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we are all fools in love

A/N: Jumping on the textfic bandwagon. This was so much fun to write, I completely understand the obsession now. Title from pride and prejudice (the book)

James Potter to Lily Evans: do u think my english lit paper could just be a review of the kira knightly pride and prejudice movie

Lily Evans: james it is 3am

James Potter: yes it is

Lily Evans: pls go to sleep

James Potter: cant this is too important 

Lily Evans: im not even in english lit ask remus

James Potter: hes asleep lily obvs it is 3am

Lily Evans: wow what a novel concept 

James Potter: but actually have you seen the kira knightly p&p its so good

Lily Evans: ofc i have ive been in love with mr darcy since i was 10 

James Potter: lily evans! how could you?!! in love with another man?!!! i am heartbroken!

Lily Evans: i am going to sleep now

James Potter: wait i actually need to know do u think i can write my paper on that

James Potter: lily? 

James Potter: lily im not kidding

Lily Evans has left the conversation. 

Sirius Black to Lily Evans: can u pls make ur boyfriend shut up abt pride and prejudice

Lily Evans: sorry i think hes ur boyfriend in this situation

Lily Evans: that reminds me can you make ur boyfriend shut up about pride and prejudice

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Man how can you be so good at fanfic? I just found u and with all due respect: how the quiznack are u going to just live your life knowing how you'll end I'd Tap That & it's 2 am & i can't think about anything 'couse you made a cliffhanger & it's beautiful but also i don't know how to converse on & off line so i strongly relate to Keith & i just want people to be relatively happy (sorry i'm just rambling) also great story & blog - you aced it 💜😁

LOL wow this is a message and and half haha

First of all thank you!

Second- if you like cliffhangers maybe check out my other (mucho longer) Klance demigod fic on AO3 (link in bio)

Third- same dude. same. 

Fourth- this message made me happy so mission accomplished I guess?

Fifth- bruh is that an ASEXUAL reference because nice. Ace approved.

And finally thank you so much this is so cute  (✪㉨✪)