man in the moon mask

Jason Hunt [Kwaguilth], Man in the Moon (Cedar bark trim, rope and white paint), Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Canada), Nd.


Guess who’s special day it is today!!!!!!!!

It’s Mamo-Chan’s!!!!!

*insert fangirl cheering*

It’s time we appreciate all the good things you do:

Thanks for looking sexy in that tuxedo ;)

and for looking breath taking in the morning 

Thanks for always helping out the sailor scouts

…. and for not running away when the going gets tough (you will always be sailor earth in my eyes)

Thanks for being a good friend

a caring boyfriend  

and an understanding family man

We all love the dorky things you do

(this ending of smc shall live on!)

and wore

Happy Birthday, Mamo-Chan, you big dork!

The signs as movies with Jim Carrey
  • Aries: The mask
  • Taurus: Man on the moon
  • Gemini: Dumb and dumber
  • Cancer: The Truman show
  • Leo: Liar liar
  • Virgo: Me, myself & Irene
  • Libra: Bruce almighty
  • Scorpio: How the Grinch stole christmas
  • Sagittarius: Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
  • Capricorn: I love you Phillip Morris
  • Aquarius: Ace Ventura: Pet detective
  • Pisces: The cable guy