man i would have gotten so many

The Signs discovering they are royalty
  • Aries- "f that i already knew that man"
  • Taurus- "how rich am i"
  • Gemini- "Thank you for everything i really would like to said i couldn't have gotten here without all of you"
  • Leo- "cool"
  • Virgo- "i just feel like this is to much for me to handle right now"
  • Libra- *calls mom*
  • Scorpio- "im gonna get all these royal hotties"
  • Sagittarius- "AHHH CAN I BRING MY FRIENDS"
  • Capricorn- "im gonna rule the world"
  • Aquarius- "will i have servants if not I'm out"
  • Pisces- "so many great parties gonna happen"
  • -Kat

The Audilis team ( seoulmateswooner rueamasawa autumnfrore protagonist-sama/otomelon restlessgamingnights theotomewriter) and I have been discussing how our children would look like with our bias voltage man. It’s gotten so deep at this point. ships have been made. this shit is real.
…yes so many kids. I’ve aways wanted a big family. lol


“That’s probably why I don’t have any friends.” You shrug and turn to fill another coffee pot. Dean looks at Sam, mouthing, “Awesome,” while Sam’s expression says exactly what he thinks.

“So, uh, you must hear some stuff, working here.” Dean flashes you one of his classy smiles, but you know he’s fishing for something.

“Yeah, I guess. We get all kinds of folks rolling through here.”

“I’ll bet you do.” Dean ignores Sam’s subtle pats on his arm. “You, uh, wouldn’t happen to have heard about the murder up on Howler Hill, would you?”

A smile toys on your lips but you quickly hide it before turning to face the boys. “Common knowledge round here. Old man Horton didn’t have many friends, so it wasn’t too surprising to hear he’d gotten himself killed.”

“Do you know where he was buried?” Sam blurted out, only confirming what you’d been suspecting. But you weren’t about to let them know that.

“Why on earth would you ask that?”

Both boys give nervous chuckles. “No reason, just curious.”

“Y/N, there are other customers here too, you know.” Your manager sends you a look and you hurry to obey. You can’t help but smile when your back is to the boys.

By the time you make it back to the counter, Sam and Dean are paying for their meal. Dean scribbles something onto a napkin and slides it over to you. You reach to take it and your fingers touch. Dean leans forward and whispers, “If you think of anything else, give me a call.”

You lean over so your lips are almost touching his ear. “You know, I’ve already salted and burned the bones. What you’re looking for, it isn’t a spirit.”

Dean’s eyes widen and you smile sweetly into his face. “Have a nice day, and come again.”


Here is why Ereri is not pedophilia or abusive like so many kind haters have pointed out.

1. Pedophilia is classified as attraction towards a prepubescent children generally 11 or younger. Eren is neither of those.

2.The age of sexual consent in Germany is 14 years old. Eren is 15 according to reliable sources. Therefore capable of consent.

3. Their relationship (Eren and Levi) is not abusive. I will reference the manga as evidence. If you look back to the court room beating, you will see a man had his gun pointed at Eren’s head. If Levi had not stepped in, Eren surely would have gotten shot. He stopped Eren from getting a bullet in his head but, in the process had to beat him a little. It was nothing serious, and the beating did no harm to Eren because of his titan healing powers.

4. Many people say Levi could care less about what could happen to Eren but that is actually the opposite. If you look back to the manga, when Eren was practicing hardening his titan form, his health was put at risk. Nobody was thinking about his well-being except Levi, who told Hanji to let him rest and helped Eren to his feet. Now if Levi really didn’t care about Eren, why did he sacrifice valuable time to let Eren rest?

I rest my case.

anonymous asked:

you have probably answered this before, but do you think silverflint might happen? i didn't used to think it would but for some reason all the things they've said lately about season 4 has made me think that maybe it could? like its just a vibe ive gotten? im still like 95% in doubt, just down from 99%.

oh god. oh man. oh boy. here we are >:) fjskldfjldsfjdsf. I actually don’t think I’ve ever (officially) answered this before. but I’ve talked about it with so many people and the discussion ALWAYS goes something like this:

“yeah, I’m not getting my hopes up. it’s probably not going to happen and even though it would be amazing if it did, it’s fine if it doesn’t! their relationship is still so incredible and fascinating. so YEAH. no expectations because it probably won’t! :o)” [exit stage left]

…………………….[running back on stage] “bUT LIKE WHAT IF IT DID THOUGH?!?! what if it DID happen, for real!?! WHAT IF?!?!?! WHAT IF!!!!”


anyway: I’m not even gonna pretend like this isn’t gonna get long so I’ll just say…MORE OF ME TALKING UNDER THE CUT >:)

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I lost my first tooth while my mother was out of the country and I was home with just my dad.

He was So Excited about getting to be in charge of a parenting milestone all by himself.

It was honestly really cute.

Because my parents didn’t believe in lying to kids, I knew it was the parent’s job to steal the kid’s tooth and then pay them damages.

So, I knew it was my dad who’d put $5 in our currency (~$2 USD) under my pillow for it.

When my mother got home, she was SHOCKED.

She was basically like “WTF, why would you give them so much money???”

“Even if you were trying to keep up with inflation since when we were kids, wouldn’t you give them one dollar???“

“Do you know how many teeth kids have????”

“They never would have noticed the difference! But now you can never reduce the price!”

My father is usually a very thrifty, financially-savvy man. He had just gotten over-excited.

But now his wallet flashed before his eyes.

And he had a face of “Dear G-d, what have I done”

The type of horror you’d feel after accidentally launching a nuke.

I felt sorry for him.

But I never let him reduce the price >:)

Okay, but hear me out for a moment…

I honestly cannot believe that there are people out there actually COMPLAINING about the new battle features regarding information of the Pokemon’s stat changes and type advantages???

I mean, dude, if I were a kid starting off with this latest generation of Pokemon (or even just a new player in general) I THINK THIS WOULD BE A PRETTY NIFTY THING???

HECK! I would have honestly loved something like this when I was starting out, but then again, when I was starting out, we DIDN’T HAVE NEARLY AS MANY TYPE MATCHUPS, SO IT WAS EASIER TO KEEP TRACK OF THEM OVER THE GENERATIONS! And even now, man, I still goof up on type advantages. We all do!

Not to mention, having a visual reference of stat changes is pretty useful! And this is coming from a seasoned player here. :U It is doubly-nice for me personally, because I’ve also gotten into the competitive scene recently and it is a very welcomed thing to have in my books.

Moreover, there is no shame in making the game more accessible! It’s not like you HAVE to use these new features anyway. You can fully elect to ignore them if you really wanted to, but really…. I think this was an excellent addition by Game Freak and thank them for it, and if any of you really have a problem with it, then just stick to the older games or something, idk. LET THE KIDDOS AND NEWCOMERS HAVE FUN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

“It disturbs me to no end how so many people seem to be on Jack’s side after playing the pre-sequel. THE. MAN. WAS. EVIL. He launched 2, maybe 3 innocent people out of an airlock. He ordered you to kill a surrendering soldier. He enjoyed killing the Meriff. HE CALLED IT “INVIGORATING”. Stop acting like Roland and Moxxi and Lilith trying to kill him was a horrible betrayal. Had they succeeded, none of the horrible things Jack did in BL2 would have happened. (Granted, we probably wouldn’t have gotten a BL2, but nevermind that.) JACK. WAS. EVIL.”

End of 3x05
  • Jemma: *finishes story* So????
  • Fitz: Of course we'll go rescue this guy. Why was this even a question?
  • Simmons: Just like that? Really?
  • Fitz: Of course. In case you haven't noticed, my human decency is at level 100. And rescuing an innocent person whose been trapped in hell for 14 years, even adding in the personal issues I have with him, would only require about level 4. Really anyone above your basic scumbag. Even Hunter would do it.
  • Hunter: (off in the distance) Hurtful.
  • Simmons: *shouting* Well you shouldn't have gotten May's Ex killed! *to Fitz* So... did you want to talk about it?
  • Fitz: Stargate first, emotional baggage later.
  • Simmons: *Sniffs because there are too many emotions* OK.
  • *Fitzsimmons to the rescue, because they are decent human beings who know how to put their love triangle aside for 2 seconds to save an innocent man*
Angry Women

There’s a video going around in Trinidad of a woman destroying her lover’s vehicle, after finding out he’s been cheating on her. She also has her body in front of the vehicle as he’s trying to drive, making it impossible for him to actually get anywhere, since he’d have to drive over her to pass.

The comments under the video are -

This woman is. so stupid, she’s making a fool of herself. Idk why he doesn’t drive over her.

Why are women so crazy? I would sue her for damage.

I would have gotten out of my car and hit her.

NONE of these comments (many of them from other women) addressed the fact that there was a reason behind this woman’s actions. No one felt any compassion toward her. They all immediately took sides with the man, saying they would rather physically hurt the woman than have their vehicle trashed. Other women called her all sorts of names. No one mentioned the fact that this man did something to cause her to react. His action apparently had no consequence. The consequence of her action was to be labelled as ‘the crazy girlfriend.’

We are constantly overlooked.
We are always wrong.

SO WHAT if he cheated right?
Don’t react. You must give him everything and when he’s unfaithful, DON’T LASH OUT. Otherwise, you’re stupid and crazy. It doesn’t matter that you may have been there for him for years. It doesn’t matter that maybe you’ve forgiven him before. No.
Suck. It. Up.

Women can’t be angry. If we even begin to object, we’re seen as unruly and unmanageable. Unfit to be a girlfriend because you can’t control a woman who is in control of herself.

Yall so full of shit.

I’ve lost some faith in Yall again. Women already have a hard time just being, and then we have to deal with other women keeping us down.