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I like to think about the files the Order must have on the exorcists sometimes, so here-

- They’re super thorough. They contain everything from height and weight to average calorie intake and from personal/work history and personality profiles to relationships and habits. They have everything.

- Among ‘everything’ is a detailed drawing of the exorcist, complete with Innocence, both active and inactive if they’re a parasite user. This gets redone once a year, and they never get thrown away; by flipping through her file, you can watch Lenalee grow from a little girl into the teenager she is now.

- Nothing is redacted, but access to these files is highly restricted. (Komui tries to respect their privacy.)

- The finders have the job of collecting a lot of the data (such as calorie count and personal habits.) It’s not a fun job.

- Allen’s personal history section is very short and has the endnote ‘You can tell he was raised by Cross Marian because he never tells anyone anything.’

- Cross’ personal history section is completely blank before he joined the Order as a scientist, until finally the note ‘Associated with the Fourteenth’ is added.

- Aside from mission reports, the only paperwork the exorcists are given is the original questionnaire to start the folder off. This is a large portion of the paperwork Link made Allen fill out when he first started shadowing him; Allen was avoiding it.

- Lenalee and Kanda’s folders are the most detailed out of anybody’s; they are the only ones where no details are missing.

- Miranda’s lists every single job she was ever fired from.

- Reading the medical histories would make anyone sick.

- Lavi has read every single file front to back. And he remembers.


Black and Gold - Part Four

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Warnings - swearing, fluff, angst, mentions of depression and violence.

Here we go..

It was hard for everyone to come to terms with the revelation that not only did Bucky and I know one another, but that we also worked together too, and as the Soldier put it, I was the only reason he survived HYDRA, he survived so that he could keep me safe. When Bucky saw me that day on the battlefield, his heart broke in his chest once he realised I couldn’t remember him, the last time he had seen me was on December 16th 1991, but no one but us would know that.

“How didn’t you remember him?” Steve asked, he sat beside Sam on one of the sofas littered around the Avengers lounge, Tony stood with his arms folded by the window, Wanda and Natasha sat either side of me whilst Bucky stood behind the sofa, then Vision, Bruce and Peter shared another sofa and Clint was in the kitchen but listening carefully to the conversation. One big happy, dysfunctional family.

Bucky squeezed my shoulder softly, telling me it was okay to talk, how I wouldn’t be judged, “HYDRA weren’t able to control me like Bucky, but they were able to pick apart my brain and make me forget certain things, select which memories to keep and which ones to kill. They always made me forget Bucky, whenever we were on a mission together I would always find a way to unlock his mind, but each time they found out and it would end with a wiping and a trip to the torture chamber for me,” I winced at the fresh memories that flooded my mind and took a shaky breath, “I was the only person able to undo their mind control, and that made me a liability, they were going to kill me but they knew I was the only person they had that could do the impossible, they also knew that Bucky would kill them all if they did,” Bucky smiled softly and looked to Steve who leaned forward, “They wiped him yes, but despite that he was always strangely protective over me,” I looked to him and smirked before turning back to face their questioning.

Steve nodded in understanding, and I knew he felt comfort in knowing Bucky wasn’t alone with HYDRA, he had me even though half the time he couldn’t remember, “Were you there? In 1991, were you there?” Tony asked, he turned around, his face resting in his hand as he looked down on me from the window, I nodded softly and shifted in my seat, “Why weren’t you on the tape?”

“I met your father, Howard, long before that night,” I reminisced with soft eyes, “I was an adored national treasure, and when your father came to London during the war, I couldn’t help myself,” Tony huffed in amusement and took a step forward, “We were friends, when he went back to the states we would write, on the day I was supposed to return I was actually returning from visiting your father-”

“Yeah, he mentioned you a few times,” he told me, “Said you were really kind, then your plane crashed and you died along with it.”

“That’s what they said?” I wondered aloud, “Makes sense, I suppose,” Natasha smiled and nodded, “I wasn’t on the tapes because I was always kept behind the scenes, I had an incredible affinity with technology, so that’s where HYDRA put me, they didn’t want me to do the killing because they knew I couldn’t do it, I was too compassionate you see,” I trailed off and fiddled with my fingers.

Bruce looked perplexed and in thought, like nothing I was saying was actually convincing, “Am I the only person who sees a problem with this?” He motioned to me, his glasses on the bridge of his nose, Wanda frowned and leaned forward, “If HYDRA made her forget certain parts of her life whilst she was with them, then how do we know that they didn’t make her forget trigger words, how do we know that what she is saying right now wasn’t planted there by HYDRA?” Tony opened his mouth to defend me but I stopped him.

“No, he’s right,” I stated, “I was Hydra’s most feared weapon, they kept me locked up in the cyro because they were afraid of what I could do,” I told the room as I stood up, “I could kill you all within seconds, I could kill anyone. You’re right, everything I’m saying could be lies, just another thing they toyed with,” Bucky and I shared a look, “If Bucky has trigger words then it’s very possible that I have them as well, only, I have no idea if that’s true or not,” I sat back down on the sofa, Wanda entwined her fingers with my own and squeezed my hand gently as Bucky, Tony and Steve bickered with Bruce and his theory.

Tony scoffed, “Come on, we found a was for Bucky, we can find a way from Evelyn too, okay? It’s possible, it’s been done before,” Tony gestured over to me, he had fixed Bucky, he was no longer effected by his own trigger words, perhaps he could fix me too, if they even existed.

Without another word I stood up from my seat, Wanda’s hand sliding from my own, “I’m going to work out, I’d appreciate it if I wasn’t disturbed,” Bucky reached out for me but I pushed his hand away as I left the room, the arguing continued.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2; 7 days

Wonder Woman; 35 days

Spider-Man: Homecoming; 70 days

Thor: Ragnarok; 188 days

Justice League; 203 days

Black Panther; 294 days

New Mutants; 350 days

Avengers: Infinity War; 371 days

Deadpool 2; 399 days

Ant-Man and the Wasp; 434 days

Venom; 525 days

X-Men: Dark Phoenix; 553 days

Aquaman; 602 days

Untitled Fox/Marvel movie; 657 days

Captain Marvel; 679 days

Shazam; 707 days

Untitled Avengers movie; 735 days

Justice League 2; 777 days

Untitled Spider-Man sequel; 797 days

Untitled DC movie; 917 days

Cyborg; 1071 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1099 days

Green Lantern Corps; 1183 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1197 days

Untitled Marvel movie; 1288 days

Natasha: [at a bar] What are you having, Steve?

Steve: Drinking dulls your mind.

Natasha: Rogers, it’s the end of the world. Have a drink with us.

Steve: Beer.

Clint: There he is. Give the man a beer.

Tony: [points to shot glass] What am I, 12?

Natasha: How about you, big guy?

*Flashback to Bruce getting drunk and Hulking out*

Bruce: Water.

Natasha: That’s a good idea, honey.

Character name: Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

Appears in Marvel Comics/Spider-Man

Commonly interpreted as: Straught

But really: Black Cat is DC’s answer to Catwoman, being an attractive cat burglar with a tumultuous semi-romantic relationship with the heroic Spider-Man.

However, she’s not exclusively into the dudes. In Spider-Man​/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do, Hardy muses about how she misses having a boyfriend or girlfriend. In the alternate future Spider-Girl, she has a wife. Black Cat is bi or pan.


The Best Superhero Group ;)