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Nothing’s more beautiful than Yuuri’s smile…

Get u a man who looks at you like Phichit looks at Yuuri…


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I have no business throwing myself into yet another weird Ichiruki-Bleach-AU thing, but lately I’ve realised that I probably worry about my writing way too much which is why I never get anything longer than a oneshot done. In the interests of actually learning to write a multichaptered fic, I’ve decided I‘m going to write this one really lightheartedly, no worrying about whether each turn of phrase is exactly right allowed. As a consequence, it might be kinda shit. But, uh, do feel free to give it a go anyway. 

Also, the summary and the first chapter make it look kinda bleak but dw it’s going to be quite lighthearted. I think. Maybe. Look I have no idea where this is going ok just have it 

Title: Cyclical 

Summary: In a peculiar twist of fate, Rukia dies, but Ichigo endures. A century later, she’s the reincarnated headstrong human teenager and he’s the long-suffering shinigami who sort-of-accidentally may have transferred his powers to her. 

Some things are different. Some things are the same.

And some things, it seems, will never ever change.

Ratings: Probably T-13 for swearing

Warnings: none 

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Chapter 1: Incidence 

I’m going to kill the person who first came up with the concept of soul mates.

All that bullshit about being mentally connected? Lies. All that crap about taking one look at them and something in you clicking, you being made whole — quite frankly, a pile of horseshit. All that ‘through every life, in whatever form, I’ll know you’ reincarnation bull — fucking hell. I want my money back.

Don’t believe everything you read in books, kids. You think you’ll recognise the love of your life if she gets cut down in front of you by your nemesis and reincarnated into the world you literally just abandoned to be with her?

You’re fucking wrong.


Soul Society, Captain’s Quarters, Eighth Division, 2103 AD

“We found her.”

It’s the best thing Kurosaki Ichigo has heard in a century. The statement is short, brusque and without context, but even so, he knows exactly what it means. There is only one person about whom Renji Abarai would have come to him for, eyes ablaze with an intensity he knows all too well himself.

“Show me,” he says, kind of unable to believe his luck— but then again, if the universe was any kind of fair, it was due to show him some mercy sometime in the next decade.

It’s just, you know, the universe has never really been all that fair before.

But who was he to look a gift horse in the mouth? Urahara had said it would be nigh-on impossible to find her again, after he managed to anchor her soul together and send it off into the cycle of reincarnation instead of letting it drift apart like it would have without the intervention. He’d saved her, he’d said, or what he could of her, anyway; but Kurosaki-san shouldn’t expect her to be exactly like the Rukia Kuchiki he knows— had known. Actually, on second thoughts, Kurosaki-san shouldn’t expect to find her again at all, period. Rukia Kuchiki, as he’d known her, was gone.

What was the point then, he had raged, what was the point of sending her soul into the reincarnation cycle anyway if it wouldn’t result in her? If Rukia Kuchiki was gone and this soul was going to inhabit a new body and grow up to be a stranger—this, this was no solution at all, and Rukia was still dead. What was the point?

But even as he’d raged, he’d felt it— cruelly, a voice in his head was whispering that this was better than nothing. Something of her was out there, something of her warmth, her light, her goodness, and if he could just find her again, even if it wasn’t exactly her

He’d refused to let that whispering voice bloom into anything resembling hope, but some part of him must have agreed, because instead of letting his Hollow run rampant, instead of running away into the woods and becoming a hermit, instead of falling on his own sword and following her into the cycle like he’d wanted to, he’d endured. He slaughtered Ywhach; decimated the Sternritters; accepted the Captaincy the Gotei-13 offered him; if he was going to find her (he still refused to call the strange lightness in his chest hope), Soul Society, with all its connections and spells and Kurotsuchi Mayuri’s twisted idea of science, would be the best place to start.

He’d forgotten this was Soul Society they were talking about. The place that apparently has no organisational structure worth mentioning, despite being entrusted with the afterlife of every single person that had ever existed on the planet. Fuck, people had to band together in weird nuclear second families just to stay alive in the outskirts of the place. Their soul-finding program was beyond shit.

The only thing shittier than Soul Society’s structure (or lack thereof) had been his own thought processes when he convinced himself that joining them would be the most efficient way of finding Kuchiki Rukia.

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The Great Misérables Bake Off, Pt. 1 (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #4)

Both @unpeubrillante and @ihopeintangoyouhavemoreluck requested Great British Bake Off AUs, so I hope neither minds that I am combining their requests into a two-part fic, with part 2 coming tomorrow. unpeubrillante requested E/R and Marius being Marius, while ihopeintangoyouhavemoreluck wanted some Combeferre/Courfeyrac fluff, so I’ve done my best to incorporate both.

I absolutely LOVE the Great British Bake Off (like it literally sustained me through the last few weeks of campaigning), so the best way that I could think to write a GBBO AU was to write it as a transcript of the show. As such, I’ve done my best to honor the spirit of the show, even if it sacrifices my usual flowery descriptions.

Great British Bake Off AU, developing E/R, developing Combeferre/Courfeyrac, developing Marius/Cosette. Fluff. And loads of crack (the fic kind. Not the drug kind).

The following is a transcript of the unaired fourth episode of Season 3 of The Great Miserables Bake Off. As readers may know, Season 3 was cancelled following the fifth episode when it was revealed that both a host and a judge had become romantically involved with two contestants behind the scenes and when a third contestant tried to arrest the other judge. This transcript, broken into two parts, has been provided for legal purposes pending multiple lawsuits against the studio, contestants, judges and, in one unfortunate incident, the cameraman.

The show’s editors regret to inform readers that only the final cut of the episode is available. Unedited material has been mysteriously misplaced. However, we believe that the edited material shows a clear sense of what transpired leading up to the events of the 5th episode, which can be viewed in their entirety in the previously provided footage.

[CAMERA: Opens on typical overcast British summer day. COURFEYRAC and ÉPONINE are sitting under a tree. ÉPONINE’S arms are crossed and she looks downcast.]

COURFEYRAC: I have a joke to cheer you up. Why are our bakers going to be in a panic today?

ÉPONINE: [without enthusiasm] Why?

COURFEYRAC: Because they’re going to be in a loaf or death situation!

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