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so I’ve been tagged by a whole bunch of lovely bananas in various selfie tags [thank you @callmeexobaby @baekhyuns-diamond @yeoldalayhehoo @orange-haze throwing hearts to all of u 💕] but I’m a poop at selfies I forget to take them….but I’ve finally taken 2 omg ! so I guess this is the first selfies of 2018 tag ??

I’m gonna tag the rest of the squad @lazyhani @xiuminsglasses @shiroflower @prodbycrush @demonminhyuk @jhhixtape @redflavourhoney @brandcooper @curledlife @glowcherry @imhipwithdakidz @freedomcase @hobisgodtape @nyan620 @mirco-hell @dreamiesmom @dreamer-hyun @multikpopworld 💗💖💗

Shout out to @everysinglepheel!!
I always love it when you reblog my stuff and add nice tags!! Thank you so much!
Heres a pic of your awesome sona as appreciation! ^^


I just thought what if John Cho were one of those Marvel heroes and then this happened.