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Breaking: Trump will withdraw US from Paris climate agreement

  • President Donald Trump is expected to pull the United States out of the historic Paris climate agreement on Wednesday, according to a report by Axios that was later confirmed by CBS News.
  • According to the reports, specific logistics on how are still being arranged by a team that includes EPA administrator Scott Pruitt.
  • The Paris agreement, in which the U.S. pledged to lower its greenhouse gas emissions 26% by 2025, was formally signed by 195 countries in December 2015. The pact is the world’s largest effort to reverse the damaging effectsof man-made climate change. Read more (5/31/17 9 AM)
Paris Accord

I am thankful for Minnesota Senator Al Franken for releasing this statement about the Paris Accord this afternoon. 

“President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement is a catastrophic mistake that puts the short-sighted interests of his friends in the fossil fuel industry ahead of the safety and security of American people and the future of our planet. The Paris climate agreement brought together virtually the entire world-195 countries-to recognize the basic fact that climate change is a real, man-made, existential threat to the planet that demands broad international action. We don’t have time to turn our backs on the rest of the world and bury our heads in the sand. We must address climate change now. The stakes are too high and the consequences too devastating to kick this problem down the road to future generations. Make no mistake, President Trump is not only ignoring scientific consensus-he’s putting our children and grandchildren at risk, weakening our economy, and undermining America’s credibility and leadership around the world.

I call on President Trump to immediately reverse this terrible decision.


I’ve always had it in my head that my sole purpose in life is to help other people and I was never sure how I could possibly make a career out of that. How is someone supposed to profit out of helping other people? For people who don’t know me very well or don’t spend enough time with me, it probably sounds like I’m exaggerating when I say that my sole purpose in life is to help people but I can’t see myself doing anything else.

My parents, being retired, want me to get a college education so I can get a decent job and have a nice life. So, in short, they want exactly what I’m assuming every parent wants for their child – to be financially stable. That being said, when I told them I wanted to major in political science, they immediately scoffed at the idea because they believe that there’s no scope for it in Sri Lanka because to become president here doesn’t necessarily require a college education. But what they fail to understand is that, my intention to pursue political science isn’t because I want to be in power one day but it’s because of the people who are in power today.

In school we are taught to be kind to one another, to share, to clean up our mess, and not to hurt others. I find it ironic how that’s what we are conditioned to do from a very young age yet our governments tend to go out and do exactly the opposite of what we’ve been told do. Developed countries bomb smaller countries and refuse asylum to refugees that are displaced because of the actions of these governments. According to Oxfam, the richest one percent of the world own as much wealth as the bottom ninety-nine percent combined. Even when we have more than enough, we are afraid to share. We are afraid to let go of some of our wealth. I’m not a communist but I’m not a capitalist either. I believe that we should work hard for our wealth but it should not be at the cost of someone else’s life. I don’t see the morality in having more money than one needs when twenty-two thousand children die each day due to poverty, and they die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the scrutiny and the conscience of the world.

Income inequality, poverty, and climate change are not heaven sent. They are man-made problems often, if not always, created by the politicians we elect to represent us: the people. Unfortunately, politics has become a competitive sport for some and the minute they come into office, they forget who they are representing and instead, focus more on re-election. Funnily enough, if they were to do what was best for the majority rather than their wealthy donors, then they wouldn’t need to worry so much on whether they would be re-elected or not.

Pursuing political science, I’m hoping, would allow me to gain the experience and understanding I need to be able to change the world one day. I understand how unrealistic or may be even overly idealistic that may sound, but I’m not afraid to risk my life or my well-being fighting for what I believe in. People can laugh at my “naivety” if they wish but someone has to do something, so why not me? What if Martin Luther King decided that racism would be too difficult of an obstacle to overcome? What if Nelson Mandela believed overcoming institutionalized racism and apartheid was unrealistic? What if Eleanor Roosevelt and Susan B. Anthony decided that fighting for women’s rights was overly idealistic? Where would we be today if they didn’t do what was once considered impossible? Just like them, I intend to pursue my goal despite constantly being told that it’s “silly” and “naive” of me to actually consider doing so.

- Rukshana Abdeen
BUSTED!! Pilot Filmed Chemtrail Live Spraying!

The amount of aerosol coming out of the jet on the right is unbelievable.

Looks like there is so much weight to it, with a rainbow color as well.

So what’s with the 3 jets…..chemicals to dangerous to put on the same jet or just that much weight?

They probably just get a more destructive mixture spraying it this way.

Like, yes, most studies I’ve seen agree that climate change isn’t entirely man-made, the Earth does have its cycles, but they also agree that yes, we are making it faster.

Enviromentalism isn’t about ‘aww protect the cute pandas!’

It’s about ‘we need to buy some time for ourselves, we need all the time we can get to adapt to the changing conditions, we need time to come up with plans and implement them to help as many people as we can to survive’.

The Earth will be just fine. Even Nature will be fine on the long run. It has seen worse. It’s humanity that’s going to go extinct.

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father u keep being Helpful Dad™ so how do I come out to an extremely conservative family who will think im invalid

ah that one’s my speciality: you don’t give a flying fuck about whether they think you’re valid. because you are.
donald trump not believing in man-made climate change doesn’t stop climate-change and your family being intolerant will never stop you from being valid and perfect the way you are. best of luck!

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Man made climate change is an undeniable fact!

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

There have been periods of cooling and warming since the beginning of time. The idea humans are able to change climate patterns seems rather messianic to me.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver pretty much nails the television news media’s treatment of the climate change (non)debate.

Come for the Bill Nye cameo, stay for the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence and universal consensus showing that man-made climate change is real and happening now.

Another way to sum up the problem with how climate change science is represented by the news: We have to tune in to comedy shows to get a straight look at the facts.


Climate change is already affecting 92,000 lives

There’s still a shocking number of people who don’t believe man-made climate change is real, but there are 92,000 people who will tell you they’ve experienced its consequences firsthand. Now a team of researchers is using their observations to add real human anecdotes to the growing body of evidence demonstrating climate change is real. How their lives are being disrupted.

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I'm sorry about the outcome of the election, Emma. I am sure that many people must feel a sense of betrayal towards a lot of their family/friends/neighbours etc who voted for Trump/third party, and are feeling lost and overwhelmed. I am not American so could you please tell me a bit about why Pence is so dangerous?

Ah, let’s see. Here are some fun facts about our next VP.

  • Pence advocated for conversion therapy, a practice that seeks to “change a person’s sexual orientation from gay to straight.” (x)
  • In 2015, Pence signed the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” a bill that made it legal for business or religious institutions to discriminate against LGBTQ+ individuals by asserting their “religious freedom.” (x)
  • Pence wants Roe vs. Wade (the Supreme Court decision that protects abortion) to be “sent to the ash heap of history.” (x)
  • In Congress, Pence has repeatedly sponsored legislation to give “personhood” rights to fertilized eggs, which would ban all abortions and possibly some forms of contraception. (x)
  • In 2007, Pence was the first member of Congress to introduce legislation to defund Planned Parenthood - this set off a trend that continues to this day and has gutted access to contraception, STI screening, and other basic health services, as well as abortion. (x)
  • After Pence cut funding for a rural Planned Parenthood, which was the only HIV testing center in Scott County, Indiana, it was forced to close its doors in 2013 and two years later, that county became the epicenter of an HIV outbreak (x/x).
  • Pence sponsored other extreme anti-abortion bills while in Congress, including one that would have that would have allowed Catholic hospitals to deny abortion even to pregnant women who would die without it. (x/x)
  • Pence signed every bill restricting reproductive health in Indiana that crossed his desk. (x)
  • Pence agrees with Trump’s plan to profile immigrants. (x)
  • Pence issued a discriminatory order barring Syrian refugee settlements in Indiana, which a judge ruled “clearly discriminates against Syrian refugees based on their national origin.” (x)
  • In 2014, Pence suggested that climate change being man-made isn’t a “resolved issue” in science. He also said in 2009 that science is “mixed” on the issue of global warming. (x)
  • In 2014, Pence overturned an energy efficiency program enacted by his predecessor, despite that fact that the Indiana Public Utility Commission estimated the program would create more than 18,600 jobs. (x)
  • While in Congress, Pence voted to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases and voted in favor of opening the Atlantic to offshore oil drilling. (x)
  • Pence has worked to build opposition toward the minimum wage. (x)
  • Pence has passed legislation that supports mass incarceration. (x)
  • Pence enacted harsh sentences for drug offenses, despite the fact that Indiana legal groups opposed the legislation. (x)
  • Pence believes that more gun ownership makes communities safer. (x)

And this isn’t even everything, but it should give you a good idea of why people should be very frightened of Mike Pence. Trump is absolutely despicable, don’t get me wrong, but Pence has a long track record of successfully pushing awful, discriminatory, and regressive policies. He also just holds a lot of terrible views in general, so we definitely wouldn’t want him as our president either.

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What steps can I take (other than the obvious recycling, water conservation, etc.) to feel less depressed about climate change? Sometimes it feels like people just don't care and it's really discouraging.

It’s not going away, that’s for sure and it’s not going to get better for a long long time. It’s really only going to get worse and our weather and droughts are only going to get more extreme. It’s all happening twice as fast as even the most dire of models had predicted. What engages people to take action in their lives, unless they are pretty conscious, is when something effects them directly. There will be no hiding from the effects of climate change. It will effect all peoples in all places and the effects will only become more acute over time and will only become more apparent that it is related to man made climate change. That will begin to accelerate care and action. The sooner we act the less political upheaval and social turmoil there will be. That said it’s still going to get ugly, there will be Climate Refugees and scarcity of food and water. There will be sea rise that will inundate coastal cities in the near future. The best thing you can start to do is to begin to electrify your life. The sooner we stop burning carbons, including “Natural Gas” the sooner we will start to diminish the harms of Man Made Climate Change. The good news is the technology we need to transition from a carbon energy world is at hand. The economics are on our side to make this transition. Awareness is building that this cleaner future is at hand, and people are already adopting Solar and Wind at a record breaking pace every single year. The cost of electric transportation is also plummeting. Global oil prices have artificially plummeted but that too is working in our favor with the most devastating extraction techniques being held at bay while the Clean Energy Revolution unfolds. It’s going to be slow going and we are going to have setbacks but the more we stay engaged the more we are willing to take direct action when the time comes the faster we will see a just energy system come into being. I would say have some faith, do what you can in little ways to decrease burning fossil fuels and tackle the big things like heating and cooling and transportation when you can. We are all in this together. This is the time when government can do a lot. It’s a lot like mobilizing for a war. No one every complains about that when the time comes to fight, they never think there is too much government then. This will be another kind of mobilization, a peaceful one that promises greater peace by manifesting it’s existence. 

LA County Cloud Seeding Charade and the Orgone Energy Cover-Up

In the past year, California has seen record breaking rains and a return of a normal hydrological cycle despite ardent media claims of endless drought.  From 2011 until late 2014, California had been mired in an engineered drought, caused by geoengineering programs to restrict rainfall.  Most people know of this as chemtrails, but there is more to weather modification than metals dispersed into the atmosphere.  Altering weather cycles also depends on manipulating the energetic qualities of the atmosphere and creating an unhealthy atmospheric state that inhibits cloud formation and can steer rain systems around target areas.  Likewise, if the desired effect is increased rainfall, this too can be accomplished energetically, as we have found using negatively ionizing technologies and orgone energy.

Los Angeles County started using cloud seeding to induce rainfall this week, even though rain has been abundant this season.  The media claims that “El Nino” is the reason for this increase in rainfall, even though every El Nino reported in the past few years has been “mysteriously” squashed.  Of course to anyone aware of the rain suppressing geoengineering in California, the wall of aerosols holding back storm systems over the Pacific was the reason we didn’t see much rain.  The natural cycle in California is dry most of the year with a wet winter and spring.  The media, beholden to the corporate interests behind suppressing the rain, creates the impression that rain is not normal anytime in California, and if it happens, it is because of an anomalous warm spot of water in the ocean near Peru, called “El Nino.”  Because of the widespread distribution of thousands of orgone energy devices into the environment statewide, the rainfall has returned to normal and then some.  California had record breaking rains during the regularly dry months of May, June, and July this past year.

Cloud seeding is being used to supposedly capitalize on the incoming rain storms.  It can only be done when there are already clouds in the sky, and depends on the dispersal of silver iodide into the atmosphere.  It is curious that LA County would be concerned with creating rain, while allowing geoengineering to continue overhead.  It would seem that if the county wanted rain, they would ban the injection of aluminum, barium, and strontium into the air, and the weather weaponry associated with the rain suppression.  But instead they continue to allow these destructive programs while injecting additional toxins of silver iodide and the highly hazardous material, acetone into the air, among other metals and toxins.  

Rather than using airplanes to disperse these materials, the county is shooting them from devices in the San Gabriel Mountains near various washes and watersheds.  It is unclear how releasing materials at this altitude will affect the clouds above, but it seems certain that they pollute the surrounding land when they come back down.  In addition, silver iodide is not particularly effective in inducing rainfall.  According to Jeff Tilley, of the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada, in an NPR article from Jan. 2014, cloud seeding only works in specific conditions and even with the right temperature and clouds present, “What we find is a range of anywhere between 8 and 15 percent increase in water.”  Since orgone energy has created so much rain in Southern California, the cloud seeding is not necessary, unless it is being used to cover the fact that orgone has already done the job.  Additionally, there are companies working with environmentally safe alternatives using negative ions to form clouds with success, including Earthwise and Ionogenics.  This technology, like orgone, is in harmony with the Earth’s natural processes.  It would make more sense to use a safe technology rather than a polluting one with a dubious success rate.

Photo of cloud seeding in the Pasadena foothills, credit KTLA

It is increasingly difficult to find accurate data on actual rainfall in California due to a cover-up that extends beyond the media and government silence on weather modification.  The media reports on rainfall, but downplays the numbers, and generally adds that the rain will not end the drought.  This cover-up is undoubtedly to protect the corporate backers of the rain suppression programs, including Monsanto with the agenda to monopolize the food market and Nestle to take control of California’s water.  It is very important to create the illusion of scarcity in order for these corporations to more easily control us.  But there is something more that even the independent media is missing.  This is the free energy discovery that tears down geoengineering and restores natural rainfall, orgone energy.  The geoengineering cover-up is tied in and intricately connected with the cover-up of the free energy source which cleans the atmosphere, restores rainfall, and has applications in human health to end disease, including cancer.  Wilhelm Reich discovered this energy, which is the life force pervading the Universe and is in all of us, the Earth, and the atmosphere.  This energy can be harnessed for many good uses.

In the early days of orgone experimentation, Wilhelm Reich was using this energy with his device, the cloudbuster, to restore rainfall to the Southwestern desert during a time of intense drought near Tucson, Arizona.  These experiments are documented in his last book, Contact With Space, documenting his work from 1951-1956.  In the course of his work, he created rain in the “American Sahara,” near El Centro, California.  Not only did the US Weather Bureau not report on the rainfall, but when his colleague, William Moise wrote a letter informing them of the rainfall and the reason for it, the reply received was a chilling two sentence letter thanking him for informing them of their activities.  It was not long after these experiments that Wilhelm Reich met the same fate as many others who have worked in free energy fields, his jailing and mysterious death at the hands of the US government.  This groundbreaking work, so carefully hidden from us for so long through the burning of Reich’s books by the government and the ridicule of the scientific discovery of “the life energy,” was the result of finding the source of drought, that it was unnatural to our Earth, and actually engineered.

Reich had found that by layering organic and inorganic materials, one could collect orgone energy out of the atmosphere and use it in an orgone accumulator, which was a box that a patient would sit in, to relieve cancer symptoms.  He also found that by directing it at the atmosphere, it could lift the deadly energy that was suppressing rainfall, and restore the life energy of the land where it was used.  Indeed Reich was the first to discover the manipulation of our atmosphere in climate engineering programs and the real reason for drought and desertification.  His goal was to end engineered drought, and the suppression of his work is a large part of why geoengineering has been effective in creating weather havoc and man-made climate change on Earth until now.

Today, there is an unorganized network of people around the world making orgone devices and restoring natural rainfall, while cleaning the chemtrail aerosols from the atmosphere and neutralizing the dangerous electromagnetic fields from weather weaponry used to manipulate the heavy metals in chemtrails.  Orgonite is the main device used.  It was invented by Karl Welz in the mid 90s out of resin and metal, organic and inorganic materials, and emits the subtle orgone energy for better health.  Don and Carol Croft had the idea in the early 2000s to make these devices in quantity and add crystals for more power, and to distribute them into the environment covertly, to clean the skies of chemtrails.  This effort has been taken on by many others since, including Georg Ritschl of Orgonise Africa, Dowin Gardner a.k.a. Orgonite Austin, and us here at Team Chembow.  There are many others in this network, which is growing every day.  We find that when an area is “gifted” with orgonite, there is a fast and noticeable change in the weather, with increased precipitation and healthier and more abundant plant growth.  We have been documenting these results for going on two years in California with photographs and written accounts.  Satellite imagery confirms that areas with high concentrations of orgone energy literally blow holes in the chemical blanket, revealing clean skies and allowing normal rainfall.  

Weekly rain estimate from Intellicast as of March 12, 2016.

In this season of restored rainfall throughout the state, with the news reporting storm after storm in California and record snowpack in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, it is an unusual choice for Los Angeles County to go to the drastic measure of introducing more toxins into the environment for a supposed tiny increase in rainfall.  The work is already being done, and it’s being done at a very low cost in comparison with cloud seeding, and without polluting the land or air.

The corporate owned government and media are grasping at straws now to cover up the drought they have caused and the solution of orgone, which not only rips their chemtrails to shreds, but is the key to the health and consciousness expansion of the entire human race.  They will say anything to draw attention away from the truth, which is that a few individuals in a guerilla weather warfare operation have torn down billions of dollars worth of environmental destruction by a parasitic “elite.”  There is nothing natural about this drought, there is nothing natural about cloud seeding.  We are taking back our power and that is the reason they cover it up first with the El Nino hoax and now with this cloud seeding, which is all for show.  If money makes them “elite,” then they can continue to think that they are.  It is knowledge and innovation, working in harmony with the Earth’s dynamics, that make us humans elite, using simple materials to undo decades, or more, of terraforming our world into a desert.  Seeing parts of California that have been brown and dead for decades green and blooming with poppies is proof enough that something has shifted here, and it’s not because this week some county officials decided to spew chemicals off a hillside.  

Congratulations on the recent construction of your Earthship in Huntington, Vermont. In light of growing threats posed by man-made climate change, your decision to create a home that is nearly one hundred percent sustainable is truly admirable. By using natural, everyday materials you are creating a habitat that works in unison with the environment, rather than against it. Instead of leaving old tires, bottles and cans to lie in waste, your home puts them to valuable use. The nation is in serious need of more forward thinking individuals such as you. Again, congratulations on your Earthship. I hope you enjoy living in your new home and continue to be a shining example of how people can live more sustainably. Sincerely, Bernard (Bernie) Sanders, United States Senator

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Why are so many celebrities using their voices to prevent oil pipelines? Clearly they are the safest and most environmentally friendly way. Greener energy is the way the future. I agree fully with slowly transferring to a new way in an appropriate time. Also why should I listen to a "celebrity" and not a regular person? Is using your fame to alter minds ethical? If you are against oil and gas, are you willing to take all oil products and bi-products out of your life completely and live hippy?

Pipelines are leaking constantly and explode and burst, we hear about it in the news once a month but there are thousands of incidents a year. The problem is there proximity to water sources. Once and aquifer is contaminated it’s always contaminated. There is no going back. We simply can not drink oil water is essential for life, oil is not.

We all understand that Climate Change is real and man made. The sooner we stop burning oil and facilitate it the sooner we transition to Renewable energy. There is a lot each one of us can do without living like “Hippys” we can start making the transitions ourselves by leasing solar panels or updating our homes to be more energy efficient which we can do and have the savings we get from doing this pay for the upgrades. It’s called on bill efficiency upgrades. 

When celebrities get involved with a cause they believe in it’s usually because the people who started it aren’t being heard. A lot of people don’t want pipelines in their communities. It’s as simple as that. You probably wouldn’t want one going through your water supply like the folks in Standing Rock I am sure. Especially when you look at how many of them leak burst and explode. The CEO of Energy Transfer Partners Kelcy Warren  says so himself in a recent interview. 

He says he will not win an argument on pipelines failing but that is exactly the argument he must win when we are talking about the most essential element to all living things, Water. 

Does anyone think this looks like a healthy sky?  Do you think that what goes up stays up there?  It’s a chemical war zone in Southern California today.  This is man made climate change.  Don’t let the NWO fool you into thinking you are the cause of this mayhem.  This is all very much planned out and orchestrated by the evil elite.  They have us so dumbed down that we think these are clouds, like roaches think there is food in the roach trap.

photo credit: John Graf


4 Reasons Ted Cruz is Even More Dangerous than Donald Trump.  

1. Cruz is more fanatical. Sure, Trump is a bully and bigot, but he doesn’t hew to any sharp ideological line. Cruz is a fierce ideologue: He denies the existence of man-made climate change, rejects same-sex marriage, wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service, believes the 2nd amendment guarantees everyone a right to guns. He doesn’t believe in a constitutional divide between church and state, favors the death penalty, rejects immigration reform, demands the repeal of Obamacare, and takes a strict “originalist” view of the meaning of the Constitution.

2. Cruz is a true believer. Trump has no firm principles except making money, getting attention, and gaining power. But Cruz has spent much of his life embracing radical right economic and political views. 

3. Cruz is more disciplined and strategic. Trump is all over the place, often winging it, saying whatever pops into his mind. Cruz hews to a clear script and a carefully crafted strategy. He plays the long game (as he’s shown in Iowa).

4. Cruz is a loner who’s willing to destroy government institutions to get his way. Trump has spent his career using the federal government and making friends with big shots. Not Cruz. He has repeatedly led Republicans toward fiscal cliffs. In the Fall of 2013, his opposition to Obamacare led in a significant way to the shutdown of the federal government.

Both men would be disasters for America, but Ted Cruz would be the larger disaster.

So you love your children and grandchildren?
  • You have or want your beloved children or grand children to live happy & healthy lives.
  • You are living in the era of mass communication and you aren’t a complete buffoon.
  • You know (and probably ignore) that by 2040 potable water will be in short supply. 
  • You also know that environmental scientists, social scientists, the UN,scientific advisers to the President all say because of mas drought and famine, we will have resource wars by or before 2050. (Resource wars are real shooting wars for resources your children or grand children will be in).
  • You know by 2050 the human population of earth will be an unsustainable 9 billion people.
  • You know the oceans will be fished-out by the year 2050.
  • You know the Amazon rain forest (where most of our oxygen comes from) is being clear-cut at a rate of one to two acres per second 24/7 [60%. For cattle grazing, 20% for subsistence farming focusing on livestock, and 10% for large scale agriculture most of which is for livestock feed].
  • You know man made climate change caused by greenhouse gas is fueling the sixth mass extinction of species which likely will include your kids & grand kids.
  • You know 51% of greenhouse gas being pumped into the atmosphere comes from the meat & dairy industry.
  • You  know that by buying meat you are providing the incentive for producers of factory farmed meat & dairy producers to increase production.

  So how old will your beloved children and grand children be in 2050?  How old will they be when they die and what was your role in killing them?

How FEMA is Threatening Climate Change Deniers

Governors skeptical of man-made climate change are in for a rude awakening. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is going to start denying disaster-preparedness funds to governors who don’t have plans in place for climate change, according to Inside Climate News. The limitations don’t extend to disaster relief, but they do apply to funds that help states with projects aimed to mitigate future disasters.

“If a state has a climate denier governor that doesn’t want to accept a plan, that would risk mitigation work not getting done because of politics,” Becky Hammer, a lawyer with the Natural Resources Defense Council’s water program, told Inside Climate News. “The governor would be increasing the risk to citizens in that state [thanks to his views].”

Read more. 

Photo: NASA Goddard.