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How Attainable are your Favorite Hero’s MUSCLES? COMIC BOOK/ANIME MUSCLES are they worth it?

NEW VIDEO for those who happen to give a F*ck. Every single one of us has been inspired by a Fictional Character. 

Whether it be their Charisma, Personality or Never Give up Attitude but one thing a lot of folks look at is the Character’s Physique. Their RIDICULOUSLY OVER JACKED MUSCLES!! 

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Some of us look at and say thats too much, Others look in awe and DREAM to possess a Body that looks Crafted Out of Marble and we work on our Fitness Gainz daily to achieve something close. 

BUT would it really be worth it to attain your favorite character’s body in Real life? 

Well today we take a look. 

 this video took days of editing and research to be honest so REBLOGS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED


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Aint it just nice when a prominent rwby (most likely straight) youtuber decides it is a great time to insult those “awful queer ships that don’t even exist and the shippers of said ships  who via their demands of lgbt representation are threatening whole fandom” and then proceeds talking on how those ships “don’t even exist in canon” and how RT even daring to acknowledge them would be “fanservice and pandering” or would “ruin the personalities of those characters”.

As if there was already not enough effort to demonize or slander the need for LGBT representation in this fandom.

Its like I am all the way back to the airing of Korra Volume 4.


The Legend of Korra + Name Meanings:

Team Avatar

“…we’re still a team. The new Team Avatar!”