man i've been way off on that

about nico's man bun and how it came to be

because let’s face it, it’s going to happen. i don’t really know if it’s going to be a permanent thing or not, but

  • it’s piper who first manhandles nico to sit on the floor in front of her chair and twists his still kinda short but shaggy hair into a tiny ponytail
  • there might be a little charm speak involved, but nico isn’t like, super mad about it, bc piper’s cool
  • nico thinks it looks absolutely ridiculous, mostly because his hair is still short, okay, not really any reason to put it in a ponytail yet
  • but he gets distracted with his mythomagic game with jason and forgets he has the hairdo still, and when he walks out to meet will for dinner will just
  • stops
  • and stares for, like, forever
  • (and maybe swoons just a little)
  • and nico doesn’t get what’s the big deal, then remembers the ponytail and yanks the hair tie out and messes his hair extra badly on purpose
  • “idk it looked really cute?”
  • “yeah well i don’t do cute so shove it solace”
  • flash forward nico kind of forgets mundane things like haircuts when he’s too busy helping out with sword fighting lessons and researching funeral rites and finding time to make out with will (all of these are equally important mind you)
  • and so his hair grows
  • and one day he’s sparring with jason and his hair just keeps getting in the way, no matter how many times he pushes it away
  • and he sees some young campers on the stands, doing each other’s hair and being all happy and gossiping and whatnot
  • so naturally nico stomps over and demands for a hair tie, and without saying another word he ties his hair back and goes back and continues sparring with jason like nothing happened
  • and he swears he was going to take the tie off as soon as they finished but will walked by on his way to his archery class
  • and damn that look on will’s face
  • it’s totally unfair how just one look can make nico feel things
  • so the updo stays for the night, at least until after dinner
  • it’s still less than half of nico’s hair, so when will’s kissing him behind a tree before camp fire he can still run his fingers through nico’s hair in that way that makes nico’s knees weak
  • so nico thinks that maybe, just maybe, he can give the hairdo another try, if it makes will look at him like that
  • nico keeps the hair tie and spends a ridiculous amount of time in front of the mirror next morning, trying to figure out if he should tie his hair up or not
  • he declares the whole thing stupid and marches to where piper is having breakfast with the rest of the aphrodite cabin, shoves the hair tie to her hands and demands that she do something
  • (the please is barely an afterthought)
  • (he doesn’t notice jason exchange money with some hermes campers with a smug smile on his face)
  • piper twirls nico’s hair into something she calls a man bun (and nico kind of hates it already) and even gives him a few tips on how to do it himself
  • nico is determined to never have to ask piper’s help again
  • he gets up and mutters a tiny little thank you before making his way to the apollo table
  • and oh
  • it’s all so worth it, because will can’t take his eyes off of nico
  • and even months later, when nico has mastered the man bun and even learned to add some little plaits to it, he still insists that this is all so that his hair doesn’t get in the way when he’s training
  • but basically the whole camp knows it’s mostly because will thinks it’s hot
  • Supergirl: Hey, Alex, have you seen Lena Luthor anywhere? I've been trying to track her down...
  • Alex: Hold on, hold on. Let me handle this.
  • Alex: *clears throat*
  • Alex: *shouting at the top of her lungs* KARA DANVERS SUCKS, SHE'S SUCH A LOSER!!
  • Alex: Found her! ^_^
  • Supergirl: ...

Got some new squids and octos to show off~ (names are in the captions and tags, tumblr is dumb so pls click for better res/color, and feel free to ask questions~!)

  • Winston: Does Big Brother exist?
  • O'Brien: Of course he exists. The Party exists. Big Brother is the embodiment of the Party.
  • Winston: Does he exist in the same way as I exist?
  • O'Brien: You do not exist.
Dyslexic Lance headcanons

by the way, did i mention i headcanon Lance as being dyslexic as heck? because i do. here we go

(these may or may not be based off my own experiences tbh)

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shadowhunters as gossip girl quotes
  • alec: I still despise you, but thank you for doing the right thing for once.
  • Magnus: ...I'm Magnus Bane. Even Europeans must know what that means.
  • jace: So you're finally learning there are upsides to pissing off your family.
  • clary: Save some trees, have a blog.
  • meliorn: I have been cordial to you for the last 52 minutes. Do you have any idea the psychological torture that I've endured being nice to you?
  • isabelle: Whoever said that money doesn’t buy happiness didn’t know where to shop.
  • simon: How long can a man have a piggy bank and still call himself a man?
  • luke: You brought me to watch a human sacrifice? Or an episode of The Bachelor. Either way I am not happy.
  • raphael: Stop your mouth from moving.
  • Maia: You can give your tiny brains a rest. Once again the world has proven that anything you can do, I can do better.

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Hey Chanty ! I've been reading your fanfic for a while now and I love the way you write ! I was wondering if you could do a Dr. Steve/University Student Natasha fanfic please ? I've been thinking about this none stop ever since Chris's esquire photo shoot came out 😩😂 Thank you 💖

O M G that photoshoot hit me right away with an AU vibe!! It’s funny that you mentioned university teacher, because I thought that same thing for the photo of him with the glasses, and also of him that Extra Soft blue sweater. Like. How could you not think that? But the first thing I thought of was like maybe Nat would be his neighbor who always comes to bug him when he’s sitting on his front porch on a nice evening grading papers, and they have tea and flirt and he keeps trying to guess what she does for a living but she never really tells him if he’s right or wrong because it’s more fun that way.

Usually I’m not a fan of teacher/student relationships, but, your request got me thinking and–

  • okay, Steve is a young teacher and isn’t that much older than Natasha anyway, so that doesn’t make it a big deal; at least that’s what she tells Maria every time it comes up, which is often because Natasha actually talks about her beloved ethics teacher all the time, even though she “doesn’t have a thing for him” and Maria will just smirk knowingly and shake her head and let her best friend live in denial
  • but seriously, this is her last semester before she graduates and then technically nothing would be wrong with liking him, right? if she liked him like that, anyway. but she doesn’t, nope, he’s just a really great teacher and she wants his input on literally everything because she likes hearing him talk about things. it’s all perfectly innocent.
  • and Steve is kind of half oblivious and also half in denial himself to not find it strange that he actually spends quite a lot of time with one of his students. like. a lot of time. because she shows up to class early for scheduling reasons and instead of making her wait outside, he opens his door to her and lets her chill out in the room with him while he preps for his lesson. and lets her linger afterward on the days where she’s not rushing to her next lecture. and he just so happens to come to the diner she works part-time at to grade papers because he doesn’t like going straight home and they have wi-fi and awesome milkshakes, which may or may not be because Natasha makes them just the way he likes it every time
  • and sometimes she brings him things for class, like chocolates or candy or granola bars or whatever snack she happens to have in her bag. and he appreciates the gesture and likes to return the favor by leaving generous tips when she’s his waitress
  • halfway through the semester, he runs into her and her roommates at the convenience store near his house. and by runs into, he means he hears laughing a few aisles over and maybe, maybe he realizes that he might have a bit of a problem on his hands when he can immediately tell that’s Natasha’s voice, and then he sort of – wanders in that direction and turns to find her dancing in the aisle with her roommates along to the song that one of the girl’s is blasting from her phone, and they’re in pajamas and university sweaters and yeah, maybe it’s perfectly innocent to bump into them, but it also makes him feel a little bit like a creep considering he feels… attracted to her right now. incredibly so. more than he’s felt all semester.
  • and then she turns her head and finds Mr. Rogers standing right there and actually feels her stomach flip, because she’s aware that her hair is in the messiest braids ever and a sweater that’s two sizes too big on her and no make-up. and Maria and Sharon literally giggle when they see Mr. Rogers, and maybe Nat’s imagining it, but, does he seem nervous as he walks over to them? she thinks he is, but what would he have to be nervous about, exactly?
  • Maria and Sharon try to wave him over, but he politely declines and grabs a bag of M&Ms off of the shelf and says he should get back to grading midterms. and Natasha tries to brush off the incident despite Maria and Sharon teasing her for a good half hour after he’s left the store, but then she shows up to class the next day and plops herself on his desk as per usual and he’s neck-deep in grading papers, still, but he gives her this grin as he nudges a small bowl with M&Ms in it toward her and she doesn’t know what she feels like a fucking giddy schoolgirl all of a sudden, but she does.
  • Sam and Bucky meet her when they all have dinner at her diner, and okay, maybe he’s been further in denial than he thought when his best friends pick up on this – flirtation between him and Natasha when she’s taking their order. and of course they’re both assholes about it. he spends the first half of dinner listening to them tease him relentlessly and then spends the other half listening to them lecture him about being careful and that he could get in serious shit if the university finds out and, duh, he’s thought about this before. several times.
  • they last until the last month. literally, they have a month left before the end of the semester, a month until she graduates. in their defense, it’s by accident.
  • he’s grading at the diner and ends up staying late, and he’s her last table, so she’s leaving when he is, and obviously he hangs back so that he can walk her to her car, because she’s his student and he cares about her safety and. yeah. that. and they end up leaning against the side of her car and talking for another twenty minutes about anything and everything, until he looks over and sees her peering up at him with this look in her eyes that makes his lips go a little dry, and she reaches up and touches his cheek and he just – doesn’t move, and she stretches on her toes and her lips ghost over his cheek, and he thinks, okay, she’ll just give him a quick kiss goodnight, and his heart kind of pangs at this
  • except her lips linger, and she tilts her head and looks at him and his eyes flick down to her mouth and then she’s pressing their lips together and they’re kissing and it’s hungry and desperate and all of this pent up energy just crashes over them and it’s exhilarating
  • and she’s so lost in the kiss that she’s actually a little disoriented when he pulls away all of a sudden, and she has to blink to get her vision back, and when she does, she sees this small but reluctant smile, which would have been a punch to her gut if not for the clear want still shining in his eyes. when he gives her the short speech about it not being right, he sounds even more reluctant and maybe that makes her smile. so does the shift in his tone when he adds, “–and then when you graduate–”
  • “then this”– she gestures between then, a grin on her lips and a sparkle in her eyes –“is fair game?”
  • he smirks. smirks. fuck, she thought he was sexy before…
  • “yeah,” he answers, voice gruff. “if you still want this, we’ll give it a try. in a month.”
  • “a month,” she echoes in a promise.
  • (an hour after graduation, after she’s gotten her diploma and taken pictures and had a celebratory lunch with her friends, she rushes over to the diner with her cap and gown all but forgotten in her back seat as she bursts through the doors and finds Steve sitting at his usual table. he’s sketching this time, not grading papers, and he smiles and starts to stand and she doesn’t care about the attention they draw when she literally runs and throws herself into his arms with her legs hooked around his waist; no, she doesn’t give a damn about anything but kissing this man breathless.)
  • (also? the first time he hoists her onto his desk in his home office, her fingers in his hair as she drags his head between her thighs, she tells him that she had a few daydreams in his classroom that started off this way and he groans back, “yeah, me too,” as he pushes her legs a little further apart, and– )

“but the whole point of dating someone is to Get To Know Them!”

which is great but holy shit allos get attached way too fucking quickly so by the time you decide whether or not you’re even crushing on someone (spoiler warning it’s almost always “not”), they’re already picking china patterns and practically throwing their pants at you

srsly the reason I don’t date IRL is because I’ve already broken hearts without even dating, I don’t want to make a habit of it


Build A Boyfriend - Huang Zitao

The Sweet Tooth bakery was quiet and quaint, just the way you remember.From the berry tarts dancing on your tongue to the vanilla cream cupcakes that always had that perfect swirl of smooth buttercream frosting that never was displayed without a touch of color. The walls were a light sky blue accented red swirls in the shape of a cupcake displayed the store alongside a cozy corner of brown couches and in the other was a arrangement of tables and booths made to allow people to enjoy and relax as they pleased.

It’s been a few years since you’d been there and nostalgia would hit like a brick to the face. The sweet aroma of your absolutely favorite dessert wafted through the air to your nose making you deeply inhale and exhale with a smile. It smelled like home.

You remember coming here years back with your friends enjoying an ice cream to cool you from the scorching Seoul heat. Except this feeling was reserved for someone else, somebody special, somebody you used to know and love. From the tall stature and eccentric clothing choices and warm intimidating brown irises that captured your own eyes, putting you into a trance, that’s the feeling you so desperately missed. The warm cuddles in the morning and late night whispers were cherished in your mind.

The feeling was gone and you were back in the shop smiling sadly at memories that used to be reality. You had remembered the nervous hands wrung together as your eyes darted from those brown hypnotizing irises to the flowers in the vase across the room. You remembered the worry in those eyes and the gentle coax to talk. The words you carried held a weight and pushed heavily on both parties’ hearts, but with a nod and a watery smile see-you-laters were exchanged and you had to release the very person that was specifically made for you, and you only.

A deep breath in and out you took careful steps to the counter, not taking notice to the couple in the corner or the little ding of the door signaling someone had either left or arrived. You didn’t care, all you wanted was a taste of your desired dessert for just a glance if the happiness you once cherished in your heart.

You couldn’t help but wonder if you’d ever see him again. How had he been? Is he happy? Did he…move on?

You were shaken out of your thoughts as it was now your turn to order and you reached for a small wrapped dessert at the same time a hand much larger than your own reached for the exact same thing.

“Um excuse me I had this first.’ You defiantly exclaimed head up.

The stranger turned to you with sunglasses and messy blonde hair and an evident scowl resting on his smooth face.
“You must be mistaken. I have it in my hand so therefore it is mine.” His voice was deep and oddly familiar. You however, shook it off not letting your stubborn side lose.

With confidence you reached up with a bracelet clad wrist and gripped his wrist that adorned two bands and a single circular pendant of yin and yang. The retort was at the top of your tongue but it was like cotton filled your mouth. Words wouldn’t form and your breathing was cut off like water in the faucet.

You knew it felt familiar, but why? ‘Was it the voice? Definitely not the hair. Maybe the stature? No many men were tall. What about the hands?’ You thought as you continued to search your brain for familiarity from this man and that when it clicked. The rope bands looping around his wrist and adorning a single yin and yang pendant in the middle was what it was.

You remember distinctly. You had bought this bracelet for the one person as a gift for your anniversary. You had demanded he show his wrist and you slipped it on and squealed with delight at the fit. Ignoring his protest you bought the bracelet and slipped it back into his wrist with a smile. The carving was exactly the same on this stranger’s bracelet, but how? It was one of a kind and only one person had it-.

“Um can you let go please? I’d like to purchase something. Look you can have it if it bothers you but can you please stop that? Hello are you even listening-?”

“Tao.” You whispered still in shock that he was here.

He was taller than you remembered and had he been working out? His hair was also a new blonde that looked oh so soft to touch.

The man, Tao, stared in shock before taking off his sunglasses to see you clearly before a shock filled smile aforned his lips matching yours. He didn’t say a word just pulled you into a long over do embrace that was original to your boyfriend who was made just for you.

The universe had a funny way of working, but it worked in your favor to bring two pieces that belonged together back into one again in the city you had once met.


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I'm 16 and my bf and I had sex and I told my mom because I missed my period for 3 days (now on 4) and it's a shit show. But it wasn't even really sex cause he didn't really go in all the way and he didn't cum in me. This is so stressful also I've taken to at home pregnancy tests and they have been negative and I got a blood one and the results haven't come back yet.

my love i… you’re not pregnant I can pretty much promise you 😭
It sounds to me like there’s really no way you could’ve even gotten pregnant, but let me tell you it’s a lot easier to push off your period. Even a small stress or worry can push away your period 😩 now that I have been with a man for about two years (and FINALLY GOT SOME
HEALTH CLASSES) I realize that to get pregnant there is much timing involved (still can happen by accident).

before I started the BC patch i would always use protection bc I’m a good girl lol. Anyways, even when he finished “inside” w a condom I would be paranoid or worried and when the day I thought I’d have my period came and I didn’t I took pee stick after pee stick and always negative and before I knew it, maybe 1 week maybe 10 days, I would start my period.

long story short if you’re being extra careful you probably will be OK. probably

3rd promt: AU

It’s cheezy, it’s dumb, LET ME HAVE THIS OKAY??!?

Was going to skip this prompt completely because I’m sheit at AUs, but some single parent AU prompt sneaked it way onto my dash….. and here we are.

Dani is always going to be the elephant in the room when it comes to the pompous pep pairing, so why not make her the tool that ties them together in a single parent romance story from hell then?

BG story(because why not??):

Vlad being the widower father to a young daughter that’s starting to act out and instead of being a reasonable adult and maybe, juuuuust maybe, figure that he is the issue, -sends her to regular visits to a child’s therapist, Jasmine Fenton, who in all fairness finds it more interesting to focus on Vlad’s issues and relationship to his daughter. Danny, on his way to pick up his older sister for lunch runs into dear ol’ Vlad and they, uh, do not hit it off immediately.

Danny: Yannow, Jazz? I would appreciate if you stopped trying to pair me off with your clients, This Masters guy was just too much.


Danny: What?!

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Hey dude I've been following your blog for a while and you got some really cool animations. I myself am trying to learn how to animate but I don't know where to start. So my question to you is where do I start to learn how to animate? Like are there any books I should read or tutorials you would recommend. Thanks for your time man I really apreciate it.

First off, thanks for the compliment and thanks for following me!

I don’t really think there’s any one way, but…

As far as books go, I’d say Preston Blair’s Advanced Animation is probably the best place to start. The name’s pretty misleading- It atcually starts form the very basics. It’s where I started when I started getting more serious about animation, and I’d say it has probably been my biggest help. Learning good construction skills has helped me tremendously with my animation and art. You may have a lot of awesome ideas in your mind, but that won’t help much if you can’t translate them to paper (or tablet, or whatever you may use).  Learn about construction, how lines and features wrap around forms, clear and distinct poses, perspective, etc. Don’t trace the examples, but make your own copies of them step by step and compare them to the images given. Your copies don’t have to be perfect- what’s most important is that you’re learning how and why something looks the way it does.

When I first started copying I made the mistake of trying to make my drawings look exactly the same as in the book, causing frequent frustation. I’d spend forever on one drawing, not really absorbing and understanding what the goal was. Now, that doesn’t mean you should be careless about it… You do want them to look close. Just make sure to go step by step, checking your progress along the way. You’ll get better the farther you go.

You might have taken a look at those pages and thought “Well, that’s interesting and all, but I don’t exactly plan on drawing these old ‘40s Disney-style characters any time soon…”

That’s totally understandable and perfect because the next step is to use the tools you learned from copying those drawings and apply them to your own drawings. After all, what’s the point in copying and learning all those principles if you aren’t going to use 'em? I’d also recommend some life drawing every once in a while. Draw people and objects and learn what things actually do look like and not just what you think they look like. Once again, apply these principles to your own drawings.

Like I said before, though, there’s no one way. That’s just the way I happened to learn. Some people can pull off amazing drawings and animation without a bit of construction!

As for learning actual animation… Watch and study the best! Take influence from both classic and modern animation. I love watching old Warner Brothers cartoons- especially those by Bob Clampett, Tex Avery, and Chuck Jones- and seeing how skillfully they move their characters. I also love anime, too. There are TONS of talented Japanese animators with unique styles and techniques. I have so many favorites I can’t even list them all, but SakugaBooru (occasional 18+ content there so beware) has a huge selection of awesome animation gifs and webms from just about everybody. Whenever you get a chance, browse around the site. Watch and analyze different animators’ works and study the underlying principles. Learn to recognize what’s great and what isn’t. Go frame by frame and see how things move, then try it out for yourself. If possible, check out rough animation too. Preston Blair also goes a little bit into animation (walk cycles, squash and stretch, etc.) later on in his book. I’ve also heard a lot of people recommend The Animator’s Survival Kit, but I haven’t really taken a look at it.

So, yeah, this is a big post coming from somebody who hasn’t had any type of formal training. Please don’t take my advice as the end-all be-all (…is that right?) Everything I’ve learned about animation so far has come from the internet, and I’m still just scratching the surface. There are still tons of things that I need learn and get better at (walk cycles still scare the heck out of me), but I’m going for it. Just look around and explore, both here on Tumblr and the rest of the internet. There’s quite a bit of treasure out there.

Some random tips and stuff:

-When animating, start with the basic forms first. Animating something that has a lot of details can be tricky and I find it easy to lose myself. Starting with the simple parts helps a bunch.

-This is probably just me, but I seem to have some sort of issue when it comes to erasing parts of a drawing. I tend to just draw over it, and over time that gets messy. Soo…. er, don’t be afraid to erase.

-If you’re making a project that’s a bit longer or more complicated than the usual gif or something, have a plan. Srsly. Storyboards help. I’ve learned that the hard way.

Miscellaneous recommendations:

-John K Stuff. Say what you will about him, but he gives solid drawing advice. Tons of information here that has also been a huge help in my learning. Also has some great animation lessons. I’d recommend it for those 16+, though.

-Animation Resources. They have the whole Preston Blair book uploaded.

I hope that wasn’t too long. If you or anybody else has any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

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Hi! So first off I love your art, I've been following you for a while and I love your style! I recently started drawing orcs myself for a project but I'm having a bit of trouble with making their mouths work, to make them expressive around those tusks? Since you're one of my favourite artists and draw orcs on the regular, I was wondering if you had any pointers in this? Thanks!

thanks man!!! tbh the best way i have to visualize how lips work around tusks is just to stick my fingers in my fucking mouth, touching your lower canines w your thumbs or whatever gives a pretty good idea of how lips respond to big protruding teeth ;0 

otherwise if youre goin about teeth the way i do, i guess the main thing to keep in mind is that the lower lip wraps around the tusks and the upper lip rests on top of them !

something i find really interesting about the dead lesbian trope is the whole history behind it. i know some people already know this but anyway!! after world war 2, around 1952 i think, lesbian pulp fiction was introduced and due to censorship, these wlw were literally not allowed to have happy endings bc publishers couldn’t publish something that in any way seemed to proselytize homosexuality, but wlw still read them regardless. why?? because that’s all they had. it’s the only thing they could find themselves in, despite the fact that they were always killed off, ran straight back to their husband/boyfriend, turned straight, or literally just went crazy.

and i just find it so mind boggling how it’s been over sixty!!! years!!! already, and these characters are still being killed off. still ending up with a man. still aren’t getting their happy ending. and yet, how similar is it, that despite that, wlw still watch these shows and movies because it’s all they have. things have changed yes, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t have a long way to go. think about it. sixty years and things are more or less the same. that’s just sad….

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For a sci-fi webcomic, I've been working on the specs of a class of power-armor clad enforcers (called Jotunns) and their weaponry; they have a specific handgun they use. For ammunition I was thinking of two types they carry: 12.7mm hollowpoint for soft targets and shorter range, and tungsten-tipped sabot rounds as 'high-power' rounds, for anti-armor/anti-giant-mutant and long-range use. Is this just me going way off the mark for firepower, or could this be justified for a man-scale tank?

So, 12.7mm is a real round (well, several different rounds), and it makes this entire question a little strange. We talked about the idiosyncrasies of firearms a couple weeks ago, and I had to check, but 12.7mm did come up as an example. 12.7mm is half an inch, so .50. Occasionally, you’ll see .50 BMG listed as 12.7x99mm instead of the imperial caliber.

I’ve seen 12.7 come up as a distinct round in, basically, two places. There’s a 12.7x108mm Chinese AM round, which is their answer to the .50 BMG, and, Fallout: New Vegas.

Ironically, the reason New Vegas calls it a 12.7mm is actually in the above paragraph. The game includes an Anti Materiel rifle patterned off the Barret which fires .50 BMG rounds. Because of how New Vegas formats ammunition names, this creates an immediate problem. There’s two different .50 rounds. The BMG and the AE. The AE is a handgun round (12.7x33mm), the BMG rifle round (again, 12.7x99mm). So, if you include a .50 pistol, and a .50 rifle, people who aren’t very firearms savvy are going to wonder why they don’t share ammunition. “I mean, it’s all .50, right?”

What Obsidian (I think this was specifically J.E. Sawyer’s call, but I’m not completely certain) chose to do was label one as 12.7mm, and the other one .50. Since the Barret has slightly more name recognition it got to keep the imperial name, and the pistol got the metric.

The other thing weighing on giving the pistol the metric name was, it’s a returning design from the first two Fallout games. They had something called a 14mm pistol (externally based on a SIG sporting pistol, if I’m remembering correctly), which was an upgrade from the .44 Desert Eagle, in game terms.

All of that said? .50AE isn’t a great round, and, while I could be wrong, I don’t see it having a real future. It fits with Fallout because it’s chromed steel excess meshes well with 1950s consumer design.

Hell, the Desert Eagle is an excellent example of that era’s design aesthetics. Big, heavy, more steel and chrome than is practical. It’s a four pound pistol. Even though it’s Israeli and didn’t actually enter production until the 1980s, it’s an excellent flash card for that era of Americana.

So, here’s the hard part. For someone who’s not wearing a powered exosuit, a .50 is an annoying round to control. In an exosuit, and against the kind of targets where you’d really need that kind of firepower, I’m inclined to think it would be kind of anemic. Why use a .50 round, when you could simply have a standardized 19mm or 25.4mm high explosive round? With varying payloads depending on what you’re shooting. Sure, no normal human could use it, but if you’re in powered armor, that’s not an issue.

A sabot round is, basically, a dart loaded into a shotgun shell. Now, that’s not completely accurate, but if you’re dead set on using one. I’d recommend just using solid darts, rather than having a distinct tip. For serious AP capability in a high power rifle, I’d actually be more inclined to point at man portable gauss weapons, rather than wasting space on a sabot.

All of this is going to be predicated on the technology your characters have access to. So, it’s possible your setting just doesn’t have portable gauss weapons. Also, feel free to ignore the bolter calibers I listed back up there. That is a Warhammer 40k reference. But, for ways to load out a suit of powered armor, 40k is a fantastic thing to look at.

Some quick primers for powered armor:

Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein is probably the patient zero of SciFi space marines in powered armor. I deeply dislike the politics that Heinlein was advocating, but the book is worth reading. I’m much more partial to the film, but that’s a brutal takedown of the military jingoism that Heinlein was celebrating.

Armor by John Steakley is written as a rebuttal to Starship Troopers. I’m inclined to say it’s actually a better book, but that’s my bias seeping in. Either way, Steakley does some good worldbuilding.

If you haven’t, Warhammer 40k’s Space Marines are something you really should be looking at. You can check the Lexicanum to get a quick overview, and some basic statistical data; it will also work as a good quick litmus test to tell if the setting’s zealotry dialed to 11 and played for laughs is something you can actually get into and enjoy. For specific recommendations, first impulse here is to actually point at the THQ games. The generically titled Space Marine is a surprisingly good third person action title. Dawn of War was my first real introduction to the setting, and Dawn of War 2 specifically isn’t a bad starting point.

Generally speaking, when you’re looking at characters in powered armor, it can trace it’s lineage back through one of these sources. So it’s probably worth looking at them, if you’re working with this sub-genre.


West Wing Quote of the Day
  • Bartlett: I have MS, and I didn't tell anybody.
  • Mrs. Landingham: Yeah. So, you're having a little bit of a day.
  • Bartlett: You're going to make jokes?
  • Mrs. Landingham: God doesn't make cars crash and you know it. Stop using me as an excuse.
  • Bartlett: The Party's not going to want me to run.
  • Mrs. Landingham: The Party'll come back. You'll get them back.
  • Bartlett: I've got a secret for you, Mrs. Landingham, I've never been the most popular man in the Democratic Party.
  • Mrs. Landingham: I've got a secret for you, Mr. President. Your father was a prick who could never get over the fact that he wasn't as smart as his brothers. Are you in a tough spot? Yes. Do I feel sorry for you? I do not. Why? Because there are people way worse off than you.
  • Bartlett: Give me numbers.
  • Mrs. Landingham: I don't know numbers. You give them to me.
  • Bartlett: How about a child born this minute has one in five chances of being born into poverty?
  • Mrs. Landingham: How many Americans don't have health insurance?
  • Bartlett: 44 million.
  • Mrs. Landingham: What's the number one cause of death for black men under 35?
  • Bartlett: Homicide.
  • Mrs. Landingham: How many Americans are behind bars?
  • Bartlett: Three million.
  • Mrs. Landingham: How many Americans are drug addicts?
  • Bartlett: Five million.
  • Mrs. Landingham: And one in five kids in poverty?
  • Bartlett: That's thirteen million American children. 3.5 million kids go to schools that are literally falling apart. We need 127 billion in school construction, and we need it today!
  • Mrs. Landingham: To say nothing of 53 people trapped in an embassy.
  • Bartlett: Yes.
  • Mrs. Landingham: You know, if you don't want to run again, I respect that. [stands up] But if you don't run 'cause you think it's gonna be too hard or you think you're gonna lose - well, God, Jed, I don't even want to know you.

Hello! So, this is a thing I started a while back and got around to finish it today. The title is shitty, but I couldn’t think of anything else to put.
Sorry (╥﹏╥).
Anywaysss, this is a destiel fic, written in the pov of both Dean and Castiel. Hope you like it! (>‿♥)

Word count: 1000
Character: Dean Winchester and Castiel
Ships: Destiel

      Dean is a different story, he has always been. I came to earth to save him, and in return, he showed me every aspect of humanity. He introduced me to all kinds of emotions and feelings I never knew existed.

      Castiel is a unique story I would never tire from hearing. I can’t seem to ignore the silhouette of his palm on my shoulder whenever I have my shirt off. Castiel proved to me there’s more the fight for. A better lifestyle. He made me believe in freedom again, in the most messed up ways possible.

      One of those feelings was so bitter-sweet. It felt like my heart was clenching and that something magical has been let loose inside my stomach. I never asked Dean, though. I don’t know if it’s appropriate. I've been feeling that ever since the Pizza Man, but only when I think of him.

        Castiel can be oblivious at times. Or maybe he just doesn’t understand. I hope that’s not the case, though. It’s different with Cas. There’s always a pull towards him that seems to only target me. There are times that I just want to hold him close to me, tousle his hair and feel his breath on my neck. But then I quickly snap out of it. I can’t think like that. Castiel would never feel the way I do, too.

      I’ve been noticing a slight shake in my hands whenever Dean is closer than usual. It turns horrible when he hugs me. I don’t understand why, though. How can one person have so much control over my body? Is it normal for a heartbeat to speed up when someone is staring intensely at you, or is it just me? I think I will ask him about it. Maybe he actually knows. I hope he does not think it is inappropriate.

      I can’t help but stare at Castiel. Sometimes I just enter a daze and snap out of it when I notice Castiel’s soft, confused frown. Other times, I like to lock my eyes on his blue ones. Those eyes I’d look at for the rest of time. He reminds me of water; pure and necessary to have if you want to live. 

      I asked Dean about it today. I have not told him everything. I didn’t tell him that he was the one behind it all. I just told him everything I was feeling around him. He told me, in a rather soft, distant voice that I was feeling admiration at it’s purest. Love, if I recall correctly. I wonder what it would feel like to really love and be loved by somebody.

      Castiel asked me about what the feeling in which your heart clenches and the feeling of something getting loose inside your stomach was called. I couldn’t help but bite off a smile at the way his eyes shone when I told him it is love. But I made the mistake and asked him who he was feeling this way towards. He shrugged it off and simply said, “a person.” I’m not sure why I’m this upset. 

      Dean has been acting weird around me lately. He has been trying to stay outside rooms I am in, and outside hunts I am partaking in. It is weird, and it is sending a new shiver down my spine that I can’t seem to decipher. But it is so… sad. Now that I think about it, Dean started acting this way ever since I asked him about my feelings.

      I can’t seem to be around Castiel and hold the hurt at bay. I’ve been trying to stay out of his way as much as possible so that he doesn’t see what I’m going through. He’ll just be as oblivious as he has always been. 

      I have been trying to have a talk with Dean alone, but he always postpones it and scatters away. He has been keeping himself busy with simple day to day hunts. I am getting tired of this.

      Today, I noticed Castiel turning bright red before I exited the room. He has been trying to get me to talk to him, but I honestly don’t feel like listening to some damned love story at the moment.

      I do not have any idea what I would tell Dean even if it happened that we talk. I do not think I’m quite capable of having a confession time. What if Dean doesn’t feel that way? What if I turn matters even worse? I don’t know. I do not know. But it is to late now. I need to say something

      I got up to my room, planning on listening to some music, just to see that Castiel has already bet me there. I had to clear my throat to get rid of the knot that has formed there. He looked flabbergasted by my sudden appearance. I was feeling the same.

      It was not until a few seconds of silence that Dean asked me why I was in his room. I kept quiet, trying to search for a reasonable lie, but Dean called my name again and I told him the first thing that came to my mind. 

      It all came sudden and at once. But the feeling was pure bliss. It occurred to me that all those feelings Castiel described days earlier were somehow happening to me, too. And though it made me vulnerable, I would never keep this feeling away.

      It had slipped out of my mouth without my awareness. And now, Dean is walking straight to me, that same intense gaze he used to hold before he started ignoring me burning through my own eyes. His palms collided with my cheeks, and the feeling of his lips, calloused but heavenly, against mine clenched my heart and set loose a million magical feelings inside my stomach. And to hear him say it back felt like my whole body was lit on fire.

      “I think I’m in love with you, too, Castiel.”

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Hello I read a fic a while ago about actor!dan and I think phil worked in a book store or something? I know that phil had to pass the movie set on the way to work and didn't like dan at first. Can you please help me? (Btw I love you guys so much, I've found great fics to read thanks to you xx)

In My Way (ao3) - Daniel Howell is 21 and Britain’s newest star. He’s just been cast in the much-anticipated film adaption of Last Man Standing, the popular teen fantasy novel with a huge fanbase hanging off his every tweet. In other words, Dan has made it big. Phil Lester couldn’t care less. He’s a stressed out PHD student working part time at a bookshop while he struggles to get into post-production. He’s 26 and still lives in a tiny flat on the fifth floor of a building with a lift more broken than it is in use. He loves books, but he thinks big film adaptions screw with the plot too much. Needless to say, Phil is less than impressed when Last Man Standing is getting filmed in his hometown. And he certainly doesn’t want anything to do with obnoxious, arrogant, so irritatingly perfect leading actor Daniel Howell.

- Emily

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First thing's first, I absolutely really love you and your art! <3 I wanted to ask, recently I've been thinking about getting into Samurai Flamenco and was wondering of you could tell some pro's to it? X3 have a great day!

OH MAN ugh ugh I love everything about Samurai Flamenco, but here are some great things about it

  1. All of the characters are flawed. Ok, maybe that’s a weird thing to say right off the bat, but Samurai Flamenco is great in a way that their characters are realistic. They are multifaceted, and even though the show doesn’t get an opportunity to explore every character’s arc, you still get the impression that these characters are still people despite the weirdass things going on around them. I remember hating all of the characters because of their flaws; by the end of the series I loved them for it. They are unapologetically flawed, and even in their growth they acknowledge that their flaws aren’t easy to change, and that’s OK.
  2. Every single episode has a purpose. There’s no fillers, no unimportant action. Even the ones that you sit there and question “Was this really necessary?” you’re going to appreciate a few episodes ahead. The plot is somehow very well paced, very well planned out, and it just ruins it to skip some episodes because of disinterest. Some spots that people drop at is episode 7 and 11, but I implore you to keep watching!! Each one is pertinent and important, it would be a shame to miss out on that. :>
  3. It’s very honest, thematically. What do I mean? Well, like old childhood shows, it has a message or moral in mind for the show, but it’s not shallow, and it’s not condescending. It’s a pure hearted wish, in a way…. ah I hope I’m not being too vague, but hopefully you can see for yourself what I mean. You’ll feel the messages VERY STRONGLY, but the delivery is spot on. This show wears its heart on its sleeve, and it’s not afraid to show it!
  4. It keeps you on your toes. I know that you don’t get that impression until episode seven, but after that it’s literally BAM BAM BAM BAM. You WILL want to watch the series to find out what happens next, so please, strap yourself in because you’re in for a CRAZY ROLLERCOASTER RIDE.
  5. It’s pure, good hearted fun. I might’ve mentioned this before, but even as a parody of all of our childhood super sentai toku shows, it makes fun without making fun of the genre itself! It’s super nerdy, plays tropes straight, you’ll feel so much second hand embarrassment, but it’s never icky or uncomfortable or condescending. 

Like I said, I personally LOVE THIS SHOW TO DEATH. If I could, I would probably rewatch Samumenco like…..50  times over tbh…. I’ll watch it with every one of my friends, and laugh and cry with them too. It’s a really great show to watch with other people. When I watched it with my roommate as it was coming out, it sparked a lot of good discussion?? It’s surprisingly deep but also incredibly honest. I’m still awed by it and, yeah, watching it over and over again will never make it old or trite, I just ugh I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Anyway, I was really vague because I didn’t want to spoil anything, but I really do hope you enjoy it!! Please keep watching, and have a good ride!