man i really love the flooded district and i don't really know why

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Your Like The Greatest Fanfic Writer Ever And I Thank You For Sharing Your Amazing Writing Skills With Us.... I Know This Is Random But Would You Ever Take Request On A Plot For A Story If So... I Was Wondering Could You Write One Where Katniss And Peeta don't go into the hunger games but have A drunken night in D12 which leads to an accidental pregnancy and Katniss hides it from Peeta but he finds out or something along those lines

Wow—thanks, love! I’m sure there are better people out there, but, I’m flattered!

I hope you enjoy this—it’s rather long.

Happy Reading, doll!

Summary: After the abolishment of The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark find themselves inexplicably brought together, working for lone District 12 Victor, Haymitch Abernathy

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