man i wish i were ms blake just for that scene

mythoesoul’s monthly fic rec; fake relationships

DECEMBER’S REC IS HERE!!! and we’re going down the friends and loves route this month *cool guy emoji*

— remember, all my previous recs can be found here and if you want me to rec anything in particular, I’ll try my best!

1. (i ain’t scared of the fall) i’ve felt the ground before by planiforidjit

Derek is sick of being treated like he’s property and he’s sick of his family pressuring him to find a mate. So the obvious solution is to fake a relationship with Stiles Stilinski, the annoying lacrosse player and alpha that Derek may or may not be pining over anyway.

2. a story to tell the grandcubs by mas_hipgnosis

Stiles asks the stranger standing next to him at the bar for help avoiding his creepy ex boyfriend.

3. a strong heart and a nerve of steel by lupinus & uraneia

Stiles and Derek wake up married in Vegas. Well, they would have if it was legal.

In which Stiles is the president’s son, Derek is his bodyguard, and Papa President orders them to pretend to be in love for the sake of gay rights.

4. according to plans by eldee

Five times Stiles and Derek pretend to be boyfriends, and the one time they didn’t have to pretends at all

5. and i may be foolish to fall as i do by refuse_to_sink (@foughtthewolvesofpatience

Derek Hale is a SMEA (Supernatural and Mythical Enforcement Agency) agent and a string of unusual murders in NYC are found connected to those popping up in LA. With Scott and Stiles in tow from New York…well they become the number one murder suspects and Derek has to go undercover and pretend to date Stiles to make a break in the case. 

6. do me the honour (of this favour) by @margaretpens

Derek is a hotshot businessman, Stiles is his cranky assistant, complications arise, and the fall in love. Mostly in that order

7. don’t worry baby by kalpurna

“You know you’re allowed to ask for vanilla sex, right?” he says, afterwards. “We can do whatever you want. That’s kind of the point.”

Derek doesn’t respond.

8. electricity in the contact by ladyblahblah (@hungrylikethewolfie)

In which Derek has been invited to the Greater Pacific Northwest Alpha Symposium (that’s not what its called, Stiles, stop saying that), and showing up unattached would mean an arranged marriage. When the rest of the pack objects, he agrees to let Stiles come along to pose as his mate. Derek is reasonably sure that he’s not going to make it out of this weekend alive. 

9. find me sitting poolside by troubleiwant

To track down a rouge Alpha who’s endangering their pack, Stiles and Derek must go undercover at a Hawaiian couples retreat. Of course, this means that the two of them have to fake a relationship well enough to fool their supernatural hosts, or risk getting kicked out. Sharing a bed, hanging out poolside, tracking down a murderous Alpha,,,should be easy, right?

10. gravity’s got nothing on you by @zosofi

“Three weeks,” Derek says.
“Still don’t want to,”Stiles says.
“I’ll pay you,” Derek says, and that,,,that has Stiles interested. Alf’s Antique’s may be a great job, but it’s not a high-paying job, and half of Stiles’ tuition is coming from financial aid, so…
“How much,” Stiles asks, “are we talking here? Because I know your family, dude. And it’ll be kind of awkward after.”
“My family thinks you’re some sort of fucking gift to the world”, Derek seethes, like he’s jealous. “they’ll probably be pissed at me when we break it off, so don’t worry about that. Five hundred bucks.”
“A thousand,” Stiles says, because screw ethics. Also, the Hale family is loaded. Derek can deal.

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Musings on Madam Secretary 2.19

An exceptionally lethal virus and two terrorist groups are nothing for Secretary McCord, but put Mrs. McCord in front of her daughter’s boyfriend and she turns into a puddle of adorable awkward goo. My super short synopsis for “Desperate Remedies.” For those of you who’d like a little bit more, let’s continue.

The Marburg virus takes center stage this week, as much as an invisible thing can. With a mortality rate of between 24% and 90%, the virus basically has the same range as the time frame Time Warner offers to come fix my broken wifi. Gotta love statistics.

I admit I wasn’t quite on board with Elizabeth’s idea of giving the leader of Boko Haram one of the few remaining doses of the life-saving remedy. I agreed with Jay and Russell (apparently unicorns are real, too) thinking the feral cat down the street that terrorizes my roommate’s cat would be more worthy of the remedy than that a**hole. However, Miss You Don’t Even Know There’s a Box again used her noggin and saw the bigger picture. Score 843573 for Elizabeth. Notice when she was trying to convince the Cameroon ambassador of the plan, she told him it was “for the greater good.” There’s that tricky phrase again. Like with the Russia/Dmitri situation, Elizabeth made a less than ideal decision for what she perceived as the betterment of the entire world. It wasn’t quite robbing Peter to pay Paul (is my Catholicism showing with that?), but it was a bit like taking one for the team. In this case, however, that meant saving the life of a ruthless terrorist. Even the Cameroon ambassador quickly jumped on board because he knew in the end, it would save lives. Good or bad, I feel like “the greater good” is basically the theme of any politician or diplomat.

One of those at the center of the Marburg virus was Jay. Out of everyone on Elizabeth’s staff, Jay is often the most vulnerable. He puts his heart into everything he does, often having a difficult time removing himself personally from situations. I’ve said it before, but I think Elizabeth respects him so much because he is, as they call him, the office Patron Saint of Long Shots. Elizabeth and Jay are both like Roombas: when they hit a wall, they bounce off and continue in a different direction, trying to clean up the mess. As much as Blake is her right-hand man, Jay is her left. That’s precisely why Elizabeth became so emotional when faced with Jay’s possible mortality. The slight stumble and warble when she said “My top (pause) policy guy” to Russell proved how much she cares for him as a person, not just an employee. Classic Elizabeth later used sarcasm to hide emotion when she told Jay himself, “Point is, Whitman, unless you wanna be embarrassed for all eternity, don’t die on me.” Those two may butt heads on many issues, but there’s a deep mutual respect.

Henry, Jane and the rest of the Murphy Station gang don’t play too high up on my “Mention-O-Meter” this week. They had Jibral Disah. Then they didn’t. Then they successfully saved Hijriyyah, but they don’t know what she’ll offer. There had to be some forward movement with this storyline this week, so I understand why the scenes were needed. They just didn’t grab me as much. Honestly, my favorite Murphy Station parts had nothing to do with the actual plot. Henry poking fun at Jane in a friendly way made me smile. “Old buddy?” “Shut up.” Those two have come a long way, and I’ve loved seeing their relationship grow. The best was Henry’s quip to Jose: “Honestly if they’re your kids, Marburg is the least of their problems.” Zing!

Mama McCord. She gets a 10 for being such an enthusiastic supporter of her daughter’s new relationship, but she should really be hovering around a 4. Elizabeth giving Jareth a ride, buying him boots and tripping over herself to greet him is the stuff nightmares are made of. Don’t get me wrong. She’s adorable. ADORABLE. However, she’s as subtle as an EF5 tornado or an anvil to the head. Papa Bear is just as bad: “Boot buddies!” I wanted the kitchen floor to open up and swallow Stevie, just to let her escape the awkwardness. Elizabeth and Stevie’s quick heart-to-heart was sweet and humorous. “We’ve never liked any of your other boyfriends.” “Nice. And. Old,” emphasized with chopsticks. “To keep an eye on the little perv.” Those few minutes were quite revealing for Stevie. How I love awkward Elizabeth and Henry. They play it cool in every way possible throughout their lives, unless it comes to their kids. That’s how it should be, I suppose. My only regret (besides Stevie and Jareth interrupting couch time) is that we didn’t see more of that dinner. I’m just imagining the scenes of Elizabeth and Henry biting their tongues and kicking each other under the table, trying to suppress their over-excitement. It would basically be the antithesis of the Arthur living room conversation.. which still remains a favorite of mine today.

Speaking of the infamous couch scene, “Wanna go fool around on the couch till it dings?” “Affirmative.” I love that they both took their glasses off and set them on the counter before going into the living room. That shot also featured an up close view of Henry’s wedding ring. Setting up for next week? Kidding. Kind of.

As for the promo for 2.20, I rarely talk about what’s to come, but because I’ve seen A LOT of freaking out on tumblr and twitter, I’m going to throw out my 2 cents. My first thought is that what airs in a promo isn’t necessarily how the scenes air in the show. A promo is specifically edited to create intrigue and, to a point, be misleading. MS promos have done this to us this season already. They show us something in a promo, but when the show airs and more context to the scene is given, it completely changes a line’s meaning. That said, Elizabeth and Henry need to fight. They both have 19 episodes worth of unresolved angst that needs to get out so they can move forward as a stronger couple. Ever have something with a friend or loved one that needs to be discussed and once it is, you’re better off for it? As close to a perfect couple as Elizabeth and Henry are, perfect marriages don’t exist. Couples fight. They’re humans, not robots. It’s unrealistic to think they’d agree on everything, and just because they fight, it doesn’t mean they’re heading for divorce or don’t love each other. Will their fighting be harsh and ugly? Possibly. Has everything Henry experienced this season given him permission to hit Elizabeth below the belt? Absolutely not. However, we often say the worst to those we love the most because we know they’ll stick around. Everyone from producers to writers to the actors themselves have said they’re all deeply committed to keeping this couple together, so I’m not in the least concerned our favorite couple will break up. Also, angst is needed for a well-rounded storyline. Just look at MS fanfic. Half of the stories deal with this: Henry dying from radiation poisoning, Elizabeth being raped while overseas, Elizabeth and Henry splitting up, etc. Even you fanfic writers realize life as gumdrops and rainbows doesn’t make for good drama. Sure there are fluff pieces that are sweet and fun, but those are the fics that are 2-3 chapters long. The stories that can really be fleshed out for longer periods involve drama. That said, there’s a fine line between good drama and drama for the sake of drama. (Bombings, anyone?). I realize I’m in the minority here, but I needed to put an alternate view out there since there’s so much distressing going on.

Other things about 2.19:

–The Nigerian schoolgirls broke my heart. If ever I wished an MS storyline to come true, it would be this one.

–I was hoping Elizabeth would mention Will after the bombing at the aid station. I realize he’s not working anywhere near where the Marburg virus was, but it’s not like he’s treating patients at Disneyland. You’d think it would bring up thoughts of the dangers he’s facing.

–The State Department staff working out of the McCord house was another fun little way to show how Elizabeth’s work and personal lives overlap.

–“professorwhiskersrip.” Jason’s hamster was named “Professor Whiskers.” Mine was named “Hermie.” Listen. I was 6. Don’t judge me.

–One of these days, Russell is going to stroke out. There’s no way that level of stressed crazy can be sustainable.

–“I bailed after Matthew Crawley bit it.” Same, Elizabeth. Same.

–“Three cheers for human progress.” Conrad tried to make a funny.

–“I can feel your sarcasm behind my back.”

–The picture of the kids behind Elizabeth’s desk at the State Department was a different angle of a pic Wallis tweeted out months ago. I think it was taken when they shot “Invasive Species.” I recognized it right away, which means I either need to get out more or train my memory to be just as sharp for things that are actually important in life.