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A;N: So, hello! This is kind of different for me, I’m well aware of that, but I had the idea in my head and I couldn’t let it go! This is an AU as Stiles is not in BH, he’s in his senior year of college! Please let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy xo Lau

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content.

Word count: .10, 810

Listen to me.

One week to Kirstie’s wedding.  

You groaned as you slid into the pleather booth at the local diner, glancing at your phone. Ten till two and he said he’d be here at two. Guess I better get a coffee then. You flagged the waitress, ordering a latte as you sat and scrolled through your phone, looking at the date your bridesmaid dress was supposed to arrive. Why did you leave getting your dress until so late, you always leave everything until it’s so late. You sighed to yourself as the waitress brought your coffee, a wide grin on her face. You smiled back as you looked out the window, watching as Mike walked past the window.

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Hi I'm really glad the requests are open again, is it possible to do a scenario of revali in a soulmate au. Please and Thank you. By the way, I really love the stuff you do have a nice day :)

[A/N: efhskbebobdvk thank youuuu, and sorry it’s so long! I was really inspired!!]

Soulmate AU

You had been traveling between villages for a few weeks selling merchandise and the likes, but today was going to be a relax day. You had been taking your time to walk the farmer’s market admiring all the different jewelry and large vegetables, and stop occasionally to look over precious stones. 

You weren’t sure why you chose to come today, but you paid no mind and tried to enjoy nonetheless. However…there was a strange inkling that wouldn’t leave you alone and you occupied yourself in merchandise that wasn’t even interesting to you, but for some reason you felt you needed to stay.

 When you came to a vendor, their spread was out of place from the others. This one had shrunken heads, bird skeletons in cages, and different pots filled with different ingredients. The smell was overpowering, but for some reason you decided to look within the stall.

 Further into their makeshift tent, books lined the walls on rickety shelves. You ran your fingers over the spines of the books noticing none of them had any titles. You found it odd how some look brand new while others looked worn and well read.  Not a one matched, but some had similar spine decor.

 You were about to walk to another shelf when one book caught your eye. It was a deep navy blue, with a red and white spine. You traced over the intricate impressions in the cover and mused to yourself that the material felt soft as feathers. Gently picking it up you looked it over and like all the other books it did not have titled, nor an author. When you opened it, your confusion only increased as you flipped through all the pages. There was not a single word nor picture in it.

 Strange, you thought, and went to pick up another book only to find you couldn’t. You set the book you were holding down and used both hands on the other to take it off the shelf. It would not budge for the life of you, it was like it was glued to the spot.

 “You can try all you want, but you are not the owner of that book.”

 You spun around from the sudden grainy voice, and the shopkeeper was hunched over at the entrance. They gave you a wrinkly smile as their hand shook to hold up one finger. They pointed to the book behind you, “That is your book.”

 You raised a brow before looking between them and the object, “…And why is that?”

 They hobbled in using their cane and walked by you all the while speaking, “Do you plan to take responsibility of each and every book?”


 “Then you do not need to know anything more than that.” They ran their crooked fingers over the blue book. “Why did you come here today, young one?”

 You were taken back, not sure where this was leading, “I had the day off, I suppose.”

 “You do not sound sure.”

 “Erm…I am not sure what I would need to be certain of.”

 They gave a slow smile, their jaw jittering along with their body. “Take the book.”

 “Wha-, well, I don’t know if I want it. It’s just a journal.”

 “Is it now?”

 Their question fluttered around your head like a bird in a cage, and it left a deep curiosity that began to slowly burn. You weren’t even aware, but you had picked up the book, running your fingers against the soft cover. Gazing upon this hardcover it gave you a familiar feeling, and you looked up, “How much will it b-”  

 The old person was not there and the makeshift tent you were in was gone. 

You looked around with wide eyes to realize you were in the middle of the farmer’s market still. Taking a step back, the shop you once were in, now you stood on a patch of dirt. You held the book closely to your chest and you decided that you were done looking around for the day.

 Finally home and in your bed, you were reading a book under the lantern’s light, but you weren’t able to keep focus. Your eyes would wander to the journal on your nightstand, its existence proving to be loud and obnoxious. You sighed and leaned over to grab it to pull it back in your lap. As you flipped through the pages again you were scolding yourself that there was nothing there. You ran your hand along your head in frustration, and left it open at a blank page.

 “What’s so special about you?” But the book did not answer your heated question. You leaned back against your headboard feeling like giving up, and blankly stared at the page of the book. You ran your finger along it as if reading a sentence, but you began to squint your eyes.

 Was there….something forming on the page?

 Upon closer inspection, an image slowly bled its way in. An image emerged overlooking mountains high in the night sky while clouds slowly made their way across the horizon and leaves rustled from the winds. You were in awe and amazed from the slow motion image, and you rubbed your eyes thinking you were seeing things.

 But you weren’t.

 Though you were terrified of this strange phenomenon, each night you open the book to find it had new paintings of different scenery and sometimes people. You gather that whoever this was, is a Rito given one photo had their arm stretched out with a large bow held by their wings. It was like a drug you couldn’t wean yourself off of and you anxiously await the night to fall asleep to these images.

 The Rito was apparently close to the Princess as there was one image of her with a young blond man kneeling in front of her. You gathered that these images were memories, and whether they were current or from the past, you could not decipher. You were becoming fond of whoever this Rito was and adored they images from their point of view in the sky.

 One night while admiring the old paintings something new happened. A new image bled onto the page, this time of the Rito’s wings held in front of them as if they had committed a heinous act. Their hands shook and looked pain..

 ‘I feel so alone.’

 It read underneath the painting causing a sharp pain to shoot through your body. You ran your fingers along the image as if they could feel your comfort. “What’s wrong..?” You whispered and your heart felt heavy as the book did not reply…

 ‘They doubt me.’

 ‘Why him? Am I not good enough?’

 ‘I have worked so hard. I do not understand.’

 ‘I am afraid…’

 Each night new paintings appeared with a text underneath, and they grew more desperate. Their images were becoming distorted and began to come in like melting strip of film. The more the weeks dragged on it spurred you to try to connect to this Rito that was a complete stranger. You whispered encouragements you knew they could not hear and brought the book with you everywhere as if it was a way for them not to be alone.

 You were sitting on a rock somewhere in the Great Plateau flipping through the pages again. It was like watching a timeline of a sound person slowly coming undone. Some days this Rito would have wonderful and beautiful days, and others…they were wallowing in self hate. You sighed coming to an empty page, “I wish I could help you….”

 As if the book heard you plea a new painting came and what you saw made your jaw drop. It was you, clearly blurry and more of your lap than anything, but it was your clothes being swept in the gentle wind.  Beneath it, words appeared..

 ‘Who is this? Why is this person in this book?’

 Frantically, you scrabbled about looking for your travel sack and rummage through to find a quill. However, before you could attempt to write a reply in a silly hope they would receive it, a new image appeared, but this time of your hands holding the book.

 ‘Their book almost looks similar to my own.’

 And you gasped, feeling excitement course through your veins. You stood up holding the book out in front of you, “Yes! Yes! It’s because they’re connected! Oh please! Tell me you can hear me?! Sense me?! Something?!” But there was no reply, however, it spurred a intense feeling of determination. They had a book that was in connection to this one, and you knew that somehow they would be able to see your memories.

 With a burst of energy, you bound for the Rito village across the land and you hoped that they could see what you see. Maybe they would realize you were on your way and your heart rammed in your chest from fear and excitement. You had no idea what these books meant to either of you, but somehow you know it was the fate of the Goddess that you two should meet.

 When night fell, you sat by your small campfire for warmth and held the book in your lap while patiently waiting for a new image. It seemed like hours before a new painting emerge and this time it was them soaring in the nighttime sky. You held your hand to your mouth in astonishment at the words appearing before you.

 ‘Are you still waiting?’

 “Yes!” You said in excitement, beaming at this wondrous phenomenon. You could only wonder what images along with words appeared for them and you looked up to the sky in great anticipation. “Oh please, oh please. I’ve been waiting so long.” You whispered to the sky and bounce from your spot on the ground. It was exhilarating, it was magical, nothing in this world could top this! You could hardly sit still and stood up to turn in a circle looking at the sky. You closed your eyes and pressed the book tightly to your chest. “I don’t know how this works, but please come soon.”

 An hour or so passed and you were still wide awake. Nothing new appeared in the book and you were becoming impatient. Slowly, and surely, you heard loud flaps in the distance and right as you turned around a gush of wind blew harshly causing you to shut your eyes from the flying dirt. As you blinked away, your vision gazed at the feet of a Rito and followed it up to their face. For a Rito, he looked quite handsome and within his wing was a book with your colors but matching spine decor.

 He looked a little smug as he looked you over and quirked a feather brow up. He noticed the book in your hands and held his up, “Seems we might become reading partners. Shall we open a book club?”

 You snorted and shook your head at his jest, but the excitement bubbling within you was about to burst. “Strange book club with only two members.” You took a step closer and tried to ignore the awe you felt at his height.

 His beak quirked in a smile as he too took a step closer, “Well, they do say three’s a crowd.”

 “I’ve been anxiously waiting to meet you.” You spoke in a hush voice, finding the air within you disappearing, but it was not unpleasant. He gave another cocky smile and pulled up a page from his book, it was of your point of view looking up to the sky with the captions underneath, ‘I’ve been waiting so long.’ 

You could feel your cheeks burn and gave a sheepish laugh.

 “I am Revali.” He spoke surely, but gently. 

 “I…” You laughed and smiled, “I’m [Name]…” You placed your hand on top of his book and he looked at you curiously as your eyes glimmered with your deeper emotions, “And I will make sure you never feel alone again.”

Doppelgänger - Prologue

Genre: Doppelgänger AU, smut, angst, fantasy, fluff.

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Summary: Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

Previous Chapters: Prologue - ch 1 - ch 2

July 23rd, 2017, a dreaded day that marked the 2nd year anniversary of your late fiancés death. Having no choice but to live off this day as any other ordinary day for you had finally managed to get pick yourself up and try to move on.

With each passing day you found a new struggle to face and the new year wasn’t getting any better than the last. Given the significant time since the accident it was overdue for you to push your demons to the side and finally try to live once again.

But it didn’t feel right.

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Gamer Boy Ch. 6

This is part of my submission for nalu week 2017. It is rated T for cussing and slightly suggestive themes later on. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: The annual ‘Call of Duty’ competition is back again. Lucy is determined to reclaim the title as Fiore’s best team, but first she has to beat last year’s winners, ‘The Dragons’. She won’t let anything stand in her way, especially not the annoying team captain of the opponent’s team. No distractions, no slip ups, and certainly no secret make out sessions with her rival. Modern AU. Romance/Humor

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. (Completed)

Read on or AO3.

Chapter Six: Intertwined (Day Seven)

The first thought that ran through Lucy’s mind when she woke up the next morning was, ‘That was just a dream, right?’ It wasn’t until she checked her bag and found her torn shirt that she realized it did in fact happen.

She had made out with Natsu.

Multiple times.

A soft blush stayed permanently on her face as she got ready that morning, keeping quiet so as not to arouse any suspicion. Despite her friends not saying anything, she felt like they knew. Her paranoia only grew tenfold by the time they made it down to the lobby. To Lucy, it felt like everyone was staring at her… Like they knew her little secret.

She gulped as they walked up to the members of 'The Dragons’, giving a small wave before following the boys and her teammates to the room where the competition would take place. She felt Natsu’s eyes on her as they walked, but she was too scared to meet his gaze. So, she settled for chewing on her inner cheek while she avoided him.

When everyone went to take their seats, Lucy found herself sitting between Erza and Natsu. Her hands shook in her lap, so she kept them clenched in fists so they wouldn’t be as noticeable. She was thankful when the lights started to dim and the announcer began talking, assuring her that no one would pay attention to her.

At least, that was what she thought.

Halfway into the first match, she felt something brush against her thigh. She immediately looked down, squinting her eyes to try to see in the dark. It took her a few seconds, but she eventually saw the side of Natsu’s hand resting two inches from her thigh at the edge of his seat.

When she looked up at him, she saw he was still facing the front, eyes trained on the screens as if it had his entire focus. Taking a deep breath, Lucy let her hand relax, then shifted it next to her thigh so it touched Natsu’s. He waited a second before he slowly grasped her hand, pressing their palms together.

Lucy let her tongue drag over her top teeth as she tried to decide what to do. She could try to go back to her old ways and push Natsu away, or she could embrace this new friendship -could she really call it just a friendship after last night?- and lean into it.

With her heart pounding a mile a minute and her palm already sweating, Lucy tangled her fingers against his until they were intertwined, the heat from his hand traveling up her arm and over her chest. She had no idea how he was able to make her feel so hot with his simple touches.

Truthfully, she didn’t think she wanted to know. For now, she would just call it magic.

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Scratch - Part 7 - (Steve x Reader)

Summary: (Y/N) and Steve have been best friends since New York, so when when they are both going through a dry spell they agree to a friends with benefits relationship.

A/N: I’m making a Scarlet Witch Civil War cosplay for FanExpo in April and I think I bit off more that I can chew. I have about a month and a half to do everything and so far I’ve only cut out all the material. I should have probably just done Jessica Jones. I already have everything I need for her and wouldn’t have to sew anything. 

Self promote: Follow my bookstagram @99bookproblems I would really appreciate it.

Warnings: light smut I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

It was our last night in Vegas and we had all decided to go out to a club together.

“Oh he is cute,” Wanda agreed looking over at the man I had pointed out across the club.

“I’m going to go talk to him,” I grin knocking back the remainder of my drink. “If this goes well I’ll call you in the morning to pick me up from where ever he’s staying at.”

“I’ll stop by for a greasy breakfast on the way,” Wanda smiles.

“Sounds like a plan,” I say over my shoulder as I make my way across the club.

He sees me approaching before I reach him and smiles at me.

“This is where one of us would use some kind of cheesy pick up line, but how about we skip over that and get straight to it,” I smirk.

“I agree,” he says. “I’m Mike.”


“I know,” Mike grins. I raise an eyebrow at him confused before he lets out a small chuckle. “The Avengers are basically celebrities. I would have to be living under a rock to not know who you are.”

“That’s not fair,” I frown. “You basically know everything about me, and I just barley know your name.”

“Then I think we should fix that,” he smiles lifting a hand to signal the bartender and ordering us drinks.

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First Love (Yoongi x Reader) Pt. 4

Synopsis: Hoseok has a daughter but things take for worse turn as soon as he discovers at what cost.

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Crying, Smut, Vulgar Language, Cheating

Genre: Romance, Angst, Smut

Word Count: 8361

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

(A.N. This was suppose to be a Hoseok fanfic but I took a bold, maybe not so much, action that turned it into a Yoongi fic. Also, this is my first fanfic on Tumblr! Bare with me please, much love! X.)

Originally posted by yoosungsmyyandere

It was kind of emotional to see how quickly you became attached to Yoongi after a few days. The last time you had seen him was a week ago exactly, which was when he took you to the grand dance floor and waltzed with you, whispering words of admiration to you. It was baffling. You were never someone who was praised but hearing it from the feline eyed man made you feel fierce. Beyoncé fierce. You had even called your friend from college to tell her all about Yoongi.

“He’s just so.. It’s like he’s a God.” You could hear your friend choke on her drink from the other side of the line.

“A God?” She managed to cough out.

“Mhm, he treats me so well.” You immediately flipped on your stomach, pulling your pillow from under your stomach and tossing it to the side of your bed. It was 9:50 P.M. “It’s like.. What I wished Robert was like back when I was a teen and how I wished he would have asked me out that one night at the diner near the college campus, or how I wished Rob would have been with me back when we meet my senior year of high school.”

“Giiirrl,” The disapproving tone in Sasha’s voice left you a bit surprised. “I don’t want to ever, listen to me, ever hear that fool’s name ever again, especially from your mouth. Got it?” You laughed, remembering the days your Bronx friend use to cuss people out for trying to outsmart her. Everyone knew Sasha was a force that one should never try to provoke.

“Okay, okay, I won’t say his name!” Both of you giggled and soon the line on either side got quiet.

“What about this Yoongi guy?” You smiled at the sound of his name.

“Well, he has a daughter and a husband.”

“…Are you homewrecking?” Sasha’s serious voice shook your core which caused a loud, almost bark like laugh to erupt.

“Oh my, no!! No!” You suddenly sat up. “Dear no.” This came out of you more calmly. You began to tell your friend everything Yoongi had told you three days before he had practically eaten you at the Charity Ball.

“Wait, really? That’s some broken stuff.”

“I know, but he doesn’t have or carry any luggage from it. He’s a great guy. I know for a fact you would love him.”

“Hmm, we’ll see. Listen, babe, I gotta go. I have to meet with the owner of this company. Can we discuss this another time?”

“What time is it over there?” You checked your phone, counting the hours ahead of you that France was in.

“Baby, it’s almost 7 in the morning but the meeting is at 7:30 A.M.”

“I’m sorry, well go ahead Apple’s CEO, having fun in France.” Sasha giggled at your words.

“Bye now, sleep well.” And with that, the line went dead.

Yoongi was staring blankly at his screen, not believing that for the first time in so many years, he had nothing to write about or produce. His mind just kept going back to the Charity Ball night. He didn’t understand just how intoxicating it had all become once you and him began to kiss outside of the venue. He felt like a teenager all over again.

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Aces Over Eights (Chanyeol Mafia!au Fic) Chapter 3 - Watched

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Warnings: None

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6


A few days after the incident, I found myself with this odd sense of being watched. It scared me; were more people out to “collect” me. I didn’t know if on the way home from work I would be ambushed and taken off to who knows where and that would be the end of all things for me.

I didn’t feel safe at home, I didn’t feel safe at either of my jobs…I should have a place that I could feel safe.

“Why the long face, dear?” an elderly woman asked, taking the seat next to me on the bus one night.

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Pompeii 36


“Where are you going, hag?”

Sakura turned, closing the door slightly. “Going back into the forest, Sai.”

He frowned slightly, lines puckering his forehead. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“There are answers in the forest, Sai, and no one else seems to be very forthcoming these days,” Sakura replied. She pulled the knife from the makeshift sheath on her belt. “Besides, you gave me a weapon for a reason.”

“I will accompany you.”

“No, you won’t,” she said firmly, shutting the door and moving closer to him. “You already have plans today. You said you wanted to get a job and you need to go to those interviews.” She paused, tucking the knife away and adjusting the collar of his shirt. “There. You look perfect.”

Sai looked her over. “You too look aesthetically pleasing, hag.”

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Ready Steady

Pairing: Chuck Shurley x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: For @mrswhozeewhatsis‘s 2017 Louden Swain Mini Bang, based on the song Ready Steady off the Swain album A Brand New Hurt. 

Warnings: angst, character death? cheating themes

A/N: I’m reeeeeeeally sorry this was so late, things came up and I had to get THAT under control and stuff…

Originally posted by supernaturaldaily

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It’s A Package Deal - Five

Bryce was tugged out of his rest with a hand pulling his wrist. His dream drifted away from him, and he put all the effort he could into rolling over to allow the hand looser access to his arm. Instead of leaving him be, the hand grabbed his shoulder and shook him roughly.

He was just about ready to hold a pillow over his face until his offender left him alone.

“Get up and shower now before I go to bed,” Ohm’s voice cut into the void of his thoughts and he groaned loudly to show his blatant lack of enthusiasm. He was comfortable to sleep for twenty hours, if only he could, and being woken up after only a few wasn’t something he desired. Ohm cared nothing for his desires, clearly, and shook him by the shoulder a second time. “McQuaid, get up.”

With laziness heavy in his mind, the blonde complied with reluctant haste. No matter how exhausted he was, he didn’t want to piss Ohm off any more than he had to.

For that reason he allowed himself to be lead to the bathroom by the irritated brunette and left alone to undress and step under the cold water. He let his head fall to rest on the soft pink tiles. Water ran from his hair down his face, pooling in the creases of his closed eyes, and catching on his eyelashes, lips and jaw.

He barely managed to stay awake, resting against the shower wall, before Ohm was knocking on the door and demanding he get out. After towelling himself off and changing into thick pyjama pants, he removed himself from the room and dragged his feet over to his bed. Actually getting under the covers, he curled in on himself, feet and fingers freezing as he tucked his hands under the waistband of his pants to keep them relatively warm.

To his sorrow, the cool shower had woken him, and he didn’t manage to drop into sleep the moment he had returned to the bed as he’d hoped.

Ohm had watched the blonde over the top of his book as Bryce’d left the bathroom and moved to his bed. He watched, unnoticed, as the drowsy man slipped under the covers. Bryce only looked over when Ohm stood, fetching a pair of handcuffs from the bag and moving to the other’s side. He held out a hand, and Bryce shuffled back to sit up a bit. His blue gaze trained on the waiting hand and he reluctantly offered his right wrist. He was swiftly cuffed to the bed post before Ohm returned to his own bed and switched off the lamp.

For a moment, Bryce didn’t move – a floodgate opening to allow the constant rush of thoughts to filter back into his mind. He hesitantly laid back down, his toes cold under the thick blankets. Why was Ohm so closed off? Was he always so controlling? So threatening, and overpowering?

His gaze stuck to Ohm’s clothed shoulders which rolled away as he got comfortable in his own bed a few metres away. Bryce withdrew from the dark room, wondering about the man across from him. What got him into such a business? Was Bryce the first to be kidnapped? What else did he do?

“Do you fucking mind?” Bryce startled out of his thoughts as Ohm rolled over and glared at him through the dark. His voice was as sharp as ever, not even the slightest amount of tire or exhaustion resting on his words and his glare was just as strong through the night. At Bryce’s confused, shocked silence he huffed, turning back away from him. “Stop staring holes into my fucking back and go the Hell to sleep.”

Embarrassment softened Bryce’s shock and he felt his cheeks glow in the night. “S-sorry, I zoned out.” He turned away also, facing the faded cream coloured wall. Ohm grumbled something inaudible and silence once again began forming between them. The brunette glared at the lamp beside him, aggravated over every little thing Bryce did.

He knew he wouldn’t sleep, settling in to have a strong ten hours of thought and paranoia. Fortunately, the silence of the room was beginning to settle over him like a thick blanket. It warded off any unwanted thoughts and dreams and people and allowed him to process his thoughts in peace. It allowed him to rest and think and-

“I can’t sleep.”

Ohm’s eyes rolled back in his head, holding back the over exaggerated groan that was ready to stab Bryce in the throat. Instead, he forced himself to breathe and calm down. “What do you want me to do about it?” It was hard to keep himself from growling at the boy, and no matter how hard he did try, his words were sharp and angry. The sarcasm was definitely thick in his tone and the other scoffed softly.

He heard Bryce shuffle between the sheets, and the cuff around his wrist clinked, forcing him to shuffle back to however he was laying in the first place. Ohm shifted to lie on his back and stared up at the roof as Bryce struggled to find a comfortable position to lie in with the cuff on.

“Can I ask you a question?” he asked, settling somehow and Ohm closed his eyes, head falling to stare through the darkness in Bryce’s general direction. Truthfully, the brunette was glad of the blonde’s silence for the entire day – he was genuinely surprised at how true to his word he’d been – but that didn’t make him any more accepting to hearing his voice.

Especially when he wanted to rest.


“Do you usually do this?”

A heavy sigh left his lips. It was hopeful to wish for a silent night. “Do what?”

The hand cuffs clinked again and Bryce coughed into his pillow, staring into the void around him with calm, big eyes. “Kidnap people.”

Ohm snorted, his lips quirking in a slight smirk at the word “kidnap”. It was an odd word. It made it sound like he travelled in a white van and offered children candy. It made him sound like a paedophile and he found amusing, seeing as it indicated that Bryce himself was a child. But no, travelling with Bryce was decidedly worse than travelling with a child.

“No.” His voice was slightly softer, Bryce noticed, almost humoured by what he’d suggested.

But no? He didn’t kidnap people? “Well then… what do you do?”

Again, Ohm smirked to the darkness around him. It grinned back. “I don’t think knowing will help you sleep,” he told the blonde, arching his back in the uncomfortable bed. He didn’t like the idea of waking up sore, and he almost thought sleeping in the car was a better idea.

The pillows were stuffed with feathers, which some people may assume is soft and comfortable, except it wasn’t. A million tiny needles were pricking the back of his head and neck and no matter where he lay his head, he couldn’t find comfort. Nor were there any other spare pillows that weren’t used for torture. He wondered how Bryce wasn’t complaining about his pillow yet, seeing as he had a voice for everything. Perhaps he’d believe Ohm would be able to conjure up a silk one out of air just for him?

“It might.” Bryce’s voice sounded just awake as his own, seeing as the two were far too wound up, and far too deep in thought to get anywhere close to sleep.

Bryce hated sleepless nights. He hated not doing anything. It wasn’t that he was impatient, he just didn’t like sitting still and doing nothing. He liked to use his fingers, tapping or clicking or holding a pencil – he liked to be using time for things other than staring at walls. He liked to talk, tell stories, ask questions, sing. He liked to be doing things, and with one hand cuffed and his movement restricted he felt extremely uncomfortable and unhappy.

Having the chance of making actual conversation with Ohm, even if it only meant learning his favourite colour, was something to do. Plus, he hated having to be joined at the hip with a man he knew nothing about. Nothing but a nickname and a face. Bryce at least wanted so know something about the guy’s life.

“I’m a hitman,” Ohm’s smirk faltered slightly as the words left his mouth. He thought it would be a little bit more satisfying to scare the guy. It only left a bitter taste on his tongue at the thought of his job. How he did have so much money. How he lived. What he’d done. What he would continue to do for a long time…

Bryce didn’t say anything. The word “hitman” was a bit hard to swallow, a bit thick to sink in. The fact that he was a hitman’s subject was even harder to understand. Anyone sensible would be just as horror-struck. For one, he was travelling with a hitman. A murderer. A guy who killed people for money. Two, he was the subject of a hitman. He was going to be turned into money the moment Ohm dropped him off on some gang’s doorstep. Fortunately, he wasn’t supposed to be killed, but being dropped off by a hitman didn’t make him happy. He wasn’t going to be dropped off at Disneyland or some shit, he was going to be interrogated, and likely tortured. He was going to be used as bait for his own boyfriend.

The fact that he was sleeping in the same room as a hitman had shivers crawling up his spine like spiders, his arm awkwardly twisted up because of the cuff. He couldn’t lie comfortably and the cold that washed over his body like ice made him feel like he was going to shatter where he lay.

He couldn’t control his thoughts, thinking about the gun on the bedside table on the other side of the room. He thought about the hands that pulled him across the road; that cuffed him to the car and to the bed. What his gun had done. How many times the trigger had been pulled. How many times the trigger had stolen lives. What he’d used his hands for. How many people had died to them, how many times had he grabbed people, or held guns, or held knives, or held throats.

“O-oh,” he murmured, his voice clogging up his throat with fear and concern and the cycling thoughts of panic whirling around his mind. He cast a worried glance in the direction of Ohm’s bed. The darkness was too thick around them to let him actually see the man but his presence was definitely felt. It was cold.

Ohm’s smirk had faded to a grimace as he flipped over and faced back away from the now silent blonde. He’d clearly shocked the guy speechless and felt far less great about it than he thought he would have. He thought it would bring him joy to cause the other fear, to make him worry and stress and be so scared he had nothing else to talk about.

Instead he felt sick. He felt like he was covered in dirt, covered in blood. He felt disgusting. The fact that he took lives and ruined lives and shattered lives, a reminder of how he made money. A reminder of the fear that settled in stomachs at the idea of him. A name. A symbol. A gunshot. A reminder that he didn’t have a family, he didn’t have friends, he didn’t go to college, or work at the hospital he always dreamed of working at.

He was a hitman. And that was all he’d ever be.

But despite the heaviness and filth that settled in his lungs, the silence was sweet. The peace that settled among them again. The soft nothingness that could consume him, nothingness that could swallow him up. He already felt the thoughts filling up his lungs, and let his eyes rest shut as he drew up different ideas and hopes for his future.

Forgetting the murder. Forgetting the blood. Forgetting the horror of every day where he was hunting, killing, stalking someone. Where he was counting money in brief cases and spending it all away to drag himself through the days.

A future alone with a small cat, in a small house, with a small life. A new life. A life with less murder and blood and horror. A life where he could breathe.

He loved the peace. The serenity of just him and his thoughts. He couldn’t get enough, he could never get enough. He drowned in it.

“How’d you end up becoming a hitman?”

This time Ohm didn’t try to restrain his loud groan, flopping over onto his front and pressing his face down into the torture-pillow. “Go the fuck to sleep Bryce,” he snarled with a voice completely lacking malice.

Bryce didn’t say anything more, but didn’t find sleep either. He resorted to laying still and silent. He let his thoughts swirl around him, flashing in the darkness and lifting him into the void. He let his mind wander, thinking about how much nicer “Bryce” sounded on Ohm’s tongue instead of “McQuaid”.

First: Prologue

Previous: Four

Next: Six

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Mianite- Perfect (chapter Two)

Title: Perfect

Fandom: Mianite

Chapters: 2/?

Summary: A life-long experiment between two unlikely partners finally comes to completion.

A/N: This also takes place way before the first season of Mianite and before Ianite and Mianite are born.

Death, though a weird name for someone so childish in Botan’s mind, was a little bit freaked out about the 301st experiment. He didn’t know what to think. In fact, Botan seemed to think that freaked out was a bit of an understatement. He never really went near that hallway again after the condition of the subject and Botan was proud of that.

Death may not be the best at keeping his stomach intact with… body horror… but he found that his partner was starting to get used to Botan’s excessive need to see someone suffer especially to this extent. Even if it is someone who he’s never met.

At least he was fairing well now that 301 had been exterminated after the mutations went out of control. Botan was still trying to understand why this time it had failed. It may have been a recent discovery but the mutations shouldn’t have gotten out of hand like that. Especially like that.

His subject was just a normal man. An everyday person you’d see walking around the streets. In fact he could’ve been pretty healthy, which was even better. But Botan guessed he had somehow gotten his calculations wrong, possibly from lack of sleep or his stupid partner bothering him all the damn time.

Though being an average human, Botan’s disease he bred happen to have spread to his brain much quicker than he’d like and the mutations happened at an accelerated rate. It was odd to say the least.

He could still hear the bones cracking and the flesh splitting. Blood spilling. The pained groans and grunts. Then evolving to raged hissing and roars. The noises of objects, mostly the bed frame, being thrown about. The mutations could’ve cause some sort of super-strength for that bed frame to be pulled out so easily.

His partner could’ve started having night terrors now. Just thinking about it. Hearing those noises.

Botan remembered the terrified screech of his partner when he had let 301 out. He actually kind of laughed because the weirdo didn’t know what to do. Botan had always lectured the shadowed man about always carrying a strong weapon just for this purpose. But of course he never listened.

After getting over his partner’s terrified state he finally took out his shotgun and shot the mutated creature when it had turned to him with its glazed white eyes.

It took a few shots to put it down for good.

“Suck it up, Crybaby,” Botan chuckled, and approached his partner. “I’ll be attempting to slow down the development process for the next subject. You have your reports?”

“Yeah,” Death nodded and stepped down from the ledge on the wall that happened to keep him safe. He knew 301 couldn’t harm him in anyway, but it still terrified him. He led Botan to his own office, just a few cells down. He wanted to stay as close to Botan’s office as possible in case something happened. Despite how stupid the idea was to the older man he agreed anyway because if he didn’t then Death would’ve probably ran off by now.

Death gave his partner the reports. Botan required reports of his own experiments from his partner to know where he was in progress. Especially what he did. The two work together but… in their own way. The two would work on their own subjects at their own pace with their own experiment. Botan spends years breeding a hereditary disease and Death works on breeding the specimen for the disease.

The perfect specimen.

Since the two work at their own pace, Botan requires paperwork done by his partner. Botan himself will describe his own progress with his work in great amount of detail, just to see the white lines on Death’s black canvas shift into that of disgust and resentment. But Death couldn’t hate his older partner.

Botan himself had always wondered why his partner was named Death until he was told that the act of dying was actually named after him.

Death described that when someone has survived the act of death they will describe how they saw him envelope their soul as it left their body. Surround them in his cloak of darkness. Nothingness.

“Okie,” Botan pursed his lips and walked off with the papers in his hands. He stepped over the body of 301 and made it to his office, unlocking the door and sliding in when he opened it just a little. He pulled out the chair to his desk and sat down, scooted closer to the table, and set the papers in front of him to read. Death isn’t known to put too much detail in his reports so it wouldn’tbe surprising if Botan received one or two papers. Today was different. He could tell he was starting to really get into this project after he mentioned the idea of a volunteer.

Botan wondered who he would choose. Hopefully his partner would make the smart choice.

After finishing reading his partner’s unusually long report, indeed he seemed to be taking more interest in this project. He’s been spending most of his time researching, of not that then writing his report on what he’s seen or checking on future subjects that Botan has found.

Botan was about to start writing in his notes, having everything already out, until he heard a knock on his door. He sighed and set his pen down and shouted for Death to just come in. “There’s no point in knocking,” Botan said lowly, looking over his shoulder at Death as he slipped in through the door with a folder.

“Yeah well–” Death shrugged and placed the folder down on the desk in front of Botan, “– I think I found someone.”

Botan hummed and opened the folder, revealing the profile of a man named Riaxahl Izaxur. He’s a demon-esque man, around the age of 35. Botan could care less about the basic information of this man and went on to check his DNA records. There was a long list of animals that he had similar genes to, the most common families being human/demon, canine, feline, and reptilian. Names of animals that he could recognize were sparse. Text at the bottom of the page stated in how the man is put under constant surveillance because of his genealogy consisting of mostly feral beasts.

“Are you sure?” Botan asked, flipping back to the profile and scanning it with his onyx eyes.

“Yessir,” Death nodded. He had been twiddling his fingers behind his back anxiously.

“I’ll go grab him then,” Botan said and stood from his chair.

“I’d wish you good luck but you always say you don’t need it,” Death muttered, following his older partner out of the office. He always gets lost in the dark hallways in their… facility.”

“He’s Russian?” Botan arched a brow, still looking at Riaxahl’s profile.

“Yes, so that ought to add some sort of pazzaz,” Death said, “though if it doesn’t then I don’t know what would.”

“Interesting. We’ll have to see,” Botan closed the folder and shoved it in the pocket inside his suit jacket. He shooed Death off, claiming the younger should have something else better to do than just follow him around. Death nodding and kept waking down the rest of the hallway while Botan left through the front door.


•Long Distance Love• Neymar

“Great show, Y/n!”

The 23 year old model had just stepped off the runway, for the final time that night. She just made her way backstage when her manager Angie Deleasa came over giving the young model a half hearted hug.

Y/n smiled, replying with a quiet ‘thank you’ just quick enough before Angie was off into a tangent. The older woman went on about how great this exposure would be for Y/n’s budding modelling career, and the work she had already booked as a result.

Y/n had learned over the years when to tune Angie out, and this was definitely one of those times. Angie was right about one thing though–this was great exposure.

Y/n had just wrapped up  her very first New York fashion week, walking a total of seven shows. Though it was amazing, especially for an up and coming model, it definitely took its toll. Exhaustion couldn’t even explain half of how she was feeling right now. So the last thing she wanted to hear about in that moment was more work.

All Y/n wanted right now was to get to her hotel, take a shower, eat, maybe talk to her boyfriend if she could catch him and if not, sleep. She inwardly thanked God when Angie’s phone went off, forcing  the older woman leave her alone. Sometimes Y/n wondered if keeping Angie around as a good move…but the woman was nothing if not good at her job.

Y/n just wished Angie could understand that that there were other parts of her life that were just as –if not more– important .  She shook her head, heading towards the dressing room. Quickly grabbed her duffle bag, Y/n pulled out the clothes she brought to change into after the show. She stopped short when she noticed what she had grabbed.

She couldn’t help but laugh; she was in such a rush trying not to be late. she had grabbed Neymar’s old Barça jersey by mistake. Normally She slept in it but she was sleeping in one of his favorite shirts she took the last time she was in Barcelona.  

The jersey had been stuffed with all Y/n’s clothes so it was no wonder she ended up reaching for it. Speaking of Neymar though…she missed him like crazy. It’s been a little over two weeks since she last saw him.

Between the demands of their respective  jobs and both of them constantly traveling…it was hard. Neymar’s football career was getting bigger everyday while her modeling career was also picking up speed.

It was great…but it was also scary. The bigger they seem to get, the less time they  seemed to have for each other. That made Y/n afraid of growing distant and eventually falling apart. When they had time, everything was great–they loved each other so much–but that time seemed like it was quickly drying up without their consent…

She sighed pushing those thoughts away,  and got dressed, before putting her dufflebag on her shoulder and  headed out the dressing room. She started to make her way out the building but not before hugging and congratulating some of her fellow models- Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevingne, and Kendall Jenner. All of whom in turn playfully teased her about her attire.

“Missing the bae that bad huh?"Jourdan smirked as she lightly grabbed at the sleeve of the jersey.

"How cute! do you think he’s wearing anything of yours around, maybe your lingerie?” Cara teased while Kendall made kissy faces.

Y/n laughed, flipping them off, which in turn caused them all to laugh. Just as she was turning to leave, Jourdan grabbed her by the arm.

“Wait let’s get one in for the 'gram.” Jourdan suggested.

Y/n hesitated for a few seconds but relented when they all started begging her to. they took a couple pictures before deciding together which ones were good enough before it was put online.

officialjdunn: and I’m in love with my babiesss 🎶🎶😍😍😘@y/username @kendalljenner @caradelevingne NYFW was amazing #untilnexttime #excuseuslookingkindacrazy #excepty/n #lowkeyshittingonalllofus #whosjerseyisthatY/n #questionsthatneedanswers

Y/n rolled her eyes at the caption, before giving everyone one final hug and heading out. She should have waited for her manager but she honestly didnt want to hear the womans mouth.if she wasnt talking about work she would use Y/n’s current attire as an excuse to talk about her relationship.

The older women wasnt impressed in the slightest with her clients choice to date a professional athlete –to her it was cliched and doomed to fail. She would take examples of other models who had failed relationships with athletes and how they were liable to cheat. So instead of putting herself in the place to ensure that she sent her manager a quick text that she had already left and got into the car called for her alone.

When she got to her hotel room, she did exactly as she planned; after she showered she put on yet another one of Neymar’s shirts, some shorts before she picked up her Macbook  and sat down the bed. She placed it on her lap and went directly to FaceTime and immediately called Neymar. She knew it was late but he made her promise she would call as soon as she got to her hotel. A smile graced her face when it connected and her  tired but gorgeous boyfriend filled her screen.

“Hey baby,” he  grinned back at her.  He was clearly tired but waited up for her. “Hey back,” she smiled softly,“ you should’ve just went to sleep babe you could’ve called me when you woke up.”

“Then you’d be asleep.” He argued.

“So you’re fucking up your sleeping pattern so I won’t? Ney…”

“Nope,"he cut in,” and don’t even think about hanging up. I’ll just call you back.“just by the look on his face Y/n knew he wasn’t joking. He would totally just keep calling until she finally picked up.

”…you’re  annoying.“she frowned.

"Soooo..?."he said in a sing song tone.

"Soooo..?."she mocked him.

So, do you miss me?”he asked with a childlike grin.

"Kinda…I miss Davi and Rafa more."She teased,laughing when he stared completely unamused,"I’m kidding dummy, of course I missed you.”

“uh huh…"Neymar rolled his eyes dramatically before the same grin from earlier broke out,"I saw some pictures from the  last show, you looked amazing babe.”

“aww, thanks Ney."Y/n blushed as a familiar burst of pride and happiness filled her. no matter how well she knew she did—hearing it from the man she loved  was a whole different level. Not to mention seeing the excitement and pride all over his face had made her feel thousands more confident.

"Don’t thank me! You did all the work…I wish I was with you right now.” Neymar frowned, shaking his head a little,“This week is so big for you I wish I could be there to support.”

y/n hated when he did this–blame himself for not being able to come out for her. He always talked about how his sister and parents–even the mother of his child–Carolina who adored Y/n and vice versa–were better support systems then he was. She didn’t want him to feel bad about shit he couldn’t control.

“There’ll be other shows."she gave him her brightest smile.

"Other shows for me to miss."he said wistfully. And there it was again–reality.

Their schedules generally clashed. it was more ideal for Y/n to support him at matches then it was for Neymar to come to a fashion show. He has made it to a handful since Y/n’s career started to find its momentum though not as much as he would like. But in Y/n eyes he made up for it for his constant and vocal support. Whenever she had a show he couldn’t attend he always made sure to wish her luck and post pictures.

"oh, babe, it’s okay."Y/n assured him, she didn’t want him feeling bad over things he couldn’t control.

"is it though?"Neymar  countered, she talked good game but he knew that his inability to consistently come out and support her wasn’t okay with her. She thought he didn’t see but he saw every time disappointed flashed through her eyes when she had an event he couldn’t make it to.

Yes it is.“she said firmly. Neymar shook his head but refrained from arguing. They continued to talk until his yawns became more frequent and literally looked like he was forcing himself to stay awake.

"Go to sleep, Ney,"Y/n said gently,” I know you’re gonna have to get up soon.“ He looked like he wanted to protest but he knew she was right. He had to be up to get ready for training in a few short hours. If he was smart he would get back to sleep.

"I hate these time differences, we barely got to talk.” he frowned.

“I know,” Y/n pouted as she leaned closer to her screen,“ but look at it this way, I’ll be back in Barcelona by Sunday–I’ll even get to make your match.”

That bit of information was enough to make Neymar break out into a bright albeit it tried smile,“I’m looking forward to it.”

After saying a couple more I miss you’s and I love you’s the young couple blew each other kisses, wished each other a good night and ended their FaceTime call.

Y/n shut her laptop and put it aside as she lay still allowing the exhaustion she had been fighting to take over her senses. Just before she could get to sleep her phone went off on the bedside dresser. She reached for it and immediately smiled at what she saw. On her lock screen was a notification of a text from Neymar.

Minha Cabeça Grande😍😍❤️

Bons sonhos, minha princesa😘❤️


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Tuckington fic where Junior shows up to save the day and Wash hears about/meets Tucker's child for the first time?Please? :)

Thanks for the prompt, Anon! :)

I hope you like what I’ve come up with. I might try this prompt again in an AUverse with human!Junior…

Title: Wash, this is Junior. Junior, this is Wash.

“Tucker…” Wash really wanted to know how Tucker knew the alien language. He’d have to wait to find out. Assuming they survived. “How do you fuck up ‘attack’ and ‘peace!?’  Washington’s voice did that thing where it increases in pitch the more he can’t believe a situation.
“My Sangheili isn’t the greatest, okay? Fuck, this doesn’t look good…”


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Inspired Interview

Request: “I kinda have an idea like, it’s a Chris even x reader, like the reader is the "new member” of the avenger universe as “Steve Rogers” girlfriend so she might be in “some” of the movies but anyway, like Chris and the reader are doing an interview for the new movie coming out, and they joke around, and the interviewer asks like, oh you two together: but they arnt but eventually do get together"- @angelfuzzy2

Summary: After an interview about their next movie, (Name) and Chris get to thinking about their relationship. They care deeply for one another, but should they risk what they already have for something more?

Pairing: Chris Evans/Reader

Warnings: There’s really nothing to warn you about unless count fluff and possible bad characterization as something worth warning

A/N: So this is my first attempt at writing RPF(real person fiction) so you’ll forgive me for any mistakes that I may have made. I’ll admit, this turned out better than I expected it to. This is also considerably shorter than the last two things I’ve written by about two thousand words lol. Obviously, Entertainment Tonight does not belong to me (pretty sure it already exists). It belongs to the good people who created it. I was merely borrowing it for artistic purposes.You can make requests of your own, but my Spring Break is almost at its end so it may take me longer than it did this week. Let me know what you think and enjoy!

“Ten minutes to air!” one of the stage hands yelled to the others as he ran off in the opposite direction to do something or other.

(Name) took a deep breath as she straightened out her dress, her nerves getting to her as she sat in the chair next to Chris. This was her first interview talking about the next Marvel movie, which she happened to play a major role in. She had Chris go over everything they could and couldn’t talk about, because it would be just her luck that she’d blurt out a major spoiler because she was so nervous.

Chris reached over and put a hand on hers, trying to calm her as the make-up artists came over to do a final touch up before they were supposed to start. “You’re going to be fine. They’ll love you. If they like me, they’ll definitely like you.”

She let out a nervous chuckle as she unconsciously put her other hand on top of his. “Thanks, but I have to call BS on that. They love you because you’re a loveable meatball. I’m neither loveable nor a meatball, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll like me.”

“Do not start with me on this. When are you going to see how adorable you are?”

It was then the woman who’d be interviewing them came up and sat in the chair across from them and chuckled, “Save the banter for the camera, you two. The people at home will eat it up.”

“Five minutes to air!” another voice yelled, its message echoing throughout the space.

Another deep breath in and out as (Name) began to center herself, putting her hands back into her lap as she did. She could do this. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been interviewed before. But this time was different. This time she had a hunky, incredibly attractive Dorito of a man sitting next to her, giving her that sincere smile because he knew just how nervous she really was. God, it was times like this she realized just how much she cared about him. But, alas, she didn’t want to ruin the thing she had with the person who just so happened to be one of her best friends. She thought this kind of thing only happened to people in soap operas, yet here she was, experiencing that exact dilemma.

“Hello, and welcome to Entertainment Tonight!” the interviewer’s voice pulled her out of her thoughts. Had it really been five minutes already? “Tonight, I have Chris Evans and (Name) (Last Name) here to talk to about their next project in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thanks for joining me, you two.”

“Thanks for having us,” Chris smiled, taking the lead.

From there, things went fine, great even. (Name) soon came out of her shell as she saw how relaxed Chris seemed to be. There were the standard questions, like how filming is going, what other projects can we look forward to from Marvel, and the fishing for any plot spoilers to keep the audience interested. Then came the questions about chemistry on set.

“Yeah, I’m not sure who the troublemaker on set is. I think it’s pretty much everybody getting everybody into trouble,” Chris laughed in answer to the interviewer’s question.

“I can tell you who the troublemaker is,” (Name) butt in, “You are.”

“What? No, I’m not!” he exclaimed.

She laughed, “Yes, you are. Who’s the one who hoards the snack cakes from craft services?”

“Jeremy does it too!” he defended with a laugh.

“You’re the one who gave him the idea.”

That had him in stitches, his head was thrown back as he cackled. “It’s true!”

The interviewer laughed as she flipped over to the next notecard in her hand to move on to the next question. “Alright, you two. Everyone knows that in this movie, Steve ‘Captain America’ Rogers finally gets a girlfriend.”

“Key word: finally,” (Name) commented, causing Chris to chuckle.

The interviewer shook her head, a smile on her face as she continued, “Anyway, (Name), you play Steve’s girlfriend, yes?”

“Yes, I do,” she nodded in answer to the question.

“Well, it’s obvious you two are close on set, if that trailer is anything to go off of. But, my question is: Are you two just as close off set?”

(Name) and Chris shared a look before she answered, “If you’re asking what I think you’re asking, then the answer is no, we’re not. Chris and I are just friends. Nothing more.” Not that I don’t wish we were more, she thought to herself.

“Yeah, besides, she kisses weird,” Chris joked. “I don’t think I could handle kissing her every day.” Okay, to Chris, that was a lie. He would enjoy kissing those lips every day if he could. But, they were friends, nothing more. And he didn’t want to ruin that.

“So there’s a kissing scene?” the interviewer asked, suddenly interested.

“I’ve said too much,” Chris stated in a joking manner.

(Name) shook her head, going on to clarify, “Yes, there is a kissing scene, but it hasn’t been filmed yet.” She shot Chris a fake glare, “He wishes he knew what it was like to kiss me.”

“I bet it’s slobbery and all teeth.”

“You want to find out, pal?” (Name) asked, waggling her eyebrows suggestively.

“And on that note,” the interviewer said, “That’s all the time we have. Thank you for joining us.”

“Anytime,” her and Chris said at the same time. They shared a look as the interviewer chuckled and continued her sign off. This interview had given (Name) some insight into her dilemma. It had given her the courage to do some fishing. Maybe he felt the same? Or maybe she was just imagining that look in his eyes. Only one way to find out.

* * * * *

(Name) and Chris had decided to go out and get drinks after their interview, just to be able to relax. Seeing as it was a nice evening, they decided to walk to the nearby bar. After all, it wasn’t every day that they got to unwind and enjoy the pleasant weather that LA provided.

Walking side by side, they joked around, mostly about the events during their time on camera. Letting out a chuckle, Chris bumped her, a smile on his face as he said, “You did a great job. The lady interviewing us couldn’t stop laughing at what you said.”

(Name) smiled at her equally smiley friend, “Yeah, well, you helped.” They lapsed into silence for a moment, allowing the two to just listen to hustle and bustle of LA’s nightlife around them. A few minutes later, (Name) spoke “Do you really think my kisses are going to be slobbery and all teeth?” she joked, side-eyeing him.

“What?” Chris laughed, shaking his head, “No, probably not. But I won’t know for sure until you actually kiss me.” Sure, Chris was mostly joking, but there was some part of him that wanted it. He wanted to kiss the woman who had, over the past few months, become his friend.

There was something in his voice that told (Name) something was different. It wasn’t much, but it was something. It was enough of a something to give her pause. Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, she pulled him off to the side, so as not to block the foot traffic, and asked, “Wait… Do you actually want to kiss me?”

“Uh…” He didn’t know what to do. Should he confess? Should he say that, yes, he absolutely wanted to kiss her and her stupidly beautiful face? Or should he play it off as a joke, just like he has been for the last month? Did he take a chance and potentially ruin the already good thing he has with this girl or did he keep his mouth shut and hope that she never found out?

Watching the conflict on her friend’s face gave (Name) her answer. He did. He did want to kiss her. What did that mean? Did that mean that he actually liked her? Oh god, if that were true, that would mean she’d been wasting so much time by keeping her mouth shut about her own feelings.

Now she had to know. “Chris, answer me,” she said quietly. Chris decided to hell with it. He was going to tell her the truth. If she were truly his friend, she would let him down easy if she didn’t feel the same.

“And what if I do?” was his response.

(Name)’s face heat up, much to her embarrassment. It was lucky she’d planned out her next move already. Otherwise she might have just stood there, forever the blushing idiot. “Then, I’d do this,” she stated, surprisingly without her voice giving away the fact that her heart was pounding in her chest. Her hands moved her his face, cupping his cheeks. He was clean shaven in order to play Steve, which left his cheeks touchably smooth. Standing on her tip toes, she leaned in and pressed her lips softly to his, her eyes slipping closed so as not to lose her nerve.

His were unexpectedly soft. She would have thought they would have a rougher texture, but they were soft against her own glossed lips. It was kind of awkward at first, as neither of them expected this to happen. But, once they get a feel for what their lips feel like against each other, they go all in. That’s when it became deeper, plunging into the neediness that was beneath the surface.

The kiss itself lasted a minute, maybe two, before they pulled apart. When they did, they just looked at each, really looked at each other. It was a silent evaluation of all they’d been through as friends, a silent question of Do we really want to do this? (Name) slowly retracted her hands from his face, tensed for the possibility of backlash.

After a few more moments of quiet, Chris spoke, “Well, that definitely wasn’t all teeth and not the least bit slobbery.”

(Name) let out a quiet laugh, her body relaxing slightly, “Does that mean you liked it?”

Chris pretended to think, a poorly hidden smirk forming on his face as he said, “I don’t know. I think I’m going to need another to know for sure.”

She rolled her eyes. “God, you’re a dork, you know that?”

“Yeah, but I’m your dork,” he said, but there was an unasked question behind it. The question of Am I your dork?

“Yeah, I guess you are,” she said thoughtfully.

Chris’ hands came to rest on her hips, pulling her closer to give her a kiss of his own. This one was significantly shorter than the last, but it seemed to solidify what they both knew to be true. Everything had changed. But, really, it hadn’t. They were still friends, just of the closer variety. This 'thing’, whatever they wanted to call their relationship now, was bound to happen. They knew it. Their co-stars and friends knew it. Hell, the paparazzi standing on the other sidewalk sneakily snapping pictures of them knew it too.

anonymous asked:

I seriously love you guys' writing. One of the best scenario writers out there- good grammar, perfect length, great writing styles. Can i request a threesome scenario with Seokmin and Jisoo of Seventeen? xx

Thank you so much, this means a lot! We enjoy writing for you guys, you guys are awesome. ~

Seokmin and you are dating, but you still have a little feelings for Jisoo. I’m just getting straight into it.

 * Descriptive *

“I’m not done yet.” Seokmin said to you darkly as he kept going, but then you heard somebody clear their throat in the doorway, and you both stopped. You lolled your head over and your eyes, hazed over from the powerful orgasm you just endured, landed on Jisoo standing in your bedroom doorway.

Seokmin blinked at him for a moment. “Hey.” He said simply as if he didn’t really know what else to say.

Jisoo laughed a bit nervously. “Guess I’m interrupting something.” He said, to which Seokmin stood up and threw the blanket over you and himself. You sat up a little, still racked from your intense session, holding the blanket to your chest. You noticed Jisoos eyes lingering on you a bit…

He had seemed interested in you when Seokmin had first introduced you to the group, more interested than everyone else. You had remembered how his gaze sat on you for a moment when you were first introduced and how he made a point to talk to you a bit more than the others. You also remembered yourself actually thinking he was pretty charming and if you hadn’t met Seokmin first, who knows. It could have been Jisoo.

Jisoo looked away after a moment. “I came to check on you since things were rough today during practice.” He said. You weren’t quite sure what had happened, but you figured it was best to not ask since it would likely irritated Seokmin more than you’d have liked.

Seokmin grinned. “Are you sure that was why?” he asked slyly, “Because you know when I get frustrated what I do.” He said throwing his thumb back at you.

Jisoo laughed a bit. “Guess you’re right.” He said and looked at you again.

Seokmin seemed to notice his constant ogling and grinned widely at him. “What do you think of her like this?” he asked him suddenly. You were startled. He had never been so open about you like this with his friends and a blush began to quickly form on your face. “W-wait…” you said, but neither of the men were listening.

jisoo blushed a bit himself and looked off. “Why are you asking?” he asked Seokmin.

“Because I already know you like her. It’s easy to see…I don’t mind you looking at her. After all, she is mine.” He said. He pulled you close to him suddenly, the blanket dropping off you and your perky breasts now perfectly visible to Jisoo, whose eyes widened a bit. You could see through the tightening of his pants that he was getting a bit bothered looking at you. You averted your gaze, not wanting to seem like you were interested, and offend Seokmin.

“She’s not going anywhere…” Seokmin said suddenly kissing you and then playing with a nipple, which caused you to yelp, but admittedly made you a bit moist since Jisoo was watching him do this to you. “I don’t know, if you’re up for it, I don’t mind sharing her today…that is if she doesn’t mind…” he said looking at you.

Technically, you belonged to Seokmin, and you had already resolved yourself to doing whatever it was he desired, but you were very grateful that he had taken your feelings into consideration. Jisoo was attractive, and a gentlemen you definitely couldn’t deny. You had often thought about what it would be like to see his intoxicating eyes looking into yours, or his hands firmly gripping you. You could picture him saying your name too. You felt a little bad since you really loved Seokmin, but you did lust a bit after Jisoo every now and then, and you couldn’t really be faulted right? After all, here was Seokmin publically fondling you and purposefully teasing you in front of him so sadistically. You couldn’t help but feel a little more wanting than usual.

“I-if you want me to…” you said bashfully to Seokmin.

Seokmin laughed a bit. “Whatever…you’ll actually like it. I know what you’re always thinking about him.” Seokmin said as he grabbed your chin roughly and forced you to look into his eyes. “But you can have your cake and eat it too today. Just remember who you belong to.” He said, and released you from his grip.

Jisoo looked at Seokmin a bit worriedly. “Are you sure this is okay Seokmin?” He asked him suddenly.

Seokmin smiled. “Yes. She wants it, and I think it would be fun to see her in this situation.” he said with a bit of a devious smile as he flipped you over and propped you up, your channel presented for both of them to admire. It still glistened from not only how wet you had gotten from your fun with Seokmin, but also from the way that he had just offered you up to his friend to enjoy as well as himself. You wondered what you had done to give it away…How did he know how you felt about Jisoo? You supposed you weren’t as careful with your feelings as you thought you were. Seokmin did always say you were an open book, and that was one of the things he liked so much about you.

You felt embarrassed and a little scared, but you were also lusting heavily and deep inside you felt your body call for the both of them to have you. It was an unfair situation that Seokmin knew you wouldn’t be able to resist. With your body already primed and still desperately wanting more, you stood no chance as you watched Jisoo’s eyes move carefully and hungrily over your exposed form.

Jisoo walked over slowly, unbuckling his pants and slipping out of his shoes as he looked you over. Seokmin had taken a couple of fingers and shoved them deep inside of you, and was making sure to rub the g-spot just right. You didn’t know why, but you felt like crying and your face was flush as you looked at Jisoo, who looked at you and bent down smiling.

“If you don’t want to do this, I won’t…” his voice said in your ear, but it was very hard to resist him when he sounded so erotic.

“Jisoo…” you said quietly looking up at him. “…I do want it.” You finally said, and Seokmin grinned. “I knew she wouldn’t be able to resist…but you better understand this is not an all the time thing…same to you.” He said diverting his gaze to Jisoo as he continued to molest you with two of his fingers.

Jisoo took off his shirt, and then he sat you up a bit, pulling your face to his after a bit of admiration so that your lips met. There was a totally new feeling with Jisoo, and you liked it. You weren’t quite sure what the difference was, but you definitely enjoyed it. You moaned into the kiss, and then moaned louder when Seokmin got a bit more abusive down below with his fingers, shoving them in to the hilt.

When you felt yourself growing close, you let yourself free from Jisoo’s kiss, and he seemed to grow more aroused from the expression on your face, an expression of desperation as you sought release. “I-I have to cum!” you said, and then you saturated Seokmin fingers. Seokmin smiled pleased with your humiliation as he put you back on your hands and knees and moved back in front of you. “I want to feel your lips again.” He said, but first stuck his fingers, soaked in your fluids, into your mouth. You whimpered as you tasted yourself and him and somehow the feeling was beyond arousing.

Jisoo settled himself behind you, and you knew what was coming next. Now your thighs were decorated in thin streams of your anticipation as you continued to moan lightly on Seokmin fingers before he pulled them out and instead positioned his member in front of your mouth. You looked up at him, and he smirked down at you before he suddenly pushed his member in your mouth again, causing you moan deeply and shudder lightly with the intense entry. You wished you could look back at Jisoo, but that was a bit impossible as Seokmin dominated your mouth with his nicely sized member and moaned into each thrust, his hands keeping your head steady.

In the midst of your thoughts, you winced as you felt an unfamiliar member make its way into your channel, causing you to moan erotically onto Seokmin. Your arousal made it even more pleasurable for him, and he threw his head back as he began to speed up the pace on your mouth, chocking you slightly as Jisoo impaled you from behind.

“God, she feels so good!” Jisoo said as he began pumping you rhythmically. It was quite a lewd scene…You were on the bed between the man you loved and his friend, and both of them were taking you, your breasts jerking violently with each motion and your eyes clenched shut as you tried to process the overwhelming sensations this pounding was giving you. The bed’s light creaking, the moans that each of you made, and the sound of the two of them slamming into two of your entrances echoed through the room.

They took you like this for quite some time, both men’s moans and groans escalating and becoming more like growls of pleasure as you all got lost in another world. Jisoo soon had your hips steady in his merciless grip as he drove into you hard and quick. “You feel great…! You feel so great!” he growled out. You saw his gentle nature disappear when he got into it with you.

Seokmin called your name out as he pushed deeply into your moist mouth. You felt his thrusts begin to slow momentarily and then he stopped and looked at Jisoo. “Let’s switch.” he said suddenly. You could feel Jisoo pulling out of you a bit as he seemed to agree. Seokmin gently moved you to where he had you bent over the bed now, and Jisoo was settled in front of you, your eyes meeting. Suddenly, he slammed into you yet again, and you felt your world explode as you came hard again instantaneously. Jisoo kissed you deeply while this was going on, all the while gripping his member and rubbing himself as he was about to slide into your mouth and finish there.

You looked at each other. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget you now that I’ve seen you like this. Maybe I can have you all to myself soon…” He said to you in your ear, which Seokmin didn’t hear. You didn’t know what to think about this as he began to slide inside of your mouth.

You knew it was a dangerous game he was playing, as Seokmin was quite possessive and if he found out that Jisoo was seducing you with his confession, you both might be in for a hell storm. Jisoo enjoyed how your experienced tongue darted around on his member and he began to soar quickly to orgasm, his body beginning to spasm a bit as he grew close, and you could also feel Seokmin grow much more vicious and erratic with his thrusts as he too grew closer.

Feeling the two of them pleasured by you and about to cum made you quickly climb towards another orgasm too. You thought if you had even one more, you might pass out. Visions of Jisoo and yourself making love in the most taboo of senses spurred you on as you began to spiral over the edge, and felt Jisoo lose it in your mouth, and Seokmin fill up your cavity with his cum, all three of you wailing out as each of you was sent over the edge.

All you saw was white…

Your entire field of vision was still a haze, and you thought all you could hear was a buzzing noise…

Your senses began to creep back one by one as you noticed Jisoo removing himself from your mouth, evidence of his satisfaction spilling out and rolling down your chin. Seokmin pulled out of you, and soon a flow of his cum began to slide down your quivering thighs. They both were breathing heavily and trying to regain their composure after they had gotten done with you. You fell back onto the bed to catch your breath and then the men eyed each other and looked at you.

Seokmin grinned. “Well then…” He said with a bit of a sadistic chuckle as he smiled to you. “I’m getting cleaned up. Can’t let that dinner you made get too much colder. I want you to join me. Jisoo, you know where the door is.” He joked with his friend as he grabbed a towel and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

You laid there for a moment, Jisoo sitting on the edge of the bed to look at you. He moved some hair from in front of your face to behind your ear. “I want to see you again…” he said.

You looked at him bewildered. “Jisoo! We can’t do that!” you whispered a bit exclamatorily at him.

He smiled. “I know it’s wrong, but I’ve been wanting you for some time. Honestly though, I want you to myself.” He finished.

You didn’t know if you liked his suggestions, since Seokmin trusted him enough to allow him to enjoy your body as well. He trusted his friend enough to be left alone with you too, even if he only anticipated it for a short while. Even though it seemed wrong, Jisoo was tempting.

“I don’t know.” You said looking away from him.

Jisoo smiled. “Think it over.” He said. “You’ve got my number.” He finished and stood up, clothing himself, but he smiled back at you. “You don’t have to do anything if you feel uncomfortable with it. So don’t feel pressured.” He said and then took his exit once he was clothed properly. Something about his words made you feel like there was definitely pressure, but sadly it had an effect on you since you were attracted to him.

You slowly made your way to the shower and then stepped in quietly behind Seokmin who you could tell had a bit of a smirk on his face. “I hope you don’t start catching feelings…” he teased you as he moved you in front of him so he could hold you in a tight embrace. You couldn’t help but feel somewhat guilty when he said that though since Jisoo had lingered in your mind for a bit.

You felt him lay his head onto your shoulder as he felt up your breasts a bit, the water pouring over them soothingly. “It’s alright if you feel something for him…” he said, “But know that I love you…there are things in store for us in the future.” He said to you, sounding a bit more serious, “So let this just be something fun we can keep in our memory.” He said softly in your ear.

You smiled a bit at his words. So he had done this for you. Of course you knew there were definitely some selfish motivations involved, but you knew what he was saying. Jisoo seemed to evaporate slowly from your mind and Seokmin took his place as you realized just what kind of man you really had. You ached a bit you felt the love come creeping in full force again, unchallenged as it had your heart in a vice grip.

“I love you Seokmin…” you cooed to him as you placed your hands over his larger ones and closed your eyes peacefully.

He chuckled softly. “I know you do…I love you too, never forget it.” He said. “Always remember who you belong to at the end of the day.” He said clutching you a little tighter.

You tilted your head up slightly to kiss his neck.

“I’ll always belong to you.”


Right Hand On...!

Title: Right Hand On…!
Character(s) Featured: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Thor Odinson, Natasha Romanov, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Bruce Banner, Sam Wilson
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: M (Mature 16+)
Author’s Note:Update: I am so sorry for being late with this, guys! I honestly didn’t think I’d go through writer’s block again but I did. This one though is finally finished and I’m so happy! I hope you guys like it. I think it’s kinda short but I’m not too sure. Enjoy, everybody! This was my A/N before I got stuck: Hello, hello, hello again my lovelies! I hope everyone is well and preparing for the Holiday Season to begin. I know I am. I’m hanging my paw stockings by my heater with care, leaving some cream and catnip for Ol’ St. Mewkolas or as I like to call him, Catta Claws. Mew! *Tail pokes shoulder and points to letter* Oh yes! We have a one shot request from an Anon who’d love a little foreplay for our reader. Anonymous writes: Hi! I love your work and I’m wondering if you would do a fun steve x reader with the avengers playing twister and things get steamy ;) I like where your mind is going, Anon! Let’s see where reader and Steve end up after this friskiest game ever made! Enjoy everyone, nya!
Summary: For once, the world was not in turmoil for the Avengers to be called. It’s a good thing but being Earth’s Mightiest Heroes ends up making anything ordinary so mundane. In order to end the boredom of his team members, Tony Stark comes up with an interesting activity for the gang to play. It felt childish at first but as the game draws on, personal boundaries are pushed to the limit. You never imagined getting this close to your crush before, and you never imagined you’d end up in the position you literally were with him. It really is the game that ties you up in knots.

You shuffled your feet against the hardwood floor as you made your way through the living room. It was another beautiful, peaceful day in New York City and it was awful! Though it was a blessing for the city as well as many parts of the world to be problem free at moment, it was exhaustingly boring for you and the rest of the team. Granted, you were not a Norse God, a lethal assassin, or even a billionaire playboy genius but you did do your part. You were a field agent who occasionally fought battles with monstrous paperwork that comes after their work is done. It wasn’t a huge vibratium A.I. that you accidentally created, almost destroying the world but you were always proud of yourself at the end of the day. Now the problem was that you were finally up to date on all the incident reports that needed to be filed. You let out a heavy sigh as you looked at the streets of Manhattan on the top floor of the Avengers tower. You had nothing to do now, and since you were so dedicated to your occupation, you didn’t have any outside projects to keep you busy. “What’s with the sad, pouty face, y/n?” A deep, rich voice asked you from behind. Heavy footsteps followed it after, stopping just beside you. You turned your head to the brown eyed genius engineer whose company you’ve come to enjoy. “Nothing serious, Tony. I’m just really bored. I know I shouldn’t say this but I’m dying for a robbery, drug smuggling, something to do other than standing idly by here.”
“Your yearbook quote was, ‘I wish for World Peace’, wasn’t it?” He replied with a snarky remark. You nudged him playfully as you crossed your arms, hugging your off the shoulder oversized purple sweater. Steve and Bucky walked into the common area, glistening with sweat from their morning run. Since they hardly felt tired due to their enhanced metabolism, they were still energized. However, they had nothing to do. They thought of catching up on the latest technologies, fashions, and trends of this era but it wouldn’t be effective without someone to guide them. James was asking his best friend about the use of smartphones when he noticed Steve blankly stared at you. His eyes followed the captain’s line of vision and noticed he was practically hovering closer to you like cartoon character floating to a hot meal. “Uh, Steve?” He called out to him, but it had fallen on deaf ears. He was already behind you, “Good morning, miss l/n.” Tony and you turned to see the tall muscular blonde standing before you with his hands behind his back and a smile across his face. You blushed at his greeting, trying very hard not to make a fool of yourself. “Oh, good morning, sir. You look awfully wet. I mean, sweaty. I mean, you could use a shower. Not that you smell or anything! You know, good hygiene and all. You wouldn’t want to save the world with body odor, right?” Too late. You made a fool of yourself. “Wow. I’d hate to see you talk dirty during sex,” Stark whispered in your ear, causing you to elbow him in the stomach. He groaned in pain, trying to walk away casually as he muttered something about Bruce needing him. Rogers’ smile went from calm and collected to awkward and nervous. He didn’t know what to make out of what you just said. Instead, he changed the subject, “Just wanted to say, great job last week. You really saved us.” “Captain, I alphabetized and filed the Lang incident and that veteran’s receipt who took a taxi ride home after drinking whatever was in Thor’s flask. I would hardly call that saving the day.” You strolled into the kitchen grabbing a prepared shake from the fridge, Bucky and Steve sitting in front of the island across from you. “I disagree, agent y/n. We’re terrible at things like that. Without you, the entire system would be in chaos.” Barnes chimed in, grabbing your protein shake without even your permission. Your e/c eyes narrowed half angrily at the Winter Soldier. You turned back to take the second one you made (just in case for situations such as this), and rested your hands on the countertop. “Is there anything to do around here?” Clint inquired loudly as he made his way towards the three of you. “I’m just as clueless as you are, Barton. I’ve been wondering the same thing all morning.” Steve said, pouring himself a glass of water. “There has to be something to do. There’s only so many times I can kick Clint’s ass until it becomes so boringly easy,” Natasha stated as she walked through the hallway wearing skinny denim jeans and a fitted AC/DC tee, placing half of her body weight on the kitchen island. The archer flipped his middle finger at his close friend, resulting in a sly smirk across her face. “I am sorry but I think I made big dent on track floor from running.” Pietro stated, holding a pair of burnt and smoky Adidas as he headed to throw them away in the kitchen. You looked in shock at the destroyed sneakers before he chucked them in the trash, “Piet! Why did you even let your shoes to get like that?” The Sokovian male grinned widely at you, wrapping his broad arms over your shoulders. The captain observed the eldest Maximoff’s behavior and couldn’t help but stare daggers at the unaware foreigner. “It is quite simple, divan. I like to go hard and fast. My sneakers could not take it. But I think if I change my pace for another…activity I like, be assure that I will take my time, moj ljubimac. Would you like to prove me right, y/n?” The glass in Steve’s hand shattered at the sight of your pink flushed cheeks. Everyone turned to Steve as soon as they heard the remnants hit the floor. He tried to act inconspicuous about his little accident but it was difficult to disguise his contempt for surprise. A red glow suddenly surrounded the speedster and quickly pulled him away from you. “Bad dog. Very bad dog,” His sister said as he floated to her side. Since he had great love and respect for his sister (sometimes), Pietro simply glared at her for putting a halt to his teasing. Wanda came in with Vision not too long ago, arriving just in time to read Rogers’ mind and sense the irritation running through his body. “I GOT IT!” A loud, booming shout came from behind the doors of the lab. Tony ran up the stairs, a reluctant Dr. Banner dragging his feet not far behind, carrying a medium sized box in his hands. Your e/c eyes met with the blonde super soldier’s cerulean orbs and caused your face to turn brighter. There was a certain fire within him that began to rise. He almost looked jealous for a second there. Why would Captain America be jealous that Pietro was practically inviting you to bed? For one thing, everyone knew how much of a flirtatious pervert the European could be. Secondly, why would he be upset that he was talking to you out of all people?
“I have here, in my hands, the very thing that will end our boredom.” The billionaire declared, the package’s cover still hidden behind his chest. Natasha looked skeptical. From all the time she had spent with Stark’s prodigal son, she realized that he’s just as stupid as he was smart. Everyone joined the Widow’s look of doubt. You, on the other hand, didn’t know Tony too well and decided to ask the burning question, “Okay, what’s this amazing thing that will end our boredom?” He turned over the box to reveal its title. The entire group groaned in disbelief and protest. It was Twister.

“If you do not mind, Stark, I would like to moderate the game. Naturally, I have not heard of this game and wish to observe it in detail.” Vision stated as he skimmed through the rules and regulations of Tony’s choice of entertainment. He stretched and cracked his neck, attempting to loosen his body for what was about to come, “Sure V, I have no problem with that. But keep close attention ‘cause I’m gonna wipe the floor with these guys.”
“That’s if you could actually reach some of the colors, Tony. Don’t forget that you’re short and you’re not twenty anymore, old man,” You teased, raising an eyebrow at him in which he couldn’t help but to tease right back. “Oh honey, it’s not the age or height that matters. It’s how you use it,” He winked at you. Steve bit his lower lip in order to stop himself from pulling you near him like a wolf protecting its mate. The captain was never really vocal about his romantic feelings for you. As a matter of fact, even though he has grown wiser with time, he still was a shy kid from Brooklyn. You were the typical girl next door, the woman he knew his mother would approve of. You also knew how to defend yourself and others if needed. To Steve, you were the perfect package. Now if he only had the gall to say something. “We have to find out who goes first, right?” He asked, hoping to distract himself from knocking all of his male teammates senseless. “Rock, paper, scissors?” Clint suggested. Within a few minutes, the order went as followed; Clint, Bucky, You, Thor, Sam, Natasha, Wanda, Tony, Pietro, Bruce, and finally Steve. “Are you ready, Vision?” Stark asked.
“After reading the rules and the entire box, I have seem to determine the object of the game…To answer your question, yes, I am ready.” The android replied after noticing the billionaire roll his eyes. It began quite simple, Clint placed his left hand on blue, and Bucky followed with his right foot on green. However, the longer the game went, the more competitive the Avengers became. “I am a God, no colorful circles on a piece of plastic will defeat me!”
“Well, ‘oh mighty Thor’, move your big flowy cape! It keep hitting me in my eye.” Natasha complained as her face was practically touching his side. “Hey! Whose hand is on my ass?!” Pietro exclaimed, bended downward with his left hand on red. “I was about to fall and it was the only sturdy thing I could hold onto, okay?!” The archer explained in order to justify the slip of his grip. “I am sorry, Barton but that is against the regulations of the game. I’m afraid you are out.”
“Oh, come on! It was just for one second!”
“It is against the rules. If you lose your balance, you cannot maintain it by stabilizing yourself on another player.” Vision clarified, in which Clint, with a pout across his face, stood up and sat beside Bucky, Tony, Sam, Wanda, and Bruce. Bruce was the first one to ‘fall’ since he didn’t care for people invading his personal space. The game now was between you, Natasha, Thor, Pietro, and Steve who happened to be conveniently below you. One by one, the rest fell, leaving you and only the captain tangled together. “This looks like the intro to a really bad porno,” Tony muttered to everyone around him as he magically appeared with his protein shake in his hand. Your heart was beating fast as you struggled to hold your position. Your s/c legs were on either side of Rogers’ waist while your arms were placed diagonally over his head. Your breasts were right in front of him. The apples of your cheeks turned bright red, feeling so flushed from this close encounter. The bit of stubble on Steve’s face brushed against your chest and you couldn’t help but to let out a tiny whimper. His hot breath circled your flesh, causing goosebumps to form and your stomach to tighten. Rogers was also having a tough time holding his calm and collected nature in check when your body looked ready for the taking. The thin bit of fabric between you two did not make it any easier, the thin white tee you wore left little to the imagination. Your loose fitting yoga pants still hugged your backside and thighs well, Steve yearning to be between them. “Captain, it is your move. Right hand on red,” Vision stated, as everyone watched the tension grow around the both of you. His blue eyes gazed into your e/c ones, and swallowed in nervousness. Though in a rather peculiar position, facing you while his limbs are in different directions, that wasn’t what was making the captain’s heart speed its rhythm. Steve lifted his body forward, his lips lightly grazing yours as he placed his right hand on the red dot close to yours. The suspense was killing the team. With the exception of Vision, who still is learning of human emotions, everyone was dying for you two to finally get together. They have been watching you two subtly flirt and tease each other since you laid eyes on each other. It was enough to drive them insane and in fact, it did. The entire team gathered Avengers from Spider-Man to Black Panther to even Deadpool to take care of any crimes and incidents for the day just to push you two in this particular situation. “Oh my God, just kiss her already! You’re worse than the iceberg that hit the Titanic!” Tony yelled, the group jumping from the sudden outburst. You let out a tiny squeak of surprise, falling on top of Steve. The impact took the air right out of him, even more so when he felt you snuggly on top of his manhood. His excitement grew to physical form, hardening underneath your sex. You tried to speak but the sudden touch of his member rendered you speechless. “Oh, well. This is better,” Tony smirked, leaning back into the couch. The others tried their hardest to suppress their amusement. “Um, excuse me!” You mumbled, unwrapping yourself from Steve and scurrying down to your room. You slammed the door, and leaned against it, taking long deep breaths to steady your heart. Your thighs rubbed themselves together as your core began to grow hot.

“That went well…,” Natasha stated, breaking the silence between all of them. Rogers was still on the ground, attempting to collect his bearings. “Steve, I think this is the part where you run after her,” Bucky said, crossing his arms while he grinned. He shook his head, and slowly stood up, wiping any dust from his running sweats. Without a word or hesitation, he did what his best friend suggested, lightly jogging to the doorway, and gently knocking at your bedroom door, “Y/N…?”
“J-Just a minute!” He heard through the large piece solid wood in front of him. You opened it cautiously, uncertain what to do next, “Hey…Steve.”
“Would it be alright if I come in?” Steve asked politely, a soft dejected smile rested on his face. You moved aside and allowed him entrance, closing the door behind him. He sat by your computer desk, glimpsing briefly the tiny knick knacks scattered across it. Pictures of the team and other friends of yours decorated the board behind it and right in the center of it all was his old army photo. More photographs of himself were placed in different locations; images that he believed you must of taken without him noticing and the rest taken from his olden days. He chuckled, surprised at your fascination with him. Or could it be…? “Steve, if this is about what just happened, it’s-” You began to speak but was interrupted by his lips covering yours. You moaned as he deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around your waist as you wrapped yours around his neck. Seconds felt like minutes, this single act felt so natural as if he was your second skin. Your petite hands moved towards his cheeks, lightly covered by his five o’clock shadow. The tiny hairs roughly brushed against your palms while he took the time to tangle his fingers in your h/c locks. You two finally broke apart for air, both of you panting heavily. “They can’t have you,” Steve said, hoarsely. You looked at him confused, in which he said as he touched your forehead with his, “The guys…They can’t have you because…You’re mine.”


This episode jesus.

So since we’re down to Nina’s last few episodes i wanted to watch these episodes and see if they’re going to give any change to Elena’s character and i don’t know why i still have expectations with this show because it keeps getting worse and worse. There was so much wrong with this episode but 2 characters were the MVPS who dropped so much truth and i’ll talk about them but first lets get the boring people out of the way. Here’s my review.

Alaric & Jo | They’re still very boring, and seeing as how i don’t care for neither of them I don’t understand why they’re still on here. It seems Jo’s only purpose is to make Elena realize of what she truly wants in life and who the hell knows why Alaric is on there maybe to be Damon’s cheerleader like everybody else on this damn show who knows but whatever they were boring.

Matt | Once again he was made to be a plot device, and have a 5 second scene of checking a wound where he was almost killed. Can y’all just give Matt his farewell and send him on his way? Seriously any episode he’s in he’s either being held hostage or almost getting killed just let him go already. I get that he’s basically the only human left among his “friends” but its time for him to die permanently or leave town because there’s no purpose for him anymore. I like Matt, he deserves better than his characters been given so give him his deuces and leave MF.

Enzo | Okay did i go temporarily deaf or did that fool call Damon his “old friend” when he was talking to Lily? Then bitch about Stefan again? I’m sorry who was the one who left you in a cell to die and then kill the woman you love? Oh right DAMON. I ain’t got no time to deal with Enzo his time on this show ran out a LONG time ago and this little storyline with him and Lily made him no more interesting. 

I hope this isn’t going to be some freaky hookup story or something between them because ew, but it looks like he’s going to help her stop from becoming a ripper again which would be very ironic seeing as how he constantly bashes Stefan for the same thing. Enzo just has no purpose, he’s either bitching about something Stefan did or holding someone hostage dude either die or shut the hell up because i don’t care anymore.

Now onto the MVPS of this episode….


One of the things the writers are getting right this season is how they’re handling Bonnie’s character because after seasons of her sacrificing for these people she’s finally realizing how they never appreciate what she’s done for them in return and she’s saying fuck that and putting herself first. She let Damon know that she wasn’t just going to let his mother have the chance to bring Kai back or those vampires/witches who could kill them all, she’s fought too long and hard to get back to her life for it all to go to hell again and that’s what i loved to hear. Bonnie taking control of who she is and giving no one any mercy.

She also dropped so much truth tea on Damon about the cure and she was right on the money with what she said. I was warming up too the idea of Bamon but when he tried to attack her that’s when i jumped off that train because it reminded me that he’s an asshole and doesn’t deserve anybody especially Bonnie. She deserves way better than that and more.

Lily Salvatore | I know some of y’all may have a problem with her but I love her because even though she has parenting issues, she also schooled the hell out of Damon the whole episode. She knew just how messed up he was for keeping the cure from Elena, knowing that it would make her happy and wasn’t going to give it to her so she took it upon herself as punishment to give the cure to Elena herself and i was here for it because he was too much of a selfish asshole to do it. She may be getting to know her sons again but one thing is for sure she isn’t a pushover and is just as lethal to get her point across.

I’m not sure where they’re going with her storyline but it looks like she’s going to be a ripper again if they don’t get her friends out of the other world and something tells me this is going to end badly. Bonnie has the device to get back to her world so its going to be a showdown no doubt.

Steroline | I feel like with these two they always try to flip back and forth from friendship Steroline to relationship SC and it just doesn’t work. I liked that Stefan was trying to help her get her humanity back, but that all went to hell with those visions because they were once again using Liz’s death to prop them again and i’m not here for that. I don’t understand why they took such a great friendship and ruined that, their first time was with their humanity shut off and they’ve been terrorizing people together so right off the bat whatever they have isn’t healthy and i’m still not feeling the vibe that Stefan wants to even be with Caroline. 

I know he cares for her, but ever since S6 started they’ve been forcing the fact that he HAS to be with her, everyone telling him he HAS to save her, HAS to be bring her humanity back and Stefan really has had no say. No ones told him that he doesn’t owe her anything, that all he has to be is a friend to her and that’s the problem. I think he’s more with her out of guilt and sympathy than anything else and i’ve said it and i’ll say it again he’ll never love anyone like he does Elena so Caroline won’t be 1st in his heart. Caroline deserves a good man, but right now she just needs to mourn her mother. They’ve put so much emphasis on SC that they haven’t had time to show Caroline just be sad and try to take it one day at a time and they probably won’t but that’s what should happen. 

sidenote: Loved what Caroline said about DE, not one damn lie was told!

speaking of….

Damon & Elena | I’m so disappointed at the fact that ever since S4 they’ve taken Elena’s character and made her a puppet for Damon to do and say whatever he wishes to happen. Everyone pointed it out to him what has been the truth since forever and that’s that he doesn’t give not one care to the choices Elena makes or what she wants it all about what he wants. Her happiness has to revolve around him, and if it doesn’t he gets a temper tantrum. He lashes out and takes out his aggression on the people who Elena loves, but that’s not the sad part its that Elena will look past all of that and still forgive him. Its not like she’s blind to his evil deeds either because those are the only memories she has of him so my question is why is still with this man who’s caused her life so much hell?

In S1 what happened when Damon found out that Elena was on her boyfriend’s side about not getting the grimore from his father’s grave? He threatened to kill Elena and turn her into a vampire.

In S2 what happened when Damon got mad that Elena made her own choice? He snapped Jeremy’s neck.

What happened when Elena wanted to make the choice to sacrifice herself to Klaus? He fed her his blood, so that she’d come back as a vampire knowing good and damn well she didn’t want to be one and then almost killed Stefan for defending her.

In S5 what happened when Elena(katherine) broke up with him? He killed Aaron, and almost killed Jeremy and Bonnie.

Its very clear that from all of this that Damon doesn’t care about Elena’s free will unless he has any say about it. Even when he died at the end of S5, when he came back he made sure to force his way into her life and even though she had erased her memories of him he didn’t care.

That brings us to the cure storyline, and this is what gets me about Damon. He says all these words about loving Elena, but when the time comes to show it he provides no proof. He didn’t like the fact of her growing old, having children, having an actual happy human life without him in it even though he knows that’s what she wants. 

Elena SETTLED for Damon, she settled becoming a vampire because she had to, she settled becoming the person she knew she didn’t want to be but she was never suppose to become this person in the first place.

We truly did lose the true Elena gilbert when she went off of the bridge and since S4 she’s never been the same. When she was human she was the best version of herself, with Stefan at her side she was selfless, brave, kind, and fearless. Stefan was such a great influence of Elena because he loved her unconditionally, let her make her own decisions, and was there for her no matter what. He wanted to take the cure with her for genuine reasons, he wanted to actually grow old with her and have a family with her. He also was content to just give her the cure and be happy in any way she chose, because that’s how much he loved her very selflessly. That’s why him and Elena worked so well because they had love in the most pure way and always brought out the best in each other.

That’s why Stelena’s “human” life episode was so genuinely beautiful because they truly wanted that life with each other, they had tears in their eyes when it was over because it would never be a reality. They told each other they’d always love one another and that’s what love is all about.

Damon only wants to take the cure with Elena because he doesn’t want her to go back to Stefan, or to leave his side to be happy her own. Once again this is about what HE wants, and not about what Elena wants. Damon never wanted to be human again, he doesn’t want any kids or to get married because in S4 when Elena asked him to take the cure with her what did he say? “That’s Stefan Elena, not me”, the only reason he wants it now is to keep Elena under his control. Its never been about her happiness, its about Damon and that’s why their such a toxic couple. They’re so codependent on each other, and selfish as a whole that they don’t work. They’re not romantic, they’re not epic, they’re just sad and if this is suppose to be representation on how a relationship should be its a very poor one. 

Elena’s self worth is dependent on Damon’s happiness, and if girls who watch this show think that’s how a man is suppose to treat you then that’s very unfortunate. He doesn’t care about her, he doesn’t care he stole Elena from his little brother, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and he’s not going to change. He’s an asshole, plain and simple no one else to blame.

I know this was long as hell but i had to get my point across, i guess i’ll see y’all next week!!!!

As You Wish

New places, new life. You hated it. Being ripped away from everyone you loved, family, the few friends you actually had, your home. All for the accolades of a prestigious school that your parents sent you to, far away from everything. 

You had your own apartment, didn’t know how to get around, and had about two boxes unpacked for the day. It was late in the night, but you were determined to get one more box unpacked before you retired to bed. 

You shuffled through the boxes, trying to decide which was most important. Kitchen items were probably needed if you planned on eating tomorrow, so you picked up a random box off the floor and placed it on your kitchen counter. 

Everything echoed in your empty apartment, leaving the silence to fill your thoughts with the same emptiness as your apartment. There was silverware and dishes everywhere. 

You had no organizational system whatsoever, so the unpacking that you had started, ended up being completely chaotic. In order to find organizers for drawers, you had to open another box. If you had to open another box it would probably drive you insane. 

Looking around at the mess of cups you started scanning to find a mug for some tea. Something glistened in the corner of your eye, a golden…cup? It caught your attention immediately because you recognized it. A little trinket that you remembered from your grandmother’s house before she passed away. 

The little trinket that she told you to never touch. And here it was. You forgot about the mug you were looking for and instead you found your hands reaching out to touch what looked like a gravy pot. 

It shined gold, revealing your disheveled hair and tired eyes in it’s reflection. Your thumb gently traced the lid, smoothing over the cool metal. Suddenly, the piece began vibrating in your had, causing you to flinch back and drop it to the floor. But it didn’t exactly hit the floor like you expected. 

Puffs of grey smoke emitted in a large cloud, followed by coughing from you…and another. 

“Can’t you recognize a genie lamp when you see one? Did you really have to drop me?” 

The smoke cleared, but the voice did not. A boy, clothed in dated attire and a scruffy brown head of hair. He said…genie lamp; a boy emerged from your grandmother’s golden trinket. 

Maybe it was the emotional turmoil from the move, or the physical exhaustion from unpacking, but your body decided to fail you and met the cold hard floor. 

“Great, she’s a fainter.” The boy muttered, all used to the situation of a new master. Your boy was in pain, bruised from passing out. The lights on your apartment were still on, and the first thing you heard was the clattering of boxes and, “Finally! I was getting so bored!” 

It was the same voice as before, meaning the whole thing wasn’t just a crazy dream. Your eyes adjusted to his face. He looked…human. No blue skin, no floating, no tail. He looked like an innocent little kitten with that scrunched up face. 

And he also had emptied out every single one of your boxes and its content spread across the floor in a big mess. 

“Who are you?!” He tossed a stuffed animal onto the floor and turned to you. 

“Well you kind of passed out before I could get to that.” He drawled on as if reading a script, almost annoyed by the whole thing. 

“My name is Jongdae. You should know how these things work. Three wishes, no love, death on a person, or more wishes. Blah…blah…blah.” 

His eyes roamed over the mess he made, kicked stuff out of his way. Something that sounded breakable clattered on the ground, causing you to reach out and hiss. 

Jongdae turned back to you this time tilting his head to the side and studying your face. 

He scoffed in surprise, “You really do look like her.” 

You scrunched up your face in confusion. “Excuse me?” 

“Hmm? Oh, your grandmother.” 

“You knew my grandmother?” 

He chuckled. “And heard every time she told you not to touch me. Who do you think is responsible for your mother?” 


“What?! No, no!” He rolled his eyes and thought how a girl could be so dimwitted…but…cute at the same time. “She wished for a child. I granted her wish.” 

Was he really telling the truth? Genies were a fairy tale, just a part of fantasy. But then again, that wouldn’t explain why he appeared out of one of your grandmothers things, or that he said you looked like her. 

You had seen pictures of her when she was younger. And you had carried quite the resemblance. But you still needed proof. And because you were staring right at him, right at the clothes that looked like they belonged in an old black and white film, it was honestly the first thing that popped into your head. 

“I wish you were wearing modern clothes!” Your wish came spilling out of your mouth, and you weren’t sure why. You were almost desperate to see if he was actually telling the truth or not. 

With a snap of his fingers, his dated attire was replaced with a different set of clothes. A simple gray and yellow jacket, a plain t-shirt, and tight jeans transformed the already handsome man, well…genie before you. 

“You know I don’t think you understand how this whole thing works. You’re supposed to wish for you, not me.” He clicked his tongue and wrote a checkmark in the air. 

“2 left. Make them count.” 

It was strange. The whole 3 wishes, now 2 in your case, was always one of those icebreaker things you did in groups, just for fun. They were never actually serious, just a fun fantasy. 

Now that you were faced with that reality, your mind was completely blank and you faltered. “I don’t…know.” 

Jongdae was surprised. Genuinely surprised. Every human he had ever met knew exactly what they wanted. Fame, beauty, success, all selfish things that benefited no one but themselves. 

The only two who exceeded that was your grandmother, and now you. With most, it would take about 15b minutes for a person to decide what they wished for. 

But Jongdae was actually able to form a friendship with your grandmother, he felt good for making her happy, he felt honored when her and her husband asked him to be there when your mother was born. 

Even your grandmother knew what she wanted, but Jongdae never considered those things to be particularly selfish. She wanted a family, she wanted her husband to be cured of his illness, and she wanted to have a good life. Those weren’t necessarily bad things. 

You? He couldn’t believe someone actually didn’t know what they wanted. 

“You don’t know? Just pick something! You can have practically anything in the world!” 

You just shrugged. You really didn’t know what you wanted. Anything really did mean anything. That was incredibly intimidating. And it was making Jongdae frustrated. 

“Well that’s just great. I’m stuck with you until you decide!” You frowned at him. 

“You aren’t very nice for a genie.” 

“Yeah, well you’re not very normal either.” You groaned, stomping out of the living room, avoiding the mess he made and found yourself in your new bedroom. 

Grabbing an extra blanket and pillow, you headed back out to find Jongdae already passed out on the couch. You scoffed, that was certainly fast. You carefully pulled his head up and placed the pillow under him, and gently draped the blanket over him. 

Getting a better chance to stare at his face, he was probably the most handsome genie ever. You weren’t sure how long you ended up staring, but your eyes soon drifted as well. 

You expected to wake up still on the floor, but were surprised to find yourself under the warm covers of your bed. You slowly got up, recalling the events of the night before. 

As you walked down the hallway, you peered into the living room to find it spotless. Maybe it all was a dream. 

“You’re welcome.” His sudden voice made you scream. He didn’t seem too shocked though. 

“I put away all of your stuff, you have too much.” It was then that you noticed your living room wasn’t just spotless; there were absolutely no boxes in sight. 

All of your decorations were thoughtfully put all around, silverware and dishes organized in cupboards and drawers, furniture arranged in a more convenient way. You looked over at Jongdae who looked much too proud of what he did. 


“Genies don’t sleep much. I’m banished to a tiny lamp and get bored easily.” He plopped down on the couch and kicked his feet back. 

“So are you going to decide what to wish for yet?” 

“It’s not that easy!” 

“It was for everyone else.” He commented, grabbing the TV remote and flipping the device on. 

“Well what did everyone else wish for?” You sat on a chair adjacent to him, folding your legs and turned toward the TV. 

“Seriously? Money, fame, success, talent.” 

You rolled your eyes. “Those are all boring.” 

“At least you don’t have to grant them.” He muttered, gluing his eyes to the TV. Both of you were unaware of each other’s attempt to stop staring. 

You wanted to stare at him; he wanted to stare at you. The attraction felt strange, but good. You wanted to know more about him, and instead of asking for a wish, you asked more about him. 

How long he had lived, if he started out as a genie, the best and the worst wishes he granted, where he has been. You just started talking, and it went on for hours. 

You laughed at all of his stories, told some stories of your own, when it got you thinking about a wish. Jongdae didn’t seem like the type to trick you into wishing something you didn’t want. 

“I…have a wish.” You were hesitant. It sounded weird, almost like you were asking for a favor. A wave of emotion washed over Jongdae as you asked. It was disappointment. 

For a moment, he felt like everything was normal, like he wasn’t required to do his job. “Shoot.” 

“I wish I could look back on all my memories. Childhood, middle school. Everything.” He nodded, interested in a new type of wish he had never had before. 

With a snap of his finger, everything display before you on the TV. You asked if he could skip around, watching your memories of when you first walked, your first word, when you started making friends. 

You demanded that he skipped the awkward days, blocking the TV so that he wouldn’t see the brace-face glasses nerd you were. It was strange as you watched, how you changed as a person throughout your whole life. 

Jongdae was as equally fascinated. First, a person had never asked for something even remotely close to that before. Second, he was able to learn who you were, see embarrassing things of your past, watch you grow up. 

It almost felt like he was growing up with you. Everything up to the past year was shown to you, filling you with a wonderful kind of nostalgia. Once it was over, you turned back to him, and he drew another check in the air. 

“1 left.” A thought came to you, you only had 1 more wish. 

“Jongdae?” He looked up at you after zoning out for a second. 

“What…happens to you after my last wish?” His eyes glazed over in sadness, which he immediately tried to cover up. 

“I got back in there.” He pointed to his lamp. “The lamp disappears somewhere else.  And I wait until someone rubs on it again. The same process over and over.” 

Your heart saddened along with his. You were starting to really like his company, already used to having him around. So you dragged it out. You told him you still didn’t know what you wanted for your last wish, and waited for weeks. 

Weeks turned into a couple months when you already started school. Jongdae was staying in the guest bedroom, but more often than not he was by your side as you slept. 

It was beyond lonely in your apartment, by yourself in your room. Jongdae agreed that it was lonely, for he knew all too well what loneliness really meant. 

This night was no different than the last. He was sound asleep, but you woke up in the middle of the night with a bad dream. He was gone, and you were alone again. 

Jongdae had a sort of bad habit of reaching out to you when he slept, and you woke up protectively wrapped in his arms, his chest against your back. He felt you shift and slowly woke up. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I had a bad dream.” You mumbled, letting his body heat radiate off of you. “Want to talk?” You shook your head, trying to let yourself fall back asleep, but you just couldn’t. 



“Do you like being a genie?” 

He sat there and thought about it. No one had ever asked him something like that. It was his nature. He didn’t know anything apart from granting someone else their own wishes. 

“Yeah, I guess. I get to give other people happiness. That face that someone makes when they are happy is priceless.” He smiled to himself, remembering your face when he granted your second wish. 

“But what about you?” You continued. 

“I don’t understand.” 

“Are you happy?” Jongdae was fully awake. He wasn’t even thinking about sleep anymore. Happy? Why was it that you kept asking questions that he never thought about? 

Then again, why wasn’t he able to answer that question? Due to recent events though…he was able to understand what happiness meant. He would watch other people be happy, so he thought he knew. 

But he didn’t fully understand until he was able to meet you. “Right now, I am.” 

Your heart fluttered at his beautiful answer. You flipped around so that you were facing him, wrapping your arms around his waist. Intimate touch was becoming less unusual between you two, both of your hearts were beating out of your chests. 

But there was comfort, there was content with being next to each other basking in each other’s warmth. And a final decision to be made. 

You decided to give yourself a full day of thoughts while you were in school. Jongdae was pretty good at entertaining himself at home, what he now called home as well. 

He picked you up from school and walked you home, making meaningful conversations. He offered to make you a snack, while your heart was pounding violently. 

Jongdae was happy. He decided it when he woke up, he was really happy. And he would do everything to make you just as happy, including another word he hadn’t experienced in his entire life. He was learning to love. 

As he hummed to himself he heard your beautiful voice call him from behind. He turned to you with a smile, but that smile fell instantly. You looked scared as you were holding his lamp. 

Guilty almost. His heart began to hurt, he knew things were too good to be true. 

“I want to make my last wish.” You said confidently. Somewhere in the middle you both met each other, he held his lamp delicately. He only looked down at it. He was afraid if he looked at you, he would break out with emotion. 


“Shoot.” He whispered. He didn’t hear any words though, as you tiptoed with your hands pulling his face down. His lamp clattered to the ground as his lips met yours, as you pressed your body against his. 

Your lips were soft, but wonderful at the same time. He took a step forward and wrapped his arms around your waist, returning the kiss and letting his eyes fall closed. 

You moved in synchrony, only pulling back to take a quick breath. But you were the first one to pull back, because you knew what had to be done. Tears were forming in Jongdae’s eyes. 

He didn’t want to leave you, he wanted to love you. 

“Jongdae I wish you were human.” His mouth fell open, and you watched a tear fall from his eyes. He looked down at his lamp, and so did you. It started shaking, until it disappeared in front of your eyes. 

There was a big smile on your face but it was soon wiped away because Jongdae’s lips found yours once again. He kissed you like his life depended on it, and you kissed back with just as much fervor. 

He broke the kiss and engulfed you in his arms, squeezing you tight. “Can I have one more wish?” Your muffled voice came through against his chest. 

“Anything, baby.” 

You looked up at him. “Stay with me?” 

He kissed your forehead, then rested his against yours. “As you wish.”

Happy Birthday Kim Jongdae, our beautiful Chenchen

nemesis729  asked:

KC: ‘i met you last night when you were drunkenly patting my dog in my backyard at 3 in the morning and when i asked you what the hell you were doing you slurred something about dogs being great and then you threw up on my feet and then fifteen minutes later you were passed out on my couch so that’s why you’re here right now also what the fuck is your name and why were you patting a dog in a stranger’s backyard in the middle of the night’ au

I tried to stay as faithful to the prompt as I could, but I ended up with this. I hope you like it!

Alpha || Klaroline

The smell of coffee woke him slowly, and he burrowed deeper into his pillow to avoid getting up for just a moment longer. When he realized he lived alone and there should be no one to make him coffee, however, Klaus shot up. He nearly fell from the motion, as he had been incorrect in assuming he was in his own bed.

Klaus quickly came to the conclusion he wasn’t even in his apartment and a crushing headache indicated he must have been too drunk to get home. Glancing around, he took in the bright red couch he had been sleeping on and the floral accents adorning the strange living room. This didn’t look like the same house his sister had dragged him to the night before.

Where the hell was he?

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Pool Party 🌴

Request: Imagine where y/n, Omaha squad, and Cameron Nash Matt and Hayes go swimming and Jack G brings Madison along and she makes y/n feel self conscious before she gets ready to get in the pool so the guys cheer her up (doesn’t have to be all of them) and soon Jack G realizes what’s going on and he goes in the house to “get food” right after y/n decide to get in the pool and tell her that her body is more attractive to him than Madison’s (but he doesn’t cheat) and then they have a great rest of the day 

 An:Sorry this is so long and took so long to be written! Hope you enjoy it😋 Also for this imagines sake, let’s just pretend Jack and Jack have a pool at their house cause idk if they really do.

Crammed into the über with broken air conditioning was how some of the afternoon was spent. Hayes, even though being the youngest called shotgun first, sat in front while Nash, Cameron, Matt, and I sat in the back. Our arms pressed together in a heated mess of movement as everyone at least tried to be comfortable, I mean I had a window so it really didn’t matter to me. But we were on our way to a get together Jack and Jack invited us all to. Of course it was a pool party kinda get together considering we were in blazing California and I was already getting anxious about getting almost naked in front of my best friends. Not to mention Sammy, Nate, and John would be there. I just didn’t want things to be awkward if they saw me barely covered, plus I already didn’t have the body of someone who works out daily.

“My gosh, finally!” Nash exclaimed loudly as he leaned forward in the car. The Jacks house came into view before the driver pulled up and parked. I stared at the house that I’d grown so used to dreading that I even agreed to swim.

“Y/N you getting out anytime soon?” I looked over to Matt with one leg out the car gazing at me curiously, noticing all the boys were out of the car already.

“Uhh- yeah I’m coming.” I weakly smiled; grabbing the door handle and unsticking my legs from the hot seat. My feet hit the pavement after I grasped the beach bag sat in my heated lap; I shut the car door before the car drove off down the street.

“Man I can’t wait to get in the water, I’m dying out here.” Matt voiced, walking up next to me.

“Yeah me ether.” I grinned lying right though my teeth, peering at his messy hair. We continued walking together till we reached the wide open front door.

“Lady’s first.” Matt beam as I stepped in hearing commotion towards the backyard. “I think everyone’s already in the back.” Matt and I walked for the backdoor where we were greeted with all the swimsuit clad boys. Swazz and Johnson appeared to already be dampened with pool water, water droplets glistening off their body’s in the sunlight.

“Aye Matt, Y/N, there you guys are!” Sammy hollered approaching us. He and Matt did that weird dude handshake, before Sam winded his arms around my waist causing my bag to fall beneath me.

“Hey Sammy!” I greeted hugging him back, he let go slowly picking up my bag for me in the process. “Thanks.” I responded before wondering off and saying my hellos to everyone else, although Gilinsky wasn’t around, but I figured he was probably still inside. After hugging Nate I walked over to one of the unoccupied lawn chairs, setting my stuff down on it’s roasting plastic. I slipped off my flip flops taking the bottom of my shirt dress in my fingertips.

“Hey guys I’m back!” I snapped my head toward the entrance to see Gilinsky.

But not alone.

“Hey guys!” Madison cheerily spoke. I forced my jaw to keep tight as she was already sporting her swimming top and high waisted shorts. I forced a smile; waving to them, before releasing my dress, letting it fall against my thighs.  That sure didn’t make me feel any better. I flopped down on the lawn chair feeling more way more self-conscious than I needed to be.

“You’re gunna pay for that!” I slowly turned around to see Cameron laughing as a slightly mad Nash came resurfacing; everyone was now clearly in their bathing suits. I twisted back around hearing more splashes of joy. I mean of course my body wasn’t so bad but I mean it wasn’t toned or fit ether. I really tried being okay with myself most of the time; it’s just these times of hating myself completely came in dire needs. I huffed before setting my palms on my face and running them down. I execrated comparing me to others but damn did she make me feel incompetent and she didn’t even know she was doing it. Why did I even agree to come to this thing?

“Hey Y/N you coming in?”  I jumped; exiting my thoughts before turning my head, the sun gleaming in my eyes causing me to hold my hand to my forehead. Nate was standing directly behind me, water dripping from his tousled wet hair.

“Uh… I don’t know. I’m not really hot or anything…” I lied turning back around, removing my hand.

“Come on Y/N, its 90 degrees out here!” Nate took the opportunity to take up the rest of the space on the chair, close enough for the water to seep through my clothes. “What’s up” he asked. I sighed,

“Really its nothing.” I shook my head hoping he drop it and I could just go wait around inside until everybody was done swimming. Nate clutched my hand making my cheeks feel hotter than they already were.

“You’re a bad liar you know that?” H chuckled rubbing his thumb on mine. “Now come on,” He bumped his shoulder into mine, “What’s up?” I sighed, I knew I was gunna regret confiding in him. I loved him dearly yes (As a friend) but still, I hated dropping my thoughts on anybody. I really didn’t even think I had ever. “You can trust me.” The expressions on my face must’ve told it all.

“It’s just-” I started, slumping my shoulders, “I just hate the way I look…”I trailed off whispering, almost wishing he didn’t hear me.

“What?!” He sounded. I turned my head peeking at him, “You’re kidding right?” I was quick to shake my head no as I looked straight again. “Y/N you got one of the most kickin bodies around! You shouldn’t have anything to be ashamed of!” He let go of my hand; wrapping an arm around my shoulder, rubbing a palm up and down my bicep. My cheeks became a pale pink at his complement.

“Thanks Nate but-”

“No buts!” He cut me off. “Listen, there are plenty of girls out there that you’re not going to look like but that doesn’t mean you’ll never not be any less attractive ‘cause you don’t look like them. You’re you and that’s what makes you attractive.” I grinned lightly, staring at him before I buried my head in his neck while I twisted my arms around his neck.

“Thanks Nate.” I guess I never really thought of it that way, “You always know what to say.” I pulled away a little to gaze at him.

“I know I do.” He stated, beaming. We let go of each other before getting up off the chair. “And if I’m not gunna lie, me and Sam admire your body very much.” He chuckled causing me to hit his arm softly.

“Ew Nate don’t tell me that stuff!” I giggled pushing him away. He just laughed louder, walking backwards.

“So you coming or what?” He challenged me,

“Duh!” I replied just as I reached for the bottom for my dress again. I lifted the clothing over my head; tossing it back to the chair over my bag, fixing the straps on my top.

“Damn, lookin’ good Y/N!” Swazz shouted before I looked up at him sending a wink my way. I grinned, looking down just when Nate decided to hoisted me up in his arms and jogged to the pool.

“Nate please don’t!” I yelled; holding on to him tighter.

“Too late.” He spoke before jumping in the pool, submerging both of us in the cool water. His grip loosened underwater as I held my eyes close and swam upward leaving his embrace. I resurfaced; pushing my hair back, and rubbing the water from my eyes. Nate came up not long after, shaking his head as if he was a dog.

“I hate you.” I spoke playfully glaring at him.

“No you don’t.” He stated smiling wide, swimming around me.


We all kept swimming, eventually passing around a foam football after a silly game of Marco-Polo. Not to mention Gilinsky kept sending curious look my way before briskly turning away causing me to just shrug it off. The football splashed in front of me before I grasped it, tossing it to Cameron,

“I’ll be right back guys.” I spoke, swimming towards the edge of the pool and grasping the edge to drag myself out of the water, suddenly feeling heavier from the change of environment. I tilted my head; squeezing my hair to get most of the water out. Gilinsky and Madison sat near the edge with their feet in the water of the pool before I gazed at Jack to see him already turned around meeting my stare.

“Uhm do you have any water? Like bottles?” I asked stupidly, attempting to avoid an awkward encounter.

“Uh yeah,” He raised himself up, shaking his legs of the water. The sun dried started to dry the falling droplets on my back. “I’ll come with and get some food.” He announced to everybody, more so Madison causing her to nod and lookback at the pool. Gilinsky jogged over to me before we started towards the back door. As we reached the door; he signaled for me to go first, while I did, and gripped my forearm with my hand. I opened my mouth to speak before quickly closing it to Jacks voice. “They’re in the kitchen.” He stated almost reading my mind while he walked behind me. In silence I walked down the hall a little ways, taking the first open right into the kitchen.

“In the fridge?” I questioned turning around to finally look at him,

“Yeah.” He called from the entry way of the pantry before coming out with bags of chips in his palms. I twisted to the fridge, opening it up to quickly finding the water in front of everything else. Grasping the bottle; I shut the door to find Gilinsky immensely close to me. “Nate told me what you guys were talking about.” He whispered, trying to gage my reaction. My eyes became wide before I bowed my head in embarrassment.

“I was hoping he wouldn’t tell anybody…”

“Why would you think that way about yourself?” He lifted my head up by my chin, making me look at him.

“I don’t know… I just do sometimes,” I mumbled not wanting to talk about my body issues with myself or anyone else anymore. “Please don’t pity me or anything, I’m done talking about.” I replied annoyed before leaning my head back away from his hand. He chuckled slightly before reaching into the fridge to fill his hands with water bottle and dips. “What so funny?” I asked, rolling my eyes. He glanced at me smirking before grabbing the chips and making his way back unhurriedly to the entry way.

“That you’re self-conscious when you have the hottest body here.” He winked before carrying the chips and dips out; leaving me with the evident blush that has never seemed to leave since I got here.