man it was hard to pick one scene!

There’s a lot to say about Jingo, and I wish I was in the right headspace to really write coherently, but I’ve been sitting here with this text post open for about half an hour trying different sentences and finding that none of them quite fit what I’m feeling.

There’s a lot of anger in this book. It’s hard to notice, sometimes, because it’s also an incredibly funny and ridiculous book. There are a lot of jokes! But some of those jokes come to a sharp and unexpected point. That scene with Detritus and the Riot Act is hilarious; it’s got Vimes at his most dry and sarcastic and it’s got Detritus methodically picking up a man and using him to hit a bunch of other men. But it’s also got that sharp moment when one of the men claims that Klatchians have killed people, and Vimes asks “who?” and the man falters and says “…everyone knows they’ve been killing people!” and that’s such a familiar sounding phrase that it pulls you up short.

And any conversation between Fred Colon and Nobby is going to be hilarious, and there is nothing funnier than watching Nobby quietly make a fool of Fred’s casual ignorant racism. He doesn’t even have to try hard! But then: “You know we’re better’n Klatchians. Otherwise what’s the point?

There’s so much of that in this book. Little moments, that betray the frustration and anger behind the entire plotline. When I first read it, I was thirteen, and didn’t notice most of it. But I distinctly remember reading for the first time that scene between Carrot and Goriff:

“We can tell which way the wind is blowing,” said Goriff calmly.
Carrot sniffed the salt air. “It’s blowing from Klatch,” he said.
“For you, perhaps,” said Goriff. 

I’ve never forgotten that. That was how I remembered Jingo after reading the entire series and going back again. There are others that hit me harder now (the “they are us” passage in particular) but this was the scene that telegraphed perfectly to me the bitterness and frustration in this conflict, in watching it, in living it.

And then Jingo gives us what we all want so badly, the whole time, watching this play out. Vimes puts his foot down. He charges in. He arrests the leaders of the opposing nations. He arrests the armies. He stops it, he ends it. And there’s still frustration, there has to be, there’s no way everything can get better overnight. But he saw how stupid the whole thing was and he made it stop. There’s anger in that, too, because it’s what the angry part of us watching the conflict wants to have happen. We want to arrest the armies. We want to arrest Lord Rust and Prince Cadram and everybody like them. We want to end it, and we get to do that alongside Vimes. If only we didn’t have to put the book down afterwards.

I need to make some space for my own anger at the end of this tirade here. Reading the tags on some of these posts, a huge number of them echo the same core sentiment: “relevant.” And it is. It’s so relevant. And I’m so angry. Because it shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t still be here, watching the pebbles bounce. We shouldn’t feel an aching familiarity in the words of a bigot declaring that “everyone knows” something completely made-up, or in a family leaving their home because the people around them are claiming it doesn’t belong to them. Why are we still here. Why is this still happening. Why is this still relevant.

I’m extremely glad to have this book, as an excellent story and excellent social commentary, to be relevant in this time. But I still wish that it wasn’t.

Someone Like Me - Peter Quill (Star Lord) : 1

a/n: So I’m writing this GOTG imagine series on this blog. GOTG Vol. 2 reminded me how much I enjoyed the series so I had this dream. The dream is laid out in this series and I just love me some Quill. So enjoy! sorry for it being non-star wars – considering adding Marvel to this blog. Thanks! – ps: it’s kind of long (sry not sry)

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“Psst..hey!” a voice called to you from behind. You were working in a busy marketplace of a planet that was literally just one big city. You were a young woman, in your 20′s and had been stuck in this damn place since you were 11. “An excuse me would be nicer.” As you turned around a man roughly around the same age of you was standing at the counter of your shop. “Is there anyway you can up the price on this for me?” from his pocket he pulled out a necklace with a glowing pendant. The pendant flashed colors of blue and yellow, in a melodious rhythm. Your (e/c) eyes glowed in awe at the beauty of the necklace. “It’s beautiful.” your hand reached out to take it from the young man’s hands but he snatched it away. “Hey! Hey! Hey! I need a deal here!” snapping back to reality you crossed your arms. “Well, I can give you … 95,000 units.” the young man scoffed at your offer. “You’re joking right?” he snorted. Your face grew with disgust, “Excuse me? That’s 10,000 more units than the man who owns this place would be willing to give you!” you yelled at him in a hushed tone. If the man who owned your stand would find out about what you were offering, you’d be in more trouble than you could even realize. The young man scoffed again, “I know that Hokadda here would give us more than that.” he pointed across the street to the purple alien that was running another shop. You rolled your eyes and sighed, “If I wanted a joke, I’d follow you to the John and watch you take a leak.” you trailed off, bending down to the safe that was below the counter.

“Did you just quote Planes, Trains, and Automobiles? Steve Martin and John Candy?” it was as if you had uttered the directions to the Holy Grail. Rising to a stand with a safe in hand you gave the man a confused look. “Yeah…” then it hit the both of you like a train. “Are you from Earth?” out of all the years that you were on this stupid planet, all you ever met was aliens from various planets but Earth. So when you finally found someone that was from Earth like you were, it was a pretty big deal. “I’m (Y/N) (L/N).. I’m from Ohio.” you put a hand out to shake. “I’m Peter Quill. I’m from Missouri.” he put his hand out and the two of you exchanged a hearty handshake. 

Peter explained that in 1988 he was taken from Earth by a blue guy named Yondu. His mom died of cancer and that he never knew who his father was but his mom called him an ‘angel’; also that he was from the stars. Yondu however was supposed to deliver him to his father but never did, keeping him for his own. “I’m so sorry..” you explained to him that your parents explored the stars because your father met a man from the Kree Empire and showed him the ways of space travel and the military fighting of their people. Only to have your family be killed by the very same Kree and have been forced to work on this planet ever since. “It’s an awful feeling.. ” you sighed. “But my father left me something, on Knowhere. I remember the location by heart but never have been able to retrieve it.” Peter still standing at across from you with necklace in hand, simply just handed it to you. “Here. Buy your freedom. It’s a priceless gem, worth a lot more than you were willing to give me.” you were taken by his offer but then realized what he said. However, the kindness of what this man who you just met was more than you could take in. “I can’t – you just met me.” Peter simply smiled and let out a small chuckle, “Or you could just come with me.” he lent out his hand, this was the opportunity that you were waiting for. You’ve been stuck dealing and trading with scummy space thieves, dreaming of the day when you can finally get away. “Okay but I’m stuck here.” Lifting your pant leg, it revealed that you were chained to the area by a electric beam. “If I try and run it’ll electrocute me.” yanking on it slightly the beam delivered a small shock to your body, enough for you to feel some pain. Peter thought for a moment but the only thing that he could think of was to try and shoot it off. “This might be stupid. But it might work!” he pulled out one of his Quad Blasters and aimed for the electric beam. With a plasma shot, it broke the electric beam but still sent a shock wave through your body; causing you to drop to the ground and your body to convulse. As you were unable to move for a length of time and unconscious, Peter quickly picked you up from the ground as an alarm sounded from the shop. “What the hell?! What kind of place are you working at?” he quickly shot one of the speakers but several others began sounding the alarm. “Dammit!” he yelled.

With you tightly in his arms, Peter took off running towards where his ship was docked with the other’s were that he traveled the galaxy with. Soon a small Kree ship flew into orbit, banking down to the city and began firing at Quill. “Seriously man?! She buys illegal stuff for God’s sake!” he yelled towards the ship and firing back on occasion with his blaster. Radioing in to his ship he called for Rocket, “Rocket! I need your help!” was all that he could spit out. “What’s up Quill? Piss someone off again?” the raccoon joked. “MAYBE!!” the sounds of blaster fire echoed through the background. “It sounds as if he did.” uttered Drax. Rocket fired up Quill’s ship named the Milano and headed towards Quill’s ping location. Blasters fired from everywhere, destroying many shops and people fleeing for their lives. Peter was running towards the crowd and it was like he was a fish swimming upstream. Several frightened people slammed into him which caused his grip to loosen on your body, dropping you in the crowd. “Shit!” he cursed loudly under his breath as he ran back for you. Your body was like a rock in the river, people running around you as a beam of light projected from the Kree ship. The light concealed you in what looked like a bubble, protecting you from the crowd of people; only then to start pulling you to the ship. “No!” Quill fired at the ship with his blasters, one after, after one, after one. But it was like throwing stones. Just as you were almost in the hands of the man that killed your family and held you as a working slave, Quill’s ship delivered a huge blast and caused the ship to explode; dropping your body down onto the hard ground. 

The ship landed and Quill’s party waltzed out of the ship and onto the scene. “Geeze Quill, who’s this?” the small raccoon pointed at your still unconscious body. Peter walked over to you, picked you up in his arms, walking to board the ship. “Woah..” Gamora, a green skinned woman stopped Peter. “You don’t know what she can do Quill or even who she is.” Quill simply looked Gamora in the eyes, seriousness oozing from his orbs. “She needed help, I helped her.” he looked down, then back up. “She’s the first person from Earth that I’ve met, since I don’t even know when.”  the group stood quiet until a small species of Flora that ran out of the ship, looking up to Quill and yourself he muttered, “I am Groot.” Rocket shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. “No we didn’t kill her.” the small tree alien spoke again, “I am Groot.” Rocket replied, “She most certainly isn’t coming with us!” Quill shot a look of annoyance and anger at Rocket. “She most certainly is coming with us!” Despite the arguments that his friends brought up about bringing you along with them, Quill was anxious to really know who you were. Finally he had someone that he could share the experiences of both Earth and American culture with. He took you back to the living quarters in the Milano, laying you down on a couch and let you rest. Eager for you to wake up and begin to know each other.

To be Continued .. in part 2!

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (7/15)

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AU Summary: Y/N goes on her first mission out in the field with the Avengers.

Notes: yeah this is sort of a sucky chapter but it’ll have to do to speed things up lmao i have no patience. forgive me you guys.and yea a mysterious figure appears in this chapter so there’s that. ALSO im not sure if this is a steve x reader fic because i plan on having bucky added as a main character soon. and i like bucky. like a lot. ok cool

Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


The sound of glass breaking echoed through the halls and all around the empty mansion. A large man wearing a tactical vest and heavy boots stood by the door with his arms crossed and observing the scene in front of him.

“Do they know about her abilities?”

The large man nodded. “Most likely. She’s residing inside SHIELD’s Avenger hq. Extremely hard to break in and kidnap her.”

He watched as the owner of the mansion picked up another glass of scotch, gulped it in one go and flung it across the room, smashing it to pieces. The 5th one this morning.

“Avengers.” he snarled, grimacing as he spoke the name. He took off his white lab coat and wiped the blood of his hands on it. “They took everything I have. Everything I cared about.”

The scientist slumped on a chair and poured himself another drink, this time, keeping the glass unscathed. “They took my creation. And I’m going to get her back.”

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The moment Daryl immediately tries to run to Caryl after she is hit by the car in Consumed always breaks my heart and of course we all love "if she gets hit by lightning" from 7:10 but... if you had to pick out other favourite 'protective ' Daryl scenes what would they be? He'll always be her man of honour after all!

Oh Nomy protective Daryl is my favorite so I would have a hard time picking just one.  I mean I love the time when he came at Rick  in the scene where Rick told him to him about kicking Carol out…

 Rick backed the FUCK up when Daryl did that finger thing..

Or the time when the walker was about to chomp on Carol..

Can’t touch that..

But if I had to choose it would be the ones you mentioned because hot-damn was that man all about it

I mean think about how he just automatically reacted without thought, and Noah had all he could to hold him back in the scene in Consumed..

I mean he was so focused and hell bent on getting to her  Noah’s lucky his arm didn’t get ripped out. Cause all Daryl saw was Carol and  badly need to protect her at that point. (and Norman was so into this scene he actually got hurt filming it so there you go). I mean the way he screamed ‘let go of me!” to that little whimper when he had to let her go, it was so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Just look at his face there, it was all over him, all he could think about was getting to her.

And then when have 7x10 and this lovely scene in which we see Daryl’s face get more and more set the more Richard talks (into an early grave if he wasn’t careful)

I mean the death stare when it comes to Carol and causing harm to her, Richard should’ve stopped talking right there.. but he didn’t..

And look at how much bigger Richard is compared to Daryl

But he still manages to pin him down and beat the ever loving fuck out of him for merely threatening to hurt Carol. Daryl means business here and  had the upper hand for a good part of the fight because it was about protecting HER. No one hurts Carol.

I mean the only reason Richard was able to get away from  our beautiful, over protective redneck was because he hit him with a rock  otherwise he’d be a bloody mess on the ground.

But we would not have gotten to hear the beautiful threat made that made it absolutely clear that you do not even look with ill-intentions in Carol’s direction. Watch out of thunderstorms in the area while your at it.

And lets not forget the ultimate protection of killing problematic walkers for her and lying to keep her happy for just a little longer. And all the other times he was looking out for her best interest, not physically but emotionally as well.

So yeah if I absolutely had to choose it would all of 7x10 and the way he spent that whole episode protecting her. And I have never loved more than I do for that protectiveness of his girl that he, and Normans acting, made plainly obvious.

Daryl Dixon will do anything to protect Carol Pelletier and if that doesn’t scream love I don’t know what does.

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Chapter 18

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Sitting on the picnic table I watched as my best friend flirting with one of Luan’s porn stars.

“Hey, baby. What are you doing?” I turned to see Gemma walking towards me.

“I’m waiting to see if Ope will grow a set and get her number.” Before Gemma could respond the boys walked out from church.

“Hey, how was church?” Gemma questioned Jax as he took the seat next to me on the table.

“Bad.” Gemma nodded knowing not to question it further.

“Where is he?” Before Jax could answer Piney spoke up.

“Still in there.” Gemma nodded as she headed in. “Will you two move the hell over and show your elders some respect!” Piney yelled while Jax and I chuckled, sliding down the table to give him room. We all stayed silent, sitting around the table. Chibs was over a far getting ready to move a van.

“Oh shit!” The next thing that happened seemed to happen in slow motion. The van had exploded throwing Chibs in the air. I didn’t even think I just got up and ran to the poor man’s side.

“CHIBS!” Jax yelled out as the club surrounded his side.

“Call a fucking ambulance!” I screamed out at any club member that would listen. I held onto his hand and did something I haven’t done in a long time.

I prayed.


Everything seemed to happen in a blur. An ambulance came and took Chibs while the police took our statements.

“Hey, sunshine.” I looked up to see Hap staring down at me.

“Hey, do you got a cigarette?” I questioned as Happy raised an eyebrow.

“Are you okay?” I nodded my head.

“Yeah, just shook up. I hope he’s okay.” Happy smiled before lighting up his cigarette and taking a puff.

“I know Chibs. He’s strong. He’ll make it.” Hap said passing me the cigarette. I glanced over to see Mary talking to Jax with concern on her face. Jax hugged her before making his way over to us.

“Church in ten,” Juice said tapping on Hap’s shoulder. I handed him back his smoke.

“Keep it. Listen, I’ll talk to you after. I need to talk to Jax.” Happy nodded before giving me a quick hug and heading inside.

“What was that about?” I questioned Jax as he came to my side.

“It’s Ope, he’s not coming home and he’s not talking with his kids. Mary wants me to talk to him.” I nodded in understanding.

“I’ll come with you but as of right now, you’ve got church.” Jax smiled and nodded before heading into the club. I felt eyes boring into me as I glanced up to see Hale looking in my direction. I smiled at him before walking into the club and down to the dorms.

Soon enough, Ope came to the room and grabbed his bag.

“Hey,” I said as Opie glanced in my direction.

“Hi.” Jax walked in, saving us from the awkward conversation. I leaned against the wall while I listened to Jax try to do his best and getting Opie back on the right track but it did no good. I finally got fed up.

“Opie!” Opie and Jax stopped in mid-talk as I continued. “Are you really going to keep playing this game? Ignoring your children, shoving them off onto somebody else while you drink your sorrows away, all because Donna’s gone?! I know you miss her and I know she was the love of your life but you don’t get to play the mourning card anymore. I know her and if it was you in that front seat, she would have picked herself up and put on a mask of happiness for those children. Because that’s what we do. You can’t just run away from your problems! It doesn’t work!” I yelled as Opie began to yell back.

“Yeah?! And how the hell would you know?!” Opie snapped out at me, I pushed myself off the wall before going to stand my ground in front of him.

“Because I did it. When my mom died, I ran. When Jax broke my fucking heart, I ran. When I lost my god damn best friend, I ran. I keep fucking running but it’s getting me nowhere! Can’t you see that?! I won’t let you fall down the same path that I have. You have two wonderful kids that need a support system! They need a fucking father! What don’t you get from that?! I am done running and so are you! Get off your fucking high horse and get back to those kids before there’s nothing left to get back too.” I snapped as Opie stared at me in shock.

“(Y/N) …” Opie went to speak but I cut him off before he could.

“Don’t. Now, go home, tell your mom to go home and you spend quality time with them before I kick your ass like when we were kids.” Opie didn’t respond, he just nodded his head before walking past me and out into the club.

“You sure told him.” I turned to see Jax with a smile on his face.

“Yeah, well someone needed too.” Jax nodded in agreement. “I need some sleep, are you coming?” I questioned to Jax as he raised his eyebrows.

“Are you going to yell or spank me if I say no?” Jax asked with his stupid smirk.

“I just might.” Jax and I chuckled before climbing under the covers. Not bothering to get changed.

Time Skip:

Waking up to an empty bed was never unusual for me. Jax was always in and out, so I never expected him to stay for long periods of time. I got out of bed in the same clothes as yesterday before and walked to the bathroom. I got undressed before climbing into the shower.

I got out and got redressed before heading to the bar.

“Hey (Y/N)!” I turned to see Half sitting at the bar calling my name.

“Yeah?” I questioned walking over to him.

“Your coffee malady and Jax left a few hours ago but he said he should be back soon and if you need anything just call him.” I thanked the ginger before walking out of the club to see a youngish man snooping around the exploded car.

“See something you like?” I questioned sarcastically while making my way to him.

“I’m looking for Jax Teller, you know him?” The thick Irish accent took me by surprise.

“I do indeed but I also know that I don’t know who the hell you are and what you want with Jax.” I snapped with a fake smile.

“Someone really needs their morning coffee.” He remarked as I raised an eyebrow.

Watch it or you’ll have more problems than who’s after your lucky charms.” I hauled out my cell phone and began dialing Jax’s number.

“Hello, darlin’” Jax spoke into the phone.

“Jax, I need you and the club to get back here now.” I snapped, annoyingly staring at the Irish man standing in front of me.

“Why? Is something wrong?” Jax questioned as panic and concern began to come into his tone.

“Well, I have the luck of the Irish standing in front of me, looking for you.” I heard Jax mutter the word shit before answering me.

“We’re on our way. Keep him busy and away from the crime scene, please?” I sighed before speaking into the phone.

“You owe me one. I’m thinking, supper at the dinner tonight? Just the two of us?” Jax chuckled.

“You got it. I’m thinking I’ll pick you up at 8? And even take you out on my Harley for a run after?” I tried so hard not to burst out laughing at Jax.

“Oh, Teller. Such a gentleman, I hope you don’t try to get into my pants. I’m still a virgin.” The Irish man raised an eyebrow at me.

“Never say never.” I giggled before telling Jax, I’ll see him soon. I hung up the phone as the Irish man spoke up.

“Are you really a virgin?” I rolled my eyes at him before walking to the picnic table.

Jax and the club arrived shortly after as I met Jax at his bike.

“What do you want Edmond?” Jax questioned with the same amount of annoyance that I had.

“My father wanted to know what happened.” Jax scoffed as him and the club began interrogating Edmond. The club soon dispersed, Jax began to walk over to me.

“What’s going on?” Jax was interrupted by Edmond coming over and speaking up.

“Listen, (Y/N) is it?” I nodded my head in confusion and curiosity.

“Well, I was thinking… If you’re still a virgin and all, I can help change that?” I watched Jax tense and his eyes go wide. I didn’t get the chance to reply when Jax was speaking up.

“Listen here, if you want to make it out alive then you better walk away now. There is no way in hell she is going to sleep with you.”

“I wasn’t as-”

“Walk away!” Edmond glanced at me before walking away.

“Thank you, Mr. Prince Charming.” Jax chuckled.

“Listen, I’m going to be gone all day but I’ll see tonight at eight. Don’t forget!” Jax yelled as he began to walk away.

“Don’t worry, I won’t!” I yelled before the boys climbed on the bike and drove off. I smiled when a thought popped into my head.

‘What the hell am I going to wear?’

Time Skip:

I stood outside the club all done up awaiting Jax’s arrival. I was nervous and excited but when I saw Opie pull up to the club in a panic all those feelings faded away.

He barely parked his bike as he ran up to me.

“Opie! What’s wrong?!” In panted breaths, he spoke.

“It’s Jax…” I felt my heart sink.

“What about Jax?”

“He’s… He’s been arrested.” Just as he spoke, my phone rang.

It was Jax.

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it starts out like a trailer for a horror movie. it’s like the 17th century and a man is on trial for aiding a witch, so he’s about to be burned alive. he doesn’t burn. they try to sink him. he doesn’t drown. they try to cut his throat but the blood just bubbles out and comes back in. the only solution is that they bury him deep underground in a part of the dark forest where nothing would grow where he would stay, always starving and lonely. 

cuts to 2017. the forest has long been wiped out for a neighborhood complex. it’s just a mom and her son (i was the son in my dream lmao) in the newest house. there’s a flash of a conversation where the contractors explain they’ve been trying to build on this certain plot of land for years, and it was perfect because it was flat and had no vegetation. but no matter what they did, every foundation they scrounged up ended up collapsing in on itself. 

the mom and the son take that as a good omen bc they’ve had a rough couple of years. the dad isn’t in the picture, most likely for more concerning issues. the mom and son live in the house for around a month before the son starts to hear it: footsteps. they’re sporadic and just sound like the house creaking so he doesn’t pay any mind. 

HOWEVER: one day the mom goes “alright, you have the day off but I don’t. I’ll be off around 4. the dishes better be done when i get home.”

and the son says, “yeah, yeah okay, whatever.” and waits until she’s out the door to get started. 

cue the ominous music as he starts washing dishes, cut to the dark hallway just behind him as a door opens up and the black frame of a man walks out. he’s slowly lumbering down the hallway towards the boy who’s trying to connect his phone to the surround sound speakers in the house. 

the ominous music grows as the distance shortens until it’s at a crescendo. the man is just about to step over the threshold and you can tell he’s got white glowing eyes and a dark face, long overgrown with a shaggy beard and mane (but otherwise would’ve been handsome) when the speakers pick up the boy’s music and start blasting it:

emotional fire by cher

the man goes from ominous and foreboding to wtf?? while the boy starts washing the dishes and gyrating his hips and wailing along to cher. he takes a ladle and mimes the guitar solo. he does one hard twirl and sees the man, standing in the doorway with  a dumbfounded look on his face. the boy screams and runs into his mom’s room and calls 911. 

cut scene to like 2 months after that. the boy is kinda wary but he’s mostly over it. he’s been trying to look up stuff about the house and finds out about the witch trials, but doesn’t think the man  he saw is the man Proctor Guthrie, who was buried alive. the boy is sitting at his computer and starts playing some music, just chilling, and the ominous music grows again as the closet door behind him opens the man from before steps out. his white eyes are glowing again and he stakes two steps forward but stops as the boy turns around. 

right when they make eye contact another song starts playing

you can call me al by paul simon 

i can’t remember really what happens next, but the two basically just listen to 80′s music and the boy calls the “ghost” Al (bc of the song) and showing the man stuff on the internet like youtube cat videos
Vanity Fair | Outlander’s Sam Heughan on Why Season 3 Is “Like Having a Death in the Family”
By Joanna Robinson

It’s been just under four months since Outlander fans had to say good-bye to Claire and Jamie Fraser during the emotional Season 2 finale. But it’s also a long wait until the time-traveling, star-crossed couple returns to Starz for Season 3 next April. Thankfully, in the meantime, there’s a new Blu-ray edition of Season 2 out on Tuesday, November 1. And, for the true devotees to both the show and the Diana Gabaldon novels, there’s also a special Collector’s Edition that features an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming Outlander novel “Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone.” Outlander star Sam Heughan took a break from his grueling 11-month shooting schedule to reflect back on Season 2 and give a preview of why Season 3 feels like “a different show.” (Hint: It has to do with him missing co-star Caitriona Balfe.)

Vanity Fair: After the overwhelmingly warm reception for Season 1, was there a particular fan reaction to Season 2 that you did not see coming?

Sam Heughan: I think the first half of the season set in France was quite complicated, and it certainly wasn’t going back over the old ground of Season 1. I think we were very aware that the first season was this young relationship and about new love. We wanted to show something a bit more complicated [in Season 2]. I think fans were surprised. People tune in expecting the same show or the same sort of scenes and, yeah, I think we surprised fans with that.

I know you hear from fans who are put out or surprised by changes from the books. Was there any particular book aspect left out of Season 2 that you felt like fans were most hoping to see and didn’t?

Diana is all over this. I mean, I have constant e-mail updates, several times a day, about things she’s watched or things she’s read. We confer a lot, probably more than the producers want us to. There’s always going to be little details that will be missed because the show is only an hour-long episode each week. I know myself and Caitriona, we read the books and if we can sneak in a small detail that may not be in the script or even just that we know ourselves, that going from one scene to another, that something’s happened in between that maybe we haven’t been able to show, but at least we know it and, hopefully, in some way it manifests itself. Hopefully it’s all in Diana’s world. I know that she said herself that Season 2, especially at the start, was kind of complex and difficult to make into episodic TV.

There’s a behind-the-scenes feature on the Blu-ray of you, Caitriona, and Graham McTavish prepping for your big Season 2 fight scene. Can you tease anything about what fans might not know about how you prepare for combat?

Yeah, I mean, my God, the show is incredible. Not to give away much, but today, one minute I was on a horse riding across the Scottish countryside, and then I’m somewhere else in studio, and then I’m laying in a cot. But that particular Season 2 scene was very emotional. I absolutely loved doing a fight scene with Graham; I’ve always wanted to. He absolutely hated me fighting him. We actually shot several alternate endings to the fight because, obviously, in the book, Claire isn’t complicit. We thought, Jamie and Claire are a couple and they need to be both guilty of this deed. It’s not that Claire wants to kill anyone—she’s not a killer, she’s a hero—but she wants to aid Jamie and she basically ends up being complicit in the death of Dougal.

It was very funny because we were actually shooting a pick up on that and we didn’t have Caitriona there at the time; it was actually a double’s hands that are on the dagger. Graham was very wary of this double pushing too hard down on him that he might actually get stabbed. He was just this very hard man complaining that someone was pushing a fake dagger too hard on him.

Of course, with any Blu-ray, there are deleted scenes included here. Which deleted Season 2 scene were you most devastated not to see included in the original episodes?

There was one recently that was released on social media; it was the “Faith” scene. Certainly, from my perspective, you got to see a lot more of Jamie and his angst. I mean, he’s kind of not present for most of that episode. I think that’s important, that’s an important cut. We go on that journey with Claire and see her go through all the stages of grief and mourning and then some sort of brittle resolve. Almost, in a way, we didn’t want the camera to blink from her. I think that’s what was decided. Watching Jamie also go through it, well, absolutely, it’s another side. I certainly know that I really felt very strong in that scene. I felt that it was a very awkward place for Jamie to be that will have some sort of repercussion—even now in Season 3. I don’t think Jamie or Claire get over the loss of Faith. I think it’s wonderful that the fans actually get to see a glimpse into some of the other work that we do that’s not always on the screen.

I’ve heard you say that, as opposed to Caitriona with her elaborate costumes, it only takes you five minutes to get into wardrobe when Jamie is wearing the kilt. But I was curious, since we’re going to jump forward several years in Season 3, if you have some extra time in makeup chair this year and if you can tell us anything about what older Jaime looks like?

I mean, I’m probably not allowed to say much, but I think we all know that the books do span a great amount of time. Season 3, in particular, yeah, I mean, there was an aging process. There was definitely a different look to the characters, but you’ll have to tune in to find out, I guess. But even in Season 1, I had hours and hours of prosthetic makeup whenever the back scarring was on or Jamie got shot or injured. By no means does that stop in Season 3 so, yes, there’s been a lot of very long days where I’ve been in makeup.

The end of Season 2 saw Claire back in her own timeline so I really don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that you filmed a good part of Season 3 without Caitriona. Since you two have been such close partners on this whole experience, what was it like to go on without her?

Yeah. Honestly, it’s like having a death in the family. Well, I don’t know, I mean, it’s just like a different show. It’s hard to separate yourself from the character. Jamie’s present, living in his world, and Claire’s present and living in her world, and they both believe the other is dead. It’s always hard when we’re apart, actually, because she’s a great person, great to come to work with, and a very good actress. But I think it all adds to the reunion—if there’s a reunion, or when there’s a reunion—well you know there’s one in the books. It should be very special.

Do you have a fondest memory from Season 2 that you’re excited for the fans to re-live via the Blu-ray?

Wow. Whoa, that’s tough, I think—Paris was almost like another world and it was great fun—but for us getting back to Scotland, to Lallybroch, and then to having all the MacKenzies turn up, Graham McTavish as Dougal and Stephen Walters as Angus and all the others. It was so rewarding to be in Scotland with the wind and the rain and the cold and everyone was miserable but kind of happy because we were back and it felt like coming home. I think it’s a very sad ending because we all knew that people were going to die— that’s what history tells us—that’s what Jamie and Claire are fighting to stop is the end of these people. So it’s a bittersweet return home to Scotland. In the back of your mind, you’re aware that it’s sort of coming to a close.

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How would the MSB guys react to someone punching MC?

I spent a good amount of time thinking but it’s hard for me to imagine that the guys will allow someone harm MC physically. I think most likely MC will be hit by crazed fangirls or terrorists. Sorry for taking a while!

Sora: Sora was close to a lot of girls before he met you.

            One day, as you went on a date with him, one of the girls saw you with Sora and got into a fight with you. Most likely her saying bad things about you. Sora bowed to apologize to her. He said he won’t be seeing her again in the future and the girl went berserk, trying to slap you but Sora stepped in and let her slapped him instead. It made the psycho girl more mad and as she raised her hand to do it the second time, Sora grabbed her hand. “Stop it. If you want to hit someone, you should just do it to me but never laid your fingers on her,” his eyes were earnest. He bowed until the girl left them alone.

            Another scenario: If the girl really punched MC, Sora would focus on MC instead of getting angry. He would be saying something like: “Why are you doing this?” and then busy examining how bad your face look. Sora left the girl and asked you to sit on a park bench. He then ran to the nearest convenient store to buy an ice cold water or soda to cool your swollen cheek while asking, “Does it hurt? I’m sorry this happened to you because of my past.”

Kaiji: Kaiji will be the guy who is very protective to you. Considering his strong background in martial art, he will be tempted to use it to protect you from being harm but he also knows when to hold back.

            Kaiji was in your rescue team when he saw you were smacked by the man that kidnapped you. You groaned because eventhough you’re a girl, the kidnapper did not hold back on how hard he hit you. Kaiji’s hand clenched into a fist tightly on his sides. He was boiling inside but he knew one wrong move would ruin everything. He waited until the right moment to surround the kidnappers. He cut the rope that bind you and then lifted you up. You said you could walk on your own but he quietly took you to the car. Daichi gave an instruction to bring you to the hospital.

            Kaiji was frowning the whole time in the car.

You asked why and he said with a pain in his voice, “I’m sorry I let you got hurt again although I said I vow to protect you with my life.”

You unbuckled your seatbelt and Kaiji turned slightly to you, “What are you doing?”

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Alright so it just got back from TATINOF and lemme just say

Everything about this show is beautiful. I’m not going to say much about the acting and the stage presence itself so y'all can be surprised when you see it/the video they make. But the acting was perfection.

What I want to talk about are the behind the scenes things. All of the tech was so good.

The sound design and placement of the sound was great, I could not have picked any other sounds better than those.

The set was as amazing as I could hope it could be. I don’t even want to know how long it took to create everything. 10/10

The projections were beautiful. I know how hard it is to get projections into place (it took us one hour every night for One Man, Two Guvnors and we only had one projector screen) and to do that at every venue is wonderful.

And the lights. All of those lights. Do you know how long it takes to hang and focus lights? Days. It takes literal days to make the lights look perfect. And it takes even longer to program those lights (though I assume you wouldn’t have to do a lot of programming every night if you just save the info to a flash drive but idk). But oh my gooooooodddddddd. All of the colors and gobos and placement and I’m just so emotional because of those lights. (I’m a lighting tech if you can’t tell)

All in all, I just want to give a huge shout out to all of the tech that made The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire possible. You don’t get enough recognition because you aren’t the stars, but I appreciate every single thing you have done. (Also shout out to the costume people. Whether you bought or made some of those outfits, damn. Good job)

Thank you @amazingphil and @danisnotonfire for bringing this tour to America. I appreciate all that you do.

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Top 5 Sam moments. Not necessarily those you think show him at his best, but those you find most interesting for analysis.

Gosh, it’s going to be hard to pick out just five, but here we go.

5. That scene where he talks to Cole’s ghost in 4.15: Death Takes A Holiday. This whole episode in general came like a slap upside the head, and finished Sam’s progression from ‘that dude I like on that show’ to ‘one of my favourite characters, ever’ in my head, but man, this scene. The way he sits outside that closet with that dead expression on his face, promising this scared little kid safety that he knows he can’t guarantee. It hit harder than any dramatic scene where he’s guzzling down demon blood. He was essentially willing to do to this kid what was done to him when he was a child, that he’d fought against so hard all his life; there’s a greater cause at hand, and he’ll suffer this kid’s betrayal if it served said cause. It was great emotional foreshadowing not just for the rest of the season, but also in a way foretold Robo!Sam. The latter’s ruthless pragmatism didn’t come out of nowhere. Absolutely chilling and heartbreaking.

4. Sam confessing to Dean about his lifelong feelings of impurity in 8.21: The Great Escapist. The thing about Sam is that you pick up on things about him along the way, via patterns of behaviour, speech, body language, habit. He so very rarely talks about himself without being asked to (and those times are so, so rare), that when he lets go, his speeches are as hard-hitting as they are heartbreaking. There’s been a general sense, both obvious and subtle, that Sam’s lifelong othering, feelings of being a freak, have led to some pretty serious self-loathing, but to actually have him come out and say it? And for him to think that even as a little child, he was tainted and beyond saving? Suddenly entire seasons’ worth of behaviour align themselves beautifully. (In the same vein, Sam talks about how he went to Confession once, as a kid, a couple of episodes later. From a pretty non-religious family. I mean. He dropped it so casually, but I was staring, open-mouthed, when I first saw that scene.)

3. All the parts with Sam’s mindscape in 6.22: The Man Who Knew Too Much. It was a fantastic insight into how Sam organises himself in his head; his mechanisms by which he contains all the different parts of himself. He remembers more than any human can bear, so he locks it all away in creative little boxes. Even when he’s having a breakdown, it is assigned a name, a voice, self-doubt, and a carefully chosen set of his greatest fears.

2. That conversation with Bobby that he has in 5.20: The Devil You Know. It crystallised something for me as the Show went on: the extraordinary labels that people tended to attach to Sam, and how those labels influenced Sam’s behaviour, rather than the other way around. Bobby calls Sam angry, and so Sam is angry and irrational and incapable of going on a mission, instead of having a perfectly understandable reaction to discovering that most of his life was a lie, that his best friend had been a demon that killed his girlfriend, that his brother had lost virtually all faith in him, that he’d helped start the Apocalypse and was marked to house the Devil. Dean calls his powers evil and him dark, and so there’s Sam, chest heaving and blood dripping from his chin with a body at his feet, looking at Dean with both defiance and a deep, deep sense of shame. They only work best together (despite all the evidence to the contrary), and Sam is the little brother and Dean the big brother, Sam the shotgun who shuts his cakehole, Sam the bitch, Sam the princess who has to be rescued over and over again. The way Sam tilts his head back with his heartbreaking mixture of despair and shame when Bobby goes, “you’re too angry” haunts my dreams.

(I, uh. Might project on Sam too much. Especially when it comes to lifelong feelings of shame.)

1. All of 4.21: When the Levee Breaks. A clinical dissection of Sam’s mind: exposing every bit of reasoning he assumed to justify his mission. The most heartbreaking (and therefore most interesting) part was when he hallucinated his mother. He’s never met her, he doesn’t remember what she looks like apart from a few precious photos (I’d like to think Samantha Smith had a slightly different look and get-up in that scene for a deliberate reason), but she’s that untouchable beacon that was used to justify everything in his crap childhood, and there she was again, telling Sam that what he was doing was right. That it was what she wanted. He’s providing himself the validation that he so desperately craves from everybody else but never got, and it is so, so horrifying and tragic. I love it lots.

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Steffie’s Favorite Moments- The Crocodile

There are a lot of moments I love in The Crocodile. This episode means so much to me for so many reasons, so it was extremely hard to pick a favorite favorite.

I, like most, was stuck by the powerfulness of Killian’s iconic “A man unwilling to fight…”, and it remains one of the best examples of summing up what a character is all about in a single line of dialogue I have ever seen. But that’s not my favorite moment.

I also really love “How about the truth? His father’s a coward.” Which is much more meaningful in hindsight knowing what we now know of Hook’s past. His expression and disgust over Rumple’s decision is absolute perfection in that scene. But also, not the one.

But this, this moment during their duel, is my absolute favorite moment because it showed that what he said during their confrontation on the boat wasn’t just empty words, wasn’t just a man plying his advantage, it proved that Killian was, and is, a man of proving action.

One of the reasons I love Killian so much is because he’s really and truly brave. In this moment you could tell how scared he was, he made no attempt really to hide it, but he came to face him anyway. He came to protect his crew and protect Milah, he knew he was sure to die but he showed up regardless, and that’s a wonderful character trait to have.

And he didn’t just bow down the minute he arrived, he immediately reaches for his sword prepared to at least try, to make an attempt. He admits he’s heard of the Dark One, I’m sure the tales of Rumple’s deeds we’re pretty terrifying, and he knows how unlikely his survival is, but he still doesn’t hesitate to pick up the sword Rumple provides him. And then, when the fight begins, the desperation he shows during their duel is him giving it everything he has, and he’s just so fierce and determined to at least try.

This episode is a treat from start to finish, it’s wonderfully complex, and I’ve said before its one of the best villain origin stories on the show (combined with Good Form). Killian Jones is an awesome character because at his core he exemplifies these wonderful traits of bravery and courage and all encompassing love, even during an episode that paints one of the worst pictures of him, and he remains true to them throughout. The only thing that changes when he becomes a villain is where he applies them.

It just makes me emotional that the Killian Jones we met who dueled with Rumple and was willing to die to protect those he loved is the same man who would later do just that. Both times he was absolutely terrified but he still did what needed to be done and he faced it head on, frightened but brave, and it just gets to me every time.

Oh Canada...

Sorry for the lack of posts the past week.

Well I’m still in Canada, got one more week here. Been loving every day of it so far. Lots and lots and lots of forests. I’d be lying if I didn’t say some parts of Canada reminded me of DayZ.

On the plus side, my niece’s wedding is over and it was actually really fun. It’s kind of weird being called “Uncle” when my niece is 25 yrs old but I’m only 2 yrs older than her; just an odd family branching off. Went to Harrison for the reception, everyone danced til 1:00 AM. One of my niece’s friends is a brunette, who at first when I met her at the church seemed really quiet but then wondered if she ever ran out of energy on the dance floor cause she just moves and moves. She was a lot of fun.

Obviously not her, but close, very close, but also the red & white did remind me that Canada Day is July 1st.

Then for whatever reason my cousin decides we should all go out to the beach/lake…at 2:00 AM while its drizzling. It was only 50 degrees out but the wind and rain made it a little more like 40 or 35.

We end up walking around the lake (my brother, me, 4 cousins, one of their best friends and one of their girlfriends). Eventually we come full circle and my cousin and his girlfriend want to go back to their room and fuck…so that leaves 6 of us. Again, my cousin who suggested the beach adventure says we should go to the hot springs.

I thought I was in a Slender Man game walking along a forest path in total darkness. 4 of us had our flashlight apps on and would catch rustling in the bushes or splashes in the lake. It was like a stereotypical horror movie “bad idea” scene; group of friends out in the spooky woods picked off one by one. The area by the hot spring was covered in steam and made it hard to see. I was a bit surprised we didn’t see any eyes in the woods cause I was half-expecting a werewolf to jump out of the bushes or charge down the path.

That fun but creepy trip into the woods did give me an idea for a possible giveaway prize, which I think some people want.

HOWEVER…as I mentioned before, nothing is set in stone right now. The next Giveaway depends a lot on how much spare funds I have around the time frame I’m aiming for. Problem is the next 3 AR-15 builds are already planned or I may pick up a PKM or M107A1. I’ll hopefully figure it all out by mid-July, maybe…

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What's your favorite Caryl scene and why. you can only pick one.

HARD, HARD QUESTION. Let me say that my favorite Caryl scene was not written yet…

But if we have to choose, I will be very obvious. My favorite moment is the reunion hug. I need to explain why?
Just look at them.

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This is a glorious moment of happiness, the happiest for both. I never see them sharing something so powerful like this hug, never see them crying happy tears. Since the world in TWD is not a nice place most of the time, I like to hold onto a moment like this. Because Carol and Daryl are the two characters who suffered the most (IMO) so I’m not sorry if my favorite moment is a moment of peace after their hard journeys in season 4b.

I know you said to pick just one moment, but when we talk about Carol and Daryl as Caryl, the first scene in my mind is the forehead kiss 1.0. Because in that moment they both conquered my heart. It was just the beginning of the back and forth between the two. He gave her the Cherokee rose along with that beautiful speech, she brought him the dinner along with another deep speech about being a good man. Caryllels since season 2.

They cared about each other from the first moment, maybe without even knowing the other very well. They’ve chosen each other and luckily they will forever.

25 Days of Outlander - Day 1

Favorite Fergus Scene.

Wee Fergus! Such a sweet, amazing, heartbreaking wee man. From telling Claire what happened at Madame Elise’s - which was one of Romann’s best performances all season, to schooling Murtagh in the art of understanding women, I loved watching his journey through the season.

Whenever he took care of Milady,

When he was ready to go wherever his family went, no matter what,

Or simply just being what he was; A kid that bugged his mum,

Fergus (and Romann!) make it hard to pick just one moment <3