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lil indie band asks!
  • hippo campus: what's the dumbest thing you did as a teenager?
  • COIN: what/who do you miss the most?
  • saint motel: favorite decade for aesthetic?
  • magic man: what's your favorite place on earth?
  • declan mckenna: what cause are you most passionate about?
  • walk the moon: party person or stay-at-home person?
  • bastille: saddest memory?
  • st. lucia: what song makes you happiest?
  • AJR: talk about your favorite family member/friend?

idk i might lose followers for this or smth but tbh im leaning more and more towards radical feminism bc most of the points are far more logical and based in reality than liberal feminism, and actually tries to do something about misogyny rather than just make it more appealing to women lol

also ive seen lots of people on here who got labeled swerfs and terfs and upon checking their blog, these people have a better understanding of sex work and gender than most people

idk i guess if anyone has a problem with that feel free to unfollow me or whatever but yeah idk i dont really consider myself a libfem anymore, ive realized more and more how damaging it actually is, the past few years liberal feminism on tumblr has done me more harm than good

tbqh tumblr liberal feminism has made me push myself more into gender roles, “sex positivity”, and made me feel it more necessary to be “feminine” than any man ever has and im tired of it

its lame and i dont have the patience for it, its mostly just the same old misogyny rebranded to appeal to young girls and i dont wanna promote it anymore

okay but there’s like, ONE thing about the cotton ceiling discourse that I don’t get, even using the logic of people who “support” it

assuming that, 1. sex is irrelevant to one’s sexual orientation, 2. behavior and appearance have no correlation whatsoever with one’s gender identity OR sexual makeup, and 3. both gender AND sexualities are fluid and can change over time

shouldn’t orientations in general be abolished?

because they seem pretty irrelevant under those rules. you may feel attracted to someone that looks like a stereotypical female, but if that person actually identifies as a man you either can’t be attracted anymore, or from now on you have to be open to the possibility of also being attracted to men.

if you’re a straight woman in a relationship with a man and one day he starts id’ing as woman, does that make you a lesbian? or a transphobic bigot, if you don’t want to be with them anymore?

my point is, when do we stop changing the meanings of established words and concepts? where is the line? IS there a line?


hey, y’all so i just have to get this off my chest.

this is just an announcement to let you know that i won’t be writing nsfw content anymore (until further notice) and about the tagging system.

first, i don’t want people to feel uncomfortable on my blog. 

secondly, about the reviews i get on my sfw stuff - barely as close to what i get on my nsfw stuff. i mean, i get it people like reading smut and all. but writers put in just as much efforts in writing their other stuff as much as they work hard on writing smut (which is hard af, again). but i’m talking about other stuff, like series that i write - not seeing people react/reply to a 2k long passage - that i wrote late at night bc that’s when inspiration strikes me - it’s fucking rude. 

and i like writing fiction. 

as a reader, tell me how come you don’t know what to say after reading an amazing plot twist? something like “omg i never saw that coming” or “yes, i knew something like that would happen!” anything would suffice, if it means to give a damn review

what i mean is, you must at least have a thought?? and as a writer and a reader, i used to feel shy too, but honestly there’s nothing to be afraid of. it makes writers happy and gives us a reason to write more.

that being said, i don’t feel tagging anyone in my fics, bc first off - i have to tag people e v e r y time i post something and it takes up so much of my time. and second off - most of the people on my taglist just ‘like’ the post.

when you readers demand for an update, remember writers demand for a review! it’s a give and take relation, right?

so, no nsfw stuff and no tagging.

sorry, if this is full of shit or if you’ve already read this kind of post a thousand times before and still are unresponsive about it.

i’m going to stop now.

xo - manu

Begin Again

Pairing: Officer Standall x Reader

A/N: Probably the most niche character I’ve ever written for, but the man is irresistible. Dipping my toes into the Standall water with this one. Maybe making this into a few part series? Want more? Want less? Tagging some people who showed interest in daddy standall fics on @yandere2phetalia post: @brieflymaximumprincess  @purgatory-destiel @idk-anymore-about-life @freestylerofficial @texasblues @callmemario3 @fallenangeldanielle @i-will-burn-your-heart-away @betheboo55 @i-am-fandoms-and-satan

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20 questions!

answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers who you would like to get to know better

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Name: Jay
Nickname: jello i guess but no one calls me that anymore
Zodiac: pisces
Height: 5′ 6″?? idk
Orientation: idk man
Nationality: taiwanese
Fav Fruit: appples
Fav Season: autumn
Fav Flower: cherry blossoms
Fav Scent: books or after a rainy day
Fav Color: blue
Fav Animal: aaa idk i love all animals a lot?? dogs of course 
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: coffee
Average hours of sleep: …eight bc im weak
Fav Fictional Character: too many but rn it’s probably mendel
Number of blankets you sleep with: two
Dream trip: NYC/Tokyo/London/Australia
Blog created: maybe like three years ago not sure

tagging some new discord friends (cept for hal) and anyone else who wants to do this! @ciaowhizzer @whizzerbegs @irineey @nozonozo @appleflavoredkitkats @tvheit @cordeliass @gizmoguy @jjunniper @l-i-b-r-o @theshookofmormon @tunekiddo @crispybaguette @dear-elder-price @asgayasfalsettos @

tobbles  asked:

bleh a blog i follow(ed) reblogged a post about ace discourse and at first i was like '!!! yay!!' and then /i read the tags/. okay so apparently we're just as bad for sticking up for ourselves? first of all, bitch i'm pretty sure you're not ace so shut the fuck up and two, i fucking care!! i care about ace people being excluded!! so many others do!! ew. idk maybe i'm misunderstanding and it's not a big deal but i do not feel comfortable following that person anymore bye bitch lmao

Toby, I think for ur own mental health that you should stay out of acecourse. It’s not good for you, man. It’s just not.

2.6k s10 canon compliant fic. dean talks to claire. claire talks to cas. implied/background deancas. idk man. (ao3)

She definitely should have looked through the peephole before she opened the door. 

“How the fuck did you find me?” She hisses and takes a step into the hallway to check and make sure that Dean Winchester is alone.

He takes a step forward and Claire reels back, tries to slam the door in his face, but Dean’s boot stops her.

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i saw this post earlier today (that i can’t find) about the hannibal episode names and the ‘if they were german’ and i couldnt stop laughing because i started imagining what it’d be like if they were named after traditional norwegian foods

like, this is so dumb ok but

season 3, episode 1: rømmegraut

season 3, episode 2: kjøttkaker i brun saus

season 3, episode 3: raspeballer

season 3, episode 4: smalahove

season 3, episode 5: betasuppe

i can’t do this anymore i can’t stop laughing