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  • Bucky: I've been thinking about asking Tony out for the last couple of weeks, but it's hard. There's so much build up now, you know?
  • Natasha: Not really. I don't ask people out, I just tell them where we're going.

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Ok. So requests are closed and I know you're busy with "the thing" but I just see Nat and Wanda sharing a cup of coffee, complaining about "the boys" for International Women's Day.... as soon as I pictured it I thought of your adorable sketches! Have a great day you wonderful woman! Love, anm

This was originally going to be posted some time next week but since it’s your birthday today, I’m posting as soon as it is done! Happy Birthday @avenger-nerd-mom!!!

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Civil War: Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man - a comparison of damage done (Pre-Siberia)

After reading some posts I probably shouldn’t have been reading - I decided to put together a little something - like a spreadsheet of sorts on damage and attacks done by each team. For the sake of accuracy, I am including everyone and EVERYTHING (pre-Siberia, which warrants a post of its own). Let me know if I missed anything. This was difficult – especially since the fight in Leipzig has so many people and everything was moving so quickly. It also doesn’t include Lagos (again, that warrants a separate analysis). I also attempted to keep the ethical debate out of it entirely and tried to stick to the actual facts.

Team Iron Man

Iron Man – fights WS during his rampage (sonic attack and hand to hand); Leipzig: blocks Clint and Wanda’s retreat with missiles (no damage done); fights Steve (hand to hand, why?); minor confrontation with Sam; minor confrontation with Clint; expels Ant-Man from armor; minor confrontation with Sam (repulsors, don’t seem to hit); brings Giant-Man down with War Machine and Spidey; shoots Sam with repulsor post-battle.

T’Challa - repeatedly attacks Bucky in Bucharest and Leipzig; fights Steve in Leipzig (both instances, vibranium claws and martial arts attack) – visibly more violent against Bucky (obviously); fight with Clint (martial arts and claws)

War Machine – not sure how I feel about the electric bat thing (not crazy about the “sorry, Cap, this won’t kill you but it won’t tickle either) – although in the end, it doesn’t hit Steve; apparent confrontation with Sam (not very clear); bullet bombardment against Giant-Man, sonic waves against Giant Man, more bombardment against Giant Man (bullets etc.); sonic waves against Wanda Maximoff, brings Giant-Man down with Iron Man and Spidey.

Vision - overpowers Clint in the Avengers compound (physical strength, next to no damage done); vibranium body attack against Giant Man; attempts to block Bucky and Steve’s escape by bringing down tower; shoots Rhodey out of the sky while attempting to down Sam Wilson (energy blast).

Spider-man: de-shielding Cap; fights Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in Leipzig (limited physical damage); throws item at Bucky (return throw), webbing (the Falcon jetpack – causes Falcon to crash – possible contusions, although none really show, the glass should have at least scratched him – comic fighting at its finest) and fall: both Falcon and Bucky; fights Steve (webbing up and some classical punching and kicking), fight with Giant-Man (webbing and kicking), brings Giant-Man down with War Machine and Iron Man.

Natasha Romanov: fights Bucky during his Winter Soldier rampage (hand to hand combat); fights Ant-Man in Leipzig (hand to hand and Widow Bites); fights Clint; Widow Bites against T'Challa.

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I’m A Monster (Loki X Vampire!Reader)

Characters: Loki X Vampire!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Blood

Request:Can I request a Loki x reader? She’s on the team and a vampire. When Thor brings Loki to stay at the tower she’s automatically drawn to his scent. They end up falling for each other and he allows her to nip him a few times for bloody treat.

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You had been on the team for a while. You were already a bit of an oddball so you fit right in. Fury had you on the team since you were agile, fast, but also incredibly strong. You’re not sure but it might have something to do with the fact that you’re a vampire. Because of this, you had a thirst for blood and so Tony had to pay for bags of blood for you. You only needed a shot of blood once a day to function, but Tony didn’t want to run out and then you be in a bad place where your instincts kick in and someone could get hurt.

Because of your lifestyle and everything at came with it, including accidents, lashing out, and being raised as a natural born killer, you had a strong mind. You could catch peoples scent and know a lot about them without them even speaking to you.

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Sit Down (Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader)

Characters: Tony Stark X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Injury


Request: hey, i love your writing! i was wondering if you could do a tony stark x daughter!reader where the reader sprains her ankle and still tries to do loads of things and won’t let it heal because she’s stubborn af and tony gets all protective? i sprained my ankle recently and it just sucks lmao 😂 once again, love your writing!

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You were in school doing PE and your teacher was having you do laps. It was the final lesson so you were excited, wanting to go home. Your dad was picking you up as well so you were looking forward to it.

Caught in your daydream your foot got caught in a hole in the ground, causing you to go tumbling to the ground. You groaned, sitting up and tried to get up, when a sharp pain went through your ankle. Looking down, you saw it wasn’t broken, but when you touched it, it hurt like hell. You called over your teacher who dismissed you early.

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