man i rly miss this

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My headcanon that Magnus and Alec are two competitive little shits and constantly compete with each other, while also flirting and land teasing just got comfirmed

YOU AND ME BOTH ANON i’ve had this characterization of them from day one because it just makes so much sense given their personalities and i’m so glad the show is making it undeniably canon now because honestly the idea of them being flirtatious and challenging each other is 100% them to the core.

(and also can we now put the ugly fanon of magnus being all agreeable and submissive to alec in the ground finally pls and thnx he owned alec’s ass and alec fucking loved it

missing ppl tht u cut out of ur life is so weird….. like u see things and u think ‘hey this person would rly like this!’ or wish tht they were w/ u and think 'man haha i rly fukin miss u’ and then u remember all the shit they did and u think 'goodbye bitch :)))’


when u miss ur bf so u make a sim of him so ur simself can cuddle him bc irl u cant my simself is as unphotogenic as i am lol