man meme

callout post: captainvatican

- dad jokes

- personification of “makes one last pun before he dies”

- also personification of “Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST?!”

- well actually just a personification of tomics comics tbh

- encroaching on my Captain™ territory like the mEME HE IS

- is basically my brother and therefore T R A S H

- smol(?) and ready to brawl

- everything is “lit”. no brandon. no it’s not. not everything is “lit”. you’re embarrassing the children.

- actual Suburban Wine and Soccer Mom™ confirmed

- “*breaks down door* DID SOMEONE SAY KINGDOM HEARTS????!?!!??”


ximajs  asked:

I'm picturing you opening a cupboard and children falling out like tribbles. And also that One Punch Man meme where he's like "who is this rude child" or whatever but instead "who are these children".

probably pretty accurate :-)