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So I'm planning a campaign where some kind of world-ending type of creature destroyed all sentient life. My PCs start out in a small city that planeshifted for some time to avoid the apocalypse. I plan on letting my players explore the world to find other settlements that survived. So my question is what other creative methods could they have used to escape destruction? (I already settled on some kind of fantasy kryosleep stuff and a city run completely by sentient constructs (think AI/robots.)

I’m going to start tossing out ideas, hopefully they’re helpful.

-A city of dwarves went extremely far into the earth to avoid the creature. They’re completely sealed off from the rest of the world by miles of stone, but have a functioning ecosystem in their man-made cave bunkers. 

-A colony harnessed a teleportation or blinking power a bit like that of a phase spider or blink dog, and changes locations so rapidly via teleport that it was never destroyed. The chances of it ever returning to a location are like being struck by lightening eight times at once.

-A town uses ghostly energy to remain in the Ethereal Plane at all times, even though all of the inhabitants are living. Only the gateways in and out reach into the material plane, and they rarely open.

-A city of ghosts or other intelligent undead springs up from the corpses left behind in the wake of the apocalypse. The undead coexist rather peacefully- almost eerily peacefully, since they don’t have much of a concept of time. 

-A wizarding school was able to put up an absolutely massive amount of force barriers / walls of force that prevented their destruction. To this day, a lonely wizarding city remains and runs off of magic due to an absence of other resources.

-A dwarven city that didn’t survive, except for the highest member of the clergy, who was in the deepest and best protected magical vault in the entire realm. Of course, vaults have gems. Specifically diamonds. The cleric has been slowly resurrecting most of the city.

-A druid / someone has found or created a Staff of the Woodlands. Using it, they have made a large population of animals and plants sentient and the wildlife has made its own settlements. 

-A mass of creatures wasn’t sentient at all when the world ended, but had the time to evolve and become more complex very quickly, and started a new set of civilizations. Maybe a time warp of some sort made the creatures change far faster than usual.


Like my father before me.


The world’s largest man-made ice cave is now open in Iceland where tourists can travel over 2,500 feet into the heart of one of the world’s largest glaciers, Langjökull  in the midwest highlands of Iceland.

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drabble request! Could you do a post break up with Ron Hermione like right after the war with Charlie? NSFW They are one of my more obscure otps, along with cemione

“This isn’t working.”

The words tumbled out of her before she could really examine them, almost in a panicked rush – like she understood that if she didn’t say it now, then by the time she realized she should, it would be far too late. Ron froze where he sat on the couch beside her. His eyes didn’t leave the television – he’d gotten very into football, since she’d introduced him to it – and for a moment she wondered if he hadn’t heard her.

But then he spoke. His voice was a whisper, ragged, like his heart was shattering. “I know.”

Hell, maybe his heart was shattering. She felt like hers was, too. Feeling tears sting her eyes, she slumped against the couch, pressing her fingertips against them to try and keep from embarrassing herself. Within seconds, she was gathered into his arms, tucked into his chest as she cried. 

She could hear him crying, too. It wasn’t fair, really. How could two people want something to happen so badly – and then it just didn’t? Love was capricious and cruel. 

She wanted nothing more to do with it.

Ron picked the pieces of himself back up, first, as he always did. It was a weird few months after the break-up, and she wasn’t going to lie to herself and say she didn’t feel a stab of jealousy when he began dating Luna. She liked to think it was okay as long as she didn’t act on it, and examined it long enough to realize that it was an infantile reaction.

Which it really was. She couldn’t possibly demand that she not have him and that no one else have him, either. A small part of her was happy for the both of them, and she could only hope that it would eventually grow larger than the part of her that wasn’t.

As for her, she dated no one, and threw herself into her job.

Romania was cold

Her boss had selected her to accompany him there to discuss the possible procurement of dragon eggs – someone up in the Highlands wanted to breed some, but unfortunately there weren’t any dragon experts to provide any details as to whether or not that would be feasible. It would be cheaper than importing them, though, so the Ministry was eager to see if it was possible.

And Hermione Granger was going because she was best friends with the brother of one of the leading experts in the field. Naturally. Did it matter that she only saw him on the occasional Christmas? 

Apparently not.

“There he is,” she told her boss, pointing at the patch of red hair in the distance. Charlie was unmistakable, even from a distance – burly and so covered in freckles that he almost looked tan. He was much shorter than the other Weasley boys, she recalled, only a few inches taller than her instead of the usual towering twelve inches of difference.

“Good,” Halfweather puffed. He was a heavy-set man, and the trek up into the mountains – they couldn’t allow Apparating too close, for safety reasons – had rendered him into a sweaty, red-faced mess. 

Charlie turned and waved at them, and Hermione waved back. As she approached, she smiled. “Hi Charlie. Thanks for meeting with us.”

“Anything for family,” he said, promptly, his teeth flashing white. She felt her cheeks heat a bit; since her break-up with Ron, the other Weasleys had gone to incredible lengths to assure her that she was still an honorary Weasley, whether she married in or not. As his eyes shifted to her boss, he extended a hand. “Charlie Weasley.”

“Argle Halfweather. That’s quite the hike,” her boss gasped, clasping Charlie’s hand and pumping it. “I trust you got my owls about the situation?”

“Yep. And the highlands might be a bit chilly for this species. I’ll go over the numbers with you, but if it’s too cold, the eggs won’t incubate properly. Even with artificial heating, the young wouldn’t grow up as strong, either.” A roar tore through the mountains, making Hermione jump and swallow a surprised squeak. Charlie chuckled, and cocked his head to indicate a building a few hundred yards away. “Let’s go inside and work the numbers, hey?”

The discussion lasted for longer than Hermione’s interest – mostly because a lot of it was Charlie patiently repeating the breed’s limitations while her boss tried to figure out a way to make the proposal work. When it started to get too cyclical, she excused herself and headed outside to take a walk.

The building overlooked a basin that was a breeding grounds, and for a moment she just meandered along the edge of the cliffs, watching the females wander around. Fascinated, she watched as some of them nosed against each other. She was pretty sure that in the wild, dragons hadn’t lived in anything resembling packs, but ever since landing on the endangered watch list about fifty years back, wizards had begun to take more care to ensure they were procreating. She wondered if this was simply a result of those needs.

“Half of them are pregnant.”

Startling a bit at his voice, she turned, her hand clasped around her neck. Shooting him a chiding look, she glanced around for her boss. When she didn’t see him, she turned back to the females. “Only half?”

Only? That’s an amazing success rate, thank you very much,” he huffed, mock-offended. 

“Is it? My apologies. It’s just that it sounds so unimpressive,” she retorted, laughing when he threw a hand over his heart and stumbled back, as if wounded. “So where are the males?”

“Oh, scattered,” he chuckled, indicating the mountains. “They don’t share very well.”

“So, when do they lay the eggs?”

“Sometime in the next month,” he said. “My best guess is a little less than twenty days, but I know one of them will probably be early, judging by how quickly she threw her nest together.”

“Nest,” Hermione repeated. “What do they put in them?”

He opened his mouth to explain, and then closed it, shooting her a sidelong look of mischief. “Want to see?”

“Is it safe?”

“It is if you’re with me,” he said, grandly, and she scoffed a bit. Flashing another easy grin, he started around the edge of the basin, waving her along after him. “Come on.”

They picked their way along the edge, Hermione slowing substantially as the path thinned dangerously. But Charlie skipped along the narrow cliff with the effortless ease of someone who walked it several times a day. She was torn between trying to keep up and not wanting to trip and fall arse over teakettle to her death. 

Her will to live won out, and he ended up waiting impatiently for her at the entrance to a cavern. “Any day, now.”

“If I fall to my death, you can explain that to the Boy Who Lived. And your mum,” she called back. When she finally made it to him, she sighed with relief. She was not relishing the walk back. It was better than flying anywhere, but not by very much. 

He drew his wand as he stepped into the cavern, spinning it around in his fingertips.

“What, are you showing off?” she demanded, laughing again. He flashed another smile, but stopped, looking a little sheepish. She was still chuckling as he cast lumos and led her down one of the tunnels. It looked like it had just naturally formed this way, but the uniformity of the tunnel’s measurements seemed to indicate that it had been man-made, just with a cave aesthetic

Casting her own lumos, she followed him carefully. 

After about ten minutes, he slowed a bit. “It’s coming up,” he whispered. “She should be out in the basin with the other females, but just in case, keep quiet.”

When they turned into the little cave, though, it was empty. The nest reminded her of a bird’s nest, if a bird was a hundred feet high and had a carrying capacity of several hundred pounds. Branches, fur, soft grasses, even some stolen bits of cloth from someone human – they were all piled in the corner.

“I thought there was supposed to be gold, or something.”

“No, that’s for mating. The males make those,” Charlie responded, gingerly entering the little cavern and looking proudly at the nest. “They want it to look vibrant and shiny to attract mates. Those nests don’t last longer than a season.”

He stopped, suddenly, and cocked his head, his eyes scanning the cave. Calmly, he placed a hand on her shoulder and steered her towards the far end of the cave, into a little alcove. 


Raising a finger to his lips, he tucked her firmly into the alcove, putting his body between her and the cave. 

Then she heard the breathing. Sucking in a harsh breath, she tried to calm the rapid beating of her heart as the breathing and clambering came closer, and closer, and finally entered that very same cave. Just around his arm, she could see the massive form of the dragon moving to the corner to inspect her nest, and she sucked in another breath and held it.

They had nowhere to go if she realized she had intruders and decided she didn’t like them being there.

She knew her eyes were wide as saucers as she looked up at him. In the pale blue light of her wand, he looked calm, his finger still raised to his lips. He even smiled a little, and she felt some of the panic leech out of her.

As it did, she became poignantly aware of how close they were.

If she moved so much as a millimeter, she’d end up pressed against him. Awkwardly, she tried to press back against the alcove a bit, but there was nowhere to go. She found herself staring at his collarbones, peeking out from the collar of his shirt. They stood out in sharp relief above a broad, powerful chest, and she began to fidget as her thoughts easily carried her to somewhere she’d much rather they hadn’t. Charlie was kind of like a brother.

Well, maybe not that close. Like a cousin. Or something.

It was definitely strange to think about him in any sort of sexual capacity, that was for sure. She felt her face began to heat, and hoped that the blue glow of the wands would make it less apparent. 

She heard some rustling echoing through the cave, and her mind went blank when Charlie leaned in, putting his lips against her ear. He breathed the words, careful to be quiet. “She’s checking to make sure it’s perfect. She’ll do this four or five times a day and fix any perceived imperfections, obsessively, until she lays.”

Swallowing, she tried to jerk a nod to indicate she’d heard. He didn’t say anything else, but he didn’t move away, either.

Finally, she turned her head to see what he was doing, and froze when he did the same, their faces lining up just centimeters from each other. His eyes scanned hers for a moment as he went still, and for a second her thoughts went completely haywire: Oh my God, he’s going to kiss me

But he straightened, and she sucked in a shaky breath as the space between them increased to a few inches, again. 

The dragon finished her business and lumbered back out, and they waited there for another tense minute to be sure she was well and truly gone. Then he eased out of the alcove, and she shot past him, desperate for a little more space. They avoided each other’s eyes as he murmured, “Let’s head back.”

“Mm-hm,” she agreed, her voice a little high-pitched.

The trek back to the opening of the cavern was silent and extremely awkward. He waited at the opening, offering her a sheepish smile before picking his way along the thin strip of cliffside. 

Her yelp whipped him around. She’d stumbled, and she hadn’t fallen, but was clinging to the wall of rock in terror. 

“You alright?” he called, heading towards her.

“Yeah,” she managed, her face turning bright red. “Sorry, I tripped over this stupid… Sorry, I’m fine. Really.” He continued approaching her, anyway.

“Be careful. I really, really don’t want to explain your disappearance to my mum,” he joked.

She nodded, casting a pained look down the cliff. “I really just hate heights.”

“Oh yeah, you do,” he murmured, frowning. “I’d actually forgotten that. Why didn’t you say something earlier?”

Shrugging weakly, she managed a tight smile. “I wanted to see a dragon nest.”

Sighing theatrically, he clapped her on the shoulder. “Alright, come on. Do you want to grab the back of my shirt?” he offered, reaching behind himself and pulling it off his broad, muscled back. “That way, if you fall, you can take me with you.”

“That does make the spiteful, petty part of me feel a bit better.” She gripped the fabric, breathing a little easier for the anchor. 

As soon as they made it back to solid ground, she let him go, and he turned to face her. She could see from his face that he was gearing up to ask about that moment in the cave, and she steeled herself for it. “Hermione,” he began, but stopped short, looking faintly bewildered. 

She just stared at him, silent.

Finally, he asked, “How’s Ron?”

Blinking at the sudden shift, she stumbled through her answer. “Oh, he’s uh, he’s fine, he’s planning on proposing to Luna soon, actually. I figure it’s safe to tell you since you can’t ruin the surprise from all the way out here.”

Nodding, he smiled. “Good. That’s good. I’m glad. Good for him.”


He turned to head back around the basin, and she wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed that he’d apparently lost his nerve. As she was warring with herself over it, she took a step forward to follow him, and that’s when he whipped around and gripped her chin, holding it steady as he pressed his lips to hers.

The kiss was soft and warm, and so utterly shocking that she felt like she’d been doused in ice water. She froze up a bit, responding slowly.

He pulled back before she could fully relax into it, still holding her chin. He was looking at her as though she’d just revealed herself to be a three-headed serpent, frowning as he considered her. She knew she just looked surprised, her eyes wide and her lips parted.

“Huh,” he finally said. “How about that.”

Then he let her go, and she just stood there and stared at his back as he turned to head back to the building.
Artifacts from ancient Chinese cave temples head west for California exhibit
Situated on the edge of the Gobi desert, the Dunhuang caves features six miles of art many centuries old – and now an American audience will get a taste of it.
By Jordan Riefe

Dunhuang, China, is such a place. It sits along the Old Silk Road, a network of routes, on the edge of the Gobi desert. Established as a garrison outpost in the second century, from 400 AD the city grew into a thriving crossroads of art, culture, trade and ideas stemming from a wide range of influences from the Middle East, Persia, China and, via Gandaran India, Greece and Rome.

Today, an island in an ocean of sand, it bears little resemblance to its thriving past, which is marked only by a lonely stone cliff pocked with nearly 500 man-made caves, the painted interiors of which are equivalent to a wall of art 15 feet high and six miles long. Besides its vast quantity, the unique range of cultures represented has earned the Unesco world heritage site the moniker Mogao – “peerless” – caves, for there is nothing else like them on Earth.

Cave 96 (aka Nine Storey Building) probably the most well known of the Mogao Grottoes was built in the Tang dynasty.

The Louisville Mega Cavern

What do you do with an abandoned mine?

Some entrepreneurs in Louisville, Kentucky had an innovative idea—turn it into an underground theme park.

Earlier this week, the Louisville Mega Cavern opened its newest attraction—a subterranean network of 45 bike trails complete with jumps and all the cycling hoopla you could imagine. And that’s not all—the site also offers a zip line, a tram ride, a ropes course, a Christmas lights show… all of it underground.

The Louisville Mega Cavern used to be a limestone quarry operated by Louisville Crushed Stone. Originally opened in the 1930’s, this mine supplied a large amount of stone used for road construction in mid-century America. The 100-acre man-made cavern has become famous for its other uses though—it was designated as a bomb shelter in the 1960’s and then sold in 1989 with the intention of becoming a high-security office area (there are still some businesses in it, in fact). In 2009, investors came up with another idea that was a bit more tourist-friendly…. creating an underworld of fun. Thrill-seeking, rock-loving fun.

As a geologist, I have to wonder about the long-term stability of a man-made cave full of bike trails and roads. But would I pass up the opportunity to zip line through some exposed limestone? No, no I would not. Sounds like an awesome new way to do fieldwork.


Plan your trip:
Photo Credit: Jacob Parker/ WFPL

ISRAEL, BEIT GUVRIN : Tourists visit the Bell caves located at the Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park in central Israel, on June 24 2014. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee declared the caves of Beit Guvrin-Maresha to be a World Heritage Site. A network of some hundreds of man-made caves, excavated near the ancient towns of Maresha and Beit-Guvrin, that bear witness to a succession of historical periods of excavation and usage stretching over 2,000 years, from the Iron Age to the Crusades, as well as a great variety of subterranean construction methods,” according to the committee. AFP PHOTO / MENAHEM KAHANA

What made me smile this week:

Sunday: Hannah and I were having a passionate discussion while she was helping me pee this afternoon, which caused both of us to momentarily forget that I was peeing. The end result: a full pee jar worth of pee tipping over and spilling on me. Her shocked face made me laugh and smile.

Monday: Today we wrapped up our exciting crowdfunding campaign. Over the course of a month, you have helped us raise over $25,000 for our mission! This will enable us to provide lots of vital equipment to people living with muscular dystrophy. The generosity of our supporters makes me smile.

Tuesday: Sarah brought me this fancy shmancy quiche that had cauliflower and broccoli and happiness in it. It was so soft and cheesy and perfect. It made me smile.  

Wednesday: I found a new song that I’m digging today. It’s called “Ava” by Famy. If your musical tastes are similar to mine, you should check it out! It makes me smile.

Thursday: Football is back. My dad and I kicked off the season by watching the Carolina-Denver game in my newly renovated man cave. It made me smile.

Friday: Sarah jokingly asked me today if I can yawn. At least, I’m telling myself it was jokingly because she’s seen me yawn at least a thousand times. Regardless, it made me laugh and smile the way she asked completely out of the blue and sounded so inquisitive.

Saturday: My aunt and cousins came over to help me with dinner tonight while my parents were out raging at the Museum of Industrial History. We ordered delivery and somehow ended up with an outrageous amount of food. It was delicious, though, and I really enjoyed their company. The highlight was putting a blanket over the head of my cousin’s baby and watching him run around the house smashing into stuff, which made him laugh hysterically. My family makes me smile.

What made you smile this week?


So in an attempt to break the annoying writers block I present to you a plot bunny that has been sat in my head ever since the finale. 

“So Jasper said something… Before you know, he tried to kill me”

Nathan’s voice is light, casual but Monty can hear the shaky undertone in it. It’s been there ever since Nathan found out Clarke had left. Apparently he and Clarke went way back, they’d been friends when they were little, but had grown a part in later years. And despite this gap the years had formed, Nathan was worried about their golden haired leader.

Around the same time that Monty realised Nathan cared about the delinquents a hell of a lot more than he let on, Monty noticed that the other boy had gone from Miller to Nathan in his head, but he couldn’t pin point a time when it had happened. He thinks it might have been that moment in the mountain, when Nathan finally let go a piece of his life and entrusted it to Monty. It had been unexpected, seeing Nathan open up having developed a reputation as being the cool, impassive guy, but Monty had kept that little piece of information and smiled to himself when he saw father and son hug.

Monty had seen Nathan before, back when he was nothing more to Monty than one of Bellamy’s lackeys, and had thought briefly on how good looking he was. That initial spark of interest was squashed down when he heard Miller’s tone and how cocky and gruff he was with others. Of course that all changed by the time Nathan came in with Maya, after having his operations, and Monty felt a flood of relief almost as strong as when he saw Jasper, Harper and Clarke all alive and safe.

Safe. Well. At the time he thought it had been safe.

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In 1992, a uniquely curious man in the Chinese village of Longyou pooled his money with his neighbors to buy a water pump and began siphoning out the pond in his village, only to eventually discover that it wasn’t really a pond at all, but the flooded entrance to an ancient, man-made cave. Upon investigation, it turned out that, rather than the entrance to Chinese Batman’s secret lair, this cave was one in a network of 36 hidden chambers in the area, all dating back to the early Han dynasty, about 2,000 years ago. We’d like to tell you more about them, but the modern world’s knowledge of the subterranean caves of Chinese mystery begins and ends with that single fact. We literally know nothing else about them.

5 Important Things From History That No One Can Explain

"Fuck yes I like it." // smutty Michael imagine

basically you buy new underwear and ask for your boyfriend Michael’s opinion on them

You rush upstairs to your room after a rather successful trip to Victoria’s Secret, mostly avoiding your dad because he is known to snoop around your clothing purchases. Your mum doesn’t really care because she knows you’re a good girl and she knows that you and your boyfriend of two years, Michael, are sexually active. Your dad - unfortunately - simply has a hard time accepting it, because you’ve always been daddy’s little princess.
If only he knew what kind of bad girl you are only to Michael’s admiring eyes behind closed doors…

You call Michael to ask if it’s okay for you to come over, to which he immediately grants your permission. You haven’t been over at his (parents’) house in a while, meaning that you still haven’t seen his newly made man cave he’s been talking a lot about recently. You hide the Victoria’s Secret bag in another bag from both your and his parents, not wanting them to know what you and Michael are up to.

“Oh hi Y/N! Nice to see you again!” Michael’s father greets you at the door with a warm hug. You return an equally nice hello before stepping inside.
“Michael’s in the basement, in his man cave,” Daryl laughs. “He’s been there for at least two days in a row. Guess he just really loves it down there. Oh well, I’ll get back to paperwork. Have fun.”

"Hi baby.” You greet the redhead sitting on a big, grey couch in front of a wide TV, playing a video game - as usual. His head turns to quickly glance at you before turning back to face the TV, proceeding to pause the game much to your surprise.
“Hey babe.” He greets from the couch, not bothering to get up. You laugh and walk over to him and he pulls you to his lap and pecks your cheek. “You smell really nice.” He sighs into your neck.
“And you look cuddly.” You compliment the boy who’s wearing an old white T-shirt and black shorts with a tiny bit of white paint on them. He chuckles and nuzzles further into your neck, his stubble tickling your collarbone.
“Why’d you come over?”
“I can’t just spontaneously want to spend time with my cute and cuddly boyfriend in his new man cave?” You tease and poke his side. He flinches away - because he’s ticklish - and mumbles a ‘fuck off’ in response. “No, but seriously I came here for your opinion.”
"Oh?” He smirks and kisses your jaw. “On what?”
“I’ll show you.” You return a sly smirk and pull the VS bag out, his eyes widening and grip tightening around you.
“No fucking way.” He mumbles in disbelief and looks at you with big, happy eyes. You giggle and nod in response, proceeding to take off your denim jacket. “You’re the best.” He smiles widely and gives your bum a quick squeeze.

“Close your eyes.” You taunt before sticking your hand into the VS bag.
“But I don’t wanna.” Michael whines childishly with his eyes closed.
“Is the door locked? I don’t want to repeat last summer all over again.” You ask, referring to the time his parents walked in on you and him - thankfully during foreplay. But it was still embarrassing.
“No, but they’ll knock five times before entering.”

“Okay, open your eyes.” You smile shyly. Michael’s eyes shoot open, eager to see your new underwear. His eyes wander around your body, taking in the sight of you in a white polka dot bra and red panties. You see, Michael isn’t one to care about matching underwear as long as he gets to remove it occasionally.
You spin around to give him a full show and then wait for his answer.
“I really like it. Looks good on you. Your boobs look amazing.” He compliments, surprisingly without any references to sex or anything. Just a simple, honest opinion.
“Thank you. I thought you’d say so.” You smirk, proudly telling him that you’d already known his opinion. “Close your eyes.”
Michael smirks, enjoying your little game. Of course he’s seen you naked multiple times, but this was something new for him.

You proceed to put on a floral underwired lace bra and a lilac thong, knowing Michael has a thing for you wearing those. You tell him to open his eyes, and when he sees you, his eyes widen and his mouth falls open slightly. You giggle and spin around, wanting him to see your bottom in the lace thong.
“Wow.” He says with a bewildered expression.
“What do you think?” You ask, biting your lip.
“You’re gorgeous.” He mumbles and motions for you to come to him. You obey him despite the unpleasant feeling in you stomach, scared that his parents will walk in on you two. Again.

He pulls you to his lap, facing him, and places his hands on you waist. “You look amazing.” He kisses your jaw and moves his hands around.
“Michael,” you taunt with a giggle. “Control yourself. There’s still one set left.”
“Oh, what have I done to deserve such a reward?” He asks - mostly to himself - and kisses you before releasing his grip. He closes his eyes and you pull out the same bra, only this time in black, pairing it with a black lace thong.

“Okay, open.”
His eyes drink in the sight of you standing in front of him in the black lingerie, his mouth falling open once again.
“Fuck.” He mumbles under his breath after the feeling of aroused pulses through his veins. You smirk and twirl around, making sure to swing your hips a bit more this time.
“You like it?” You ask innocently, fully aware of the fact that he’s having a hard time simply looking at you. He inhales and brings his eyes up your body to your eyes.
Fuck yes I like it.“ He breathes. "Come here.”
You sit down on his lap again, placing your hands on his shoulders. He looks into your eyes, unable to utter a word.
“You look so fucking amazing. Jesus.” He licks his lips and kisses you hard. You return the kiss with equal force, adding a bit of pressure to his crotch. “You drive me crazy.” He moans into the kiss and squeezes your bum.

You let him have his way for a while but decide to end it shortly.
“I don’t want your parents to walk in on us.” You whisper while running your hand along his jawline.
“But baby,” he whines. “They won’t, I promise.”
“No Michael. I’m sorry.” You apologize and get up from his lap. “Maybe I’ll stay the night?” You suggest, implying that he could lock his door. He is one of those super lucky kids to have an actual lock on the door to his bedroom.
“Promise.” You smile and put on your clothes. Michael resumes to his game as you pack away the lingerie, but leave the black set on. You sit next to him on the couch and watch him play for a bit. 

“How about in the mean time, I’ll give you a blowie?”
Michael’s head snaps to you as he pauses the game while a wide smile spreads on his lips. You smile and peck his cheek, placing your hand on his inner thigh.
“But I have a challenge.” You smirk, inching your hand closer to his crotch. You watch his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallows nervously.
“Yeah?” He smirks, trying to hide his excitement.
“Uh huh.” You say, kissing his jawline. “You’ll have to keep playing.”
Michael resumes the game as you kneel down in front of him, pulling his shorts down and start to tease him by palming him through his boxers. A few quiet moans escape his lips and you warn him to keep quiet so that his parents won’t walk in on you. Again.


Kabayan is a collection of man made caves in The Philippines. Each cave is filled with mummies. Kabayan mummies are some of the best preserved on earth, and Kabayan is overflowing with them. And there are so many caves that it’s easy to get lost…among thousands of mummies…that look spry enough to leap right out of their pods.

Scientists believe that the Fire Mummies were created by the Ibaloi between 1200 and 1500 AD in five towns in Benguet and buried in caves. Others believe that the process of mummification began at 2000 BC. What makes the Fire Mummies unique is their process of mummification. That mummification began shortly after a person died, where he would digest a very salty drink. After his death, his corpse was washed and set over a fire in seated a position, thus drying the fluids. Smoke from tobacco was blown into the mouth to dry the body’s inside and internal organs. Eventually, herbs were rubbed into the body. The practice of that mummification ended, since Spaniards colonized the Philippines in the 1500s.