man idk i really like these lines

Foreign Swaggers’Iconic Lines Compilation Pt. 2

“Arigato man” - Mark Lee

“Okay kay kay” - Chittapon Leechaiyapornkul

“Johnny’s fashion evaluation” - Johnny Seo

“Stress” - Johnny Seo

“Will you come to my birthday party?” - Jung Yoonoh

“MARK LEE!” - Johnny Seo

“What’s Marvin Gaye and get it on~” - Johnny Seo

“Hot and sexy. Hot and sexyyyy. Look at that!” - Jung Yoonoh

“Bro don’t leave us! You gotta keep your EYES open!” - Mark Lee

“Hard rock scalp head shot pop no talk” - Mark Lee 

“Oh man, timing” - Jung Yoonoh 

“Where’s my hair?” -  Chittapon Leechaiyapornkul

“Would you like a cup of water?” - (in British accent) Johnny Seo 

“If you step on the line…. you break your mom’s book….back bone” - Jung Yoonoh

“Oh shit I dropped it” - Mark Lee


“Oh, really?” - Jisung Park

Part 1 

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Ok but ever since ppl found out that Jin comes from a rich family I can't help but to think that his family is behind his 'mistreatment' and lack of lines and stuff?I mean I've probably watched too many Kdramas but I feel like rich and respected Korean parents would never want their son to be an idol?And would BigHit really dare to mistreat a chaebol?And would Jin really just accept it that easily?That just makes no sense?Idk just pls convince me I'm wrong bc otherwise I'd feel rly bad.

OMG! Then Jin will discover that Bang Pd is actually the man that his mom almost married and he was having vengeance on the son. Then Jin’s mom will come to BigHit and slap Bang Pd with Kimichi?? … LOL

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Jin parents are VERY supportive, they even went to his concert and he cried because he finally could make them proud. Watch the video below: WARNING: There are 90% chances you will cry.

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whats the gayest thing jungkook has ever done?

a little list:
-recommended years & years’ memo (a mlm song and the band’s lead singer is gay) before the album it was on was out (so he probably had heard the softer extra gay versions deep on gay youtube like me around the same time jsflk;hjfgkl)
-that time he befriended that soft dog because dogs are gay
-said iron man was his celebrity crush like “nicole kidman???” “noooooooooooooo iron man!”
-that time he was in jo kwon’s i’m da one mv
-idk his whole role in bs&t and the wings tour trailer thing had some Gay Themes that we can’t really go into without getting a lil Freudian and I’ve had enough of that man
-when he sang tori kelly’s dear no one without changing the pronouns 
-the fact that he sings most of the ‘know you love me boy’ lines in I know
-when he looked so happy and pure in europe holding hobi and then jin’s hand like LOOK AT THIS TINY KID

ok but I need more fics where

  • it’s not obvious that it’s mutual
  • they’re not attached by the hip
  • none of their friends expected it honestly
  • one of them has a really rough day and for some reason all they want to do is cuddle the other person but they haven’t done that before?? but it feels like a thing they should be doing. 
  • one of them tries to cross a line they haven’t crossed before, like just something small. Hugging for a long time, a touch that lingers, a cute nickname. and it’s weird, right? and a little awkward? but it also feels really nice pls keep doing it. 
  • eventually they start acting more cuddly and close in private and it’s not that weird anymore. it’s actually really nice. but hey? does this mean I get to kiss you too or is that a line we don’t cross idk man. 
  • one of them calls the other one ‘babe’ in front of their friends and everyone’s like ???? what ????? 
  • and they eventually have to dicuss it bc this last month has not been like the last couple of years and we really need to talk. 
  • they have a really nice talk about it but now what? do we just kiss? do we go on a date? how do you do this? 
  • their first kiss is so awkward because they don’t know how to do this.
  • and at first their friends are very worried because what if it doesn’t work out? everything has changed? and of course they’re happy for them but it’s also so risky. 
  • and even though it’s a little awkward at first it does work out, because they actually fit pretty perfectly once they get the hang of it. 

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What can u say about the visible lines/marks on Camila's right bicep & then one her lower arm (a little higher from her wrist) some marks not straight but looks reddish on her other arm. The bicep is where the straight marks are really obvious & clear to see. I hope that she doesn't self harm. I mean I feel like she doesn't bc of how much she knows it's not good. She even tells the fans not do it but idk man I'm nervous. They seriously look like self harm marks. Ps U can see from pics you posted

Oh don’t worry sweets - Camila is the clumsiest child ever, she probably just fell on her ass during rehearsal 😂😂

Different Side of Me

You smoothed your hands over the fancy dress you wore, double-checking how you looked in the large mirror your boyfriend bought last year. Speaking of him, you heard him calling out for you.

“Y/N! Are you ready to go?” His head popped out from the doorway, his eyes immediately going towards where you were in your shared bedroom.

You breathed deeply and smiled tightly, “Yeah, Spence. Let’s go.”

You and Spencer Reid, your boyfriend of nearly two years, were going to meet your parents for dinner at a five-star restaurant they chose. This would be Spencer’s first time meeting your parents because you never really got along with them and you were incredibly nervous about how it would go.

Spencer, sensing your distress, reached his hand out for yours as you walked out of the apartment and towards your car, squeezing it before rubbing circles on the top of your hand with his thumb.

As you both settled in the car, you took another deep breath, flipping the visor down in the car so you could check your makeup once again.

“Y/N,” Spencer chuckled, “you look beautiful. Stop worrying, you’re psyching yourself out and that’s just going to project negative scenarios in your head. It’ll be fine, okay?”

You sent him a smile, “You don’t know what my parents are like.”

He looked at you once more before turning his attention to backing the car out of the spot it’s in. “If you love me, they’ve got to at least tolerate me, right? You and your parents share similarities, not just DNA, but mannerisms and other traits, so statistically, they must have to like me somewhat.”

Spencer was pleased with his deduction, but you knew the truth.

You were nothing like your parents, behavior wise. They were incredibly judgmental, hateful, snobby people who kept you on such a tight leash all throughout your childhood and teen years that you vowed to be nothing like them when you moved out. You kept up with your promise all these years, but they got worse with age, you were able to tell from the weekly phone calls your mother made sure to implement.

They were still trying to control you, even in your adulthood. Which is why it wasn’t surprising when they demanded to meet Spencer, and then chose what date, what time, and where. Spencer was okay with it all, as he was just excited to finally meet the people who raised the girl he loved. But you knew the night would end in emotional disaster. It always did.

Before you knew it, you guys had made it to the restaurant and were quickly escorted in while the valet parker parked your vehicle.

You held your breath while stepping in, with Spencer letting the hostess know the name of your party—Y/L/N.

“Of course, right this way. They’ve ordered already as they’ve been here for twenty minutes, but I’ll get someone right out to take your orders,” the pretty hostess smiled at you both as she led you to the table your parents were at.

Twenty minutes? You couldn’t believe it. You made sure you and Spencer got here ten minutes early. It was barely 7:20 and you knew for a fact that your mother told you 7:30 pm.

As you were thinking this, you and Spencer had arrived at the table. The hostess smiled once more and wished you all a good time before leaving.

“Mom, Dad. You guys said 7:30, the hostess told us you had already been waiting twenty minutes?”

Your father tsk-ed, “C’mon, now, Y/N. First time seeing us since the holidays, and the first time we’re meeting your boyfriend, and the first thing you say to us is an issue with the time?”

You bit back a comment and forced a smile on your face, “This is Spencer Reid, you guys. He works for the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI as a profiler. Spencer, these are my parents, Y/M/N and Y/D/N.”

Your father stood up and reached a hand out towards Spencer, “Nice to meet you.”

Spencer glanced at you briefly before opening his mouth, “I, uh, don’t actually shake hands. The amount of pathogens passed is astounding. It’s actually safer to kiss, you know.”

Your father’s hand was still extended for an awkward moment before he and your mom exchanged a look and he sat back down in his seat next to her. You and Spencer sat down in the seats across from theirs and quickly opened your menus.

As you and he were perusing the options, your mom cleared her throat. “So, Spencer. What is it you do exactly for the FBI?”

At the mention of his name, Spencer set the menu down and looked up. “Well, I’m part of a team that analyzes crime scenes and unknown subjects in an attempt to help police catch them before they commit another crime.”

Your father cocked his head to the side slightly, “so you study criminals?”

Hearing the judgmental tone that you’ve become so accustomed to, you broke in. “Spencer’s amazing at his job. He has 3 Ph.D’s, actually. He’s a genius and saves lives.”

“I’m sure,” your mother said, raising her eyebrow at you.

“Well, what about you, Y/N? How’s your job going for you?” your father asked.

“It’s great. I just got another client, actually.” You were a book editor and absolutely loved your job. Your parents, however…

“It still astounds me that you took such a trivial job. You had so much potential, Y/N. You did amazing in science, you could have become something so much more useful,” your father said.

“He’s right. There’s still time for you to change your mind, you know. Your father’s company is hiring and if you take some college classes or start going for an engineering degree, you’d be sure to find a better paying job there.” Your mother offered.

You didn’t even bother putting a polite smile on your face. “We’ve been over this. I don’t want to be an engineer or go back to school. I’m happy with my job and I’m tired of arguing with you about this. Can we just not right now? You guys are here to meet Spencer.”

You glanced over at your boyfriend, when speaking his name, and could see the confusion and frustration in his eyes.

“We spent so much money sending you to the best private schools and paying for your college education, and this is how you repay us? You won’t even entertain the thought of—“

You cut your mother off, “First off, I’m paying you guys back for my college education. Second off, I don’t have to entertain any thoughts. Stop trying to control me, you don’t have any power over me. I’m my own person and an adult and you both need to accept it. Okay?” You finished your rant with a sharp tone and looked at your parents with disdain.

Your parents exchanged another look before starting yet again.

The waiter hadn’t even come by to take your and Spencer’s order yet and this was the third time your parents were going to try and insult your profession. You were just glad they weren’t going after Spencer. You understood why, though. They didn’t care about him. They just wanted to make sure you knew what they thought of you and how they felt you failed them.

Your mother opened her mouth, “I just don’t understand, Y/N. You could be so much more and do so much better. How are you content with your life?”

“What?” Spencer cut in, his rage clear on his face.

“This doesn’t concern you, Sam,” your father announced.

“This does concern me. Y/N is my girlfriend, the love of my life, and her feelings are important to me. How could you both sit there, insulting her career and putting her down? She’s worked so hard to get where she is. She’s a senior editor at one of the best publishing houses here. She confers on textbooks, fiction, non-fiction, everything because she’s that good at her job. She’s incredibly intelligent and passionate about her work. She’s generous and kind and everything you two seem to be lacking. She’s able to brighten up any room she walks into. I’ve never met anyone like her in my life and doubt I ever will. She’s unique and loving and caring and selfless. I stupidly thought you two and her must have shared some personality and behavioral traits, but now I’m glad I was wrong. You should feel ashamed of yourself for putting Y/N down. She’s just—she’s magnificent and if you can’t see that, then it’s your loss and I’m sorry you both will never realize how charming and wonderful she is.” Spencer finished his spiel with disgust and anger still coloring his face.

“And for your information, my name is Spencer, “ he added, before turning to you. “Would you like to stay or go home?”

You looked over at your parents, the pair of them shocked at Spencer’s outburst. “Home,” you smiled, the first genuine one of the night. “Home sounds amazing.”

He reached for your hand as the pair of you stood up and walked out, without another word to your parents.

As you made your way inside the car, you glanced at him. “Thank you, for all of that back there.”

Spencer looked confusedly at you, “Y/N. Don’t thank me for that. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you or take your words for truth when you said you didn’t get along with them well. I’m also sorry you had to live your whole life with them. I love you so much, and I meant every single word I said back there. They don’t deserve to have you in their lives if they won’t appreciate you like you deserve to be.”

You were overcome with such strong emotions that this beautiful man in front of you would defend you so easily, you didn’t know what to do. You settled for leaning over and kissing him. He placed a hand on your face, angling you deeper into him.

You pulled back slightly, letting your forehead rest against his. “It was pretty hot seeing you so riled up, though.”

Spencer laughed, “your family brings out a different side of me, what can I say?“

Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos)

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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AsaNoya and “standing behind you in line and i’ve been reading your text argument you’ve been having with you friend and one of the insults they used made me laugh really hard” AU

pepethemagicdragon: dude.

pepethemagicdragon: dump his ass

me: it’s already dumped technically he just idk…

me: it’s sad to see him like that

pepethemagicdragon: YUU I LOVE YOU BUT


pepethemagicdragon: find yourself a nice strapping lumberjack or biker dude or gentle mountain man or whatever and leave that sniveling greasy preppy boy who wants you to be a little notch on his trophy case in the ditch where he belongs

A muffled snort badly disguised as a cough comes from behind him and Yuu spun around to give whoever it is a piece of his mind.  Just because he wasn’t the tallest person in the world didn’t mean that his private conversations were free reading for people standing in line behind him.  He had to look up, naturally, but he froze with his mouth parted in surprise when he took in the sight of the man behind him.

His eyes darted to a sleek motorcycle helmet hanging from two fingers at the man’s side up to the ends of his dark hair, wavy where it fell just past his shoulders, and obviously messy from being stuck up inside said helmet.  A grey tank top peeked out from under an unbuttoned red plaid shirt inside an unzipped black leather jacket all stretched over a wide chest.

Strapping lumberjack or biker dude indeed, he thought as he tore his eyes away from the curl of gold and silver ink peeking out from the man’s collarbone and disappearing under his layers and met a pair of apologetic brown eyes.

“I’m sorry,” the man said as soon as their eyes met.  “I didn’t mean to read over your shoulder but you were typing so furiously and scowling so hard and I was curious.  I’m so sorry.”

Yuu wanted to be mad.  It was a serious invasion of his privacy after all.  But the man looked so genuinely apologetic and distressed as he bowed his head and stole glances at Yuu that he couldn’t stay upset with him.  It was like trying to scold Ryuu’s puppy for being too enthusiastic while playing and knocking over a plant.

Someone cleared their throat and Yuu startled when he realized he was now at the head of the line.  He waited patiently after he was done, leaning up against the wall and studying the mysterious giant as he finished his business at the counter.  He froze when he was Yuu waiting for him and Yuu grinned.

“Tell you what.  Buy me an ice cream from that place down the block and I’ll consider forgiving you.”

“My name’s Azumane Asahi,” the giant blurted out, cheeks turning scarlet.  “I just thought you’d want to know so you’re not going out with a complete stranger.  Not that we’re going out.  Not that I would mind it if we were.  Just.  Crap.  I’ll shut up now.”

“Nishinoya Yuu,” he replied before he reached out and tugged at the helmet still hanging from Asahi’s fingers.  “Just thought you’d like to know the name of the guy you’re totally going out with.  If you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all.”  He heard Aashi murmur as he led Asahi out of the building and down the block by his grip on the helmet.

"Would it be weird if he did it to Sam"

quick platonic/romantic test that I did with my friend which is kind of eye opening

it’s called “would it be weird if he did it to Sam”

it’s super simple, you just take action or dialogue that Dean says to Cas and you think, “would it be weird if he said or did the exact same thing to Sam?”

try it with me

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first impressions on tendo/yaku !!

It’s ur lucky day I already did Tendou! Here is the tenderest of salamis!

As for Yaku! My cat babby! Let’s do this.

First impression

CUTE AS HELLLLLL. I was like ahh he’s the suga of nekoma! Tiny bab. I was almost expecting him to be more fired up like Noya?? I was pleasantly surprised to see he was pretty calm… Until Lev comes along lol.

Impression now

TINY CUTE LIBERO CAT. Lives to kick Lev but I mean I probably would too. He’s an amazing libero who really kicks ass on the back-line. He’s got his team’s back and that’s super comforting for them. He definitely is the Suga of the team, he’s soft but will kick your ass or rip you a new one NO HESITATION.

Favorite moment

“Kenma’s talking” he actually wipes away a tear ಥ‿ಥ

Idea for a story Fic Rec

Here’s a cute Yaku/Lev fic!! (4K words, Gen rating)

Unpopular opinion

His fave food is stir fried vegetables and i just wanna say… is he stupid (there are so many better foods) idk man i’m reaching for this unpopular opinion i feel like i don’t have many for any character

Favorite relationship

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m weak for Yaku/Lev. 

Favorite headcanon

Is a fucking gentleman. Will lay his coat on a puddle to let someone walk over it, gets out of the car and runs to passenger door to open it, holds the umbrella even tho he’s short


talk shit get hit

Thanks for asking!!

Evaluating svt members performing (I'm just a potato, don't judge me)
  • S. Coups: Seungcheol is tooooooo noticeable while they are performing tbh. He has this 'look-at-me-while-i-perform' aura that would def. catch your attention.
  • Jeonghan: if you'll watch older video, you'll probably go "this boi is fucking prettier than me, I'm crying legit tears" but now if you'll watch from BOOM BOOM era onwards, you'll be like "fuck e daddy" tbh. (Legit me, a hoe)
  • Joshua aka Jisoos: manly. He'll just catch you're eyes and you'll definitely not take those damn eyes off him now. He has this 'im-your-man' aura that you'll feel really bad if you look at any other members at his line.
  • Jun: feirce. Idk but I think Junhui is feirce while performing. He emits this kind of aura within he dances so confidently and gracefully (all of performance unit tbh). He has those look that can make you faint tbh.
  • Hoshi: boi. I'm not gonna lie and soonyoung performs like he owns the stage. I mean, yeah the others are good but hoshi, when he start moving to the beat, he owns the stage (all of them but HoSHi is different).
  • Wonwoo: chic and sexy. He looks sophisticated while performing, just an eye catcher. His moves might not be the 'best' among of them, but I think Wonwoo has this shine that would catch your attention definitely.
  • Jihoon: he might not be noticeable because of the member's height but when he starts to sing, there is this effect in his voice that would catch your heart and hold it tight that you would find it difficult to breath.
  • Minghao: powerful. Ever saw his BOOM BOOM performance? His multiple hip thrusts killed me. He performs so surely, like he is confident with his moves and delivers each moves swiftly that I think it's what makes him look powerful.
  • Mingyu: it'll be impossible to ignore him because of his height hut that won't really catch your attention but his stage presence. His presence itself would make you fall for him. He looks so cool onstage that I actually mistook him for a performance team.
  • Dokyeom: angelic. His voice itself is angelic. He might not be everyone's type when it comes to visual but boi, if he's not your bias yet, he'll surely ruin your list when he sings. He just... I'm crying
  • Seungkwan: proud. He's that boi that looks proud when he performs. He has those aura that would calm your pounding heart with his smile and would burst your heart with his voice.
  • Vernon: hot af. He looks hot, has the aura that every rapper possess. Those visuals would catch you for sure (I'm a victim) and his voice would kill you. He performs without flaw (maybe some but who's perfect?) And looks just.. 😘
  • Chan: fuck. This boi is super unexpected. Like when did he learn to grind the floor? I'm just so shook. He'll definitely catch your look, because he glows up onstage and just... I'm lost for words. But for sure, once you look at Chan, you'll just go like... 😭😭
warning for really long post

okay i have… some thoughts on the kucherov comments lol? because i think the situation deserves context

1. im pretty opposed to teammate stuff being dragged out in the open ? but this reminds me of oscar klefbom’s comments in re: oilers last year. european superstar does interview in his native language that is very harsh, because he is incredibly upset

2. his comments are very clearly directed at alex killorn. for context killorn makes 4.45 million against the cap and scored at a pace of 0.44 points per game.

3. nikita kucherov got fucked over HARD by the lightning in terms of his contract. he was a point per game player (85 points in 74 games, 1.15 points per game), the player with the least amount of games played amongst the top 10 point scorers, and the rocket richard runner-up.

he’s had 3 consecutive 60+ point seasons, has lead the bolts in scoring for the past two, and was the 3rd highest scoring forward on the lightning in his sophomore season.

he is not on an ELC. he makes 4.25 million. he SHOULD be making at least 6 million, but took a discount so tampa could have wiggle room to sign their guys. he did this to be a team player and he’s allowed to be frustrated that the guys he took less to re-sign didn’t perform.

4. early in his career kucherov got ripped to shreds by the media and his coach at the time, patrick roy, for being lazy. likely because he’s russian and that’s a very popular media narrative. for the record, anyone who’s seen him play can say he’s not lazy at all.

5. it’s gotta be frustrating to be a player who is going to get torn apart at the smallest hint of not giving 110% and watch certain players, who are getting paid more than you, be passengers on your line while you carry a hurt team on your back and outperform everyone, not get a single ounce of criticism from most media coverage

6. and that’s because the media coverage focuses on you, because you have to perform amazingly even though you’re stuck on a contract beneath you for the next 2 years.

7. that being said, was killorn that bad? no, but he wasn’t giving it 100% all year. and it’s easy to blame people who were there rather than be like, well, we were injured really badly this year. it’s 100% easier to stomach failure when you can pin it on a human target.

8. also jon cooper doesn’t like jonathan drouin. noticeably. kucherov played real well with drouin for the short time they played together and cooper didn’t keep them together. maybe he wanted his lines to be balanced but a line blender isn’t exactly the best thing for chemistry. he’s a real good coach and he shouldn’t be fired; stamkos went down and that fucked with the line chemistry.

IDK, man, i don’t think this should’ve been said publicly, but nikita kucherov doesn’t pull his punches, and he doesn’t have a reason to when he’s playing the way he does on the contract that he’s got. by all means his teammates do love him.

Need more internet friends!

I would love to have some internet friends who love musicals and would just love to have friendly banter and yeah.

I really like these musicals! If you like these musicals too, hit follow and send me a message when you have time? Idk..

•Guys and Dolls
•A Chorus Line
•Fun Home
•Funny Girl
•Dear Evan Hansen
•Sweeney Todd
•Something Rotten
•Be More Chill
•You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
•Great Comet

If there’s any musicals that you want to get me interested in, my message box is always open.

I also like Doctor Who. 😂

just a fun fact/warning: 90% of my wardrobe is floral tourist shirts

i’m wearing a different one than this one right now

y’all im sad. if u dont already know, i’m starship jung sewoon trash. i supported this boy since the beginning of this show and grew so fond of him like mnet did him so wrong. but man i am so sad. jung sewoon was 12th like thats the worst spot ever. if i was in pd101, i would rather lose knowing i was nowhere near the cut off line like being 12th place sucks man he was so close im crying TT-TT he had a really close shot to debuting but he didn’t quite make it. MAN THAT SUCKS.

@starship pls debut him like y’all never promoted him until the last day so pls pls pls be good and debut this man with gwanghyun TT-TT 

AND CAN I TALK ABOUT GWANGHYUN. this boy been promoting sewoon on his ig like no other. he loves sewoon so much TT-TT my feelings are all over the place man idk what to do.

nevertheless, i’m proud of the top 11 for produce 101. y’all do great being wanna-one! i’ll support! and let’s continue to support all the boys who didn’t make it! i hope they all debut some day!

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top 5 ships

1. korrasami

2. pharmercy

3. bubbline

4. widowtracer

5. dva x the recognition she truly deserves from blizzard/ an animated short that actually highlights both her achievements as becoming one of the youngest pro esports player, as well as the discipline and courage it took for her to step away from all of that to put her life on the line to protect her country 

monsta x in chicago!

okokok so my legs are still completely numb from driving so much yesterday omg but i saw monsta x last night!!!! this is what my mushy brain can remember:

wonho - wonho is MUCH MUCH MUCH paler irl than i expected? that boy looks pure af lmao. his ass is also MAGNIFICENT guys i mean it’s out of this world. i could see the curve from where i was sitting! i couldn’t stop staring at him tho like he looks so good in person. pictures really do not do him justice! he’s also so goddamn sweet like he seemed a little nervous/shy but was overall super smiley n cute. jooheon kept yelling for us to cheer for his arms lmao (which were great btw)

jooheon - HOLY SHIT does jooheon have a lot of fans! like, a lot! he got the most screams for everything. it was really nice bc i never see enough people supporting my dude. he has ridiculous stage presence like w h o a it was unreal! he really belongs on stage. i felt like i was watching someone who has been performing for decades. he was that good! he’s also much paler than i expected and his hair was rly nice lmfao. he had a lot of energy and was all over the place and you could see how excited he was to be here. lots of talking in english! his pronunciation is really good too!

i.m - FIRST OFF, he introduced himself and went, “hi babies” so we all kind of died. since he’s an english speaker, he was the one speaking most of the time (along with minhyuk interrupting quite a lot lol what an excited puppy). he seemed to get flustered a lot and embarrassed when he would mess up. i’m over here like “baby omg no it’s okay!” there was one point where he was talking about hyungwon being gone and he just gave up and went “whatever” lol sweetie, you did good and we’re proud of you! he was also a popular one with fans - could probably rival jooheon if jooheon’s fans weren’t so loud lmao.

kihyun - THIS BOY IS SO SMOL GUYS I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU. especially when standing next to the members guys it was so cute and so noticeable? idk why i never noticed that before! tbh i can’t remember a lot of him bc he was so quiet. but he did seem super excited to be there like he was smiling nonstop. and let me tell you - his speaking voice is so nice to listen to! whenever he spoke, the audience shut up, unlike for the rest of the members most of the time lol.

minhyuk - WHAT A PUPPY. THIS BOY WAS ALL OVER THE PLACE. SUPER EXCITED. ALL THE TIME. HE WAS SPEAKING A MILE A MINUTE. also was interrupting i.m like 24/7 to put his two cents in. it was so cute guys. he was hella cheesy too like lots of flirty english lines, as expected lol. he was also pretty handsy with the members, even though the other members weren’t. like idk fanservice (in terms of bromance, they were super flirty overall with fans) was really low but minhyuk was still pushing to do it and i’m highkey not surprised.

shownu - THE MAN OF MY LIFE. guys. wow. what a man. wow. just. wow. he looks so good in person like they had his hair done all nice and he was so??? i don’t even have words. y'all you know that vine from no.mercy where his expression changes from evil to puppy in .02949 seconds? I GOT TO SEE THAT IN PERSON WITH MY OWN TWO EYES. this man is seriously so much more adorable than people give him credit for! he was pretty blankfaced but when he would smile, he SMILED like his whole face lit up and it was truly #beautiful. also his talking voice is so much deeper than i thought it would be? like he already sounds like an old man lol. he is also super tan like wow and i thought i was gonna die looking at so much perfection. and his dancing is so smooth? like monsta x as a whole are such good dancers but live it was so much easier to see his specific style and it was really cool! he seemed to be a little nervous but he did super well talking and i’m so proud of him c: ALSO i heard a lot of fans screaming for him and only him like his fans were very…specific and vocal like i feel so warm and happy inside knowing that he now knows that there’s a lot of shownu stans like myself here in america~

okay now for the actual songs. i can’t remember the whole set list but it was a pretty good mix of songs off of all their albums! like they even did blind/incomparable/calm down/be quiet/ex girl (all of which i never thought i would see live). they also covered 24k magic by bruno mars (minhyuk, jooheon, i.m). let me tell you - there is nothing cuter than minhyuk singing bruno mars and then saying later on, in english, how much he loves him lol. they didn’t do stuck, all i do, or amen which i’m kinda salty about but whatever lol. they did nearly all their title tracks. ALSO THEY HAD LIKE DUO/TRIO STAGES (jooheon/i.m/minhyuk, wonho *would have been with hyungwon*, and kihyun/jooheon) AND SHOWNU DIDN’T GET ONE I WAS LIKE WTF WHERE’S MY MAN? idk why they left him out and i was kinda mad tbh lol.

the sweetest part about this all is that they CONSTANTLY kept bringing up hyungwon! like they would say “oh hyungwon likes this song” or “hyungwon was really excited to dance this piece with wonho”. they even left spaces for him when they were talking or dancing and it was so sweet! the fans cheered loudest when he was brought up, i think. despite that, you could definitely feel that there was a member missing. monsta x felt so incomplete! they are not supposed to be six. i could feel it the entire time. something felt off. it just goes to show how great monsta x is as seven!

ANYWAY this is hella long but overall i had so much fun and the fandom was so sweet and respectful and y e s easily the best night of my life !

some days i seriously wish i could go back to my tatinof show. or maybe not go back to the actual day but redo it as if it were happening right now.

back then, i had no phandom friends (besides my irl bff and her lil sis and cousin) and now i have a TON of you guys.

i wonder if i would see anything differently now that i spend much of my life on tumblr (my time was quite limited then).

i wonder if the fanfiction part would’ve stood out to me any more now that i write it myself.

i wonder if i would’ve been able to meet any of you all, if we would’ve screamed and danced around in line as we waited to see the two guys who had brought endless wonder and joy to our lives, and in some cases (like mine), maybe even changed them completely.

i just….i dunno, man. it really makes you think, doesn’t it?