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“What are your best memories from shooting The Vampire Diaries?” - Vampire Attraction Con 2016 (x)

« I was amazed by Bill’s body language. I wanted this wall-eyed thing — the eyes looking in different directions, I thought we’d have to use VFX, but Bill’s like, ‘Oh, you mean like this?’ He could already do it perfectly! I’m thinking, ‘Man, you just saved me $200,000’ » — Andy Muschietti on Bill Skarsgard.

Daredevil preference: you go missing

Matt: It had been two days since he had last seen you at Josie’s, but he had no idea where you could’ve been. Did someone know he was Daredevil and come after you to get to him? Or were you hurt, laying up in a hospital somewhere? The possibilities overwhelmed him. To his relief, there’s a Jane doe matching your description at Metro General. It turned out you had fallen, hit your head, and had been unconscious for a day. He feels like it was his fault because if he’d walked you home, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt. When you wake up, he’s there holding your hand, and first thing he says to you is “I’m sorry”.

Wesley: You two had had a fight so he wasn’t surprised that he hadn’t heard from you, but when he stopped by your apartment to no answer he became concerned. He opened your door to find your apartment a mess and he instantly knew the Russians had something to do with it. For once in his life, he asks Fisk for a favor; get you back no matter the cost. On the exterior he appears cool and confident knowing that Fisk will get you back home safe. On the inside, he has to face his fears wondering what life would be like without you. When you are freed, he does his best to make sure you know you’re loved and safe.

Vladimir: He’d go ballistic and order all his men to go out looking for you wherever they could. He’d be breaking shit just to get his frustration out. When they finally find you, Vladimir would never let you out of his sight again. He’d always have a set of men outside your door to protect you when he wasn’t there and he’d teach you how to fight.

Frank: Frank would be devastated. He would be so scared you had been hurt by your captors he could barely function. The only thing that’s clear to him is that he needs to hurt the people who hurt you. When he finds where they’re holding you he kills every last man in the joint. By the time he comes to untie you he’s covered in blood and nearly having an anxiety attack. “Oh, fuck, I thought I lost you too,” he’d cry before taking you into his arms.

Creepypasta #1072: What Makes A Dog A Dog?

Length: Super long

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my time. I made the most in a row about two years back, when I got myself a new neighbor.

I live in a good neighborhood in Pennsylvania. You’ll meet a lot of farm boys and good, christian folks. We’re pretty docile out here, long as you stay away from the things we claim for our own. You know, typical property stuff and privacy. I’m a good fellow, I like to think. I have a field full of cattle and a mutt of a cattle dog to get their fat asses going to the dairy.

But this ain’t about me, it’s about the new neighbor. He started this, and I hate his guts for what I know now. When he first moved in next door, I was as friendly as could be. Hospitality is a big deal, you know. You gotta be polite to the new people around here, or they’ll think they’ve gone and made a mistake coming around to live here.

He arrived in the evening in the house not ninety yards from mine. Squat, chubby city fellow who carried his boxes in one at a time. He ignored me the whole time I walked over to help. Max stuck at my heel like a good boy, ears up to meet the new guy next door. 

“Evening, sir.” 

He had gray hair and mine’s just starting to turn, but I was taught as a boy to call everyone sir or ma'am. He went right on ignoring me. I called to him again.

The man jumped and turned, startled behind his glasses. He looked like a spooked owl. “What do you want?”

I gave him a friendly smile, Max laying down on the man’s porch. He got tired of waiting, and wanted to go back to rounding up cows for the dairy. “Well sir, it looks like you could use some help unloading all them boxes.”

He just squinted at me like I had some ulterior motive in mind. “Why do you want to do that?”

I shrugged. “Right thing to do, I suppose.” I stuck out my hand for a shake. “Name’s Richard.”

He stared at my hand for a second or so, then took it. He wasn’t much of a man, but he gave one hell of a handshake. “Wesley.”

We moved boxes in near silence. He wasn’t much of a talker at any rate, just telling me to set the boxes in the kitchen. I set a large box on the kitchen counter and asked, “So, Wesley Where’d you come from?”

“Shadowcrest, Maryland.”


He turned on me, nearly dropping his box. “I didn’t name it.”

Jumpy fellow. “Well… you need anything, I’m in the house that way. Ain’t no one on your other side, though you might hear a mooing.” I grinned at my try at a joke, but Wesley blinked at me. He looked tired.

“You farm cows.” He wasn’t asking.

“Yup. Dairy cows. Uncle owns the dairy down the road a ways.” I tried again to get that man to say something, or crack a smile. “What’s your job, if you don’t mind me asking?”

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Always a Gentlemen (James Wesley)

Smut-ish Warning 

Also it contains a lot more language than is usual for me so heads up on that.

This ended up A LOT longer than intended.. Good or bad it’s basically a novel. 

Lastly I really hope everyone here feels in character, idk but I feel like if Wesley were trying to feel you up under the dinner table Vanessa would know about it. Maybe that’s just me.

Wilson Fisk was not the man you thought would be playing matchmaker, especially not when he was your employer but here you were on what could only be classified as a double date.

Fisk and Vanessa sat across from you and Wesley. Usually you’d be ensuring that everything was perfect while Wesley ensured nothing interrupted Fisk’s date; the last person to interfere flashed across your mind and a shiver ran up your spine involuntarily. 

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Thoughts so far on the DS9 main cast:

(I’m partway through s1)

Sisko: majestic. team dad. somehow the best possible combination of kirk and picard without really being very much like either of them 

Kira: stole my heart. I love her. marry me. i’m so gay 

Odo: fountain of salt. I want to give him a big hug but I’d be afraid of insulting his dignity 

Dr. Bashir: thirstiest man in star fleet. spends more time hitting on people than james t.

Dax: definitely kira’s girlfriend. did you see them in Dramatis Personae? gay.

Jake: way better than wesley crusher, but I can’t tell if he’s gonna become the wesley of this show

Quark: terrible, but the rapport he has with odo is A+

day out

Words: 2376 words of something is probably incredibly terrible 

Characters: James Wesley, Reader

Prompt: the last one of these

A/N: please please for the love of god i hope this doesn’t come off as ooc. this is mostly a set-up for the relationship i’ll be using for future wesley fics and  i need to go set up my headcanon page for the daredevil characters so you can see how i’m going to write them but jfc i’m this close to not posting this bc it seems so idk i hope you like it

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uh hey dude boys are wonderful and cute and endearing amiright. anyways speaking of boys im glad i found your blog, could you reccomend some more bts blogs run by mlm? tryna be part of the community yknow, currently theres no army boys on my dash. thanks man, have a good one /jimin-bro (on anon bc im a sideblog)

heeyyyyy here are some bts blogs run by mlm;

@jiminsgothbf - vic

@raptwink - dirk

@nochujr - alex

@namjinne - jake/jacob 

@hobsbf - ari

here are also some blogs run by boys but i’m not sure if they’re mlm (i’d feel a bit weird and invasive just straight up asking them - sorry);

@ahjiminie - matt

@goldendaeguboy - min

@triptvych - wesley

@rainbowksj - dylan 

@kingnamxing - jay 

@93-min - connor 

@gaydino - adrien 

@fanxyboy - hayes

@michaelrey - (??)

@flowerjimin - alex

@saamitransman - cooper

@racekarts - noah/beck (he doesn’t really blog about bts but he’s a boi and gay so i thought i’d include him)

if ur on this list and u don’t want 2 be pls let me know and i’ll remove u!!♡

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I'm really confused, i thought that maybe I was trans (FtM) because i prefer he/him pronouns and a more masculine name (Michael) but the idea of growing up and becoming a man is.... Unappealing.. It's like I wanna be a boy but not a man. But at the same time growing up as a woman also seems unappealing so maybe I just don't wanna grow up?? But the idea of being a man just seems No Good for me but I like the idea of being a boy

Mm, it’s possible that you could be some flavor of nonbinary ?? I myself identify with being a “demiboy” because I like the idea of being a boy, but could not conceptualize myself as actually being a guy or a man because I’m not a binary trans guy. It just feels wrong. 

I’d suggest looking into nonbinary genders, as based in your ask, I get the sense that you feel like your only choices with regards to gender are “man” or “woman”, and that you might be able to find something that fits you better ??

Then again, there’s also the possibility that the prevalence of “men are the scum of the earth” stuff in certain online circles has resulted in a complicated view of manhood that makes it hard to visualize yourself as a man ?? In which case, I’d suggest introspection and self-validation. 

Hope that helps ?? If any followers have similar experiences to that of our anonymous friend, please feel free to share them in the replies below !!

Mod Wesley


“I think about you much more than any self-respecting man would like to admit, and I’m insanely jealous of Tucker - something I never thought I’d say. Moving on after you is impossible. No other girl can keep me on my toes the way you can. No one else makes me WANT to embarrass myself by writing sappy letters like this one. Only you.”
Kody Keplinger, The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend 

Rare Opportunity (James Wesley)

You were in a bit of disbelief. Your brother had called you and demanded that you break thing off with the man you’d been dating for several months. He had seen him on TV standing next to his employ-, Mr. Fisk, you reminded yourself, and determined that the well-mannered, proper boy you were seeing was going to end up getting you hurt.

You pleaded with your brother to see that nothing had changed and that Fisk was true to his words of only wanting to improve the city but your brother wasn’t having it, continuing to insist that you split, as he put it “for your safety”.

The irony was that James Wesley had the ability to make you feel safe in a city overtaken with drugs, gangs, and violence. Not to mention the masked devil or whoever running around. You were usually pretty willing to comply with your brother, he had a way of making you see things his way but not this time. You eventually just settled the matter by telling him that James would be home soon and you weren’t going to be screaming at your brother about breaking up with the very man when he arrived.

You slammed the phone down irritated but then you thought about it. Until a couple days ago Wesley had always referred to Fisk as ‘his employer’, you didn’t know much more than the fact that he worked as an assistant and translator. That and his highly irregular schedule left you room to question but you shrugged it off. He was just a rather closed off person, you both were.

Realizing you had actually had a full out fight with your brother about your boyfriend you began to tear up a little. You loved your brother, but, you were forced to realize that despite his occasional moodiness and distaste for your more childish side you’d grown to love a lot more than the sharp looks of James Wesley. He was a lot different with you than he was Fisk, you’d learned that yesterday when Mr. Fisk himself had invited you and Wesley on a double date with him and his lovely girlfriend Vanessa. As you thought about the date even more anger towards your brother filled you. Mr. Fisk was a true gentleman, not a danger; hell, you ate dinner with bodyguards around the table, doesn’t get much safer than that. Then you realized you had to eat inner with bodyguards, why would Fisk need protection?

Your confusion only escalated your desire to cry tears spilling out a rather rapid pace and you tried to calm your mind to no avail.

James Wesley spoke many languages, woman however, was not one of them. SO when he came home to you sobbing on the couch he had to fight the instinct to leave and say he had worked late, he did have that thing to discuss with Leland. 

“Y/N?” He questioned holding a breath.

You jumped and Wesley cursed himself for scaring you in an obviously fragile state.

“My apologies, I didn’t intend to scare you.” Wesley muttered adjusting his suit jacket.

You didn’t mean to but a giggle escaped your lips as you realized he’d slipped into his “professional self”.

Despite laughter being a generally good sign Wesley just raised an eyebrow, from crying to laughing he did not understand women.

“Are you okay?” He asked sitting besides you on the couch, his softer side coming out at the sight of your distress.

“Yeah, I’m fine James, I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ve had a long day, don’t mind me.” A small smile spread across his lips.

“Well, in the middle of translating today I learned Mr. Fisk speaks mandarin so I actually had a pretty easy day, I think I can make time to hear about what has you sobbing on my couch.” Wesley’s undeniable charm had taken over the conversation reminding you why you fell for him in the first place.

“My brother and I got into a fight.” You stated simply unsure whether or not to tell him the subject of the argument.  As per usual when confused, especially due to lack of information James’ left eyebrow raised silently asking you to continue.

“He thinks you’re not safe.” you mumbled but he had heard you his face not giving away any emotions he felt on the topic.

“Well, not so much you as being associated with you.” Wesley’s lips pressed together, her brother had a point he couldn’t deny that but there was no way he’d admit that to you, or your brother for that matter.

“Y/N he’s your brother isn’t he supposed to worry about you? I mean you live in Hell’s Kitchen.” He added not hiding his distaste for the city as he did.  

“Yeah…, but he’s never had a problem with my boyfriends before, he’s worried about me and I screamed at him.” You sighed overwhelmed with the situation especially now that James was involved personally.

“It is your life, would you like me to talk to him?” The multiple ways for that scenario to play out crossed through your mind, you knew James was a gentleman, but didn’t know how he and your brother would handle this situation.

“No, no, it’s my problem not yours.” Wesley sighed not sure how to continue, showing genuine emotion was not his strong suit. 

“But it made me realize that I don’t that much about you..” You both sighed, you finally confessing something that had bugged you long before you’d been able to to admit and him because he’d finally have to address the issue that had slowly become an elephant in between them.

“I mean I know you’re smart and charming, you look amazing in suits and you’re Mr. Fisk’s assistant but I don’t even know what he does, why do you need to translate Mandarin and Russian? Not to mention your hours are horrible irregular for an assistant, the body guards, how you wouldn’t say his name until a few days ago.” He sighed once again knowing that you were onto the true details of his occupation, he didn’t want you in any danger, your brother was right about him and he hated it. He almost hated that he cared so damn much about you.

“James, I honestly think I love you but how can I love you when I don’t even know you? Wesley, i just, I need some answers, tell me my brothers wrong, or that he’s right for all I care, just tell me something.” You pleaded needing some assurance you weren’t falling in love with a stranger.

Wesley however was taken aback, he’d always turned his nose up at the notion that hearing ‘I love you’ could inspire any special emotions but when you said it he felt it and almost felt like he might be sick.

He removed his glasses and took off his tie, you knitted your eyebrows in confusion but he felt that removing them would help him be as honest as possible, removed his professional image. He just made you look him in the eyes and you had to admit they were better without lenses covering them but that wasn’t important right now.

“Y/N,’ he paused gathering his thoughts how he wanted them.

‘I thought by not telling you things I was protecting you but obviously I was wrong. Fisk does things that aren’t exactly safe, occasionally not legal.. I have a dangerous job, I can’t lie there.” A million things crossed your mind, was Wesley working for a mafia boss? More questions flashed through your mind but his voice drew you from them.

“I may be in danger a lot but I promise you are never in danger, I won’t let that happen because I too think I might be in love with you. I could not allow my work to cause you harm.” He gently pressed a kiss to your temple, a very affectionate gesture for him.

“Fisk wants to rebuild the city, make it something beautiful, we can have a life then, I won’t be in danger anymore but until then we need funds to be able to fix the dump that is this city.” You always found humor in his hate of the city but not while the ways for them to acquire enough “funds” to rebuild a city flashed through your head.

“The Russians-’ he started to elaborate but you cut him off pressing your lips to his.

“I don’t want to know, I don’t need to. I just wanted honesty, no more questions.” You smiled content with his sharing.

“I don’t care what you are at work, because I know who you are when you aren’t wearing thousand dollar shoes and I like that James Wesley, my James Wesley.” You smiled and he did too, something about you calling him yours made him incredibly happy. 

The thought that this was what Fisk felt for Vanessa crossed his mind but then vanished when you kissed him once again. Making him want to forget all about the man he’d essentially dedicated his life too existed. He felt your hands work their way into his hair not even caring that it would undoubtedly make it rather messy. 

“I love you James Wesley.” You said looking right into his eyes finally glad you were getting the rare opportunity to see the real Wesley.

“I love you too.” Wesley replied, the words feeling a bit foreign on his tongue, foreign but somehow comfortable. Unbeknownst to either of you was the fact that the “rare opportunities” would soon be anything but rare.


The Duff ~ Wesley & Bianca

“ I think about you much more than any self-respecting man would like to admit, and I’m insanely jealous of Tucker - something I never thought I’d say. Moving on after you is impossible. No other girl can keep me on my toes the way you can. No one else makes me WANT to embarrass myself by writing sappy letters like this one. 

Only you.

Title: Hummingbird Heartbeat

Author: Mod Nyx

Characters: Matt Murdock x reader, James Wesley, Foggy Nelson, Karen Page

Words: 1225

Prompt: (x)

Notes: I know the title is a Katy Perry song and idk why I decided to name this after the song, since it has practically nothing to do with the fic, but I LOVE THE SONG SO PLS DON’T JUDGE ME. Anyway, I’m back. I’m going to try to write some more, sorry for being so absent!


Things had been building up in Hell’s Kitchen for a while, and everyone in the city knew it. Honestly, you were just waiting for it to boil over and for the city to completely melt down. Maybe then the superheroes who saved New York would save Hell’s Kitchen.

You tried to keep your bag neat, but ended up putting the gym clothes in all scrunched up. After your long-time friend Karen had introduced you to her newest friends, Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, you’d tried to be friends with them as well. Luckily, Foggy wasn’t hard to win over after you’d told him a little bit about your childhood. Matt seemed more suspicious of you, but if he truly distrusted you, he hid it well. Every single time you two met, he’d greet you with a polite smile and ask how your day was. Karen was happy you got on with her new friends.

It had gotten to the point where you were as close with the two boys as Karen was, and you didn’t even work with them. Karen tried to keep you as to date as possible with everything happening in the workplace, but Matt filled you in on details that she missed.

Due to the tension throughout all of Hell’s Kitchen, you’d mentioned that it might be nice to know how to fight. Foggy had given Matt a look that everyone knew he couldn’t see.

“Matt knows how to fight,” He’d said, matter-of-factly. Matt had looked over to Foggy with a look you couldn’t place, then back to you with a nod and shy smile.

“I’d be more than happy to teach you how, Y/N.” Your mouth opened and shut without any words coming out. Karen smiled to herself as she organised papers from a case they’d finished previously.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to distract you from any work you might have,” Matt let out a breathy laugh, whereas Foggy laughed loudly, without restraint.

“We’re lucky to get a case a month.” Foggy supplied, rolling his eyes.

“Then, sure.  When do we start?” That was the beginning of your boxing sessions with Matt at his regular gym.

You pushed open the door with a quiet creak and Matt turned his head, putting his glasses down.

“Hey,” You spoke, smiling towards Matt, even though he couldn’t see it. He smiled back, though.

“Hey. Ready to get started?” He asked.

“Give me five minutes? My boss kept me back after work and I didn’t have time to change at home.”

“You could just fight in whatever you’re wearing.”

“I could, but I don’t imagine that a skirt is the best thing to throw a kick in.”

“Good point. I’ll be waiting.” You promised you wouldn’t be long, grabbing your gym shorts and muscle tank and rushing off to the bathrooms. It didn’t matter that Matt was blind, you still felt mildly uncomfortable changing in front of him.

You emerged a few minutes later, seeing Matt wrapping and unwrapping bandages on his hands. You took care in keeping your clothes neat, so that your skirt and top wouldn’t be wrinkled when you left later on.

“Let’s go, Murdock. I’ll fight you, I swear to god.” You teased, grabbing his arm. He stood up and let you help him into the ring.

“That’s the point of being here, Y/N. To teach you how to fight.” He smirked.

“Don’t get cocky, now. I’ve been practicing. Been beating up my pillows nightly.”

You and Matt sparred for a while, along with him trying to teach you new moves that, more often than not, ended up in you on the floor, panting.

“You suck at this,” He laughed, wiping his forehead and holding out a hand to you.

“You suck,” You muttered, grabbing his hand and hauling yourself up.

“That’s enough for tonight. Go get changed, I’ll walk you home.” Matt laughed quietly, like he’d heard your petty insult. You ducked into the bathroom and came out a little while later, groaning.

“I think you broke my back. My back is definitely broken.” You groaned as he held the door open, walking under his arm.

“How could I have broken your back?” He chuckled.

“I don’t know, maybe from throwing me on the ground every few minutes? Jesus, Murdock, take it easy on me. I’m a manager, not a pro-wrestler.” You and Matt both laughed as he grabbed onto your upper arm, squeezing lightly.

“Well, training’s working. You’ve got muscles, now. Don’t lose them, Y/N.” You scoffed.

“I am perfectly capable of keeping my muscles on my body, Matthew. Don’t make me fight you again.”

“We both know you’ll lose in under a minute.”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to be rude about it.” You walked closer to Matt as a group of teen girls walked past, talking and laughing loudly.

You came to a stop outside your apartment a few minutes later.

“Thank you, Matt. Not only for walking me home, but for training me as well.” You said, sincerely.

“You’re Karen’s friend. Can’t let her down.” You punched his arm lightly.

“Shut up, you know you love me.” You said with a smile.

“Excuse me, Y/N?” You turned at the sound of your name and saw a man about Matt’s height in a suit, glasses on and looking very professional.

“Yes?” You asked warily, turning around to fully face the man.

“My name is James Wesley, I got in contact with you last week about Daisy endorsing something of ours?” So this was James Wesley. You didn’t recognize his voice, but now you did. Now you knew his face too, the same man that was beside Wilson Fisk every time Fisk was on TV. Karen had let you know about their investigation into Fisk and now that you were face-to-face with who you assumed was his right hand man, your heart thumped against your chest.

“Oh, yeah. Nice to meet you, James.”

“I was just wondering whether you’ve thought any more about our proposition.” You nodded.

“I still have to talk to Daisy about it some more, then get in touch with the producers, of course, but as soon as everyone is notified and we’ve come to a decision, I promise that you will be the first to know our choice.” You said, hoping he didn’t notice your occasional stutter on words, or how nervous you felt. He must not have, seeing as he smiled charmingly after you’d finished speaking.

“That sounds fine. Thank you very much, Y/N. I hope to hear from you soon.” You nodded and shook his outstretched hand and he walked off in the opposite direction. You breathed out a sigh of relief, your heart still banging against your chest like crazy.

“Are you alright, Y/N?” You whirled back around to face Matt, nearly forgetting he was still there. You exhaled.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m good. Just a little freaked, after what you’ve all told me about Fisk and how you think he’s Fisk’s right hand.. just.. freaky.” Matt obviously knew better, hearing your heartbeat like a drum right next to his ear. He nodded and accepted your answer, not wanting to explain to you his heightened senses.

“Have a good night, Y/N. Call me if you need anything.” You smiled shakily, for once glad he couldn’t see you.

“’Kay. Night, Matt.”

For Charlie

olAnna had woken up with excitement. She had been waiting for this day since she’d arrived in Ireland. In typical, fashion she had filled the two weeks she had been there with activities. Focusing on getting her room the way she wanted it. Hanging pictures, painting walls and thrifting furniture to go with the aesthetic she had in her mind. The rest of the time had been focused on hunting for a job in her desired field to little success but she had, to some degree, expected as much. In spite the set back it was easy to say the teen had hit the ground running. Determined to get things done.

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Spoilers for Daredevil 1x11! If you might ever entertain a possibility of watching Daredevil, do yourself a favor and stop reading here.

Holy shit. I did not see that coming. The minute Karen woke up on that table, I started thinking about how she’d get out. None of those included either of the people involved dying, I was sure both of them were way too important for the plot to kill of now.

Frankly, I thought the hero, the man, would swoop in and save her, somehow leavin Wesley indisposed, but definitely not dead.

Since Matt was having his (excellent) friendship drama elsewhere, I figured

a) Karen would get dragged somewhere, maybe tortured. The basic Damsel in Distress situation with the side of Matt and Foggy putting aside their problems to save her and everyone having a friendship moment in the end

b) Karen would be extorted to be some kind of variation of traitor to up the “fellowship is breaking, trust no-one, you’re all alone, darkest hour” –vibe for the hero.

All in all I thought, believed, that situation would be blatantly used to pump up the story of the main protagonist. That it would drive Matt’s development, his story, his growth and struggle with kill or not to kill. I though her predicament would just be one more spawn in the story of the Great Hero.

Boy, was I wrong.

She showed that she really have that backbone that’d been hinted earlier. She reacted fast and believably and took her fate in her own hands. Not-main-protagonists, especially women, get to do that way too rarely. Most of the time they are the object, the watchers, the plot points, not actual actors who drive the plot forward.

She saved herself. And I loved that.


“Mathias, what the hell are you doing?”
“Oh hey. What’s up sleepy head? Looks like you had a good night huh?”
“That’s awesome.”
“I would have a better morning if you’d get the hell out of my room.”
“Are you insane?–I have to be up in four hours.”
“Well you know what?”
“Funny story actually–Remember how you thought I wasn’t home last night?”
“Dude–you’re not gonna believe this, but I was. Yes, I was home and exhausted for good reason too.”
“On top of having to finish my biology report, I ran ten drills last night, and man can I tell you how tired I was when you came in with your little boyfriend.”
“Wesley, right? Is that his name? Yeah that’s his name alright.”
“I know for a fact that’s his name because that’s all I heard coming from your mouth at three in fucking morning.”
“Ohhh my Goddd–Wesleyyyyyy–Wesleyyyyyyy. Right thereeeeee–Ohhh, Wesleyyyyyy.”
“Are you kidding me right now?”
“No I’m not, J. Thanks to your whore mouth I didn’t get any fucking sleep last night, so to return the favor I’m just gonna do the warm ups I was suppose to do two hours ago–but in here! Yeah?”
“And ohhhh man, don’t you have shop at twelve? Better get your beauty rest, sis.”
“–‘Cause you know you’ll be there all day.”
“But hey don’t let me disturb you. Go ahead. Sleep.”