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Star vs. the Forces of Evil

S1 Ep.1- Magical princess comes to Earth, makes a new best friend, and goes on fun adventures with him while using her magic wand to blast rainbows and puppies at monsters.

S3 Ep.4- Magical princess deliberately commits suicide in an effort to save her family and kingdom from the evil lizard man who murdered her grandmother, only for the lizard man to come back stronger and leave her soul in a hellish limbo to literally drown in her own corruption.


Emmett is in many ways just like the big brother I’d always wanted… only much, much more terrifying.

Soulmate AU: You Can’t Lie to Your Soulmate (Mobster!Ben Organa-Solo x Reader)

A/N: Holy shit, it’s been half a year and I’m only just now posting a Kylo Ren fic.

Ben Organa-Solo and Kylo Ren were not the same person. Sure, they were both very tall, dark-haired young men who expressed an air of intelligence and aloofness, and they were never seen in the same place at the same time, but that was to be expected: Ben Organa-Solo was the well to-do son of an adored senator, a self-proclaimed arts dealer by trade on top of that. Kylo Ren was a mask-wearing gang leader who terrorized an entire city doing God acknowledges what under the shade of night. 

No, they certainly weren’t the same … Because Ben Organa-Solo had the sense and decency to hide that side of himself from everyone else.

Nobody needed to know that his friends (?) Armitage Hux or Phasma Silverman were more like his righthand man and woman in crime. Nobody needed to know that an abundance of his money was actually linked to his involvement in black-and-grey market sales or back alley dealings with the indebted. And nobody really needed to know that he had been out on this particular evening, inflicting a hit on some deplorable who couldn’t keep his mouth shut about a deal gone awry. 

That’s what made Ben’s sudden visit to the hospital for a cut running down his left temple to the bottom of his cheek both unexpected but easier to get away with: nobody knew who he moonlighted as, so he could just lie about it.

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Super-Mega-Foxy-Awesome-Hot Olicity Fic Recs!

I felt the need to share my favorite fics with the fandom to help survive this hiatus, Hope you enjoy :) 


Blind and Unable to Speak Oliver is Blind & Felicity Can’t Speak + A Dangerous Situation 

*Hide Aways “You keep - ow! - ace bandages inside your jacket?” Felicity is mind-boggled by this. “Like - inside?”“Yes,” Oliver says calmly, like this is no big deal at all, like it’s totally normal for somebody to sew medical supplies into custom-made Italian businesswear, like everybody does it and Felicity is the one who’s weird for questioning it.

Write It Right Felicity leaves Oliver messages by writing on his arm, and he starts doing the same to her.

*Six Times Felicity Uses Post-It Notes and One Time Oliver Does Olicity being adorable and hilarious 

Little Black Dresses and King-Sized Messes Canon divergence during the Summer of Unbearable Sexual Tension. Kissing on a mission undercover.

Challenges Made, Promises Kept When Felicity issues Oliver a challenge that includes her on his back while doing push-ups, it becomes a daily moment for the two and their friendship strengthens because of it.Otherwise known as the “Felicity sits on Oliver’s back while he does push-ups” fic

Not Just a Close Shave While at a gala, Isabel Rochev notices a speck of blood on Oliver’s face, Felicity steps in to cover and finds out that Oliver might not be as okay as they all think.

I Woke Up Like This The morning after the night before. Felicity isn’t feeling flawless. Adult content (sexytimes).

Tight Spot and a Hard Place While on an undercover mission, Oliver and Felicity find themselves in a tight spot. Oliver is forced to become suddenly very aware of his attraction to his beautiful little IT girl. A humorous one-shot.

Flashback Thanks to The Flash, some visitors from the Future help to give Oliver a new perspective on some things. Season 3, humorous. 

Not So Platonic Feelings Felicity has a horrible migraine, Oliver knows how to help. But will he be able to keep his feelings in check?

Lean on Me Post Flash 1x08. Felicity helps take care of injured Oliver after his fight with Barry. Aka they are so married and they don’t even know it

But You Stood By My Side Night After Night (You Loved Me Back To Life) Oliver and Felicity stuck in a trunk, queue felicity squirming and Oliver really notices.

Reaching For You Oliver comes back from a bad night out as the Hood, and when Felicity refuses to leave him alone, the lines of their friendship are tested. 

No Talking The one where Felicity loses her voice.

I Wore the Wrong Shirt Today A distracted Felicity leaves the house with a dark bra under a light top, Oliver has trouble keeping his eyes on her face. She has no clue why he seems uncomfortable.

Darling heart, I loved you from the start (But you’ll never know what a fool I’ve been) For Oliver Queen, the soul mate mark was a curse, at least until it was a blessing. Soulmate AU. 

Branded with your mark (I wear it proudly on my chest above my heart) “I’m very happy it’s you,” he said. Soulmate AU.


*Forever Is Composed Of Nows Oliver & Felicity future toddler shows up because the future is to dangerous for her in season 2. THE BEST fanfic I have ever read. Words can not describe how awesome this is, just read it, even if you hate future fics give it a try. 

*Monsters in the Dark Lets just say I have re-read this more than any other fic ever. Felicity has the ability to see guardians, spirits that protect the majority of people. Some guardians talk, others don’t. Oliver Queen’s is a sassy, chatty beast. She starts helping Oliver, forming Team Arrow, and getting drawn into the pull that is Hurricane Oliver. 

Tango After a mission goes wrong Felicity and the team have to deal with the ramifications, and how to handle her going undercover once again.  Oliver tangos, enough said. 

What Happens In Russia… When Diggle disappears, Oliver and Felicity travel to Russia to track him down. But their trip is interrupted by the presence of Isabel Rochev, and things do not go as planned. What happens in Russia doesn’t always stay in Russia…

Technical Assistance  Felicity Smoak swore she’d provide technical assistance to all who need it. She’s just not prepared for her newest client.A story that shows another way Felicity and Oliver could have met. Major slow burn. 

What happened in Vegas… It’s all fun and games until you wake up hung-over and married to a stranger. Five years ago Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak made a drunken mistake that could never be corrected. After years on a hellish island he comes back as a man on a mission only to find out that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. (Season One Rewrite)

The Offer The evidence was stacked against her. The murder of her boyfriend was a crime that she didn’t commit, but the judge and jury didn’t see it that way. Felicity was preparing herself for the guilty verdict and a life in prison. Except that the night before her final trial, a masked stranger offers her another option. The opportunity to disappear, live a life in the shadows. A chance to get justice for others, justice that wasn’t awarded to her.

Remove All Doubt “Really shouldn’t that list have been titled ‘Oliver Queen’s Top 5 Ways To Turn You On?”When a group of Oliver’s former flames decide to spill the illicit details of his private life, Felicity cleans up the mess but not before her babbling inadvertently lays down a challenge.

Times Like These A man from Felicity’s past she never thought she’d see again suddenly appears in Starling City, bringing with him memories she’d rather keep forgotten, and a new threat. Felicity is Kidnapped Fic. 

I Could Get Used To This Oliver offers Felicity a place to stay while she looks for a new apartment.

Fifty Bucks Says When Oliver Queen lets Felicity Smoak move in as his platonic roommate, Tommy, Thea and Digg don’t believe for a second it’ll last. So of course they’re going to try and make money off of it.

Although I can’t promise you will love all these fic’s as much as I have, I sincerely encourage you to at least try the ones with a * star next to them, they will give you all the feels, and they are still my favorite fics of all time :) Check out my blog if you would like & please send me recommendations for more fics  :) @overwatchsmoakk

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“Loid took a deep breath.  “Once upon a time there was a small city of magical creatures, far away from a human world. Despite the distance between these two worlds, the life and the people in that magical city were very similar to humans. Everyone knew how to use magic and everyone was taught equally how to use the powers of their body for different spell casting. Life was fine and life was good,” Loid started, his voice clear and playful. 

“But then something happened?” Elena smirked at Loid over her shoulder and the man chuckled.

“Laney, you’re getting ahead of the story.” He shook his head. “The city had a legend that one day a boy with pale blue eyes would be born and on his 20th birthday he would lead the city to a new era. Every man in that tribe had brown eyes and every woman had green eyes, so pale blue eyes were very unusual. What a glorious day it was when finally, the legend came true and a pale blue-eyed boy was born to a regular couple. Everyone was rejoicing, a big party was held and the boy was showered with love from the very first moment he took his first breath. Anything he wanted, he got it, except for one thing; freedom.”

Elena’s eyebrows knit together.

“Did they treat him like some celebrity?” she asked over her shoulder. Loid cocked his chin.

“Like a god. He was destined to take the city and the local tribe to a new era. It was his story. He was the hero everyone had anticipated. He got everything he wanted, but couldn’t run away from his fate, no matter how hard he tried,” Loid continued, drawing a wide arch in the air with his hands animating the story.

“…I feel him… Not to get to choose but to live forced to something…” Elena sighed. She didn’t wish her destiny to anyone else.

Loid pulled a twig out from a nearby push and played around with it, the twig dancing on his fingers.

“Shit, ain’t it? I thought you’d like this story,” he grinned from ear to ear. “Anyhow, the story goes the boy was frustrated and resisted his destiny. Told everyone he didn’t want to do it, that he was just an ordinary guy and there was no way he could be special in any way. He asked from the priestesses how did they know he was the fated protagonist of the city, what if someone else with pale blue eyes was born after him, but the priestesses assured that the legends never lied. They were sure that he was the one the legend had foretold. They advised him to be happy about his role. Happy about his destiny to take the whole city and the tribe to a new era. What a privilege!” Loid almost yelled, his grin widening.  “To ensure he would be prepared to his role when the 20th birthday day would arise, priestesses made the boy study magic and how to take all advances of his natural energies extra hard”.

“At least he was prepared for his role. For me, I just tried to ignore it. I got no education, no one was there to guide me. I was just thrown into the deep end, head first,” Elena muttered bitterly. 

“Everything tends to have at least two sides, if not more. The boy’s life wasn’t all miserable you see, but it wasn’t very happy one either,” Loid reasoned.  

“If he resisted so much his fate, do I dare to ask what he did on his 20th birthday?” Elena asked, not really sure did she want to hear the rest of the story anymore. 

“Nothing. He did nothing.” Loid jumped the twig up to air with perfect circles. “He went out for a very, very long walk, hoping he could avoid the inevitable. His heart wasn’t in the role, and he hated how someone or something had enforced his future. He had ever only wanted to be free, be who he really was. Not The Pale Blue Eyed Boy, The God like Leader everyone looked up to with high hopes, but his own self. It was said the boy didn’t even know what his true self was like.” Loid stopped, looking far into the distance with a small smile. “When he came back home at the evening of his 20th birthday, everything was ruined. The whole city had crumbled down, people lied around dead, the rest who were alive tried to escape that hellish nightmare. The boy, now a young man, didn’t know what was going on or what had happened, but the furious people with the lead of their survived priestesses cursed the young man. ‘This is your fault!’ they screamed, as he tried to enter the city to find his family, ‘You resisted your destiny! You denied your role as the protagonist! If only you had followed the given path this wouldn’t have happened!” they cried and wailed and yelled at his face, and he barely understood them.” 

“And the young man?” Elena asked when Loid was just before her face, looking into the horizon.

 “He ran,” he simply stated and made his way slowly down the mound, the twig swinging in his hand. “Like said, he knew he had screwed up things so badly he could never return to his role as a protagonist. He thought that if he became an antagonist, maybe he could salvage something and redeem himself. So he did.”

Elena looked at Loid’s back. Suddenly her heart started to beat fiercely.

“Loid?” she called him. “What was his name? That boy’s, who turned into an antagonist?”

A sly grin, with something forlorn in it, appeared on Loid’s corner of a mouth.

“How should I know?” He snorted with a chuckle.


As my ARE Novel, where the above snippet is,  is coming together very slowly I thought it would be nice to tell you something about Loid and his past. 

Would you want other things to be told, things which I have planned for the novel, about ARE’s characters?

Olicity Fanfic Rec List:

(You’ll find all of these on AO3 unless I specify otherwise)

There’s so much love in this fandom and a great way to express them is to write fanfiction! I’ve had a tiny but if a difficult time recently - my mum was ill, ambulances, hospital and lost of chocolate (me) was involved - and I haven’t been able to write a thing.

Coming back to it, I took a quick look through all the bookmarks I’ve near-to obsessed over in the past and thought I’d write this list. @scu11y22 is to thank so if you actually manage to find one you haven’t read, then go send her a word :)

(This list is not exhaustive) They are to be: multi-chapt, slow burn, well written, mature, no threesomes (ditto x 1000), no kids and AU/canon divergent… and not @so-caffeinated and @dust2dust34 AMAZING FICON


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Legacies series by @chronicolicity

Part 1 is called You’re His Hope ( Felicity struggling to save Oliver’s humanity after losing him to the League of Assassins. Anything else would legit be a spoiler. Expect drama, romance, angst, humor, plot and plot TWISTS. Sparked by some amazing Tumblr theories I apologize in advance for completely ruining.) And so on and so forth.

The Crow

(Bratva Captain Oliver Queen has been looking for revenge his entire life. When he can’t trust his own family, the Bratva to get it, he finds the answer to all of his problems in Felicity Smoak; a genius hacker who is running for her life from the same object of Oliver’s hatred, The Triad. With an unlikely partnership, The Crow might just find out that light can shine in the darkest of places.)


AO3 Address: Anthfan

(My personal fav is the Devil’s Backbone)

When the Day Comes 

Have you talked to her?”


“So you’ll call her-” Thea sent a teary look back through the window at Tommy.

“I’ll call her if he wakes up.”

“When,” she gripped him fiercely then, her little nails digging into his forearm, “when Tommy wakes up.”

Oliver nodded, “Yes, of course.” His tone as hollow as his smile had been.

An all time favourite of mine: Sins by @smoakandarrow

(Oliver Queen is alive.After being presumed dead in a violent shipwreck five years ago, Oliver Queen returns to Starling City determined to right the wrongs of his family. But the billionaire playboy’s homecoming stirs more than feelings for joy; it threatens secrets someone is determined to keep buried. Secrets that threaten the life Oliver has just reclaimed, and the lives of those he loves the most.Vowing to protect his family at any cost, Oliver digs deeper, bringing danger to his doorstep, and leaving him with the shocking realization that the sins of the past are rooted much closer to home than he ever thought.When friends may be enemies, when enemies may be his best allies, when love is used as a smokescreen to hide the most vicious hate, Oliver isn’t sure who he can trust. He just knows that he’ll do anything to protect those he loves… even it means dying all over again.)

You Have Not Failed This Verse  by @so-caffeinated

(Sometimes a payday ain’t exactly what it seems.) Don’t let the brief description fool you. It’s incredible.


(Felicity knows her place in Oliver’s life. She’s the sidekick not the love interest. But in the Summer after the artificial earthquake lots of things can change.)

The Ways of the Universe 

(No two epic love stories are the same. For Oliver and Felicity, it’s quite the long road. What with all the crime-fighting, and super-secret identities, and emotionally-stunted men, and old flames, and meddlesome friends and family. Some goats, too. Picks up right after the end of ‘City of Heroes’ (2x01). Any similarities with the rest of S2 are, for the most part, coincidental.)

What Happened in Vegas - a very different take on the usual Vegas hookup fics

(It’s all fun and games until you wake up hung-over and married to a stranger. Five years ago Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak made a drunken mistake that could never be corrected. After years on a hellish island he comes back as a man on a mission only to find out that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. (Season One Rewrite))

Every single story by @supersillyanddorky06 but especially Predator

(Oliver Queen is the one anomaly in the Chicago Outfit. He is the only non-blooded member to be a part of the high circle in the family. His reputation precedes him and he is their best hunter.
Felicity Smoak, daughter of the Starling boss, infiltrates his house, intent on killing him.
But a startling encounter tips the scales. He goes on the prowl and she escapes. Hate, heat, and friction. Sparks. But something bigger is happening in their world. And despite their disagreements, only they can fight it down.
Mob AU. Not Bratva. Enemies-lovers. You’ll want to bash their heads sometimes. Stuff will happen. Enjoy!

The Legacy Series by @ash818 (I’m sort of in love with this universe: it involves Oliver and Felicity’s children and it’s a wonderful and very serious - possibly quite honest - look at what the future might look like for them. Plus, I wrote a one-shot for this. SHE’S THAT GOOD.)

(It’s 2039, and Jonathan Queen cannot stop looking for trouble. Then trouble finds him and his family, and Jonny discovers that there is more to his parents than he ever suspected. He must learn to bear the weight of his parents’ past, and he must learn fast, because time is running out for his mother.)

Most of these aren’t finished but this one hurts me because it’s been left alone:

Somewhere Out There

(When Felicity falls through a gate that takes her to a parallel universe, she finds herself in a world that is so much like her own, except for one very important thing.)


(I feel sad. Wanted something to cheer myself up. This is the result.I have no set dates for updating, so bear with me.This is the Bratva fic no one wanted. Note - I like that Oliver isn’t possessive. I also like when women have agency. You will find both here. This is a Oliver/Felicity-centric story.)

His Girl Wednesday and Some Things Are Meant to Be

Insanely long fics (THANK GOD): Missing her interview for a position in the IT department of QC, Felicity Smoak meets Oliver Queen, son of the CEO and future CEO himself. Only Oliver doesn’t take the company as seriously as he should and after yet another fiasco with his assistant, his mother decides to take matter into her own hands and select one with more qualifications than long legs and deep cleavage. In an effort to get her off his back, he pretends he already hired one: the blonde nerdy girl he met a few minutes ago.Or when Arrow and Ugly Betty crash in my head (except we all know Felicity could never be ugly). It is mostly Arrow, I borrow a few plot ideas/characters from Ugly Betty.

Sequel: Three years ago, Oliver went on a cruise on the Gambit and never came back, leaving Felicity devastated. She forced herself to move on with her life, trying to forget that the love they had shared was one she’d never get to live again.

Except Oliver didn’t die on that boat. But no matter how much he wants to, he knows he can’t come back. Too many things happened, and the only way to keep his loved ones safe is to stay as far away from them as possible.

It all changes when Felicity starts questioning the circumstances of the accident that took him away from her…

One More From the Top

(In the aftermath of his fight with Ras Al Ghul, Oliver finds himself somewhere unexpected: his hospital room when he first came back from the Island.With a second chance to right the mistakes he’s made since coming back to Starling City, what will Oliver do to save the people he’s loved and lost?Will he be able to change his past or will be he forced to watch history repeat itself?)


(After the events of Unthinkable, Felicity burns out from Arrow activities. So she takes a step back to get some air. This story tracks Felicity’s journey of becoming a heroine in her own right as she helps form the Justice League.)

Good, Better, Best Series by redtoes - a three part series each specifying how O + F got together and stayed together. Not very long but 15 chapters so…

The Grand Adventures of Felicity Smoak 

(a.k.a How Felicity did not save the day.Felicity’s father comes back only to take her away from the life and the people she loves. But sometimes, it takes a series of misadventures for a girl to discover how badass she really is and how valuable she is to her friends. She gets in trouble, gets rich, gets in trouble, gets hurt, gets in trouble again and gets the guy.Canon divergence. From in mid s02 before the revelation of Slade Wilson.)

Another I need to mention - though it isn’t a multi-chap slow burn - is: This Love Thing

Also a short fic but there aren’t that many slow burns around :) is Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone

(When meeting Felicity, Oliver has a flashback. Afterwards, he flees, leaving behind his 'latted’ laptop. She further investigates on her own, but lurking underneath everything else is Felicity’s concern for Oliver. Just like with anything that matters to her – she doesn’t know why he matters but he does, she can’t let the episode – what she fears to be PTSD – go.)

The Darkest Hour

(just weeks after moving to Starling City, Felicity Smoak is kidnapped for information she does not have. She endures weeks of torture before she is rescued by a man in green leather and his partner, John Diggle. As Felicity begins to put the pieces of her life back together, she realizes the trauma she suffered changed her in unexpected ways. Restless and with a driving need to help others the way the man in green helped her, she finds herself using her brilliant mind and considerable computer skills to follow a different path fraught with danger and violence. As Felicity grows closer to the Green Arrow and Diggle, helping them in their cause to save Starling City, the three struggle against unseen enemies, and discover the unexpected truth behind her kidnapping.)

All in a Day’s Work

(By 9:00 a.m., she had broken a heel, lost her cell phone, and been the victim of a coffee catastrophe. By 9:30 a.m. she had “borrowed” the NSA mainframe. By 10:00 a.m., she was engaged to Oliver Queen. Really, it was all in a day’s work. Plotty, fluffy fun with a side dish of heart.)

The Best of Friendships have Benefits

(like Communism or time travel, having a sex-buddy sounds a lot better in theory than in practice. However, Oliver and Felicity see it as a means to rebuild each other. So, inevitable consequences be damned, they still give it a go, not expecting to gain a whole lot more than what they initially bargained for.)

Also, most fics by @yellowflicker09011996 will make you want to tear out your own heart but one of my favourites is: All The Worthy Places  (They say if you get hungry enough, you start eating your own heart. When she sits on top of him, arms and legs tight around him and kisses his mouth like she wants to eat him alive, Oliver believes it. ) and To Rage Against the Dying Light (There could be no time to think, no moment to feel. The dark was going to engulf him till there was nothing left, if he so much as flinched.He had known grief and he had known fear but this… this was wordless.Nobody had ever told him that ruin felt so much like death.)

The Fall Verse by @callistawolf

(Taking place directly after the events in “Sacrifice” (the season 1 finale), Felicity tries to pull Oliver back from the edge. But is Oliver ready to be pulled back? Or is he ready for the fall?)

Step By Step

(During the summer between seasons two and three, Oliver and Felicity are attempting to navigate their new status post-fake but not actually fake I love you’s, and a kiss that may or may not have meant everything. Or: What would have been different for Oliver and Felicity if that summer had been about both of them truly coming to terms with what they meant to each other. Basically - Felicity decides to live her life, and Oliver realizes that her life doesn’t necessarily include him as much as he may want. How he reacts, and how Felicity responds to his actions, shape the future of their relationship.)

City of Fallen heroes

(Five years ago, Felicity was kidnapped and forced to do the unthinkable in order to return home. Convinced she couldn’t be the loving wife Oliver deserved, she left and tried to keep her darkness from hurting their daughters. The return of an old enemy will force Felicity to decide if she’s the monster she thought she was— or the hero her family believes her to be.)


(It’s been two years since the Atom invented a plague that wiped out most of Starling City. With a ruthless government agency in control, and a hooded vigilante fighting to shut the Atom down, Felicity Smoak quickly learns that life post-apocalypse isn’t exactly like it seemed in movies.)

He Deserves a Shot at Being Happy alos by @chronicolicity

(Short version: an AU where Tommy Merlyn didn’t die, and is around for season 2 of Arrow.Long version:
Tommy Merlyn has spent most of his life being an expensive disappointment to his family, but now he’s a part-owner of a semi-successful nightclub in the worst area of town (it’s seriously looking up) alongside his best friend, who — after five years on a deserted island — decided to come back to be a freaking vigilante. It’s a long story, one that’s longer than Tommy wants to remember, but it took the Glades collapsing and the death of one of their best friends to get him officially done with being a troublemaker. Nothing interesting. Just running a nightclub, and trying not to get into any trouble.Oliver’s been gone god knows where for most of the summer, which means he’s stuck being the big brother to the guy’s snarky little sister, whose boyfriend “Ron” seems completely set on getting himself killed. An afternoon of test-driving Verdant’s new cocktails gets interesting when Felicity Smoak and John Diggle show up asking (more) questions about where to find Oliver, and Tommy has to decide whether he wants to keep his new rule.Spoiler alert: he doesn’t.) It’s so good guys… THE SLOWEST OF SLOW BURNS BUT SO FLIPPING REWARDING.

In Another Life

(Their lives couldn’t be more different - and yet Oliver can’t take his eyes off the beautiful blonde woman that leaves the subway every morning at 7.43am. There is something about her that makes him look up every morning - something that also makes him aware he’ll never be good enough for her, or that she’d even notice him.He had no idea how much his life would change the day he rushed over to help her…Olicity AU - no Lian Yu, no saving the city (at least not in the way we know from Arrow :D ))

Felicity Takes a Holiday

(Frustrated by Oliver’s apparent indifference, Felicity takes a solo trip to NYC where she meets with unexpected dangers. Is it super-soldiers amped up on Mirakuru, or Beasts created by Muirfield? Starts at the end of Season 2; a story of how Oliver comes to realize that he is in love with Felicity, told with help from CW’s Beauty and the Beast and a whole lot of Diggle.)

What’s a Little History Between Me and You by @sarcasticfina

([Canon-Divergent] In the wake of The Undertaking, Felicity returns to Starling City when her brother Tommy is severely injured, and soon finds her world turned completely upside down.)


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I was adopted and my dad’s a dick monthly meetup

“-turns me into a cyborg, and calls Gamora his favourite daughter right in front of me!”

“Yeah? First Odin starts a war with a race he graciously failed to mention I was a part of, then banishes me when I try to finish it! Have you ever been to Earth? It’s hellish!”

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