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What do you love about Pride & Prejudice? (I'm asking because I really enjoy how you translate many of the works you read into 'today's language' so to say) x

I love that it’s about love. Like actually really genuinely and honestly about love. It’s about love and compromise and change and trust and expectations and maturity and learning when you’re wrong and when you’re right and acting accordingly. And all of those things are love?

Like, Darcy isn’t this cultural icon of the perfect man because he’s all dark and brooding but rich and attractive. He has the cultural iconicity he has because like…he’s rude and proud and a hypocrite and some of that is covering for the fact that he’s just damn awkward, BUT he owns up to it. Lizzie calls him tf out and instead of sulking, instead of feeling entitled to her (which all the norms of their society says he is), he starts examining his behaviour and his attitudes and changes them. And he doesn’t push her or do it just for her, he doesn’t do grand gestures that scream ‘look at me I’ve changed I’m being better now marry me’. He does it quietly, discreetly, because he genuinely wants to be better, bc she’s shown him how and why it’s important. And THAT’S why Lizzie falls in love with him, and why generations of readers have too.

Lizzie goes through a similar process of growing out of her prejudice and growth generally and learning that love is about compromise and commitment and fighting to understand each other while the entire world seems to conspire to obscure you. She learns that sometimes it’s about holding your damn nerve and sometimes it’s about giving in, about letting yourself feel affection for this man in full knowledge that it won’t be easy but that it will be worth it.

And it’s beautiful, it’s so beautiful. It’s light and life and honestly I could read and watch these two fools fall in love over and over again for eternity and never get bored.

I’ve only talked about Lizzie and Darcy here but it’s also about love between family, between people who have been married for decades, between siblings who struggle to like each other but love fiercely, and all those forms of love are just as important. It’s so honest and true and wonderful and everyone should read it.

I think the thing I love the most about Jaal’s romance is… I’m so used to Bioware giving me this Depressing Shit™ all the time with love interests, and Jaal just… isn’t.

He’s sweet and loving and smart and loyal and good and caring and attentive and genuinely is very deeply in love with Ryder… AND NOTHING BAD HAPPENS. He doesn’t die, he doesn’t leave you, he doesn’t take the position in the Resistance that Efvra offered him and go back to Aya to leave you in a LDR or something, no.

He stays with you and tells you how much he adores you and loves you, he calls you his “darling one”, he tells you you’re “stuck with him” and to take him with you wherever you go, he wants to get a place of your own together on one of the worlds you saved… like.

He wants to spend the rest of his life with you and I’m just???? I’m so happy there’s like… no angst in his romance. Like sure there’s sad moments and shit hitting the fan all around you, and poor Jaal has two existential crisis during the story, but like. You’re always there for eachother. And you love eachother. And for ONCE there is a genuinely happy goddamn ending for both of you!!!! GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

buck and lars go on a movie date

Buck: man, it really stinks that we can’t bring cheap snacks into the movies :/ I could really go for some chips

Lars: don’t worry, I got you *proceeds to pull food out of his abyss of hair*




Buck, to Jenny and Sour Cream: Do you guys know what love feels like? Like real, genuine love?

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Thoughts on Deadpool? Do you think he has or has a chance of developing into a good man? Or that you can't teach old dogs new tricks? I'm genuinely curious as you seem to have a lot of comic background.

hey man look,, anything is possible if the right writer is behind it. i love wade wilson. i start every rant about wade wilson with “i love wade wilson”, because i love wade wilson. wade’s a really interesting character because he isn’t really a good person. people say “oh, he’s good at heart”, but he isn’t, particularly. he has a baseline moral code he won’t compromise on, like not harming children and whatnot, but he’s generally a neutral character who makes his decisions based on personal gain – whether that be monetary or otherwise. he’s not particularly heroic, he’s any one of us if we were in his situation. he picks and chooses his battles. he admires heroes, but doesn’t always understand the sacrifices they make – and a great amount of the time, when wade goes out of his way to perform heroics, he doesn’t get the respect other heroes do. i think, with wade, a lot of the time he believes that he can only be what other people perceive him as. he wants to be respected and admired as a hero, but there’s a futility that follows his efforts, and drives him back into old habits by necessity. to me, good or bad labels won’t really fit on deadpool – it’s just whether his efforts succeed or fail. there’s no way of knowing if wade will really learn what heroism means, to the degree that other heroes do, but i think that gives an edge of realism to wade’s character that sharply contrasts against the fantasy of unwavering good that other heroes embody. what’s the saying? there are no good men, only good deeds. that’s wade. 

right now in marvel is probably the closest we’ll be getting to “hero” deadpool, (which imo is still a god awful person, maybe even worse than before). me, i don’t think Marvel will ever go the Full Redemption arc because… i don’t know, anti-hero Deadpool is more… fun? i guess. to read, and probably write. also, every marvel character is under the curse of never truly being able to evolve. 

Shadow Moon is just so pure and unequivocally good, and I’m just in awe of him. He’s confused and unable to grasp what’s going on around him. He’s in denial. Sure, he’s seen all these ridiculous and illogical things but he’s still unwilling to believe what he’s seeing. He still wants to hold on to his long-held philosophy, and can we blame him? I know some people think it’s odd that he’s still unable to believe what he’s seeing, but it’s realistic. No one really wants to believe in something that challenges everything they already believe in, even if they’re seeing it with their own two eyes. Once you start believing in the impossible, you can’t go back and your entire life changes. That’s when it becomes real. You’re more comfortable gravitating towards what you know, even if evidence says otherwise. The unknown is terrifying; no one wants to venture into the unknown because there’s a lack of predictability that comes with it.

When something’s familiar and predictable, it’s safe. When it’s not, it’s not. You know what to expect from the familiar, but you don’t know what to expect from the unknown and that makes some people hesitant to move forward. I’m just happy that we’re finally able to get this take on this strange new world from the perspective of a Black man. In Abbie Mills, we were able to get the perspective of a strange new world where weird things happened through the eyes of a Black woman. As short-lived as that win was, it was still a win. I wish we could have seen a world where Shadow Moon & Abbie Mills existed at the same time, because the possibilities would have been endless. It would have been amazing inspiration for some thought-provoking, abstract meta.The comparisons would have sparked quite a few things that we probably wouldn’t have thought about before. Abbie, just like Shadow, saw something impossible happen too but she refused to believe what she saw. Even though there was evidence of what happened to her, she blocked it out and refused to believe it. Abbie & Shadow are so much alike, and it’s a shame they couldn’t exist at the same time.

With all that being said, I think it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate how groundbreaking Shadow Moon is and how different he is from the other Black male characters we’ve been exposed to in the last few years. He’s so different, and I don’t think we give the writers & Ricky enough credit for bringing Shadow Moon to life and creating a character you genuinely want to see win.

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Can you give a, like, non-spoilery brief (1-2 paragraphs) explanation about why you like the space man so much? I'm genuinely curious

OKAY. Why I love Spaceman.

So, if you somehow did not read my “standard bio,” you’ll know I really love Saihara. Momota likes to pep everybody up a lot! Sometimes, if somebody makes a self-depreciating comment, Momota is always right there to yell at them. If someone were to say, “I don’t think I should be living,” Momota would be like “SHUT THE FUCK UP!” and then go into a really stupid speech about space!

He’s so passionate! He puts the entirety of his being into anything he does. If he doesn’t want to do something but has to, he will do it, but you can tell when he really likes something! His manner of speech is really casual (swear-filled, according to Comun) and he isn’t the type to keep secrets, unless someone confides in him.

He’s shaped like a best friend.

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I wonder if someday Chichi told Goku that Yamcha was the first man that talk to her about love, he said he loved her (in Chichi's point of view he was genuine). I'd love to see how Goku would react to it. I like how the anime handles it, Bulma was so jealous :D but I don't remember if the manga touched this point. I'm just curious, how do you think he would react, especially if she told him after Gohan was born and he understands more about marriage.

Ya I don’t think the manga ever touched this part with goku. but it would be really fun to see this idea into a mini fanfic. xD

And I can imagine something this:…

*Goku playing with baby gohan in the living room while chichi is sowing some of goku’s cloth*

Chichi: Goku honey….I have a confession to make… (this has been on Chichi’s mind for a while but she didn’t know how to go about it. She was going to tell her husband sooner but he didn’t understand marriage that well. But now that he had a better understanding she felt it was the perfect time to tell him her little confession. Besides, married couples aren’t supposed to keep secrets from each other correct? )

Goku: Hmm? what’s up?

Chichi: umm….You know your friend Yamcha…? well….he had a crush on me back when we were kids and he told me he was “madly in love with me”…..

Goku: Heheh is that it?

Chichi: Huh!? You’re not jealous or anything?

Goku: Why would I be jealous? He’s not the one that got the girl right?

Chichi: Ah…..I guess you’re right


Ya…..that’s how I will see it if they ever bring this conversation up about Yamcha. I just can’t really see goku getting jealous/upset or anything. ^^;

BUT if you do want to see a jealous Goku then maybe something like this? It could be more comical:

Chichi: Goku I have a confession to make….

Goku: Ya?

Chichi:  You know your friend Yamcha? Well he once told me he had a crush on me and he was madly in love with me…

Goku: He what now?

He cancelled. Or well, they both did. I honestly feel like this decision came from hearing about what happened at the screening. I hope you’re happy with yourselves. The supergirl fandom is literally crap. You literally go around and bully people, yet you claim a relationship to be toxic. You’ve taken it too far. Your only justification on hating this man is because you think he’s “promoting” a toxic relationship. Do your freaking research, don’t hate on a person who’s so pure and kind and loving, when the only comeback you have is something that isn’t even real. You’re hating on a real human being over a fictional ship. I’m genuinely worried about him. This isn’t him, it’s not how he used to be. 

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I want to talk about how much I love zayn and Liam so don't mind me. I'm going to send you a message with my love for Liam and my love zayn hope you don't mind

ZAYN - so I know zayn’s the most beautiful man out there but honestly that’s the least beautiful thing about him. His physical attributes amount to nothing when you take in account his personality, his heart and his love. Like, he’s so genuine and kind? he’s always so supportive of his fans, and his friends. His tweets to Aiden, and the boys come to mind. But other than that, he’s such a family guy. He doesn’t have to be with them 24/7 to appreciate them and love them and whenever he talks ©

ZAYN - about them there is just so much love and appreciation and respect for his family. He wanted his dad to be proud of him. He wanted his mum to be happy (and he gifted her a house). He’s so fucking lovely to everyone. And you know how people say his eyes shine so bright? It’s cuz there’s nothing but light in him? I wouldn’t be surprised if Zayn doesn’t /hate/ anyone. He just seems like a guy who either loveswith his entire heart or doesn’t care about you. Either you’re in or you’re out ©

ZAYN - © but let’s talk about his VOICE. personally I perfer his acoustics and live performances, because damn his voice is so angelic in a way? His voice is so calming; it doesn’t matter what he’s singing, it’s just so so so damn beautiful. I remember when NB leaked I won’t mind I listened to it on REPEAT for months because his voice was epic. His voice literally reminds me of your favourite feeling. It’s just so fucking beautiful.

ZAYN - © okay but let’s also talk about how proud he is of /who/ he is. He is a Muslim, he is a British born Pakistani. And he doesn’t dare hideaway from that fact! Early on his career he had tweeted the Shahada (which every Muslim recites to become a Muslim). He literally thanked his parents for making him Asian. He has a song in Urdu on his damn debut album. He literally cites an iconic desi singer as one of his inspirations. He’s such a desi boy. I love him.

LIAM- LIAM IS AN ANGEL OKAY. There are no words to describe this man. He gets thrown under the bus for everything and I don’t even think he cares about it like he loves his band mates so much he literally speaks up for them (him posting after the weed video, him posting after z left the band) and he’s always trying and trying. He’s literally the definition of if life kicks you down 7 times get back up 8 times. He’s such a determined guy. Like fuck man he’s so determined to proving himself ©

LIAM - © to everyone that it’s actually so uplifting?? And omg remember when Andy was in a fire and he jumped in to save him? That’s honestly such a brave thing to do? He’s not a trained fire fighter, he’s just a kid who’s friend was burning and he did everything in his power to help him out and he saved his life. he’s honestly such a ride or die friend for people he loves and cares about ©

LIAM - people really forget that he admitted to having an alcoholic issue due to the stress of being in the spotlight Plus he also admitted that he had an eating disorder too because he wanted to stay fit?? He’s obviously such a sensitive souls and he really really reads everything people say about him and he’s so kind about it, he. Ever tried to show himself as a victim ? But just that he was himself? And I hate when people say He’s victimising himself in certain cases cuz he’s really not? ©

LIAM - © okay so now lets talk about his voice too. Because that boy has some pipes on him. His voice is so incredibleee!! Like? It’s not a basic voice at all. Sth you’d expect. Nah, man, that’s Liam payne and his voice is fucking gorgeous it’s so beautiful. It feels like a warm hug tbh. And that’s something everybody fucking needs in their life. ©

LIAM - let’s talk more about him being kind because that’s one thing that surprises me day and day out about Liam. He could be thrown in to anything and he still has so much kindness in his heart???? Something he shares with literally everyone. And, the fact that his smile is the kindest warmest smile I have ever seen in my life is so lovely. Liam Payne is god’s gift to this ugly mankind honestly.

bless you, nonnie, i’m a sobbing mess 

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Omg Olivia I just watched that video of matt daddario where he's signing things for fans and one of the fans hands him her phone as a way of asking if they can get a picture but he's distracted and signs her case instead and when he realizes he's like "DID I JUST SIGN YOUR CASE?! THATS NOT WHAT YOU ASKED ME TO DO!" and he's so genuinely sorry and the fan is just like "no it's fine!" I'm crying I love him a lot

that video is one of the most precious things I have ever seen cause he’s so???? himself???? like how precious is this man apologizing for signing her phone case when like who WOULDN’T want him to sign her phone case. “you can probably buy a cheap one off of EBay” HE FEELS SO BAD LIKE IT’S ADORABLE

he’s so friendly and sweet and goofy like “idk why you’d want to hug me I’m all sweaty” and “IS THIS ILLEGAL?!” when asked to sign a dollar bill and “Oh no I don’t want to mess it up!” when asked to write out “Alec” for a tattoo someone wanted to get and “Tell me if it’s blurry we’ll take another one” after taking a picture with this one fan like I LOVE HIM AND HIS SWEET HEART

i know it’s kind of dumb but my favorite cliché is when the bad guys show up and someone says “we’ve got company!” because the point is that it’s a massive understatement like ??? i love the idea of someone that genuinely has never heard that phrase before and upon hearing it for the first time thinks “oh, what a delight! i’ll bring out the lemon squares!” like no, dave they’re not here to mingle over tea they want to kill us very badly and have a lot of guns please take shelter you silly man

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I look up to Bang Yongguk ♡ bcs of his personality, I know he looks intimidating but inside he's the sweetest person ever. His smile when he watch his members being dorks is so genuine ♡ his songs he compose, the way he performs & cares not only for members but also BABYZ ♡ on his Vlive when he was covering his cheat tattoo bsc people mind find it scary. I'm sorry I just love this man so much (and thanks to him I have high standards in men) ^_^

<3 <3 <3

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[Question of the day: Who’s an idol you look up to and why?]

Last night my husband started getting teary eyed while we were laying in bed and of course i asked wtf was wrong because he is not an emotional man, and he said: “Nothing, I just love you so much and you’re so beautiful”.

It was the grossest and cutest thing ever and it just reminded me of how in love I am with this amazing man he’s genuinely my best friend and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

My god this post is gross but for real I’m so lucky.

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I'm gonna be a self-loathing attention whore again and ask you for some love because for some reason all my mistakes are being magnified by my feelings and I'm going way to deep into everything and long story short would like to be reminded why I'm not all alone all the time sorry

Man, ur great. You have a sharp sense of humour and you seem to genuinely care about the little group of friends you’ve got going on here. You’re fun to talk to, you say a lot of #relatable shit and you were one of the first people on here to talk to me, so that makes you special in my book.

And hey, if all else fails think of it this way: you love all of your friends to pieces, right? Even the ones who don’t think much of themselves? The same logic applies to you in regards to us, okay?

  • friend: do you believe in kaㅡ
  • friend: ㅡrma

here’s a super short stackson birthday love ficlet because my favorite seanwalcott turns 19 today :)


When Stiles wakes up the morning of his birthday, it’s to a pretty good number of texts and voicemails. He smiles, takes a minute to appreciate it, because prior to this year he had still been a mostly friendless loser with a grand total of a couple texts and a few more Facebook wall posts.

He’s scrolling through his inbox, reading the super sweet messages from Scott, Kira, Lydia, Malia, Derek, even Liam and Isaac, and then he sees it. The one from Jackson.

It’s not much. It’s pretty much nothing, actually, just a hb. And sure, it’s not exactly heartfelt and meaningful, but he hadn’t been expecting to hear from him at all, so he appreciates it to a degree.

He sends back a thanks, jackson :).

He’s replying to the rest of his friends when Jackson texts him back a np.

And, okay. Stiles rolls his eyes, because seriously?

He dials Jackson’s number.

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I read koe no katachi last year or so AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT it was one of my faves bc the characters felt so real??? And I am so glad to see someone else enjoying it that much (and omfgggg you writing something inspired by that???? It can only turn out amazing so I cant wait asdfgj ❗✨🙏💛) (also good luck on your finals, too!)

I know right!! it’s amazing how a story that could perfectly happen irl, with characters that seem like actual flawed humans, can feel so magical and impactful at the same time - that’s what I loved the most about it, and what inspires me to write something based off of it :’) and I’m glad you think so, I hope this inspiration sticks with me until I’m done with exams haha. thank you!! 

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sorry if this is weird but were you resorted into slytherin in the new website? I'm kinda scared to retake the test :/ also your comics are super cute and really brighten my dark days like few things. they're simple but very nice and cute and feel genuine idk I love them 💚💚

..there’s a new test?? Oh man, yeah I’m a bit scared to take it. At one point I did some sorting hat quiz and was put into Gryffindor 😶 I was like, I appreciate the gesture, but babe, no.
Thanks for your lovely words, so glad you like the comics! 💚🐍