man i wish this was bigger


I don’t think I genuinely wished cancer upon someone until my mom told me that a grown ass man punched my 75 yo veteran father, knocking him to the ground, because he asked dude to move his vehicle because he was blocking the alley behind his business and people couldn’t get through. I don’t give a fuck if you think he’s a dick asking you to move. We teach children not to hit people. Be the bigger person, you cunt. I’m not even thinking super bad cancer, just equal to the cancer my dad beat a few years back.

Man, I wish I had a bigger kitchen. 

… bigger living room. 

… bigger bedroom. 

… bathroom. 


The word I’m looking for is ‘house.’ 

I wish I had a house. 

10 Favorite Female Characters

tagged by @blackturtlesofdeath! thanks, i’ll try to limit myself to one per fandom lmao. these arent ranked #1 to #10 i love all of these girls too much to make them go against each other like this

  1. Terezi Pyrope (homestuck, never talk to me ever again)
  2. Kurata Tome (mp100, shes so good yall im so glad for the recent arc i LOVE HER)
  3. Yellow (pokespe, shes just really Good yall. shes so sweet. she draws. she kicks ass and made a grown man fall to his knees in terror. i love h)
  5. Alluka Zoldyck (hunter x hunter, please togashi PLEASE give us more of her i will murder and gut illumi on the altar)
  6. Marcille (dungeon meshi, i really wish this manga had a bigger following…..anyways i love her shes a dork and stubborn and gay and highkey knows forbidden spells)
  7. D.VA (overwatch, shes the best. shes just so good. i just [makes french kissy finger motions])
  8. George Mason (newsflesh trilogy, created to be a 96% copy of the ideal perfect character)
  9. Killer Queen (jjba, porp you got me. i love that darn trans daughter of a gun she sure loved bombs)
  10. tie between Ochako and Tsuyu (bnha, you cant make me choose. i WILL choose but i will feel incredibly terrible for it)

im tagging nyall please girl characters need love


I recently put in some thought of what I wanted in a relationship, I had an idea of what I expected in a person, but I guess you can say it was unrealistic. It has been two years since i’ve been in a serious relationship and it has been quite fun, being able to do anything a teenager would wish for, but as I am older now, it’s time to slow it down and think about the bigger picture. I never understood the age thing, it was preset (well in my mind it was) that at a certain age you would think about what you want as an individual, and how you’re going to progress to achieve that goal. After observing my friends relationship and a few dates during these two years of being alone, i’ve come to realise that a perfect man is not around the corner, nor are they waiting for you. A perfect man is what you make of him. Let’s paint an image in your mind, think of the perfect Man as clay, when you first receive it, it’s a pile of lump, it is very unattractive, but as you keep on shaping it, it becomes a perfect master piece. A relationship is a journey, paint the image of what you want in a person, and work on it. You’re not going to find a guy that will tick all your boxes, but find the foundation and work from there. A journey where both of you will progress together, it is the barriers that you two overcome that will make you, and the faults that will break you.

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I saw your recent post about Cosplay Melee, and I feel the exact same way! I have nothing against armour and large suits (like Iron Man) but it seems like they are better received than sewn costumes. It's very frustrating to sewing/fabric based cosplayers to see someone win cosplay awards only because they have armour and you don't.

I’ve seen some people saying foam armour is easier to whip out under time constraints, which I totally get–but then, I wish the contestants would have more time to really shine in other areas. It’s something I’ve seen in cosplay contests a lot, too; quite often, a costume that’s bigger or more armoured or flashier with LEDs and such will place higher than a costume that is smaller and more intricate, even though the actual quality of construction may be better in the smaller one. And that’s not always the case, obviously, but I think it does happen, and it’s a little saddening. 

  We sat on a bench and watched some pigeons and a solitary sparrow searching for food.

  “I wish we had something for them,” she said.  

  A man nearby was selling bags of potato chips so I bought a bag and gave it to her. She threw a handful at the birds. The pigeons were faster and bigger and the sparrow was shut out.

  Marilyn tossed a special big piece over to the sparrow, which pecked at it and tried to fly away with it, but it was too heavy. When he dropped it, a pigeon seized it.

  “I’ve always identified with sparrows,” she said, throwing the sparrow another, smaller piece.

  The bag was soon empty.

  “Let’s go and find the squirrels,” she said. We didn’t have to walk far under the trees. A squirrel ran down a tree trunk to investigate. “How are you, bright eyes?” The squirrel obviously didn’t want compliments, but food, so we had to walk back and buy another bag of potato chips. Soon she had several squirrels at her feet. They didn’t think too highly of the potato chips, but beggars couldn’t be choosers.

  …I wish she had only squirrels in her life. She seemed so calm and untroubled at that moment. But squirrels were a lot of smart, pushy hustlers; they’d probably betray her in the end, too. She certainly brought out one’s protective instinct. To survive, most people have to strike a balance between accepting the world for what it is and their hopes for an improvement; but Marilyn never seemed to achieve that balance. She went to extremes, either seeing the world as hopeless or building up hopes that couldn’t possibly be fulfilled. Career woman one moment, disillusioned idealist the next. Yet she was always searching, and looked everywhere: in the face of a wino or the President or a squirrel in the park. Nothing living was alien to her.

- W.J. Weatherby, Conversations with Marilyn 

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Dear Santa ((imo you need this after all that angst))

meme here

today was a very special day. you might even say that the toothy, ever-present grin on sans face was, for once, reflecting how he was feeling, as he scribbled onto the paper before him. snowdin was having a writing workshop for the kids to write their letters to santa for the year – and, of course, what bigger kid lived in snowdin than his cute bro, papyrus?

at the end of the workshop, the letters would be ‘mailed’ to ‘santa.’ meaning, the kid’s guardians would get ‘em back, and hopefully fulfill their wishes. well. in their case, his and papyrus’ letter were going straight back to him.

heh, heh. guess you could call him sansta.

* man. i have a good feeling about this year.
* if santa could grant my wish…
* well. that’d be great.

hey, sansta.

this year, you gotta do somethin really important for me. ok?
make sure everyone stays happy.


GOT7 - One-shot - Monsters

Summary: How do you define sin? Is it in the profession of a whore or is it in the form of the 3 horny devils called Jackson, Mark and JB that call on you one night?

AN: No-one asked for this ….but everyone needed it. (I will now go and ask forgiveness from baby jesu- wish me luck!) x

‘Until Next Time, Angel’


You chuckle as you look up to the mirror and the reflection of the man lay on the hotel bed behind you, narrowing your eyes slightly at his smirk, before looking back down at your bag, pulling out the lingerie you’d packed for this visit before turning to look at him properly.

'Okay, but seriously?’

'No, you’re right…its actually Lucifer.’ he answers, his smirk somehow growing bigger and more devilish as he continues to watch you, one leg cocked up as he lays back, his eyes continuing to rake up and down you, despite the fact you were still wearing a dress and not the lingerie.

'So you’re telling me your name is Lucifer?’ you say, quirking an eyebrow up at him in disbelief, and scoffing when he nods slowly, laughter in his eyes, making you roll your own as you make your way towards the ensuite.

'Fine. If you really want to be that way, you can remain Mr.Anonymous, but its not something I would be likely to remember anyway.’ you call over your shoulder, only shutting the door to as you strip out of your dress and begin to strap yourself into the skimpy underwear.

'Dont you believe me?’ he calls, a slight hint of frustration mixed in with his amusement, and you chuckle to yourself as you finish strapping yourself into the corset, evaluating yourself in the mirror as you answer him.

'It doesn’t exactly shout 'trustworthy’ when a guy tells you his name is 'Satan’.’

'But you’d believe me if I told you my name was say…Jackson?’

You roll your eyes as you slowly make your way out of the bathroom, writing your signature smirk onto your face that was advertised on all the company’s websites before turning the corner to show him your outfit.

'Mmmmh, how sinful.’

'Really the hell puns?’ you ask, shimmying over to him and standing beside the bed, excitement flaring in your gut as you look down at him, taking in the lines of his bare torso and the large bulge in his black jeans- which appeared to be the only thing he was wearing- just as he was biting his lip, his eyes raking over you somehow even more lustily than before.

'What do you do?’ he says plainly, hands clasped politely in his lap and the sight contrasts so strongly with the sense of need rolling off of him that you cant help but giggle a little.

'I do everything.’ you answer.

'Mmmh, no, no, angel…I really dont think you do do everything…’ he murmurs, smirking as his eyes finally meet yours and he gestures with a sharp nod of his head for you to come closer, his grin almost unmanageable as you straddle his lap, although you become confused when he stops you from touching him, his hands on your wrists burning into your skin.

'Then tell me some things you want to do and i’ll tell you if I do them or not.’ you whisper to him, leaning in to try and kiss his neck and narrowing your eyes once again when he prevents you from doing so.

'Tut tut, little angel…tonight you play by my rules.’ he says, his eyes gradually drifting over your scantily clad body as he speaks, before landing on your own, a wicked grin pulling at his lips and practically dragging the unholy thoughts from you.

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Bedridden with a cold, Cassandra pouts and complains as her father sits down beside her with a book in his hand. She’s a teenager already, she’s too old for bedtime stories, Dad. But Duncan just smiles and says, “This has been passed through our family for as long as the book existed. I thought I lost it when you were little, but I found it again while I was cleaning the other day. So just be a good sport, Cassie. It’s tradition.” And that’s that. Honestly, Cassandra’s too tired to put up an actual fight.

He then reads the fantastical story of two childhood friends-turned-lovers Will and Alyss. Of true love and heartbreak. Of the wanted criminal Deparnieux who is outwitted by a man in a mottled green cloak. Of Horace whose heart is bigger than his size and Halt O’Carrick, who wishes for nothing more than to avenge his family murdered by his own twin. Of the deceptive Prince Keren with Count Ferris and the unwitting Bacari. Of the miracle maker Malcolm with Trobar by his side. The story of romance, adventure, lies, revenge, and saving the day–and Cassandra comes to discover that not all fairy tales are only for children.

In other words, a massive Princess Bride AU.

the “baristas often flirt with me and i know that is is a thing they sometimes do to get bigger tips and who can’t blame them, some clients can be really shit so additional money makes it easier to tolerate them; you flirt with me and i don’t mind, i will flirt back but man, do i wish you were serious about that; oh well, i’ll just take what i can until one day i find out that you’re politely neutral towards other clients and actually flirt only with me so hi how about we grab a dinner sometime?” au

i'm a hypocrite
  • me age 14: man I really love doctor who, I really wish it had more fans and a bigger budget
  • me age 23: man I really love doctor who, I really wish it had less fans and a smaller budget
Haikyuu!! Characters React To: John Cena.
  • Requested By anon:
  • -
  • Kageyama: Why does that song keep playing? Is that his theme song or-
  • Tanaka: *Rips off shirt* THAT GUY NEEDS TO FIGHT ME COMMON-
  • Sugawara: I would pay big money to see that..
  • Daichi: *Breaths a sigh* Finally a man who has bigger thighs then I do..
  • Nishinoya: He's like.. Eight of me..
  • Asahi: Do you think he likes flowers?
  • Tsukishima: Why are people in America using this to prank others? American trends are weird..
  • Yamaguchi: *Falls out of the chair with a screech* I DID NOT EXPECT THAT-
  • Kuroo: So.. Kenma-
  • Kenma: Don't touch me.
  • Lev: HEY YAKU-SAN-
  • Yaku: I swear if anyone does this on me I will-
  • Lev: *Does it*
  • Yamamoto: He has a death wish.. Doesn't he? Besides.. Japanese people have way better trends!
  • Oikawa: Oh what like looking like a punk or covering yourself in glitter?
  • Iwaizumi: I'll take note of this when Kyoutani is being a little bitch.
  • Hanamaki: Savage, Savage Iwaizumi-san.

bioware has never really been about full on tragic ends, but rather bittersweet ones. which is what i feel we will get with solas. not a tragic end, but not a happy one either.

i think a happy end is far less likely. solas overall is a tragic character, and as much as i wish he and lavellan could be happy together, he has this huge mission that he has to do. it’s bigger than lavellan; bigger than both of them, and bigger than himself.

the fact that he stays true to who he is, that he can’t afford to betray himself even if he has to betray the person he loves, speaks volumes. you can call him a liar, a deceiver, a betrayer. is he those things? sure, he definitely is. but he is also a man full of regret. he wants to right past wrongs. he cares about refugees, walks into camps with the inquisition and lends a helping hand, has a strong sense of justice in spite of his moral complexity. he is against slavery, lack of freedom of the mind, and viewing the world in black and white.

it really leads me to believe that he isn’t a trickster but more of a rebel, like the codex at the temple of mythal. history tends to paint those who stand up against the norms in negative ways, especially in a culture with the history that the elven culture does.

my personal theory is that he sealed away the gods because of his opposition towards slavery. he didn’t want to see their empire, culture, and world fall; and yet in trying to preserve their culture he sealed it away and destroyed it.

he is a man of many mistakes, but he bears guilt and regret for each one of them. it’s impossible to think of him as strictly a “good guy” or a “bad guy”, weekes even said it. he isn’t a bad guy, although he may have the potential to be. but he’s so morally complex and full of conflict and paradoxes. he thinks what he’s doing is for an ultimately good and moral reason, and to him, the means will justify the end. he’d be willing to kill his oldest friend and leave his lover to walk a path of solitude and hopefully, redemption. he might even have to lose his life for it. i just hope lavellan can talk to him if even for one last time.

“We were lying on the beach just being young and in love. Paul turned to me, smiling, and out of the blue he just said: ‘Have you ever thought about getting married?’. I said, ‘Yes, I suppose, one day…’ and I thought nothing more of it. Looking back, it was obviously the wrong answer. When I said one day, I meant in six months, maybe, but not never. But Paul was always slightly insecure and probably saw me as such a free spirit that he thought I was never going to settle down… I suppose I assumed that we would end up together but at the time I was just enjoying it all. In the sixties there was just so much going on that I didn’t have time to sit and think about the future. I suppose that, with the pressures of fame, Paul was craving security.”

Idk maybe it’s an unpopular opinion & im def not gonna stop wearing makeup bc I’m not confident enough to do that, but OVERALL I think makeup and makeup culture has done way more harm for women than good and I’m actually mad bc I don’t think ppl talk about it enough! They talk about “eyeliner wings sharp enough to kill a man” like doing yr eyeliner is a feminist act, but I want more conversations about how eyeliner and mascara and all that other stuff contributes to harming women. I wanna talk about women who can’t fit into the idea of beauty that makeup pressures us to fit into. I really really wish this was a bigger conversation, especially in all these “hip internet circles” of girls with $200 foundations and eyeshadow pallets who call themselves feminists but won’t ever even consider starting a conversation about the intersection of feminism and makeup. I’m not saying that no one should wear makeup, or that it isn’t a valid art, just that it’s time women start a conversation about it and about WHY we use makeup and about how unrealistic beauty standards aren’t just about photoshop! Models aren’t just photoshopped, they’re also caked in makeup! This needs to be a conversation! Little girls need to know that! People need to know what women’s faces look like! I don’t wanna feel ugly in the mornings anymore; I don’t wanna feel like I’m always ugly and just dressed in a mask!

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Hello, I was wondering, can you rec some hurt/vulnerable!Hannibal fics? I read all your fics and is desperate for more hurt!Hannibal fics. They're so rare and one I managed to find is sadly deleted.

Oh man…friend, I really wish I could give this to you, but I’m honestly not sure. Beyond the scope of my personal genre, I can’t actually off the top of my head that much more…

Maybe someone else who follows me for this reason can help? Please reblog with any links you have to hurt/vulnerable!Hannibal fic for anon!!! Or if you have any prompts anon, feel free to leave them with me <3  

I can only mysteriously say that my bigger co-written series, Alternative Means of Influence, which is a Hogwarts Hannigram AU is about to take a turn…towards my proclivities. ;)