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in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner


“I have always been kinda determined. I have always had a vision of things I have wanted to do and goals I have wanted to reach and nothing could stop me getting that. I am focused and I know what I want to achieve and I won’t get side-tracked. And even though I get down sometimes, I keep running the race of endurance to achieve those goals. It keeps me on track. I am dedicated.” Michael Jackson 1958- ∞

@inukag-week Day 1 - Protect

She told him stories he couldn’t quite believe, but he knew better than to think she would lie so casually.

She told him a foreign legend about a hanging garden, some fantastic thing a king with a name he couldn’t say had built to please his homesick queen. It was disheartening, really. Inuyasha could never give her such a thing.

It wasn’t only this one tale. Kagome said there was once a very beautiful queen who was married to an older, ruthless man. A prince from another country, a guest at their house, fell for her and stole her away - and started a war to keep her.

A war. Damn. And he couldn’t even defeat one half-demon.

He overheard her telling Shippo the story that hurt him the most: there was once a musician with a strange name that sounded like rustling leaves, and he was very much in love with his wife. A kind of demon from their land was also in love with her, and as she tried to escape it, she stepped on a nest of snakes and died. The musician was so talented that his gods allowed him to fetch the woman in hell.

Inuyasha couldn’t remember the last time he’d sang out loud; maybe he never had. He had no talent, only brute strength, and that didn’t help before…

He told himself it was stupid to be miffed over old legends no one knew for sure to be true, but they still got under his skin. Even if the stories were false, Kagome obviously liked them, and Inuyasha could never do anything remotely close to what those men had done.

It took an unusually hard fight against a nasty demon for him to realize something: they had all failed.

The king had treated his homesick wife like a caged bird; sheltering wasn’t the same as protecting. The prince had relied on his elder brother’s strength to keep his beautiful queen (ha); keeping wasn’t the same as protecting, either. The musician had loved his wife, but he hadn’t been by her side when she needed him most; loving wasn’t enough if you didn’t protect (he knew that first-hand).

So, Inuyasha wouldn’t fail Kagome. He would protect her; not as her lover, never as her owner, but as her truest and most reliable friend. His protection was all he could give, but at least it had saved her a few times (like today). It had given her yet another day to live. That was enough.

And perhaps, if fortune smiled upon a half-demon who was not a king, nor a prince, and had no talent to speak of, he would be able to give her a garden someday.

I have not felt very thankful, lately. Having the civilized skin of your country ripped back, exposing the ugly, pulsing underbelly, kills a lot of smaller and softer sentiments. You’re too taken up with the horror, and surviving it.

But in 1789, George Washington proclaimed that November 26th would be a day set aside for thanks and prayer, particularly for its newly-established federal government. (The Constitution was in the process of being ratified, and the issue of adding a Bill of Rights had just come before Congress; George Washington had only been in office for 241 days.) In his initial address, Washington asked the Lord and Ruler of Nations “to render our National Government a blessing to all the people by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed.”

which could not possibly be a more appropriate prayer for these days and times.


Fire Emblem : Awakening (ファイアーエムブレム覚醒, Fire Emblem: Kakusei) 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve made comics! Feels good man. I have seven chapters left on this game and I’m not playing ‘cause I don’t want it to end (sadface.jpg). I’ve only ever played the handheld series (Sacred Stones was my favorite) and since day 01 this saga seduced me with its fantastic storytelling, wonderful characters, and beautiful sprites/combat system. Funny story; I was actually never going to play Awakening but one day YouTube recommended a soundtrack from the game. The two songs I listened to were “Don’t Speak Her Name!” & ID (Purpose). I then literally drove down to my local GameStop and purchased a brand new 3DS XL & Awakening LOL the nostalgia got me good I guess. 

I was listening to ID (Purpose) again after getting about halfway through the game and the above comic is what I envisioned would happen at the end. So how I imagined it was page 01 begins @2:30 then page 02 starts @2:46 when the female vocals hit (then page 03 whenever you’re done reading page 02). 

[[SPOILERS!]] Basically the story is that in an alternate future, Chrom & Co. all perish due to a calamity called Grima the Fell Dragon and they leave behind their children who in turn watch the world slowly get destroyed. Eventually, Lucina & Co. travel back in time via magic portal in a last ditch effort to change the past and prevent Grima from being reborn & the deaths of their parents. Anywho, now that I’m planning on finally finishing the game, I decided to make this short comic before reaching the end. Enjoi ♪

x. Check out the trailer if you’re curious! : Fire Emblem Awakening

Bit too long!!

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klaus had never stopped thinking about her, its been 7 years since she had been taken away from him. The love of his life taken away by the man he called his father. 

He still remembers the day like it was yesterday, it was so vividly present in his mind. 

The day was so peaceful and sunny, (Y\N) and klaus were walking hand in hand talking about anything and everything. 

Everything was going great till he showed up. Mikael only cared about destroying his bastard of a son. He believed he can achieve that by taking you away from him. 

You were the only thing klaus had loved so much, the only thing holding onto whatever sanity that was left in him. 

So when Mikael took you away, hell broke lose. Klaus had done everything in his power to look for you, but when he couldn’t find a single trace of you being alive, he broke down. He went on a ripper rampage, going crazy without you. 

He was convinced you were killed by his so called father. 

You have been stuck with Mikael for about 200 years now, always attempting to escape but always failing. 

He was way smarter and stronger then you. His goal was to make you forget Klaus without compelling you. He wanted to forget him in your own will. 

But you just couldn’t do it, you loved him too much. so for all these years you have been resisting. 

But finally after 200 long years being with Mikael had broken you. You had decided forgetting Klaus was the best thing to do. 

so when Mikael was convinced you forgot him, he trusted you enough for you to be able to get close and vervain him. 

He was knocked out, you were sure it would last about 5 hours, so you ran. Ran till you were far away from Miakel. 

You had found a witch, who had helped make sure Mikael would never find you, at least for some years. 

Deep down you knew you never forgotten him, he stole you heart and you could never forget him. But only you had gotten better at acting.

After escaping you went on your way to look for the love of you life. 

It’s been 4 years and you still had no luck in finding Klaus.

Along the way of searching for him, you had heard so many stories about him, it was unbelievable, the Klaus you knew was gone. 

He was the person everyone knew before he met you, the ripper.  The broken man who was made into a monster. You were the one to fix him and since you were gone he went insane yet again. 

Klaus was in New Orleans taking back the kingdom he left for (Y\N). He had left everything he built behind to be with her but when he lost her in the worst way possible, he knew he had to go back home. Broken. 

He had been talking to Marcel when a nightwalker walked in panicking about a vampire attack that had created a ruckus in the French Quarters. 

Marcel and Klaus left immediately, leaving the comfort of the Mikaelson’s home behind. They were curious to see what vampire was brave enough to mess with the original hybrid. 

You had been passing by the city of New Orleans when a bunch of newbie vampires started attacking you hoping to feed, but you were way older then them, and 1000 times stronger. 

You ripped their hearts out one by one with out even needing to try. 

“Well well well, who do we have here, who this this little thing that came into my kingdom and killed my vampires” a British voice boomed behind you making shivers travel down you body.

You could recognize that voice anywhere, it belonged to the one and only Klaus Mikaelson. The son of a bitch you loved and missed so much. 

When klaus arrived at the horrendous scene he saw a small figure soaked in blood holding a heart. He could only her back but something about her was so familiar. This only made his curiosity twice as worse.

As soon as he spoke he realized she had froze in her spot, turning her body painfully slow. 

When she fully turned it felt like all the air in his lungs had been knocked out. He could not believe his eyes, his love was standing in front of him looking as she did 200 years ago. 


He vamp speed to her small body, needing to hold her. 

She looked up at him with so much love you would have been surprised to see anyone looking at him like that. 

“Klaus baby, i missed you so much” 

“I went insane without you love”

“so i’ve heard”

“ah i see my reputation precedes me as always”

“yes babe, i guess the bad ass Klaus is back”

“the one and only love”

Klaus pulled you into him hugging you so tight you couldn’t breathe 

“i c c c cant bre”

He looked at you with a smile, which you retuned, before anything can be said you crashed your lips against his missing the feeling of his lips.

The kiss was passionate and greedy, your lip moved in sync with his, fitting like a puzzle. You could keep kissing forever but you needed to break for air. 

When you broke the kiss, you noticed Klaus was staring at you.

“What do i have something on my face”

“yeah a bit of blood love”

“Wanna clean it up for me babe”

“with pleasure darling”

He brought his face close to yours before licking away the blood near your lips making you shiver. He still had the same effect on you like the day you both met centuries ago. 

“lets go and catch up on what i missed for 200 years love”

“ooo how exciting, we shall”

“thats my girl”

“and all ways will be sweetie”

you both vamp speed to Klaus’s house leaving a very confused Marcel behind. 

The Queen of New Orleans is here to stay.


what do you guys think, i know its not good but i would still like your feed back so please do tell me. I’m seriously not good at writing but i do it for fun, so i would love to know what you guys think.


The Devil in Disguise

Credence grew up hearing stories of the Devil. He was Heaven’s most beautiful angel. He lured people using only truths and beauty. He was Temptation Incarnate.

It turned out the Devil was an unassuming British man with a small smile and a large suitcase.

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MH (JW) - The Ice-Man and the Lion Girl 2/?

Part one

I honestly don’t know how many parts of this there will be but deffo at least 3?? keep giving me ideas in my asks (for anything, not just this)

I also want to say a HUGE thank you for all the support part one got; thats insane to me you’re all crazy and thank you too all the new followers too! Much love guys

“Mycroft; its been two weeks!” Mycroft shuffled his feet uncomfortably, scuffing the shiny, laminated floor of his office as he cowered just inside the doorway.

“Thats only a fortnight-”

“Don’t you smart talk me young man! fourteen days you made me and your father worry over you for, not a second thought thrown our way!”

Mrs Holmes was on a role, her condescending tone giving Mycroft major war flashbacks to his youth. In truth; of course he knew stunts like this were unkind to his loved ones, his family. This was his brothers department, not his own, Mycroft himself had always managed to stay in touch with his parents some way or enough whether it was between interviews (or roastings) with world leaders or spin class - Mycroft was known for being reachable and his family had been no exception to this. 

“You’re sulking aren’t you?!” 

“Mummy, im not sulking”

Mrs holmes turns to Mr holmes and mummers, as if they aren’t in the same room, “ He’s sulking, darling”

Truth be told, Mycroft was sulking, but not because of his parents. The man was fast approaching middle age, he had a career that thrived and more money than you could shake a hat at, but he knew this wasn’t enough for him parents (or himself). Mrs Holmes had never kept it a secret that she wanted grandchildren and Mycroft had even heard his father rejoice at the idea of tutoring a young boy in the arts of football. 

Mycrofts memory was scarred by the event he interrupted one year ago; walking in on his parents cooing over One Born Every Minute.

And although child labour wasn’t exactly Mycrofts scene; even as a child he had always just assumed he would marry and settle down. After all, that was the natural order of things - grow old, marry, have a few children and raise them. In action, life was much more complex than that, much scarier and much more exciting, but he still hadn’t given up on that idea of a white picket fence. 

“My, Is it okay if i clock off ear- Hello”

The rooms tension shifts as the Holmes’ heads all snap round to the door, Where Y/N stands, hair slightly ruffled and cheeks rosy. 

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“Y/L/N, whatever’s the matter” Mycroft studies back to the door, grabbing ahold of your shoulder, attempting to steadying you, but your attention is already on the two guests in the room. 

“Mycroft, introduce us too your friend” Mycroft holds back his scowl at his mothers implying tone - clearly her years of trying to set him up with a ‘lady friend’ had tampered with her vision enough for her to not notice the fact that you were clearly working for him. 

“Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N” Mycroft watches you make a swift movement to shake her hand, but Mrs Holmes has already grabbed you into a less-motherly-more-bear-like embrace, winking at him over your shoulder. 

“Oh its really wonderful too meet you, Y/N, Mycroft never does tell us anything of his associates!” Mr Holmes is also up, giving your bewildered self a firm handshake. 

Silence takes over the room, and his mother shoots him an expecting glare.

“Y/N, meet my parents” Mycroft huffs, half heartedly. 

“lovely to meet you Mr and Mrs Holmes”

“Oh please darling, call us-”

Mycroft sees this as his time to interject; squeezing your shoulder, he turns fully towards you,

“Y/N, whats the issue?”

You struggle to regain your wits, not an easy ask as the warmth from under his hand is very apparent to your brain at this moment. 

“Its Stevie, his teacher was just on the phone, he was in a fight again-”

“And you need to go and collect him” Mycroft gathers, causing you to sheepishly nod.

Your brothers challenging antics were not exactly new, but had become more frequent in the past few weeks. 

“Go” Mycroft gestures to the way our, nudging you slightly before removing his hand from your shoulder. 

After a smile of appreciation you whirl around, breaking into a swift jog as you pass through the corridor. 

“And don’t you dare run in those heels!” Mycroft scolds after you, before closing the door and  returns to his parents, to find his mother and father exchanging a rather large knowing grin. His dismisses them, sitting at his desk and throwing open a folder of some classified information or another. 

“Id like it if you left now” He comments. To his surprise , his parents oblige, but not before his mother gets in the last word, 

“We are having a get together next Friday, we expect to see you and your girlfriend sat at our dinner table”, before he can correct her, they have left. 


A palestinian father bathing his daughter and niece in their destroyed home. 

Heart surgeon soothing a crying 2-year boy just before having the operation on.

An employee of McDonald’s helps an disabled adult.

A donkey gives us a bright smile after being rescued from flood in Ireland.

This dog is disabled and can’t walk anymore. That’s why his owner would bring it out and go for a walk in a wheelchair every single day.

A little reindeer doesen’t want to leave the man who saved its life.

Soaked up father lends his umbrella to his precious son.

A 80 years old man builds up “train” fot the homeless and straying dogs in order to take them to “adventures”

A 8 years old boy is being teased up for growing his hair long, but he had been doing it just to donate the lenght to the ones fighting cancer.

Kindness is the key to peace. 
Do good, you might be the only one doing it.

Man, I’ve really been in the mood to play FFVII lately, but I don’t much the time. What time I do have I’m using to play FFXV, since I’ve never played it or seen a play through before. Of course, I’ve seen some spoilers on my dash, but they’ve only made me all the more interested.

By the way, did I ever mention I lost my completionist save file? As in the save file I had where I’d gotten every character to level 99, all of Cloud’s stats to 255, all but 2 of Yuffie and Vincent’ stats to 255, half of Tifa’s stats to 255, every master materia, like 6 Knights of the Round, etc…. I mean, it’s of course fun to play through the game. But I never actually beat the Weapons on that file. Or Sephiroth. I was planning to get Cloud, Yuffie, and Vincent’s stats all to 255 so I could crush him and the Weapons, but that never happened. Ugh. When I have the time again I’ll go on Steam and play some.

I have way too many unfinished FF files right now. IV, IV: TAY, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XV… I’ve watched full walkthroughs of all but XV and TAY, but I’ve only completed IV and VII on my own. So I have these games I want to play so I can say that I actually beat them, rather than…. well, watched someone else beat them. Playing them is really fun too, of course. That and I’m a completionist to the extreme. To play and beat every FF game is my goal one day. I’ve also beaten XIII on my own. I lost my I save file at the same time as my VII one. I only got 15 minutes into II, and have never touched III, V, XI, or XII. X I watched a play through of. So yeah. Gotta finish a lot.

I don’t know where I’m going. I have 25 more pages to take notes on tonight and I don’t feel like doing it. I come here whenever that happens.

Though I should probably finish that. I’m averaging 4.5 hours of sleep a night right now, and have been for almost two months. I’ve been doing the same thing off and on for about 8. I’m tired.

Awakening silently to a familiar gray
who enfolds the silent, stoic trees,
the pale grove seething for life’s kiss,
even while the motionless, embrowned grass
now begins to slowly dance
rhythmically in those early hours,
o’, hath Chloris now been beckoned?

Man sleeps unperturbed,
oblivious to the chasm that only I hear,
and each thought protrudes its wings,
before escaping into the darkened clouds.

Within those hours that elude in the deepening day,
one may catch the glimpse of the twinkling light
which gyrates excitably in those elegiac eyes,
as if to awaken the spring within the heart.

i’ve been in outer richmond all day to celebrate (redacted) an even catch the rodin exhibition.. and i stop in this mediterranean deli and the man is from eskişehir too and as we’re speaking in turkish about his family he starts bringing dolmas and rolls with hummus and black olives and strawberries and avocado and turkish coffee and red lentil soup.. no expectation only that its free of charge and that i’m welcome any time. i’m leaving out some things, still it did not feel one-sided. the soup tasted like summers i spent there as a kid which is stupid but in earnest. i’ve always wanted to live here, in the uhh colonial-looking part of sf. other thoughts now will be better and far away but today it felt like i did

sakura, comfortable and adjusted in her lesbianism, is still fairly nice and chill. she’s got a lot of straight friends and tolerates them to the best of her ability. before naruto comes out he pisses her off a lot but she tries her best to explain things to him gently and honestly and it pays off when naruto comes out to her because he trusts her. her main problem is her and sasuke have intracommunity arguments at all times and he rly tries her patience w intracommunity solidarity.

karin, comfortable and adjusted in her lesbianism, lets EVERYONE know she never wants to see a SINGLE MAN again in her goddamn life. she’s technically friends w taka but its only because theyve been friends forever and they try her patience every goddamn day of her life. when suigetsu does legit anything she yells at him “WHY ARE MEN LIKE THIS I AHTE YOU”. theyre lucky theyre all gay bc if they were straight men she would’ve already ghsoted on them friendship be damned

Stealing Gabriel's sweets

Can’t copy and paste on my phone or maybe its the alcohool?
Day drunk drabble #2 Gabriel x Reader
I used Red Vines because I could only think of English sweets and it made me hungry. I wish this train had a food trolley like in Harry Potter.

“Well?!” Gabriel snapped at the Winchesters and for a moment they were reminded exactly how strong he was.

“I don’t know what to tell you man, Y/N is just skilled.” Dean shrugged. To say that the oldest Winchester had been underwhelmed by the Archangels return would be an understatement but he’d always made you smile and when you politely asked if Gabriel could say both Dean and Sam had relented almost instantly.

“Look,” Sam started, his resting bitch face in prime position, “If Y/N taking your candy is that much of a problem then go and talk to her? We both have things to do.”
Sam guestured to the pile of books on the library table that you’d been helping them go through until you’d heard Gabriel approaching.

With a childish groan, Gabriel stomped away, cursing his lack of grace as he went. He found you in the kitchen, it looked like you were baking cookies but he didn’t get too close because last time he had you had hit hand so hard with your spoon that he considered getting Cas to patch him up.

How that fledgling had kept his grace Gabriel had no idea.

“Watcha cooking, good looking?” Gabriel gave you a flirty smile.
“I haven’t seen your candy Gabe.” You answered and consentrated on kneading the butter into your mixing bowl.
“Sure you haven’t.” He said slowly and you didn’t need to turn your head to know that he was narrowing his eyes and studying you.

You carried on ignoring him as he stepped up behind you, he slid his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder.
All for calm for moment as he was content in watching your kneading process.

“This isn’t Ghost, you helping me bake isn’t going to be as sexy as you think.” You warned him and you felt the breath on your neck as he laughed.
“I’m not helping, just watching.” He blew on your ear before sliding his hands down your front and sliding them into the pockets on your apron.

He quickly pulled his hand out the pocket along with the Red Vines you’d stolen on him only an hour prior, “Ah-ha! What do you have to say for yourself?”
You turned to face him, you gave him a soft smile while one of your hands inched back towards the flour on the table. You grabbed a handfull and brought it up quickly hitting Gabriel in the face and your other hand snatching the Red Vines.

You took off down the hall laughing as Gabriel stood still for a moment dumbfounded.
“I say you should be faster!” You laughed as you ducked into the library hoping that Sam could give you a boost into the ceiling airduct so that you could hide.

theloriroo  asked:

Ooooh. This feels like too much power. Hmmmm. What is it that my Stonathan heart desires… I know! What about something where Steve has been pining for Jonathan for ages and has a massive crush on him but doesn't know how to get Jonathan to notice him and then one day he happens upon Will and starts chatting to the kid and the pair become best friends and its only after Will invites Steve back to his for dinner that Jonathan actually starts paying attention to him? I dunno man, I got excited.

“You’re staring again…” Nancy reminds him while they sit together at lunch, Steve tears his gaze from the boy sitting all the way across the cafeteria and aims it down at his lunch tray.

“I’m not staring.” He denies sourly, sticking a tater tot into his ketchup and shoving it into his mouth, chewing angrily.

“You most definitely are.” Nancy glances up from her book with a small smile. “Steve, you fought a monster together, you can’t just ask him to hang out?” She questions, Steve feels a heated blush forming on his cheeks as he scowls at the girl.

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