man im loving this series


Watanabe Mayu starring in her drama as Kiriyama Saori in Sayonara, Enari-kun ep. 1 (170430)



viewer discretion advised.


i am?? sort of?? probably more than sort of?? addicted?? with how these two?? are addicted?? to each other???

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guuurrlrrlrlr hsysbeudegsiehd what do u think of the fact that we might get an exo showtime 2.0 because im dYINNgdhshej & sCREAMIINNNN,, xx puppyyyy🐶

puppy how is it that u always know what i want/Need to scream about???? sklgjdflkjdfkg iM SO!!!!!!!! READY FOR DEATH i’ve been wanting showtime 2.0 for so long and the fact that oh sehun has potentially single handedly brought us a second series??? im floored i love my man