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thoughts on Aaron bc i think he has a lot of potential as a character also im emo

  • he hates andrew
  • he hates that he took away the chance to reconcile with tilda
  • he hates he never got to confront her like he dreamed of doing
  • he hates that he couldnt save himself
  • he hates that andrew so often turns to violence. it takes him back to days he wants to forget.
  • he doesn’t hate andrew. he’s just so angry. all the time. andrew changed his life so he’s the easiest to hate
    • its complicated, though, because half of the hate is for himself. because he wasn’t there. he doesn’t understand. he feels like andrew is light years away, at times. 
  • sometimes he catches himself thinking of Tilda again. these are the worst days, when he tries to rationalize what she did to him. he can’t help it. she was his mother.
  • he knows his remarks hurt nicky and remind him of the unwelcoming home he grew up in
  • he doesn’t mean it. he only means to hurt nicky enough to push him away. family has been a source of pain for him as long as he can remember.
  • nicky is just so bright and persistent and he can’t stand it. he feels hollow and broken and he wants nicky to just leave him be, he wants his entire family to disappear and leave him be, but he made a deal. 
  • he loves katelyn because it seems like none of his impurity can touch her
    • she smiles and he feels he can too, and it won’t feel fake this time
    • when she holds his hand he doesnt see scars on his knuckles or the racquet that killed drake, he sees the ring he wants to give her on graduation
  • he wants to be a doctor because he spent so much time patching himself up, covering up bruises from home by telling people that exy is just a rough sport
  • he knows the signs of hiding hurt and he wants to help people so they don’t have to do that
    • him and katelyn’s first child is adopted. a little girl came in with a broken arm and fear in her eyes and a father who didnt let her speak.
    • aaron thought he knew anger before, but that day? he felt like he would gladly kill a man. again. 
    • that little girl smiles so much now and looks at aaron like he hung the moon and stars. he makes blueberry pancakes for her every saturday.
  • he works in the ER/trauma ward as a surgeon. he deals with some of the worst injuries but he loves what he does because he gives people another chance
  • he volunteers in the attached rehab center. he attends addicts anonymous meetings there as a guest speaker. 
    • there’s a boy there who mustve been the same age aaron was when he started, the lonely dead look in his eyes haunted aaron after the first meeting he saw him in
    • he’s in recovery and babysits aaron’s daughter now and loves her like a little sister
  • at nicky’s wedding he doesn’t make a speech, no huge fancy present. he walks up to nicky, he says “i’m sorry, and i’m glad you’re happy”
    • nicky cries
    • its the first time erik smiles at him
  • he doesnt give andrew presents, but he knows the cats birthdays and sends really obnoxious toys for them
  • him and katelyn have two boys with bright blond hair. they smile so much, and them with their daughter is always his phone background.
    • they go on play dates with matt and dan’s kids. their daughters are connected at the hip (aaron’s daughter gets the guts to ask her out in high school. they’re married when they graduate college).
  • the boy from the AA meetings comes over for holidays, is the kids honorary big brother, and goes to palmetto state university not to be a fox, but just to get his degree.
  • aaron and katelyn grow old together
  • he never  bothered hoping for any of this. he thought he deserved every hit his mother dished out, everything life threw it at him. but he grew up, he fell in love, he found a family in the foxes and made one of his own soon after.

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Asuma Mutsumi ✨

Forbidden Fruit - Part Six

A/N: Second to last part. Thank you @thorne93 for betaing. Feed back is always appreciated.

Characters: Reader x Jax, Opie, Chibs, Casey (OC).

Warnings: Kidnapping, Angst, language.

Wordcount: 1684

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Damn that last scene with Tilda and The Widow was just that hurt so much????

My tattoo artist posted pictures of sketches for his May 4th Star Wars themed tattoo day and there’s one of Princess Leia standing seductively in her bikini and I DON’T EVEN GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT STAR WARS BUT COME ON EVEN I CAN RESPECT THE BITCH WHO LED THE ALLIANCE. So I commented “If you get the one of princess leia in the bikini doesn’t that make you Jabba the Hutt?” 


anonymous asked:

How would the Batfamily comfort someone who's sad? (I wanna know if it's anything like what other write because you seem to know everything)

Aw, thanks. I like to act like I know everything, so I’m glad it’s working

Dick: Dick is a listener. He’s empathetic, so he’s good at intuitively understanding what other people are going through. He probably lives his life by imagining himself in other people’s shoes. “If I was in this situation, how would I want to be treated?” Dick is a very observant guy and also a social guy, so when he notices that someone is off, he’s willing to approach them and lend an ear. Dick values privacy and independence, so he won’t pressure people to talk about their problems. He just wants to offer himself to friends so they know it’s an option and then he’ll back off to give them space if they ask for it.

If someone opens up to Dick, he’ll give his objective advice for the situation whether they necessarily want to hear it or not. Dick prides himself on being authentic and honest (so long as his secret identity doesn’t get in the way), so he’ll be upfront and to the point if he thinks it would solve their problem. Dick’s advice is generally accurate since he’s good with people and good at strategizing outcomes. If it’s not a situation that can be solved (like a loved one dying), then Dick will let the person talk, put a hand on their shoulder, offer a hug, etc, depending on their needs. (For example, Bruce and Damian are not people who would want hugs, but someone like Donna might be okay with Dick giving her a long five minute hug while he says comforting things.) I think Dick is very observant and generally knows what different people need, so his method of comforting will change from person to person.

Jason: I think Jason is a man of actions more than words. He’d be kind of uncomfortable with someone pouring their feelings out to him because he wouldn’t know what to say or how to comfort them. He’d be sensitive about wanting to help, but he’d be out of his own comfort zone when it comes to physically or verbally affirming someone. Instead, Jason would strive to help by taking the situation into his own hands. If a poor neighbor mentions that they don’t have enough money to get their kids anything for Christmas and are lamenting about how they’re going to learn Santa isn’t real, I feel like it would stay on Jason’s mind for the next couple days until he buys gifts himself and then leaves them for his neighbor anonymously. (Jason doesn’t seem like the type to like taking credit for things, because then the neighbor would get mushy and keep expressing their gratitude to him, and he doesn’t want to deal with that either.) If a little girl tells Jason that some bad man killed her father, then Jason might take it upon himself to extract revenge for her. Basically, I see Jason as someone who is very empathetic but not good at comforting people directly and being awkward about accepting someone’s gratitude. If Jason is comforting someone over a death, I think he’d be the type to awkwardly pat them on the back because he’s not sure what to do or say. (Meanwhile, he’s already thinking of ways to go after the person responsible.)

Tim: Tim is more logically orientated, so I don’t think he’s quite as good at being sensitive about helping someone compared to Dick. If someone tells Tim their problem, Tim would be upfront about his advice on how to solve it while Dick might be better about wording the same thing in a better way. Tim seems like someone who would have the best intentions in regards to helping someone but might come across the wrong way because he went behind their back to solve it. (Like how Tim went behind Kon’s back with the DNA test. In his eyes, he’s doing a good thing, but it didn’t bode well to Kon because he felt like his privacy was being invaded.) Basically, Tim cares and will strive to solve it, but he’s not always aware of when he’s crossing boundaries to do so. Since Tim is a master hacker and has all these abilities, it probably bothers him to not do something when he knows he can, even if the person would prefer him staying out of their personal affairs. I feel like this sort of thing wouldn’t happen too often, just in special circumstances. Otherwise, Tim would sit with someone, keep his arm around them, listen, etc.

Steph: Steph is very approachable and will engage herself in another person’s problem easily. She’s the type of person to say, “He did what? No way! I’d kick his ass!” which is great, because it shows that she’s actively listening and investing herself in someone else’s life. She’s not really the type to go out and try to solve someone’s problem behind their back, but she is the type to know what someone wants to hear and then say it. If someone is having relationship problems, she’ll go, “I can’t believe she would do that!!” while Dick or Tim might be the ones to objectively point out, “Well, maybe she did that because you did this.” Even if they’re right, it’s not necessarily what you want to hear when you’re upset. Steph is probably the ideal person to comfort you because she’ll empathize and react as if it happened to her too. She’s also very open about hugs and physical gestures of comfort. If she’s comforting someone over a loved one, she’s the type to stay with you all night and might start talking about other things or take you out into the city in order to distract you from the death. She’ll let someone grieve, but after a certain point, she knows when it’s time to get someone back up on their feet

Damian: Obviously Damian is not the best person to go to for comfort. He’ll probably do the opposite and leave you feeling worse than before. Damian is blunt, direct and upfront about what he thinks. If you come to him about a problem and he thinks you’re an idiot, he’ll tell you you’re an idiot. “Someone stole your money? You idiot. Why didn’t you do this…” He’s quick to point out your flaws and how you could have handled it better. If anything, Damian will make you feel more incompetent over a problem. If Damian is actually trying to be sensitive, he’d still probably call you an idiot, but he’d be less vocal about your flaws and how you made the situation worse. If Damian needs to comfort someone over a death, he’d have no clue what to do or say and would probably stay silent or remove himself from the situation.

Babs: Barbara would be sensitive yet logical, so she and Dick are similar in that regard. I feel like Babs is less intuitive on how to physically comfort people like Dick is, but she’d have other ways to make up for it. If Dinah comes to her upset about something, Babs would listen and offer some key phrases and advice to cheer Dinah up. Then once there’s not much left to be said, she’d offer some hot chocolate or other comfort food and then roll into the kitchen while changing the subject to something to lighten the other person up. Babs is the type to suggest they hit the gym to take out their frustrations on a punching bag and probably makes jokes while they do it. If she’s comforting someone over a loved one, I can see them laying their head on her lap or something while she runs her fingers through their hair.

Cass: Cass will listen and is curious about other people in general. She wouldn’t have much to say or know what advice to offer because of her lack of personal experience, but she would read someone’s body language and know how to read between the lines. I feel like Cass would feel a little awkward and underprepared in most situations, but she would excel in the sense that she can tell when someone is upset long before other people can. If she reads a situation in advance, she might approach that person and give brief vague advice, like, “Go to her,” to get across that she understands and has read both sides in order to know what that person should do. If she can’t think of any advice for them, she can place a hand on their shoulder to show that she knows. When comforting over a loved one’s loss, I feel like Cass would devoutly stay with that person for hours. Cass has an unbreakable sense of loyalty to people she cares about, and she would show it by staying near as long as she can without complaint.

Bruce: Bruce cares but is basically helpless when it comes to comforting people because physical and verbal gestures are out of his comfort zone. Since Bruce is a master detective and a master at reading body language and being observant, he’s probably always aware of when something is going on but simply doesn’t comment on it or doesn’t know what to do about it. Bruce is similar to Jason in that he’s a man of action and will try to solve the problem by doing something tangible. In most cases, he won’t let on that he helped because he doesn’t want to deal with the emotions that follow either. Bruce is similar to Tim in that he’ll invade someone’s privacy in order to help, only unlike Tim, he’s less likely to be discovered doing it unless it’s unavoidable. If the person is particularly close to him, Bruce will be more likely to place a comforting hand on their shoulder and offer a few brief words of advice or acknowledgement. In other cases, Bruce might notice a problem and bluntly comment on it whether they asked for it or not, especially if he feels like someone else’s problem is interfering with his work. If Bruce is comforting someone over a death, I imagine he’d just give them plenty of space because it’s what he would personally want. In rare instances, he’ll give them a hug, but this would only happen with very close people and it’d probably be short

To everyone who believes Arvo is bad:
Let me pose this to you:

You’ve got a wounded leg, and you have to wobble around everywhere. You’ve got a sister in a bad condition, and you’re in a group that pretty much only keeps you around as a translator. You are stealing supplies from your group to keep your sister feeling okay, kind of like what Molly was doing. You go try to hide the things so it can’t be planted on you if it’s found. You are robbed of your gun (and determinantly the supplies) by people you do not know. If a Walker catches you, you’re pretty much dead because of your leg. You go back to your group, and they want to know where you’ve been. Since they can’t know you’ve been stealing, you say the half-truth: You were robbed and abused by a group of people not far. These people, Buricko and Vitali, are obviously interested in robbing these people, considering the rough conditions of the apocalypse. They drag you along so you can catch them off guard, and force your sister to come, so you don’t try to run.

Once you find out they have a baby, you immediately try to tell them in effort to diffuse the situation. People shoot anyways, shit gets bad, and it’s all pinned on you. Now that people have started shooting, you see your sister, the person you’ve been close to for as long as you can remember and the only person you have left anymore, drop to the ground, having been shot a few times in the stomach. As chaos unfurls around you, you are desperately trying to resuscitate her, despite being an easy target for anyone who wants to shoot you. You perform CPR, you press on her chest a good bit, you try anything you can. Right as you think it’s about to work, a man you do not know grabs you and holds a gun to your head. You are desperately trying to escape his grasp, as he handles you roughly and threatens to kill you. You turn him around a little bit, and you see your sister moving, what looks like her trying to escape to cover. The little girl, Clementine, holds up her gun and shoots your sister, who you thought was alive and never knew that she turned. You break from the man’s grasp and run towards her, mourning over her body. You stay there for a few minutes, until all of a sudden the man walks over to you and roughly punches you, threatening to kill you. They argue, and you say that there is a home with food nearby in attempt to stop him from killing you, saying that you know where it is and will take them. It may not be close, but the tiny lie is what saves you. You are tied up, and constantly abused by the man with the eyepatch, being degraded, beaten, and insulted constantly. But it is not him you hate most. It is the girl who shot your sister and murdered her. You reach the power area, and they tie you up to a pole in the cold. You are still mourning Natasha’s death, now knowing that you are a prisoner and that everyone you love is dead.

A man comes over and offers you some rum, but you think him just like the rest of them. You shout at him, telling him to leave you alone. He kneels down and comforts you, apologizing about your sisters death, mourning her with you. This man is the only one who has been kind to you so far. You continue on the next morning, still being degraded and physically abused by the eyepatch man. You reach the lake, and see the house. As you have crossed the lake before, you volunteer to cross the ice first, and step out there. As you walk, you ponder escape, thinking that you REALLY NEED to get away from this evil man with the eyepatch. Once you have gained enough distance, you make a break for it, running as fast as you can for having an injured leg. Just before you can make it to the other side, some ice cracks and your legs fall in. Eyepatch man catches up, and throws you to the ground. Now one of them has died and the little girl has fallen in the water, nearly having frozen to death. As this little girl was the one you still believe murdered your sister, you feel nothing for her. The eyepatch man walks up to you and blames you for the death of the man who died in the lake, pushing you and mocking you, accusing you of lying about the supplies. Having had enough of his shit, you look at him and say “Fuck you.” He responds by calling you a commie piece of shit and begins bashing your face in with his fists, damaging your glasses, bruising your face badly, and nearly killing you. The little girl tells the man who was nice to you to let the eyepatch man keep going, increasing your hatred towards her. After the eyepatch man is finished or stopped by the little girl, you are tied to a bar and left there. The nice man, who you now know is Mike, helps you and gets you things to help with your face. He makes a plan to leave with you, and he gets another girl, Bonnie, in on it too.

The next morning, Mike untied you and you go out to the car, gathering up supplies to bring with you on your escape. The people you are leaving behind are the people who robbed you, killed your sister, and beat you nearly to death, and you have no remorse for any of them. The little girl comes out and finds you, and then proceeds to call out to the eyepatch man and Jane. You, having built up all of this rage towards the girl who killed your sister, pull the trigger and shoot her in the shoulder. After she falls to the ground, you realize what you have done. You realize how badly you have messed up. You realize what you have become, shooting somebody for revenge. It is too late to fix your mistake now, so as the eyepatch man runs outside, you dash off into the woods with Mike and Bonnie, escaping in fear of being killed by the eyepatch man.

Now, should Arvo have shot Clem? No. However, Arvo NEVER KNEW that the reason Clem shot Natasha was because she had turned. Had Arvo known this, I don’t think he ever would have considered shooting Clementine.

Izaya looked so distracted in the latest episode it’s like he’s thinking of Shizuo

“I wonder if I can see Shizu-chan.”

“Ah no I’m a bad man who manipulated a little girl to kill Shizu-chan, so better not. After all, I still want to live.”

“Why did they leave Shizu-chan? Ah probably something like ‘when the flea’s dead I’ll introduce you to Kasuka’ right?”


“Oops, not bad. I can feel strands of hair flying off. But you’re not Shizu-chan.”

“So it wasn’t Shizu-chan. But, maybe I can entertain myself.”


What, over already? From a single kick? Well, it’s from Mikage-chan. But - as I thought, Shizu-chan’s still the best after all.”

“Hey at least you can see your love, even if he’s all banged up. Mine won’t even come to see me when I’m in the hospital. So don’t look so glum, courier.”

“Ah finally someone understands. Please do…courier.”

“Like how I lie that I hate Shizu-chan. Well technically it isn’t a lie - I’m just not telling the whole truth.”

“…No Shizu-chan in sight. Well, time to look at pictures of Shizu-chan.”

“Who knows? I settled that issue long ago. Now I have to deal with the issue of Shizu-chan. He didn’t even come to visit me when I was in the hospital you know? I’m having Shizu-chan withdrawal symptoms even his pictures can’t cure. It’s like a disease. That’s right, I should tell Mairu - it’s your precious Hanejima Yuuhei’s older brother who made me become like a disease.”


“Just like Shizu-chan.”

And I see y’all leaving black women outta this like Renisha McBride’s trial wasn’t a week ago. Like Rekia Boyd wasn’t shot in the head while minding her own business. Like they ain’t kick in the wrong door and kill that little girl. Like that man ain’t beat that black woman in broad damn daylight a couple months ago. Like they didn’t kill that elderly lady in her house damn house that they weren’t suppose to be at.

What if Billy Mays was the voice of Solid Snake?