man of mettle


TF2 Gun Mettle Merc pics with the paperclip removed, for the people who wanted it gone as much as I did.  

Feel free to use or edit however you want.


Mettle: Um…I think you have us confused with somebody else. You’ve got Thor and Iron Man out there. Living Legends. We’re not even in any of the cartoons. 

Striker: Reptil is. Pffft…I need a new agent. “Kids love dinosaurs” My butt. 

Well, Striker is right. Reptil does appear in a cartoon called Super Hero Squad Show. 

- Avengers Academy v1 #11, 2011 (1st pic)

- Super Hero Squad Show (2nd and 3rd pic)

Tender-handed, stroke a nettle,
And it stings you for your pains.
Grasp it like a man of mettle,
And it soft as silk remains.

Urtica Swan figured out her destiny before high school. Having eleven brothers, a witch for a stepmother, and a birth-mother named Eliza probably clued her in from an early age. She took her destiny much better than her cousin, Duchess Swan, and you’ll find she’s a gentler, calmer voice of reason whenever they’re together.

She’s since sworn herself into a vow of silence to knit eleven jumpers for her swan brothers until she can turn them human again - Duchess usually speaks for her, and she’s reliant on sign language on her own. She’s a Royal, well aware that her family is dependent on her, but annoyed that her destiny means she’ll never seen her stepmother again - they got along well until the day her stepmother was forced to curse them - and she hopes to find her again someday. 

Being silent isn’t the same thing as staying quiet - she’s the blogger in charge of “The Carrying Net”, a website dedicated to social justice and corporate whistleblowing - and you’ll be surprised to find out how often SHE TYPES IN ALL CAPS AND SWEARS LIKE A FAIRYGODMOTHERFU@%&*!!! You’ll likely catch her maintaining the site, in between Knitting Circle and watching over eleven swans brothers.
Jamie Parker recites rousing Henry V call to arms at the French Institute

On 23 February 2015 many Shakespeare enthusiasts gathered at the French Institute, to celebrate the finding of the Saint Omer First Folio, and the confirmation that it will be on public display at the Globe in 2016.

We persuaded the delightful Jamie Parker to give us an off the cuff recital of the rousing call to arms from Act 3 scene 1 of  Henry V. This man proves his mettle, no rehearsals, no script and yet you would fight in his army wouldn’t you?