man it was hard to pick one scene!

There’s a lot to say about Jingo, and I wish I was in the right headspace to really write coherently, but I’ve been sitting here with this text post open for about half an hour trying different sentences and finding that none of them quite fit what I’m feeling.

There’s a lot of anger in this book. It’s hard to notice, sometimes, because it’s also an incredibly funny and ridiculous book. There are a lot of jokes! But some of those jokes come to a sharp and unexpected point. That scene with Detritus and the Riot Act is hilarious; it’s got Vimes at his most dry and sarcastic and it’s got Detritus methodically picking up a man and using him to hit a bunch of other men. But it’s also got that sharp moment when one of the men claims that Klatchians have killed people, and Vimes asks “who?” and the man falters and says “…everyone knows they’ve been killing people!” and that’s such a familiar sounding phrase that it pulls you up short.

And any conversation between Fred Colon and Nobby is going to be hilarious, and there is nothing funnier than watching Nobby quietly make a fool of Fred’s casual ignorant racism. He doesn’t even have to try hard! But then: “You know we’re better’n Klatchians. Otherwise what’s the point?

There’s so much of that in this book. Little moments, that betray the frustration and anger behind the entire plotline. When I first read it, I was thirteen, and didn’t notice most of it. But I distinctly remember reading for the first time that scene between Carrot and Goriff:

“We can tell which way the wind is blowing,” said Goriff calmly.
Carrot sniffed the salt air. “It’s blowing from Klatch,” he said.
“For you, perhaps,” said Goriff. 

I’ve never forgotten that. That was how I remembered Jingo after reading the entire series and going back again. There are others that hit me harder now (the “they are us” passage in particular) but this was the scene that telegraphed perfectly to me the bitterness and frustration in this conflict, in watching it, in living it.

And then Jingo gives us what we all want so badly, the whole time, watching this play out. Vimes puts his foot down. He charges in. He arrests the leaders of the opposing nations. He arrests the armies. He stops it, he ends it. And there’s still frustration, there has to be, there’s no way everything can get better overnight. But he saw how stupid the whole thing was and he made it stop. There’s anger in that, too, because it’s what the angry part of us watching the conflict wants to have happen. We want to arrest the armies. We want to arrest Lord Rust and Prince Cadram and everybody like them. We want to end it, and we get to do that alongside Vimes. If only we didn’t have to put the book down afterwards.

I need to make some space for my own anger at the end of this tirade here. Reading the tags on some of these posts, a huge number of them echo the same core sentiment: “relevant.” And it is. It’s so relevant. And I’m so angry. Because it shouldn’t be. We shouldn’t still be here, watching the pebbles bounce. We shouldn’t feel an aching familiarity in the words of a bigot declaring that “everyone knows” something completely made-up, or in a family leaving their home because the people around them are claiming it doesn’t belong to them. Why are we still here. Why is this still happening. Why is this still relevant.

I’m extremely glad to have this book, as an excellent story and excellent social commentary, to be relevant in this time. But I still wish that it wasn’t.

good things from my fob show
  • pete sticking his tongue out at the audience
  • patrick’s lil dance during lotro. the shuffley slidey one. you know the one
  • joe ran more distance up and down the catwalk than i ran this entire week
  • patrick forgetting the lyrics to abap. no surprise there
  • pete attempted what looked like it was supposed a herkie. not sure what that was about but keep practicing buddy ur almost there
  • “that row there. blue tie-dye to red tie-dye. you guys are rocking the fuck out and i appreciate that.”
  • joe is the only man on this earth who makes skipping look good facts only
  • pete’s high five with monster number 2
  • andy smiled a lot it was nice
  • pete taking ages to get off the stage after ‘saturday’ cause he was trying not to slip on the confetti
  • “we’re always sleeping in and sleeping for the wrong team” “LET’S GOOOOOOO”
  • pete leaning over and putting his head on patrick’s shoulder during grand theft autumn
  • andy was frequently spotted mouthing the lyrics. maybe he should take over the vocalist duties, since he seems to actually know the words
  • pete’s fist pumps during alone together
  • patrick strutting down the catwalk during ‘this ain’t a scene’ work it babe
  • pete’s big smile during ‘my songs know’
  • joe getting tangled in streamers. bless this poor man 
  • “say yeah” “YEAAAAH”
  • pete stop throwing your picks so hard. one of these days you’re going to hurt someone
  • “bUT i DigREsS”
  • andy almost lost his footing standing on the drum kit during srar. stay safe bb

(For role research) several of Van Sant’s own real-life street buddies, Phoenix, Reeves and fellow Idaho castmember Rodney Harvey learned how to spot potential clients cruising in cars along the streets of Portland’s tawdry Old Town district and what to say after the strangers pulled over to strike a deal. Recalls Phoenix, “The next step would be to just open the door and get in. That’s when we’d tell them to fuck off.” More than one of the rejected johns, after coming so close to picking up boys who bore such amazing resemblances to River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves, found rejection extremely hard to take. Phoenix recollects one man who just kept circling the block yelling, “But I’m so lonely!” after the letdown

- American’s Film Magazine, Sept/Oct 1991

Someone Like Me - Peter Quill (Star Lord) : 1

a/n: So I’m writing this GOTG imagine series on this blog. GOTG Vol. 2 reminded me how much I enjoyed the series so I had this dream. The dream is laid out in this series and I just love me some Quill. So enjoy! sorry for it being non-star wars – considering adding Marvel to this blog. Thanks! – ps: it’s kind of long (sry not sry)

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“Psst..hey!” a voice called to you from behind. You were working in a busy marketplace of a planet that was literally just one big city. You were a young woman, in your 20′s and had been stuck in this damn place since you were 11. “An excuse me would be nicer.” As you turned around a man roughly around the same age of you was standing at the counter of your shop. “Is there anyway you can up the price on this for me?” from his pocket he pulled out a necklace with a glowing pendant. The pendant flashed colors of blue and yellow, in a melodious rhythm. Your (e/c) eyes glowed in awe at the beauty of the necklace. “It’s beautiful.” your hand reached out to take it from the young man’s hands but he snatched it away. “Hey! Hey! Hey! I need a deal here!” snapping back to reality you crossed your arms. “Well, I can give you … 95,000 units.” the young man scoffed at your offer. “You’re joking right?” he snorted. Your face grew with disgust, “Excuse me? That’s 10,000 more units than the man who owns this place would be willing to give you!” you yelled at him in a hushed tone. If the man who owned your stand would find out about what you were offering, you’d be in more trouble than you could even realize. The young man scoffed again, “I know that Hokadda here would give us more than that.” he pointed across the street to the purple alien that was running another shop. You rolled your eyes and sighed, “If I wanted a joke, I’d follow you to the John and watch you take a leak.” you trailed off, bending down to the safe that was below the counter.

“Did you just quote Planes, Trains, and Automobiles? Steve Martin and John Candy?” it was as if you had uttered the directions to the Holy Grail. Rising to a stand with a safe in hand you gave the man a confused look. “Yeah…” then it hit the both of you like a train. “Are you from Earth?” out of all the years that you were on this stupid planet, all you ever met was aliens from various planets but Earth. So when you finally found someone that was from Earth like you were, it was a pretty big deal. “I’m (Y/N) (L/N).. I’m from Ohio.” you put a hand out to shake. “I’m Peter Quill. I’m from Missouri.” he put his hand out and the two of you exchanged a hearty handshake. 

Peter explained that in 1988 he was taken from Earth by a blue guy named Yondu. His mom died of cancer and that he never knew who his father was but his mom called him an ‘angel’; also that he was from the stars. Yondu however was supposed to deliver him to his father but never did, keeping him for his own. “I’m so sorry..” you explained to him that your parents explored the stars because your father met a man from the Kree Empire and showed him the ways of space travel and the military fighting of their people. Only to have your family be killed by the very same Kree and have been forced to work on this planet ever since. “It’s an awful feeling.. ” you sighed. “But my father left me something, on Knowhere. I remember the location by heart but never have been able to retrieve it.” Peter still standing at across from you with necklace in hand, simply just handed it to you. “Here. Buy your freedom. It’s a priceless gem, worth a lot more than you were willing to give me.” you were taken by his offer but then realized what he said. However, the kindness of what this man who you just met was more than you could take in. “I can’t – you just met me.” Peter simply smiled and let out a small chuckle, “Or you could just come with me.” he lent out his hand, this was the opportunity that you were waiting for. You’ve been stuck dealing and trading with scummy space thieves, dreaming of the day when you can finally get away. “Okay but I’m stuck here.” Lifting your pant leg, it revealed that you were chained to the area by a electric beam. “If I try and run it’ll electrocute me.” yanking on it slightly the beam delivered a small shock to your body, enough for you to feel some pain. Peter thought for a moment but the only thing that he could think of was to try and shoot it off. “This might be stupid. But it might work!” he pulled out one of his Quad Blasters and aimed for the electric beam. With a plasma shot, it broke the electric beam but still sent a shock wave through your body; causing you to drop to the ground and your body to convulse. As you were unable to move for a length of time and unconscious, Peter quickly picked you up from the ground as an alarm sounded from the shop. “What the hell?! What kind of place are you working at?” he quickly shot one of the speakers but several others began sounding the alarm. “Dammit!” he yelled.

With you tightly in his arms, Peter took off running towards where his ship was docked with the other’s were that he traveled the galaxy with. Soon a small Kree ship flew into orbit, banking down to the city and began firing at Quill. “Seriously man?! She buys illegal stuff for God’s sake!” he yelled towards the ship and firing back on occasion with his blaster. Radioing in to his ship he called for Rocket, “Rocket! I need your help!” was all that he could spit out. “What’s up Quill? Piss someone off again?” the raccoon joked. “MAYBE!!” the sounds of blaster fire echoed through the background. “It sounds as if he did.” uttered Drax. Rocket fired up Quill’s ship named the Milano and headed towards Quill’s ping location. Blasters fired from everywhere, destroying many shops and people fleeing for their lives. Peter was running towards the crowd and it was like he was a fish swimming upstream. Several frightened people slammed into him which caused his grip to loosen on your body, dropping you in the crowd. “Shit!” he cursed loudly under his breath as he ran back for you. Your body was like a rock in the river, people running around you as a beam of light projected from the Kree ship. The light concealed you in what looked like a bubble, protecting you from the crowd of people; only then to start pulling you to the ship. “No!” Quill fired at the ship with his blasters, one after, after one, after one. But it was like throwing stones. Just as you were almost in the hands of the man that killed your family and held you as a working slave, Quill’s ship delivered a huge blast and caused the ship to explode; dropping your body down onto the hard ground. 

The ship landed and Quill’s party waltzed out of the ship and onto the scene. “Geeze Quill, who’s this?” the small raccoon pointed at your still unconscious body. Peter walked over to you, picked you up in his arms, walking to board the ship. “Woah..” Gamora, a green skinned woman stopped Peter. “You don’t know what she can do Quill or even who she is.” Quill simply looked Gamora in the eyes, seriousness oozing from his orbs. “She needed help, I helped her.” he looked down, then back up. “She’s the first person from Earth that I’ve met, since I don’t even know when.”  the group stood quiet until a small species of Flora that ran out of the ship, looking up to Quill and yourself he muttered, “I am Groot.” Rocket shook his head and pinched the bridge of his nose. “No we didn’t kill her.” the small tree alien spoke again, “I am Groot.” Rocket replied, “She most certainly isn’t coming with us!” Quill shot a look of annoyance and anger at Rocket. “She most certainly is coming with us!” Despite the arguments that his friends brought up about bringing you along with them, Quill was anxious to really know who you were. Finally he had someone that he could share the experiences of both Earth and American culture with. He took you back to the living quarters in the Milano, laying you down on a couch and let you rest. Eager for you to wake up and begin to know each other.

To be Continued .. in part 2!


One of our assignments in class was to pick a famous scene from a movie, and draw it in a style from some famous comic artist or comic in general. I remember having such a hard time trying to figure out what the hell I was going to give to my prof…Then genius struck! And I give you, Pulp-Man, a mash up between He-man and Pulp fiction, featuring Skeletor as samuel L. Jackson!

This was the end of breakfast scene in pulp fiction, that I thought would be funny to show. It’s short but I hope you liked it! Reblog if you can!

Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day Fic Rec List.

Since it is FanFic Writers Appreciation day, I figured I make a quick list of some of my favorite WayHaught fics. Every single writer in this list has managed to take these characters we know and love and make them so much more. They bring them to life, each one in different ways and it just amazes me.

i’ll be waiting for love (to come around) By coffee_music_books 

How Waverly and Nicole’s lives take them to each other, one day at a time.OR Waverly and Nicole and the days of the week.

Really anything by this writer is fantastic.

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Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (7/15)

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AU Summary: Y/N goes on her first mission out in the field with the Avengers.

Notes: yeah this is sort of a sucky chapter but it’ll have to do to speed things up lmao i have no patience. forgive me you guys.and yea a mysterious figure appears in this chapter so there’s that. ALSO im not sure if this is a steve x reader fic because i plan on having bucky added as a main character soon. and i like bucky. like a lot. ok cool

Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


The sound of glass breaking echoed through the halls and all around the empty mansion. A large man wearing a tactical vest and heavy boots stood by the door with his arms crossed and observing the scene in front of him.

“Do they know about her abilities?”

The large man nodded. “Most likely. She’s residing inside SHIELD’s Avenger hq. Extremely hard to break in and kidnap her.”

He watched as the owner of the mansion picked up another glass of scotch, gulped it in one go and flung it across the room, smashing it to pieces. The 5th one this morning.

“Avengers.” he snarled, grimacing as he spoke the name. He took off his white lab coat and wiped the blood of his hands on it. “They took everything I have. Everything I cared about.”

The scientist slumped on a chair and poured himself another drink, this time, keeping the glass unscathed. “They took my creation. And I’m going to get her back.”

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What are your favorite mutsurie moments?

I got this ask a bit earlier, but now is the perfect time to answer it, isn’t it? I’ve never thought about this before actually, because I love all mutsurie moments and putting them in order was extremely difficult. I did a top 5 though so that I wouldn’t list every single time Urie and Mutsuki have ever interacted or thought about each other, because trust me, I would put them all here if I could.


This scene must be mentioned no matter what so I’ll put it here.

Look at them arguing about shopping like they’re an old married couple, this is beautiful. Why aren’t they married yet? Oh well, at least this proves that they’re meant for each other and also foreshadows them getting married.


Okay, so fourth place is a very small and almost irrelevant scene, but it is still very important to me, because it’s one of those few moments where we see things from Mutsuki’s POV. This scene is actually from the re:quest novel:

The type of art that Mutsuki was most familiar with was paintings for sure. Though one of the biggest reasons for that was because Urie painted on a daily basis.

The smell of oil paint would ooze from Urie’s room and even from Urie himself, and Shirazu and Saiko would often call him stinky without a moment’s hesitation. But to Mutsuki, it felt like that familiar scent exuded Urie, exuded his coldness and prickliness. Was he thinking that way because he had experienced Urie’s solitude during the Auction Operation?

A bit earlier in this chapter too Mutsuki noticed that Urie found something amusing despite his face looking the same as ever. I love this so much, because it shows that Mutsuki understands Urie well and knows how similar the two actually are. This is just one of those small things that prove how well they work together, just marry each other already. And also, Mutsuki thinks Urie smells good? Why are we not talking about this more? Saiko and Shirazu think he stinks, but Mutsuki still likes it, this is true love.


Rushima arc had so many good mutsurie moments so it’s hard to pick one. There’s Urie being really stressed, because he wants to save Mutsuki, then there’s him saving Mutsuki and being ridiculously concerned about their wellbeing (this man filled an entire panel with his thoughts of him just asking if Mutsuki’s okay, that’s so cute) and then there’s also the moment where he wants to take Mutsuki home and imagines them smiling. These are all good, but there’s one very underrated scene nobody talks about and that is the moment Urie finds the cave where Torso kept Mutsuki.

He is so scared about something bad happening to Mutsuki! You can just feel yourself how scared he is from the way the panels are drawn and the way he messes up his words, I love it. I seriously think this is the best mutsurie moment from Rushima arc, fight me.


Number two has to be the scene everyone who ships mutsurie always thinks about and that is the hug in the Auction arc of course.

I can’t even properly summarize why this scene is so great, because it just is so great. Urie figured out Mutsuki’s secret, but respected it and Mutsuki saw Urie when he was most vulnerable and comforted him despite him previously hurting them. This scene also showed how lonely and similar they both are. (seriously, just marry each other already) It was what made Urie start developing feelings for Mutsuki and made him open up to others more, starting his great character development arc. There’s so much and this scene has the potential to become even greater if we get a parallel to this soon. It’s pretty much a perfect scene, but it’s not actually my favorite mutsurie moment.


That spot has to go the V7 shiritori omake due to it being what made me start shipping mutsurie. It is very important to me, because of this and it’s going to be hard to beat this scene. Before this I didn’t think about mutsurie at all actually and didn’t really understand why some people liked it so much, but this scene immediately changed everything like I was run over by a truck. It honestly felt like I was hit by a truck, because after I read this scene, I felt like was enlightened and understood why mutsurie is fucking amazing. It didn’t take long for me to descend into the lower depths of shipping hell after this.

Urie is so in love with Mutsuki, like holy hell, this boy cares so much. He notices Mutsuki has lost weight and wants to feed them chocolate, sandwiches and sausages. He’s been thinking about doing something nice to Mutsuki for a long time and is so worried about Mutsuki’s health that he accidentally says his worries out loud despite being the master of inner monologues. Reading this for the first time was such a shock, because I thought my son was made of pure salt. He is the best boyfriend ever basically, what are you waiting for Mutsuki??? (seriously, marry him or I will) His love is so pure and I think it’s really beautiful, because the person he loves is Mutsuki of all people. Mutsuki who has gone through terrible traumatic events, because of twisted love and doesn’t even understand love themselves, because of it. Mutsuki deserves to be loved like this so much, thank you Urie. Just say all your thoughts out loud next time.

Oh wait, I didn’t even mention the wedding and I already have an entire top 5… well, that entire scene can be an honorable mention I guess, because it’s incredibly angsty and it hurts just right. They also talked in a wedding ceremony of all places, I swear it is written in the stars that these two are destined to marry each other. Another honorable mention goes to this scene:

Just because this scene shows that Urie keeps track of what Mutsuki wears and admires their beauty on a daily basis. You can’t look at this scene and claim that Urie isn’t in love with Mutsuki, because he totally is.

Anyway, I’ll end this post here before I give honorable mentions to every single interaction between Urie and Mutsuki ever. I had fun with this, thanks for the ask!

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What's been your number one "THEY ARE IN LOVE LET THEM KISS" moment so far like where do you think it's the most Obviously Obvious

WELL, this was hard to narrow down, because there’s the Negative Zone reunion hug, which is very easy to reimagine as a kiss scene:

“Lift you up from death itself, LOVE” alright.

Then there’s the time Johnny was taking a naked cat nap in Peter’s bed, a thing everyone who was involved in the making of this issue okayed:

Then, there’s the entirety of Merry Christmas, Mr. Storm from the 1995 Spider-Man Christmas Special:

There’s, like, every other issue of Marvel Team Up ft them:

BUT, if I had to pick one moment, it’d actually be this fairly recent case of mind control:

The Red Skull threatening to kill Johnny in front of Peter? Peter’s spider-sense going off because of that? Johnny’s hair looking particularly beautiful? This is so easy to frame as not a Friend Scene!! Also it’s candy for my id.

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The moment Daryl immediately tries to run to Caryl after she is hit by the car in Consumed always breaks my heart and of course we all love "if she gets hit by lightning" from 7:10 but... if you had to pick out other favourite 'protective ' Daryl scenes what would they be? He'll always be her man of honour after all!

Oh Nomy protective Daryl is my favorite so I would have a hard time picking just one.  I mean I love the time when he came at Rick  in the scene where Rick told him to him about kicking Carol out…

 Rick backed the FUCK up when Daryl did that finger thing..

Or the time when the walker was about to chomp on Carol..

Can’t touch that..

But if I had to choose it would be the ones you mentioned because hot-damn was that man all about it

I mean think about how he just automatically reacted without thought, and Noah had all he could to hold him back in the scene in Consumed..

I mean he was so focused and hell bent on getting to her  Noah’s lucky his arm didn’t get ripped out. Cause all Daryl saw was Carol and  badly need to protect her at that point. (and Norman was so into this scene he actually got hurt filming it so there you go). I mean the way he screamed ‘let go of me!” to that little whimper when he had to let her go, it was so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Just look at his face there, it was all over him, all he could think about was getting to her.

And then when have 7x10 and this lovely scene in which we see Daryl’s face get more and more set the more Richard talks (into an early grave if he wasn’t careful)

I mean the death stare when it comes to Carol and causing harm to her, Richard should’ve stopped talking right there.. but he didn’t..

And look at how much bigger Richard is compared to Daryl

But he still manages to pin him down and beat the ever loving fuck out of him for merely threatening to hurt Carol. Daryl means business here and  had the upper hand for a good part of the fight because it was about protecting HER. No one hurts Carol.

I mean the only reason Richard was able to get away from  our beautiful, over protective redneck was because he hit him with a rock  otherwise he’d be a bloody mess on the ground.

But we would not have gotten to hear the beautiful threat made that made it absolutely clear that you do not even look with ill-intentions in Carol’s direction. Watch out of thunderstorms in the area while your at it.

And lets not forget the ultimate protection of killing problematic walkers for her and lying to keep her happy for just a little longer. And all the other times he was looking out for her best interest, not physically but emotionally as well.

So yeah if I absolutely had to choose it would all of 7x10 and the way he spent that whole episode protecting her. And I have never loved more than I do for that protectiveness of his girl that he, and Normans acting, made plainly obvious.

Daryl Dixon will do anything to protect Carol Pelletier and if that doesn’t scream love I don’t know what does.

(gifs by @oohhshiny  and others)

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ive been watching your scenes to rewatch and ive been crying at literally all of them. out of curoisity, what are your favourite ouat scenes? either sq or general? also side note, i love your latest fic, such an interesting premise. i get so scared every time someone says an order and emmas forced to comply, that scene with the trolls had me on edge. and the fact that cora must suspect something about emma now - im so scared but excited ahah :D have a nice day :)

OH I super dropped the ball on those omg, i have so many others!! but i haven’t been able to rewatch in a long time, it hard 😩

of course i LOVE almost every swan queen scene!! it’s hard for me to pick favorites because nearly every one pings something else inside me omfg. I don’t think there’s a single sq scene I couldn’t write an essay about WHOOPS. so lemme try to answer this with just some of my favorite non-sq scenes 😅

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S4 Rewatch: The Last Wedding

  • I don’t know if others think it’s funny enough to be in consideration for Best Schmidt Line/Scene, but I definitely laughed when they were all gathered in Jess’ room except Winston and Schmidt said, “Are we a man down? I feel like there’s one more of us”
  • Best Jess Line/Scene: I had completely forgotten about Jess’ “vagina voice” when first talking with Jessica Biel so I laughed HARD 
  • Best Female Guest Star: Jessica Biel
  • Best Winston Line/Scene: “Only thing I want in my mouth in Mr. and Mrs. IB Profen. Minus the Mr.” (that’s the way Netflix captions spelled it so that’s what I’m going with)
  • Best Jess Outfit: Pink Floral Dress
  • Best Cece Outfit: Red Dress (I purposefully picked this picture so we could see their beautiful dresses)
  • Best Nick/Jess Moment: In the bathroom, “Just be yourself and if he’s not into Jessica Day then there’s something wrong with him.
    • There’s some really good, natural chemistry between these two in this scene.  It reminded me of the early days of S1-2 before they got together.  I was watching Jake closely during this scene (uhhh…for assessment purposes obviously…) and I thought he played Nick as extra smiley and chuckle-y in this scene (borderline flirty? But then he’s also pushing her toward the other guy?  Maybe it’s an example of Jake hating the dialogue he was given so he chose to use his body language to suggest he still has feelings for her)  
  • Best Friendship Moment: Everyone ripping up wedding invitations at the end


it starts out like a trailer for a horror movie. it’s like the 17th century and a man is on trial for aiding a witch, so he’s about to be burned alive. he doesn’t burn. they try to sink him. he doesn’t drown. they try to cut his throat but the blood just bubbles out and comes back in. the only solution is that they bury him deep underground in a part of the dark forest where nothing would grow where he would stay, always starving and lonely. 

cuts to 2017. the forest has long been wiped out for a neighborhood complex. it’s just a mom and her son (i was the son in my dream lmao) in the newest house. there’s a flash of a conversation where the contractors explain they’ve been trying to build on this certain plot of land for years, and it was perfect because it was flat and had no vegetation. but no matter what they did, every foundation they scrounged up ended up collapsing in on itself. 

the mom and the son take that as a good omen bc they’ve had a rough couple of years. the dad isn’t in the picture, most likely for more concerning issues. the mom and son live in the house for around a month before the son starts to hear it: footsteps. they’re sporadic and just sound like the house creaking so he doesn’t pay any mind. 

HOWEVER: one day the mom goes “alright, you have the day off but I don’t. I’ll be off around 4. the dishes better be done when i get home.”

and the son says, “yeah, yeah okay, whatever.” and waits until she’s out the door to get started. 

cue the ominous music as he starts washing dishes, cut to the dark hallway just behind him as a door opens up and the black frame of a man walks out. he’s slowly lumbering down the hallway towards the boy who’s trying to connect his phone to the surround sound speakers in the house. 

the ominous music grows as the distance shortens until it’s at a crescendo. the man is just about to step over the threshold and you can tell he’s got white glowing eyes and a dark face, long overgrown with a shaggy beard and mane (but otherwise would’ve been handsome) when the speakers pick up the boy’s music and start blasting it:

emotional fire by cher

the man goes from ominous and foreboding to wtf?? while the boy starts washing the dishes and gyrating his hips and wailing along to cher. he takes a ladle and mimes the guitar solo. he does one hard twirl and sees the man, standing in the doorway with  a dumbfounded look on his face. the boy screams and runs into his mom’s room and calls 911. 

cut scene to like 2 months after that. the boy is kinda wary but he’s mostly over it. he’s been trying to look up stuff about the house and finds out about the witch trials, but doesn’t think the man  he saw is the man Proctor Guthrie, who was buried alive. the boy is sitting at his computer and starts playing some music, just chilling, and the ominous music grows again as the closet door behind him opens the man from before steps out. his white eyes are glowing again and he stakes two steps forward but stops as the boy turns around. 

right when they make eye contact another song starts playing

you can call me al by paul simon 

i can’t remember really what happens next, but the two basically just listen to 80′s music and the boy calls the “ghost” Al (bc of the song) and showing the man stuff on the internet like youtube cat videos

Best in Five (vol. 2)

So last year I did a “Best in Five” post for episodes 1-10, covering seasons 1-5. I promised I’d do another post for episodes 11-23 after season 5 finished. But when season 5 finished, I took the whole “hiatus” thing a little too seriously and just… enjoyed a little break. For five months. 

Now, tonight, Arrow is back on our TVs and I really need to do this post. This list was really difficult. Because so many episodes were so good. And so many were SO BAD (honestly, Arrow has an ep 11-19 problem). SO. Here goes. 

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storyknitter  asked:

3 & 14 for the fanfic asks!

3. favorite line/scene you wrote this year

Hmmm oh man you asked one where I actually have to think!  And I don’t think I can pick just one….

Chapter 11 of Hollowed Out has a very intense scene between Poe and Euli where he confronts her about giving up the location of Skywalker’s map.  HO has a lot of moments I’m very proud of, I worked very hard on that fic.  But this scene in particular, I always saw it very clearly.

Chapter 17 has this bit of dialogue “Then I die.  Loved and remembered.  What more could I ask for?”  And I think it really speaks to how far the character has come.

Honorable mention goes to the Outlander!Theron smut I wrote for kinktober.  I dunno why, but I just really, really like it.  I think about it a lot.

14. a fic you didn’t expect to write

I wrote a Western-style The Force Awakens fic built with prompts that I never finished.  I was really homesick early this year and just wanted to take all the characters to Texas, I guess.  Apparently, I got over it and never finished.

I also wrote (and published!) way more porn than I thought I would.

[fanfic end of year asks]

beansie009  asked:

oh! and the fanfic questionaire: (i've started reading some of your stuff btw, don't have an AO3 account so i can't comment but it's some good painful shit), how about 3, 21, 23, and 24?

Thank-you! “Good painful shit” is what I aim for :)

3. favorite line/scene you wrote this year

Oh man, this hard, especially because I didn’t write that many things this year, and one the things I did write (The Sinking Feeling of Anticipation) I actually wrote a couple years ago. But I’ll pick two:

  • 1. From more than one truth:  the whole ending of the fic, but especially the line: “Barry turned to himself and smiled. ‘Should we see what comes next?’”
  • 2. From One Step Away: the scene where Odin reveals the truth to Thor, and then Mjolnir returns to Thor. I don’t have a favourite line so I’m just going to say all of it.

21. most memorable comment/review

Hmmm, to just pick one…it might be this one I got on Delicacies: “Supremely fucked up, wow…….. I love it”. Short, to the point, and pretty much the epitome of that fic.

23. fics you wanted to write but didn’t

Do all of my wips count? Because then it would be:

  • the Frigga & Hela fic (first draft is done, now I need to edit)
  • the next chapter of One Step Away (still writing)
  • the two Flash fics I wanted to write (one with Caitlin/Lily Stein, and one about David Singh and hurt!Barry)
  • Torture Loki: The Fic (first draft is done)
  • and the Buffy & Angel fic that popped into my head about a week ago and I know I have absolutely no time to write but jotted down some notes anyway.

I wanted to get at least one finished this Christmas break but of course that’s not happening.

24. favorite fic you read this year

Oh man, this might be even harder! I had to take a look in my bookmarks to help, but apparently I didn’t bookmark too many things. It doesn’t help that I didn’t have as much time to read fic this year. But I’ll pick a fic from two different fandoms:

  • 1. A Saint in the City by Rokesmith, for The Flash fandom
  • 2. For the MCU/Thor fandom, there’s been a lot of good post-Ragnarok stuff, but I decided to go with The Breaking Light by Lise (who has written a whole bunch of other excellent things that you should all read).

Oliver Queen Appreciation Week

Day Three: Sexy Moment


I have a really hard time picking one single sexy moment, because let’s face it. Oliver Queen (and Stephen Amell) is sexy. Look at the man.

4x06, there is something unbelievably sexy about him laying in bed, shirtless, just waiting. I would love to come home to that.

4x01, I don’t know what it is about this scene, maybe it’s the fact that we know Olicity just had a litttle morning sex (and Felicity is still in bed recovering), or the fact that Oliver is talking about going to the farmers market. But it’s good.

3x01, Tarzan/Oliver swinging from a tree, landing shirtless on Felicity. That is all.

1x18, scenes like this, make me miss the foundry. I miss the shirtless workout scenes and the way Oliver used the old building as his personal jungle gym.

3x20. this scene. This entire scene is amazing. But I love the way Oliver doesn’t take his eyes off Felicity. There is so much want and need in his face. He knows this could be his only chance to be with her and he’s making it count. She is all that is sees. It’s beautifully sexy and hot. And I want more

Alright so it just got back from TATINOF and lemme just say

Everything about this show is beautiful. I’m not going to say much about the acting and the stage presence itself so y'all can be surprised when you see it/the video they make. But the acting was perfection.

What I want to talk about are the behind the scenes things. All of the tech was so good.

The sound design and placement of the sound was great, I could not have picked any other sounds better than those.

The set was as amazing as I could hope it could be. I don’t even want to know how long it took to create everything. 10/10

The projections were beautiful. I know how hard it is to get projections into place (it took us one hour every night for One Man, Two Guvnors and we only had one projector screen) and to do that at every venue is wonderful.

And the lights. All of those lights. Do you know how long it takes to hang and focus lights? Days. It takes literal days to make the lights look perfect. And it takes even longer to program those lights (though I assume you wouldn’t have to do a lot of programming every night if you just save the info to a flash drive but idk). But oh my gooooooodddddddd. All of the colors and gobos and placement and I’m just so emotional because of those lights. (I’m a lighting tech if you can’t tell)

All in all, I just want to give a huge shout out to all of the tech that made The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire possible. You don’t get enough recognition because you aren’t the stars, but I appreciate every single thing you have done. (Also shout out to the costume people. Whether you bought or made some of those outfits, damn. Good job)

Thank you @amazingphil and @danisnotonfire for bringing this tour to America. I appreciate all that you do.