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You’re the One That I Want

So this is my first fic request from @2jaekisses with the prompt “cop!youngjae and badboy!jaebum”! I’ve never done a fic request before so I was really nervous about this and I don’t know if you wanted it this angsty but it gets fluffy and flirty at the end I promise! 

Rated: T
Progress: Completed/One-Shot
Pairing: 2jae
Word Count: 10,283
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Description:  What started off as a routine call for small town cop Choi Youngjae turned out to be anything but when he met a foul-mouthed, bad-tempered man named Im Jaebum.

Important Author’s Note: There is some implied homophobia from an OC who isn’t actually in the story. However, a conversation will take place where one homophobic slur is mentioned. I just wanted to mention this ahead of time.

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i like autobots i dont mind autobots but all my favourites are decepticons and i find way more kinship and reliability in the idea of decepticons because i, too, am a dirty minority who hates my fuckin oppressors and is very angry about it 

also is it just me but are autobots shown as being constantly hostile towards eachother like theyre just waiting to rip the autobot badge right off one another whereas decepticons tend to be much more Family-like and operate on a “all for one and one for all” manner with their inner cliques . autobots make me nervous man 

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Hello Cor! I just finished reading the new chapter, and of course, I'm very nervous from that last page where Touka was "forcing the food through in her". But, uhm... I suddenly thought about the one time before when she forced herself to eat Yoriki's food? What if Touka actually asked Nishiki to buy THAT BURGER from Yoriko's bakery[?] You know, PARALLELS. Also, BURGER. ISN'T THAT KANEKI'S FAVORITE FOOD WHEN HE WAS STILL FULLY HUMAN?!

Oh man…. that would be painful…. Touka wanting to have Yoriko’s cooking through this, except its not Yoriko’s because she’s in Jail for being tied to Touka ahh

And yeah, burgers were Kaneki’s favourite food *lies down*

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TodoDeku Headcanon Person!(tm) What if TodoDeku get married, and they adopt two kids, and one of em is quirkless, and they love them both equally!!!!! And Deku helps the quirkless one overcome his hang ups about being quirkless!!


OK i’ve talked about Kacchan and Ochako having kids but MAN… SHOUTO AND DEKU WOULD BE SUCH GOOD DADS…

  • Okay. Okay these kids. Damn. Damn shit fuck- damn. I’m just emotional thinking about it.
  • Let’s say a boy and a girl! The girl is older by a year or two, the boy is younger.
  • They both would be so nervous oh my god. Deku’s asking his mom endless questions, making sure he’s prepared, with absolute sureness!! 
  • Shouto’s nerves are a little quieter as usual, but he’s no less wired. After all, his parental situation was a little more rocky. 
  • Speaking of Shouto’s side though, he’s gonna be okay. Endeavor doesn’t like it (He doesn’t even like him being with Deku) and thinks Shouto should be naturally passing on his quirk, but his ranting hasn’t stopped Shouto before, and it won’t now. Dad aside, Shouto’s mother and siblings are very excited for him. They’re already planning out who gets to take turns babysitting. And now that their relationship has been somewhat repaired, Shouto’s very eager to let his new kids see their grandmother.
  • OKAY RIGHT back to the kids. Gosh, they’d be cute. The boy maybe has a really simple, effective quirk! @tinycrowtit suggested to me Super-high jumping! He’s bright and excitable, and has been looking up to Shouto and Deku’s heroics since before being adopted. Who wouldn’t die of excitement becoming the kid to two top-tier pro heroes?
  • the girl is less fortunate. No quirk whatsoever, and she’s already six or seven. Deku was adamant on bringing her in as well, for obvious reasons. Shouto agreed, since well, how could he argue? She’s sweet but not particularly apt. 
  • Deku is the most encouraging though!! Of course, his quirkless little girl takes a little more of a push to gain some determination, but he’s the best influence she’s ever had. 
  • the siblings themselves get along quite well - the younger brother’s become quite protective of his big sister - but, like any siblings, of course they fight. Mostly because little sister clings to Deku so closely and tends to monopolize his attention. 
  • Deku considers passing One for All to her, perhaps in the future. Shouto agrees but… maybe when she has a little more confidence in herself. 
  • ALSO. They call Shouto Papa and Deku tou-chan. 


  • Shouto is the quietly supportive dad. At sports days and parent-teacher night he’s a bit of a looming presence, tall and well-known and intimidating. He’s definitely the one who keeps 2385972 pictures of his family in his wallet though. 
  • Deku oh my god. Deku’s the one who has the princess crown on at his daughter’s tea party. He’s shy at first, but by the end of it he’s pouring tea like a champ. 
  • Family trip to disneyland? Family trip to disneyland. Shouto had to carry their little girl halfway through the day, she got too excited and tuckered herself out. THEY ALL GOT MATCHING MOUSE EARS THOUGH…
  • Father’s day is awesome. the kids made probably a hundred paper chain banners and they’re all over the house oh my god Shouto how did they even reach that and they get hand-made cards and lumpy hand-made sweets and Shouto’s the one who cries he’s so happy. 
  • Both kids tend to sneak into their dads’ bedroom in the night to sleep there. Neither mind of course, but whenever both kids are out of the house for the night they’re also equally happy to have some alone time to themselves.
  • The boy tried to bleach one side of his hair once. It didn’t end well. 
  • I dunno man I made myself emotional writing this shit out SEND ME MORE… FEED ME MORE I SURVIVE OFF IT….

Title: The Cabin
Pairing Hiyori x Yato
Rating: M
Words: 10k
Summary: While camping with the gang, Hiyori and Yato find themselves lost, alone and in the darkening woods. While trying to find their way back to the campsite, they happen upon an abandoned cabin and decided sleeping there for the night is the best option.

SO I PROMISED SMUT and here is the smut but it was so hard to write oh my god. Yato and Hiyori are just not a smutty couple man so sorry if at times it seems ooc but god okay im really nervous about this. Thanks for reading and sorry for all the spelling mistakes (i have three exams to study for ok)

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Night and Day

5 Minute Drabble 

Summary: The reader works at a bar in New York City after recently moving across the country form her family. Leaving work late she is discovered and threatened. Soon saved by a mysterious man named Gabriel.  

You walked out of the back of the bar and into the alley way. It was dark and damp, but the sky was lit with the towering lights of skyscrapers. Your shift had just ended. Every fiber in you hated the god awful job you had. Drunk men hitting on you or first timers throwing up in the bathroom every night. It was 10 times more busy than any other bar considering you lived in the city that never sleeps , New York, The big Apple. whatever you wanted to call it. It was still full of danger and had no appealing features to you. Noisy, Busy and almost impossible to get a cab. You stopped walking down the alley to check your phone that had gone off.

It was a call from your mom. Probably to check up on how you were doing. It worried her a lot. The fact that it was your first move to such a big city and the truth was you weren’t doing so hot.

You ignored the call and placed the phone back in your pocket. Throwing your head back in frustration. You knew the whole move was a terrible idea, being so far from your family, and having a low salary. Your world was ready to start tumbling down around you. 

“Hey there baby! where do you think your going?” you heard a older voice call out along with a wolf whistle. You knew exactly who it was, Daryl and the rest of the obnoxious guys he hung out with. They were “regulars” at the bar, the most memorable, and unwanted. 

“My shift is over and I’m going home, you should do the same Daryl.” you said without hesitating. You had quickly grown tired of these men within the past 2 months. 

Daryl pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and let out smoke “Your not going anywhere.” He said pointing his lit cigarette at you. Daryl started to smile as he walked toward you but it wasn’t a pure smile with joy. It was filled with evil and had you trembling with fear. 

“Now.. Princess..” he began. He was an inch away. You could smell the thousands of beers he had drank as he spoke. Struggling to pull away. He grabbed your chin in a tight in a lock, forcing you to face him as he towered over you like a giant. “what are you gonna do?.. run?” He asked sarcastically. There was a sound almost like wind, or birds flying in the sky. This sound had startled you, causing you to kick Daryl in the crotch. Sending him straight to the cold,hard and , dirty pavement of the ally. 

“The B*tch kicked me!” he repeated struggling to stand, but he had no backup anymore. The men he had entered the alley with were now gone and replaced with a single man. He had long dirty blonde hair and eyes that reminded you of whiskey. For a split second you could have sworn you saw wings behind him, but you felt crazy for even thinking it. 

The man had approached Daryl, who had finally made his way to his feet limping as he stood.

“what the h-”  

“Don’t you call her a b*tch.” The man cut Daryl off and, threw a punch so hard it knocked him out cold. Trying to clam yourself to took a step back as the man approached you. 

“dont worry im not gonna hurt you.” He said reaching his hand out to you.He began to approach you slower, aware that he may have scared you. You grabbed his. still nervous but you felt like you could trust him. His hands were warm and soft. You slowly looked back up into his eyes, which you could get lost in forever, almost forgetting what you were about to say you snapped yourself back to reality. 

“who are you?”

“Gabriel, They call me Gabriel.” He said with a smile.

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ugh i hate my crush bc im in love with her now and shes my bestie :( every little thing reminds me of her. whenever i watch a movie i think of this one time i watched a movie with her and we ended up cuddling. whenever i drink hot beverages i think of the time we stayed up all night on w nothing but coffee and tea to fuel us. whenever i sing i think of the time she broke down crying bc she was too nervous to enter this competition she wanted to be in so much -🌻mae

oh man im sorry have you thought about confessing? you can still be friends if it doesnt work out you know! maybe you have a shot with her :)


suddenly friends starts talking about exorcist!komui, from here (please read it!! <3) and resulted into this

tumblr mobile why u gotta eat my asks huh

at least now i dont feel bad for expanding on this lmao

imagine yachi really liking secretly drawing yamaguchi.  just a sketch here, a doodle there, maybe a lot of full blown colored pieces (you cant prove that it was her! except she signs it in the corner lol) of this cute guy with freckles like stars and maybe she has the tiniest crush on him.  maybe?  it’s just that he works so hard, he doesn’t stand out that much until he steps onto the court and lands amazing serve after amazing serve.

and she thinks, oh, and falls a bit in love with how steady his eyes are even though his fingers shake.

and it’s inspirational, y'know?  eyes bloom to life underneath her pencil, framed by constellations and eyebrows neatly furrowed in concentration.  swipes of hair, and she paints them in like galaxies.  she spends nearly an hour at the craft store getting just the right shade for his eyes,

no one knows about it.  no one even notices her staring at him during practice, hands moving for an outline so practiced and familiar that she could probably draw him from memory alone, now.  so yachi doesn’t flinch when he smiles at her, when they talk, because how would he know about the doodles of him in her bag?

she messes up eventually.  her bag’s a little bit open, she was going to be late for her train, and she doesn’t notice as a portrait falls out of her bag.

yamaguchi does, though.  he picks up a paper yachi left behind, fully prepared to call out to her and hand it back, when he turns it over and sees stars for freckles, a warm smile, and eyes bleeding the night sky.  it’s beautiful, and it takes him a second to place it as… himself?  it’s his face, his hair and his hands, right down to the spattering of freckles on his ears.  in the picture, he’s smiling, confident, intricate and elegant in his own contained universe.

he’s so surprised by it, yachi leaves before he could give it back.  part of him is relieved.  how does one go and tell someone, “hey, you dropped this thing of me, it’s really amazing and I’m flattered, but im a hot mess and this is not?  also would you mind if i keep it bc it’s doing wonders for my self esteem”?  finally, he clips it to his mirror, because really, when someone draws a fucking fantastic portrait of you and it make you happy, you’re going to want to see it often.

but of course, there still is the fact that she saw exhibit a: self-depreciating, self-proclaimed “hot mess”, and drew something nearly unrecognizable to his eyes?  the lines are almost intimately drawn, obviously familiar and loved to the artist, who is most definitely yachi because of the tiny signature in the corner.  and the implications—that she looks at him and sees this graceful, inspirational being—makes his chest constrict in warmth and terror because he can’t?? he can’t look at himself and see battle-worn confidence in his eyes, constellations scattered across his face.  he can’t live up to her sight.

which is why he’s then unable to look her in the eyes for the next three weeks.  he tries to give it back a couple of times, but then she smiles at him and he remembers that THIS ADORABLE PERSON THINKS OF HIS FRECKLES AS STARS and he just dies inside.  at some point he kinda gives up, because constantly blushing and stuttering was not the impression he wanted to give.

and he talks with her more!  because well.  wouldn’t you?  and they get really close and okay he might be developing a bit of a crush for her??  a lot of a bit of a crush on her?  they get comfortable in each others presence (even though yams still blushes a lot).  and then she finds out that the picture had in her bags weeks ago was not, actually, somewhere in her room, but missing.

she spends a really long time worrying about it, tbh.  like, what if he finds it?  what if he sees it and think she’s creepy?  he’ll think she’s stalkerish and he’ll avoid her and hate her and—

the next few weeks, she can’t look him in the face, too nervous for what expression he might have.  and that sets off yamaguchi too, because what if she knows about his crush??  what if awkward??????

and this goes on for a while, them communicating without prolonged eye contact and blushing all the time and literally it’s just very awkward, very embarrassed good friends with a small dose of anxiety.  literally just that.

eventually tsukki makes the connection between the picture on yamaguchi’s mirror, yachi, and their traffic light faces, and he is So Done.  he prods at yamaguchi into either giving it back or confessing, god yamaguchi, just do it she looks at you with heart eyes all the time there’s no way it’ll end badly, jfc.  so yamaguchi tries, and basically it’s something among the lines of “you dropped this a while ago and it’s beautiful and ur beautiful oh god did i say that out loud im so sorry im really nervous but i also like you a lot and u make me feel better about myself and oh god uR SO CUTE”

his speech ends like that mainly because she has that.  that wobbly smile, the really cute one that shows off her pearly teeth and lights up her eyes.  she doesn’t say anything, though, and yams is so nervous he nearly leaves, but she grabs his hand and says something like “i really like you too and ur very cool and inspirational, also im just as nervous as you are” and they smile at each other and iTS SO CUTE MAN

and look, while i can’t dialogue for shit just know that it’s heartwarming and sweet and adorable and imagine all the fluff in the world times ten and thats like.  half as good okay.

and then the rest of the karasuno team, who’ve been conveniently hiding behind some bushes, quietly cheer becAUSE HOLY FUCKING SHIT IM GETTING CAVITIES JUST IMAGINING THEM OKAY


also, what if i actually, yknow, sit down and write this out and post it either on my blog (le gasp i fucking have one) or on my ao3?  would there be interest?

The alphas at the cafe

Today I was walking by this cafe on my way to the pharmacy when I noticed this group of clearly alpha men. All were tall and extremely muscular, they looked like they had just finished a run and serious work out, I made eye contact with one of them and quickly looked away because I was nervous to be around such clearly alpha men. I talk a lot of crap about how much of a fag I am, but truth is im still very scared of alphas. On my way back from the pharmacy I couldn’t help but imagine that one of these alphas was looking and talking about me, and when I got closer it became more and more obvious to me that he was. When I got really close he called me over and he said, “are you feeling okay, son?” I couldn’t believe it he was actually talking to me. This man was incredibly beautiful, blue eyes dark features huge muscles covered in tattoos and a big smile… I didn’t answer because I thought I was imagining it… as I walked by him, he turned around and said again,
“MATE. I asked you a question.” Omg it was real, I quickly returned to him and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you I’m kind of in a fog.”
He smiled and asked again.
“Are you okay?”
“Oh yeah, I just moved here Friday and having trouble with my allergies.”
“Yeah they are bad around here, why don’t you sit down with us and chat a little bit.” So I did and we talked and laughed and smiled. It was really sweet, but I had no idea what was going to happen next. Finally the same guy who talked to me said, “alright well I think it’s time we really welcome you to Australia the right way. Come on kid.”

When an alpha says jump you always ask how high. So I followed him to the same apartment building I am staying in just a few floors up. He led, I went behind him, the other 4 followed closely behind me. I looked behind me and they were all playing with their dicks subtly in their pants. It was then I knew exactly what was going to happen. When I arrived up in his flat he poured me a glass of tequila and gave me a bottle of poppers (amyl) and winked. Next thing I know immediately was that his dick was out and I was being undressed by the other guys as he was slapping his dick against my face. Omg his dick was incredible… I’m not the best bottom, I cum too fast so I immediately was worried about disappointing him, so I started to tell him this and he laughed and made eye contact with a guy behind me… next thing I know he’s giving me a viagra and saying not to worry. Okay so now his dick is forcing its way down my throat and one guy is rimming me and the other three are jacking off around me and things start to go very fast… before I know it I’m on all fours with a dick up my ass that I hadn’t even seen yet and the guy who I was sucking off still said first in is the smallest dick bud you will be just fine… I can fee that meat stretching my tight ass apart and all I can think is this baby arm cannot be the smallest one. God the bliss of that dick and finally I feel the incredible pulse of the cum shooting in my hole filling me up and the last few thrusts of his dick and then he pulls out and another dick immediately goes in and it’s definitely bigger, it was like I had to get completely used to it again.. this dick cums very fast and mid cum he pulls out and glazes my back, then I’m expecting another dick but I don’t get one immediately. The guy who I was sucking off then pulls his dick out of my throats and asks me how I am feeling and if I’m doing better, I reply back im great but I’m thinking fill me up don’t stop now please don’t stop now! But he does. He stops and they all start to pack up and I’m immediately thinking welll fuck what did I do wrong? Was I not good enough? And so before they leave I quickly say… “but wait… I didn’t get to try everyone and I’m ready now!” And they stop mid track not looking at me and start laughing, one of them that was never in front of me turns around and looks at me straight in the eye and says,
“I never thought you could be ready for a real alpha dick faggot.” And the one with the tattoos turns around and says, “He needs some training for sure, but I think with your permission I could maybe take control of that until he’s ready for you SIR.” It became really clear to me that the one who was leading this was not the ALPHA at all, just a beta who saw something in me.
“Well let’s see how much training he needs then faggot.” Next thing I know the beta looks at the other guy who didn’t fuck me and just said, “let it all out.” The beta then looked me in the eye smiled and winked. Next thing I know I’m being pinned down and fucked mercilessly by an even bigger dick and every time his dick goes in I can feel it hit my heart it’s so big and I fucking failed. I came and couldn’t handle it. Oh my fucking god I came and couldn’t take his dick anymore it was miserable, but before I couldn’t handle it i took it as long as I could which felt like hours after I came. I was clearly uncomfortable and lost at how to fix it, but I didn’t want him to stop I didn’t want to fail. I am such a miserable excuse of a man. But idk what it was about me, the alpha, @melbournealpha, told the other guy to stop and said, “this fag is useless.” Then came up to me whipped his Dick out and slapped me in the face. God his dick was so big and heavy it left an actual mark on my face! Then he looked at the beta and said, you have three weeks to fix him, by then I’ll make a decision on if he’s good enough to serve me or not. Then everyone left but the beta. I started to get dressed and the beta looked at me and said, “what are you doing? Didn’t you hear SIR? We only have three weeks… sit back down we have work to do.” He then leaves and says I’ll be right back and I sit waiting in his living room naked for maybe 20 min until he finally comes back with two other guys and before I know it I’m sucking one of them off as he starts to fuck me and then within minutes of him fucking me the third guy joins him inside of me… I was getting double penetrated and I kept trying to touch my dick but he grabbed my hands back behind my back and just went to town. I’m currently still being fucked by him now. He is telling me I have to write this post with his dick still in me so @melbournealpha knows that he is doing his job. The other two guys came on me so I’m sitting on betas 10inch fat polish Cock while covered in 4 other guys cum and some of my own. I have cum 2 times and was lucky enough to get short breaks but not supposed to take advantage of them. Thank you SIR for giving me this chance.

What style of art do you do???

//nervous sweating

lol honestly tho I use so many different styles but I figured it’d be fun to do the same drawing in my main 3 that I tend to use

most of you know that a little over a year ago, I decided to start writing a little fic based on this ask, and now that “little fic” has five parts, soon to be six. I hope everyone likes this part, and I apologize for the wait!

without further ado, here is part 5 of the plug fic.

this is part 1. this is part 2. this is part 3. this is part 4. this is part 6.

“You’ve been acting weird lately and it’s freaking me out.”

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just some of the things i noticed in this episode that i feel are kind of important! or i guess just among all the silly these things kind of stuck out

• dipper is actually hurt by stan and mabel teasing him so much
• dipper is really lonely
• mabel is upset that dipper is hanging out with ford more than her now even though she was the one who didnt want to hang out with him
• ford is keeping more secrets in the basement

i dunno man im just kinda nervous

★Thank you for 1000+ followers!★

1000+ already!?!?? it feels like only yesterday that i started this blog! time sure flies when youre having fun, huh? thank you so much for sticking with me all this time, even though my content as of late hasnt been exactly what you would call, uh, “quality”. i cant even remember what life was like before ichinyatsu…

maybe ill do a giveaway or something later, but for now i just wanna take a moment to thank all the people ive met along the way! INDIVIDUALLY OF COURSE!!! (am i crazy!? probably.. because im crazy for you guys! ♥)

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hOWDY it’s been some time since I did commissions so here we go again!!!

BASICALLY WHAT IT SAYS. $25 for one; for characters together, each additional character is +$10. I’ll be taking 5 slots at a time. Price is in USD, and will be done through Paypal (I’ll be sending invoices).

I’LLLL DRAW LIKE, ANYTHING: your characters, other characters, humans, animals, portraits, you name it. Just please send me a visual ref.

Email me at or send me an IM here if interested! Thanks!!

Okay so heres my face once again because i was tagged to do the selfie/20 beautiful people tag by these lovely lil cutiepies: jeonganh jihoon-woozi wonwoo-wow jissol princejeonghans junhuisbutt Thank you so much for tagging me!!! <333 

Im tagging these munchkins: wooziheaven hvcsvt scoups-oflove jeonghanii jeunghan kingscoups flowerboywoozi jisooome iridescenthansol cantwithjeonwonwoo vernonshit wonwooziest awoozing hey-seokmin holyjunhui smenterslavement hansvernon jihuntrash sooonyoungs hansoozi (as usual just ignore me if you dont wanna do it~ <3)