man in a suit


Cure Te Ipsum - Part 8

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“Ghostbusters” (1984)

There are a lot of effects in this sequence. Everything comes together in photo #8. You have live actors in the foreground,  matte painted buildings and a miniature set of a city street and cars. An actor, Bill Bryan, in a Marshmallow Man suit is on the street. Opticals for the energy streams from the proton packs have been added in. 


Happy birthday to Ignis Scientia! (2/7) ✨✨👓🍴🔥🎂🎊🎁✨✨

The faces guitarists make when playing. The poses they have when playing. The smiles they flash at the crowd when playing. The guitar tricks they do. Guitarists. If this sight isn’t the most beautiful thing on the planet I don’t know what is.