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dgaf, dumping furniture rather than books, for my upcoming cross-country move. library more important. (and i’ve done many long moves, so i know what i’m getting into)

Yeah, I’ve got one coming up in the near future, which will also not be my first (12 hours isn’t bad for me moving, distance-wise), and before, I could… basically fit everything in the car. I mean, my bed’s a rollup memory foam thing; I have a desk but usually work at the laptop on the floor with books piled around me, so most of my furniture I’ve been able to get away with or do without, and everything I own fits into one room.

…the three full bookcases though. That will be tricky.

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15 for sniperpilot?

things you said with too many miles between us /// also for @bassianprompts​ prompt 3: photo

figurative miles

”Do you…” Bodhi wets his lips. “Do you have any holos of your family, Cass?” 

Cassian looks up from where he is hunched over his datapad, at the night sky above them. Memories flash through his mind, as numerous as the stars above, and he prays for strength. 

He sets the datapad down, sensing Bodhi’s attempt to open up a necessary - necessary but not wanted - conversation. 


“Oh.” Cassian’s eyes flicker to Bodhi, takes in the way he pointedly stares at his feet as they dangle over the rooftop of Base One. Cassian waits, but realizes Bodhi doesn’t want to press further.

Unwanted, but necessary.  For the both of them. He bites back a sigh.

“Do you want to see it?” His hands drift to the ever-present weight in his pocket. 

Bodhi head snaps up to look at him, and Cassian marvels at the way his eyes sparkle in the dim light. “Ye-yes of course-if you want. If you want me to? If you’re comfortable with it?” He begins picking at the fraying edges of his long sleeves, gaze shifting back down to his hands. “I just…” 

“Do you have any holos of yours?” Cassian asks, the realization suddenly dawning on him.

Bodhi swallows, hard, and Cassian watches his hands curl into fists. 


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Lady In the Garden -- Part 2

Series: Fairy Tail/Doctor Who

Characters: Gajeel/Levy

Genre: Adventure/Angst

Summary: She was a falling star; an angel speaking in stardust dialects.  She was madness and wonder, and she asked him to come with her.

Note: Okay I can’t stop.  I love this AU so much so I am going to be juggling it on the side with other things. I don’t know where I’m going with it, I have scattered ideas, and I have no prospective timeline on how long this will take and whether I’ll ever finish it anywhere.  But for now, I’m getting my kicks crossing over my favorite things and writing something that is going to be really angsty/pining/adventurous.  ENJOY

Thanks always to @amaranth121 for being my lovely beta C:

Part 1

For the second time that night, Gajeel found himself on the floor.  Except this time, his back was on a cold metal grate and he had the roiling of motion sickness deep in his gut. With a groan, the large man rolled over and peeked down at what was below him.  The pulse of lights remained constant, and a steady flow of steam rose up around him from the belly of the machine.  

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i understand you man i had friends a thousand miles from here and then i moved and i know they all still hang out without me but idk you just,,try to make new friends ig. im sorry youre feelin this way.

ove been trying. every time i join a new group, someone fucks it up. eother more han one of them catch feelings for me or i find out they secretly dont really like each other and theyll talk shit about each other to me or they just stop talking to me and it’s,,,, bad. friends are hard