man made substances

anonymous asked:

So, you gonna draw anymore of the Danny Gomez Demons/Physical Hallucinations/Physical Manifestations of Corporeal entities derived from Hallucinatory substances? At the least, I want to know what "99" looks like. Is it a pill? A blunt? A needle? Some sort of... scented bath salt candle thing?

It’s a mysterious man-made substance of which it’s origin is not completely known. No one knows if it was made by some lone kook in a Breaking Bad-style meth lab or by a team of 50 scientists in a government bunker.

It comes in the form of semi-firm organic chunks/slivers that are white/pale lavender in color. If enough pressure is applied by your finger, they kinda crumble and splinter into smaller little bits. The preferred method of intake is to roll them up like weed and smoke UP.  Though one can crush them and mix them into food (however the taste in this manner is said to be heavily worsened). 

Only one small batch was ever produced (before the presumed source was killed or died), meaning there is only a tiny and finite amount of 99 in existence, making it nearly priceless.