man meets the sea

“Are you seriously kissing my sister now?”

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Hi! Congrats on the new blog! Could I request a one-shot where reader is Anthony’s little sister, and she has a huge crush on Sebastian, and Anthony surprises her by taking her the set, and she meets all the cast, when she meets Sebastian he’s shirtless from training and she gets flustered and shy? With lots of brother sister love and Sebastian fluff? Please and thanks :)

I accidentally made Sebastian single. Why the hell not? (I am aware he has a girlfriend though but shh)

You were excited the moment your brother, Anthony, had told you he got into MCU as Sam Wilson. You were more than proud of the things he had accomplished and this new adventure sure proved of his talent. It took you quite some time to figure all of it out though. Anthony sat on your couch, going through his script when you suddenly dropped the glass you were holding. “No way,” you exclaimed, your eyes wide as you glared at your brother. “What?” He looked at you worriedly, getting up to help you clean the floor that was now covered in glass and water.
“What was the name of the movie again?”
“Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”
“Winter Soldier… Sebastian Stan? Oh my God. You didn’t tell me that.” You exclaimed, sitting down and staring at him. He just laughed in your face as you looked at him in utter shock. “He’s nice, yes.”
“He’s nice? You met him already?”
“Oh yes, I met Sea Bass.” He nodded, trying to understand what was up.
“Sea Bass? You two have nicknames for each other?” He still looked at you puzzled as he had picked up all of the glass and was about to go throw it away. “Yeah. He calls me Mack Attack.” Silence settled in the room as you started to help him clean up the excess water. It was when the both of you sat down, about to start the movie that he suddenly understood. “Wait. Wait, wait.” He said, looking at your DVD collection. “You have a crush on him, don’t you? Awww! Y/N has a crush on Sebastian Stan, huh?” You looked at him in horror, turning red. “No! No! I don’t! What has you thinking that?” You giggled nervously. He smirked at you as you tried to look away, casually starting the movie. “Fine. You don’t. That’s what the amount of movies he’s starring in, standing right there at the top shelf explains. How cute! Now, let’s get this movie night started.” He said as he stole he popcorn from your lap.

Months had passed since the night that Anthony got to know your ‘little’ crush on Sebastian. He hadn’t brought it up since and you were grateful. You were trying to erase that memory for your mind as filming had started for Anthony. You were enthusiastic to hear stories about his life on set when he had time to call. He had asked to come and visit Atlanta because he wanted to actually see you. The plan was to meet up on the day he was off and grab a coffee, maybe even take you some sightseeing and shopping. You were happy that he had invited you, you hadn’t seen him in a pretty long time. He picked you up at the airport and brought you back to his place. After he had shown you your guest room, you settled yourself, unpacking and taking a quick shower. That night had been easy, there was take-out and casual talking. You found the stories about Chris slipping amusing, the ones about Sebastian falling face first into a mattress while jumping down almost leaving you to tears from laughter. The moment he told about his own fails though, you lost it. You laughed for ten minutes, seeing him fall over or mess up or trip over something.

The next morning he woke you up at an ungodly hour. “Leave me alone,” you moaned, pulling the covers he had pulled away from you roughly back over you. You hid your head under the covers as he tried to take them away again. “I’m going to throw ice water over you if you don’t get up in five minutes, Y/N. I’m not kidding.”
“Threatening me now, huh?”
“It’s more of a promise.”
You laughed loudly at his response, getting up despite still feeling tired. You got dressed quickly, dressing casually as you decided on wearing a pair of jeans and an oversized t-shirt. It took you a ten minute ride to realize where you were headed. “You’re taking me to set?”

“Gotta meet the man of your life, right? Sea Bass knows you’re coming, don’t worry. Maybe he even bought you your engagement ring already!”

You glared at him, debating whether or not to punch him. Settling on giving him the silent treatment, you looked out of the window as you saw him pull up. He got out of the car quickly, opening the door for you. “So, this is where you work?”
‘Depends. At this moment, yes. Come on, let’s go meet everyone! Bet your little crush is so excited to meet you!” You rolled your eyes, following him as he walked towards a  group of people. “Hey guys!” Anthony enthusiastically announced as he squeezed himself in the group. “This is Y/N. Y/N, meet Chris, Elizabeth, Robert and Scarlett.” You nodded at them, trying to figure out if you should shake hands or not. That question got answered as Chris engulfed you in a hug. “Nice to meet you, Y/N. We heard a lot about you.” Elizabeth was the next to give you a quick hug, followed by the rest of them. You had turned slightly red, the spontaneous behavior being something you weren’t exactly used to. You chatted for a while, talking about the most irrelevant and funny things. Anthony was glad as he watched you easily get accepted by the rest. You and Chris seemed to get along great, cracking jokes at each other. “Y/N, I need to go get ready and then go for a quick work-out. Do you want to join?” Anthony asked you. “Sure! Thanks, guys. It was really really nice meeting you all.” You followed Anthony towards his trailer, got a bottle of water out of his fridge and went back outside while he changed. You sat on the stairs of the trailer as you were slowly sipping on your water. The view that suddenly appeared in front of you, however, had you choking furiously on your water.

“Hey, you okay?” In front of you stood Sebastian, shirt in his hand as his chest was glistening with sweat. “I’m fine, I’m fine.” You nodded, thanking him for the concern. “Good. You had me scared for a second there. I’m Sebastian.” He said, as he held out his hand for you to shake. “Y/N.” You replied. “Oh, you’re Anthony’s sister?” You nodded. “I actually heard a lot about you! Nice to meet you.” You nodded, trying to look everywhere but him. “Likewise.” You said, making the mistake of looking up at him. You took your time, checking out his features as you awkwardly fidgeted with your water bottle and looking back away. “Can you put a shirt on?” You asked politely. He laughed. “I had expected you to enjoy the view.” He winked at you and you groaned, hiding your head. “You know, you’re adorable.” He laughed. “You’re handsome.” You retorted. “Oh, I know.” He laughed, pulling the shirt over his head. He went to sit next to you as you started a casual conversation. You got lost in his eyes, his voice luring you in. He was nice, even more so than you expected. You don’t know how he managed to be even more than you had thought he would be. As soon as he realized you were no longer listening, he got silent, looking into your eyes. He leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to your lips right as Anthony opened the door. “Sebastian!” He yelled loudly, the both of you jumping up. “Are you seriously kissing my sister now?” Sebastian looked at you with a face of terror as he gave you another quick kiss. “I’ll talk to you later, Y/N! I think I have to run for my life now!” You laughed loudly while he ran as Anthony was chasing him. “Sea Bass! For real, man! You’re lucky I love you!” You smiled as you watched the scene happen in front of you, Sebastian giving you a quick peck or a wink every time he ran by. You loved how this day turned out. It hadn’t only given you a bunch of new lovely friends, it had also gotten you the thing you had longed for the most. Sebastian Stan. You were sure Anthony was behind this, but you would thank him for that later. ‘Definitely later,’ you thought as you saw Anthony tackle Sebastian who yelled out a “what the hell, man! You approved of it before!”.

Also a big thanks to @evansscruff for rereading this for me and helping me out here :-)

The kitten//m.c imagine

A/N; so this is the first writing I’ll be posting on here so be kind. And thank you Vera ( @calumofficials ) for helping me edit ^^
I hope you people like it xx

Summary; Michael adopts the kitten you’ve been trying to adopt.

When you walk into the animal shelter for what must have been the fifth or sixth time this week, you are met with the cool breeze from the air conditioning and the lady whose name you’ve learnt to be Linda, standing behind the counter talking to a man. As the doorbell to the shelter rings, Linda and the man with the bleached, almost icy coloured hair turn around and look at you. You must admit you are taken quite off guard when you meet the sea green eyes that belong to the man who you now realise is holding the kitten you have been trying to adopt.

“That’s my kitten!” you state before quickly realising that you’ve spoken pretty blantly to the guy that you do not even know. As the socially awkward person you are, you place both your hands in front of your face and stand there waiting for a reaction as you feel your neck and cheeks heating up.
You hear a light giggle and carefully remove your hands from your embarrassed face. As you slowly look up you are once again met with those stunningly deep green eyes. The guy, whose roughly about your age, now has a smirk spread across his face which is just making your embarrassment worse.

“Actually love,” you raise your brows at his use of the usually endearing nickname, “I just signed the adoption papers for this little one.” He looks down at the little ball of fluff that is currently in his hands. You pout looking down at the kitten noticing the little x tattoo on the guy’s hand.

“But I’ve been trying to adopt him for over a week now.” You whine looking back up into his emerald eyes that you have to admit are quite captivating.

“Sorry there’s nothing that can be done now I guess.” He looks at you with as much sympathy you guess one would have for a stranger one just met. “Oh. okay I will just leave then.” You say, trying to hide the disappointment in your voice while turning around walking towards the door.

Just when you wrap your fingers around the cold door knob, the guy opens his mouth and hesitantly starts speaking, “If you want to, we can go for a cup of coffee and discuss sharing custody?” You turned around quickly looking at him with hope in your eyes. “Really? You would do that for a complete stranger?” He looks at you , clearly thinking about something and then placing the kitten in his hands into the nook of his arm so that he is able to stretch his hand forward.

“I’m Michael Clifford, I play guitar in a band and for some reason I often get called a kitten myself.” He puts on a charming smile and when you just look strangely at him he shakes his hand with you and tells you that it’s your turn.

“Umm, well I’m Y/N Y/L/N, I study acting and I love kittens?” You shake his hand and laugh a little thinking over how stupidly random this conversation really is. Michael looks down at the kitten and then back up at you.
“Would you look at that? Now we aren’t strangers anymore.”

the reincarnation au: ancient rome
  • root’s royalty. her parents are dead but she’s like the niece of the emperor twice removed or something and he doesn’t have any kids of his own
  • it’s greer and she hates him but she has access to a whole bunch of resources so she makes it work
  • he’s always trying to find her acceptable suitors and she’s Blatantly Not Interested and also always sneaking cute girls up to her room
  • they argue a lot. she never loses
  • she loves (LO V E S) ditching her security detail–an endless source of frustration for captain carter, who’s just trying to do her job and keep root safe–to slip into town
  • that’s how she meets sameen
  • on one of her trips into town she’s just meandering from stall to stall as usual. enjoying the freedom
  • and up ahead she sees a scuffle. dirt’s being kicked up, people are shouting and forming a ring around the fighters
  • root’s kind of party exactly
  • she pushes her way through the crowd and to the front of the ring to see two of greer’s guards having their asses handed to them by a girl who can’t be more than 5'2"
  • the crowd’s going nuts. this girl’s whaling on them. root’s turned on
  • she hears more shouting coming from behind her and glances over her shoulder to see half a dozen more guards headed their way
  • she slips into the ring–the girl is currently sitting on one guard’s chest and slamming his head against the ground repeatedly–grabs her by the shirt and pushes their way through the crowd
  • the little fighter is decidedly not happy to be rescued
  • “who the hell do you think–”
  • “unless you’re keen to see the inside of a jail cell you’re going to want to follow me”
  • the other girl glances over her shoulder to see the slew of guards trying to push through the crowd after them
  • she shakes herself free of root’s grip “you don’t have to hold my hand, i’m coming”
  • root rolls her eyes. they weave their way through the streets and the stalls and the crowds
  • they’re nearly trapped, eventually. guards coming up the street behind and in front of them
  • there’s a narrow alleyway to their left. a thin space between two shops just wide enough for them to squeeze into
  • root pulls her charge in after her
  • they end up VERY close. face to face, chest to chest, backs pressed up against the walls. they’re both breathing heavily
  • the guards run past them and they both let out sighs of relief
  • they stay put for a moment to catch their breath
  • “what do they call you?” root asks. the other girl narrows her eyes.
  • “you first”
  • “you can call me root”
  • “shaw”
  • root rolls that around in her mouth. “shaw. a pleasure”
  • she’s cute, this one. big dark eyes, hair tousled from the fighting and fleeing. root’s into it
  • shaw only grunts and checks the street. it’s clear
  • they slip back onto the street
  • “what happened back there?” root asks. shaw shrugs
  • “greer’s full of shit and so are his people. guards were giving a kid a hard time so i stepped in”
  • “admirable. you’re a fighter. careful, with that. greer’s always looking for gladiators to force into the arena”
  • shaw’s head snaps up. “go back. what’d you say your name was?”
  • “root”
  • “as in–”
  • “unfortunately”
  • shaw scowls. “am i supposed to bow? kiss your hand? call you Your Majesty?”
  • “if you’d like to keep all your appendages i wouldn’t recommend it”
  • shaw smiles a little at that
  • they spend the rest of the day together. at the market, then skipping stones down at the pond. shaw knows a spot away from the masses. they dangle their feet in the water
  • this becomes a regular occurrence: root escaping into town and meeting shaw at the pond. sometimes they still browse the market. sometimes root steals a basket and food from the kitchens before she leaves and they make a picnic of it
  • root never brings shaw back to the palace. she won’t risk her. for the first time she has someone she doesn’t want to lose
  • eventually she slips up. one of greer’s men, zachary, follows her when she ditches her other tails. follows her right to the pond, to shaw, who she greets with a kiss
  • they find themselves surrounded in no time at all
  • they’re dragged back to the palace and separated. shaw tossed into a cell, root locked in her room which may as well be
  • greer visits root
  • walks into the room sighing and shaking his head. “my dear samantha–”
  • “i have nothing to say to you”
  • “she’s a fighter, this friend of yours. knocked out two of my men and bit lambert before the others could restrain her”
  • root glares at him coldly
  • “it’s a pity, you wasting your time on a street rat like that. i’ve brought so many promising young men before you…”
  • root only glares. greer sighs
  • “i’ve come to offer you a proposition, my dear. a chance to save your friend. you choose a husband from those i’ve set before you, and i will give your friend a chance to save her own life”
  • root feels ill. she’s going to kill greer, she decides then. whatever it takes, she’ll bide her time, and she’ll be the one to watch the light drain from his eyes
  • “fine.” she spits. she chooses some bland man from an obsolete country across the sea. he couldn’t meet her eyes, she remembers. he’ll be easy enough to manipulate
  • greer sets the date for shaw’s trial. a big Public Event. the trial of the woman who dared to endear herself to the emperor’s charge
  • greer tells root the setup. two doors, shaw’s choice. behind one, a husband. behind the other, a lion
  • she’ll be armed with only a dagger. her fate is her own choice
  • captain carter is sympathetic, at least. she despises greer as much as anyone. she sneaks root down to the dungeon to see shaw
  • they grasp hands through the bars as root explains the situation
  • “sameen, it’s all my fault, i put you in danger, if i hadnt–”
  • “hey. it was my choice too. i don’t regret it.” shaw squeezes her hand
  • root’s in tears
  • “i’ll find out which is which,” she promises. shaw nods
  • “give me the lion”
  • root looks to her in alarm. “absolutely not”
  • shaw snorts. “im not gonna spend my life shacked up to some guy /greer/ picked out for me. and i get a dagger, right? that’s a fighting chance”
  • “against a /lion/, sameen”
  • “the lion. promise me.”
  • “i–i can’t–”
  • “root. please.”
  • root closes her eyes. nods as the tears start to fall. she cups shaw’s cheek through the bars
  • “goodbye, sameen”
  • shaw hears the unspoken “i love you” in her voice
  • “i know. me too” she whispers
  • the day of the trial, carter finds out which door contains which fate. she reports to root. door 1, lion. door 2, husband
  • shaw steps into the arena, blinking against the harsh sunlight. the crowd goes wild
  • greer smiles smugly from his seat beside root
  • shaw turns to look at them, her hand shielding her eyes from the sun
  • root has a choice
  • honor shaw’s wish. let her take her chance with the lion. watch her be torn apart in front of an audience of thousands
  • or have her dragged off and married to someone else. lose her anyways. this is the last time she’ll see shaw either way, root knows this
  • the lion or the husband
  • the lion or the husband
  • shaw is looking to her expectantly
  • root makes her choice
  • gives shaw the signal
  • shaw nods and turns away
  • root closes her eyes as greer bellows “BEGIN”