man idk i really like these lines

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1 and 2 😘😘😘

1 - If someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?

I don’t know if I can think of one piece of media that like, comprehensively speaks to my entire person? But I guess right now, I really relate to “i” by Kendrick Lamar, particularly the lines “I could never take the lead, I could never bob and weave/From a negative and letting them annihilate me.” Just like… idk. That idea of always putting yourself into a fight but then never being able to emotionally guard yourself, and how caring deeply and passionately about something can lead to depression when you get so personally invested.

2 - Have you ever found a writer who thinks just like you? if so, who?

Oh man. I guess in my thesis research, I kept being impressed by how Paul Farmer was able to put things I was thinking into words a thousand times more efficient and powerful. But he also then goes on to expand far beyond what I knew or thought, so that doesn’t really count. I guess I love when my fic writer friends have the same hc’s on characterizations and dynamics, like you with Jyn and Cassian, @greersonnel with Mai, or @because-cur-non with Lams and Laurens & Martha L. 

ok but I need more fics where

  • it’s not obvious that it’s mutual
  • they’re not attached by the hip
  • none of their friends expected it honestly
  • one of them has a really rough day and for some reason all they want to do is cuddle the other person but they haven’t done that before?? but it feels like a thing they should be doing. 
  • one of them tries to cross a line they haven’t crossed before, like just something small. Hugging for a long time, a touch that lingers, a cute nickname. and it’s weird, right? and a little awkward? but it also feels really nice pls keep doing it. 
  • eventually they start acting more cuddly and close in private and it’s not that weird anymore. it’s actually really nice. but hey? does this mean I get to kiss you too or is that a line we don’t cross idk man. 
  • one of them calls the other one ‘babe’ in front of their friends and everyone’s like ???? what ????? 
  • and they eventually have to dicuss it bc this last month has not been like the last couple of years and we really need to talk. 
  • they have a really nice talk about it but now what? do we just kiss? do we go on a date? how do you do this? 
  • their first kiss is so awkward because they don’t know how to do this.
  • and at first their friends are very worried because what if it doesn’t work out? everything has changed? and of course they’re happy for them but it’s also so risky. 
  • and even though it’s a little awkward at first it does work out, because they actually fit pretty perfectly once they get the hang of it. 

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whats the gayest thing jungkook has ever done?

a little list:
-recommended years & years’ memo (a mlm song and the band’s lead singer is gay) before the album it was on was out (so he probably had heard the softer extra gay versions deep on gay youtube like me around the same time jsflk;hjfgkl)
-that time he befriended that soft dog because dogs are gay
-said iron man was his celebrity crush like “nicole kidman???” “noooooooooooooo iron man!”
-that time he was in jo kwon’s i’m da one mv
-idk his whole role in bs&t and the wings tour trailer thing had some Gay Themes that we can’t really go into without getting a lil Freudian and I’ve had enough of that man
-when he sang tori kelly’s dear no one without changing the pronouns 
-the fact that he sings most of the ‘know you love me boy’ lines in I know
-when he looked so happy and pure in europe holding hobi and then jin’s hand like LOOK AT THIS TINY KID

Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos) of

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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AsaNoya and “standing behind you in line and i’ve been reading your text argument you’ve been having with you friend and one of the insults they used made me laugh really hard” AU

pepethemagicdragon: dude.

pepethemagicdragon: dump his ass

me: it’s already dumped technically he just idk…

me: it’s sad to see him like that

pepethemagicdragon: YUU I LOVE YOU BUT


pepethemagicdragon: find yourself a nice strapping lumberjack or biker dude or gentle mountain man or whatever and leave that sniveling greasy preppy boy who wants you to be a little notch on his trophy case in the ditch where he belongs

A muffled snort badly disguised as a cough comes from behind him and Yuu spun around to give whoever it is a piece of his mind.  Just because he wasn’t the tallest person in the world didn’t mean that his private conversations were free reading for people standing in line behind him.  He had to look up, naturally, but he froze with his mouth parted in surprise when he took in the sight of the man behind him.

His eyes darted to a sleek motorcycle helmet hanging from two fingers at the man’s side up to the ends of his dark hair, wavy where it fell just past his shoulders, and obviously messy from being stuck up inside said helmet.  A grey tank top peeked out from under an unbuttoned red plaid shirt inside an unzipped black leather jacket all stretched over a wide chest.

Strapping lumberjack or biker dude indeed, he thought as he tore his eyes away from the curl of gold and silver ink peeking out from the man’s collarbone and disappearing under his layers and met a pair of apologetic brown eyes.

“I’m sorry,” the man said as soon as their eyes met.  “I didn’t mean to read over your shoulder but you were typing so furiously and scowling so hard and I was curious.  I’m so sorry.”

Yuu wanted to be mad.  It was a serious invasion of his privacy after all.  But the man looked so genuinely apologetic and distressed as he bowed his head and stole glances at Yuu that he couldn’t stay upset with him.  It was like trying to scold Ryuu’s puppy for being too enthusiastic while playing and knocking over a plant.

Someone cleared their throat and Yuu startled when he realized he was now at the head of the line.  He waited patiently after he was done, leaning up against the wall and studying the mysterious giant as he finished his business at the counter.  He froze when he was Yuu waiting for him and Yuu grinned.

“Tell you what.  Buy me an ice cream from that place down the block and I’ll consider forgiving you.”

“My name’s Azumane Asahi,” the giant blurted out, cheeks turning scarlet.  “I just thought you’d want to know so you’re not going out with a complete stranger.  Not that we’re going out.  Not that I would mind it if we were.  Just.  Crap.  I’ll shut up now.”

“Nishinoya Yuu,” he replied before he reached out and tugged at the helmet still hanging from Asahi’s fingers.  “Just thought you’d like to know the name of the guy you’re totally going out with.  If you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all.”  He heard Aashi murmur as he led Asahi out of the building and down the block by his grip on the helmet.

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Rodrick for ask meme

kfjgsnnjfg nICE OKAY

  • Why I like them: how could u not, hes gorgeous hes the emo guy of my dreams man
  • Why I don’t: he left diary of a wimpy kid and broke my heart
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): all of the scenes he’s in from the first three movies obviously
  • Favorite season/movie: Rodrick Rules obviously

Favorite line: 


  • Favorite outfit: this one. soo hot 😩😩💦💦💦
  • OTP: idk
  • Brotp: my boy Gregory and him. Rodrick Rules gave me some serious feels u know what I’m sayin
  • Head Canon: ???idk?????????
  • Unpopular opinion: Loded Diper is a really good band name
  • A wish: I wish they would get rid of the new Rodrick and bring my emo dad back

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: the oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen moment already happened so idk what to say

  • 5 words to best describe them: The Original, Real Rodrick Heffley
  • My nickname for them: #MyRodrick

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Red~ *lurks on blog for half an hour before making any contact to see if person is having bad day* Hello, just wondering..... when you write real people do you ever end up detaching them? Like when I write about any real person (cough JILLYKINZ cough) I end up detaching the person from my writing and they end up being a character. So we have person and then character. Also I made chocolate fudge brownies..... with chocolate icing. 😉😜....😂😂😂❤🖤🥀

you’re cute red 😂  also yes i get what you mean!! when i write about phan they seem like MY characters with the actual dan and phil as guide lines. idk though i don’t really think about it much, i just write! and that sounds like a great time oh man

Random Yu-Gi-Oh! headcanon time-

The reason why Otogi has that black line under his right eye is because one day he was half asleep while doing his eye liner (Because lets face it every single character in this show wears eye liner) and he accidentally drew the line over his cheek and then when he actually noticed it later that day he thought it looked really cool and decided to roll with it.

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4,7,8 :/

4. how often do you draw?

i dont draw that much ,especially lately since im in an artblock and idk what to draw really, but in general i could say that i only draw a lot at 1 am, its like the only time im being productive lmaO

7. do you prefer sketching, outlining, or coloring?

ahh maan i really love sketching!!! like!! i would always start a sketch and never line it or colour it !!

8. show us at least 2-3 drawings from 1-2 years ago.

oh man okok these are from 1 year ago they’re bad but i wasnt really great at art back then so ;;;; rip

(this one was when i was new in the undertale fandom and didnt know if i should create an askblog or nah-so for training i asked a friend to write me a question and for me to answer it just to get used with it lmaO)

btw sorry but these are the only ones i have found for now since my map of paintings and drawings from long ago are probably still in some boxes in my house, gotta find them ;;;;;

Thanks for asking , stay awesome! (*´▽`*)

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got any angsty headcanons for ardyn?


  • Okay so the thing about Ardyn is that he’s full of contradictions but it’s not always to be a lil shit; Ardyn is sick, you feel me? He’s not well. I don’t know how sane or gentle you could be with thousands of daemon souls swirling around inside you, manipulating you, twisting your mind until you have no idea who you are, or, more importantly, what you are. 
  • I almost don’t want him to ever love anything with his whole heart because I think it would make his existence on this plane even more agonizing; the people of Lucis turned on him because of what he turned into. Who would accept him? Who would put up with him? I think falling in love, or just loving something intensely, would only remind him of how empty his life truly is.
  • If you could even call it a life smh.
  • On that note, I bet he has flashbacks, too. When things were still good, when he was revered as a healer, still a messianic figure that was destined to save everyone. Before things became so … wrong. Tvtropes concludes him as a character who doesn’t seem to mind his insanity, and tvtropes’s word is usually law for me, but I think he pretends not to care. Clearly he’s not really one to forgive and forget; his entire immortal existence was dedicated to bringing down the line of Lucis and destroying the world, so … yeah. Tis a sensitive man. If you don’t think this man is bitter about what he’s become than Idk about you man, idk.
  • And on that note, I bet he’s bitter toward the world for rejecting him. Did … was there ever a period where they tried to help him? Or was he just denied ascension without a second glance? Unfortunately, I think it’s the latter. I sound like captain obvious, but what I mean is his bitterness is from what has happened to him directly, not just in a Kefka-sense.
  • However, I think if he did truly love you, you’d see glimpses of the man he once was, every now and again, which makes his ultimate fate as a very vessel for darkness all the more horrible. Caresses of the cheek, long, deep gazes into your eyes, his voice will lose that colubrine quality for a beat or two, but then it’ll be back to good ol’ slimey Ardyn and you’ll almost wonder if you imagined it all.

a lot of the time i think it’d be really cool to be read as “genderqueer” or at very least “gender nonconforming”, but i think i’m at the point where i can’t do a whole bunch else to achieve that???? like, idk man. i keep my hair short, i don’t wear makeup, i (try to) wear sports bras and don’t shave my legs but i’m still read as a girl and i probably can’t change that and i guess that’s fine

i still remember all of my lines from when i did henry v in the fall, so sometimes (when no-one else is home) i just run around the house going “the duke of exeter is as magnanimous as agamemnon and a man that i love and honor with my soul and my heart and my duty and my life” or “by your patience ancient pistol fortune is painted blind with a muffler over her eyes to signify to you that she is blind” in my fluellen accent and it’s really fun

Rajigaze Dec 23

Reita: Oh, it says “I want Uruha to read this” again!

Uruha: Again!? But I’m so bad at it…

Reita: Man, they’re all over you.

Uruha: …Okay.

Reita: Yes. Please.

Uruha: Okay, “Ring-name, (*idk what it is lol)” okay, uh… “I’m writing you because the theme for this month is anger. A long time ago, I went to Disney Sea with six of my friends to celebrate graduating middle school. I’d really been looking forward to going, but all I did was line up to get everyone food and hold everyone’s stuff. It was awful. While I was waiting in line to get food, everyone else would be riding the rides. It was like they just brought me along to do stuff for them. I didn’t go on any rides, just held all their stuff. At the time I didn’t say anything about it but now when I think about it I feel anger from the bottom of my heart. It really pissed me off.” Omg…..

Reita: Wait, how old were they when this happened?

Uruha: Umm…

Reita: They were students?

Uruha: [They went] to celebrate graduating middle school.

Reita: Ahh, to celebrate graduating middle school.

Uruha: Yeah…man, this is really horrible.

Reita: Like, did all six of her friends just think it was fine to do that?

Uruha: Why was she holding all their stuff? Couldn’t they have just left it at the coat check?

Reita: Hmm…so like they made her hold all the stuff and save their spot?

Uruha: It says [they were on the rides] while she was lining up for food.

Reita: Oh, they were just using her?

Uruha: Yeah, like, “hey, go line up and get us some churros or something”

Reita: (laughing) Churros…

Uruha: But if you were buying food while they were on the rides, wouldn’t you finish before them? What would you do then?

Reita: You’d just be waiting I guess.

Uruha: Omg…those friends….

Reita: Those aren’t friends.

Uruha: Mhm….but I think stuff like this happens when you get to middle school, you know?

Reita: Hmm, well I guess there are some people are like that…

Uruha: Cause like, at that time [in your life], school is everything. Your world is so small.

Reita: Yeah, that’s true.

Uruha: So you can’t pick your friends. (*I guess he means you only know ppl at your school so you kinda have to be friends w them)

Reita: And you know, adults always say like, “school isn’t everything.” But it’s hard [at that age]! Cause you’re there every day, it really is everything!

Uruha: Yeah, it was everything. So like, if you were getting bullied at school, your life was over.

Reita: Right. So this…wait, so she said she’s angry about it now? Does that mean at the time she wasn’t that angry?

Uruha: Well I guess it’s like a bad memory that she still thinks about?

Reita: Oh yeah, true

Uruha: And it hurt, but at the time she couldn’t say anything.

Reita: So those six friends…they must be in hell where they belong now.

Uruha: I don’t know…they probably don’t even remember [doing that].

Reita: Oh, you’re probably right.

Uruha: Yeah…and I think these are girls, right? This is the kind of stuff girls do all the time.

Reita: (laughs) Yeah I’d be pissed

Uruha: Like…there was six of them…six of them did this.

Reita: Yeah.

Uruha: Like, someone say something!

Reita: Well, all six of them were doing it together, so I think the sense of guilt was split among the six of them, so they probably didn’t feel like it was a big deal and they’ve forgotten about it.

Uruha: That’s true…

Reita: I want all those girls to get dumped at Disney Sea. And then only the girl [who sent the mail] gets to go on a date there with her boyfriend.

Uruha: Uh….yeah……anyway this is sad. I mean, it’s called the Happiest Place on Earth, so I wish the cast would have saved her.

Reita: How would they have known!?


Reita: If I were her I would have been pissed af. I would have poked them in the eye with a churro.

Uruha: (giggles) You think that now, but I think in the moment….

Reita: Yeah, true….well, that’s anger, I guess.

Uruha: Yeah…that must have been rough.

Reita: Yeah.

Uruha: What kind of song would that person want to hear?

Reita: (laughing) Wait no–

Uruha: They can come to a GazettE live…

Reita: Well then, should we go to a song request (laughing)

Uruha: Hehehehe

Reita: Do you even know what song we’re playing next!?

Uruha: Oh, is it a more happy kinda song?

Reita: Yeah, it is.

(it was Mariah Carey c\Christmas song nice try Uru)


You and Tony had decided to throw a huge Halloween party at the tower this year. Which mainly consisted of Tony paying and you decorating - the only input he had was the alcohol.

There were pumpkins lining the bar and balloons everywhere that they could be, the festivities were bringing out your inner child.

Tony was loving watching you getting excited at the decorative fall leaves and all the sweets you had laid out for the guests (you knew Sam was going to spend the night next to those).

“The party looks good.” Tony announced, scotch in hand.

“Yeah I really like what you did with the place.” You smirked sarcastically at him.

“I am a great decorator aren’t I?” He laughed.


Requested by anonymous: Okay I’ve fallen back in love with spider man after seeing CA:CW. I was wondering if maybe you could write something along the lines of you and Peter are like SO REALLY HARD IN LOVE and go to the same school and know about each other’s other identities (maybe reader has powers idk) and while Tony recruits Peter, Steve recruits you and then you guys find out you are scared it will tear you guys apart but when it’s all over its all okay. Idk just fluff and angst and idc about smut ilove ur writing


hey i love your peter imagine and i’d love it if you could write another one? idrc what happens im such trash lol sorry i know that you’re having a bit of a block atm :/

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Rating: T

Word count: 6k

Warnings: some swears, fluff, angst-ish, Superpowered!reader, superhero!reader

A/N: I loved this request a lot!! And I love Peter Parker. There are civil war spoilers in this (obviously), so read at your discretion. I hope you enjoy, lovelies!

The bell had just rung for the last class of the school day – Chemistry, which was, admittedly, absolutely not your strong suit.

“He–y,” a voice called out, stretching out the vowel in the word ‘hey’. “Hey, partner.” Peter Parker appeared at your side, his backpack slung over his shoulder and his chemistry book in his arm. “Wanna walk to chem together?”

“You don’t need to pretend to be my friend at school,” you grumbled underneath your breath.

“Right, right, the whole ‘I gotta stay on the d-l because I don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to myself’ thing. I get it,” Peter said nonchalantly. “But I doubt you spending time with me outside of your…extra curricular activities will draw any attention to you. I’m a nobody!”

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Not trying to be that weird person but literally like D. Gray-man and its characters are so special to me on so many levels… Like i just feel like ive been so deeply in love with the show for so many years now that its part of me. D. Gray-man is one of those things that when im feeling depressed and just like i cant do it anymore its something i can think about that makes me smile. I love the characters and how flawed they are and yet somehow that still makes them so pure to me. Like Allen Walker is the most complex character ive ever had the pleasure of following in a story line and just everything about him makes my heart hurt because hes just such an amazing protagonist idk.

I finished DGM Hallow tonight and i was just feeling really emotional because i really feel like the characters are a part of me. Like i was cringey as hell as a weird 13 year old girl getting into anime but cosplaying Lavi Kanda Allen and Miranda are still some of my fondest memories because they were so innocent and we just loved every second of being those characters…