man of atom


Follow the story of a young little pigeon wanting to be a super hero but neglected because it’s only a bald pigeon and heroes are often big animals !

Never leaving it’s dream, this pigeon will continue to reach it’s goal, even if this it’s life is … quite boring because one wing can destroy everything !!

So, Waw !  I can’t believe I animated a full opening !! It was an amazing exercice, I learned a lot with it and that’s means that I’m now able to parody openings and endings :’D !!!! (I already imagine lot’s of them, try to imagine too haha !)  I animated lots of capes and it was super ! 

Many of you asked me to animate an opening, and to make something about One Punch Man, I liked the animation a lot =) (Studio Madhouse) and I wanted to try to make a full opening, needless to say that I was super afraid but I could do it in 4 days ! (four looong days !)

Again I’m happy to share my work with you all and to show that a little program can do marvelous things if you are passionate and love what you do !

Merci beaucoup pour tout ce que vous m'apportez depuis que je partage mes animations ici, J'ai vraiment hâte de continuer à partager pleins de choses avec vous tous !

Again Thank you all for your amazing support !! 

*** BEST WISHES FOR 2016 !!!!!! :D *****

To everyone wondering whether or not to go see Atomic Blonde:


Delphine dies. The lesbian dies.

…you know, like they say in the TRAILER of the movie…

But unlike some people are making it out to be, she doesn’t die BECAUSE she is a lesbian. And her death, compared to A LOT of other characters, is actually mild.

I’m not saying you should stomach it, and go see it; if you know you’re sensitive to that kind of movie, by all means, skip this one.

Just please, don’t make it sound like LGBTQ+ people should boycott the movie, because the “bury your gays” trope does not apply here: Lorraine’s male lover dies in the beginning of the movie, and Delphine would have died if she had been a man too.