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You know what we’re not talking about?  Upcoming cartoons.  You know what looks really exciting?


“Ghostforce” is an upcoming cartoon by Zagtoon Inc.  This studio is also working on other up-and-coming cartoons you may have heard of, such as “Ladybug”, a CGI TV show about a crime-fighting teenage girl, and “7Cs”, an action-adventure cartoon produced in conjunction with Man of Action Studios (Ben10, Generator Rex).

Ladybug looks sick. Check it out if you haven’t already.

But back to Ghostforce.  Here’s the show’s description from the PGS entertainment website:

As a boy, Professor Richenbach was haunted by many evil ghosts. He swore to one day find a way to defeat them. Many years later, he is a science teacher at Central High School. He has finally developed a technology that enables humans to fight and capture ghosts! He secretly recruits three students Andy, Sam, and Nathalie. They form a team tasked with hunting down and capturing the ghosts that terrorize the city. Operating from the secret underground laboratory built by the Professor, they are the city’s only line of paranormal defense. 

The description isn’t much to go off of, but these conceptual images from the show reveal a lot more.

This show




I mean




It kinda looks like a really sick blend of Ghostbusters, Danny Phantom and The Powerpuff Girls I mean look at these colors and their capes. 

Here’s the bottom line:

Ghosts?  Check.  Teenage protagonists?  Check.  Sick artwork?  Check. I’M SOLD.

Man, I’ve been waiting to announce this for forever now! Some of you may have seen some of my re-designs of a few characters a while back like Eon and Armodrillo, and that’s because I’ve been spending a lot of time working with a really talented guy, Rob Orpilla.

My job as character designer and story supervisor has been put forward to helping Rob get his dream comic titled “5 Years Later” become a reality. He’s worked super hard on it, and his dedication and work has been incredible to witness. Rob has definitely made this a comic for fans, by fans, so I think you’ll all really enjoy it!

You can find out what it’s all about in this video by Rob himself, featuring some work from your truly! I highly recommend liking Rob’s Facebook page for amazing stuff from him! (…)


5 Years Later is a non-profit, fan-made comic book.
“Danny Phantom” was created by Butch Hartman and is owned by Nickelodeon Studios.
“Ben 10” was created by Man of Action and is owned by The Cartoon Network.

There’s a New Mega Man Animated Series in the Works

A 26 series collaboration between Dentsu Entertainment and Man of Action Entertainment studios. Don’t get too excited: the show won’t be seeing the light of day until 2017, to coincide with the 30th Anniversary. 

Looks like we can get Mega Man in Smash, Mega Man on T.V. but still no new Mega Man games. If I sound salty, it’s because I am. Saltier than a bag of Lays Original. But I am super excited to see Mega Man in an animated series again. Just wish we didn’t have to wait so long.

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An Open Letter to People Who Hate Modest Management

I’m getting really sick of people saying management is keeping Harry and Louis (or any of the guys for that matter) from coming out when they have no clue how the music industry works.

First I’d like to start off by saying my good friend Tyler is a drummer for a punk band named ‘A Man of Action’ they’re currently in the studio trying to record an album. I’ve gone a few times with them, I’ve also done extensive research into the music business over the past two weeks, mostly for him, just to make sure he knows what to expect when it comes to signing contracts with record labels, as well as having talked with potentional recording labels on the phone and through scheduled appointments.

I’ve talked with enough people in the industry, either currently or in the past, I’ve done enough to sift through articles, I think it’s safe to say I know what I’m talking about. 

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robertozampari  asked:

What do you think about the new Megaman made by Man of Action? Tell us why.

I think there’s something to be said for messing with a good thing. Mega Man has had many designs over the years, and I feel like they usually keep certain core tenants of Mega Man’s character. I never looked at Volnutt, or Mega Man.exe, or Mega Man X, and recoiled like “Ugh, what did they do to Mega Man?”

The new one, though…

Beyond the super cheapo looking “this looks like a newgrounds cartoon from 2006” look, I’m not really a fan of the darker color scheme. You kind of get the feeling they’re trying to evoke a sense of “futurism” through looking vaguely Tron-like. Mega Man uses very “night time” blues with lots of glowing detail work, which is a really bland way to make something look technologically advanced.

The tone of his skin kind of grosses me out if I look at it too long. I get that Mega Man’s supposed to be a robot, but I don’t know if that’s an excuse for the pallid, zombie-like quality his skin tone takes on.

And that face. It’s like it came out of a Scholastic “How to Draw Manga” book. It’s only vaguely anime, in the kind of way that you imagine an experienced adult who learned traditional western cartooning would then try to draw anime. Except they’d be the kind of person to call it “Japanimation.”

The vents on the side of his arm cannon remind me of the kind of “accents” I added to Mega Man’s armor in fan art I was drawing when I was 12. Capcom’s never really done vents like that in an arm cannon, it’s always come from bad box art or whatever.

That being said, other artists have pointed out that the base-level design itself isn’t actually so bad. It may end up looking better in the actual show itself. But, uh, given other shows produced by that studio, maybe not?