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Jerry Orbach would leave home early in the morning to shoot movies and TV shows. Every day before he left he would write out a love poem for his wife, Elaine, who would read it with her coffee. She saved them all, and after Jerry died in 2004 she published the best of them in a book called Remember How I Love You: Love Letters From An Extraordinary Marriage. 

as if i couldn’t love Jerry Orbach/Lenny Briscoe any more than i already do

Lemon's Mag Interview: GOT7 (Fiction) Part 1
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Genre:</b> </b> Risqué Fluff?<p/><b>Members:</b> All<p/><b>Warning:</b> Brace Yourself<p/><b></b> Lemon's is a magazine geared toward risk-taking, ready to wear fashion. Today we've given GOT7 street gear that only real fashionistas would wear. Let's see if they're brave enough to answer questions as bold as the look in the photoshoot.<p/><b>Lemon's Mag:</b> I want to tell you guys up front this won't be a typical interview. There will be no safe answers here. Are you game?<p/><b>BB:</b> Yeah man! Let's do it!<p/><b>J:</b> I always tell my birds the truth...<p/><b>JB:</b> What kind of questions are you asking? They didn't tell us.<p/><b>LM:</b> You'll have to wait and see. Are you ready?<p/><b>YG:</b> Go bro!<p/><b>LM:</b> Okay guys. You know that Lemon's audience is about the same demographic as your fan club Ahgase, right?<p/><b>YJ:</b> Yeessss...<p/><b>BB:</b> Right.<p/><b>LM:</b> However, we have some fans older than our demographic much like you guys. How does it feel to have older women be attracted to you?<p/><b>JY:</b> Attracted? Why don't you answer this Yugyeom.<p/><b>J:</b> Tell the truth Yugyeom.<p/><b>LM:</b> Yeah. Don't be shy. No safe answers here, remember?<p/><b>YG:</b> I like all women. I don't care about age. I don't care about anything.<p/><b>JY:</b> Aren't you just trying to promote your song by saying you don't care? (laughs)<p/><b>YG:</b> No, no, no...<p/><b>YJ: </b>YUGYEOMIEEEE!<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/><b>BB:</b> (sings Don't Care)<p/><b>LM:</b> Well, how about you Jinyoung? Do you like the attention of noonas?<p/><b>YG:</b> Yeah!<p/><b>JY:</b> Honestly?<p/><b>J:</b> Ya! Park Jin Young! Don't try to escape! Tell our birds, our noonas...<p/><b>JY:</b> Well honestly, wouldn't noonas be more mature about what they like? If a noona sees me as a man, that must mean my charms go beyond my looks, right?<p/><b>BB:</b> Eww!<p/><b>LM:</b> Now BamBam, as a noona myself, I think he has a point. How about you Mark? We haven't heard from you yet.<p/><b>M:</b> I don't have an ideal type.<p/><b>YJ:</b> Mark hyung, we're talking about age.<p/><b>M:</b> I know.<p/><b>LM:</b> I get it. You're saying age is not a factor when it comes to attraction.<p/><b>M:</b> Right.<p/><b><p/><b>BB:</b> I think it feels good to have noona fans. They can teach me stuff. You know what I'm saying?<p/><b>JB:</b> No one was curious about you.<p/><b>LM:</b> </b> Good to know. Now for the next question. When was your first kiss? All members must answer.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
"Be right back" - Pietro x Reader (Part 1)

Pairings: Pietro x Reader, Avengers x Reader, fiancée!Pepper x fiancé!Tony

Word Count: 1776

Summary: The reader wants to join the Avengers after discovering they have powers, so they can learn to control them and use them for good. In front of the Stark Tower, they bump into a silver-haired man they know all too well. He takes them upstairs where the reader meets Tony Stark and demonstrates him their powers.

Warnings: none i could think of, except some flirting with a hot sokovian man

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A/N: This is the first chapter/part. I’m kind of anxious if you will like it, since after the drabble was pretty much just a conversation with Pietro, this involves more of Tony Stark, too (9 people liked the drabble, I feel very pressured). If you do, please let me know! I would definitely be up for another chapter/part for this, feel free to give me ideas for that also! I hope the readers powers aren’t to confusing, basically, they have one hand with the power of the sun (sunrays, radiates heat, can create light), and the other hand has the power of the moon (can cancel all warmth and light and freeze things) but only if they get really close to an object. I also feel like Tony is a bit out of character, I’m sorry! :(

I really hope you like it, please let me know! :3


The tower was intimidating. It was something so modern, so expensive no person could possibly afford on their own. Except for Tony Stark. And it contained a lot of powerful people. They had so much power that if these people wanted to have the world for themselves, they could just take it. Just looking at it made your more anxious of what was to come, you were in pure fear of rejection. You didn’t realize how long you had stared at the huge skyscraper until someone opened the door and bumped into you. “Oh, I’m sorry, Miss.”, the man spoke with a thick accent. When you looked up at him, you saw platinum colored hair, it almost looked like it would radiate the sunrays just like metal. Obviously you knew the man, it was Quicksilver. You’d seen him on TV, from the day he joined the Avengers you’d heard about every battle he won with them, heard about his powers.

He shot you a crooked smile. “Hello?”, he must’ve said something, asked you a question of some sort, but you were to busy trying to realize who was standing in front of you. “I’m sorry, what was that?”, you asked, still mesmerized by his bright blue eyes. Quicksilver chuckled, shaking his head. “Beautiful, you get distracted too easily. I wondered if you had an appointment here.”, this man was beyond charming, but you couldn’t let your thoughts wander again. “An appointment, yeah, kind of.”, you mumbled nervously.”With Mr. Stark.”, you swallowed, being reminded of why you were actually here. “I can take you upstairs.”, he said and gestured for you to step in. “Weren’t you just going to leave?”, you gave him a questioning look. “Be right back”, as soon as these words left his lips, wind rushing through your hair and a blue streak of that was slowly fading. “Right, I forgot about that.”, you said, more to yourself than anyone else. “Sorry, what?”, he was already back with a smirk on his face. “Oh, nothing.”, you felt your cheeks redden as his eyes rested on you.

He gently pushed you forward and held the door open so the two of you could walk inside. He called the elevator, which arrived unexpectedly quick. When the door closed and you started moving up, the silver-haired man caught your attention again. “What are you planning to discuss with Mr. Stark, anyways?”, you found his accent very attractive, which made it even harder to focus on the question. “I don’t know if I should say that, I mean, I don’t know if I’m capable, and if it doesn’t work out, then..”

“Oh, I’m sure it will. Tell me.”, he demanded, and you couldn’t resist his charm.

“I… want to join you. I have powers, like you, or at least I think I do.”, you avoided his look, afraid that he would find it silly for you to think you were like them. “I mean… I can’t control them yet, but I would like to learn, and maybe I could be of use, but, maybe not, I…”, you got interrupted once again, this time, he laid his hand gently on your shoulder. “Shh… calm down.”, he chuckled. “I’m sure you would be a great addition to our team, and if Tony doesn’t, then I can always do some convincing.”, he winked at you, and your cheeks turned a bright shade of pink.

“What’s your name, by the way?”, he said this sentence as if it was only one word, it almost seemed like he was nervous, which you found very cute.

“Y/N.”, you answered with a small smile on your face, “And yours, Speedy?”, he laughed at the nickname.

“Seems like you already have a name for me, so I don’t need to tell you.”, he replied with a cheeky grin on his face, and you punched his shoulder lightly. “Come on!”, you pleaded.

“Alright, I give up.”, he said sarcastically, “I’m Pietro.”, you gave him a mandatory handshake,“Nice to meet you, Pietro.”

“Nice to meet you too, Y/N.”, he responded smirking. Neither of you had heard the little bell ringing when the elevator arrived, so it took a foot in the elevators door to interrupt the two of you.

“I see you’ve already met Pietro, Miss Y/L/N.”, a beautiful, red-haired woman looked at you when you noticed you were still holding Pietro’s hand and let go of it, you could feel you were blushing again. She looked very welcoming. “I’m Ms. Potts, Mr. Starks secretary”, “And fiancée”, Pietro mumbled under his breath. The woman cleared her throat, a small, proud smile on her lips. “Mr. Stark is waiting for you in his office.

As she started walking, you followed her, growing nervous again. This was it. A thousand times you had imagined how this talk would go, but nothing could’ve prepared you for standing in front of the door to Tony Starks office, his secretary knocking on the glass. “Come on in!”, the deep, male voice called, when he turned around in his office chair to face you. He stood up and walked over to his fiancée, gave her a small kiss, “Thank you, Pepper.”. With that, she left and you were all alone in this terrifyingly spacious office room with Tony Stark. THE Tony Stark, Iron Man. You gulped when you heard him walk back towards the table you were standing in front of. He wasn’t dressed very formally, he was wearing a T-Shirt, Jeans and Sneakers, but yet you were standing in front of a billionaire who may or may not recruit you to join a team of superheroes.

“Y/N Y/L/N”, you took a deep breath as he said your name. “How would you describe your powers, exactly?”

“I… I don’t know, Sir.”, you stuttered. It was the truth. You didn’t know how to control your powers at all, nor could you describe what they did. Maybe you didn’t even know their full potential. But that answer wasn’t good if you wanted to learn about them with the best team in the world, and you knew that. “But… I could show you.”, you added quickly. He didn’t seem uneasy or nearly as intimidating to justify your nervousness, he seemed rather… relaxed. You calmed down a bit, thought about Pietro, who you just met and who had been incredibly polite and sweet. Maybe there was no reason to be afraid of this whole thing at all. As soon as your brain had finally realized that there was no need to panic at the moment, your body eased a bit, Tony gestured you to sit down and you gladly took a seat.

“What do you need for that?”, he asked you, and he seemed to really want to help you make this as comfortable as possible.

“Two metal objects are enough for the beginning. And a magnifying glass, that would be great. And probably something you wouldn’t mind to burn. And a cup of water would be nice.”, he lifted his eyebrow but cracked a smile, disappearing behind a room divider to gather what you needed for your demonstration.

When he came back, you were still a bit nervous, but to your surprise, he even started a conversation while handing you the materials. “So, you’ve already met Speedy Gonzales? He may be charming, but he’s also a heartbreaker, so be careful around him.”, you didn’t know how to reply. What did he mean by that? He had gotten you curious for sure, but you didn’t want to show too much interest right away, so you decided to not go into it further. Instead, while you were laying your hands on the metal objects shaped like teardrops, you asked him another question that had come up. “How do you know that we already met?”, you asked, handing him the teardrops. “Be careful.”, you warned him, but you knew what was to come. “Sweetheart, I know about everything that’s… Ow!”, he dropped both of them immediately and shook his hands from the slight pain. “So one’s ice and one’s fire?”, he asked and pointed to my hands. “Not exactly. I like to call them sun and moon. This one”, you lifted your right hand, “cancels all warmth and light. And this one”, you now lifted your left hand, “does the exact opposite.”, you lifted your hand over the magnifying glass, made all your fingers touch and a thin ray of light shone from your hand through the magnifying glass, until there was a little flame burning on the paper under you, which you quickly put out.

“Wow.”, Tony was more surprised than you at how you handled the situation. You were glad you didn’t burn anything down or froze anything, or boil Tony’s blood or cool his body down. “I’m guessing you wanted to freeze that.”, he gestured towards the glass of water in front of you. “Actually, I wanted to drink it.”, you took a sip and chuckled. “But I did freeze my sink once, so I guess that would work too.”, you laughed akwardly. “I must say, you just impressed a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist… and Iron Man.”, you had to giggle at his comment.

“Y/N, welcome to the Avengers. You will now train and live with us in this tower.”, he announced. “And about your powers… Don’t worry. We will figure something out so you won’t have to wear these anymore.”, he pointed to the fingerless gloves you were wearing.

You didn’t know what to say, you were absolutely speechless. There was no way that TONY STARK just admitted you as an official member of the Avengers.

“You can move in whenever, I will then introduce you to everyone. But if you would excuse me… I have to work on something.”, the brown-haired man explained.

“Of course.”, was all you could say, as soon as you turned around, you had a wide grin on your face, and as you opened the glass door, bright blue eyes and a sweet smile were there to greet you.

“Seems like you were charming enough yourself, Y/N. Congratulations.”, Pietro said and embraced you into a very unexpected hug, but you hugged him back, you could feel his well-defined, muscular body through the thin shirt he was wearing.

“Thank you.”, you giggled at his comment, “I think… that we will meet more often now.”, the thought of seeing Pietro everyday made you smile, and you were excited to meet all the other Avengers, too.

“I’m almost certain Stark will throw a welcoming party for you, so I’ll see you there.”, he smirked and winked at you. “Looking forward to it, Y/N.”


And the completed set of illustrations for my good friend Sunshadecrossing of Mayor Michael and Cally. Two immensely adorable creatures such as these come along only rarely. AND THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS. I loved drawing both of them and Cally is just charming beyond words.

Thanks again, man, I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do! ^^v

Please Tell Me...

I am not the only one, that finds it absolutely crazy, that Tony Goldwyn has been sex on legs since his acting career started in the mid-80s. He is a beyond handsome man, charming, very intelligent, eloquent, can act his butt off etc. Why is it that he was not getting major recognition until Scandal blew up in s2? this doesn’t make any sense to me