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Merriam-Webster just threw some serious shade at United Airlines for its deplaning debacle

  • No one knows how to read quite like the dictionary. On Monday night, dictionary Merriam-Webster used its Twitter account to shade United Airlines in response to viral footage of security guards dragging an elderly Asian man off an overbooked United flight. 
  • Gate staff kept asking passengers to volunteer to leave the overbooked flight in order to accommodate staff who needed to board the plane. 
  • When no one volunteered, despite being offered compensation, the airline chose people to volunteer — and deplaned Bridges with brute force, leaving him bloodied.In their Monday night tweet, Merriam-Webster reminded United what it means to “volunteer." 
  • ”‘Volunteer’ means 'someone who does something without being forced to do it,’“ the tweet from Merriam-Webster reads. Read more. (4/11/2017 10:07 AM)

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about a flight attendant!Akaashi and National Team Player!Bokuto au where they meet on a flight back to Tokyo. Bokuto falls in love at first sight, while volleyball fan Akaashi is like holy shit stay calm and professional oh god this is #4 BOKUTO KOUTAROU.

But they get talking a little when Bo gets super restless and can’t sleep and wanders around the plane, and Akaashi slips up and remarks “you’re very energetic, Bokuto-san” and Bo is like “…did i tell you my name?” and Akaashi is like fuck so much for being professional and admits he watches all their games when Bokuto gets super excited and asks if he’s into volleyball..

And shortly before the plane is landing Akaashi subtly approaches Bokuto like “I know this is super indiscreet of me and I apologise but couldIhaveyourautograph” and Bo makes a face. Akaashi feels guilty, people probably approach Bokuto all the time and why does he even want an autograph, he’s not 15 anymore, but then Bo says “…aw man, I was hoping you came to give me your number.” and Akaashi is like ghhghh what “…you want my number…?” and he knows he’s not supposed to but also this is Bokuto Koutarou who has really nice build and is strangely charming so Akaashi slips him his number as he’s exiting the plane.

Akaashi wonders what the hell just happened, does Bokuto think he’s some kind of groupie or is this how he usually meets people.



I had watched ‘Night Flight’ and ‘The Lover’ and let me tell you how refreshing it is to see Lee Jae Joon on screen acting. As an rising new actor that debuted not long ago I got to say I’m very excited to see what he would bring to our future screens 📺

Both ‘Night Flight’ and ‘The Lover’ gives you two different elements as ‘Night Flight’ is more serious and deep while ‘The Lover’ is more soft hearted, but both roles are queer characters. I got to say Lee Jae Joon portrayed both characters very well, so impressed with how good he acted to me it didn’t felt like I’m watching a rookie acting at all. His acting is so realistic, honest and detailed, especially how he handled his facial expressions, body language, gestures and tone of voice. He also made me cry with his acting for both films; like seriously if an actor have the ability to touch you like that with their acting, you know he did justice to his role 👌🏽

Not only his roles that I adore him in but as a individual I really respect him. I love how open minded and unbiased he is because in Korea where some people are still not very opened to it; Lee Jae Joon is a breath of fresh air. I love how he tackled the questions so smoothly and professionally, you’re the real mvp 🙇🏾🙌🏽

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Credit: Translation yijaejun 🙆🏻❤️


One of the most captivating cases of unidentified people is arguably that of D.B. Cooper. Additionally, the case itself is unique to any other unidentified person case because it is the only unsolved air piracy case in history. So, who was D.B. Cooper and what became of him?‬ ‪

‬ ‪It was the afternoon of 24 November, 1971, when a man approached the flight counter in Portland International Airport. He was carrying a black suitcase and asked the employee behind the desk for a one-way ticket to Seattle, giving the name “Dan Cooper.” He was given seat 18C on the Boeing 727-100 which was departing at 2:50PM. Mr. Cooper was described as being 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall and approximately in his mid-40s. Once aboard, he ordered a bourbon and soda and lit a cigarette. ‬ ‪Shortly after the airplane took off, Cooper handed a note to flight attendant, Florence Schaffner. Assuming the note was just Cooper’s phone number, she placed it in her purse without reading it. Cooper then leant forward and whispered: “Miss, you better look at that note. I have a bomb.” After getting the attendant’s attention, Cooper then told her his demands: $200,000, tour parachutes, and a fuel truck awaiting in Seattle to refuel. The Seattle police and FBI were contacted and scrambled to assemble Cooper’s demands in time for landing. When the aircraft landed, the passengers disembarked. Cooper waited onboard while the money and parachutes were delivered.‬ ‪

‬ ‪While refuelling, Cooper detailed his flight plan to the crew onboard. He wanted the pilot to head towards Mexico City at the minimum speed possible. Then they were off again. The weather had worsened and they were now flying through a severe rainstorm. After being in the air for approximately 20 minutes, Cooper ordered the flight attendant to the cockpit. As she complied, she turned around to see Cooper seemingly fashioning something around his waist. Moments later, a warning light in the cockpit indicating that the airstair system had been activated. Following the warning, there was a change in air pressure, indicating the airplane door was open. Cooper was gone. He had jumped from the airplane, leaving behind just a neck tie on his seat.

‬The pilot had been flying over Lewis River in southwestern Washington when Cooper jumped from the airplane. Despite an extensive manhunt, D.B. Cooper was never found or identified. The FBI later released the ransom serial numbers to financial institutions in the hopes that somebody somewhere could have come into contact with the mysterious hijacker. In 1980, a little boy discovered three packets of the random cash while playing on a beach in Columbia River, approximately 9 miles from Vancouver.‬ ‪The cash matched the serial numbers of the ransom cash. But what did that mean? Could it have accidentally fallen out whilst he threw himself from the airplane or did it land with his body?

‬ ‪Over the forthcoming years, there have been a plethora of theories as to the real identity of D.B. Cooper and whether or not he survived the jump. To this date, the case still remains unsolved.‬