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jack with a crush on librarian david au

I’m trying to put this as my first work ever on ao3 but it won’t let me login I’m not sure why. 

Thanks for the super cute prompt, tho! The rest are to come I’m writing these in between cleaning. 

Jack thinks he’s smooth. David accidentally flirts. The boys are dumb. 

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Married to a Monster - three

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Paring: kaiXreader, minseokXreader

Word Count: 2.4k

Summary: You are forced into a marriage with your once love/childhood best friend. Although, you don’t love him anymore and are disgusted with having to marry him. After driving yourself to suicide twice, you know you can’t ever fix things with him but even though, you push forward for the happiness of your parents who are still grieving the loss of your older sister.

Notes: This series will contain talk of suicide, self-harm, abuse, death and possibly more. This series will also have smut, but chapters will be rated [m] accordingly.

One | Two | Three

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Undisclosed Desires (part 9)

Words: 2k

Summary: A run-in with a group of angels make your life even more complicated.

A/N: Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Send me an ask or message if you’d like to be added to my master tag list.


You walked down the road a few miles, finally letting your tears fall. You were so tired of this. One minute you were happy, the next you were miserable; all because of one angel. “Fucking angels.” you muttered to yourself. “Nothing but worthless sacks of shit.”

When you were what you felt to be a safe distance from the bunker, you prayed out loud to your father in a voice he hadn’t heard since you were a child. “Lucifer, Goaal, I need you.”

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Scattered Memories (Part 3)

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Character Ship: Spencer Reid x Reader

Word Count: 903

Summary: Hotch sends you to Quantico in order to get a sketch of the perp and brings the most difficult memory flooding back. On your way to the hospital, you receive a phone call from an unknown man. What new information will be revealed?

Warnings: None descriptive rape, kidnapping, angst, PTSD

Author’s note: Mama is back with a vengeance!! Also, Papa Rossi will always be Papa Rossi.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 4

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Love Written In Ink

Love Written In Ink: A Past You’d Rather Forget (Chapter 3)

Link to Series

Summary: After breaking up with your boyfriend, you find yourself struggling to move on. But how can you, when both your lives are so intertwined? When a new captivating man enters your life, are the changes ahead for the better or worse?

Word Count: 4k+

Rated: M (Smut, Angst)

You moaned into the kiss as your hands raked through Jiho’s hair. He felt you smiling into the kiss as his hands slipped under your top, caressing your breast. Tugging at his hair, you rolled your hips into his lap, feeling his bulge press up against you through his jeans.

A day had only passed since the two of you had come to this arrangement. Originally, you were only supposed to meet up at a local coffee shop this morning to learn more about one another. Since you really only knew each other’s names and how each of you tasted. Then as you were both finished with breakfast and leaving, both of you just happened to walk by a hotel along the way…

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Cops and Robbers

Agent Beca Mitchell, of the Cyber Crimes Unit, had been attempting to discover the true identity of a hack who called herself the Kommissar. This project had consumed the past six months of her life since the Kommissar had made herself known.

At the beginning, it was low level hacking. She would play silly, albeit frightening jokes, in which she would move around the files of various governments and leave them a trail of online clues. None of the files contained valuable information, which was a relief for most governments. However, it worried all of them.

Then things began to escalate and very quickly. The Kommissar hacked into a bank and moved money from the accounts of several very wealthy people. The money had gone through so many accounts that it was practically untraceable and was eventually withdrawn. The authorities had found the location it had been withdrawn at — an ATM in New York City — but the camera had been broken. Because it was in New York City, there were too many fingerprints to get the Kommissar’s. If she even withdrew the money herself.

Every lead Beca found seemed to dead end. The Kommissar wasn’t some second-rate hacker who you could trace her with ease. She’d long ago guessed that the Kommissar was constantly on the move and that made it even harder to pin her down. If the Kommissar even was a her. Beca liked to think that it was a woman, it made it more interesting. Usually, the criminals she dealt with were men.

Tonight, Beca was staying late like usual. Although most members of her team were dedicated to the cause, they also had other things to do. Some had spouses, children, and one was even in an acapella group that performed on weekends.

“Becs, you staying late?” Agent Beale asked as she held open the door. From the fact she was carrying a coat and her purse, it was obvious that she was staying late.

“Yeah,” Beca replied.

“Crime never sleeps and neither do you, I guess.” Agent Beale sighed. “But you really should go out sometime. The Kommissar has to sleep, too, you know.”

“I know. I’ll go home, Chloe. I promise. No sleeping at my desk.” Beca assured her and held up three fingers. “Scout’s honor.”

“Good. If I find you asleep at your desk in the morning smelling like Chinese food take out, I’m going to talk to our boss about forcing you to take a couple sick days.” Agent Beale threatened, giving Beca her best stern look.

The brunette merely rolled her eyes. “That was embarrassing. No repeats of that. I’ll go home. It may be late, but I’ll go home.”

“Good night, Beca.” Agent Beale said with a sigh and closed the door behind her. Finally, Beca was totally alone in the office building.

Almost as if it was on cue, her phone chimed, signaling she had received a text message. She glanced over at the screen and saw that it was from an unknown number.

Hello.8:30PM. 24 Hour Fitness on Monroe St. Come alone and dress the part.
~The Kommissar

The color drained for Beca’s face as she stared at the message on her phone until the screen went black. She felt as her heart began to race, the blood pounding in her ears. Her stomach turned and Beca thought for a moment she might be sick. Not only did the Kommissar know her number, she apparently knee her gym.

“I’m not a field agent,” Beca thought aloud as she stood on shaky legs and began to gather her things. “This isn’t what I’m trained for. I’m supposed to sit at my computer and find hackers so that the real cops can go get them.”

Almost like the Kommissar could here what Beca was saying, another text appeared on her phone.

Come alone. I have something for you.

~The Kommissar

Beca shuddered. The Kommissar was practically inside her head. Instinctively, she looked around just in case there was someone still in the office. There wasn’t. The dark office was completely empty. Still, Beca gathered her things quickly and turned off her computer before leaving.

The offices were on the third floor of a mid-rise building just outside of downtown. As it was 7:45 PM, the lights were still on but the elevators were no longer running. This forced Beca to walk down the dark, rather dirty back stairwell of the building that let out into a small lobby. The desk assistant was gone and the brunette left the building in total silence.

The 24-Hour Fitness had a partially shorted out sign. As a result, the sign read 4 Fitness. Beca had always thought this was ironic and it made her trips to the gym a little more interesting. Aside from the sign, the gym was nothing remarkable; a weight room filled almost entirely with men, a cardio room where tanned bottle blondes leisurely jogged on ellipticals, and a bleak changing room filled with elderly people who seemed to lack shame. At least, they lacked the decency to wear clothes and strode around with everything on display.

At 8:15, the evening rush was almost gone.

Beca walked in and the desk attendant swiped her card before allowing her to enter.

“The Kommissar must have a membership here, too.” The brunette thought and the realization startled her. She had been going to the same gym as an internationally wanted criminal and that criminal had taken a bizarre interest in her.

As she proceeded through the hallway, her phone chimed again.

Locker rooms ;)

~the Kommissar

“Now she’s just getting cheeky,” Beca thought and glanced back at the overly perky blonde desk assistant, but she wasn’t on her phone. The girl looked more like someone who would run a crazy retreat center rather than hack into multiple governments.

She proceeded down the long hallway to the locker rooms, praying that there would be other people besides her and the Kommissar. Just in case things took a turn for the worse, she sent a text to Chloe Beale.

“I’m at 24 Hour Fitness. If I don’t text you in 30 mins, then something bad’s happened to me.”

The text message didn’t send, just like Beca assumed. This confirmed her suspicions that the Kommissar had access to her cellphone. Luckily, she’d left a message for Chloe on a Post-It that was stuck on her desk, just in case.

No one else was in the locker room when Beca arrived. At least no one she could see. She readjusted her bag on her shoulder and stepped inside. The fluorescent glow made everything seem ominous and one light in the corner was flickering. The brunette started to feel like she was in a badly directed horror movie.

“I always thought I wouldn’t be stupid enough to go look for the killer.” Beca thought and then reminded herself. “The Kommissar isn’t a killer. She’s a hacker. And she’s probably actually just an overweight pasty dude who works out of his mother’s basement.”

The women who suddenly appeared in front of her was definitely not the pale 300 pound man that Beca had convinced herself she would be meeting. The gorgeous creature in front of her had to be at least six feet tall and was most certainly not 300 pounds. In tight athletic leggings and a lululemon aqua colored top, the blonde’s athletic body was obvious. Beca even noticed that she smelled like cinnamon.

“Tiny maus.” The blonde woman spoke with a German accent. Beca was surprised to be addressed in real life by her online name and had trouble keeping the bewilderment off her face.

The Kommissar smiled. “You must be the Cyber Crimes agent who has been trying so hard to…how do you Americans say…bring me to justice?”

“Yeah…” Beca stammered. The whole walk to the gym she’d psyched herself up in preparation to act tough in front of some sleazy internet scum. Now, staring at the physically flawless woman in front of her, she was mostly trying not to drool.

“I suppose you’re wondering why I asked you here.” The Kommissar sat down in on one of the locker room’s benches and stretched out her long legs in front of her.

Beca managed to get out “I am.”

The blonde laughed. “Why so nervous, tiny maus? We’re friends here, no?”

“Definitely no. You’re a criminal.”

“And you are a cop.” The Kommissar replied. “It is quite Romeo and Juliet.”

“Romeo and Juliet?” Beca sputtered.

“You want me to believe that your little…obsession with me is totally innocent?” The Kommissar asked her and stood up. It only took her two long strides to be standing very close to Beca. “All those messages you sent. They were quite flirtatious.”

“You got those!?” Beca had never thought those messages she’d attempted to get to the hacker would actually be received.

“Of course.”

“Why did you even want to meet me? Now I know what you look like, I could get a sketch artist to make a rendition of you. They’d catch you in a heartbeat. There’s cameras everywhere now.” Beca blurted out taking a step back from the Kommissar to clear her head.

“I was curious,” the blonde admitted. “You are quite intriguing. Even just online.”


The Kommissar smiled and moved closer to the small brunette, towering over her. “You are also very beautiful.”

Beca jumped as her back hit a row of lockers and found herself extremely close to the gorgeous German goddess in front of her. The blonde smelled intoxicatingly of cinnamon and it made Beca’s head swim.

“I have information for you,” the Kommissar said, her voice low and sultry. “About someone hacking and putting my name on it. I may or may not have their information for you.”

Beca opened and closed her mouth a couple times before she managed to get any words out. Being so close to the beautiful Kommissar was messing with her head. “I could…uh…get you a deal if you have that information.”

“I don’t want a deal. I want to clear at least a little bit of my name.” The blonde’s red painted lips spread into a wide smile. “Perhaps…over coffee?”

“Coffee?” Beca asked. “You want to get coffee with me?”

“Yes. Maybe now. Most coffee shops don’t close until 10 and its only…” the Kommissar glanced over at her watch. “…8:45.”

Beca could only stare and managed out a “sure.”

The Kommissar smiled and took one of Beca’s hands, lacing their fingers together and leading Beca out of the locker room.

“It will be fun…” the blonde promised and turned back to wink at the small brunette.
He Ignores You

Harry: “What are you thinking about getting?” You question, crawling into his lap as he sits on the couch, a Top Gear rerun playing on the television. “This,” he says, holding his hands up to your face, forming a box around your features. You roll your eyes, “What are you really getting?” You push his hands down from your face. “I’m being serious.” No he wasn’t. Was he? “Harry you don’t expect me to believe that you’re actually going to get my face tattooed on your body,” you counter, leaning away from him a bit. “Oh, but I am, Zayn got Perrie.” He reaches back to grab his phone off of the arm rest, pulling up the sketch the artist drew of you for him. “Harry!” You whine, looking at the picture in horror. He just laughs, placing his hands on yours to balance you as he gets up from the couch. “My appointment is in fifteen, I should be going.” “Harry,” you spit, your eyes and tone showing your seriousness. “It will look fine,” he assures you. “No! Harry you can’t do this.” “Why not? Are you planning on breaking up with me or something?” “Well no, but that doesn’t mean you need to go and get something ridiculous like my face tattooed on you.” “Don’t put yourself down like that,” he jokes, patting your shoulder as he slips on his boots and grabs his keys. “Harry, for the love of God, don’t do it.” He leaves you with a smile, shutting the door behind him. Traffic makes him twenty minutes late for his appointment, but of course his artist kept the schedule open. “Hey mate, ready?” He questions once Harry finally walks through the door. “Yeah, sorry, traffic was crazy.” “Don’t worry about it, let’s get you in the chair.” Harry follows him through the shop and into the empty room that he had been in so many times before. He slips his black t-shirt off, laying it over the back of the chair before sitting down, exposing the blank canvas that was his right arm. “So we’re still going for this, right?” The man questions, holding up the sketch of you. Harry looks it over, smiling at how detailed and beautiful it was. “I was actually thinking you could maybe freehand something for me instead.” Harry had thought his decisions over while the traffic kept him stuck on the A1, coming to the conclusion that you would take a knife to his arm to remove any trace of your face if he actually went through with this. You weren’t as understanding as Perrie. “Sure man, what were you thinking?” “Can you just do a pink bow, like here on my wrist,” he says, holding his left arm out, turning it over to find an empty place. “Pink bow?” The man questions. “Marie’s bow. From the Aristacats? It’s her favorite Disney character.” The man smiles and nods. “She wasn’t too happy about the whole portrait thing, was she?” “Not at all,” Harry laughs, shaking his head. This was a small gesture towards his feelings for you, although still very permanent. 

Liam: No. Whatever he wants, no. You look down at Liam’s phone screen as it displays Andy’s name. “No,” you answer before he can even say a word. “I haven’t even said anything.” “Whatever you’re wanting him to do, no.” He had drug Liam out every night this week, spending most of their nights with their beloved Buddha. “Oh, come on,” Andy begs. “No! He can stay in one night,” you explain. “But it’s Friday night!” His tone was turning from whine to harsh. “He’s not coming out.” “God you’re such a bitch sometimes.” At that you hang up the phone, you hated Liam’s friends sometimes. “Who were you yelling at?” He questions when you walk up to join him in the office, watching as he signs a stack of posters for charity. “Andy.” “Why? What did he want?” “What do you think he wants?” Liam chuckles, despite your clear annoyance with the phone call. “When is he coming to get me?” You roll your eyes. “He isn’t.” “Why not?” He turns around to look at you. “Liam, you’ve been out with him every night this week. Don’t you think you should stay home at least once?” “Babe, I’m only on break for another week, and Andy and I rarely get to see each other.” “We were just with him like a month ago!” Liam gets up from his seat at the desk, pushing past you to retrieve his phone from the living room. You scoff, rolling your eyes in the process. “Why can’t you just stay in?” You question, once Liam had returned upstairs, having called Andy back to get the night’s plans in order. “Because he doesn’t come with me on tour, you do.” What difference does that make? You weren’t seeing the point he was trying to make, unsure if there was a point at all. He leaves the office as is, closing the French doors behind him before making his way to the bedroom to get dressed. You sit on the bed, watching him blatantly ignoring your request for a night in. You say nothing though as he steps into his black jeans. There was no point in fighting him over it. He is going to do what he wants; he has the right to after all. He brings his hand around the back of your neck, pulling you into him as he presses a kiss to your forehead. “Please don’t be upset.” You nod slowly, unsure of how you feel at this moment. You watch as he walks out of the bedroom and listen for the front door to shut behind him. Andy had won this time.

Niall: Anywhere but here, that’s where you wanted to be. You had sat in this stadium twice this week already, now this makes it three. “Come on, Derby!” Niall moans on the edge of his seat. You roll your eyes. You were fine with the first game, even cheering on his favorite team and drinking with him and his friends. The second one was attended with less enthusiasm than the first, but you still drank and cheered when the right team scored. Today, though, you were feeling nothing. This was not where you wanted to be. You wanted to be in London, doing anything but watching football. Literally anything. Niall was still on break; he had less than a week left home. You wanted to spend as much time as possible with him before he returned to America until October. This is what was required of you to accomplish that though. You had to be here in order to get your time in with him. You would use this experience to remind your future self to stay in London when he came to games. You would find other ways to be with him because three games in one week was just too much. You sigh loudly, crossing your arms in the process, hoping to catch Niall’s attention. That was hopeless though. He would never take his eyes off of the pitch, no matter how annoyed or fed up you acted. You had even gotten up and walked away a few times. Nothing. He didn’t even bother to ask you where you had been for the fifteen and twenty minutes you had paced the concession area. “Niall,” you finally say, giving up completely on trying to send him subtle hints. He only mumbles in return, his elbows on his knees, his hands covering his mouth as he stares down the pitch. Shaking your head you turn from him, settling into your chair, looking at the clock to see how much longer you had to endure this. Too long. 

Louis: The kitchen was empty. Apart from you, of course. You had sent your guests, your friends from college, to the living room. You had invited them; you weren’t going to make them help you cook. However, the idiot walking around like he hasn’t got a clue about the world is a different story. How does he not see that you need help? You were preparing several tasting trays, trying to prove to everyone that you were actually learning something from culinary school. There was so much happening in this kitchen right now, and it was all up to you to make sure it was perfect. You could hear the laughs from the living room, Louis’s included. You shake your head at his ignorance. You had told him before they had even arrived that you would need his help preparing everything. Yes, he had brushed your request off, but you didn’t actually think he would leave you. “Louis!” You call out. You really needed help. Nothing. You turn back to the stir the boiling pot in front of you, preparing to plate the small dishes. “Did you need something?” One of your friends asks as she walks up to the breakfast bar, sitting her wine glass down amongst the small dishes and trays. “I just needed Louis for a second, but I’m good now,” you lie, and she smiles, nodding her head and picking back up her glass to return to the group. You continue to plate the food, giving everything one last taste before you’re ready to bring them all to the dining room. You look over what you had spent the last three hours creating; it was impressive. The vast array of hors d'oeuvre, small entrees, and bite sized desserts covered almost the entire table. You were very pleased with the outcome, and with yourself for accomplishing it all. “Alright you all, let’s eat,” you call out as you place utensils with the trays. As everyone settles into their designated chairs, you watch as they mull over the options in front of them. “Okay, so you have to try everything. There’s enough for everyone to have at least one of everything,” you explain to the group as they look over everything. “This looks amazing,” Louis says walking around to you, having been standing by the window during your instructions. He slips his arm around your hip, pulling you into him, a proud smile on his face. “No thanks to you,” you comment, annoyed, pulling from grasp to head back to the kitchen to take your apron off and wash your hands before returning to the group.

Zayn: You didn’t mean to do it. Well, maybe you did. No. You definitely didn’t mean to do it. It doesn’t matter. You had stayed at work long enough to keep him waiting at the restaurant for over an hour. You knew what you were doing. You just couldn’t get away from the paperwork. A large stack of it had been sat on your desk fifteen minutes before it was time for you to leave for the day. You knew you weren’t going to just let it sit there. You knew you were going to work through it until you finished it, not wanting to have to see it back on your desk Monday morning. You hadn’t called him to tell him though; that part had slipped your mind completely. You worked into the night, only looking down at the clock on your computer screen once as it showed you how angry he would be with you. When you finally left the office, four hours after you were supposed to, you called him. He was livid, hanging up on your explanation. You hadn’t been able to reach him since. You had called him multiple times, leaving him endless voice mails and text messages with explanations of the situation that you had brought on yourself. You apologized profusely. Not being able to promise it wouldn’t happen again was what was keeping him from returning your calls. He knew that even if you did say you would never let work get the best of you again that you wouldn’t be telling the truth. It wasn’t really fair though. Work had kept him from dates before, and you had never been this angry with him. Disappointed, yes, but always ready on the other end when he called to apologize. It was something he needed to work on, he knew this. However, you knew it wasn’t fair to him to keep him waiting at an empty table without even a phone call to tell him you wouldn’t be making it. However, you had given up on trying to reach him at this point. He didn’t seem interested in making amends right now. You would wait it out, he always came around. But this was something that needed to be fixed with more than just an “I’m sorry.”  

April Foolishness

Based on the idea that instead of celebrating Christmas, Hannibal and Will send gifts on April 1 to all their favorite fools. Somehow this bit of crack turned into 2,000 words. I don’t even know. 

This is set in the Say Cheese ‘verse, so I’m going to tag @damnslippyplanet and @wrathofthestag, because it is crack-tastic.

         “Alright people, you know why I’ve called you here today.” Jack Crawford blustered into the Quantico conference room and slammed some files onto the table. Price and Zeller trailed behind him with a few reports in their hands. The room smelled of stale coffee and last night’s takeout, it suited Crawford’s wrinkled shirt and strained expression.

         “Because you’ve failed yet again to catch the Murder Husbands? What’s this make? Five years in a row?” Freddie drummed her nails on the table, earning a scowl from Alana, who sat across the table with Margot.

         “LOUNDS! I will have you removed from this building.”

         “Hannibal sent me a tongue, Jack. You want me to report that the FBI no longer investigates Hannibal Lecter’s gift baskets if they don’t like the recipients?”

         Jack stared at her hard, trying to figure out the best way to yell her out of the room. He raised a hand.

         “One more word, Lounds.”

         Freddie opened her mouth into a little “o” and pretended to quake in her seat. She heard a hissing sound and looked to her left, where Frederick Chilton, or what was left of him, seemed to be trying to derisively snort.

         “Anyway, we are all here because yet again Hannibal and Will have deemed us worthy recipients of gifts.”

         A giggle rang out in the room, drawing Jack’s attention away from his notes. Bedelia du Maurier held up a hand in apology, opened her purse, removed a water bottle and began guzzling.

         “I’m terribly sorry, Agent Crawford. I merely find the timing amusing, April first. We’re their April Fools. Yet again.” She finished the contents of bottle, reached in her purse, and pulled out another water bottle. Freddie raised an eyebrow, Bedelia raised the bottle in a mock toast.

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Job Opportunity

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Words: 1744

Summary: Jensen gets a callback for the movie, and makes a proposition to the director.

Part 34 in The Future Series.  Read Part 10 here, Part 11 here, Part 12 here, Part 13 here, Part 14 here, Part 15 here, Part 16 here, Part 17 here, Part 18 here, Part 19 here,Part 20 here, Part 21 here, Part 22 here,Part 23 here,Part 24 here, Part 25 here, Part 26 here,Part 27 here, Part 28 here, Part 29 here, Part 30 here, Part 31 here, Part 32 here, Part 33 here, and Part 34 here.

Really excited to write Ten Inch Hero into this series. It’s one of my favorite movies, and Jensen is just fantastic in it. Anyways, enjoy!

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Part One of a story I’ve been working on. Because the world needed another Hades/Persephone re-telling.

The door opened with a quiet chime, tearing Hades’ eyes away from the screen of his phone. The tan-skinned, auburn-haired customer waved before moving between the shelves of liquor and Hades grunted “Hello” in response before returning his gaze to his phone. The guy was good-looking for sure, be not enough to pull Hades from his game. With the 93% of the world infected, 76% and rising dead, he was so close to winning this level of Pandemic and he didn’t want to miss a moment of his victory. With the cure at 91%, Hades was worried that if he looked away and stopped popping the various bubbles, he’d lose. Although his death toll was now had 83% so he hoped it would be okay. He could hear the customer puttering around in the beer section as his fingers tapped on his screen, upgrading the symptoms as fast as he could. At 95% dead, Hades let the anticipation wash over him, unable to contain his grin. 96%. 97%.

The customer coughed, suddenly in front of the check-out counter. For a moment, Hades considered ignoring them. Instead he glared up at him, watching the man shift nervously under his gaze. The man had yet to place his purchase on the counter—Hades raised a scrutinizing eyebrow at that, to which the man flinched.

 “Can I help you?” Hades asked after a few more seconds, giving one final glimpse at his game. He’d won, although he’d missed the satisfaction of witnessing those last few moments. Ah well. At least he could now say he’d beaten it. Hades looked up to see the man before him shifting with unease as he placed a pack of Seagram’s Coolers on the counter.

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but imagine this concept

haruka nanase, aged 18

know how to user the computer!!!!!



haru knows how to use the computer AND EVEN the internet. he can even type in the address. and write a blog. in fact he’s p popular on pixiv.

(altho he prefers drawr or tegaki because uploading pictures on pixiv is bothersome)

aaaaaaaaaand at first he was drawing only water and water stuff like oceans and waterfalls, and people LOVED THEM (and still do!!) because they were not only aesthetically beautiful but also had Soul, as if the artist was born in that place and knew everything about it. he’s kinda known as that wild dude who draws rad-ass water pics….. but is lazy as heck, as people realised when someone told him to release a book and he was like, ……..that would require me doing addional work. mmmmmgh

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anonymous asked:

Can you do #5 where killian is the one with chicken pox because he's obv never been vaccinated? 😁

#5:  “I didn’t think chicken pox was still a thing but apparently it is because you’re sitting here miserable and i’m trying to comfort you with my rlly dumb jokes and i dont know how to fix this”

So I sense that you didn’t mean for this to be an AU but I got another prompt for canon!Killian getting sick on Christmas so that’s coming as well ;)
This however is a mash-up of co-workers AU+secret crush AU+sick!Killian+Christmas overtones so… xD Hope you enjoy!

Tea, Vaccines and Other Necessities; ~ 2, 300 words; also on

Killian Jones is not Emma Swan’s favourite person.

He is way too flirty and way too confident, he has the attention span of a six-year-old and he eats too much candy and leaves the wrappers everywhere, he always prepares his presentations in the last minute and yet they are absolutely flawless,  his dimples are really noticeable, his hair always looks good, he always, always, holds the door for her, he either leaves all the windows in the office open and soon papers are flying everywhere or he cranks up the heater until Emma is dripping sweat over her keyboard, he is obnoxious, and scatter-minded, and really, really attractive, and he starts singing Christmas carols the second Halloween is out the door, and he forgets to turn off his computer three days out of the work week and he is clueless when it comes to office drama and he is way too into STAR WARS and his laugh is like seriously loud, and he smells really good, and he is too competitive and too honest and too… Irish.

Killian Jones is most definitely Emma Swan’s favourite person.

And it is the best kept secret she has ever had.

Emma is actually ridiculously proud of herself for having managed to keep all of their co-workers and Killian himself from finding out what she really thinks of the Irish menace. Especially considering all the things she happens to do for said menace.

Emma is now in charge of supplying the office kitchenette with drinks and snacks because… well, you see, Mary Margaret used to get this tea that Killian said was absolute crap but after she changed three brands the brunette finally gave up and told him to lower his tea standards. But Emma happened to know where they sold Killian’s favourite brand. About half way across town. Mary Margaret was probably the nicest person in the office but even she wasn’t that nice. And so Emma had to take over supplying the office cabinets and, naturally, pretend she had no idea Killian approved of the tea brand she bought (as well as those gingerbread biscuits).

Emma is now in charge of supplying the office with stationery because… well, you see, Killian is left-handed but, of course, he’d joke around and complain about every silly, little thing just to be annoying but he wouldn’t actually ask David to buy left-handed scissors just because of him. And so Emma had to take over stationery and, naturally, pretend she had bought left-handed scissors by mistake (as well as those colourful paper clips that Killian claims made everything much easier and ‘cheerier’).

Emma also happens to be the one that turns off Killian’s computer three days out of the work week.

And the one who orders Subway for the whole damn office when it’s 3pm and Killian has yet to eat anything.

And the one who last Wednesday snuck around to his desk to retrieve his lost word doc, after he took a break from swearing at his computer and went to make himself a cup of tea.

And the one who in October snuck a beanie in his satchel, whose origins Killian tried to puzzle out for a week before the temperatures really dropped and he just started wearing it.

And the one who marched into Regina’s office when she found out that Neal Cassidy from the other department was trying to blame a missed deadline on Killian.

And the one who is currently knocking on Killian Jones’ door because it’s 6:35pm on a Monday and he failed to show up for work or call anyone and… well, she was unable to come up with a sneaky way to check up on him.

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The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year #4

Christmas Preference Part 4 (Matt, Nash, Sam) 


Matt wanted to upload a Christmas Q&A featuring you. Of course, you were nervous about it because this would be the first time that you would be in one of his videos. You did not want to mess up or embarrass Matt.
“You’ll be fine” Matt says looking up at you while fixing the camera
“What makes you think i’m not fine?” You ask 
“I know you,” Mat smiles “and I can just feel your nervousness" 
He stops what he’s doing and kneels down so he can be face to face with you while you are sitting on a chair. 
"I know everybody will love you and you won’t mess up, alright?” You grin at him and he laughs. It was a mystery but you didn’t know how Matt knew when something was wrong. He’d always know even when you don’t even say anything. He just knew. After he had finished setting up, you both sit down ready to film. 

“Hey, guys. I know it’s a little late but i’m doing a Christmas Q&A with my girlfriend, y/n” He says and you wave. “I asked you to send us some questions on twitter about anything related to Christmas so let’s get started” Everything was off to a good start, you and Matt were answering questions and laughing and you didn’t end up embarrassing yourself. 
“@lovespinosa asked you a question, y/n and it is ‘What did you get Matt for christmas?’” You grin. 
“Well, I got him some bagels and underwear…just kidding" 
"I wouldn’t mind if she got me bagels which she didn’t but if she did i’d love it because I love her." 
You blush before saying, "You’re such a big cheese ball, Matt.” After that you finish up all the questions and then cuddle up to watch some Christmas movies on Netflix. 


It was the day after Christmas and you and Nash had decided to spend the whole day together. You couldn’t wait because you hadn’t been able to spend a lot of time with him because he had been really busy. You were packing you bags to spend the night when you get a call from Nash. 
“Hey! I’m so excited about today” You exclaim
“About that” Nash says
"I’m sorry, I forgot that today was the day that I have to film my sketch" 
"I’m so sorry, babe. I love you” He apologizes again before hanging up. 
You look at your phone and let out a 'ugh’ and just as your about to throw you stop. You didn’t want to break your new phone. It may be selfish but you were angry. It was the holidays and he was still working. At this point, you didn’t know when you were going to get time together. Sighing you look for the ice cream from your fridge. You had decided to have a 'me’ day and eat ice cream and watch movies. 
Hours have passed when you hear your door bell ring and you force yourself to get out of bed while suppressing a groan. It’s almost 6pm and you’re not expecting anyone. 
“Who is it?”
“It’s Nash” You open the door and go back to the bedroom. 
“Don’t be like that, y/n,” Nash says, he walks into your room to see your bed filled with packets of food “Woah" 
You continue to ignore him and keep watching your movie.
"You’re giving me the silent treatment now, really?” He climbs into bed your bed and tries to lie next to you but you scoot. You keep doing this and soon you’ve fallen off the bed and Nash is laughing uncontrollably. 
“Shut up” You groan
“She speaks,” He says and then helps you up of the floor. “Look i’m so sorry. I’ve missed you all day. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.I promise i’ll spend tonight and tomorrow with you. Okay?”
“This isn’t the fault in our stars, Nash but okay” He kisses you and you climb into bed together. You ended up doing some unspeakable things that night. 


You and Sammy had just gotten a house together and Christmas day had arrived. You quickly got up and was going towards the door when you hear Sammy’s sexy morning voice.
“Not so fast”
“What? I want my present.” You say trying to back out of the door.
“Yeah but you have to wait for me too” He says smirking at you.
“Really? Well, I don’t care” You run as quick down the stairs as you can and you run into the living room towards the tree. Just as you are about to open your present, Sammy grabs you and picks you up. You squeal and squirm begging for him to put you down but he won’t listen to you. 
“Come on, Sammy. This isn’t cool,” He ignores you and carries you back up the stairs and into bed “So you expect us to stay in bed all day, it’s christmas!" 
"Yes, I want to stay in bed and cuddle with you in this new house. Think of all the things we can do now." 
"Oh My God. You’re such a perv, Sammy” You exclaim and attempt to get out of bed again
“Fine. Let’s open up our presents and then we can do other stuff” He sighs getting out of bed with you. Both of you spent the rest of the day cooking together, having a two-man party and other stuff. It was the first Christmas you had alone with Sammy and the best Christmas you had. 

[That is Part 4 The last part is coming up soon. I’m sorry if you didn’t like the Sammy one or all of them. I take requests so don’t forget to ask. Hope you enjoy peeps] 

Innocence and Arrogance Entwined (R)

Pairing: Kurt/Sebastian

Summary: Sebastian always gets what he wants. At least until he meets Kurt Hummel.


The title is from The Last Shadow Puppets’ song - My Mistakes Were Made For You. You can listen to it here

Sebastian always gets what he wants.

He is a persistent and he’s proud of it. He always gets what he wants.

His childhood was toys whined out of his parents, frequent trips to Disneyland and ice cream before dinner. At school it was getting better grades than everyone else, having the hottest girlfriend and, after he figured some stuff out, the hottest boyfriend. Then it was having his dick sucked at the particular tilt of his head, then the title of the captain of Warblers and whatever vintage cars he wanted.

That was until he met Kurt Hummel.

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