful. He was completely shaven, even his balls, and his dick would have had to have been 9 inches long, rock hard. It was huge. I didn’t know where to begin, but I just went for it.

I grabbed hold of his shaft and lifted it, pushing it against his stomach. I ran my tongue all over his balls, gently taking them into my mouth and lightly sucking on them. I let them fall out of my mouth, then I ran my tongue from the base of his cock to the very tip. Once I got to the tip, I swirled my tongue around the head of his dick, and I could taste his pre-cum. Surprisingly, it tasted great. I couldn’t believe it, I could actually taste my idol, my hero.

Then I took his dick into my mouth. I took as much of it in as I could, slowly, but I couldn’t take it all. I gagged and choked on his dick and had to take it out.

“That’s so fucking hot, I’m already about to cum in your mouth Sophie”. 

This gave me encouragement. I put his cock back in my mouth and kept sucking. I kept taking as much as I could into my mouth while swirling my tongue around the tip of his dick. I began sucking faster and faster, and I could hear Justin’s breathing become heavy.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking hot Sophie. Justin Biebers going to cum all down your throat.. Fuckkkk. You dirty little slut!” he moaned.

Hearing this only made me more excited, and by now I could feel a huge wet patch in my gym leggings. But I focused on the job.

“C’mon Justin, cum in my mouth. Cum down my throat” I kept sucking and sucking, taking as much as I could in. With one massive moan he finally exploded. 


As he moaned this, I felt 4 massive squirts of cum enter my mouth, each squirt seemed to contain heaps of cum, and by the end my mouth was full of his semen. I then milked the last drops out. I don’t know if it was just because it was Justin Bieber, but his cum tasted delicious. I swallowed every last drop of it.

I was still in shock, and I was so, so horny. My leggings were saturated. Why wouldn’t they be? Justin Bieber just shot his hot load all inside my mouth. 

I didn’t know what to do next though. He was the master, and I had just pleased him. I would do anything for him, that includes making him cum whenever he wants. But he was Justin Bieber – he didn’t have to do shit for me in return. I was expecting him to head off back to the resort but I was so horny, I couldn’t stop myself from saying something.

“My pussy is so wet Justin!” I said, in a frustrated tone.

“What do you want me to do about it?” he snapped back.

This shocked me, and to be completely honest scared the hell out of me.

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry Justin”

He looked at me blankly for a few seconds. 

“Sophie, I’m just kidding. I told you I’m always nice to my fans. I can’t just leave you out here all horny and wet, can I? I’m going to put my dick inside you and fuck you as hard as I can, Sophie. I’m going to make you scream.”

If and Then || Seokjin || Pt. 2

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Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 //

Word Count: 4057

Genre: romance, angst, fluff, single-parent au

Summary: Some days you wonder how your life would be like had you not left the alter

“This one goes to table three.”

“Okay,” you pulled the pizza plate from the counter and began walking over to table three. You placed the pizza down and looked at the empty cup. “Would you like a refill?”

The high school student smiled politely, “Yes please.”

You nodded and asked her what it was before taking the cup and then walking to the back to refill her drink. You came back, placed the cup on the table and walked back to the counter.

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Here have some headcanons I made about this AU I’ve created recently, I hope you like them ;A;


ADRIEN and the world of people

  • Adrien Agreste, 23 years old, named Chat Noir, is a captain of a ship called „La Coccinelle”; he’s a well known pirate, very dangerous, famous and reckless; when he was 13 he rebelled against his father’s will to become his successor, meaning: to be a judge of The Seven Islands; he truly hates his father and looses all the good emotions he once had, only because after his mother’s death he hasn’t received any feelings from his father; he becomes cruel, dark and lethal; his crew calls him Captain Noir, but he’s mostly known as The Black Cat of The Seven Seas
  • Gabriel Agreste is a wealthy, very respected judge, lives on The Primary Island (the most important one from all seven) and is a strict person who obeys the rules and has created most of the laws that hold The Seven Islands; he’s a bad father who doesn’t care about his child’s happiness, he only wanted Adrien to be like him and follow his ways in life, but naturally his son is more like his mother, so he rebelled, ran away from home at the age of 13 and never came back; as the judge, Gabriel has heard about this Chat Noir pirate and he wants nothing more than to put him in jail, accuse him of murders, thefts, disobeying the law and all those bad things pirates usually do, but he doesn’t know that The Black Cat of The Seven Seas is his own son
  • Adrien’s mother, Anette, has died in a storm; she was in a journey back home from The Fifth Island, there was a storm and the ship she was on has crushed and there were no survivors; Adrien was six years old
  • Adrien doesn’t go by his name anymore, he hates it, he only wants people to call him Captain Noir, Noir, Chat Noir, Chat, “The Cat”; only his best friend Nino (the boatswain on “La Coccinelle”) knows his real name and identity; Adrien goes by the name Chat Noir because of the origins of his own name, which means more or less “the dark sea”
  • Adrien was never in love; he never had any woman in his bed, never felt anything special for anyone; he treats Nino like his brother and that’s all; Adrien can only desire a woman in the most physical way, because he doesn’t know love and he’s quite a broken young man
  • Plagg is a cat without one leg, whom Adrien found in some port one rainy day; he’s a homeless jerk who used to sneak into taverns’ kitchens and steal fish, cheese and all the good stuff; one day the chief noticed him, took a chopper and chopped off his leg while the cat was running away; Adrien made him a wooden leg instead
  • there are six main members of the ship’s crew: Chat Noir- the captain, Nino - the boatswain, Ivan – the cook, Kim – the wheelman, Max – the quartermaster, Alix – the master gunner, she also sits on the foretop, the rest are mates, some random guys; Alix is the only woman aboard, though she still claims she’s a guy like all the other members
  • the man in charge of The Seven Islands is Andre Bourgeois, he’s the king actually; his daughter, Chloe, is a moody princess and has a cousin Sabrina who comes from The Third Island; they’re not very important in the story though

MARINETTE and the sea world

  • the mermaids are: Marinette, Alya, Emilie (my OC, fanon Queen Bee from another story), Tikki,  Juleka and Rose; the oldest mermaid is Alya, she’s over 200 years old, then there’s Tikki, she’s 195 years old; mermaids are immortal, very wise and delicate, yet deadly creatures who have been living in the depths of The Seven Seas for many, many centuries; Emilie is the youngest mermaid; every mermaid is the daughter of the sea, they’re born very deep in the ocean, no one really knows where they came from; they’re mystical creatures who attract sailors with their voices and appearances of gorgeous, young women; once they “catch” themselves a sailor, they drag him in the ocean, kill cruelly and eat him; at the age of 160 every mermaid has to prove that she belongs with her sisters, so she has to lure a random guy, kill him and then bring his eyes to the rest of the mermaids, so they know if she completed the task; the mermaids’ true forms are far uglier than what they show to the poor sailors: they have long, sharp teeth, wrinkled faces, long, black claws, their skin changes the color – from sweet and pink it turns to rotten green or blue (for reference: they kind of look like those siren creatures from Harry Potter); mermaids can change their form whenever they like
  • in the waters of The Seven Seas live only seven sirens, each represents one sea
  • Marinette, whose name means more or less “of the sea” or has to do something with the sailing, is a 160-year-old mermaid, young one; she’s different than the rest of her sisters – she doesn’t change into a monster, doesn’t want to kill anyone and has never seen a human being in her entire life, while the others have (except Emilie and Rose, because they’re the youngest), Alya for example has killed and eaten people many, many times; at night Marinette turns into a woman and doesn’t have the ability to turn into a real, deadly mermaid, but no one actually knows about it, because she keeps it as a secret; she doesn’t have any control over her transformations – when the night comes, she must find herself a place out of water to change freely; she has her own, small island to hide, she’s found it when she had her first experience with her abnormal change; she turns back into a siren at 6 o’clock in the morning; she’s friends with Alya and Tikki, but she knows that if her sisters would’ve found out the truth about her, she’d be dead, no matter the feelings they share with each other

How it all started:

  • “Little Mermaid” theme: one day Marinette bobs up and notices a big, black ship on the surface of the sea; she’s curious about it, so she decides to swim nearer and discover the thing on her own, she predicts that there must be people aboard, so naturally she’s fascinated, because she’ll finally be able to see humans; that’s when she meets Adrien, he’s standing in captain’s cabin’s opened window at the back of the ship and he’s lighting a pipe; he’s looking at the sea with his green eyes dark and deep, Marinette immediately thinks he’s the most beautiful human on Earth; she hides in the waves once he looks at her and with a beating heart she tries to forget about everything she saw
  • on the day of her 160th birthday Marinette is asked to kill a sailor to prove that she’s a true mermaid; she’s scared and stressed about it, she’s actually sure that this is the day she’s going to be brutally killed by her sisters, because there’s no other way for them to act  if she doesn’t bring sailor’s eyes to them, which she won’t do; she goes to the surface of the sea anyway, finds herself a stone to hide her fish tail behind and waits for a ship to appear; of course it has to be “La Coccinelle”; at first she doesn’t recognize it, but then she sees a group of people and Adrien among them; she tries to act cool and starts singing, soon she hypnotizes the whole crew, except Alix, who’s sleeping in the crew quarters anyway; she swims nearer the boats the pirates put down on the sea when she hypnotized them; Adrien is alone in one boat, so she goes there and watches him, fascinated; in the matter of a few minutes he wakes up from his trance and the moment he sees her, he wants to have her  in his bed, because come on, a naked, beautiful young girl out of the sea and at his very boat, looking at him with fascination in big, sea-blue eyes? He tries to catch her, she tries to drag him into the ocean and then by accident she reveals her being a mermaid
  • Adrien is not shocked when he sees Marinette’s fish tail, because it is a common knowledge they teach kids in schools on every single island that sirens live in their seas; his physical desire changes to another thought, that maybe he can catch her, sell her somewhere and gain a lot of money; that’s where the story begins

The songs which inspire me to create and could easily bring the atmosphere of the story to you all:

  1. Turn Loose The Mermaids by Nightwish
  2. One Day from Pirates of The Caribbean OST by Hans Zimmer
  3. The Islander by Nightwish
  4. Ghost Love Score by Nightwish
  5. The Siren by Nightwish
  6. From Finner by Of Monsters And Men
  7. Ocean Soul by Nightwish
  8. Drunker Whaler from Dishonored OST
  9. Drunken Sailor by Storm Weather Shanty Choir

So I noticed Lars lost his shirt

but it wasn’t until my second viewing that i realised SADIE WAS WEARING IT

and that Sadie’s makeshift cast was made out of the leg of his jeans (though I laughed at how his outfit gets more and more revealing, where’d his sleeves go?)

the DETAILS man!

Plus it gets some extra love from me for Sadie’s realistically hairy legs. No razors on an isolated island, man.

And they packed so much into, not just eleven minutes, but a one minute long musical montage. I’m honestly just really impressed. it MADE the ship.

anonymous asked:

Hey so I was wondering, is acceptable to shave your legs and still be considered a man?

Of course. Hairy legs aren’t inherently masculine. Some girls like hairy legs. Some guys don’t. It’s all good.

seluest  asked:

congrats for reaching 2k!! ♡ knew you'd be a hit ever since i clicked the follow button your channel ;) ♡♡♡ (p/s: can i have levi crossdressing just to mess with eren's head? thanksue ♡♡♡)

Thank you so much! Sorry this one took awhile, I got busy OTL

Eren was finally pleased with his cleaning, it had to be perfect for the Captain to accept it after all. Now that he thought about it, he hadn`t seen the Captain all day, he didn`t even come scold him for trying to skip the corners (which he still cleaned because he couldn`t half ass it) With that in mind, Eren went to find a seemingly missing Levi.

It actually wasn`t hard at all because he was standing right now the hall dusting the shelves. In a dress. Eren`s breath seemed to stop completely, his captain was wearing a women`s dress, and it wasn`t a bad looking one either. It was off shoulder with a corset that had straps going around his neck, the skirt was mostly covered by the ruffled apron he wore but it was a fine blue color and flare out prettily at the waist. In short, his captain was wearing a dress, and he looked good. Eren didn`t know how to feel, and he certainly wasn`t ready for the man to turn to him so nonchalantly.

“What`s the matter Eren?” Levi asked. Ah, he always said that when he was teasing him, he should have come to expect it. Despite popular belief, Levi was a very playful person, he liked teasing and poking at him often, 

“No captain, not at all.” Eren replied, nope, he wasn`t falling for Levi`s, albeit adorable, tricks today.

Levi smirked, that wasn`t good.

“Okay.” He said simply, before strutting away from him, Eren realized the dress was slit up the side all the way to his hip and damn did he have some legs on him.

As the petite man walked out of view, Eren admitted defeat, he`s won that round. Eren would get him back one day.

Request: SAMCRO Camping

Request: Can you write an imagine where all the sons go to camping and Juice and his old lady Y/N have morning sex in the tent but everybody sees them because they are all out of their tent and with the sun, that makes shadows please? And they let them finish and after, they tease them?

That was SO fun to write, poor Juice always the victim of his brothers’ jokes. Don’t worry Juice, we love you!

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by lonely-my-middle-name

Samcro was having an unusual good time, the joy was contagious, everybody planning dinners, road trips and barbecues. It was also summer, the perfect time for a vacation and you had the perfect idea for the weekend. Camping was one of your favorite things to do and luckily, your old man, Juice, shared that love too.

“It will be fun”, you said, doing the dishes and telling him your plans for the weekend.

“Sure baby”, he smiled, kissing your cheeks. “Promise to bring marshmallows?”

“Promise”, you laughed. Juice was such a cute guy, a wonderful old man and you would never get tired of his excitement about simple things, like camping. “We have to leave on Friday morning, early, I don’t want be in the dark without a tent ready.

“Got it!”, he yelled, already walking through the door, going to work at TM.


You just had finished your shower when Juice arrived home. “Baby?”, he called out.

“Bedroom!”, you answered, hearing the thuds of his boots on the hallway. He leaned against the doorstep, looking at you as you opened the drawers, looking for your clothes. “How was your day?”

“Great”, he said, looking at the floor. You stopped and looked at him, waiting and knowing pretty well he had something to tell you and you wouldn’t like it. “I may or may not had told about our plans at the clubhouse…”

“Oh Christ! Don’t…”, you rolled your eyes, already guessing what would come next.

“And the boys want to camp too”, he said in a low tone, shrugging.

“Oh great!”, you threw your hands up. “Now it’s a damn family camp”

“Oh come on!”, he whined, walking towards you, hugging you. “It will be fun”

“Fun?”, you raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, right…Just imagine this my love…Tig eating all the marshmallows or throwing them at Kozik or Happy. Kozik and Tig being annoying. Happy telling scary stories…”

“You are right, but…”, he kissed your nose. “There are good points”

“Bobby singing Elvis by the bonfire and Opie’s abilities at the woods”, you numbered, showing your fingers. “That’s it…I’m not into the boy scouts’ camp, thanks”

“Please, please baby”, he whined running his hands up and down your back. “I was so excited about this, really looking forward…”

You tried to stay mad, but those damn puppy eyes of him were bringing your resolution down. You rolled your eyes and sighed. Juice laughed and spun your around in his arms, knowing he had got what he wanted.

“You better make this little trip worth my time”, you said, letting your robe on the chair, staying naked in front of him to put your panties on. “I’ll make the boys suffer hiking on the mountain”

“It will be fun, I promise”, he said and grabbed your hand, never letting you put your panties after all.


It was finally Friday morning and your car was parked at TM, you were looking at the boys fill it with things for the camping. They would go on their bikes, of course, but the tents were on your car. You sighed hearing Tig and Happy talking nonsenses about camping, laughing about it. It would be a long, long weekend… Gemma was with the kids, not willing to participate of that and she laughed at your agonizing expression when you waved goodbye.

You were surprised the group arrived at the lake just in time and how the tents got ready fast. Opie was really good at made bonfires and you had a perfect one in the middle of the camping. You and Tara enjoyed the sun by the lake as the boys drunk and tried to fish. At night, you all sat by the fire and Bobby sang, everybody eating marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate or beers. Juice smiled, pulling your closer under the blanket you were sharing and you had to admit that the camping was going well. You had a perfect night of sleep, cuddling with Juice at the tent, hearing the nature around you.

The sun would raise soon and you were already awake, feeling Juice’s body against yours. You turned around and started to kiss his chest, hearing him mumble in his sleep. Soon he was awake and you knew that by the way he pulled you closer, making you feel his erection through the sweatpants. You moaned and your lips met his, your tongue exploring his mouth.

“Morning”, you said breaking the kiss.

“Morning”, he said. His fingers were teasing the hem of your panties and you arched your back to his touch, making Juice laugh. He slid his fingers inside the panties, his fingertips touching your clit. “Already wet? Such a good girl for me”

“Yes”, you whined, feeling his fingers inside you. Juice kissed your neck and hovered over you.

“We are going to make this quick baby”, he whispered. “Everybody will be up soon and…You have to be quiet”

You bit your lip and nodded, seeing his grin as Juice took off your clothes and his own, the sun starting to rise outside the tent.


“Oh Juice!”, you moaned, feeling your legs tremble and him coming inside you. Juice was holding your legs up, doing his best inside the tent and he finally let them go, laying next to you to catch his breath.

“I told you camping was a good idea”, he said, breathless.

“Yes, you did”, you laughed, before started to gather your clothes, getting dressed for a new day already starting outside. You stepped outside the tent first, freezing when you saw your friends already sat by the bonfire, hiding their smiles behing their cups of coffee.

“Morning”, Jax grinned and Tara elbowed him. Opie hid his smile, taking care of the bonfire.

“Morning”, you said, carefully. Juice let the tent, curious about why you were still there, standing on the entrance.

“Hi brother”, Jax said again, Tara elbowed him again. “What? You were laughing seconds ago”

“Oh that is unfair”, Tig grinned. “It was a pretty good show”

You felt the blush on your cheeks, already realizing what they were talking about. You couldn’t believe you had been so naive, letting your lust guide your actions. Juice still had that confused look on his face, you huffed and walked to where Bobby was, pouring coffee. He smiled when he poured coffee at your cup, making you roll your eyes.

“Good moves”, Chibs said to Juice when your old man came to grab some coffee too.

“Yeah, are your legs okay?”, Tig asked you. “I mean, we are going to hike on the mountain today, it’s not good to let them up before it, even just for seconds”

They were looking like a bunch of schoolgirls, making fun of you. Annoyed, you looked at Juice, who was finally realizing the joke, looking from his friends to the tent. At least and for his sake, he had the decency to blush. You finished your breakfast ignoring the giggles and got up to get ready for the hike. You looked at Juice and hissed.

“I told you a Samcro camping wasn’t a good idea”, he rushed after you, worried you were mad at him and you tried to ignore the laughs from your friends behind you as you walked to the lake. Samcro camping…the worst idea you ever had.

A Wolf Meets A Snake (1/3)

Summary: Alfred a newbie animagus, had gotten himself hurt in the forbidden forest. What happens when a certain infamous Slytherin stumbles across him? Maybe that Slytherin isn’t so bad at all. Pottertalia Au.

Pairing: UsUk

He was so tired. So so tired. Alfred grimaced as he stepped on his hind leg, he could feel the blood trickle down his leg. Man, those foxes did some damage on his leg right there. How was he supposed to know that was their territory? He was just exploring the forest. Okay maybe he shouldn’t have gone into the forest, it was called the forbidden forest for a reason. But Alfred was excited to try out his animagus form for the first time after succeeding! He can’t just run around in school in wolf form!

Alfred was thankful that he had lost the foxes however the wound on his leg he had earned from trying to fight them was hurting a lot. Alfred panted heavily as he limped, how is he going to explain to Matthew about this wound?

Get to Hogwarts first. Think of how to get past everyone without letting anyone know about the wound next.

Alfred was starting to feel woozy from the blood loss. He shook his head and tried to steady himself. He could see the castle wall ahead.

Alfred found himself on forest floor.

So tired.

So close.

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Love Affairs in the Evening [Bruce Wayne Imagine]

Prompt: The reader is an audiology doctor but the hospital she works at had a shortages of doctors since the buses or whatever was attacked (and saved by Batman ofc). And at the end of the day Bruce Wayne comes in because he caved and listened to Alfred who told him to get stitches from a medical professional. 

Author’s Note: Like other writers, I think it’s not that great but I hope you enjoy it! 

Warnings: Large age gap (??), otherwise none.

Part 2 Part 3

Masterlist Request things!!

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I Thought You Were Different: Book 2 (Part 2/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 1

Steve let out a long yawn and opened the refrigerator, pushing away boxes of leftovers and plates of half-eaten food, looking for anything that resembled milk for his coffee.  He grumbled in disgust at an old hamburger in the back corner of the shelf, grabbing the entire dish and tossing it angrily in the nearby garbage before continuing his search.

“You guys are pigs.”

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Dark Crazytwirlcurls! Show me the forbidden Dad Might dad jokes!

Weeeell IF YOU INSIST ANON heheh



*Finished with some training*

Izuku: Oh man, All Might my leg is killing me from that work out training today! 

All Might: But how are you still standing if your leg killed you

Izuku: ….What?


*Walking on a hot, summer day*

Izuku: Geez, today is really hot. Wonder when the weather will get better. 

All Might: Maybe the weather should go to the doctor for a check up. 

Izuku: ….All Might

All Might: *insert smug smile here*


Izuku: Hey All Might I was wondering when do you think I’ll be ready to beat up some bad guys! 

All Might: When you learn to use a cooking beater

Izuku: No stop. That one was just horrible.

All Might: *insert laugh here*


(And of course: A good ol’ classic)

Izuku: Thanks for inviting me over to eat, All Might! I’m starving! 

All Might: ….

Izuku: Don’t. Please don’t. 

All Might: Hi, starving

Izuku: Please I’m begging  

All Might: I’M ALL MIGHT

Izuku: ….I’m not hungry anymore I’m leaving bye



I hope you enjoyed these horrible Dad jokes 

Hanging On Luke Imagine Part Two

Part One

A/N: this contains a lil bit of smut, it’s not really descriptive but you know.

You quickly pull away from each other and look around,

“Fuck, I thought someone walked in,” You say putting your hand on your heart.

“No, I think it was Jenna finding Ashton’s secret stash of alcohol,” Luke says taking a deep breath.

“Ashton’s? I expected it to be Calum’s to be honest.”

“Ashton’s wife has told him no more alcohol till all the kids are 6. His youngest is 6 months,” He laughs, you laugh loudly,

“Sucker,” You giggle putting the window down.

“Y/n?” Luke asks, you turn to look at him with a small smile on your face,


“Why didn’t you tell me about Luna earlier?”

“Because the day I found out was the day I walked in on you and Jenna,” You tell him, his face falls as he stops leaning against his desk.

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