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Shut TF up, Arch
  • Betty: my dad might have killed Jason and he's v mean to Polly
  • Jughead: my dad is a gang leader and I'm homeless
  • Cheryl: my brother is dead and I'm in an abusive home and everyone hates me
  • Veronica: my dad is a v bad person and I hate him
  • Polly: I'm pregnant with a dead mans child and was ostracized
  • Ethel: my family is going through really rough times and my dad tried to kill himself
  • Kevin: I have to hide my relationship from my dad [bonus points: I am the comic relief of my friend group]
  • Jason: I'm dead.
  • Archie: omg you guuuuyyys I kissed Ronnie but that made Betty mad so I kissed Val and that was v good but then I kissed Cheryl and that made Val mad and all I want to do is write muuuuuusic #thestrugle #igetby #inspiring #notallheroswearcapes

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170521 Heechul’s comment on Yesung’s IG post: Indeed there’s a difference to the one Teukkie posted. Your editing is amazing for sure (c)

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uhh i'm sorry for bringing in sheith to platonic kl but i'm currently reading a fic with shitty wingman lance and tbh i love it so much?? lance is just like "i love ya buddy but you need my professional help ;)". "lance no". "don't worry man i'm here to share my expertise". "oh my god"

nO WINGMAN LANCE IS SO GOOD I AGREE!!!!! omg what fic is this im so curious i’d love to check it out. 

im currently working on a fic where keith and lance become new roommates and it’s mostly about them becoming friends and keith finding a friend and opening up to lance. i havent decided if im gonna do a spin off or if it’ll be a chapter, but then they’re hanging out one day where shiro works and shiro and keith are best friends and lance clocks onto keith’s crush on shiro immediately and is like “what was that.” keith is like “what?” lance just “…… okay listen i know things so follow my lead and this will all work out great here’s what we’re gonna do” “we?” “yes we im invested in this now” 


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You know how it's supposedly canon that Zuko and Aang were best friends? Like yeah I'm sure they were good friends but Idk I think of Sokka to be Zuko's best friend you know. They're the same age both are sarcastic af and they looked almost like brothers in the boiling rock episodes. I like to think of Sokka as Zuko's best friend, if Zutara happened omg Sokka as the best man at the wedding, always making fun of Zuko and Katara.. ahhh what could have been.

Sokka and Zuko’s relationship felt so organic and pure to me in the show. I LOVE those two together. They have this awesome connection, and I think platonic relationships are so important. I ADORE the little makeshift family the gaang became by the end of the series. That’s why I’m devastated Bryke pulled that apart for the sake of drama and shipping in the comics and Korra.

I could see Aang and Zuko being incredibly close and teasing each other as well. I think it would be so sweet if Aang and Zuko were also close. Better yet, it would be amazing if they had like guys’ nights out together, and half the time Toph tagged along because she strikes me as a “one of the boys” type. But, she also totally goes along on ladies’ nights out, too. And, of course, they more often than not have “family gatherings” with the whole gaang together. 

Their whole dynamic together was incredibly sweet, and the story of Zuko and Aang finding a family who loved and accepted them as who they are was so amazing. Aang and Zuko’s stories paralleled each other SO MUCH, and their ending made those parallel lines finally meet in the sweetest way. Aang lost his family, but found and made a new one. Zuko was outcasted and rejected by his family, but found and made a new one who wanted the REAL him. They wanted the real Zuko and the real Aang. It was such a compelling narrative, which is why I think the two characters complement each other in such a sweet way. 

It would’ve been like Friends or something- have Zuko and Katara get married, then Suki and Sokka, but they’re all still a “big family” with couples mixed in and everything. I’m so mad Bryke went ahead and fucked up Aang’s characterization over bullshit. They fucked up the whole gaang over fucking bullshit. It was so sweet and cute and UGH, but BRYKE went and ruined it, shamefully. I’ll just be here with @theadamantdaughter making our own happily ever after so we can still give the gaang their little Ohana. 


             Had it already been almost thirty days since she left Inkwell Hell? Since she foolishly made a deal with her Lord, since her arrogance had led her to this outside world to be the one to prove Him wrong? Well, a lot of good that did her…she found herself without friends, without a job, without a home, and she had given into her demonic nature more than once. Needless to say…in less than ten minutes, when it struck midnight, Jazz-A-Belle was royally fucked. 

          But, oh…she did NOT want to face The Devil after she had essentially fallen flat on her face after talking so big in front of him. No way. She still had her Pride, if anything - and it led her into thinking…she could flee! She had wings, she could just leave Inkwell Isle altogether, He wouldn’t be able to get her over open ocean…right? Well, she wasn’t going to take any chances sitting up here on the third Isle’s clock tower, no sir. 

        Taking a deep, shaky breath, she spread her wings and pushed herself off of the tower, taking to the skies, flying as high as she could go. She headed out to the ocean, using the clouds for cover. She knew full well The Devil would keep His promise - He would try to find her, even if He had to leave Inkwell Hell itself to do it. As far as she knew, though, He had no wings of his own. They had long since been burned up. She glanced down at the glittering sea below as the moonbeams reflected off of the black water…even if she had to go to the ends of the Earth, she would do anything to hide from The Head Honcho Himself.      


penis jokes! + friends bloopers ; pt. 3
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