man in love era ;;

blurryface era just ended so here is its short summary

- tyler got married
- the blurryface account appeared
- the album sold milions of copies worldwide
- stressed out, ride and tear in my heart started being played on the radio
- twenty one pilots announced a huge arena tour that includes TWO shows in Madison Square Garden
- tyler and josh literally got their names tatued on each other’s bodies (gay)
- they won and got nominated to various music awards
- gained a huge amount of fans; reached 1m followers on Twitter and 2m on Instagram
- announced a new song being a part of a soundtrack of a ‘major summer blockbuster’
- continued to stay humble and true and to care about their growing fanbase

i’m not crying, my eyes are only sweating a lil bit

Wolfstar Raising Harry
  • Five y/o Harry: Where do kittens come from?
  • Sirius: *oh merlin* Well, Bambi, when a mummy cat loves a daddy cat very much, they hug for a long time so their love can come together and make a kitten—
  • Remus: They had sex, Harry.
  • Harry: Oh, okay!
  • Sirius: I? What? Remus! You can't tell him that!!!
  • Remus: At least I didn't lie to him.
The second the first snow falls
  • Sirius: *runs gets one of Remus's oversized sweaters and puts them on, puts his hair up in a bun using a holiday themed scrunchy, sits and sips hot chocolate by the fire*
  • James: umm padfoot... It's only October
  • Sirius: don't ruin the good spirit
  • *from inside the dorms*
  • James: u better run

According to Makoto Shinkai, The Garden of Words was his first attempt at making a love story using the traditional Japanese meaning of “love”. During the era of the Man'yōshū, the word for “love”, koi (today written 恋) was written as 孤悲, or “lonely sadness”. As noted by Shinkai, a more modern concept of “romance”, represented by ren'ai (恋愛), came about by Western influence.

The Garden of Words emphasizes the original meaning of koi — a “longing for someone in solitude” — but in a modern setting. Loneliness is the central element of the film, according to Shinkai. In an interview, he said he created the film with the hope of cheering up people who feel lonely or incomplete in their social relations. However, he made a point that “this movie doesn’t treat loneliness as something that must be fixed.”


Our healer smile and mountain main, Yuta-san! 

Please continue healing our hearts with your beautiful smile and make us laugh at your savage actions…you are the most sincere and purest man ever, that’s why you are dearly loved! 

The world needs more beautiful and honest people like you! 

You, better continue to stay healthy and awesome like you were till now!

Never change!!!

♡ Happy birthday love!  ♡ Happy birthday Nakamoto Yuta!