man of steel 2

“Zack Snyder’s Superman is too dark.”

If Zack Snyder made Superman “too dark” like y'all make it seem like he did, then Superman would have not hesitated to kill Batman to save his mother. Instead of walking calmly through the doors of court, he would have flown straight from the sky into the courtroom, leaving a giant hole in the Capitol’s roof, not even bothering to play by human rules, grabbing officials and senators by their necks, demanding that he be left alone. Threatening them. He would have let Doomsday kill Lex Luthor. He would have most likely not deliberately missed the opportunity to follow Bruce Wayne to save a little girl in Mexico. He was willing to sacrifice himself multiple times to save humanity.
At the end, he even basically committed suicide for the greater good. But now he’s dark because he didn’t smile like Donner’s Superman did? He’s rejected by half of the world’s population, accused of murder, watched his dad die in front of his eyes, but you want him to be optimistic and cheery all the time? What’s your preferred version of Superman, a giddy psychopath?


The future of the DC Cinematic Universe ( Previous post can be found here)

  • Justice League - November 17, 2017
  • Aquaman - July 27, 2018*
  • The Batman - TBD 2019*
  • Shazam -  April 5, 2019*
  • Justice League Part Two  - June 14, 2019*
  • Man of Steel 2  - Tentatively set for November 1, 2019*
  • Wonder Woman 2  -  Dec. 13, 2019*
  • Cyborg - April 3, 2020*
  • Green Lantern Corps - June 19, 2020*
  • The Flash: Flashpoint - TBD 2020*

* Official title and logo are yet TBD.

Getting Drunk with Henry

•Lots of giggling

•Kal looking at you both, unsure of what’s wrong and why your acting differently.

•Henry tickling you and chasing after you when you get away from him.

•Sloppy drunk sex

•Henry telling you how beautiful you are constantly, slurring the words a little bit.

•Loads of drunkenly singing the wrong words to famous songs.

•Dancing, lots of dancing

•Taking goofy pictures together

•Calling a couple of takeaways because you both can’t decide what you want to eat

•Spilled drink everywhere

•Talking about nothing and when you start to talk about more serious thing, Henry gets up and starts dancing to avoid the topic

•Knowing you’ll have a really bad hangover if you don’t stop drinking now but Henry says “one more” so you agree

•"One more" turns into 10 more

•Passing out and Henry carrying you to bed with his wobbly legs

•Crashing into bed with Henry lying on top of you, passed out.

•Loud snoring coming from Henry

Matthew Vaughn Confirms Man of Steel 2 Talks

The director of X-Men: First Class and Kingsmen confirms the rumor. This is one of the best choices WB could make to ensure that a good Superman film is made. And thanks to Kingsmen, there would appear to be a decent enough chance that Mark Millar may be able get involved with the script. And based on Millar’s history, he’s a great choice at bringing this version of Superman back to his core. It’s not my personal hope that Grant Morrison comes in and helps save this Superman, but Millar is a skilled writer who has the knowledge and love to help recalibrate this cinematic universe with a new Superman film. Wonder Woman proved that the DCEU doesn’t need to be Zack Snyder grim, so this is WB’s chance and they need to do everything in their collective power to bring Matthew Vaughn on as director and if possible Millar on script.

I’d been hoping They’d get someone new for it but now I hope that Zack Snyder directs the sequel to Man Of Steel and a maybe a couple of other projects just to let people, fans and detractors, that his vision for this universe is still there and isn’t going away, no matter how horrible detractors act or how many tantrums They throw about it.

I’m kind of really pissed knowing that Zack Snyder probably won’t be directing Man of Steel 2. I can’t help it. Not because I think he’s the only person capable of helming the sequel, but because his take on Superman in Man of Steel was specific, and because he continued interpreting the character in a modern and different way in BvS that fit the overall tone of the DCEU, but then from what I’ve heard the possible new director of MoS 2 isn’t interested in that continuity. He would ignore the tone Zack Snyder set for DCEU’s Superman and do a Donner remake. Which can fuck off. 

Back from all the DC hate - let the hype machine begin

This made my entire week!!!!

Matt Reeves officially will direct and produce “The Batman”

Chris McKay in talks to direct - Nightwing Standalone film which is in development


“Superman was a beacon to the world. He didn’t just save people. He made them see the best parts of themselves.”

I think the reason the idea of JJ Abrams directing Man of Steel 2 makes me so mad is how his Star Trek movies contained exactly the kind of gross masculinity that Man of Steel directly criticized. I’m about to rant on this.

Both JJ’s Star Trek movie and Man of Steel had bar scenes. They both contained the cliche “defending a woman” situation. I’ll just put them both here so you can see:

We’ve seen that Star Trek bar scene about ten thousand times in film. A woman is put in a situation that she’s not comfortable with and that borders on or actually is sexual harassment. Then another man appears to defend her and things often get physical, usually against the woman’s wishes.

It’s funny. Kirk is actually playing Ludlow’s part in this scene in Star Trek. Uhura rejects him repeatedly but he still can’t seem to take the hint. He continues to hit on her when she obviously wants him gone. Then during the fight, he grabs her breasts. This appears to be an accident, but he smiles about it and she has to shove him off of her. This moment is played as comedic, because it’s so funny when women are groped I guess. Kirk grabbing Uhura’s breasts mirrors Ludlow slapping Chrissy’s butt in Man of Steel, except it’s not supposed to be funny in Man of Steel like it is in Star Trek. Ludlow is meant to be an asshole while Kirk is still our dashing hero.

So Clark plays the role of the guys who show up to defend Uhura in Star Trek. He appears and puts his hand on Ludlow’s shoulder, very gently saying “Hey, leave her alone, man.” and he only did this when Ludlow started grabbing Chrissy. He doesn’t even threaten violence when Ludlow asks “Or what, tough guy?” Clark just says “Or…I’ll have to ask you to leave.” not “I’ll kick your ass.” The guys in the Star Trek scene get threatening almost immediately, as does Kirk, who was basically egging on a fight. 

Clark doesn’t even come close to doing anything physical until Ludlow throws beer in his face and tries to shove him. Then it looks like Clark maybe wanted to hurt him (you could hardly blame anyone for wanting to throw a punch in that situation) yet he still doesn’t do anything when Chrissy takes his arm and says “It’s not worth it, sweetie.” He then looks at her, takes his apron off, and walks away. Dear lord, we don’t see that enough in movies. He respected her wishes enough not to do something because she saw it escalating and didn’t want it to go further.

Let’s contrast that again with Star Trek. Uhura tells those guys who come up to defend her to essentially beat it when she said “it’s nothing I can’t handle.” yet they stick around despite that. Then when the fight starts, she yells “Stop it!” and none of them listen to her and they continue fighting. It’s not about defending her anymore, it’s about beating each other up over bruised egos.

In Man of Steel, Clark actually cared what the woman had to say, but the same could not be said for Kirk or any of the other men in the bar scene, yet that is the kind of scene we continue to see in film as a representation of men and how women are treated.

I’ll take Zack Snyder’s take on masculinity any day over JJ Abrams’ truly gross views.