man man ha ni mv

kellyren92  asked:

Kpop fan ask: UKISS! 😉

fan or not
despite my ub leaving, I’m still a fan

how long i’ve been a fan
I’m not sure of the exact date, but around 2008-2009-ish? That’s when I was first introduced to kpop.

the first song i heard by them
man man ha ni

my favourite song as of now
cinderella, sad they never promoted it or made an mv for the song :( (also before yesterday…will never get over my bitterness of them not releasing the full version)

the first mv i saw
man man ha ni

my favourite mv as of now
neverland and tick tack

who my bias is
Does Kevin still count? If not, it’ll be my bias wrecker, Kiseop. (OMG How do I JUST realized that technically now Kiseop is my bias of the group uwu)

Thanks for asking :)