man i want one of those carts

An old man in one of those motorized scooter carts came through my line and starts ranting about being in the hospital due to an newfound allergy to milk. Normally, I don’t ask questions when customers talk about health issues for two reasons;

1). It’s none of my business.

2). If it’s not affecting them to the point they need special help, I don’t care. Most days, the faces on these people are little more than blobs.

This man, however, was persistent. It almost seemed he wanted me to ask questions. I made a few non-probing inquiries. As we went on, I notices that he had many other items that contained dairy. Attempting to save him from yet another trip to the hospital, I asked if he needed to avoid dairy altogether.

That sparked an angry reply of, “I don’t know. You asked more damn questions than the doctor. Ring me up and let me out of this place.”

I said fine and continued, but he kept with it. I ceased asking questions, but he said, “those damn doctors kept asking me questions and didn’t do a damn thing to help me. Hell, I had to find a remedy for myself. All they did was piss me off asking questions. Besides, I know how you Wal-Mart people do. You rope people into conversation to keep from having to work as fast. Some of us just want to get the hell away from here.”

I let the issue go. He clearly wanted to make problems and I refuse to aid him.bMy only regret is, if he does end up back in the hospital, I pity whoever ends up in charge of his care.