man idk what i'm doing

you: 2016 sucks

me, an intellectual: The Year of 2016,

it is,

in fact,

A Good Year

BTS: *constantly disses Jimin and playfully makes fun of him*

SOMEONE: *is actually mean and disrespectful*

BTS: The fuCK YOU JUST SAID?! How dare you offend our sweet ball of sunshine?! Don’t touch our sweet Jiminie!

  • You don't know my brain the way you know my name: Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • You don't know my heart the way you know my face: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces

movement test!! still have some small things to fix yet but for the most part the animation meme’s coming along nicely!! :0

Some of my favorite K-Drama songs from 2016, part one.  listen here

01. BTOB - For You (Cinderella and the Four Knights)
02. Kim Jong Kook - Idiot (The Man Living in Our House)
03. K.Will - Say It! What Are You Doing (Descendants of the Sun)
04. Choi Sang Yeob - My Face is Burning (Beautiful Gong Shim)
05. MONSTA X - Tiger Moth (Shopping King Louis)
06. Coffee Boy - Found (Beautiful Gong Shim)
07. Chen & Punch - Everytime (Descendants of the Sun)
08. Jang Woo Ram - Love Cells (Beautiful Gong Shim)
09. J Rabbit - Monday to Sunday (Jealousy Incarante)
10. Minah - My First Kiss (Beautiful Gong Shim)
11. Jessi - My Romeo (Cinderella and the Four Knights)
12. SURAN - Step Step (Jealousy Incarnate)
13. Ben - Like a Dream (Another Miss Oh)
14. Ra.D - Lovesome (Jealousy Incarnate)
15. Lasse Lindh - Hush (Goblin)
16. Standing Egg - I’ll Pick You (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo)
17. Cosmos Hippie - Maybe I Like You (Cheese in the Trap)
18. Kim Gun Ho - Wrongful Meeting (Jealousy Incarnate)
19. PSY - Entertainer (Jealousy Incarnate)

Peter Parker high school moodboard
“Are you sure we’re not going to be late?”
“I promise, were just going to swing around te city for a while.” He said to you with a cute smile on his face.


Iron Man/Game of Thrones Crossover AU: 

When Robb Stark goes to California for the summer to stay with his eccentric Uncle Tony, he finds his uncle’s workshop raided, and the news is reporting that Iron Man has been shot down in Afghanistan. Refusing to believe it, Robb begins to search for clues and finds a spare suit in his uncle’s garage–a suit that responds to his voice. The more Robb investigates the more he realizes that he’s not the only one in denial about Tony’s death; in order to draw him out, The Ten Rings have captured the Stark family–Robb’s father and sisters included–and they won’t give them back until they have a meeting with Iron Man. 

And Iron Man they’ll get, even if that means Robb will be suiting up himself. 

Reincarnation AU Part Two: AKA, whenever people encourage me to Write A Thing by telling me they liked it, you are exponentially more likely to see more of it.

The first bit’s here.

Have more now, under the cut. 

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anonymous asked:

You have boss character consistency skills. I'm low key thinking about starting a script for a comic, and I'm trying to practice my faces so I'm ready when/ifever I start actually drawing it. Do you have any tips, in addition to just straight-up practice, that can help someone nail character consistency?

Oh gosh, thanks! ;w;/
Hmmm… Well I’ll just ramble a bit talk about my process a bit and maybe it will help or maybe not. X”D

You should absolutely start a comic script. Join the nuz community and link it to me when you start posting! <3

Okay so right, practice is good. But practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect (to quote the football coach at my high school). And what I mean by that is if you draw your character ten times ten different ways, that’s not practice that will lead to consistency, it will just help you explore character design.
You have to draw them ten times consistency to get better at consistency. Which is probably why consistency is so freaking hard.

So these are some characters I practiced for another comic I’m working on;
Silas Wolff and Aharon Hayes

They’re pretty sketchy and you can probably see my process pretty well here when it comes to laying out facial features.
1) It helps to draw comparisons between characters because it will help you remember what their most striking features are. Part of consistency is knowing what makes your character stand out from your other characters. And you have to remember what those features are every time you draw them.

Aharon has a more defined, square jaw and chin where Silas’s jawline is smoothed out. Aharon’s brows are lower over his eyes than Silas. Silas’s nose is flat and Grecian where Aharon has a hooked nose. Both have high cheekbones, but Silas’s are more prominent. Aharon has a smooth hairline where Silas’s comes in further at his temples.

2) In Silas’s, the bottom row has three drawings that are at pretty much the same angle and they’re really consistent, right? Expression changes, but the features are all right. I have comic panels around that are like, “wow that looks like you drew that character line-for-line the same!”
Yeah. Because most art programs have a magical thing called “copy and paste” and you can copy your own art and use it again and edit what you need to or use it as a sketch and re-ink it. X”D
If you’re doing a progression of expressions like this from the same angle, copy the first finished sketch and put it into another layer and sketch over it. It drives home how to draw them in that angle.
In humor, using the exact same line art/art actually drives home the humor.
There is no shame in tracing your own art or references. It’s your art. You can do what you want with it. There is no shame in copying your own art and using it as a sketch/base. There is especially no shame when you’re making comics where you have to draw the same thing over and over again. You can’t steal your own art. You can’t plagiarize your own art. Do what you gotta do. It will also save you time and effort. Which I am a fan of for a comic which is offered free of charge. :P

3) In comic process, most people do sketching, inking, coloring ect in structured passes, one page at a time. When I work on comic pages, I actually work at least 3 pages (usually 5) at once. So instead of going through that process on one page, 3 pages are sketched, then they are all inked, then I do the flats and backgrounds individually (and copy and paste backgrounds as needed). That helps keep things more consistent between pages since there’s less time between the pages being sketched and inked.

4) find some face models. Models or actors or friends. Even if they aren’t perfect, just collect a bunch of pictures of them, save them in a folder somewhere, and study them when you’re trying to draw that character. It will also help you draw their features (especially their nose; noses are hard af) in different profiles.

Also it’s worth mentioning that I’ve been drawing most of these characters for 3+ years and over 500 pieces of art. So… You know. Don’t be too hard on yourself. :”D
It’ll take time and perfect practice. Hopefully this helps. ;w;/

anonymous asked:

Hello Emma. What is the best thing you ever done with Daddy Amari? :)

“Papa and I do lots of fun stuff together! I really like it when me and Papa and Frate go to the park and play together or when Papa gets to stay at home for a while and we can have tea parties together. Sometimes Papa also takes me out to eat things like ice cream! My favorite flavor is strawberry!

But, um, I think my favorite thing I did with Papa was go to the aquarium! There were lots of fish and it was really cool like I was underwater! There were no dolphins though. But Papa told me really cool things about all the fish! Did you know that flatfish ca-cama-camoufla… disguise themselves on the ocean floor?”

Okay but some deaf!Mikasa au things (on mobile so pardon the format)

- Mike and Levi taking her to an aquarium on her birthday
- Mikasa being so excited because she’s never been but she ADORES seahorses and turtles and thinks sharks are the bomb
- Levi getting her dressed in a puffy pink parka and mittens and a white scarf and hat because it’s so cold and she doesn’t like being cold
- Mikasa asking for Mike’s hat by pointing and roughly saying “papa” because she can’t sign with her mittens
- The hat being WAY too big for her lil’ head but she loves it
- Mike and Levi holding her hand on the way in/around and letting her hold their tickets before they go in
- Mikasa running up to the turtle exhibit and smooshing her face against the glass as she stares, entranced
- She stands there for at least five minutes just watching
- Mike picking her up so she can see an exhibit because it’s a little crowded in front of it
- Going to the sharks and Mikasa just being so freaking happy and clapping her hands as she watches them swim around
- Mikasa being scared by the rays in the touch pool, but Levi hugs her and tells her they’re harmless and to prove it he puts his hand in the water and she follows in suit
- Mike signing to her that he likes the jellyfish because they remind him of Levi - beautiful and dangerous, and Mikasa agrees while Levi flicks Mike and smiles
- Levi and Mike watching as Mikasa runs from tank to tank, trying to take everything in and staring with wide-eyed wonder
- Taking Mikasa to the gift shop, where she’s confused when they ask her if she wants anything because she’s not used to gifts
- Buying her a stuffed jellyfish, turtle, and shark, and some candy
- Going out to eat after, Mikasa signing insanely fast because she’s so happy
- Levi wiping her mouth off because she’s rushing to eat so she can sign more
- Mikasa being freaking happy
- Mike and Levi tucking her in bed that night with her new stuffed animals and she sleepily signs that she loves them - the first time she’s done so
- Levi having to leave because it made him cry because she’s so precious and he’s so happy
- All of them being happy and content