man kind is doomed

Mr. Ponderby-Wilkins was a man so rich, so ugly, so cross, and so old, that even the stupidest reader could not expect him to survive any longer than Chapter 1. Vulpine in his secretiveness, he was porcine in his habits, saturnine in his appearance, and ovine in his unconsciousness of doom. He was the kind of man who might easily perish as early as paragraph two.
—  `E. V. Knox, The Murder at the Towers
Creature and The Fool - Chapter 1 - clingylefou (dearcst) - Beauty and the Beast (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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This is the tale how of a man, too vain to know kindness, was turned into a hideous beast, doomed to waste away until he is rescued by a lover to show him and guide him into a better character.

Undoubtedly, this all sounds a bit familiar, and that’s because it is. When the Enchantress lifted the curse on the Beast, turning him back into a prince, the castle resumed its original position, the teacups and the clocks turned human, everything returned to how it should be- except for one thing. The lifting spell rebounded upon hitting the ugliness of a man underneath the rubble, and in a side effect of saving his life, turned him into a grotesque creature.

It is an obvious story, for it has happened before. We all know the ending. But the ending isn’t important. When someone jumps to their death, the landing isn’t what is important. Landing is inevitable and uninteresting. It’s the falling we all care about.

In Gaston’s case, it’s falling in love, truly falling, for the first time.

I’ve been brainstorming for a beast!gaston au for FOREVER and finally got around to writing it! I’ll be updating weekly (hopefully) every friday, but first chapter’s up! 

let the fun begin

Spoilers Ahead

When I first started Rokka no Yuusha I thought it was pretty basic and so were all the characters. Nashetania, the ditzy, naive princess. Goldov, the loyal knight.
Adlet, the spunky, somehow always seems to get out of every sticky situation protagonist. Flamie, the kuudere. Mora, the put together older busty woman. Hans, the cold mysterious assassin. Chamo, the bratty, overpowered loli.

But if you look closer they are so much more complex than that. If you hate any if these characters you’re not trying to understand them and aren’t looking deep enough.

Starting with Adlet. He lost everything. Literally everything. His village, his sister, his friend, life as he knew it. I am so happy they didn’t go the dark avenger route with him. I’m happy that he says he tried to go that route but couldn’t. I actually like to see a protagonist that can grin and bear the pain and see a man use it wits and tools to get around pure genius, raw strength, and super powered women. He’s a great protagonist and though him always saying he’s “worlds strongest man is annoying” you get to learn that that is the phrase that keeps him going. When he is down and out and needs to be picked up by his boot straps that is what gives him hope. That is a lovely thing.

Nashetania is the seventh. Let’s get that out of the way. She wants to unite fiends and humans which is a little stupid and dangerous but it is a bit of a noble goal. Especially when you see that there are fiends that like humans. Maybe she is going about her goal wrong but she is still a bit naive. Way smarter than she initially portrayed herself but still a bit naive. On top of that there have been plenty of times she was honest with Adlet and I truly believe that she cares about him and has learned from him. The fun loving playful princess wasn’t far off from who she is and it’s sad no one wants to acknowledge that. Yes she tried to blame Hans and wanted to stop the Braves but I actually do not doubt that she wanted to save Adlet. Because there’s no other reason to try to blame Hans otherwise. Nashetania is far from an evil terrible character.

Goldov can be a little annoying with his feelings but what has to be understood is what Nashetania means to him. Because of her he can have the life he has now. He’s out of the slums because of her. His feelings are slightly spurned out of gratitude and that is completely understandable. When someone comes and makes you life something out of the nothing it was sometimes your endearing and gratuitous feelings turn into more. And I think it’s lovely. It grounds him as more than just brute strength and a stoic knight. On top of that you have to remember he is sixteen years old. His feelings are still immature. He’s a boy in his infatuation puppy love phase. That kind of love is jealous and immature and you can’t blame him.

Mora. I have to admit for a bit I hated her and thought she was the seventh as well. But you have to remember where Mora is coming from. She grew up rather wealthy. She became a nun at a young age and was amazing at everything. Before she was even chosen as next Saint of the Mountain people were already expecting it. Then she became Head Saint. She is a woman used to having answers, used to being in control, used to everything being the way it should. She’s calm, cool, and collected. She has a lot on her shoulders and a lot at stake. Being in the barrier really breaks her. She doesn’t have time for this, she’s desperate for answers, she’s panicking. Her daughter’s life is on the line and in book two things only get worse for her. She can’t even talk to anyone about it or be completely honest. She’s on her own in a tough place and she isn’t used to that.

Chamo is a brat. I get it. She’s another character I hated at first. But she’s fourteen years old. Plenty of fourteen year olds are brats. Plenty of them are immature. Add the fact that Chamo is extremely powerful and that doesn’t help. People are afraid of Chamo and though she doesn’t say so out loud that hurts her. In book 3 when Chamo is dying in Mora’s arms she is absolutely touched that everyone is fighting for her. She never imagined that they would want to help her. Chamo thought they would kill her or leave her to die. That is a fourteen year old girl. She is used to being hated and feared and she knows she’s troublesome but no one has ever really treated her like the kid she is.

I won’t really touch on Flamie or Hans because everyone likes them. But the point is if all you can see of a character are first impressions and their reactions in a tight, stressful situation then you’re watching wrong. Sure there are better solutions than the witch hunt but you have to take into account that they were all misinformed. None of them know the truth even if they did all in turn try to dispel the barrier and it didn’t work then what? Their also under time constraint. If they don’t make it in the thirty days man kind is doomed. People break under pressure it’s human nature.

Closed RP


Three very powerful men approach Castle Doom. Those men were Loki, Magneto, and the Mandarin, all of whom were summoned to hear a proposition.

“Welcome, Gentlemen.”

All of this was happening while a pair of young heroes watched from afar.

“Okay, this is bad. Like “Alien invasion in the middle of a giant monster attack.” kind of bad.”

Blighttown Beacon’s Bloodborne Lore Theory.

*Spoilers Ahead*

Giant Dad becomes emperor of the universe after the great “Soul’s War” of 2090 AD. His cabinet of advisers are diplomats of the newly founded Church of “Deal Wit It.” and his capitol is called, “Git Gud-ville” 

*Cough Ahem*

While exploring the underground ruins of the ancient Pthumeru civlization beneath Yharnam, explorers discover the remains and blood of a being called a great one. The healing church discovers that this blood has odd medicinal effects and they begin experimenting with this blood. A few members of the church receive visions of the Great Ones and are therefore form “The Choir” in hopes of contact the Great Ones who they believe are gods. The Choir begins to try and communicate with the Great Ones.

Yharnam citizens all become infused with the great one’s blood over time and Yharnam becomes blood crazy with Blood being treated like alcohol. “Palebloods” (citizens without the great ones blood) and foreigners resent Yharnam because of their odd fascination with Blood. This is why Yharnam citizens are hostile towards outsiders.

The Choir’s experiments succeed in the search for enlightenment and they contact the Great One Ebrietas. Ebrietas instructs the Choir to help bring back the other great ones. To reincarnate the Great Ones a surrogate is needed. The Great Ones and their Kin begin to populate Yharnam, but this alien invasion occurs in secret since only those with high insight can view the Great Ones (Because of the Great One Rom.)

Meanwhile, the Great One’s blood begins to have negative side effects on the people of Yharnam. They start becoming beasts and eventually have hunts to rid their city of beasts. Unfortunately, their minds are so far gone that they view anyone who isn’t like them (aka: the player) as a beast themselves which is why Yharnam is hostile to the player. The city falls into chaos.

The Moon is actually a great one as well and is the hero of the story. She is the defender of Earth and is trying to push back the invading great ones from other galaxies. She creates the Hunter’s dream to assist the player in the quest to rid Yharnam of Great ones and Beasts. Unfortunately, the player becomes misguided through the story by the remaining survivors of Yharnam and slays great ones to begin the surrogate reincarnation process. The moon realizes her savior has been led astray and steps in to stop you. The player defeats the moon and becomes an infant great one…thus ridding our world of our only defender and dooming man-kind to the alien invaders.

…or Deus Ex Machina and it’s all a dream and Miyazaki is crazy =)

Let me know what you think because I am probably completely wrong. =)