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          Fingers twisted and dug into the fabric of her top, Willow struggling to keep her cool. Goodneighbor wasn’t a place she really wanted to be. In all honesty, Willow had no interest in being anywhere that wasn’t her family home. Getting to the secluded town was one thing, getting the supplies her grandparents needed was another. She had already bought a few things from Daisy at the general store, but she still needed to buy ammunition from K.L.E.O., who…honestly scared Willow half to death.

          She was ready to just leave, lie to her grandparents that the shop was out of what they needed, when Willow found herself turning and smacking right into someone. Gasping sharply she staggered back, hands held up, posture nothing short of meek.

          “Sorry!  S-Sorry, really, I didn’t see you, I-I don’t want any trouble, I was just leaving— She wasn’t built for fighting, while it seemed like everyone in Goodneighbor was itching for one.

Haikyuu Characters: a Summary
  • <p> <b>Daichi:</b> Dad trash<p/><b>Suga:</b> Mom trash<p/><b>Hinata:</b> Sugar trash<p/><b>Kageyama:</b> Emo trash<p/><b>Asahi:</b> Anxious trash<p/><b>Noya:</b> Angry trash<p/><b>Tsukki:</b> Extra Salty Trash™<p/><b>Kuroo:</b> Emo trash 2.0<p/><b>Kenma:</b> Pretty trash<p/><b>Bokuto:</b> Hoot Hoot trash<p/><b>Akaashi:</b> Grumby trash<p/><b>Iwaizumi:</b> Prince trash<p/><b>Oikawa:</b> The Garbage Man<p/><b>Yamaguchi:</b> the only pure ray of sunlight in this hellish anime<p/></p>

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Favorite blogs?


& so many more I’m sure!

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hello! how do you think the main four and adult trio would react during a 10 hour shift on black friday?

((real talk, my Dad, Mom, and older brother all work at Walmart and this shit is too real))

Hisoka is literally the devil on Black Friday. He is the person that basically encourages people to go on a rampage, which will undoubtedly lead to someone being stomped to death. He is the employee that doesn’t talk to anyone, but offers his help to keep up appearances. He has no time to deal with those ladies with the coupons, so don’t expect to ever see him manning the cash register on this hellish day.

Chrollo is the overly friendly employee who tries to help everyone when he can. He has a nasty streak at times as well, most likely the other employee at the store (other than Hisoka) who encourages fist fights over fabric or other apparel. He has the patience of a God, and is hailed upon to deal with the crabby customers at Customer Service. He can sweet talk the angriest, crotchetiest old people into passiveness, sometimes all he needs to do is bat his damn eyelashes at them.

Illumi has no time for Black Friday. He would never work at a store during Black Friday, and certainly wouldn’t be helping people. If someone got rough with him or even near him, they would probably be dead in less than 3 seconds flat. If he had to work on Black Friday, expect him to be in the back of the store, not for his own safety but for other people’s.

Gon is the super sweet cashier that rings up everyone. He is patient and deals with all of the people who have coupons and insist that he recount everything to make sure the price is right. No one really gives Gon grief on Black Friday as he is one of the best workers and is super kind to everyone. None of his employers has the heart to send him to Customer Service, though they are sure he’d do just fine there.

Killua, on the other hand, is rude to just about everyone on Black Friday. He works in electronics which is one of the busiest places in the store. He gets all the angry people (such as the ones who would punch a kid in the face to buy the last T.V. on sale), and he doesn’t deal with them very well. If they are rude to him, he’s rude back. Vice versa for the nice customers. Illumi frequently visits Killua in electronics, which leads to the start of Killua’s bad mood.

Leorio is the pharmacist on duty during Black Friday. He’s the one that deals with the people who get hurt during petty fights, and is incredibly protective/watchful of small children in his vicinity. If Leorio witnesses someone being a dick to little children, he will leave his station for a bit to promptly punch them directly in the face (It’s probably Ging that’s getting punched). The same goes for if anyone gets handsy with Kurapika or Gon (he knows Killua can handle himself). He fucking hates Chrollo, but tolerates Hisoka surprisingly.

Kurapika is the man during Black Friday. He is the Customer Service representative as he takes his job seriously to the point where nothing can faze him. He gets absolutely and completely rattled when he has to work with Chrollo, and tries to distance himself as much as possible when they do work together. People are more likely to get on his nerves if Chrollo is working beside him, so if he gets a particularly lecherous or rude customer he sends them Chrollo’s way. Chrollo does the exact same thing to Kurapika as well, but more so with the nasty customers.

A (Karaoke) Night to Remember - Chapter 1 - AppyNation - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary:  Keith did NOT want to do sing. His introversion and overall hate for crowds and loud noises made the thought of karaoke sound like a hellish nightmare. But man if he didn’t love his friends, and would begrudgingly step out of his comfort zone for them. Who knows… maybe, just MAYBE, this night might turn out okay.


AHHH. My first fic!! I’m seriously so proud of how it is coming together. Who knew listening to my Spotify on shuffle would lead me to create this dorky AU?<3 Thank you ahead of time to anyone who reads this. Y’all are the real MVPs!

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A glitch just happened to me: I work at a coffee shop and a customer asked for a black coffee. He watched me pour the coffee and he walked away, sat down and took a sip of his coffee, and walked back up. Somewhere in between him walking from to counter to his seat, cream got in his coffee. We both watched me make the coffee and were extremely confused. Luckily the second coffee worked properly.

Man that’s one hellish glitch. It seems like it shouldn’t be but I know for a fact that if you like your coffee one way and it turns out to not be that way, it’s like the world is ending. At least he saw it was a glitch, though, because there’s nothing worse than dealing with someone who got the wrong coffee.

Speaking of coffee glitches, I have a good one. I’d finished a coffee and I was already thinking about getting another, but the hall outside my room and the kitchen was freezing and I didn’t want to go so I was putting it off. Eventually I decided to do it and reached for my cup, only to find it was full. The coffee was hot, too, like still too hot to drink, meaning it couldn’t have been my earlier coffee that I hadn’t finished yet (about 45 minutes had passed since I remembered finishing it). That was a cool glitch.


Damascus Rose

A man wakes in a castle alone and injured, with only one memory: that his name is Will. On the floor is painted in blood a mission to kill someone, and throughout the castle otherworldly horrors await him. He must piece together the past events of his life in order to escape the nightmare in which he has found himself. As his memories begin to recover, he realizes that there was a man who had been his friend, who may be with him in this hellish reality, and therefore in great danger. He must find Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

A Hannibal retelling of Amnesia: The Dark Descent.